Plandemic – The Movie

This is just really good in so many ways – well worth your time.

Part 1 – interview of vaccine whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovitz.

If you want to “see it on the big screen, but not fullscreen, go here:



Bigger (we hope):

Twitter is apparently deleting this all over the place, wherever it finds it.

Fauci does not look good here. He looks like “medical Mafia”.

He makes me wonder – did the Mafia, or their kids, actually get into medicine, and make it what it is today?

The left, meanwhile, is busy trying to make Fauci look good – here, using a MIND-CONTROL earworm tune:


Please don’t listen to this anti-Trump, pro-Fauci song by (COUGH) “The Founders Sing” – some purple-blue choir from hell – unless you are IMMUNE to left-leaning musical types, as is Deplorable Patriot! The catchy anti-Trump message is meant to STAY IN YOUR EARS.

But there you have it – the beginning of what appears to be a great movie.


John Fink, James Coburn, and Jennifer O’Neill having a meal in a scene from the film ‘The Carey Treatment’, 1972. (Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images)

136 thoughts on “Plandemic – The Movie

  1. I’ve watched it and it is well worth the time. Mikovits knows her stuff and is very direct in her responses. She outlived their lawless control of her. Fauxi comes off looking like Fauxi – a POS.

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      1. Well, not too shocking considering the hatred of truth and actual factual evidence that these evil bastards resent and will do anything to prevent.

        Wolfie, glad to see you post this. I had already seen it, but glad to see it here. The other side will wipe it out. (with a cloth…lol).

        This doctor…and people like you, me and others…are enemies of the real enemy of our Republic and many freedom loving people all over the world.

        This great conflagration and war is still only in it’s infant stage compared to what is still coming.

        Buyer beware.

        There will never again be peace of normal times that people were used to.

        We’ve only just begun.

        China and other demonic nation states are already working on 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…6.0!

        They’ve got the pattern started and it is not gonna end until God Most High determines the time of the Final Apocalypse.

        So daily battle gear is in order. Physical, but also higher up, Ephesians 6. We cannot succeed against the demonically driven powers of the flesh without the holy-driven Power of our God.

        My advice to fellow Christian brothers and sisters, all conservatives, even those who may not be spiritual but yet still uphold and support conservative values, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence…

        Hold on to that bar that locks you into the seat of the wildest roller coaster ride you’ve ever been on.

        Game set.
        Red light flashing.
        Clock ticking…

        The greatest Chess Game is coming into it’s middle and End Game.

        Shalom, bro.

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      2. What’s astounding about Dr. Judy is that she’s still alive. Really, she was in position to take the whole scheme all the way apart and, yes, they ruined her professionally and economically and TRIED to break her, but she’s still alive, unlike many others who were in the same position over the years.

        There has to be a reason for that, and a reason that this specific woman is able to tell the whole truth about what happened to her as well as the history of vaccines and how this disease explosion we’ve had in the last 70 years is related. My guess – and this is just a guess – is that she was too well known in the field to eliminate. It would be too obvious. So, they tried to neutralize her as best they could.

        What’s stunning about her and her story coming out is the TIMING. This has got to be part of the overall plan. If one of the targets of this whole shutdown fiasco is Tony Fauci, and she has direct, material evidence of criminal wrongdoing against HER by him, she’s being given the opportunity for my favorite motivator of the characters in this play – revenge.

        Rather stunning.

        And that video is in and of itself a BOOM even if I’ve heard that story multiple times now.

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        1. She’s alive because God Almighty determined her voice to be heard.

          There is more than one kind of martyr…those killed, and those being persecuted while still alive.

          She is the latter, tho we still need to pray for God to protect her. 🙏🙏🙏

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          1. Agreed.

            I’ve read her first book, “Plague” and in it you learn of her integrity, anchored in faith, that creates conflict which teaches her how to be politically savvy and yet know when to draw the line. She’s a salt-of-the-earth type with a brilliant mind. And her instincts have kept her out of many a trap through the years.

            May the Lord bless her, keep her, and guard her heart from all that would distract her. Especially now when she is finally getting some love and attention.

            Many that are strong under fire will weaken in the light of men’s praise.

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  2. Its absolutely worth the time. On the flu shot in italy, having an untested vaccine with a new inclusion…way to kill off your population. And…dog and fetal tissue used to make vaccines? From where?

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      1. They play slong for research grants an preferred university status. Ego, power, and money…just not flashy Hollywood style. No wonder fauxi wanted brad pitt to play him in a movie.

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      1. Such clear strength, especially in the environment we’re living in. Pray she has thought out how to stay protected. And she’s got so many interviews, you see her everywhere! So, is she able to get this info out because she’s no longer under a gag order? I thought I heard that but not sure.

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    1. Back, back in the days of our first getting internet, I read much about fetal tissue being used in food products, and vaccines. I can’t remember the source, but vaguely think it was AJ’s site. Not sure.

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        1. Yes evil, I forgot about that. If only people knew. Truth in labeling is hidden behind gobbledegook made up words. Wish they just used latin for ingredients in each individual additive. Plus in the testing.

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  3. Necessary double post. Ventura County, CA.
    Covid cattle cars coming soon.

    Roxanne Beckford Hoge (@RoxanneForAD46) Tweeted:
    This would be a great thing for journalists to ask @GavinNewsom about at today’s presser — @MattShupePR

    You test positive for covid and the state of CA can’t trust that your family knows how to clean your one bathroom so they *remove* you from your home??

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  4. Watched it twice and the 2nd link- Bigger (we hope): was flawless as far as re-buffering ( freezing up ). What’s next?
    Conspiracy Theory. Of Course! BS! well worth the watch. And skip “The Founders Sing”vid as instructed by the wise Wolf and watch this instead

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  5. This is a great video!

    I wonder if there is going to be a ‘movie’ too?
    Or is this video the movie.

    About halfway through, though…it started buffering.

    I haven’t had a problem with buffering like that, in years.
    Which makes me wonder…can someone make a video do that?
    To make it hard for people to watch it?

    The way that Dr. Mikovitz was persecuted and framed, is outrageous, to say the least!
    It’s also very familiar.
    It’s what [They] did to PTrump, Gen Flynn and other Trump supporters.

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    1. Yes – the other side is messing with this movie “trailer-chapter” BIG-TIME. Resistance to Gates Vaccines would be a huge blow to the plannedemic – and this movie feeds vaccine skepticism. They want DUMB SHEEP, not SMART SHOPPERS.

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      1. Ah…so the buffering is sabotage.
        Well I wondered, since I haven’t had a problem with buffering in many, many years.

        Hey, Molly has a couple of comments that landed in Spam.
        DePat may not be around right now…or she may not know how to get them out…so can you take a look?

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        1. Got ’em!

          Yeah, things like this are always a mix of “maybe they’re throttling”, “maybe they don’t care”, “maybe they’re ignoring”, and “maybe it’s just random nothing”. I usually assume Aubergine’s razor, and keep side-eye memories until a pattern is visible that convicts or exonerates.

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          1. With everything that is going on…I think it’s healthy to use some side-eye.

            What’s the old saying?
            “We may be paranoid…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t after us.”

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              1. Yes…yes they are.

                And [They] will keep using their enemedia nozzles to gaslight us…and portray us as “crazy conspiracy nuts”…when we start asking the right questions.

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              2. Today’s enemedia is simple a bastard child of media corrupted a long time ago. Dead Armenians would rise up out of the grave to witness against them.

                Decent programmers in the UK a very long time ago would too.

                POTUS WW would have never gotten away with his progressive antics without a compliant media.

                Difference today?

                They are outright brazen, bold and daring and spitting in our faces far more than back then.

                But some of us are rising up and are going to spitting hellfire right back at ’em…and we will sacrifice everything to get that mission done.

                And yes, asking the right questions can put you in the media and academia’s gas chambers. Been there and done that a long time ago in elitest, snobby, puffed up UK universities.

                I keep referring to Rudyard Kipling’s poem, THE GODS OF THE COPYBOOK HEADINGS!

                Oh how prophetic of our day was that piece of wisdom written at the end of WW1!

                Oh boy, payday is coming! 🙂

                And I can’t wait! 🤗

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              3. I will put the Akismet link on a few liberated comments in a reply, as I let them out. Just do a submission on each one, and the other authors will soon have you not going into spam.

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              4. I don’t know what you mean by doing a submission on each one.

                For days here, all my comments easily posted. Then today, nadda. It’s an off and on thing, no consistency.

                I always look for consistency in any give problematic area. In this thing, there is none. Some days, all my comments get right through. Then the next day, nope. So whatever it is about Akismet, it is not consistent from day to day.

                I strain to take time here to post, but I don’t have the time to fight with Akismet with its inconsistency.

                I may just have to let it go.

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              5. Got it…tho still frustrating.

                I’ve gone days posting here…good to go, then not.

                But I understand the difference of what you’re saying now.

                I just don’t have the time to fight with Akismet.

                So when I have the little time to post here, I will, and leave it to others to get me outta ‘da bin as Bren would say.

                I posted a challenging poem here a little while ago, so it may still be in the bin. It’s not a read for cotton candy i’net readers, but I figured there’s smart enough people here that can interpret it. It’s called Epicurean Grapes. Kinda comes out of Oxford days…only God knows how much I hate academia…well actually so does Harvard 3-degree Thomas Lifson…we’ve discussed this…ugh!!!

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            1. The buffering is most likely due to the incredible demand being placed on their server(s). This “trailer” was posted all over social media and re-sent like a wildfire with a 40 MPH wind. Joe Pags even asked his listeners to stop sending him emails and messages about “you gotta see this movie”. He said his inbox was clogging up and his notifications were overwhelming his ability to respond to them.

              Dr. Fauxi is dead man walking so it does not benefit the Cabal/Mob to try to take offensive attacks to defend him. It would be an unwise use of their resources.

              Side note: internet has been funky for the last few days so it could just be the ether-verse in general. But it is most likely just heavy traffic (like rush hour on the freeway).

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              1. Thanks, Pgroup.
                And…now it looks like those two videos above have been taken down on Vimeo.

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      1. Honest science was against their plan. What I find shocking is how widespread this was at that time. What happened to her is not an isolated incident. The frigging MOB and CIA were taking science over right then. I had no clue. None of us did.

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          1. Special Ops, too. Including MK jobs for fun and side-monetization profits.

            My, my – the whole thing about USING the mob to stay in power sounds awfully close to what we see in MuuuuhRussia and Chyyynnaah!

            MOBBY DEAREST!

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  6. Oh my.. I haven’t been on line much today because of round 5 of chemo, so I came here now to ask what you all thought about this, although I did see this post but went to sleep instead of reading when I first saw it.

    My DIL’s sister sent it to me asking if it is legit.

    Wow, am surprised it is still on the tub. Glad it is. Hope your thread can be accessed forever Wolfie.

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    1. Thanks, Jane!
      This is a good copy of the video…at least for me, it is…there is no buffering going on!

      Hope your chemo went well, hon.

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      1. YW Wheatietoo. An the round again knocked me off my feet today which is day 3. It will prolly take me a good week to get back up. The rounds are getting progressively tougher, but my P&V will regenerate. 🙂

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            1. Hopefully through Purgatory to Salvation.

              Thank you for letting us know here…..because it limits our worries to what is real — and we’re getting a nasty lesson that worries can be infinite.

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          1. TY. It’s getting a bit tougher at this point. One more round to go… that is my kill shot. Six is the max they normally do unless it’s something like colon cancer so Ive been told.

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              1. Pat, you’re so sweet.
                BM (before masks) going to chemo wasn’t really depressing, but now, morgue-like. No one is allowed to stay with the patients. DH is funny though. He sits in the van and often walks around to the back of the building where all of us are sitting getting “dripped” whips out his phone, and we talk through the window. Kinda like a jail visit. Lolol. I’ll keep him after all these decades.

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    2. This is such a great film. I was just watching it again. The idea that they can have these scientists can have massive conflicts of interest in vaccine development – and then the vaccine maker is indemnified – and then we are forced into taking the vaccines – it’s just criminal.

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  7. Wow! Great video. Thanks for posting before it disappears forever. I wish everyone I know could see this. Half of the people I talk to about this think I’m some kind of a nut…and they are scared out of their minds because of what they are watching on their televisions and computers.

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      1. I can’t even imagine what must be going on behind the scenes…I mean, President Trump has to have access to this information just like we do. Has this become too much of a political powder keg with so much of the “establishment” lined up behind it…or is there a method to the madness of letting this continue on like this? I have to admit that I am baffled at how all of this has been handled from every corner of society.

        I had an appointment at a university hospital today and the place was virtually empty…just a lot of hospital staff milling about with masks on with seemingly not much to do (of course this was from my limited perspective from the lobby). They wouldn’t even let me into the department I had an appointment in and instead had me sit in the main lobby while the doctors called me on my cell phone and conducted my appointment that way. It was all very bizarre.

        My follow up appointment in two weeks will now also be conducted from home by video.

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        1. Harry,

          I ended up having a mildew problem in my house due to heavy rains after our exchange a while back. Sinuses got all clogged up. I got a phone appt with a head/neck surgeon that was very insightful. She ordered IgE (allergy) test panel and I came up high antibodies for aspergillus fum. which led me to look for mildew/mold in the house.

          A friend lent me her commercial level ozone machine which I put into the problem room to run overnight. I had to tape plastic sheeting over the heater vent and the door to the room to keep the ozone just in that one room. I did use a drywall saw to open the wall where the mildew air was coming into the room. In just two nights of running it cleaned up all of the mold issues.

          The machine is out of stock at home depot . com but here’s the link:


  8. For me, one of the most chilling moments was when I discovered that hydroxychloroquine was over-the-counter in France for 50 years……until January 13, 2020, when the French authorities declared it “poisonous”.

    Previously, back when the WHO was worth more than a bucket of warm spit, it had been declared an “Essential Medicine” and recommended to be stockpiled everywhere. Since the French elite could run off to Tahiti or Algiers at the drop of a hat, it was on the shelf of French drugstores next to aspirin. Literally millions of tablets had been handed out in Africa over the last 20 years for malaria…’s a good thing that Africans aren’t going to show up in French courts to find compensation for being “poisoned”.

    It isn’t just a corrupt CDC, FDA, and NIH — it’s an international conspiracy to hype the virus and hide therapies.

    Had a discussion yesterday with my (assigned as of 1/1/2020) PCP. Told her I was thinking of going someplace swampy and wanted 20 HCQ tabs for malaria prophylaxis, just like I did before when I was SCUBA diving. (I know a guy at Sac State with a research facility in Costa Rica). She said, “we don’t prescribe that here” and that I should visit a travel doctor. She also said that it was an old, obsolete drug. Further, she said that it should be reserved for hospitalized patients. She seemed genuinely surprised when I told her my local pharmacy had plenty — 600 tablets in stock.

    “Reserved for hospitalized patients” for a thoroughly tested medication handed out for prophylaxis certainly sounds like, “herd everyone into hospitals and death panels” to me.

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    1. “it’s an international conspiracy to hype the virus and hide therapies.”

      It certainly seems that way…and it is becoming more clear as the days go by. As someone OT used to say “There are trillions of dollars at stake.” What is becoming more and more apparent is that those “trillions of dollars” have wormed their way into just about every aspect of society. The global grifters had their dirty little fingers intertwined in every part of our lives.

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    2. “It isn’t just a corrupt CDC, FDA, and NIH — it’s an international conspiracy to hype the virus and hide therapies.”

      Yep. And this little demonstration that’s being played out…I’m dying to see how the planners and Q team deal with any contingencies that come up.

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    3. Oh that is so frustrating. The time to administer it to COVID patients is NOT when they are hospitalized, it is right after they come down with the WuFlu. Early is when the treatment with it is most effective.

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  9. Uh oh!

    Wolf…it looks like those two Videos above have been taken down at Vimeo!

    They’re both saying — “Sorry. This video does not exist.”

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    1. Well that didn’t take long now did it? I was gonna say unfreakingbelivable but it isn’t. This really makes me furious…how they have almost complete control over information.

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      1. And the more “they” do it, the more obvious the censoring gets to a wider circle of people.

        These people are stupid. They are playing right into the Q team’s hands, and they have no clue that they are.

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        1. Maybe use some video capture software?

          Windows 10 has a screen recording utility called the Xbox Game Bar? With it, you can record a video of your actions in just about any Windows app on your laptop, whether you want to capture gameplay or create a tutorial for someone on using Microsoft Office.Apr 30, 2019

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  10. I’ll see if I can find it on the Russian pirate sites. If I do, I’ll download it. Then it will be up to Wolfie to figure out where to host it.

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    OANN just ran a video segment.


    Emerging reports suggests further links between China and Anti-Trump groups in America.
    Intelligence Agencies continuing probe into COVID19 and there’s Mounting evidence of a Globalist Conspiracy to establish sweeping population control.
    Experts say whoever controls cure may control future of humanity.
    Media, Dems DS continue to dismiss HCQ while pushing for failed Ebola drug remdecivir.
    Had a clip of Mikovitz – plague of corruption
    Remdecivir patent is controlled by Mainland China, Gates, and WHO, while Clintons may have stake in it as well
    The anti? coverup is by Soros. Such allegations have been dismissed by China as a conspiracy theory saying Giliad owns patent for remdecivir. But Gilead is saying if it uses it’s own drug it would get into legal trouble with China. Giliad has applied for 8 patents, only 3 have been approved, 5 still under review. China reportedly holds parts of the remdecivir patents through UNITAID whose main donor is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Seperately Clinton Foundation worked w/UNITAID on $100million HIV-AIDS project in past. UNITAID has offices near Biolab in Wuhan which top Republicans suspect was funded by Fauci and NIH. Rudy G clip discusses Fauci money. THe conspiracy gained further evidence when Democrats openly sided with the CHina Communist Party to denounce HCQ as a likely cure. HCQ developed in Germany, mostly made by Bayer who gave US millions of pills. Some say Dems attack drug only because President Trump spoke in support of it, but others point to foreign trade aspect that Dems want to get cure from China, not Germany or EU. US and 5eyes point out that COVID broke out shortly after POTUS forced China into Phase 1 trade deal to reduce Chinese control of the US economy. Now there’s concern China may be striking back, with Democrats, and DS to derail Trump’s re-election and force the American people into total submission and control. Reported by Christian Rose

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    1. We got millions of pills from Israel (fast friends) and India (looking to be on our good side). They’re acting like allies.

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    1. Just out of wild curiosity, what does this look like to other people? I’m getting a giant script-blocker notice, which has me wondering if the pdf had an embedded script.

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        1. Hmmm…..I d/l’d it off the link and looked at the d/l and it looks ok…..

          I guess I shouldn’t hit the panic button. And I like having NoScript be more paranoid than I am. Sometimes it takes me two or three temporary “allows” before things will work — and often I’ll figure that things don’t deserve any “allows”.

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      1. Looks fine to me, Coothie.

        Like Para said, white letters on a black screen, scrolls nicely.

        Is there something in there that has to do with the Plannedemic?

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  12. just tried to play this vimeo…got this message

    Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the video PLANDEMIC (pt. 1 Judy Mikovits) as a result of a third-party notification by MILES that claims this material is infringing on their copyright.

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    1. There’s still copies out there, I’m sure. My 5 am thought in the dark of the day is that this video is seeded all over the internet to keep the overlords from burying it. Quite the sense of humor about it, too, if that’s the case.

      I think this is part of THE PLAN. This is something that the people all over the world will NOT just take lightly. It is unacceptable. Q said it would start with the unacceptable.

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      1. For those readers here who know how to copy and repost the video itself on youtube…might want to get busy and post it under clever names.

        I don’t even know if the video is true but the very fact it is being censored so hard …. grrrrr!

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    1. Pretty sure this is the vid at which Rush just threw darts. He didn’t watch the video but got a verbal summation of it. Totally missed the point of the law that allowed gov workers to hold patents for on the job “discoveries.”

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    2. Hope this is not a no-no . . . speaking of slammed, here’s a gratuitously nasty comment lifted from OT. No replies. She now makes her living as a conspiracy theorist? Well she certainly has not made much of a name for herself, who heard of her before the last 3 weeks? Mikey is a tool.

      Invisible Mikey says:
      May 8, 2020 at 1:53 pm
      And still as full of BS as ever. Judy Mikovits is an appropriately disgraced FORMER scientist and current fraudster. She was fired for cause in 2011, for altering the data of an important study, falsely linking Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to a virus, then trying to cover up her crime by stealing and hiding research materials from her employer, WPI. Her former boss filed criminal charges, but dropped them in a plea deal after Mikovits was forced to return the stolen research notebooks. Since no reputable lab will ever hire her back, she now makes her living as a conspiracy theorist.

      She’s not an authority, and the video is a pack of lies with frosting on top (to disguise the taste). Since there have been many articles fully debunking the specific claims made in the video, let’s try one explaining the propaganda techniques used for a change:

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      1. That poster is not allowed in here – constant establishment drone, although I often agreed about things over there. Not sure I remember their attitude on Q, but they’re there and we’re here…..


  13. Corruption at it’s finest.

    I will say I’m somewhat concerned and confused as to why PDJT is still listening to POS Fauci.
    He surely must know his history; at least I would hope he does.

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      1. Wolfie you ask:

        “He makes me wonder – did the Mafia, or their kids, actually get into medicine, and make it what it is today?”

        A while back on the U-F-O topic, I mentioned running into a guy. He had mob connections (Chicago) Was obviously WELL EDUCATED given he and Hubby were talking about physics that was well over my head. His expertise was in medical/engineering.

        In passing he mentioned that one of the bennies in the Mob was your family would be WELL LOOKED AFTER AND THEY WOULD PAY FOR YOUR KIDS TO GO TO TOP UNIVERSITIES…

        So there is your answer from the son of a mobster. (I have his business card and yeah, he is the real deal.)

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