DECLAS Central: 20200508

And the DECLAS keeps rolling along.

Thanks to acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, a number of previously withheld behind closed doors questioning transcripts are now available for public viewing. As with many deposition type documents, they can be long, but hopefully will be informative. Here’s the list with live links.

The United States Intelligence Community (IC), at the bipartisan request of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), reviewed 53 transcripts for classification. The IC made appropriate redactions, lowering the classification level of all 53 transcripts to UNCLASSIFIED. Each transcript can be accessed by clicking on the names below.

1. Alexander Nix

2. Anatoli Samachornov

3. Andrew Brown

4. Andrew McCabe

5. Benjamin Rhodes

6. Boris Epshteyn

7. Brad Parscale

8. Corey Lewandowski (Jan 2018)

9. Corey Lewandowski (Mar 2018)

10. Daniel Coats

11. David Kramer (Dec 2017)

12. David Kramer (Jan 2018)

13. Diana Denman

14. Donald Trump, Jr.

15. Evelyn Farkas

16. FBI Special Agent

17. Felix Sater

18. Hope Hicks

19. Ike Kaveladze

20. Jake Sullivan

21. James Clapper

22. Jared Kushner

23. Jefferson Sessions

24. Jeffrey Gordon

25. John Carlin

26. John Podesta (Dec 2017)

27. John Podesta (Jun 2017)

28. Jonathan Safron

29. Keith Schiller

30. Loretta Lynch

31. Marc Elias

32. Mary McCord

33. Matthew Tait

34. Michael Caputo

35. Michael Cohen

36. Michael Goldfarb

37. Michael Sussman

38. Peter Fritsch

39. Rhona Graff

40. Rick Dearborn

41. Rinat Akhmetshin

42. Rob Goldstone

43. Roger Stone

44. Sally Yates

45. Samantha Power

46. Samuel Clovis

47. Shawn Henry

48. Stephen Bannon (Feb 2018)

49. Stephen Bannon (Jan 2018)

50. Susan Rice

51. Thomas Catan

52. Walid Phares

53. Yared Tamene


From the Judiciary Committee webpage as of April 29, 2020:

The Senate Judiciary Committee released an additional declassified transcript between George Papadopoulos and an FBI confidential human source (declassified on April 24, 2020). (document)


Previously, on this page (link to April 16 post):

As of the evening of April 16, 2020, the Senate Judiciary Committee has begun declassifying the documents that we’ve all been waiting for: The FISA warrant applications used to spy on members of the 2016 Trump Campaign for president.

First up on the Judiciary Committee website: documents relating to spying on Carter Page.

  • Confidential human source transcripts related to the Crossfire Hurricane operation
    • Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source (declassified March 13, 2020) (document)
    • Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source (declassified April 1, 2020) (document)
  • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page and Three Subsequent Renewals
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page (document)
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page, Renewal One (document)
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page, Renewal Two (document)
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page, Renewal Three (document)
  • A July 2018 letter from DOJ to the FISA court alerting the court to some of the significant errors and omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications (letter)

The links are live to the documents that have been declassified. WARNING: most of them are REALLY long, as in over 80 pages, so for those whose bedtime reading is not legal documents, this thread will serve as a place to gather what the anons have been finding and sharing online in addition to what any of us find.

Please, post any findings, Tweets, images, emails, etc., found in the space below, and they will be added to future posts as the documents are made public.

As this declas effort is new, and will likely be dribbled out for proper public digestion, there will be new posts regularly sharing updates. It all depends on the volume of information, and the intensity as to whether or not this will recur daily, weekly, or as it happens.

In the meantime, happy digging y’all.


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  1. I believe the PARTY is just getting started. Freeing General Flynn is the start, and likely, IMO, the smallest stone rolled. Hubby asked if this is the Big Ugly. I like whatever Q-Tree comes up with – we can have our own saying.

    Yesterday, the President was very blunt (when is he not?) and not only called the bad guys out as SCUM – emphatically – but he used the word “TREASON” again – also emphatically.

    We might even be shocked at what comes out. BTW, I hope everyone is comparing Schiffty’s version of the transcripts with ODNI Grennel’s version – don’t trust Shifty. Word on the ‘net last night is more stuff, big stuff to come.

    Yesterday was a BIG day for Justice in the USA. Congratulations to General Flynn, and many others. I do believe there is MUCH more to come! Dirty Cops and Crooked Politicians do not go well together!

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      1. Iirc, the Big Ugly is SD’s name for when the broad mass of the the American people become aware of how corrupt and beholden to Democrats and other outside forces that, specifically, the Republican Party leadership had become.

        I think that will come when we get to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SD’s “Corruption Junction,”) No Name and his interference in foreign affairs, and the Bush family.

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      1. there was the briefest of mention that Schiff’s team was RE-REVIEWING the transcripts before release for possible redactions. the thinking being everyone would read HIS first if he released first and not bother with Grenell’s releases…I won’t touch Schiff’s –not with a ten foot pole!

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  2. Thanks, DP!!

    Throwing this out there: in Q’s post #4147 [Michael Atkinson] is in the kill box. Anybody know why?
    Michael Atkinson (Inspector General of the Intelligence Community)
    7 May 2020 – 11:01:40 PM
    [Michael Atkinson]

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      1. Sun_Q_Tzu Medium starMedium starMedium star Retweeted
        Lisa Mei Crowley Frog face@LisaMei62
        15. Not sure if related, but aside fm dealings w/Ukraine whistleblower, as ICIG, Atkinsin had to know HRC’s email’s weren’t hacked by China. Crowdstrike enabled courtesy copies to be forwarded to China in exchange for CF donations.
        Quote Tweet

        Sun_Q_Tzu Medium starMedium starMedium star
        · 13h
        ICIG Michael Atkinson, who modified whistle-blower forms & allowed hearsay CIA leaker, was chief legal counsel for DOJ-NSD over KevinClinesmith & SallyMoyer who falsified @FBI docs to Obtain illegal #FISA warrants Against @realDonaldTrump campaign. @potus fired him
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        Sun_Q_Tzu Medium starMedium starMedium star
        New Q 4147

        [michael atkinson] is in brackets

        He was the 2nd IG for the US intel community.
        Sun_Q_Tzu Medium starMedium starMedium star
        ICIG Michael Atkinson, who modified whistle-blower forms & allowed hearsay CIA leaker, was chief legal counsel for DOJ-NSD over KevinClinesmith & SallyMoyer who falsified
        docs to Obtain illegal #FISA warrants Against
        fired him
        11:14 PM · May 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
        faithfulanon Latin crossMedium starMedium starMedium starLatin crossFlag of United States
        Replying to

        and 2 others
        Why Inspector General Michael Atkinson Roundly Deserved To Be Fired
        Here are the details you need to know to fully understand why President Trump lost confidence in Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

        Comments to these tweets are worth a read

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    1. He’s the guy who was fired for changing the rules to allow whistle-blower hearsay, right? I bet they have him colluding with Schifty to set up the Ukraine Hoax leading to the impeachment.

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        1. You and me, both, GMT. He’s a really bad person and POTUS knows it. Hope something can be done.

          POTUS wouldn’t have any problem seeing Schifty go out in handcuffs, but Barr doesn’t grandstand. OTOH, Barr must have a lot of anger about what these people tried to do…

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            1. In my opinion, that’s why Sundance OT doesn’t trust Barr…I think Sundance thinks the FBI, DOJ cannot be reformed, and should be burned to the ground and rebuilt. I’ve been trying to figure out why Sundance is not giving Barr/Durham a break…

              So the basic question, IMO, is are the FBI and DOJ able to be reformed -as Barr seems to think they are?


              1. I tried to reply to you on the post…but a reply button doesn’t show…so I am doing it through my WordPress account.

                I agree; SD is abusive in his comments. I don’t consider it my community anymore, but I do check out his posts, as I have other blogs / youtube channels for their analysis. I need to red pill my fellow Canadians, who are still anti-Trump as they listen to our MSM which parrots your MSM in the US.

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  3. Maybe the reason the Comfort was pulled out of NYC and was described by PDT as it may be needed “for other locations”. Makes for a nice prison ship to Gitmo in my way of thinking.

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      1. Treat them like Al Quaida. Blindfolded, hand cuffed to deck of any ,military cargo AC – C-130, C-5, C-17…flown to Gitmo 🙂

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    1. The no of sealed indictments isn’t dropping and the military appear to be doing a desperate search. Possibly for club Ks . Neucmissiles in cargo containers. I’ve posted stuff from milspec about this

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  4. I’ve been a supporter of Rod Rosenstein all along. Yesterday, I posted in Flep’s thread, Jeff Carlson views – which are similar to mine – they’re not in agreement with Undercover Huber, CTH, and others. That’s okay. I’ll bring what I posted from Carlson. BTW, Brian Cates (draw and strike) is strongly in RR’s court also.

    POTUS says this now.

    POTUS trashes Comey, Clapper, and other deep state assets but when he mentions Rosenstein, he draws back, suggesting we’re going to learn more about him, soon.

    Jeff Carlson is worth paying attention to. Some folks are seeing this as Rosenstein being bad for what he did, Mollie Hemingway for example, but the big picture should not be missed. By doing the investigation vs shutting it down as we all thought should have happened, it allowed entire sordid behind the scenes dirty work to be exposed. If RR had shut Mueller down, IMO, the Dems would have impeached for POTUS initiating a Cover Up. He was more vulnerable at that time. There was a reason why the President let it go on with the players in place – that day, and today.

    Jeff Carlson
    I’m struggling a bit to see why folks are surprised on RR memo.

    Idea was to pull investigations away from FBI.

    Senior FBI leadership was claiming validity to these investigations making it pretty hard – if not impossible – to simply shut these down.

    Investigate allegations.

    The idea of simply shutting down open FBI investigations in May 2017 – when most of the GOP seemed aligned against Trump – seems ridiculous to me.

    Mueller appointment put everything, including potential impeachment hearings, on hold.

    Often forgotten is that McCabe attempted to re-engage with Steele immediately post-Comey’s firing.

    McCabe also testified on 5/11 there was no obstruction from Trump but just 5 days later, McCabe was attempting to open an obstruction investigation into the president.

    Jeff Carlson
    · 21h
    I’m struggling a bit to see why folks are surprised on RR memo.

    Idea was to pull investigations away from FBI.

    Senior FBI leadership was claiming validity to these investigations making it pretty hard – if not impossible – to simply shut these down.

    Investigate allegations.

    Jeff Carlson
    The idea of simply shutting down open FBI investigations in May 2017 – when most of the GOP seemed aligned against Trump – seems ridiculous to me.

    Mueller appointment put everything, including potential impeachment hearings, on hold.

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    1. I agree on Rosenstein.

      The key is the 1993 BCCI case that was ordered dropped by the Clinton Administration. The people on that prosecution team – Rosenstein, Barr, Comey, Giuliani, and informant one Donald J. Trump – are all prominent players in this theater we’re watching.

      Keep that in mind. Always.

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        1. This article is probably better.

          In July 1991, assets of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) were seized by regulators in seven countries.(1) Regulators in Great Britain had uncovered evidence of widespread massive fraud affecting the bank’s 800,000 depositors around the world.(2) Regulators seized more than $20 billion in assets, making the failure one of the largest for an international bank to date.(3) Although actual losses to depositors and investors are unknown, losses are estimated to be as high as $15 billion, or seventy-five percent of the bank’s assets.(4)

          The BCCI failure is of great concern because of its worldwide impact. Multinational banks such as BCCI transcend national boundaries to link together the economies of various countries. As a result, a multinational bank, and particularly its solvency, affects many countries. International banking has grown significantly over the past few years.(5) Assets in the United States branches of foreign banks quadrupled in the ten years after 1980, reaching $626 billion in 1990.(6) Although BCCI was large, it was not among the largest of multinational banks.(7)The lessons learned from BCCI may prevent future bank failures that may have an even greater financial impact worldwide. The purposes of this Note are to discuss the weaknesses in the supervision of multinational banks that allowed BCCI to operate for nineteen years and to offer suggestions on how to prevent another scandal from occurring.

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            1. Aubergine can help us there. She’s working Feinstein right now, but she already did huge digs on Mary and her family. Search “jacoby” in the site search widget in the sidebar.

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      1. Out of that batch of names, Rosenstein, Barr, Comey, Giuliani, and informant one Donald J. Trump, is Comey the stand out bad guy? Or he is a good guy with RR?

        Simply in disbelief RR is a good guy. Sooo many ruined lives, fortunes wasted…

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      2. Yes, but I have a problem with, say, Dawson’s reasoning that all of these guys, including commie Comey and Muslim-terrorist loving Müller are good guys, just because they worked together on one big case 30+ years ago.

        It’s necessary to regard the totality of the evidence.


          1. Logically, it can’t be that everyone in the play is a good guy pretending to be a bad guy.

            Many really bad things were done, including suppressing America’s immune system, to permit infiltration of Islamic terrorists, during Herr Müller’s tenure as FBI director. These have had crippling, long lasting effects on the country.


    2. I am learning to hold my fire on these things and enjoy the view from both sides. SD has been proven wrong enough times that I feel very comfortable listening to others. No one has been dead on yet. 😁

      I will just say that our President and his allies have moved with the skill of surgeons to slowly eviscerate the deep state actors involved in trying to bring him (and us) down.

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            1. I started with Wiseman, the DNC IT guy, and Shaun Henry. Not thru the Shaun Henry transcript, but my impression is that the crowdstrike narrative will not hold up to scrutiny. Sounds to me like the FBI found some ugly activity within the DNC network during one of its investigations and began asking questions. Something about visits to websites. This led to DNC lawyers hiring crowdstrike to deal with the FBI’s questions, seven months later.
              Aron Mate has some excellent threads. He links to his must read report Crowdstrikeout.

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    3. RR is difficult to pin and more will have to come out about him.

      My guess work on it:

      RR had long been a deep insider – long enough he was trusted within the DOJ apparatus during the Zero admin.

      Somewhere along the lines someone got the goods on him and they were using that for leverage.

      POTUS learned that someone had him blackmailed. POTUS smartly knew he could use this to expose the other criminal actors pulling strings. So he made RR an offer he couldn’t refuse.

      RR could choose to do the right thing, help POTUS and work for justice, ultimately expose and testify against the DS insiders. RR would be protected, and have opportunity for immunity from his prior actions.

      But If RR did not choose to work with POTUS then he would go down with the schemers.

      RR chose to work with POTUS, and became the trusted insider for the sting. But – and this is critical – he would have to play along with the bad actors and allow the plot to unfold.

      RR is difficult to pin – by design.

      Ultimately, RR would be removed but this would happen after the operation had been neutralized.

      I could be wrong on this – until we know more, we just don’t know.

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      1. I’m holding to a positive perspective on him. He got that great sendoff from the Hall of Justice, and other positive moments.

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      2. You’re not wrong. Strangely enough, it’s only your step-by-step that makes perfect sense. All the other narratives have holes in their fabric.

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      3. I think you are in the right track about RR….definitely one of those mysterious actors in this drama. He is one of a handful I’m withholding judgement about and am content to let it play out. For me, the “tell” was his retirement ceremony.

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    4. Some folks are seeing this as Rosenstein being bad for what he did, Mollie Hemingway for example, but the big picture should not be missed. By doing the investigation vs shutting it down as we all thought should have happened, it allowed entire sordid behind the scenes dirty work to be exposed.

      On FOX & Friends, Pres. Trump said he studies history and has learned a lot from Richard Nixon, who said not to fire your enemies. Pres. Trump said keeping them in place enabled them to be found out and got us where we are today.

      Several ways to describe this:
      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
      Never interrupt your enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.
      Keep them in place so they will reveal who they really are, waking up the people.

      At the beginning of the Trump presidency, people like Steve Bannon and others at Breitbart News would rail against Pres. Trump for keeping people like H.R. McMaster on. I knew Pres. Trump wasn’t being duped but that he had a strategy.

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    5. Where is the justice?

      RR appointing Mueller. Mueller apparently not running anything. A dozen hateful corrupt D-Rat’s on Mueller’s team. An endless investigation that meandered for a year or two, destroyed dozens of lives is OK?

      What Mueller and his henchmen did WAS terrorize American citizens. Process crimes. Financially ruined some folks.


      Then pile on 2018 elections, faux impeachment… NOPE. NOT BUYING RR IS A GOOD GUY.

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      1. I don’t know if he is “good” – but POTUS had a reason for him sticking around, and they all knew what their jobs were. I might be still naively perceiving events, but it’s possible a Big Sting took place. DJT mentioned early on his phones were “tapped.” The Cabal/Coup are going to find out they weren’t as smart as they thought they were.

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        1. Agree.

          Rex has a post RR was flipped by Whittaker. That I can believe. RR a good guy from the beginning is a bridge too far for me.

          I have been wrong more than I can count. May be with RR also. The injustices inflicted by Mueller and his goons, while under RR oversight cannot be justified.

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          1. I don’t know anything “for sure” – I’m still holding out hope about Sessions… no matter what POTUS says publicly. Sessions had a short thread this evening, Jeff Carlson (Epoch Times, @themarketswork) is in the same camp. He noted that POTUS says one thing in public, and something else to his Cabinet. We’ll see. BTW, Sessions thread indicates why he had to recuse, and I agreed then and now, and so do several lawyers I know. I also remember distinctly that it was said during his confirmation hearings – therefore the President could have pulled that nomination at that time – he did not learn that after Sessions was confirmed.

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              1. My husband is from Alabama, so his/our view is very biased in favor of Sessions. If you get a chance go read Sessions thread this evening, and be sure to follow Jeff Carlson – he is very good.

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              1. Here is the Sessions thread, I’m still trying to find the one where Carlson notes “Optics” as a comment. The tweets are overwhelming with the information of the past few days. But he definitely made the comment “Optics” and POTUS appears to say things to his Cabinet different than in public. Just will wait and see as things unfold.

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      2. Oh, and I want to mention something else. Mollie Hemingway, who has a good reputation is getting something wrong. She’s pushing that Jan 5th, 2017 was key to the Coup plot, and others might focus there – but I contend that they were watching, plotting, modifying, and conspiring not just 2016/2017 – but long before that. Bet there’s a long trail of breadcrumbs. Obama was spying on DJT for years, and saw him as a threat.

        Wouldn’t be surprise at how far back AG Barr is able to tract the Deep State machinations.

        The Dems intended to win/steal 2016 election no matter who our candidate was – POTUS beat them because he was smarter, and had the resources/strength to get the job done.

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        1. As mentioned elsewhere on this thread, DoJ was hot on the trail of BCCI when BillyJeff said shut it done.

          Also listed earlier on this thread was a list of prominent players of which one was an informant – DJT.

          Upon taking office in 2009, Jugears had access to those records. He knew well in advance that DJT was a ‘good guy’ and also that he had a big hand in taking out the NYC mobs.

          Since Jugears and his posse closely resembled the structure of the NYC mobs and BCCI, he likely thought that DJT had info on him. That makes him an enemy long before the escalator ride.

          No way would Jugears ignore a threat like DJT, especially since there was no way to know how much The Donald knew beyond the cases already known. IOW, Jugears wiretapped him just like DJT said.

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          1. I’d really like President Trump to tell us who and what Obama really is. There had to have been a conspiracy to get that guy into office.

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    6. I’m in his court too. In fact after reading dawsonsfield and columbo I think the whole band is back together. Including mueller, Comey, barr, RR, and Potus. They have been working for years against the swamp with Potus as a CI.

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      1. I reject Comey, but it’s possible about Mueller – at least some arm twisting to be a figurehead – he was feeble at the hearings.

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  5. Does anyone know if Judge Sullivan actually allowed Flynn to withdraw his plea yet? I am trying to find that and I have been unable to confirm it. Technically Sullivan has to do that before charges can be dismissed. Maybe it’s coming today.

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      1. That part I know. I am looking for the actual plea withdrawal authorized by Sullivan. The motion to dismiss cannot happen until the plea is withdrawn. I guess Sullivan doesn’t act quickly.

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        1. I don’t have any use for Sullivan, but don’t believe he wants to be reversed on Appeal, so he’ll grudgingly do the right thing. I don’t like Sullivan – regardless of his work overturning the Stevens conviction.

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            1. He’s not in any hurry. I’m pretty sure he has to agree with what the DOJ requests – but that leaves a big black cloud over his Court – meaning the crooked government lawyers snookered him. That’s not a good look.

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              1. If he rules against Flynn and goes against the DOJ – Sullivan proves he’s Deep State, and is dirtied up.

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  6. The Crowdstrike’s claim that Russia infiltrated the DNC server, took the emails and have them to wikileaks who posted them is the lynchpin in the Russia conspiracy theory. When that keystone is removed the rest starts to fall apart.

    2nd was the Intelligence “community” opinion…and who controlled that narrative? On what did they base their opinion and who all signed off on this opinion/assessment?

    Minus those two “proofs” there is not proof…other than a very small expenditure on social media and some trolls.

    the supposed “collusion” was supposed to be about releasing emails harmful to Clinton to favor President Trump done purposefully by Russia to interfere into our presidential election

    From Samantha Power’s transcript linked above, p. 95-97…

    Swalwell: …do you have an opinion b sed on the intelligence you reviewed and your knowledge of Russia and its President as to whether President Putin had a preference for the two general election candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

    Power: …I believe the Intelligence Community’s assessment that was issued before I left, their analysis ws that he did have a preferred candidate and that the –that there was a motivation — several motivations, but that one of them was to undermine on candidate and to advantage another.

    I will say, the other motivation, because when I last hear from the Intelligence Community, they had not assess — or if I remember from the last intelligence assessment, they said that they…did not believe that Putin necessarily thought that Trump would win, but that their motivation was also to sow division and to undermine faith in our Democratic institutions to taint the incoming — the likely incoming President. So I think there was a range of motivations, as the Intelligence Community briefed.

    Swalwell: How about your opinion, just as an expert of foreign relations, someone who observed the election, someone who reviewed intelligence reports. Do you believe President Putin had a preferred Candidate?

    Power: Yes.

    Swalwell: Who do you think it was?

    Power: Donald Trump

    Swalwell: And why do you think was Donald Trump?

    Power: Because, A: I suppose I am influenced by the IC’s view of that; but also {B:} the selective disclosure of emails were all from what I understand…coming from one political campaign…{DNC/Hillary}…So my sense was that his views of the … two candidates and their desirability was relatively straightforward.

    My takeaway from this exchange is that Power did have or at least did not state/offer/share any opinion as an independent expert regarding Putin/Russia foreign policy, possible Russian interference into the US 2016 presidential election or the possibility of a Putin/Russian preferred candidate, much less who that preferred candidate might be. She offered nothing by way of her own experience and supposed foreign policy expertise.

    She ONLY had knowledge/opinion on these Russia/Putin/Election/Trump preferred candidate questions/issues based on:

    a) what the IC told her

    She did not question their analysis. If they are crooked/political motivated and their IC product is tainted her opinions and actions that flowed from those opinions/information/perspective are Controlled by tainted/corrupted/FAKE/treasonous information…IC is controlling the strings of many admin high officials by providing the “facts” from which all else flows/happens/occurs.

    b) the emails posted by Wikileaks

    She 100% equated emails posted on Wikileaks with Putin/Russia IC as though he/Russia IC was absolutely responsible for those emails 1) being stolen from the DNC in the first place, 2) for giving them to Wikileaks and 3) for choosing which emails were posted on wikileaks.

    How does she know that the emails leaked were stolen by Russia, given to Wikileaks by Russia and that Wikileaks leaked/posted emails based on Russia’s directions? Why is the Russia/leaked DNC (& Podesta email?) connection a fact to her and in her mind?

    She offered Nothing, NO informed/expert opinion on Russia/Trump outside of merely repeating what the IC reported to her and pointing to the damaging to Hillary and the Dems emails stolen from the DNC and leaked for the world to see. She makes a leap from the fact that the emails were leaked and damaging to the Russians/Putin doing the email stealing and leaking….how?

    Without that assumed connection and without the IC telling her Russia/Putin preferred a President Trump to a President Hillary she has no reason, no proof, no opinion that such a preference existed.

    Fake News by our IC willingly parroted by the Fake News networks is the Enemy of our Nation and our Freedom. Who is controlling the thoughts of our nation’s decision makers? And the rest of the nation? Who is controlling the information and is that information trustworthy? Enemy of our Nation…

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    1. One pattern I see referenced is that the Russian interference was not necessarily in favor of a candidate but was to, and I quote Powers from above: “…sow division and to undermine faith in our Democratic institutions to taint the incoming — the likely incoming President.”

      She is referring to emails damaging Hillary and to undermine her after she was POTUS. Powers seems to be taking the idea that Russia was sowing division and undermining the incoming POTUS and adding her own opinion that it must have been specifically against Hillary only because Powers thinks that she “knows” for a “fact” that emails were stolen and leaked by Russia.

      However, we see that same general claim/analysis repeated frequently…that the point of the Russian “interference”/activity during our 2016 election was to sow division and strife.

      I would tend to agree with this – Russia was trying to undermine and interfere with our election processes, our peaceful transfer of power and the next administration…and in that the Democrats helped them succeed Beautifully and Magnificently!

      Their small expenditure on social media has paid HUGE dividends in weakening the Trump Administration (tying up officials in the “investigations” and hamstringing Trump Admin foreign policy to a degree), increasing division within the US among citizens and has vastly eroded faith in our current administration and gov institutions. Many on the left are still convinced that President Trump is a Russian puppet of some sort.

      But Russia didn’t do this on their own. Democrats, media and criminal IC, DOJ, State Department, etc., employees Magnified what Russia did and used it for their own nefarious purposes.

      We see one example of their success in Powers’ testimony – Trump/Russia is true because the IC told her so and because the stolen & leaked emails that hurt the DNC/Hillary were done by Russia.

      Her “truth” is based on lies and Fake News from our own IC, amplified our own Fake News media and then acted upon and parroted by the DNC/Uniparty.

      I don’t blame Russia for some trolls and Facebook ads which went against/for both candidates. The US has interfered much more, behind the scenes and publicly, in many foreign elections around the world. Nations do this.

      However, I do 100% blame our own citizens for what they have done, using the piddly Russian interference for their own traitorous schemes. They are traitors to their own, Our own country! They have torn our own country apart and damaged her. Its well beyond what they did to a duly elected POTUS and all of the wasted opportunity of the last 4 yrs, Well Beyond! They have damaged our American soul.

      I pray they see justice and that America heals.

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      1. I think, when it all shakes out…and we will probably never know all the details…that enemies within our government were more enmeshed with foreign actors (meaning fellow Communists) than we would like to admit.

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      2. See, they got you, you bought their premise. Russia did NOT interfere in ANY meaningful way in the 2016 election. That was the BIG LIE told by the Cabal, and perpetuated by Crowdstrike. It is why Seth Rich was murdered, and Jullian Assange jailed, to keep the LIE alive.

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        1. ???? What????

          They didn’t get me and no, I never bought into their premise.

          I am pointing out the faults in their own testimony. I Know Russia didn’t interfere. Their small social media buy had no meaningful impact on the election…except to be used by the Dems. That was the way the little they did do had impact

          I am pointing out the flawed, circular logic within their own actors and testimony. Disproving their own claims with their own testimony.

          Liked by 4 people

    2. sorry for typos in my above post. most don’t change the meaning but…

      “My takeaway from this exchange is that Power did {NOT} have or at least did not state/offer/share …”

      She was asked her opinion based on her foreign policy and UN experience, trying to get her opinion as an expert witness, and she had none other than the email leaks hurt Hillary and the IC’s reports.

      Her lack of expert opinion makes her look vapid and insipid – she was supposed to be an expert but she had nothing to offer other than what she had been told by IC.

      IC, let’s remember, was headed and controlled by a very small group…puppeteers

      Liked by 5 people

    3. Either Wiseman or Henry testified that determining the Russian hackers motivation was outside the scope of crowdstrikes contract…

      Liked by 3 people

  7. I hope we All make time to read one, two or more of the transcripts. They are not (for the most part) in legal speak. Takes all of us to read them as few of us will have time to read them all.

    More importantly, each of us will catch different things, bring our own unique analysis and insights.

    Reading much of Powers testimony, the Russian Collusion Delusion’s dependency on the IC report and the “fact” that Russia hacked/stole/leaked the DNC emails to damage Hillary jumped out at me (and Powers’s own intellectual weakness/lack of independent thought and analysis) is what jumped out at me. Nothing new or startling but what jumped out at me.

    Fake News will say that Powers testified that Russia undermined our elections and interfered in favor of President Trump…but that is not what she actually says.

    We have to know for ourselves and we have to confirm what “they” are saying in the media for ourselves and to counter the Uniparty narrative on social media.

    I hope all us are able to read through at least a few of the transcripts and share thoughts, analysis and just what struck you when you were reading it v. just linking to articles about other’s thoughts and analysis on the transcripts.

    I might read more this afternoon or this evening, depending on how the day goes. I am sure fake news will already have picked talking points and spin…smh

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  8. As a reminder, here is my latest. As Wolf will tell you, I have fingered Obama on this for OVER a year. NOW it is going to come out. I will post a few other as well links if people want to use them as a refresher. there is SO much info, and so much DIS INFO that this may be instructive.

    Way back in late Nov and Dec 2018 AMAZING how right I was.

    Jan 2018

    April 2019

    May 2019

    June 2019

    Aug 2019

    (Revealing Obama as the dossier purchaser)

    Sep 2019

    Oct 2019

    There are many more, but if you start on Dec 2018 through to Oct 2019, you will see the VAST conspiracy group, NOT a “small group”, but a WIDE, VAST, DEEP Conspiracy.

    To Wolfe, I do not know if all these links will make it, but they are all relevant in what is about to hit. IF it is against the rules to post so many at one time, I apologize, and will break them up. ALL these combined, I think, paint a coherent picture to everyone, of what has happened, and evolved over the last few years.

    I hope I do not offend anyone, this is not meant as self promotion, it is SOLEY meant as info and profs of what I have seen that will shortly be revealed to the world. My opinions have evolved slightly, but as you can see, there is one main theme. OBAMA is the leader, he knew it ALL.

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  9. As a reminder, here is my latest. As Wolf will tell you, I have fingered Obama on this for OVER a year. NOW it is going to come out. I will post a few other as well links if people want to use them as a refresher. there is SO much info, and so much DIS INFO that this may be instructive.

    I posted other links, but I think there were too many, it went to the bin.

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  10. Dear Mr. Grinnell, What time will you be opening the Satchel??? 💼💼💼
    Asking for a Treehouse 🌳 🏠 ☺️😊

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  11. Liked by 7 people

    1. Thanks MAGA Mom…

      Ace has a few comments on her today you might find interesting…

      May 08, 2020
      Publicly, Former Obama Defense Official and Current Congressional Candidate Evelyn Farkas Claimed She Had Direct Evidence of Collusion;
      Under Oath, She Admitted She Had No Evidence, But Just “Felt” Like There Was Collusion

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      1. Have seen a few comments about Atkinson missing… perhaps because under investigation?

        Remember Q has him in [ ] …

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    1. OK – WAIT A SECOND!!!


      8 May 2020 – 4:09:02 PM



      Who’s the shadow president?

      Maybe it’s not Obama. Maybe it was Hillary.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Hillary instead of Obama – Interesting!!

        However, it was Obama that traveled the globe behind/parallel to President Trump … on the behalf of Hillary?

        Or they each had their role? The DNC/Dems/Uniparty had a parallel operation and it was not a single person heading it up but the deep state heading it up?

        Liked by 4 people

        1. In the end, I think of it as two factions – the Obama faction and the Hillary faction. The Hillary faction actually controls the DNC now.

          Obama was a figurehead – a puppet – and was already handing over control to Cankles. I think she’s Dr. Evil!!!

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  13. From Vindman deposition, PG 101
    Seems there WAS an active DOJ investigation….while they were screaming about QuidProQuo. Am I reading that right?

    LT. COL. VINDMAN: I think it’s the — what I had, I guess,
    difficulty with is the fact that he was calling fon an investigation,
    not the continuation of an investigation, but stanting a new
    investigation because thene was not an active one.
    MR. MCCAUL: WeI1, thene’s an active DOJ investigation. And do
    you know with nespect to Bunisma with nespect
    LT. COL. VINDMAN: Congnessman, I apologize. I just wanted to
    finish that thought. I apologize.
    MR. MCCAUL: Okay.
    LT. COL. VINDMAN: And the fact that this was an investigation
    into a U.S. citizen by a foneign powen, as I said in my statement.
    MR. MCCAUL: Right. But with nespect to Bunisma, you said it was
    not being actively punsued. Do you know if it had been actually closed?
    LT. COL. VINDMAN: To the best of my necollection there was no
    active investigation, and my undenstanding is that it was closed.
    MR. MCCAUL: But you’ne not centain if it had been dismissed?
    LT. COL. VINDMAN: Dismissed is maybe a diffenent, you know, I
    guess a diffenent chanactenization. There was no active investigation
    that I was awane of.

    Liked by 3 people

        1. I’d really like to know which one, because it’s BAD. Even that cheap (OK – “economical”) Russian ABBYY shit that everybody uses isn’t this bad. This stuff seems INTENTIONALLY BAD.

          Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m having trouble making sense of that without context. Are they talking about Hunter Biden being investigated in Ukraine re: Burisma? It looks as if McCaul is saying there’s an investigation now while Vindman is saying there wasn’t one before?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s how I read it, that there was already an investigation in progress that Vindman was not aware of. I don’t know how to post nuggets from these transcripts other than copying them and giving a page number for reference. The context definitely helps, plus the mis-spellings aren’t in the actual doc.

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      1. Liked by 3 people

  14. Does anyone know if there is a place where people are combing through the trancripts and reporting on them? Maybe 8kun? I haven’t been over there; there’s usually a lot to wade through.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Go to Twitter and follow the right people. You have to go to their timelines – I noticed yesterday that none of the usual transcript-churners were in my feed. NOT A COINCIDENCE. Twitter-CIA is suppressing the information.

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  15. As they are pushing the narrative about Russia, it’s odd that they abruptly end his interview when the subject of Ukraine comes up….For most of this interview, it sounds to me like he is being led to the answer they want. Also he doesn’t sound very bright🤷

    June 27, 2017 Podesta interview. Pages 55-56.

    O And ljust have one last question. As you had discussed, and has
    been discussed in the lC assessment, the breadth, the intensity, the scope of this
    Russian influence campaign in its entirety was unprecedented.
    So I am going to ask one question, and would like to know whether your
    answer relates to what you thought at the time or in hindsight. Either is useful,
    because it would be natural not to notice it. I think now, as you notice, the French
    are more cognizant, everybody now, the awareness of everyone now is much
    more intense. But there were many active measures, as you noted, beyond
    hacking. There was the media. And even that takes several forms.
    There are also the Russians, as you know, will try to put people in contact,
    obtain access to campaigns, et cetera. Either at the time or now, can you think of
    any other event that might have seemed strange at the time but you didn’t know,
    or maybe makes more sense now that might have fit into that category?
    A The only — I have already mentioned the only thing that really sticks
    out in my mind, which was changing the Republican platform with respect to
    O So even at the time that was — that really sticks?
    A Well, again, you know, this is public, we criticized the candidate Trump
    for his denigration of NATO, for his association with foreign policy that was
    more — seemed more in line with what President Putin was pursuing than the
    bipartisan consensus that occurred in the U.S. But that particular change of the
    platform language seemed to come out of nowhere. We made note of it in the
    things that — in the communications that we were putting out from the campaign.
    O And when you said you made note of it, after that time, was there

    other Russia-friendly rhetoric or events or anything coming out of the Trump
    campaign that struck you as a pattern, or was that a one off in your —
    A No, I think that was continuous. And lasted into the administration
    I will end it there.
    Thank you very much
    [Whereupon, at 4:25 p.m., the interview was concluded]

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    1. What you have found here is actually extremely important, Volgarian. The Soviet Democrats are not leading to an ANSWER they want. They are leading to a QUESTION they want. They want us to QUESTION Flynn’s “EVERYTHING” – motives, intelligence, wisdom, choices, stupid eagerness for rapprochement with Russia, Russia, Russia, etc., and the endpoint they want to leave us at is “why the change in policy on Ukraine?”

      They are LEADING US to – and trying to CREATE – a state of open-ended questioning about ANY change in policy toward Ukraine and Russia – and that this would be due to Flynn’s corruption, stupidity, and/or naivete, as well as Trump’s corruption, stupidity, and/or naivete.

      In reality, part of this has to be to FREEZE the Trump administration – as a means to protect their DIRTY MONEY PUMPS.

      What they are doing is setting up Flynn and Trump on Russia, using the alleged issue of “changed policy toward Russia and Ukraine” as their evidence. But what is interesting is that they don’t want to get into details – they just want to create DOUBT. So they stop RIGHT where they want.


      What Schiff and Podesta want to do is lead to their desired conclusion that Flynn was a Russian agent, or acting in Russia’s interest, or on Russia’s behalf, in sold out America’s interests in our policy toward Ukraine, which is not Russia, Russia, Russia.

      And one more thing. They don’t want to push to far, because the TRUTH would exonerate Flynn. They are pushing to a state of maximum doubt.

      Podesta is playing dumb. He ain’t dumb. I believe he came up with all this stuff.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. The idea Putin preferred Trump over Hilary? Please. Of course.

        Putin is aware that the cabal is making its big move – capture the US, capture the world.

        You can be sure there’s be nuclear used on the USA, to decapitate power and depopulate. Where do those nukes come from? Well who has more nukes than the former Soviet Union? That’s where.
        So sorry Moscow but back to the stone age for you. You’ve only yourself to blame. Putin knows that.

        Cabal wouldn’t want to nuke China. China has a history of keeping to itself. The ruling class in China would be OK in their role as manufacturer to the Cabal. The workers? – enslaved as always.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “China has a history of keeping to itself.”

          I disagree.

          China has a history of meddling in and conquering its neighbors, and, in a pre-industrial world, of being far from the people writing European and American history books.

          Also, of being caught flat-footed when the European ships with cannon arrived off its coasts, and of not recovering from the technology gap until our lifetime.

          In a post-industrial world, China is neighbors with everybody, and meddles in everybody’s business, and is planning to conquer everything.


      2. I just thought it was odd that they ended so abruptly when that subject came up…and that was way before all the stuff blew up about the phone call. They knew what they were planning to do.

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        1. YES! Exactly. The SOVIET Dems are working BOTH SIDES of the ex-Soviet corruption.

          And here is the kicker that indicts PODESTA as the mastermind, IMO.

          NOBODY understands the dirty side of Russian and Ukrainian politics like Podesta, who was Manafort’s BOSS and set him up. Podesta has some pro-Russian business group IN UKRAINE which has remained outside of all the scandals, and yet he and Cankles supported the OTHER SIDE (anti-Russian) in that coup, which manipulated tiki-torch neo-nazis on parade, just like that psy-op in Charlottesville.

          Podesta is way ahead of people here. And Cankles is right with him.

          Liked by 2 people

  16. This article reveals two of the transcripts that exonerate Pres. Trump.

    First is Felix Sater, a business partner of Donald Trump. “Throughout the lengthy deposition, Sater was repeatedly asked if President Trump had ever conspired, colluded or coordinated with any Russian political leaders or mobsters. He always said ‘no.’”

    Second is the unnamed FBI agent, who did his job correctly. There are more details in the article about what this agent witnessed that was not right within the investigation of Steele. But this agent says:

    Question: Do you have any information about any of those four individuals (i.e. Russian mobsters) during the course of your investigation that would show Donald Trump undertaking any illegal activities with those individuals or other Russians?

    Answer: No.

    Question: Do you have any information during the course of your investigations that any of the other Russian individuals named during the course of these proceedings had – would show that Donald Trump had any illegal activities with them or the Russian Government?

    Answer: No. (see page 89)

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    1. Schiffty has imnmunity for things he says while Cogress is in session; e.g., when he made up a transcript of what Pres. Trump supposedly said and read it on the floor of Congress. I don’t know if that extends to other areas. I can’t imagine his having immunity if it were shown that he committed crimes.

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  17. W – and all. I found this over on Zero Hedge (yea, I know, pretty suspect) but it does make for interesting reading, if only parts of it are true. Also, if you decide to read the long slog article, I’d pay no attention (or, maybe pay rapt attention) to the part where FDR’s motives are mentioned along with Winston Churchill’s.

    Somethings seems off, but the part about Prescott BUSH is very interesting. FG&C, whadda ya think?

    “Ehret: For Victory Day, It’s Time To Think About Finally Winning WWII”


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually, this is ABSOLUTELY believable and a piece I’ve been missing, I think, in the 20th century timeline.

      This is part of the Military Industrial Complex history that sprang from the War Industries Board during WWI. Prescott Bush was on it, as was Robert Brookings, Bernard Baruch and more.

      Interesting that it would come up now.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. What can I say?

      We are living in a time when conspiracy theories are being proven true.

      Why should this one be any different?

      I absolutely believe the Bush family is not who we thought they were.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. Bushies, going back to Prescott, perhaps further, are all Skull and Bones. Their allegiance does not in any way, shape, or form lie with the USA, unless those of the USA somehow align with that of the globalists. Kerry is also one of that group, as well as many other rich and/or powerful people.

      Their deal with the Devil was done in “the tomb” at Yale…

      Liked by 4 people

  18. Bwahahahah

    Dozens feared dead after Iranian Navy ship ‘accidentally hits one of its own vessels with…
    AN IRANIAN Navy ship is said to have killed dozens of soldiers onboard one of its own vessels after it…
    about an hour ago ‧ 2 Shares

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