Making The Case For Treason – The Cliff Notes Version

by Gail Combs

with a forward by Wolf Moon


I only began to skim a comment by Gail Combs when I suddenly realized how important it was.


There is an absolutely amazing TIMELINE (wait for it – in the linked article) as well as awesome graphics like this:

As the case against Flynn falls apart utterly, to be thrown out, and as more and more of the LIES of the MUH RUSSIA HOAX come out, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Democrats have ESCALATED their tactics, to the point that it is entirely conceivable that what we are enduring might actually be a WILLFUL, PREMEDITATED PANDEMIC – loaded with hoaxy exaggerations.


We MUST be prepared to expand our thinking.

This post by Gail Combs, which I asked her to do, will help.


Wolfie asked me to write up something on the new article I found.

First a bit of background so we can see if the new information ‘fits’

For a thousand years the European aristocracy ruled. Remember they are all related. When they were still expanding their empires across the globe, American upstarts revolted and over threw the rule of the English monarchy. A decade later the French over threw their monarchy and it cascaded from there.

The European aristocracy was NOT happy about these turn of events and the new ideas they showcased. So we ended up with the war of 1812. When that did not work, the banksters and English formented the American Civil War with the plan of allowing the Americans to exhaust themselves in fighting at which point they would be ripe for a takeover. The Tzar of Russia (a cousin BTW) stepped in and threaten to attack from the rear if they tried it. At that point they got more subtle and introduced the foreign controlled Central Bank called the Federal Reserve in 1913. The Fed then took moneys stolen from the American people to forment the Russian Revolution and wipeout the Tzar’s entire family.

The Fed via the income tax and other taxes allowed the Europeans to drain ~fifty percent of the wealth created by Americans. They used this money not only to forment the Russian Revolution but to gradually gain control of ALL of our American institutions starting with our news media in 1915.

The Fed controlled news media helped shape American perception so we went from an isolationist POV to intervention ‘wars’ all over the world. All these wars, funded by the Fed’s fiat paper money, kept the American people perpetually in debt to the European bankers. Unfortunately they were not content with just stealing from us. THEY WANT US ENSLAVED. They want to re-establish a feudal system that is world wide and they have NOT been backward in telling us this is what they want.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution… democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China is the best model.” — Christiana Figueres, disciple of Al Gore, and Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention

And yes, I noted that Figueres name popped up in the ‘fund raiser for Covid-19’

Michaelh brought up the subject of 4th generation warfare and that is what I think the banker/European aristocracy/corporate Elite have settled on for this newest battle against America and Free People.

On to Making the Case for Treason

…Political Moonshine has converged all of the major components onto the same timeline and determined them all to be functional instruments serving the same political continuum. Translated, everything you’ve seen since and even before Mr. Trump was elected has been a function of the same broader plan, thus supporting our contention that Obama’s criminality and political spying scheme began early in his first term…

I contend the battle has been going on for over 240 years and not just since Obama was elected.

…For if treason is demonstrated and not remedied in accordance with the rule of law, what does that say about our institutions and our country, but more critically, what message is received by the rest of the world?…

Pro tip – if you can’t redress your own internal enemies, you extend an invitation to external ones. Re-read the last sentence. See the nuance for what it is. We’re alreadyfighting domestic enemies co-opted and aligned with foreign enemies and that’s occurring in-part on US soil and within US institutions.

Incremental successes embolden and drive broader efforts. Internal enemies arose and aligned with external ones in an expansive timetable devised to overthrow the US government and it circumstantially enveloped President Trump.

This aligns with what Q has said:

The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America

Skipping down to

How it Worked
The evidence suggests that in exchange for national security information, state secrets and other sensitive information on her private server (and elsewhere), Hillary brokered yet another deal to steal yet another election. The plan was to release a bio-engineered and bio-weaponized strain of the coronavirus designed to have gain of function and then use that to drive a manufactured and fraudulent pandemic fueled by the misrepresentation of infection and mortality rates so as to trigger the usurpation of the President’s emergency powers as compelled by the declaration of a national emergency, which occurred on 11 Mar 20. The fluidity that a viral construct provides is limitless – you can literally justify almost any action filtered through that lens.…

Again our knowledge from other sources agrees with this. All but three of Hillary’s emails were sent to the Chinese. As a result ~20 CIA agents were dispatched in China. However I think the original plan was to use false flag mass murders (think MS-13 and Antifa) to first remove our 2nd Amendment and then use the Plandemic to remove our first Amendment. With Supreme court Justice Scalia ‘conveniently’ out of the way our Constitution would have no defenders.

Mike Adams, Dr Boyle and Dr Judy Mikovits have shown the rot within and the bio-weapon research starting in Australia and the USA and finished at the Wuhan Lab FUNDED BY FAUCI. Dr Raoult and Dr Zelenko have PROVED a safe, cheap and effective treatment exists AND HAS BEEN KNOWN since 2005.

The ONLY reason for the continued this ‘crisis’ is POLITICAL!

I am going to leave the rest of the article for others to dig into. However I will add the Stafford Act because it is critical to the Political Moonshine theory:

Sec. 204. Interagency Task Force (42 U.S.C. 5134)

(a) In General – The President shall establish a Federal interagency task force for the purpose of coordinating the implementation of predisaster hazard mitigation programs administered by the Federal Government.

(b) Chairperson – The Administrator of [FEMA] shall serve as the chairperson of the task force.
(c) Membership – The membership of the task force shall include representatives of

(1) relevant Federal agencies;
(2) State and local government organizations (including Indian tribes); and
(3) the American Red Cross.

Sec. 302. Coordinating Officers (42 U.S.C. 5143)

(a) Appointment of Federal Coordinating Officer – Immediately upon his declaration of a major disaster or emergency, the President shall appoint a Federal coordinating officer to operate in the affected area.
(b) Functions of Federal Coordinating Officer – In order to effectuate the purposes of this Act, the Federal coordinating officer, within the affected area, shall—

(1) make an initial appraisal of the types of relief most urgently needed; (2) establish such field offices as he deems necessary and as are authorized by the President;

(3) coordinate the administration of relief, including activities of the State and local governments, the American National Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Mennonite Disaster Service, and other relief or disaster assistance organizations, which agree to operate under his advice or direction, except that nothing contained in this Act shall limit or in any way affect the responsibilities of the American National Red Cross under chapter 3001 of title 36; and (4) take such other action, consistent with authority delegated to him by the President, and consistent with the provisions of this Act, as he may deem necessary to assist local citizens and public officials in promptly obtaining assistance to which they are entitled….
the President shall appoint a Federal coordinating officer to operate in the affected area.

Remember the DemonRats were clamoring that President Trump appoint a MILITARY PERSON and instead he appointed Vice President Pence?

Any bets that ALL the ‘qualified’ High ranking Military Doctors were OBAMA PROMOTED and therefore CABAL LOYAL?

-Gail Combs



So there you have it. The PLANNEDEMIC was going to happen one way or another. This aligns with a previous post by me:

The Roadmap To Bio-9/11

Event Tolerance, Bush vs. Clinton, and Why the Event-Addicted Coronacrats Needed Anybody but Donald Trump in 2016 You may remember….. …..back when many of us were denizens of a place called The Conservative Treehouse, that a guy named SUNDANCE realized what in the hell was going on with the GOP establishment, a.k.a. the GOPe. It …


So now, I invite you to check out the article. BON VOYAGE!!!

Making the Case for Treason


309 thoughts on “Making The Case For Treason – The Cliff Notes Version

      1. TY Wolfie ==So glad this was not another late night post. This time I will have time I will have ample time to digest all the information and so much to digest..
        Praying as always for those of you on here helping to keep the truth out there. Especially praying for President Trump, VP Pence, Their Families, Administration And America!!!

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  1. PLEASE EXPLAIN the term, ‘Gain of Function” – ” The plan was to release a bio-engineered and bio-weaponized strain of the coronavirus designed to have gain of function and then use that to drive a manufactured and fraudulent pandemic fueled by the misrepresentation of infection and mortality rates….”

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    1. Very simply, because I am a simple mind, gain of function is when a virus is altered in a lab resulting in a mutation. Like if they give it a higher yield for a vaccine strain, so they can study how to MAKE a vaccine. But it makes the virus more transmissible or more deadly, or whatever, so it becomes more dangerous.

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    2. “Gain of Function” = “didn’t do something but now it does”

      Viruses can only change by mutation – changing the code of the virus itself, to reprogram the whole thing. Those mutations can do NOTHING, or they can DO SOMETHING, changing the nature of the life cycle of the virus by changing some aspect of its biochemistry.

      For any particular aspect, the virus can LOSE function or GAIN function when the code changes. To make the virus more of a weapon, OVERALL, then overall it needs to GAIN FUNCTION(S).

      Just making the virus CATCH FIRE in human cells is a massive gain of function. This fact, and how it is accomplished, was a huge revelation to me, by Judy Mikovitz. It is the most DECEPTIVE PART of the “VIRUS SCAM”. It is where we LIE TO OURSELVES about what we are doing. If nothing else, forcing Fauci to explain GOF to the American people forces Fauci to LIE to us, because the LIE will be “we have to make it infect human cells to study it”.

      No. You don’t.

      Mikovitz could be a complete fraud and quack and disgruntled scientist, but if that one thing she told me is true, then she has still BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS the clay feet of a towering idol.

      I hope people see this. This is a very fine point. It is the SELF-FULFILLING EXCUSE to do the FRANKENSTEIN EXPERIMENT.

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      1. Unspeakable horrors are experienced in families across the world because “they” use the dollars extracted from us via taxes and fees to craft MANDATORY biotoxic injectables to put in your cherished babies and children.

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        1. YES! And there is plenty of PROOF!

          Like Wolfie I was neutral on the subject of vaccines but I did not like the way they were forced on very young children. In my reading over a decade ago I ran into articles on vaccines as hidden birth-control methods. So as usual I went looking for evidence to confirm this.

          I found it.

          There was a UN report on the birth rates of various places in Africa. There was a drop in the birth rate in prosperous middle class city folks as would be expected. However the author was very very puzzled about a corresponding major drop in the birth rate of the backward dirt poor rural areas… CAN YOU SAY BILL GATES VACCINES?

          There was also the creation of GMO spermicidal corn using a USDA grant.

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          1. The Plandemic trailer shows some video of children suffering with neurological damage following vaccination.

            Looks something like polio doesn’t it?

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            1. THIS is a point that I love to make. We have been horribly GASLIT on the nature of vaccines, to make us as sheep-like, ill-informed, and recklessly trusting as possible.

              Vaccination, in principle, is always the initiation of a LESSER AND POTENTIALLY LESS NATURAL FORM OF THE TARGET DISEASE, in order that NATURAL DEFENSES be raised against it.

              That is the basic principle. To initiate our natural programming in some way with a less dangerous and/or more controlled form of the disease.

              The idea that such a thing is or even CAN BE risk-free is a fundamental LIE.

              Vaccines define a NEW SPECTRUM OF RISK for a disease. Not everybody will benefit by that new spectrum. We ALL need to be SMART and INDEPENDENT SHOPPERS on IMMUNITY.

              I am not convinced that I would take a vaccine for COVID-19 over the natural immunity that I got – EVEN at the cost of some lung function – because I may be BETTER OFF toward future strains with NATURAL IMMUNITY.

              We are in uncharted territory, and people should be free to choose what they think is best for themselves.

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              1. And we must not allow the murderous minions of hell to use MANDATES to drive a wedge between our ability to choose what we think is best for our CHILDREN and what we are “allowed” to do to protect them.

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      2. Wasn’t “Gain of Function” outlawed here in the U.S.? 2014? Then Fauci and gang moved or focused working on GOF in Wuhan, China, using U.S. dollars overseas for what was outlawed here.

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        1. YES. Obama instituted a MORATORIUM on the research in 2014 because of some problems, accidents, or near-accidents, supposedly.

          Now – understand that this may actually have been COVER and “plausibility” to ship the research to CHINA. This operates on the same principle that ENVIRONMENTAL OVER-REGULATION was used to ship jobs, factories, and technology over to China. FORSEEABLE OUTCOMES of PLAUSIBLE EXCUSES are used to accomplish that which seems sketchy otherwise.

          So what happened next is, near the end of the Trump transition period, before Trump’s inauguration, there was some meeting where a POLICY was QUIETLY reversed to undo the moratorium in a meeting which included Francis Collins (IIRC) and Obama, and this then was the basis of NIH more loudly changing the policy to a new one, fully fleshed out, in December of 2017, after a nearly year-long study, well into the Trump administration. Overall, it seems to me that everybody really tried to take Obama’s fingerprints off reversal of the moratorium. They took it out of Trump’s hands, even at that stage, by deciding before Trump could decide differently. My guess is that if Obama was not fully aware of the reasons, he was scare-mongered into thinking he had to do it “because orange man bad on vaccines”. Trump, likewise, was “n00b-positioned” into accepting the DS-desired outcome.

          I’ve seen this pattern over and over, of getting stuff snuck in at transitions.

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          1. Disappointing about Francis Collins if he was a party to this kind of dangerous tinkering. He is a Christian who wrote “The Language of God.”

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            1. I hear you – I felt the same at first, but upon reflection, I understood.

              I hate to say this – but many devout Christians, Jews and others are simply “too good” to deal in real time with the slickest of serpents. Their dove innocence gets in the way of their “wise as snakes”. That’s OK. That’s why there are people like me – and not too many, either, thankfully.

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              1. I have a very good friend, intellectual, tart and takes no prisoners. He told me once that Evil is difficult for people me because we’re not looking for it – it’s not in our natural nature. He once wrote an article, “Rules for Innocents” – it’s about how to deal with these/this Evil.

                This is actually a good read for us at this time. It’s been reposted several times over the past decade.

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    3. Got the below quote from a 2005 article. Strange that fear is the tactic that the Democrats have now reverted to! Last night just out of curiosity I looked up how people died from the flu. In a 2018 article it describe almost to a tea the same symptoms and causes as the virus! Hmmm so the past flus that have higher death toll percentages also attacks the lungs in an almost identical manner.Posted that article on flep’s news page.

      “Were we ever to stop being afraid of the government itself and to cast off the phony fears it has fostered, the government would shrivel and die, and the host would disappear for the tens of millions of parasites in the United States—not to speak of the vast number of others in the rest of the world—who now feed directly and indirectly off the public’s wealth and energies. On that glorious day, everyone who had been living at public expense would have to get an honest job, and the rest of us, recognizing government as the false god it has always been, could set about assuaging our remaining fears in more productive and morally defensible ways.”
      Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power

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      1. More great Mencken quotes:

        Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.

        A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.

        A politician is an animal which can sit on a fence and yet keep both ears to the ground.

        Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

        Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses.

        Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.

        Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

        Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.

        If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.

        For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

        As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. (Too bad he did not live to see OH! Bummer.)

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  2. Thanks for bringing us that RED MEAT, Gail!

    ………………….Gail said:

    “Remember the DemonRats were clamoring that President Trump appoint a MILITARY PERSON and instead he appointed Vice President Pence?

    Any bets that ALL the ‘qualified’ High ranking Military Doctors were OBAMA PROMOTED and therefore CABAL LOYAL?”

    ………………….End quote.

    Oooo, I’ll bet you’re right!

    And also, I’ll bet the Enemedia was poised and ready to start the False Narrative, that “Trump is turning the country into a Military Dictatorship! Eleventy!!!11!!”

    It was heartening to see this in the article:
    “…Obama’s criminality and political spying scheme began early in his first term…”

    Yup! I’ve thought for a long time, that HusseinO started spying on PTrump as soon as he took office, back in 2009.
    As well as anyone else that BHO considered an ‘enemy’.

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      1. Even Obama’s lawyers admitted that it was fake, but that was when Obama had been in office a few years.
        They kind of said what Hillary did about Benghazi. What difference does it make now, the American people voted him in.

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  3. This is Political Moonshine’s twitter account…if you want to follow it.

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    1. I have no doubt that they’d like to burn it all down. The climate change goals for NYC are unattainable by retrofits/renovation. Leveling the city is far more efficient.
      The plannedemic fits far too comfortably within the global warming narrative. The genomic/life sciences/big pharma data vaxxers have been joined at the hip with the global warmers from the beginning. Here’s why:
      …”The quantity of energy consumed by research animal facilities is up to ten times more than offices on a square meter basis [21]. Animal research facilities require total fresh air exchanges for ventilation, using large volumes of air, resulting in a high consumption of energy and carbon emissions [21]. Increased energy utilization is observed as airflow exchange in a standard laboratory is up to 12 air exchanges per hour (ach), compared to an animal research facility that can be up to 20 ach [21]. Additional energy demands are due to the environmental and space needs of the animals, barrier protection from outside pathogens, indoor air quality, lighting, and the requirement for power intensive equipment in research [22]. Forty to fifty percent of energy consumed in the research animal facility is attributed to ventilation and an additional 10%–30% of energy consumed is used to chill air or water for cooling spaces and equipment [21].”…

      (A very interesting article about the negative environmental impacts of animal research, by an anti vivisection group, which they disclose. Lots of data. We’re talking about over 100 million animals annually.) There’s nothing green about life sciences.

      Edward Mazria, founder of China Accord , has know this from the beginning. He was the keynote at at aia nys convention in the early 2000s, when the genomic lab was newly opened, the life sciences labs we’re we’ll into planning/construction, and the Gates data center was in planning.

      The Chinese engineering firm that designed the Wuhan lab is a signatory of Mazria’s China Accord.

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    2. A couple of dates to add to the timeline:

      Jan. 9, 2017, the day that the obola admin cleared the way for restoring funding of gof research, (not the inauguration).

      March 29, 2020, the day that Cornell University banned all University travel to and from China. They stopped University travel to China even earlier. SUNY immediately followed, as CU is half state.

      2002, when a CU lab researcher was arrested at Syracuse airport attempting to smuggle vials of biological material to China.

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      1. One more:
        1966, the year Fauci graduated from CU med school.

        We could add the year that ex IGIC Atkinson graduated from CU law, but I’m not sure of the year.

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      2. Yes – that date that Obola rescinded the phony GOF moratorium used to send the work to China is critical. Wouldn’t have needed that to happen right then under Hillary. Trump CRAMPED THEIR SCHEDULE and they had to do it at the last minute.

        Note that Gates got his building and school at Cornell at some point recently – they owed him big after that. GAIN OF CONTROL.

        CU is deep in these weeds, and yes – going back to Lewin, and earlier. Likely a haven for Marxists from the very beginning, growing out of the (as Gail points out, foreign-imposed) civil war, essentially.

        Puts Andrew Jackson in a lot of perspective, doesn’t it?

        Trump teaches so much deep history, it’s mind-blowing.

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        1. When I first found the archived WH announcement, their was an article that provided the link with a quoted admin source that said something about not wanting the go ahead to get lost in the chaos of the next admin, or something like that. I’ve searched many times for the article, to provide a direct quote, but I haven’t been able to find it.

          Gates hall was in planning in the early-mid 2000’s. Duffield (genomics) was first, then Weill (life sciences/transgenics). Read that an oversight committee was established early to guide the life sciences initiative; big names in science. Not sure who owns who. Dean of med school pulls a salary greater than the U Pres. (Epstein went out thru NY Presbyterian.)

          At the time of all this planning, ilr faculty with dual roles were getting additions on their houses utilizing univ resources, and training contracts, with the approval of the VP. None of this was hidden.

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          1. I ran into the same problem of DISAPPEARING SOURCES on the Obama role in rescinding the moratorium. What has been left is later in 2017, when NIH issued its later guidelines, based on the Obama-approved policy change.

            These criminals are subtle. The MEDICAL MAFIA are Hillary’s BEST.

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        2. Cornell was one of the “Yale’s chapterhouses’ tentacles” schools.

          1st university president Yale alum – Skull & Bones
          2nd university president Yale alum – Scroll & Key

          Some other schools founded in roughly the same era as Cornell that follow the same 1st pres S&B, 2nd pres S&K pattern:

          U of Chicago
          U of CA Berkeley
          Johns Hopkins


    3. Crowd photo has me rethinking very speculative General Jones issue we discussed last month, (Harvard grad/1st Star under Obama/Very sharp and capable cookie/would know all SS plans/Has operational command of all mil units in WA DC/Now backed up by CAV unit from Illiones NG. ((is that Gov Priztker? Yes.)) Deployed as title 10 and controlled by Joints Chief but again operational command belongs to Jones. Too easy to screw up for the hour needed to take down WH or compromise evac point with screw up in comms during crisis and a small detachment for either local). Again purely speculative but given all that’s happened from Mueller to Commi Lab Rat Virus I’d get nervous with any sort of demonstrations happening in DC WH area.

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  4. I’m simply stunned. It all fits together now. The whole damned thing from Day One.

    What is frightening is that if HRC had cheated her way into the White House, the Plannedemic would’ve happened anyway and we would all be seriously effed.

    The Dem states keep playing the old scenario…killing elderly patients, upping panic, staying shut down…and they are OUTING themselves as IN ON IT and guilty of treason and murder!
    How I hate the enemies within!!!

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    1. Exactly. You’ve got it.

      Pretty amazing how lopping off half of their plan (Trump winning and refusing to leave the White House) has uncovered the machinery of their greater plans – now completely open for inspection.

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      1. this is why they are in such a panic meltdown now….obamagate, as bad as it is, seems to be a treacherous (and shoddy) cover-up for something much bigger….something that, if known, would blow the minds of every American…

        some other hideouly deranged plot… to stop Trump

        I can think of one or two very dangerous possibilities….too awful to even mention…

        …this plannedemic could also fit that bill.

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      2. Which implies they took him at his word, and were at least pretty certain he was going to wrap them up once and for all, left to his own devices as POTUS.

        Otherwise, their plan would have been to lay low for 4 to 8 years, then try again.

        Their calculation was that it’s no worse to be jailed or hanged for subversion plus an unsuccessful coup attempt than to be jailed or hanged for subversion alone, when a successful coup could cancel their 2016 electoral defeat, and let them win big nevertheless.

        Government records of what they had planned for a Rodham victory must be both pretty extensive and pretty damning.

        Because all their attempts to recover are failing, and they keep choosing double-or-nothing at the end of every play.

        What’s being widely exposed by this plannedemic will bring about the Great Awakening. So to keep moving forward with a broken, half-aborted plan is the act of real desperados.

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    2. Working backward… Does POTUSVSG know about the 16 Year Plan and ALL this corruption the day he comes down the escalator in June 2015? I’d guess ‘yes’.

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  5. My only quibble with the enemy within’s plans is that it goes back a whole lot farther than 240-250 years. AT LEAST 700 is probably closer. The world was a lot smaller then, though. And consider the way divisions among the people came about during that time frame. No one considers the splitting apart of, say, Christianity as part of it all, but in the end it is.

    It’s basically all about money and control. If you want it, attack the strongest institutions keeping you from having it first. The US was turning out to be a tough nut for them to crack. See, We the People have the audacity to think we can actually govern ourselves. That’s the war we’re fighting. “They” want control of us mind, body and soul, and this freedom thing is keeping them from achieving that.

    Peace out.

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    1. Very True….. The Catholic church certainly did have a lucrative $$$-control-power game going, as Martin Luther aptly pointed out.

      No telling how much wealth is currently held in the Vatican coffers, bank, real estate properties, art, gold, investments, corporate businesses, etc.

      That wealth is probably in some way responsible and the reason why Benedict was somewhat forcibly replaced by Francis.

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      1. The vast wealth of the Church likely attracted the communists to infiltrate the ranks of clergy.

        Just like wealth and gold attracted the Clintons to Haiti where Hillrotten’s brother now owns the rights to Haitian gold mining, caused them to attack and grab Ghaddafi’s gold and makes them salivate over the 400 tons of gold that Putin bought to protect Russia’s ruble.

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        1. While professing equality, Communism always turns into an elitist oligarchy – with perks, privilege, profit for the few with power and long lines with pitiful portions of beans, rice, cabbage and stale bread for the masses.

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          1. When we know how the emergence of communism was funded we see that it started out via an elitist oligarchy…as did National Socialism.

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      2. It’s AMAZING that that’s where people go when the point is that Christianity was weakened as a force when it was split up. And it took about 250 years of a whisper campaign, and one test run before the revolt happened. (Read Ian Crocker’s “Triumph” for information on that.)

        There’s a flip side of history that gets ignored and dismissed when this topic comes up.

        But that isn’t the point. “They” WANT us divided, which is why the break-up was fomented all those centuries ago. Same communications tactics were used. “They” want zero unity among the peasants, because with unity there is resolve which is an unmovable force.

        Addressing the rest of your comments is for a different post.

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        1. Christianity is weakened whenever the leaders sin. The earlier East West split occured because of many factors, distance, evolving theology and jealousy and quest for dominance between distant leaders that came to violence and murder.

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          1. Again, the force is stronger when it is united.

            THAT is the point.

            The divisions, particularly in the west, were DELIBERATELY fomented. That and a number of Crowns were going broke, and the Church had money and property, so they stole it.

            But this is getting too far away from the main point. “They” have wanted the people divided for centuries – and this whole exchange is proving WHY.

            We fight amongst ourselves, and the other side wins because we’re distracted.

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            1. Sin of various kinds, error, heresy, syncretism, greed, corruption, competition, exploitation, predation, sexual sin….these actually ARE fissures, splits, separations in the Church.

              Just like Islam IS a blasphemy and blasphemes itself daily.

              The theological difference (Filioque) between the Eastern and Western church was minor in comparison with the violent attack on Constantinople. That pretty well finalized and sealed the split for good.

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              1. That brings to mind something a pastor once told me about the falling away of the church, and the aggressiveness of Islam, Hope I remembered it right…

                A Catholic priest, a Protestant pastor, and an Imam participate in a debate.
                The priest and the pastor aim for a tie;
                The Imam goes there to win.

                We’ve seen this in Europe three times now, and the first two invasions each took around 700 years or so to be quashed. It seems that folks either don’t learn from, or just simply ignore history.

                And we and our progeny, unfortunately, end up paying the price…

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          2. “The earlier East West split occured because of many factors…”

            I have spent 8 years or so seeing the history of the world from Justinian’s Plague (6th century AD) primarily in neo-Pirennist terms.

            It took me some very deep digs, and a lot of reasoning to work this out–

            But I’ve come to the conclusion that the fundamental reason for the Roman Catholic/Orthodox split was that the seats of three patriarchs, namely, those of Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria, were overrun by the Saracens in the 7th century.

            The Orthodox continued to recognize those patriarchs fully, but the Bishop (Patriarch) of Rome realized that they could not be trusted fully, in general, due to the organized pressure that Muslims could put on them and their flocks, and the resulting possibility of what was effectively a Manchurian Candidate active in the heart of Christendom.

            So the Popes withdrew from the Council of Patriarchs, which provides an empty chair for him, and counts itself ready to receive him and to permit him to once again vote, should he desire to return.

            Of course, the conquest of Constantinople by the Muslim Turks in the mid-15th century, and the Bolshevik putsch in the early 20th, exacerbated the problem, rendering yet two more patriarchs suspect.

            Perhaps wisely, the popes have continued to keep the Western Church isolated from the possibility of anti-Christian and totalitarian influence stemming from those military losses to those hostile forces.

            Please also see my reply to DP in this thread, and my comment to Valerie Curren on a separate article of hers, some days ago. I’ll try to put a link below.

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            1. I would not consider the Western Church free from anti-Christian and totalitarian influence, quite the contrary, as the current Pope demonstrates…almost daily. It was always about power and prominence, possibly pelf, not theology.

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              1. Yes, certainly.

                But back then the popes decided not to have patriarchs possibly controlled by Muslims in the power structure of their hierarchy.

                That’s not to say there weren’t other bad influences!

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              2. The thing is – history is a story told – in words and its accuracy and point of view is determined by where/when the teller is standing and by the perceptions of his mind/heart/ears/eyes.

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              3. Maybe we are talking past each other here.

                My point wasn’t to explain everything that has happened to the Roman Catholic Church over many centuries.

                My point was to present why I believe it split from the Orthodox Church over a period of time that corresponded to the Saracens overrunning the wealthiest and most economically advanced provinces of the Roman Empire.

                I’m merely saying: in this case, there are no coincidences.

                But the history books you buy in Barnes and Noble, or in a Bible bookstore, or that students use in college, aren’t going to spell it flat out like I am doing. I had to do quite a bit of research to solve the puzzle.

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              4. It’s several years since I’ve looked at this, so I don’t have the names of each disagreement and church council in front of me. So I can’t answer your exact question simply.

                But one big reveal is that, at one point in the Plague years, (and this may have been treason in the secular government, or it may have been rolling with the punches of Justinian’s Plague and the fact that it spared Middle Eastern desert populations where the air was too dry for fleas,) the tax revenues from Egypt and Syria (the 2 wealthiest provinces in the Empire,) were disappearing locally, and not reaching Constantinople, so a decision was taken to cut them loose.

                The capital would obtain more in revenue from treating them as foreign lands, and taxing the goods arriving from them as imports. Again, maybe this was treason, or maybe it was bowing to the inevitable while surviving the most destructive pandemic in recorded history.

                Anyway, these areas were the heartland of Christianity, and the largely non-Christian Persian Empire was, throughout this era, quite dangerous and hostile. So it was thought withdrawing Roman armies and leaving these coreligionists to their fate would be too cruel. Or, at least, too impolitic.

                So a strategem was needed. It was a trick of calling a Church council, (and I think it was one of the ones where force was used, and maybe the one you are asking about,) and having the assembled bishops vote for a doctrine that was exaggerated, and that was intolerable to the Eastern patriarchs and their congregations.

                The Easterners went there prepared to vote for the continuing compromise doctrine of the universal church, and got blindsided by this attack. So they left in a huff, and were declared heretics. This is the origin of the non-orthodox congregations of the Near East. The Orthodox/Non-orthodox split, which was the first split.

                Now the Emperor and bureaucrats in Constantinople had their excuse to withdraw troops from the Middle East. Why bother to keep defending a bunch of ungrateful heretics? Revenues began reaching imperial coffers, from tariffs on Middle East imports. Problem solved.

                But the other shoe dropped. Persia soon swooped in to fill the power vacuum. In Egypt, the Persian emissaries demanded that Egypt resume offering Persia honors and tax payments that had been suspended in the late 4th century BC, following the conquests of Alexander the Great, almost 900 years earlier!!

                We know, in our official history books, that Persian armies made it as far west as Benghazi, and the neo-Pirennist researcher Emmet Scott thinks, (entirely against the academic current) that they may have grabbed all of North Africa, and possibly even Spain.

                According to our history books, in an account doubted by, for example, by Edward Gibbon, a patriotic general stationed in Carthage, North Africa, travelled to Constantinople, broke the Persian siege of the city, put down the unpopular usurper, Emperor Phocas, and had himself declared Emperor Heraclius, in Phocas’ place.

                Then Heraclius led a massive, daring counterattack (this is the fishy part, in our traditional books, but doubted even by many academics) into the heart of Persia, destroying important cities and Parsi fire-temples, and recapturing all the lost territory.

                The problem with this account is that, for the cities in Syria that were allegedly burned twice, once when the Persians captured them, and a second time a generation later, when Heraclius regained them, modern archeology shows only one layer of ash in that era, when it should be two, closely spaced. And the cities in Persia itself that Heraclius supposedly burned have no ash layer at all in that century.

                So, whoever Emperor Heraclius was, his great raid to save the Roman Empire from Persia is fake news. Ruins and debris can’t tell a story all by themselves, but they can contradict a story that is in the books.

                Since the Persians weren’t miraculously expelled from Syria, Egypt, and Libya by Heraclius, what did become of them and their rule in those places? Our books are silent on this issue, sticking with the Heraclius narrative. Emmet Scott raises the question, and thinks he might have the answer.

                The year in which Heraclius allegedly launched his great counterstrike into Persia is also the same year the Islamic books, and ours, say that Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina. This flight is the single event most credited with launching Islam, and the event from which Muslims number the years of their calendar. (“Hijri” calendar, adjective from noun “Hegira”.)

                Most books don’t make explicit that these two events, or alleged events, occurred in the same year.

                Neither Emmet Scott nor I believe in coincidence when considering why these are supposed to have happened in the same year.

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            1. ^^^

              Gets it. Readers of The Word need to heed my recommendation below. What many believe is in shallow soil. The plants dry up and wither when the sun becomes hot.

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            1. I’ve handled that bright red book many times, but life always got in the way of my reading it. I so now wish there were audio versions of my wanna reads. Thanks for reminding me of it DP.

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        2. 1.) Printing press, DP, and associated rise of vernacular literatures.

          When there was no way to duplicate or publish a document except to send it to a monastery for copying by hand, the Church could keep dissent stifled.

          Ability to read the Bible in their own languages led some peasants to get their own ideas. Some wanted to go farther with Christianity, keeping more of the commandments that Rome’s agent had said could be safely scrapped. Others insisted on holding the Church to its own standard, or, at least, to their interpretation of Jesus’ standard.

          2.) St. Thomas Aquinas in Italy, along with Abelard in Paris and other Scholastics, restored the power of Aristotelian thought, including logic, to Western culture. This placed an emphasis on fact-based decision making, increased the scope of human achievement, and added a focus on the individual mind that was lacking in Medieval thought.

          3.) The importation of the secret of gunpowder from China, and the associated development of cannon, along with the construction of stone fortresses and ocean-going ships armed with same, definitively stabilized the military front between the European Dar al-Harb (i.e. Western Christendom) and the Dar al-Islam (lit. “House of Submission”, Middle Eastern and North African Heatheness.)

          This was perhaps the greatest of all practical achievements of the Church’s long-term strategic vision.

          But, paradoxically, it led to division.

          The lands south of the Alps and Pyrenees remained on the front lines, nobly battling the vile Saracen, and stayed acutely conscious of the reality of the Islamic ghazis (this is the Arabic word that is the etymological root of the English word “raid”,) and their continual slave-taking and ever-present military threat. Southerners craved unity, and the solidity provided by the Church.

          The peoples living north of the Alps and Pyrenees, by contrast, became REMFs (military slang for personnel far behind friendly lines, unaware of the reality of combat.) They were isolated from Islam by the strong armies and armadas of the Spaniards and so forth, and therefore came to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Northwestern Europeans ceased to value the military unity provided by the Church, as the threat of Islam seemed so distant to them.

          The French, in the middle, split the difference, banning chattel slavery like the rest of the (non-Iberian) West, but continuing to profit from it, by allowing Vikings to transport northwestern Europeans from non-French lands southward from Normandy along the Seine past Paris, overland to the Rhone, then continue south on boats past Lyons to Marseilles, where they could sell them to Muslims for their slave markets. This corridor of the slave traffic, in the heart of Europe, remained active for surprisingly long.

          Incidently, the Wars of Religion in northern Europe impoverished both sides. The only neutrals were the Jews, whose bankers did become wealthy loaning money to leaders on both sides. Some of the modern European hostility against Jews dates from flareups of old hatreds that occurred at that time.

          That is an era to examine for the possible origins of some of the “bloodline” families. Or, at least, of the banking families of Jewish descent.

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    1. It’s really a jaw dropper. Last night I had a nightmare than Comey was stalking me. After reading this article, I have a feeling it’s going to be another night of tossing and turning.

      Don’t look away if you are reading this and haven’t read the article, though. It’s one of the most important things posted on this site.

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    1. THIS makes perfect sense:

      THIS is part of what Ø has done:

      The Shadow Presidency, Shadow Government and the Greatest Political Scandal in History

      10 May 2020 – 1:07:52 AM
      Why did [Hussein] shadow POTUS re: [F] trips?
      Why did [Kerry] shadow POTUS re: Iran?
      Why did [Kerry] shadow POTUS re: [CLAS 1-99]?
      Why did [McMaster] target and remove loyal intel operatives inside WH?
      Why did [McMaster] prevent declas-disclose to Congress?
      Why did [Coats] prevent declas-disclose to Congress?
      Why did [Bolton] prevent decals-disclose to Congress?
      Why did [Ryan] prevent subpoena power of (R) Congress?
      Why did [Rosenstein] work to entrap and install blockade [SC]?
      Why did [Rosenstein] install [Mueller] knowing zero evidence of Russia collusion?
      Why did [Mueller] attempt to retake FBI DIR position?
      Why did [Mueller][Rosenstein] drag out SC investigation if known no Russia collusion pre + start?
      Why did select members of [NSC][Vindman] actively leak to MSM?
      Why did select members of [NSC][Vindman] orchestrate fake whistleblower report w/ [Schiff][Atkinson][CLAS 1-9] to sabotage and initiate impeachment?
      Why did [Pelosi] rush impeachment investigation?
      Why did [Pelosi] then hold impeachment article(s) until Jan 15?
      Why did [Schiff] push false ‘Russia evidence’ narrative post closed door interviews [no evidence of collusion]?
      Why did [Schiff] coordinate w/ WH NSC [through proxy] to arrange for Ukraine whistleblower?
      Why did [Schiff] actively leak knowingly false statements during-post classified sessions to MSM?
      Why did [Schiff] illegally surveil [phone] members of WH legal team, media, and Congress?
      What Pentagon officials [CLAS 1-99 _subject] tendered resignation within a 2 week period?
      Why did [Omarosa Manigault Newman] attempt to entrap POTUS through secret and illegal recordings?
      Why did [Soros] finance anti-POTUS events and organizations across US?
      Why did [CLAS 1-99] organize and push propaganda [smear] campaign through use of MSM & Hollywood?
      [CLAS 1-99][F]
      [CLAS 1-99][F]
      [CLAS 1-99][F]
      [CLAS 1-99][F]
      [CLAS 1-99]
      [CLAS 1-99]
      [CLAS 1-99]
      [CLAS 1-99]
      [CLAS 1-99] x 49
      What are they trying to prevent?
      Who are they trying to protect?

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      1. Okay, here’s my theory especially in light of Rush’s comments…
        Two reasons the race war is being promoted:
        1. To protect Obama….any actions against him will be screamed to be racist…revenge. It)# being promoted right now…look at Michelle’s recent comments. And,

        2. To promote Kamala Harris as VP. Don’t forget ABC news just declared the term “mistress” is no longer relevant …thus running interference for her future political career. If the public feels Trump is acting out of a sense of racism, then having a black female VP is the only correct response prove we aren’t still a racist society, right? Worked for Barrack!
        So, therefore Rush is probably correct….UNTIL after the elections. Why hand the enemy ammunition? Remove the “racist” factor and you take away what they want…a race war.
        Meanwhile, plenty of WHITE Obama administration traitors that can and hopefully will be arrested and scheduled for trial before the election…thus satisfying Trump’s base. And, when Obama, Susan Rice and others are eventually brought to justice after the elections (and I truly believe they will in some fashion), it takes the air out of that particular balloon.

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          1. “Before the election go after the WHITE MALES including some of the Republicans like Richard Burr.”


            Instinctively, go right for the only UNPROTECTED class 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

            Once again proving that white men are the ONLY people who can be targeted and blamed and punished for ANYTHING.

            So whenever a move against ANY protected-class will cause political turmoil — which is always, 365 days a year, year in and year out — we can always go after and scapegoat the white males.

            Just beat them like rented mules, because who cares?

            They’re not even 3/5th of a person, they’re just purely a whipping boy 😁

            Burr and the others deserve every bit of it 👍

            They just better not be the last and only…

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            1. I think I agree with every point you are making here, Scott.

              The Left in general, the current and recent Dim leaders, and these coup plotters in particular are so vile, so devious, so snakish, and so bacterial in nature that it seems impossible for decent people to contend with them and to wrest their dangerous and ill-gotten power from their grasp without the decent getting their own hands slimy, and in fact sinking to some of the same moral lows as the Left.

              So we have to treat people differently according to race, just because they always have, when we want nothing but equal justice and the WWG1WGA spirit of unity.

              It really stinks. I’m outraged by their outrages.

              But they’ve presented us with such a conundrum that it may not be practically possible to cut the Gordian knot without using a sword of a type that was originally designed for their arsenal.

              I’m glad we have a POTUS who bestrides the Earth with genius, strategic insight, and sense of the possible, all of Alexandrian scale. He can do what is necessary. But both he and I wish it weren’t necessary to do it in such a way.

              Dims stink. The hypocritical racists. I hate them.

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      1. I read it was faked …now, I’m not even sure…the media would certainly love for you to think it was faked if it was filmed unknowingly.
        So difficult to know what to believe any more…and, of course, that’s the plan.

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      2. This came up before, iirc, some time ago, and at that time it was debunked. But I wasn’t there, so can’t say what the final truth is.


    2. The transformers looked demonic to me when they first came out as toys. My boys never had any. I still cannot watch the continence of this transformer.

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  6. Fellow Christians on here, as well as those who seek to understand better before they commit to our faith journey, please read The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser. You can get it any number of places including the Kindle version.

    We have to think Hebrew to understand. We have to understand the ancients and the world in which they recorded the scriptures. We have to realize that we are not experts at everything because we are currently alive and the world has evolved. Our faith needs developed in sum, not in bits and pieces. Without a solid foundation of knowledge and wisdom we will never be able to understand and cope with our situations. Most of us think Greek. That thought process misses the mark in trying to understand the evil within and why it exists.

    The war that exists today has been underway in its present form since The Tower of Babel. The tools of aggression have evolved, but the tenets of the spiritual war remain unaltered and continuing. The easy answers given from the pulpits and typical Christian Living authors are fine for those who drink milk. To partake of meat, one needs to dig deeper and commit more to the Lord. In other words, to become a true disciple.

    Choose this day whom you will serve.

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    1. Amen.

      A good read to share with those that enjoy novels is the War Boys series by Wendy Alec. The first book is “The Fall of Lucifer” and it takes you on an allegorical journey between worlds and epochs where the details are creatively embellished but the principles and key themes ring true. i’ve been thinking for a good long time that even our fearless guide WolfMoon himself would get a couple of major AHA moments from a quick read of the series. Especially the tricks of the other side in the time leading up to the apocalypse. In a way the words of Christ telling us that it will be like birth pangs helps to show us that each pang is a kind of a dress rehearsal for the final moment when a new Heaven and a new Earth are born.

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      1. I studied Revelation in a class this week. Most everyone kept it at arm’s length. This morning I had a thought that is new to me.

        Remember how 2000 came and everything kept going? 2007? 2012, and no end times yet? Perhaps the 2000 years counts down from the crucifixion, some 30-plus years later?

        I like to sing a song, “Save a people for yourself, oh Lord.”


  7. Political Moonshine had me ready to not read the story when I seen they acknowledged Sundance. I continued on reading and holy shit did my blood get boiling. I highly recommend this read and even added the blog to my homescreen.
    Political Moonshine got my interest when they mentioned Q I even left em a comment…
    The shit has hit the fan Y’all, we all need to band together and fight as United Digital Soldiers, our country needs us.
    United we stand Divided we fall, this is going to get really ugly from now till who knows when, possibly into 2024.
    Democrats are desperate they must stop Trump by any means necessary, pray for our President his family, Administration, our country and most of all pray for one another, our country needs us.
    This week is gonna be one to remember, dont get distracted by their false flags we must stay united. I think now the media is trying to start a race war and divide the MAGA movement, just gonna leave it at that..
    I love y’all, God bless.
    Goin back ta lurkin…

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    1. Oh yes…Rodney…you think these black/white shootings aren’t planned? And, you think the blackout by the Media about the elderly white couple murders by a young black make isn’t deliberate?
      “they” are trying a race war….”they will do anything”….

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    1. Really looks at the big picture – power and money. Loss of the colonies by the colonial powers – one of the biggest large-scale events in history. We were always taught “that was it, it was over, no problem, we won”. One of the biggest LIES ever.

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    The Dawning of a New Era : Post-Capitalism 1.0


    April 18, 2020

    according to the author…

    things will never be the same…

    it has nothing to do with an “invisible virus” and everything to do with “an obvious yet largely unacknowledged economic power coup.”

    panic was chosen

    the resulting economic crisis is completely man-made.

    FIAT POWER = under the direct control and responsibility of MONEY POWER…

    “…the seizure of ultimate power by extra-legal means under the mantel of presumed, unchallenged authority and the cover of fear .”


    …and its associated global central banks have unilaterally granted themselves the power to issue any amount of money.

    a lot more detail about this and its ramifications, in the article.

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  9. If you were to look at the United States from a military standpoint, and map out non-military critical strategic objectives for a campaign of conquest, every one of them has been taken control of, or deeply compromised, by the Cabal/Deep State.

    Every. Single. One.

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    1. Saved this from a post on here a month or two ago! Strange I knew about the Admirals, Generals and such that were fired after Benghazi, but this really wakes one up!

      List Of Military Elite Purged
      And Fired Under Obama

      Compiled By General Paul Vallely
      Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented.Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the ‘purg’ of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place

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      1. I remember it being about a week after the November, 2012 that the Obama administration announced that women would be allowed to serve in a combat role. They were in a hurry. The requirement at that time for advancement into the highest ranks was to have been involved in combat duty.

        I also remember an announcement (can’t remember when) that about 4,000 to 5,000 with the rank of major or colonel were going to be discharged, which would have allowed the leapfrogging of Obama preferred service members into higher rank. As I recall, the Pentagon was able to halt the discharge plan because of the destabilizing of combat readiness it would have caused.

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        1. Another thing they attempted in the last days of Obama was they wanted to induct persons from civilian professional fields and giving them direct commission with military rank from Captain to Colonel to supposedly allow them to fill critical jobs. Problem with this it would be too easy to reassign them from the critical job to operational commands. I know that got some push back but not sure if it was implemented or if implemented how large the program became. Regardless, coming from an Obama controlled military it was rather disconcerting to think they would even consider doing that.

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        2. also important to remember…back in January 2017 , obama signed the NSA Data-Sharing Order Section 2.3 out of AG Lynch’s ofc…The Strategic Delay of Section 2.3 of obama’s Executive Order 12333 …prior to that, there was already great latitude in collecting info esp re Trump campaign…but Section 2.3 gave even greater latitude to the intra-agency information sharing …!

          he already had all the information !

          then Rice sends that “memo” to herself on Inauguration Day…stupidly revealing obama’s real meaning for the retroactive order…!

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      1. I was thinking more in terms of media, entertainment, education, financing (foundations as one example), sciences (climate change for example), etc.

        The biggest impacts on people that would change the direction of the USA, and to remake it in their own image.

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        1. Yes, but they own a lot more than just that. And after communication and education, you take out transportation. The Chinese DID buy control of a lot of world wide transportation assets. And don’t think they aren’t an arm of the cabal when it comes down to it.

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          1. “Yes, but they own a lot more than just that.”

            True. Yes, it gets more complicated when bringing in foreign influence. I was thinking solely of domestic, mainly of people taking over jobs and positions to change the direction of our country away from our founding. Not the brick and mortar aspect.

            As an example, many foundations that once had a more Conservative direction, have changed to one that is more liberal in orientation through the changes made changes to their board of directors. In short, a takeover by the Left/Cabal.

            David Horowitz got into the transformation of foundations in his book, “The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future.”

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            1. “As an example, many foundations that once had a more Conservative direction, have changed to one that is more liberal in orientation through the changes made changes to their board of directors. In short, a takeover by the Left/Cabal.”

              This is why many of them actually are sunsetted in the articles of incorporation by the founders. They know that the mission will get corrupted. Others always were left and it’s just gotten more obvious as time has gone on.

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  10. With ALL due respect to Rush Limbaugh, what he JUST said is 100% incorrect.
    He JUST said “there will NEVER be an investigation of Barack Obama. One because of the RESPECT awarded former Presidents, and 2 because of race, it will NEVER happen, it is just NOT done, and has NEVER been done.”
    My answer: It his not done and has never been done UNTIL NOW.

    Look at ALL the things Obama did AS President TO Trump that were UNPRECEDENTED and had NEVER been done, until HE did it. HE opened the Pandora’s box, and he WILL pay, he will pay DEARLY. He WILL (is) be investigated, he WILL be found GUILTY, and he will face JUSTICE. This is not just hyperbole, I am serious. He MUST, and ONLY Trump has the WILL to do it.
    Lets LIST shall we ALL the unprecedented and DISRESPECTFUL act (if not ILLGEAL) acts that Obama did TO Trump.

    1, Had the full weight of the US Intelligence agencies ALLIGNED to at first STOP candidate Trump, and then REMOVE President Trump, MULTIPLE times ( Dossier, Special Counsel, Impeachment)
    2. ACTIVELY campaign AGAINST an opposition candidate WHILE a lame duck President.
    3. PAY for a political opposition hit piece AGAINST that candidate (the Dossier from Fusion GPS in EARLY 2016 $972000)
    4. Enlist FOREIGN spies and our FIVE Eyes allies to set up, entrap, railroad, and attack MULTIPLE Trump campaign allies, transition team, business partners, friends, associates, and FAMILY. (Carter page, George Papadopolous, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr. Sam Clovis, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, MORE?)
    5. Have MEETINGS and briefings ON the setup, right up until JAN of 2017 when he left office.
    6. Used OUR NSA database to create said dossier to try and SMEAR candidate Trump, and then REMOVE him.
    7. ACTIVELY attack candidate Trump during and AFTER Obama’s Presidency.
    8. Instruct the DOJ, NSA, CIA, FBI, WH staff, State Department, and a ton of other Government agencies to perpetuate this fraud and coup attempt.
    9. Be BREIFED on the fraud in his PDB (Page and Strzok said “POTUS wants to know EVERYTHING we are doing) Clapper AND Rice both fingered the orders came FROM Obama.
    10. Signed an EO, #13333 to make it FAR easier for intelligence (on Trump) to be SHARED widely throughout the ENTIRE Government.
    11. OPENED an investigation on election interference, even though he WAS BRIEFED that there was NO REASON to do so. Dec 9th 2016.
    12 Signed OFF on Crossfire Hurricane the FIRST counter intel investigation EVER on a opposition Presidential candidate that ALREADY was the Nominee of the opposition party, DESPITE NO evidence to do so.
    13 ORDERED the investigation, and all subsequent to be carried out in his LAST days AS President, Jan 5th 2017, thanks to Susan Rice for telling us.
    14 ORDERED Susan Rice and Samantha Power to unmask HUNDREDS of US CITIZENS (Trump, his family, and his associates) 300X MORE than EVER done before.
    15 Instituted a “shadow White House operation” In Washington DC shortly after Trump’s inauguration. ALL other Presidents LEFT the town to give the NEW President free reign over his new agenda.
    16 Instituted a SHADOW foreign policy in the first few months of the Trump Presidency, immediately before or AFTER President Trump state visit, John Kerry also participated. (Iran, China, India, France, Canada, More?)
    17 OPENLY spoke out AGAINST the new President and his administration, violating DECADES of Protocol.
    18. Is now OPENLY criticizing the Trump Administrations policies on everything from judicial nominations, DOJ policy, foreign policy, Immigration, Pandemic response, Trade, and MUCH more. MOST other Presidents keep their opinions to themselves, not go on TOURS and have national interviews to actively attempt to UNDERMINE current admin policy.
    19. Instructed his intel agencies to withhold VITAL information FROM the incoming President (SOFT briefings)
    20 Set NUMEROUS traps, pitfalls, and MOLES for the incoming Trump administration.
    21 INSTRUCT FBI Director Comey to brief Trump on the dossier AND to take notes, setting an obstruction trap?
    22. Had James Clapper and John Brennan BRIEF the Gang of eight (Ryan, Schumer, Pelosi, Richard Burr, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, on the Trump dossier AND the purported “Russia collusion. This iin effect labeled Trump a traitor and foreign power agent, which lead Congress, even RINO Republicans to ACTIVELY stall, and obfuscate the Trump admin policies during the opening days of his admin, when Republicans controlled ALL three branches.
    23. the MSM to help perpetuate, spread, and enable the coup via the Government agencies UNDER his direction.
    24 Not only ALLOWED this all to happen, even though he KNEW there was NO reason to do so through his PDB, meetings, and briefings, but FURTHERED it by the EO, and openings of official investigations, under the GUISE of Russian collusion, and election interference.
    25 UNDERMINED Trump’s legitimacy AS President by even calling into question any election interference, even though Obama himself had stated that it was IMPOSSIBLE, and non votes had changed.

    That is just 25 off the TOP of my head. I can go back and assuredly find MORE. ALL unprecedented. ALL at LEAST unethical, MOST illegal.

    And Rush thinks NOTHING will happen because it NEVER had before. I just have to say, WANNA BET?
    EVERYTHING afforded previous Presidents was TRASHED via Obama, therefore EVER courtesy afforded PAST Presidents is now MOOT.

    This is a NEW day. Trump is DIFFERENT. There is NO WAY Trump will let him, or ANYONE else get away with this. This WHOLE 4 year period has been marred by ONE long stain and operation to GET TRUMP, and now US, his supporters. They NEVER gave it up, they just KEPT going and going, continuing to HURT the USA and HER PEOPLE in the process, from spygate, to Russia collusion,to the Special Counsel, to whistleblower impeachment, to finally using a killer virus to try and wipe us out and destroy our economy, always SHIFTING the blame from Obama and at first to Russia, and now CHINA.

    ALL of this is to PROTECT Obama. PERIOD, ANYONE that thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken.

    There are literally MOUNTAINS of evidence of crimes from Conspiracy, sedition, Treason, misuse of US taxpayer funds, Perjury, falsifying govt documents, abuse of power, espionage, abuse and misuse of US intelligence and resources, 4th amendment violations, illegal prosecution, suborning perjury, giving false statements in briefings to Congressional leaders (Nunes by Clapper and Brennan), filing FALSE charges, RICO, and MANY more, against Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Page, Strzok, Rice, Power, Page, McCabe, Preistep, James Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Eric Swallwell, Richard Burr, Paul Ryan, Richard Burr, Diane Feinstein, Jerry Nadler, Glen Simpson, Christopher Steele, Mary McCord, Marie Yovanovich, Lt Col Vindman, Rod Rosenstein, Bob Mueller, Stephen Halper, Joseph Mifsud, John McCain (posthumously), Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Andrew Weissman, John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, Judge Rudolph Contreras, Christopher Wray, and AMNY more.
    ANY of these people, MULTIPLES, could have ALREADY BEEN gotten. Arrested, tried, convicted and imprisioned or WORSE if THEY were THE target,

    But they HAVEN’T, have they, not because they CAN’T,, but because they were ALL used to get the MASSIVE amount of EVIDENCE to get ONE and ONLY ONE person. Barack Hussein Obama.
    IF that WAS NOT the intention from the BEGINNING, the OTHERS would have ALREADY been gotten, and we would have MOVED on. Yet we and Trump did NOT.

    Trump, Barr and Durham did not downscale and be SATISFIED with getting the underlings and Lieutenants, they ESCALATED, EXPANDED.

    WHY would they do that? They already HAVE the evidence to get ALL of those people, on MULTIPLE charges, and put them away forever or WORSE.

    Yet they did NOT stop, they went ON, FURTHER. There is ONLY on reason and ONE person that is for.
    Barack Hussein Obama.

    IF you are going after not ONLY a former President, not ONLY your opposition predecessor, BUT the FIRST African American President, you had better have MOUNTAINS of evidence AND corroborating WITNESSES. You had better cross EVER “t” and dot EVERY “I”, you better be 100% CERTAIN. We ARE NOW.

    THAT is where we ARE, these people listed above are TOAST, they are being USED to get to the HEAD.
    IF that weren’t the objective, this would have been over in 2018.

    Rush is WRONG, I HOPE Obama THINKS he is in the clear because of his status or skin color, because he will be DEAD wrong. WATCH. Rush IMHO, just cannot go there. TRUMP can and WILL.

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    1. Was listening to him in the back ground and heard that. Later in the show after a few callers I believe I heard him backtracking. He’s using his older tried and true political instincts not realizing they are out of date and I think he might need time to evolve his thinking on this. Normally I find all these talk show hosts to be several steps behind. There still reluctant to touch anything that has a whiff of conspiracy theory or hint of real action involved, but I do believe recent events has everyone raising the bar on some of this stuff.

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        1. I want WHO EVER IS BEHIND the empty suit called OH!Bummer.

          There is someone(s) and it is not ValJar. She was just the conduit for the orders.

          After the fall of the aristocracy, the Elite got smart and retreated into the shadows and used puppets. I think Davos and Bilderburg are meetings of trusted lieutenants and NOT the real world leaders.

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            1. George Soros, with his Senator Palpatine good looks, has always struck me as the “face man” of the band.

              He’s always out there, the one always at the forefront of financing every outrage.

              Methinks he has been set up as the “trusted lieutenant”, to use Gail’s term. Or rather, to appear to be the power broker, but actually just the lieutenant. And the fall guy, in case of penultimate disaster striking the group.

              His persona reminds me too much of, what’s his name? Samuel Goldstein? From Orwell’s 1984. The character created by the Party, for propaganda purposes, to be the focus of everyone’s “daily 5 minutes of hate.”

              We hate him, not only for the bad things he has done, and they are many, and very, very bad, but also because we’ve been programmed for decades to hate him.

              He is the lizard’s tail of the corrupt bankster society. If the lion ever gets his paw on Soros, Soros is designed to break off, so that the lizard gets away.

              We should expand our thinking, and aim for the higher levels. Though I don’t have a clue about those.

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              1. No clue who’s behind him. He is rumored to have gotten out of Occupied Hungary at the end of the war with a train load of loot stolen from Jews who were murdered in the Shoah — said to be the original seed corn for his current vast wealth.

                You couldn’t get out of the Soviet zone of occupation in those days without Commie blessing. And that magnitude of bling would require Stalin’s personal sign-off, I’m sure.

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          1. probably, but it will take “unconventional means” to get the elders, think black ops, “accidents” “disappearances” Etc. They are FAR too insulated, with far too much collateral in the form pawn “sacrifices” to shield their culpability. It would take a TOP Cappo, like SOROS to get to the Rothchild’s or Rockefellers of the Cabal. My bet is there will be more “unfortunate” helicopter or auto accidents in their future,.

            Live by the sword, kind of stuff.

            BTW, this whole operation is TOO open, flawed, rudimentary for one of the Elders to be the driving force, they BENEFIT to be sure, but they would be MUCH more clandestine, think JFK.

            No, this STUPID 4 year shit show is ALL Obama, it is PURE Chicago and Dailey, and Alinsky tactics, IE Obama’s bailiwick.

            The Elders will HAPPILY let Obama go to the gallows, and try to work some advantage from it, while they slink back under their rocks waiting for a day without a Trump and complacency to set back in.

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            1. It’s “out in the open” for folks like the ones researching, reading and commenting here. For the basic, pretty sharp person who simply follows current events, not so much.

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              1. the “scissors” concept….kinda grabbed my attention…Russia…China…both hating USA (Trump)….Russia=Obama (Spygate)…China = pandemic…slice slice cut cut….the CIA…?…well….
                always a cypher…and always everywhere…

                could that be happening ? the Russia-China-Deep State scissors maneuver ???

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              2. Yes. But there are other possibilities. It’s a complex game.

                They tried to use these scissors maneuvers against Trump one after another. Neocons, bait wars, NeverTrump, dupey RINOS, and other controlled opposition are wonderful for such purposes. But dig under it – past the scissors – a COMMIE HAND. Always.

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          1. I did not. I KNEW they even tapped BARON’s phone. THAT is what lead Trump to call Obama “sick”. I also know setting Senators and Congress critters CAN be arrested, tried, and executed. There are MANY reasons, all much EASIER in times of a National Emergency, which is where we are NOW.

            You think Pelosi does not KNOW that, why do you THINK she is not reconvening, but still keeping the House in session by the “parliamentary trick” Sure is EASY to find them all when they are in ONE place isn’t it. wink.

            Their day, ALL OF them, is coming, it is NIGH, and they ALL know it. The Gang of 8 declassed briefings and docs DOOM them ALL except Nunes.

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        2. as guilty as barry is, and as treacherous as Spy/ObamaGate is…I’m beginning to wonder if all of that has been plotted as Plan A…if it worked, great…but if not, barry takes the fall for it…like a smokescreen to keep us all <d.distracted from Plan B…even worse…maybe that was covid and the economic fallout…and if that doesn’t do the trick…Plan C…the most dangerous of all….well-hidden…

          the Deep State runs deep…the ObamaGate Crew really do seem amatuerish and stupid, when you think about it.

          but we know this : the DS is not stupid…and they use ppl as instruments …and as patsies…

          and they don’t give up.

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          1. possible, but Obama may have just gotten out over his skis on this. He let his own EGO and hubris let him think he could act and do as the elders do, and he CAN’T. His arms are not that long.

            They may let him HANG for his insolence as a MESSAGE to their other puppets about who really is in charge. One thin is CERTAIN, IF Barry tries to out an Elder in ANY way, he will make Epstein look like a Sunday social.

            What they do to him will be VERY bad and VERY public, again as a “message”

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            1. I think he was “tapped”, initially as “President”, after proper grooming, because of his arrogance, frankly…he is easily manipulated by adoration and cheering crowds and hollywood types fawning over him….and various “handlers” always around telling him how Great he is…like Valerie, for example, just to name one…and, interestingly, right now, with everything going down, the only thing he seems to be concerned about is his so-called “Legacy”…his fundamental transformation of America…HIS legacy…all about HIM…I also think if he’s served his purpose, “they’ll” let him go…but, if not, they’ll create another venal distraction…or a false flag…or, if they’re afraid he might roll over and squeal, well…..he is such an arrogant wimp, such a fraud, he could be dangerous…to them .

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              1. BINGO! Smiley2. You hit EXACTLY on the ENIRE reason for this 4 year shit show. Obama’s VANITY. ALL this because he KNEW Trump would QUICKLY dismantle his PUTRID “legacy” AND then be hailed and ADORE by the REAL people in America, NOT just the “elite”

                It had to CRUSH Obama’s fragile Psyche when even “his” people, the African American community adored Trump MORE than HIM.

                Obama KNEW that Trump would EXPOSE Obama for all his crimes and incompetence, and would UNDO his legacy in RECORD time.

                Obama thinks he really is the messiah, the chosen one, he BOUGHT his own HYPE and the story the Elders painted on him, that he was smarter, and “special”

                Trump showed him for what he IS a self absorbed dim witted, racist, America hating, affirmative action, Elder created PLANT.

                I wrote exactly that AND this in my book.

                “Obama will be judged NOT for the content of his character, but for the color of his skin.” He USED his pigmentation as a kugel against ALL his opponents, and it WORKED, all except on Trump, who did not care if he was purple, he saw the IDIOT and subversive egomaniac WITHIN.

                The emperor in Trump’s eyes, ALWAYS had no clothes.

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              2. obama is exactly the type to be very easily compromised…by his own arrogance…and his constant need for narcissistic supply…it blinds him…so…he has painted himself into a corner…and now, he might be sweating bullets b/c he really does not know who to trust….he’s been played…he’s a tool…he actually thought it was All About Him…and that he actually matters…but he’s expendable…and that might be scaring the shit out of him right about now.

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              3. another movie quote…

                ” ‘Raymond Shaw is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life’, and even now I feel that way~ and yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, something tells me its not true. Its just not true.”

                name the movie for a bag of free popcorn. 😀

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              4. Hey Smiley, better get some burbon for all that popcorn…It…IS…TIME.

                Grennell is REVEALING who in the WH unmasked Flynn (and OTHERS).

                Remember, once at THAT level, they ALL have ONLY one boss. JUST as I have been saying for Years (now LOL).

                Susan Rice, Samantha Power, come on down, you’re the next contestants on if the traitor shoe fits. I could NEVER prove it, but i’d bet my gopher suit that Ben Rhodes, Val Jarrett, and maybe even someone HIGHER may have done it. It won’t be Obama, he just ordered it, it MIGHT be ol plugs himself though.

                Remember, it has to be a WH person with top secret or above clearance. Clapper, and Brennan, as well as Kerry would also fit that bill. Comey COULD not, Nor could Yates or McCabe. It had to be a SENIOR staffer. Rice and Power are my bets.

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              1. Much better Steve, thank you. Still feel like a slug, not doing much but absorbing this great thread. My sole accomplishment so far today has been getting dressed and zesting and squeezing a dozen lemons for lemon cubes. 🙂
                Shoot, I had to really, really try to remember the word “zesting.”
                Hopefully next will be a big pot of broccoli soup. But this can be put off until tomorrow. I know, this is not a recipe thread. Hee,hee.

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              2. As an aside, Tortoises love slugs. 🙂 In fact, so much that eating slugs ramp up their procreating proclivities. My sister had a tortoise that tried to love large rocks when he was on a diet of slugs. Lolol

                Hmm, guess I am still jumping topics. But couldn’t resist the “biology” ….oh, I better leave before I derail more.

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              3. Nah, that’s OK. I visited Reptile Gardens in South Dakota once…and one of their smaller tortoises (smaller than the Aldabras) was definitely FULL of testosterone. He grunted quite audibly while doing the deed.

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              4. My sister caught the deed with the rock in pics. We still laugh about it years later.

                Wow, never heard a tortoise grunt. Bet people couldn’t suppress their giggles.

                Have the reptile gardens been around a while? I’d love to see them. I haven’t been to SD since the oldest kids were little except to drive through to the coast.

                We panned for gold and saw the future spot for PT at Mt. R,, Wall Drug, of course Deadwood, etc. Oh, and stayed in a cabin in the badlands where the drain to the shower was a hole in the floor. I covered it during the night. Didn’t want a rattle snake showing up in the cabin. We were told to make noises before we stepped foot onto the steps from the cabin to the ground because rattlers like to stay under the open steps. Ummm, yes, will do for sure.

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              5. Reptile Gardens has been there for quite some time and apparently is the biggest collection of reptiles anywhere in the US, beating out major zoos.

                I found Wall Drug to be profoundly underwhelming given the 200+ mile advertising radius!

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              6. You are right about Wall Drugs. A bs tourist entrapment. No good stuff to even purchase at that time. Turn thing then and see made in Japan at that time. Heck, 8 years earlier in NYC Chinatown, I saw a vase I wanted. Turned it over…made in Japan. Now I wish it all reversed.

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              7. Shoot, Steve, that’s a good one. I might be able to come up with a retortoiseful comment in the middle of the night but right now I’m dragon.

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              8. Bwahaha. Hey, are you trying to get me to fire back when all my cylinders aren’t?

                Ah, you sweet man are just trying to get me to think. You’re as badass as DH. Thank you.

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            1. Fair enough. It takes time to adapt to a “new reality”, i.e., that Trump is willing to “go there” to places others would shy away from–because in the end Trump simply doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the media says, while other politicians won’t cross them, much.

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              1. BINGO. Trump works on PRINCIPLE and NOT political correctness. Trump is as I have said before…”different” If he believes he is RIGHT, he will GO THERE.

                He reminds me of my dad, who once said to me, “right is MIGHT” I think Trump is of the same cloth. I think Trump takes what is coming as his DUTY, and he knows he is the one with the stomach and BALLS to do it.

                Damn the torpedo’s, FULL steam ahead.

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              2. TY, I have told you all here my father was a GREAT man, a hero, MY hero. He would give ANYONE the shirt off his back. He fought and BLED for his country, and he instilled in ME that patriotism.

                I remember him walking me into that voting booth for the first time and showing me who Reagan was. Then he left me to make MY decision. He KNEW I would do the right thing, and I did.

                My father never imposed his beliefs on me, but he DID tell me about right and wrong, and he would let me make my own decisions and mistakes, and always be there to counsel me after words.

                Some day, I may right a book about HIM. A man that took in a 11 day old baby that was NOT his biological son, nurtured him, sacrificed for him, and raised him as his OWN.

                I miss him every day, especially since I have gotten older and have a family of my OWN. I try to live up to HIM in the things that I do, I hope I make him proud in
                Heaven…sniff…sniff…sorry, keyboard is wet.

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      1. I’ve become attracted to the hypothesis that Soetoro is the natural son of Mohammad Subuh of the Subud cult, and of some Indonesian woman in his congregation, Dunham only being his adoptive mother.

        His resemblance to Subuh, and membership in his Islamic cult, are powerful evidence for me.

        If this is true, he has no African blood whatsoever, and the Blacks here (and in Kenya) were played for fools.

        If convincing pics come out before the election, they could largely take the issue off the table.

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        1. You know – something very interesting.

          Somebody got an anonymous secret service story revealing that Obama’s hotel rooms are always stripped ridiculously clean upon exit. Sheets, towels, glasses – everything vanishes and the places are scrubbed down, supposedly.

          THAT would only be necessary if there was a REALLY big DNA whopper that had to be hidden.

          However, what about hair curl? His youthful quasi-afro had to come from somewhere. Must be accounted for from his mother in that case. But that’s not hard in the Islamic world.

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    2. Something will happen with Obama, but dealing with him might be delayed until after the election. It IS a political hot potato – and not sure the African-Americans are woke enough to not cause a voter turnout problem.

      But I’m optimistic on all fronts with the other criminals involved in the Coup. My bigger concern/wish is that some of the Congress critters go down along with MSM.

      Obama being exposed, tainted, and shunned would be a good result.

      But I do agree with your basic, and it ought to be, “Until now.”

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        1. We’re going to wine and dine at a feast. I have that feelling. AG Barr has been leaving his little breadcrumb trail for over a year. POTUS saying the words out loud now.

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          1. EXACTLY, you are seeing what I already saw, we are THERE, the STORM is here. Trump would NOT be so open unless it was TIME and he is PREPPING even the normies for the “show”.

            several actions I saw told me that the time was NOW. The Cabal KNOW Covid failed. They are OUT of ammo. Flynn was FIRST. Do you know why I think so?

            As a DIG to McCabe and the Cabal “First we f*ck Flynn, then we f8ck Trump” comment.

            Flynn was the FIRST domino, and like a domino chain once tipped, if LAID OUT properly, more and more will fall in succession, it will NOT stop until it is FINISHED.

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      1. “Obama being exposed, tainted, and shunned would be a good result.”


        He will never be ‘tainted’ if he is not prosecuted, convicted and executed for treason so heinous it has never been seen before in the history of the world.


        Because unless he is totally exposed and revealed for the vicious mass-murdering psychopath that he is, and executed, the MSM and Deep State (whatever is left of them) will REHABILITATE HIM.

        Nobody has to BELIEVE it, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the MOVIE. If the MSM puts on MOVIES that rehabilitate Hussein, that becomes the ‘history’, the ‘narrative’, regardless of what the truth is.

        It doesn’t MATTER if we all know it’s a lie, all WE can do is shout at our TV’s “THAT’S A LIE!!!”.

        They don’t care if we do that, in fact, I’m sure it gives them nothing but satisfaction.

        Meanwhile the movie continues, the rehabilitation continues, and in a short year or two, he emerges triumphant, confidently announcing that he is available to lead the U.N., and be the first Kenyan to be king of the world.

        They already have a blueprint, and his name is Slick Willie Clinton. He left office in unimaginable disgrace, just abusing the office of the presidency every which way he could, and didn’t give a rat’s a$$ who knew it (e.g., Marc Rich pardon for cash, along with a lap dance from Marc’s wife, no doubt).

        And what happened next?

        His brother by another mother, King George Pervert Walker C_A Bush turned out to be his best friend in the whole wide world, and Georgie Boy helped turn Billy Boy into a media darling again.

        They’ll turn Hussein into the Obamassiah.

        If he isn’t prosecuted, convicted of High Treason (and mass-murder, and atrocities, and crimes against humanity), and executed.

        Don’t care what color his skin is, couldn’t care LESS.

        And any black person who tries to defend that miserable piece of trash, I will SHAME to his FACE.

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      1. PJ, Rush has often done the fence sitting bit – it’s about the dollars. He’s a good guy, and on our “side” – but there are many times he shirks taking the strong stand – the mark of a true conservative. There have been times when I questioned whether Rush was a friend of POTUS – he sure didn’t sound like it.

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        1. I know, me too. But then I console myself by hoping he is doing disinformation to throw left off track. Remember I am a self professed Pollyanna.

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      2. I do not think he is wussing out, I just think he comes from a day and time where retribution against the evil politicians is few and far between. He thinks Obama’s pigmentation will prevent Trump from doing it, he is sadly underestimating Trump.

        Trump, while a truly nice guy, is COMMITTED, and can be RUTHLESS when necessary. I think a killer pandemic, ruining the world economy, all the legal and political BULLASHIT he and his people wnt through, and attacking his business and his FAMILY mercilessly for 4 years is more than ENOUGH.

        I think Trump KNOWS he is the ONLY one on EARTH that can do it, and if he doesn’t NO ONE here will, EVER, and it will be done over and over again to others. Plus, I think they will try and destroy him and his family the second he is out of power, therefore he has NO choice but to DESTROY them ALL first, while he CAN.

        Trump does NOT care about “optics” he is there as a BUSINESSMAN, with a plan, NOT a politician. In business, you do to your opponents BEFORE they do to you to WIN. Tsun Tzu.

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          1. YW. I give Rush the benefit of the doubt, he was there WATCHING as the Clinton’s skated through EVERY scandal. He is just a little jaded by that, and overly pessimistic because of it.

            He will learn that Trump does NOT play, and he will be AMAZED and gratified when justice FINALLY comes, as will we ALL.

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    3. If Hussein does NOT go down, it will be a clear sign that the Cabal is still in power and that “they won”.

      Hussein is pure Cabal/Deep State, from birth, and if he walks, everyone above him walks. They will return…

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    4. Rush is either pushing this in order to provoke the opposite reaction in his audience (i.e., basic reverse psychology), or he’s too blinded by the fear that enforces political-correctness to ever embrace truth or freedom, and he will always be a slave.

      The simple fact is that Rush’s excuses are exactly that, excuses.

      The other simple fact is that if Trump allows Hussein to escape justice, then Trump’s presidency is a failure.

      And Trump understands that, even if Rush doesn’t.

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      1. And furthermore, it doesn’t even STOP with Hussein. It can’t, because Hussein isn’t the head of the snake.

        Stopping at Hussein would be like stopping a drug mule and declaring victory in the war on drugs.

        Stopping SHORT of Hussein would be letting the drug mule get away and declaring victory in the war on drugs.

        You have to go to the top of the Cartel if you’re going to destroy the Cartel.

        Hussein is just a stepping stone on that path.

        And you certainly can’t SKIP Hussein while prosecuting those below AND above him.

        There is no ‘path’ by which Hussein escapes, unless Trump fails utterly.

        And Trump isn’t going to let that happen.

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      2. Agreed. Trump MUST get them, and get them ALL, and NOW. If he doesn’t The Cabal will set about destroying him and US his supporters the second he is no longer President.

        It sadly appears there are NO honest Judges left in the judiciary in DC. That means, as q said, there HAS to be a tribunal, staffed with uncorrupted, and uncorruptable officers.

        Trump TODAY should set about discrediting this Judge in the Flynn case, and also the one in the Stone Case to boot.

        If they do not IMMEDIATELY do the RIGHT thing, and release their prisoners of war, and yes THAT is what Flynn and Stone, and to an extent even Manafort and Cohen, then he will have NO choice but to FREE the prisoners himself, AND more importantly to instruct AG Barr to IMMEDIATELY do a COMPLETE once over of ALL these Obama acolyte judges and their “opinions” which are NOT based on ANY rule of law except a CORRUPTED rule of law. It the “resist” JAIL THEM. Lincoln DID, we ARE in a National emergency after all.

        The time for being “nice” and playing “by the book” is OVER. I suspect these “judges” are IN Obama’s “ledger”, time to EXPOSE that once and for ALL, even if it means taking out Roberts too.

        These “judges”, need to be sent a CLEAR message, there is NO ONE above the law, not even JUDGES.

        Once the FIRST one goes down, the REST will “snap to, OR take the EASY WAY out once we shine the light on him.

        Can Trump, in an National emergency, simply FIRE them ALL and start over? If so, perhaps THAT is the way.

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  11. Moon shines list of players runs short at the top. More emphasis on top players needed. Talking the ones that had to run during the French Revolution. Same ones that occupy homes in the Netherlands with their lackey billionaire offshoots living along border of Connecticut and New York (largest concentration of these types though they are elsewhere of course). Same ones that make up large amount of Devos participants and the World Economic Forum types pushing Agenda 2030. Be nice if a meteor fell there. Lacking that a bit of sunshine on them might help disrupt their plans regardless where they are. Currently they operate in the shadows and no one is touching them. The Obama and Hillary types are important but to them they are easily replaceable.

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    1. Believe me the election is uppermost in my mind (well, next to the necessity of justice being done before it, but really, that’s because of the election so it’s still uppermost).

      I’ve seen very little to indicate fraud is being stopped. (That doesn’t mean that is actually the case–it just means I haven’t seen it. Unfortunately I can only really go from what I see.)

      Sufficient fraud will get PDJT out of office come 1200 ET, 20 Jan 2021. Obviously the capacity for fraud is finite, which is why they are trying to tear him down and make him unpopular, so that there’s less of a Pro-Trump vote to overcome.

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      1. As you already have probably thought, much fraud can be overcome by sheer numbers. More nefarious kinds of fraud may require some hacker vs hacker level intervention. Hopefully the good guys are better hackers than the other side.

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        1. Plus, by the time Oct (think early voting)/Nov come around, a bunch of the foot soldiers they traditionally count on to commit their fraud may be so sick of Dim BS that they simply don’t do it.


    2. More complicated than that though in reality. DH and I are actually in the middle of a discussion re just that. He has been a judge at the polls since he retired over a decade ago. Judges here do hand to hand and verbal com with the voters. So far the dim run county has not offered how this will be implemented within rational guidelines by June 2 primaries. He likes being a judge and feels it is his duty. However, he is torn because of my chemoed immune system. Waiting to see if any guidelines come down from the state, cus county is worthless.

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        1. Do you get the pages at all? Or are you just missing the black WordPress header widgets? This sounds like you need to allow “third-party cookies”, b/c browsers treat as a completely different site from

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          1. It worked this time – thanks! She probably got some of the first timer kinks worked out. It was quirky when I first found it and tried to read.

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              1. Wofl, I’ve never signed out of my wordpress account in the over 10 years I’ve had it – afraid I wouldn’t get back in.

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              2. Be Prepared(TM)

                Boy Scout motto! Seriously. Locked out with a bad old email is the pits. Worst case I have to deal with, when people here have problems! Just KNOWING which email is helpful, if there are several it could be.

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  12. Little nasty Asian woman Wejia Jaing – the bitter Asian from CBS got the Press Briefing shut down.

    President Trump is not going to put up with her crap.

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      1. Oh I was wrong – it was Kaitlan Collins on the follow-up who kept on yelling. Kaitlan has been disciplined by the WH way back with Sarah was Press Sec.

        Kaitlan was likely the one who got the briefings ended while Sarah was there.

        Liked by 5 people

  13. NOT ONE (insert expletives) member of the Press congratulated President Trump, the Administration or the hard working people in the health and science community on doing a stellar thorough job fighting the (insert expletives) Chinese Communist Party Virus!!!

    Liked by 7 people

        1. Free Republic
          Democrats are implementing the Algerian Strategy in the United States (H. R. 5383. The New Way Forward Act.) by Carlos Osweda


          February 6, 2020 | Carlos Osweda
          Posted on 2/6/2020, 10:56:38 PM by ransomnote


          A couple of days ago I wrote that the Democrats are implementing the Algerian Strategy in the United States.

          @realDonaldTrump knows this, of course.

          @SpeakerPelosi tore up the State of the Union address to signal that she’s on board with the Algerian Strategy.
          mentions A refresher:

          During the Algerian Civil War of 1991-2002, the Algerian government helped the Armed Islamic Group or GIA (Groupe Islamique Armé), the most violent terrorists in human history.

          mentions The GIA’s motto was “No agreement, no truce, no dialogue.”

          All they did was mass murder civilians in night raids. They cut the throats of entire villages and dumped them into wells.

          What the GIA wanted was preemptive nationwide surrender.
          mentions The government helped the GIA for almost eleven years, until the Algerian populace agreed to support the government.

          Only then did the government take on and destroy the GIA.

          The Democrats are doing the same thing here.
          mentions All over the country, the most violent criminals are being released.

          Violent felonies such as killing a police officer while resisting arrest are being decriminalized.

          Cash bail is being abolished.

          Incarceration itself is on the verge of being abolished.
          mentions I said that the Democrats are even IMPORTING violent criminals.

          And now we have the proof.

          H. R. 5383. The New Way Forward Act.
          NOTE: Full thread at link with images

          KEYWORDS: 9thcircuit; 9thcircus; clownbammyjudge; hr5383; injunction; judiciary; lorettabiggs; ninthcircuit; ninthcircus; obamajudge; politicaljudiciary; wayforward

          MOAR AT LINK

          Author notes this effort will definitely fail and will do so without citizens physically engaging the enemy. Engagement is what the Deep State had hoped for, but instead, Trump HAS this!

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    1. ‘What is the name for a situation….’

      I call them Thugs on Horseback ==> ‘King’ (Once they figured out owning slaves was easier that always raiding.)


      You can call them Mafia.

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  14. Money paragraph right here:

    “With this pandemic always going to happen, it means that those plans were already in place and well before Trump’s election, which when coupled with their loss of power and access to control, caused a forced timeline change to expedite the plan, which projected to be farther out. That is critical for understanding because it dictated to Pelosi how she would have to respond. Since impeachment was the cover, Pelosi was forced to manage that window of time during late Dec into early Jan by using impeachment as the mechanism. Re-read this entire paragraph if needed – the importance of it can’t be overstated – Pelosi intentionally slowed down impeachment to align its timeline with the COVID-19 timeline.”

    DP picks up: this means that the Q Team related planners would have known about this fiasco ahead of time and got all the maneuvers lined up that JUST HAPPEN to be falling into place with laser precision.

    Impressive. Most impressive.

    Liked by 13 people

      1. Yup. Oh, Pelosi and Schiff knew.

        Very much thinking that some finalizations were done in June 2016 when Pelosi’s son spent a week or two in China. One web sleuth was trying to figure out why he was there – it was during the lead-up to the California primary, IIRC. Hillary was in trouble, and money for antics flowed in to reverse her sad showing. But could have been this as well.

        Liked by 8 people

        1. Word was Pelosi was in China late October- early November.

          Where in China did Pelosi go and what did she do there?

          I’ve been waiting to see if anyone asks those questions.

          Liked by 6 people

          1. I have found nothing to confirm China – ONLY that she went to Jordan with a SNEAK to Afghanistan. I think the China stuff is disinformation to cover up those two traitors taking antimalarials.

            If you ever find proof on China, please post it big and bring to my attention. But be careful – this will now likely be used to feed you a poisoned document or link. QUALITY SAFE WEB LINK ONLY.

            Liked by 6 people

            1. Yes, I wish I remember where I’d read – a few weeks ago, and it struck me as odd. Of course, all the Congress critters’ junkets are “odd.”

              Liked by 3 people

      2. That certainly was a major tell. They must have been really pissed that their pet virus was such a dud in the USA thanks to all the red meat we eat and vitamins we take.

        It was SUPPOSED to hit around Christmas (week 51.) However people got sick but did not die in great numbers as expected. Actually it has been a rather normal ‘flu season’

        They really had to WORK at getting those numbers up, like Cuomo and other DemonRat governors sending confirmed cases of CCP virus into nursing homes to kill off the elderly.

        Liked by 6 people

          1. Interesting question, b/c I think she may have been up to various tricks by the time she was seen in photos with JFK, but hard to say. She was in a mafia family – the chances of child or teen sexual abuse is very high, and that late dissociation-inducing trauma could be used for dissociative programming.

            I think she’s too old to have undergone infant dissociative fear/trauma programming, which I believe was entirely post-war in the US, and based on captured Nazi work.

            Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro, March 26, 1940, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

            ALL big players (US, Soviets, China) ramped up fast to big MK (“brainwashing”) abilities after WWII, and if young Nancy d’Alesandro was a highly susceptible hypnotic subject, then she could have been involved in such things beginning in the late 1950’s – perfect timing.

            All of that would make it more likely that she could be programmed / reprogrammed later by the ChiComs. But I don’t think it’s needed, because by the late 1970’s the drugs had advanced so far with the benzodiazepines.

            Liked by 8 people

        1. Pelosi seen in her presser yesterday with dark, off-color marks visible over both eyes, especially the right.

          Speculation here veered from recent cosmetic eyelift surgery, to remains of older cosmetic surgery showing up under bad lighting angle/camera angle, possibly aggravated by absence of normal professional makeup artist (due to the ‘rona,) all the way to ritual punishment at the hands of her Satanic coreligionists.

          Would appreciate your thoughts, or those of anyone here.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I didn’t see the presser today, but the last few weeks, Nancy Pelosi has REPEATEDLY showed up in public with horrorshow WTF eyes. They look a lot like bug-eyed, wide-eyed Schiff, only the Pelosi version.

            It could be meds, such as HCQ added, and any pre-existing thyroid treatments going wobbly.

            Or some kind of ophthalmic treatments – maybe even new corneal transplants.

            Or yes – maybe some form of MK.

            Something is up. She does not look normal.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Bill Clinton should have been impeached for taking funding from China who at that point was persona non grata. Remember the the Tiananmen Square Massacre was in 1989 and three weeks later, the U.S. Congress voted to impose economic sanctions against the People’s Republic of China in response to the brutal violation of human rights.

              For Clinton a scant few years later to be taking campaign funds in return for all the favors he did for China, should have revolted people. Unfortunately the Republicans were just as eager to ‘invest’ in China so that VERY GOOD reason for impeachment was avoided.

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  15. Is it only me or have others noticed the correlation between sanctuary states/cities and virus

    Seems that now the sleepy little town of Yakima is in the news not for Illegals this time but for having op rate of COVID-19 cases on West Coast
    It also looks like over 2/3s of the 25 Cities With Most Illegal Immigrants In America are also virus hot spots

    Yakima County has top rate of COVID-19 cases on West Coast

    25 Cities With Most Illegal Immigrants In America

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  16. China just thinks they have bought us. Once the Fed is abolished (yeah, I went there) their bond/debt holdings crash with it along with the rest of the central banks. Why do you think they and Russia have been scrambling for gold, precious metals, rare earth, oil, etc.? Q has already reminded us that is coming and that we have all the gold and natural resources we need to maintain our status.

    The first real, full audit of the Fed will be an amazing event to unfold. Hope to live long enough to see it.

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  17. “it is becoming increasingly clear that the Democrats have ESCALATED their tactics, to the point that it is entirely conceivable that what we are enduring might actually be a WILLFUL, PREMEDITATED PANDEMIC – loaded with hoaxy exaggerations.”


    That’s powerful news.

    If the democrat party has even the SLIGHTEST part in this, it means the end of the democrat party FOREVER.

    And if they had a substantial part in it, the democrat party won’t just be gone, they will be VILIFIED worse than Nazis.

    Those who had knowledge and did nothing will go to prison for LIFE.

    Those who were active participants will get the chair.

    Think about it… EVERY Leftist supporter, from academia to the average goof NPC, will have no choice but to completely disavow the democrat party and denounce them utterly, or be tarred with the same brush.

    Liked by 6 people

  18. How can Hussein and his apologists possibly explain this?

    It’s like trying to explain Bill Gates and ‘Event 201’ in October 2018, mirroring the China Virus plannedemic perfectly, about 2 months before it became ‘reality’ to the public.

    This is premeditated mass-murder, biological warfare on the American People, working directly with the Chinese Communist Party to pull it off.

    The authorities are going to have to figure out how to resuscitate Hussein, so they execute him over and over again.

    From ‘The Case for Treason’:

    “For Obama’s kill shot, we examine three dark days of devastation in 2017 that all centered around the monumentally important presidential transition meetings representing the scene of the crime and as discussed earlier. Examine how this timeline unfolds.”

    “In the last year of his presidency on 18 Mar 16, Obama enacted Executive Order/Public Law 113-146 to change a Kennedy-era law framing the presidential transition process. Why would Obama do that? He wouldn’t and you wouldn’t know unless you took the time to find and read it. I did. That unilateral executive order functioned to augment the preexisting process by adding to it a pandemic preparedness scenario. Do you grasp how damning and critical that is? THAT IS THE PRETEXT OR SET-UP FOR THE TAKE-DOWN. ”

    1) Trump did not become the presumptive nominee until Tuesday, May 3, 2016:

    By executive order, on 3/18/16, Hussein changed the transition ‘law’ to include the set-up for the plannedemic a full FORTY-SEVEN DAYS before the world (or Hussein) even knew who the Republican nominee would be (which happened on 5/3/16)


    2) At that time, they were still certain Hillary would be able to cheat to WIN, and yet all the pieces were still being put in place for the plannedemic. The plannedemic was going to happen, it was part of the plan before they knew or cared who the Republican nominee would be, because they believed Hillary would be able to cheat to win no matter who it was.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, The plannedemic was part of the 16 year plan to destroy the USA.

      STEP 1
      Takeout freedom of speech. (We are already there)

      STEP 2
      Take out the 2nd Amendment by outlawing AMMO. With a Hillary President the Commie infested Supreme Court would uphold that law. That was why Justice Scalia was taken out. To flip the Court.

      STEP 3
      Take out Freedom of Worship and the Right of Assembly via the Plannedemic.

      STEP 4
      Use Obamacre to require internal RFID tags to get healthcare. The pilot trial was run in an NJ hospital in 2006.

      2004 FDA approves implantable chip to access medical records


      July 14, 2006 4:34 PM EDT
      NEW YORK – In a new test program, Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey plans to implant patients suffering from chronic diseases with a microchip that will give emergency room staff access to their medical information and help avoid costly or serious medical errors, the insurer said on Friday.

      Horizon plans to announce on Monday that it is teaming up with Hackensack University Medical Center in a pilot program where 280 patients regularly treated at the hospital will be implanted with a chip containing a code. The chip would allow emergency room personnel to retrieve a patient’s medical record if the individual can’t communicate.

      The rice-sized microchip is implanted in a patient’s right arm above the elbow and can be detected using equipment at the hospital….

      09/30/2009 Microchip implants ready for use with swine flu vaccine
      READ ==>

      STEP 5
      Get rid of cash and FORCING the use of credit cards was also in the line-up using Obamacare:
      “Section 9006 of the health care bill — just a few lines buried in the 2,409-page document — mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to contract workers but to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year.”

      Think about it, a small business owner would be swamped tracking all his suppliers, whether he bought $600 worth of goods, whether he paid, cash, check or by CREDITCARD….

      And then it becomes obvious where they are moving “we the people” towards:
      Credit card payments exempt from new 1099 reporting rule
      (Luckily there was such an uproar that part of OH!Bummercare was rescinded.)

      STEP 6
      Take out all the small businesses via the Plannedemic, after adding regulations so it is impossible to start new ones.

      And voila!

      You now have a cashless society where an embedded RFID chip is REQUIRED to get a job, get healthcare and eventually even buy food or for any other business transaction.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. And yet, even given all of that and so much more, we’re still rolling right along, playing games with these monsters, instead of putting them down like diseased animals.

        And everyone involved at the Hackensack University Medical Center should be fired for having no concept of ethics or even the basic understanding required to know why it is WRONG to put microchips in people.

        If they’re too stupid to understand that, or too corrupt, they have no business being anywhere NEAR a medical treatment facility, unless they are a patient.

        Liked by 1 person

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