Take Back Our History!


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” (A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens)

Isn’t literature grand? Dickens’ novel was set during the French Revolution, and it details the sanity and insanity of that perilous time in history. In a way, France never recovered. The suppression of religion, the mob actions, the takeover by murderous revolutionaries was starkly different than the American Revolution, where farmers and fishermen and tinkers desired mostly to have a say in how they were ruled and taxed.

And 2020 is also the best and worst of times:

Marine Vet Challenges LEOs

Taser-wielding NYPD cop punches bystander

“Taxation without representation.” Remember that? American Colonists had NO ACTUAL REPRESENTATION in the English Parliament. Sometimes it feels like our representatives today do not represent us. They are quickly absorbed into catering to rich special interests. Big Business and foreign nations often have more pull with our Congress than We the People.

What’s a citizen to do?

“Knowledge is power.”

The Scriptures tell us, “My people perish for lack of knowledge,” (Hosea 4:6). The Douay-Rheims version says, “My people have been silent, because they had no knowledge…”

Are we going to remain silent? No! We must find our voice again. Great literature is a wonderful way to help. Knowing how our great nation came about and those who founded it is important to a civics education. We’ve been made to feel bad about the Founding Fathers. They’ve been torn apart and shredded in classrooms from sea to shining sea. It’s all by design, of course, just like the face burkas are meant to humiliate us.

Some of us aren’t thrilled with the idea of a “curriculum”, but many of us do enjoy learning through literature. And quite frankly, any parent or grandparent can sneak in a TON of civic spirit and learning by reading stories and sharing books with their family. We must be intentional. We must plan and execute. Our children’s freedom depends upon it.

That Haaavaaad professor who wants to outlaw homeschooling? Yeah, she knows that the long game is in favor of parents and grandparents who take a vital interest in the education of their children. And guess what? Your kids/grandkids can go to public school and STILL BE HOMESCHOOLED. You just gotta take the time and energy to teach them the truth. It is imperative.

We have a daunting task. The public schools and even a good number of private schools are run by progressives. They have rewritten our history. They have turned our heroes into backward racists and imperialists. They have twisted history into a pretzel and stolen our patrimony from us. And look what they are doing to us RIGHT THIS MINUTE:

New York Times Reporter wins The Pulitzer Prize for Tabloid History (you will learn a bit about the 1619 Project, which is a real time example of progressives rewriting our history). This is Hillsdale College’s answer: Free History Class to Counter the 1619 Project’s lies. And while you’re there, you will find a free course called Constitution 101!

Here are a few wonderful resources to read yourself, and to share with family and friends. I’m also going to share some links of different websites that can help you source excellent literature.

  • For primary grades, any book by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire, but of particular interest to us would be:

George Washington

Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln

Buffalo Bill



Each of these books are wonderful for parents or grandparents to read. I still have my copy of Abraham Lincoln.

Abe Lincoln

The illustrations are beautiful and the texts give children a good introduction to the lives of those who founded, shaped, and directed our nation. More excellent resources:

This is just a smattering of what is out there. I’m including some resource links below. You will be able to search for good literature and not have to worry too much about the negative historical rewriting that infects so much of our history nowadays.

  • Beautiful Feet Books (a wonderful company that has done a lot of the sourcing of good historical literature for you. You can find a plethora of good history books here).
  • Christian Book.com. Click on the link and it will take you straight to their history resources.
  • Story of the World Series by Susan Wise Bauer (volumes 3 and 4 include America’s founding and subsequent history. Audiobooks, too).

I hope this spurs you on to finding your own wonderful history books to read and share.

Next time I’ll be looking at visual resources for learning Civics and our great nation’s history.

Previous article and resources:

Make Civics Great Again

Pocket Constitution

National Center for Constitutional Studies



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62 thoughts on “Take Back Our History!

    1. It’s beyond maddening Mark.

      It’s the same old thuggery tactics the DNC operatives have used via the union bosses and their willing “enforcers” to get everyone to comply.

      Intimidation using brute force tactics might win them the battle, but will likely lose them the war.

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          1. What exactly are you using to edit? There is always the WEB interface. That allows you to choose the block editor. But even then, the old editor should have a featured image or banner image option, I would think.

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      1. There should be a gear icon at the top of the post you are editing. If you click it there (in a web browser) a right-hand side bar appears. One of the options on that side bar is “Set Featured Image” which will allow you to pick an image from the Media library.

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  1. Troublers of America, Arise!

    Handcuffs, ankle monitors and locked church buildings are the new normal for many Christians in America today. The state has threatened worshipers of Jesus. At the same time, they are opening the “essential” doors of Planned Parenthood wide. Somehow it’s safe to congregate at Walmart, Home Depot, liquor stores and on golf courses. But gathering in worship, prayer and repentance are a threat to national safety.

    A closed church isn’t the most disturbing reality, however.

    Where are the firebrands who will fearlessly confront the wicked systems of the day?


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    1. We have not only embraced China junk we now embrace China brutality and scare tactics to keep citizens under control. Just an observation dumb is good kept me out of troubel .

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  2. The guy/bystander was approaching police as a crowd was forming against the police. He (and others) were being told in no uncertain terms to back up. Instead the guy came toward the policeman and the policeman perceived a threat, asking, “why are you flexing?” There was an arrest and a hostile crowd approaching the police and the police asked all to back up. Our police ought to be able to protect other police when making an arrest and protect themselves from hostile crowds forming and approaching threateningly.

    However, I am open to new details emerging as I Know there are bad apples within the police force. I also am seeing across the country (including in Red states and Red counties) LEOs going along with and being the enforcement arm of egregious government overreach.

    That said, Excellent article with top of the line resources listed. I have used all of the children’s authors you have listed although several of the books are on future school year’s reading lists. Story of the World isn’t my favorite but it is an top shelf product.

    I like Notgrass, Masterbooks, and For Such a Time as This history curriculum as a our spine with Stacks and Stacks of books – but personal preference and have only heard great things about Story of the World. I would have liked to have used Trail Guides/Geography Matters but with their mix of subjects into one program it didn’t work for us as son is on different levels for different subjects and too varied in what style of curriculum works for various subjects.

    Such an important topic and critical for our future

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      1. oh, no need. just by 2 cents. wasn’t trying to tell you what to post or change your post! Your post is really about the message v. specific tools!

        The history that works best for us is a basic spine with worksheets and LOTS of books. HUGE reader. Just know make the click to writing. Didn’t even use a spine until 6th grade. Just books, lots and lots of books.

        Wasn’t trying to At All change or add to your piece. Core message excellent and just added curriculum options.

        one thing I need in a curriculum is easy to do…few hands on projects.
        -due to my health issues
        -due to son’s learning style and preferences. early on, I thought the project style and hands on was for him as he was such a mover and on the go, hated to do his “paperwork” (would say, “I gotta go do my paperwork” in the Exact same tone and inflection as my husband said same about his work paperwork – so cute!). however, turned out that he would rather get his school work finished and get to his legos than have me make some project that involved legos that he viewed as “busywork”. So, no crafts, projects (unless they involved food), skits, etc. Just get ‘er done and get to what he really wanted to do.

        Homeschool mom – could talk curriculum and education for hours.

        List of history curriculum resources I use … all are conservative and Christian worldview/perspective.

        I like this but not using it yet. Have it in mind for high school since preschool & my first curriculum fair.

        Masterbooks is straight forward and easy to use. History – they use a curriculum for sold by queenhomeshool but now redesigned and sold here (same for the lower grade math curriculum). They also offer 2 courses by Strobaugh, using his textbooks, offered at the above website but the workbooks/course work is a little easier/less rigourours for those students who maybe less writer/more math/science/artist/whatever.

        We are using Notgrass right now, also easy to use and straight forward:

        We use some this companies products, esp. geography (haven’t used their history as prefer any other the others as these history textbooks a little to textbookish v. story) – easy to use:

        If project stye/hands on homeschooling worked for us, I love this curriculum and have tried to use it in the past:

        If project style/hands on curriculum worked for us and son was less asymmetrically gifted, I think highly of this curriculum (and have tried to use it in the past – yep, try, fail, adjust + buy/try/resale):

        Used this companies resources for history and still use some for economic and civics. Used their history resources when son was younger. Just read the books – didn’t use the workbooks in the early years.

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  3. If I may…….

    We had CTH.

    We have Q and U Tree.

    For those of you here that have not read my one single WP blog…

    Let me invite you to read about the G Tree.

    That is, the First Great Tree of them all.

    The GOD TREE

    It is an allegory. It prints out to about 40 pages, which is actually a small production.

    It’s called THE JOURNEYS OF EMMAUS AND JABEZ: The Great TREE, Part 1

    A representative look at the One and Only greatest Tree ever.

    I hope it can bless some of you here on Wolfie’s sight.

    I know the attention span of internet readers is woefully short-circuited…but I think most of you here are way better than that.

    Just want you to read about That First Tree.

    I really should not be taking time online anywhere, but I try to follow the leading of our God to go where He says to go…and recently…that’s here at Wolfie’s…lots of good friends here. And hope I can contribute a thought or two to encourage you.

    Just click on my user name. Don’t worry about commenting. I just want my words to bless you, words that could have only been written through life experiences…sometimes great…and sometimes terrible circumstances.

    👍👍👍❤ to all of you here.

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  4. I find myself for the second time in 24 hours repeating one of the Party slogans from 1984:

    He who controls the Present, controls the Past.

    He who controls the Past, controls the Future.

    (Emphasis mine.)

    Who controls the present, in our “public” (really “government”) school system?

    This is why, as Marshall Fritz used to say, the government school system is the reproductive organ of the State.

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  5. Probably all regular readers/commenters agree with you.

    In addition to homeschooling our own children – what do we do to address this issue in our communities, states and nation?

    For those who choose not to homeschool for whatever reason (BTW, I have tried to stop homeschooling but son begs me not too do so… why? because I am parenting 24/7 and it can get Very Hard sometimes!) what other things can parents do?

    What can grandparents do to help their non homeschooled grandchildren?

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  6. Friends…if I may…

    (Tried to post this earlier but cranky Uncle WP…)

    In an allegory I wrote some years ago about the greatest TREE…

    It is the G-TREE…that is, the God Tree, above all of us, whether CTH, Q-tree…and and all…

    Just click on my user name to get to it. I don’t make any money from this. No advertisements. Just a simple allegory. If you are short of attention, it can be a bit long. But as a story, it is not that long. 40 pages printed out. Not as long as the Screwtape Letters.

    Follow the journey of the 2 travelers, Emmaus and Jabez, as the Great Tree follows them. It might help you to be better prepared for what is about to blow up before too long.

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  7. Grandma, Thank you for the thought provoking article and links. It distresses me greatly the obscene oh by governors and mayors. Insult to injury is police supporting the illegal orders of governors and mayors. Thankfully some Sheriffs and Police and saying NO to the governors and mayors.

    FWIW. Past couple weekends there have been peaceful protests at the Capitol Grounds, Carson City, NV. Police don’t wear riot gear or even helmets. A ball cap or no hat at all. Many on both sides armed. No arrests, or problems.

    Another protest this coming Saturday, 11-2. Will invite my son and his two twelve year old sons to join me at the protest. Would be educational for them to participate.

    In any case, they’ll continue to get books that align with civics, American history, etc. from me.

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      1. I especially appreciated the links to previous posts. It creates a easy way to reference back to your other wonderful material. Thank you.

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  8. Here is a bit of history in a 3.6 minute audio and text. Excellent reminder of recent past.

    “Elvis Was King, Ike Was President, and 116,000 Americans Died in a Pandemic”


    I’m certain I had the Hong Kong flu while I was 8 months pregnant with Daughter Dearest, and quite possibly what laid me up for 2 weeks and 10 pound loss in 1959 was the Asian Flu. We didn’t close down our country.

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  9. Thank you for this truly excellent post, Grandmaintexas!

    Thanks for all the links and resources!

    I am leery of the way that the Dems now seem to be ‘okay’ with Home Schooling.
    Because in the past…they have tried to curtail or control it in some way.

    But now, because of the Plannedemic, they are all for home schooling.

    So it wouldn’t surprise me, if what comes next is the Dems declaring that…”We have to Monitor your home, to assist your efforts in home schooling.”

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  10. terrific post, grandmaintexas !

    this is the American Spirit that made America Great in the first place…

    …the home of the brave and the land of the free

    unfortunately, over the past decades, too many Americans have allowed themselves to be dumbed-down…they have swallowed the political correctness kool-aid and have conformed to the perils of group think , tolerating the intolerable, accepting what is unacceptable, and losing…or rather…. relinquishing independent thinking , in the process…the process known as Progressivism .

    they have allowed themselves…and their children (if they have any)…to be conditioned for such a time as exactly this time…this kind of “crisis”….this kind of “fear” and “panic”…..they cave so easily, and can not recognize the situation for what it is….they have handed over their moral compasses a long time ago…they have sold their souls to LIES …for the sake of conformity

    ….like “good germans” just following orders.

    The U.S. Constitution…and The 1st Amendment…is a terrible thing to waste.

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