Needed: An Army of Mr. Smiths!

Note to Wolf: I hope it’s okay to post this now. There are several great articles today and I’m a day late. If it’s inconvenient, just post it at the right time.

Let’s start with a little gallows humor:

As we have watched the unfolding drama of the subversion of our country, its Constitution and the attack on President Trump, it becomes imperative that Americans wrest back the governance of our nation. The cabal of globalists, Communists, Progressives, whatever you want to call them, are not going to stop. We must stop THEM.

This means on the local and state levels, too. Just look at the criminal activities of the Democrat governors, who are exploiting the #Plannedemic in order to exercise despotic control of their citizens. And to be honest, some Republicans have also implemented some very questionable orders.

The face of tyranny can look like a middle-aged matron. But don’t be fooled, a power-hungry, leftist political mind lives in there. And she/he is legion, as Mr. Jefferson Smith of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington fame found when he went to D.C. in the famous film (link below).


Mobile testing units are being deployed and HR6666 has been introduced in Congress. A mobile testing unit was deployed in my county, and only 20 people showed up to be tested. Can you blame anyone? Who would want to be subject to forced quarantine or isolation? Who would want your children forcibly removed from your home? Who would want the government to have your medical information given over to them to use as they please?

Anyone else stunned at the openness, the nonchalance with which they took away our rights?

Oh, we’re going to protect and insist upon our God-given, Constitutional rights! We’re going to kick their sorry butts to next Tuesday by being proactive. We’re going to learn and relearn about our federal, state, and local governments. We’re going to check out what our politicians are up to, and why so many of them cravenly caved to the dictates of the state and local nannies.

This week we’re going to look at DVD and online video resources to teach ourselves and our loved ones about our civic rights. I might throw in a couple other interesting things, too. I’m going to start off with Hillsdale College. I’ve featured them previously (see below for links to previous resources), and the free courses they offer online are stellar. They are a go-to for high school, college and any adult.

Their latest publication, Imprimis, has a thought-provoking article by Hillsdale College President, Larry P. Arnn, titled “Thoughts on the Current Crisis.” Arnn gives a little history about the CDC, which was created in 1942. From the article:

“But by the 2000s, the CDC, like most executive agencies, had become largely independent of political control and lost its focus. It had widened its work to include chronic diseases and addictions, nutrition, school health, injuries, and – a telltale sign of ideological corruption and mission creep – racial and ethnic approaches to community health. It is a logical fact that if you favor some people you must disfavor others.”

Do read the whole thing.

No resource is perfect. Be sure to read reviews and use your best judgment. I found that if I disagreed with something in the curriculum, it provided a great opportunity for my students to discuss why.

The luxury of sitting back and letting others fight for our freedom is over. Even if all we can do is share resources and point others in the right direction, that is a BIG SOMETHING. Planting a seed can result in a mighty oak.

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my child may have peace.”

Social media has been bandying about this quote from Thomas Paine (video link). May it inspire us to keep on going. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but maybe something here can be of help to someone you know. Now on to the resources:

A Noble Experiment: High school (advanced) program. Uses many primary source documents, meets national guidelines for civics courses.

Constitutional Literacy: A complete video course (5 DVDs, 25 episodes) that covers a lot of ground. For individuals and families (does have some content you should screen for children).

Learn Our History: Ages 6-14 video curriculum. From Gov. Mike Huckabee! Many DVDs in this series to choose from.

Drive Through History America: Ages 6 and up. Incorporates history, government, citizenship and more.

Super Citizen: A Hands-on Way to Teach Liberty: Grades 1 and 2, lessons in civics, financial responsibility, character and the great American story.

How to Run for Political Office – An Introduction to Civics, Elections & the American Political System: For middle school and high school. A fun look at the foibles of running for office as a third party candidate. Can stream for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Just the Facts: America’s Documents of Freedom 1798-1814 DVD: Grades 7 and above. Looks at the documents from early in our history. University educators share their insights.

Constitution USA: High school and above documentary; an on-the-road look at how the Constitution is understood across the USA.

Civics and the Constitution: DVD for high school and above. Includes ways our government has circumvented the Constitution.

American Icons: The Capitol, The White House, and the Supreme Court (C-SPAN): Expensive, but looks fantastic.

Understanding Government: DVDs for teens on how it all works.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington: Just the best film on American idealism and how Washington is a corrupt cesspool of power players. Family viewing!

Online Video Resources:

Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics: Very much a crash course, lots of episodes, trends liberal, but funny and irreverent. PBS derived. Lots of students use this for AP course study. Do vet the episodes.

Do You Understand the Electoral College: Prager U has many short, short videos giving quick explanations for a myriad of governmental and cultural issues. Subscribe to their YouTube channel (often censored), or sign up at their website for free: PragerU., as mentioned in a previous post, has many videos for students on YouTube. Check them out here: iCivics videos


Learn Out Loud is a website that provides links to many government video courses. They are free, and I would suggest vetting them first before sharing them. The site includes 50,000 books, podcasts and videos on a plethora of subjects.

Now here is a very interesting slightly off topic resource, True or False, A CIA Analyst’s Guide To Spotting Fake News, that I found the other day. It is written by an ex-C_A analyst, which perked my ears right up. What do you suppose this geared-to-teens book is all about? Do you think we could take it at face value? I’m a skeptic.


Next time, I’m going to talk about how grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends can share Civics and help parents teach this desperately needed subject. Uh, MAGA Mom, calling you!

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49 thoughts on “Needed: An Army of Mr. Smiths!

      1. Honeysuckle is now in full bloom. Went outside for a while tonight and was taking such deep breaths to enjoy the honeysuckle sent that I got light headed! ha But while I was walking around and then sitting and swinging I was thinking about just this question.

        I am not yet a grandmother so I can not speak from experience. I tried to imagine things I might do but then started thinking about what we have done with our son to raise him with American history and traditional American culture – other than curriculum/homeschooling. I thought maybe the Other things we do might apply to Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts as well as to parents. Might be helpful…

        Some thoughts that I will flesh out more later (swag too long and came in when feeling nauseous and now sitting in bed with ice pack so need to stop typing…but its hard to stop “talking” when chatting with a friend about something near and dear to my heart!)

        Thought about how did we teach son American history & civics before we actually were Teaching him history/civics? How else do we do it now?

        1) Americana, history, government – all a part of our lives. Voting, participating in civic holidays (see more below), reading books about history ourselves, stopping at historical sites and being interested ourselves, talking about the events with excitement and trying to imagine what it was like back then, going to lots of historical reactments with people in costume (children relate to that, makes it really real) as part of vacations/traveling or weekend activities, watching historical movies for fun as family movie night, choosing American history stories, historical fiction and biographies as books we read aloud to him as well as books we gave to him on bday, Easter and Christmas, etc.

        So, short answer, he saw these things as part of our lives and naturally became part of his life. American history is just part of the culture of our home life and something he sees us enjoy and something that has just always been a part of his life.

        Grandchildren can pick the same up from their Grandparents, I would assume. They see a magazine or two that you have picked up on topics you particularly like and you have an interest in a specific American history topic…they will see that and have conversations, realize it is normal to have such a hobby and interest v. just a school topic.

        Vidoes/movies of American history – so many from which to choose! Even old tv series can intrigue the younger set. One of my personal favorites is Swamp Fox series by disney. Most of that series is available on youtube.

        Music – my morning mix music list includes The Star Spangled Banner so he just hears it and sees me like to listen to it. Also includes patriotic country music. Wen he was little we would say a prayer and the pledge most every morning – way before homeschooling age, like when he was 18-21 months. We had a little flag and then he would jump up and down and cheer at the end. (Yes, we are corny like that!) Funny to think he was that young but I have a video of him in our NC home and I know how old he as then.

        2) Holidays!! Every holiday, even the basic Christian holidays, have American history and civics tied into them. We had fun books and videos when he was little and for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Independence Day patriotic music and decorations, even if just a simple table piece or a few things to set out.

        We Always (almost) attend the parades and/or civic celebrations &/or public observances. Most towns have Memorial Day Services and Veteran’s Day events at the town square or the capital. We went to 7 gun salutes (or 21? been a while) at the capitol grounds in Raleigh for Memorial day and listen to the speakers and the program. WE have been to same in Franklin TN and in our own little rural town now. Have meet Gold Star Moms and listened to their stories and gladly looked at photos they wanted to share letting them know their sons are remembered and appreciated.

        Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown Nashville is one of my favorite traditions with my son. We started talking about a week or two early, making posters with a big Thank You as well as pictures/decorations. One year we stopped at local recruiting offices to all of the branches of the armed services. Son Loved that (6 – 8 yrs old)! His eyes were so big when he would meet the office staff and shake hands of the men in uniform. We then use the brochures for our posters that year. And if you are in Nash, children are allowed in the music venues (most) until 6 pm. since he was a toddler, we go listen to music and request old school country music + patriotic country music. And we have a few mother son spins around the floor. Wonderful tradition that I treasure.

        Independence Day – We watch Yankee Doodle Dandy EVERY year. And I cry at the end, every year. Have watched it since he was 3. We got to the spanking scene and he freaked out because he had never heard of/seen such a thing! Times have changed! Point is that we have traditions that include books, reading stories that are exciting and engaging, movies that teach patriotism and history and he sees us moved by them, sees our own deep love of country and absorbs.

        Days such as 9/11 & Dec 7 – on the calendar and another way to bring history into the day. Do you know what today is…with just the right tone/body language… they are intrigued! youtube is helpful as we can show our children clips from the events as they are old enough for such footage

        3) Books, Books, Books….as gifts, as entertainment for down time, as required activity and as a rewarded (bribed) activity. Read this series and we will go/do/give you…. I am not a great homeschool mom like you see in the blogs but one thing I have done well is make sure he loves to read, loves books and had good quality reading. One of my top priorities. And he preferred reading to lots of other school work so I would trick him into reading more…OK, son, I will let you read a little bit more but then we really have to get to handwriting/school work… 😉

        Also, read TO them! Mornings while he eats his breakfast, afternoons when sleepy after lunch or as a break with good snacks as that helps get some keep his attention. Tying food to books always motivated him and added interest (cowboy lunch/cookout/campfire with marshmallows when we finish X book…they get excited and motivated). Bed time when visiting – bed time reading puts off sleep time for children who hate bedtime. We couldn’t get our son to sit still during the day when he was young but I could read to him for 1-2 hrs at night and he would listen as it was better, in his opinion than going to sleep.

        One year I came across a craigslist ad for a huge box of books, 1940-60s editions, children’s history books, stories, biographies. Our budget was tight but such a golden find. We made a HUGE deal of it in our conversations that we made sure our son overheard. We said that we could do it but not have a full turkey that year – sacrifice for high quality books. So we had a turkey breast and fixin’s and that made an impact on him to value books.

        4) We have tried to make history real by talking about our connection to historical events in our own family. Rev War, WWII, Vietnam War, Great Depression, pioneers, coming to America, Spanish Flu, the Day Reagan was shot, 9/11…all had meaning to him because we would talk about those events as family stories.

        Got to stop. Hope these ideas help spark ideas that will work in other’s family lives/situations.

        We didn’t talked about American history or government every day but it was around and part of our lives for him to learn, observe and absorb.

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      2. Simple, TEACH the parents how to teach their children REAL history. Omit all the fluff and tripe that is taught today, and start with the FOUNDING of this country, Teach them about Colonialism, the stamp act, the tea tax, taxation without representation, and what lead to this country’s founding. Then highlight the founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry.

        Show them what they had to go through to even get enough people here on their side, let alone start a revolution. Then move on to the Federalst papers, particularly #65. Show them some of Ben Franklins Poor Richards almancs, and the Silence Dogood letters speaking in code. Show them how a REAL media was important. Move on to George Washington, his battles in NJ, Valley Forge, and Charleston. Show them how he could have been a KING with UNLIMITED Power and an unlimited term but he CHOSE to not do that, giving the power to the PEOPLE. Explain the Government works FOR and at the PLEASURE OF we the people, their “power” ONLY comes from US.

        Teach them that we are a representative Republic, NOT a pure democracy, explain WHY and what is different. Explain Congress The President, and the Judiciary, the three branches of Government and what their TRUE purposes are, also their TRUE responsibilities. Talk to them about laws and how they are made. Heck get the old schoolhouse Rocks videos as a starter.

        Read them the Constitution (at least the preamble and the Bill of rights) Read them the Declaration of Independence. Explain what those documents MEAN, they are designed to LIMIT an over reaching government, not empower it. It gives us certain GOD given rights. Explain the role of religion and GOD to the founders and America. Tell them about E pluribus Unum, and In God we Trust.

        That is a GOOD start. there is MUCH more, but you will have to go BACK to get an older History book, or an old encyclopedia, or even go to the library. Teach them how to do their OWN research on something they like and are interested in. Even the Rush Revere series can help with that.

        Hope that helps, and I hope that is what you meant by “teach” The internet, sourced PROPERLY can still be a great tool, they just need to cut through all the politically correct garbage, lies, and obscuring of the TRUTH.

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    1. Yes, Grandma – thank you very much! I only wish I could instill the urgency needed to cover these topics with my kids to pass on to their children – my grandkids. Unfortunately, I have been given the “hands off” lecture when it comes to politics, even though they personally agree with the pro-America agenda and support Trump. It’s a strange conundrum. My grandkids are relatively young, but even the oldest are not permitted to know the reality of the situation. My son feels like his children need to enjoy their innocence as long as they can, which I understand. Still, I think that kids past the age of 10 can appreciate the differences between communism/socialism and a representative republic, the evils of what Obama tried to do to Trump, etc…If any other grandparents have advice on this, I would love to hear it.

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      1. I think if they learn how things were ordered from the beginning, they will be able to discern how wrong things are now. You needn’t say a word about current events.

        Give them the foundation through good historical literature and other sources, and they will benefit greatly.

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        1. Exactly my response. Children don’t have to know the details of the things that are wrong at a young age. Bring them up with a love of Daniel Boone, Explorers, Inventors, Mountain Men, pioneers, aviators, space program heroes, Childhood biographies of Famous Americans, Lewis & Clark, Cowboys, Native American traditions & ways of life, missionaries to the Indians, famous discoveries and adventures, etc. and then when they learn the things that are wrong they will recognize them. Steep them in good examples and they will know when they see a wrong example.

          We have never had on the tv for news and rarely, Very Rarely, listen to talk radio around him. he was pretty unaware of most current events until President Trump ran for office. Then he heard the rallies and my phone calls and became more aware. Even then we tried to keep his awareness and exposure low to most of the actual issues. But he was aware that we voted, that we were informed and read the news, that we participated in the local party, etc.

          There is a difference between politics/current events and teaching them a love for our country, traditions, our history and how our gov works as well as what civic involvement can involve. He is just now learning more of the current events but even now, we limited that exposure. I would rather him first have the foundation of our 400 yrs of history and a love of our traditions and Greatness which gives him context plus allows me to shelter and protect him until he is emotionally and mentally ready for various current event topics such as sexual orientation, gender issues, abortion, etc.

          And we taught him American history without focusing on any of the negatives or horrors, such as WWII/Nazis, until he was older. So much else we can teach them and let them retain their childhood innocence.

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        2. That is a great idea! I can probably do that without upsetting the parents, for sure! We grandparents have to walk a fine line, don’t we? My gk’s live right next door, so they spend just about as much time here as they do at their own home. I have to be very careful not to overstep my authority!

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      2. “….. Still, I think that kids past the age of 10 can appreciate the differences between communism/socialism….”

        When I was just turned 9, my brother came home from college on Thanksgiving filled wit Marxist indoctrination. I spent that holiday listening to the heated discussions between Dad, a WWII vet and my brother. To me it was very obvious that communism was a very flawed system because it did not take into account basic human nature. We are lazy as all adult animals are so as needlessly waste energy. If we weren’t lazy (with a big brain) we would still be using rocks and chasing dinner in our bare feet.

        So yes, a 10 year old can grasp the basics. Also, unless the grand kids are home schooled they are ALREADY GETTING BRAINWASHED by the commie curriculum at school.

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  1. Excellent post, Grandma! A great reminder that we need to teach civics, appreciation and understanding of our Constitutional government system to our children and grandchildren!

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        1. We just watched this film for son’s first time several weeks ago as our family movie night pick. So good!

          Another civics/good guy wins in the end & opportunity to teach + have good family discussions (but not Nearly as good as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) is this one that is free on youtube. It was a family movie when son was younger as a little more action and he could follow it easily.

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  2. OK grandma I’m sharing that all over the place–All typos are your fault..
    Question what is Kevin James political party or does he just stay silent..

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      1. You are laughing at the end but then it is like oh crap…Washington state is encouraging people to snitch on those not wearing masks

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              1. No freakin kidding!!!!😱 Wolfie is a genius!! and so was PHC!!! They made sure…We stayed MAGA Patriot STRONG!!! (Thank you GOD)!!!!

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  3. Thank you for another Great Thread Post, Grandmaintexas!

    Thanks for compiling those good resource links!
    Lots of helpful material there to pass along to our kids and grandkids.
    Much appreciated!

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  4. Collin Raye’s song “If You Get There Before I Do” has always brought tears to my eyes,

    Not sure why but now I can’t get this Judds song out of my head after hearing Marica’s post…
    Oh I know this ole grannie is old, but dang I sure would like some of those good ole days..

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  5. it’s never too early to teach our kids about redistributing the wealth …or Communism 101…

    …..the commie czars do it collectively to theirs ….

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