Author Independence

I will try to keep this brief, so we can remain on task. This is supposed to be a big week.

First, some background.

When this site was formed, and there were very few people here, we began an open thread – a SINGLE open thread – at the request of the new members, most of whom were ALSO members, former members, or soon-to-be-former members of CTH.

Our open thread began as a SINGLE thread due to a lack of need for more than one. It was highly sporadic (weekly in hopes, monthly in reality) until right before “the great banning” from CTH, after which it needed to be refreshed almost daily.

I was the only author at that time, so I created the only open thread. The REASONABLE creation of only one thread was not just FORTUITOUS – it was FORTUNATE, in my opinion.

CTH employed a POLITICAL bifurcation in its daily open thread, when Sundance “went big” on politics, and the massive number of political comments began crowding out the “chattin’ on Ethel’s porch” banter which had previously been easy to navigate in the single nightly open thread. That banter included a lot of cultural and religious talk – prayers – well-wishes – jokes – occasional scriptures, but the latter outside the auto-moderated term “Proverbs”, which in hindsight was very likely due to somebody posting far too much “scripture spam” at some point, in the opinion of Sundance or one of the moderators.

Proverbs? Forbidden? Not a good move, IMO. Proverbs is the source of great wisdom. This, to me, this was the first sign of a management mistake at CTH.

It was and remains my belief that the continued integration of those two thread contents ON THIS SITE, IN A SINGLE OPEN THREAD, has significant protective effects, just like having white blood cells in the circulatory system protects the red blood cells, and the whole body. This thinking follows that of the Founders, who I believe IN WISDOM EXCEEDING OURS, made sure that the FIRST AMENDMENT included press, religion, citizen speech, and more. They made sure that religion was part of speech, part of life, and part of the community, and could not be shoved off into a corner.

Even the deists, skeptics, and religious heretics among them with their radical ideas about freedom AND/OF/FROM religion, saw the wisdom in this.

Looking at the strategy of the enemies of our way of life, religious freedom and inclusion is exactly what is targeted. The core enemy is few in number compared to the sheep, so they need to get US to help isolate and segregate religious speech from secular speech, prior to downgrading.

At first, I hid this realization like a precious jewel. It held GREAT POWER. It was dangerous, and scary. It was like realizing HOW the enemy could bring down the site. Surely I don’t want to talk about this openly. Right? RIGHT?

However, eventually, I realized that not only was this bit of wisdom and TRUTH useful in explaining my specific decisions and bolstering the site – it was a TEACHING TRUTH that was useful in explaining my strategy AND the strategy of the Constitution to ALL of us, so that others could make wise choices guided by the principle of religious freedom and inclusion.

There are many here who have become accustomed to the “open thread status quo”. Some simply love the format. Some just don’t like change. And some believe the same thing I do – that the topic-unified open thread is the life-blood of this site. All of those people feel protective of the existing format.

Now, let’s flip to a DIFFERENT and also VALID point of view about the health of this site.

At the SAME MOMENT when I requested AUTHORS to help “man” the Daily Open Thread – to give that repetitious thread variety and spice, and to match the interest of the members, I *ALSO* requested authors to do specific pieces OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING. This was also a big part of my strategy to keep the site healthy, including – weirdly – the Open Thread. I wanted big topics to have their own stories. Maybe even articles in SERIES. Maybe “columns”.

Get and KEEP this stuff – coherently – OUT of the open thread.

This is, to some extent, what is done on CTH. Lots of articles on SPECIFIC TOPICS with fair numbers of views, generally smaller than the giant open thread, but keeping coherent “big stories” out of the open threads (plural there), in places where FOCUS is possible. Naturally there is much talk in the open threads which could have been on specific articles, but that’s the NATURE of open threads.

I was hoping that, perhaps, we would have more CTH-style political analysis articles, but I was quite happy with what we did have. Our VARIETY was good. VERY good.

I *NEVER* considered the possibility that we might have additional specific open threads which literally competed with the main open thread, thereby subverting it – even if such subversion was completely unintentional, and beyond that, happened WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONS.

And I want to make this VERY CLEAR. That SUBVERSION and BEST INTENTION was my own doing. I was the one who not only enthusiastically approved the idea of going to a COVID series and then a COVID daily thread – I DEFENDED that decision at least twice as a GREAT idea.

I politely told the critics “Sorry – this is too important.” And the critics backed down. Twice. Until they FINALLY got me to consider the DOWNSIDE FULLY. Which, truly, could not have happened earlier, when the GIANT looming enemy cultural strategy was not so apparent.

Now, there is a lot of personal and emotional and drama and counter-drama in all of this, and all of the principle parties, including ME, are guilty of it. So I’m skipping over the “HE SAID / SHE SAID / HE DID / SHE DID” parts – the truth is that WE SAID and WE DID. This stuff is no longer helpful.

It’s time to be PROFESSIONALS. Just a bit. Not too much, but just a bit.

I have professional experience in this regard – this world of authors and editors. All scientists do, to some extent, being required to author papers, and to peer-review the work of others, but some have far more experience than most, and I’m one of them. It was a long time ago, in a universe far, far away, but I know all about not just BEING an author and an editor, but TRAINING others to do the same. I know how honest journalism works from the INSIDE.

I subjugated my own beliefs about “what is best” to policy from above – OVER and OVER and OVER – for the entire time I served in that capacity. So I have a DAMN GOOD IDEA about how journalism is subverted. Take control of the top, and you have it made.

That’s an interesting aside, which becomes crucial in understanding FAKE SCIENCE, including the climate hoax. But BACK TO OUR ISSUE.

As the final arbiter of editorial policy here, acting as the final security guarantor of this site, I truly, utterly, and absolutely believe – NOW – that competing open threads are NOT in the best interest of this site. I believe now that they are a HUGE RISK that has to be mitigated at the very least.

One way – not the only way – but one way that such open threads become a risk, is that they allow CRISIS IMPOSITION to gain a foothold. This is one of the biggest ways that FAKE NEWS controls us.

No WAY do I want a FAKE NEWS CRISIS to drive this site.

Cthulhu asked me about “victory conditions” from an “Art of the Deal” standpoint.

My “victory condition” would be that authors here should free to do whatever they like, EXCEPT no more competing Open Threads – they are a mistake, and dangerous. Do something else – a series – daily new topics – anything – but don’t take that risk again.

BROAD, CURRENT, OPEN THREADS in multiplicity are contrary to the original design of the site.

However – AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGMENT – I made offers of CONCESSION on this key point. Just to try to keep all the authors on board, I proposed all the way up to the utterly unheard-of “author carte blanche“.

I offered a way that RISKED THE SITE – in my opinion – to keep all the authors. It didn’t work.

Trump does this sometimes, by the way. Wonderful technique, but white knuckle like you would not believe, because if it’s taken, you’re in a whole new world with a lot of HUGE risks.

This offer would NEVER be made in a professional journalistic setting. Making an offer to an individual that risks the upheaval of the entire operation is simply not done.

The offer of concession was calmly and rationally rejected under due consideration. I simply have to respect that.

With the offer rejected, it has been withdrawn. Off the table. It was too risky, and frankly I’m relieved that it was not taken.

I am now doing what I believe is 100% in the best interest of the site. No compromises on baseline design. I’m going with the victory condition.

Authors of non-daily-open-thread pieces (and that includes ME) are free to do what they will, EXCEPT to create competing regular open threads. Don’t step on the Open Thread. Very simple. And beyond this case, I reserve the right to PROTECT the fundamental design of this site in the future, in unforeseen ways, as unforeseen challenges such as this one arise.

Protecting the design is part of SITE SECURITY, like having a military. However, I will offer as much freedom as possible while protecting the site, because YES, security is the enemy of liberty. I totally get that. Just look at what is happening NOW in blue states. I’d love to see a SERIES about THAT.

Don’t create new open threads – try authoring a popular series of articles instead” is not exactly 1984. In fact, it’s wind-in-the-face freedom in a world of spiked articles and fake news.


PS – Those who are interested in authorship are encouraged to make that interest known. It’s a good time, because NOBODY will ever expect you to fill Daughn’s shoes. Daily Open Thread authors are also encouraged to start authoring other pieces – or SERIES of pieces – whenever they feel like it.

And there is a FRIDAY SLOT open, which I will be taking, if nobody else wants it.

The floor is open. Please keep it civil. The BURNING IRON OF CAUTERIZATION is at the ready, to seal the wound, should I catch even a whiff of infectious incivility. Akismet’s AI has also been spam-binning diatribes – not me – I have ZERO moderation keywords. If your comment gets binned, it was THEM, not me. I’m shocked at how efficient that Akismet AI has been at detecting emotional escalation. And you’re hearing that from somebody who knows one of the mad cabal-stooge geniuses who wrote the code.

Thank you, and God bless all of you.

242 thoughts on “Author Independence

  1. Hmmm…… I think we need to get back to acceptance of plurality of opinion without the very libtard offence default.
    Pretty much everyone is welcome here and thier thoughts without fear of ridicule or nastiness.
    One pretty solid line in the sand we need .
    If you stop for the amber when we both probably could have made it through then you have no place here

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    1. On Q Tree, one taps their horn gently and perfectly at such behavior, avoiding all road rage incidents.

      On U Tree, everybody carries, so if the New York cabbie yells at you for overly careful driving, you yell back “Hey, I’ve got my xxxxin’ grandma and the dog in the back seat! Give the old gal a xxxxin’ break!”

      My trouble is that I have to program and time the XXXXIN’ lights. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        1. Or they do ๐Ÿ™‚

          It seems like in Italy, they drive with their horns rather than the steering wheel – “if you don’t like da way I drive, get offa da sidewalk”…

          (Over here now, if you’re caught going 21kmh (13.125 mph) over the speed limit in the citiy, you’re “rewarded” with an 80 Euro fine, a point in Flensburg, and a month’s driving ban… the bureaucrat Nazis here appear to be winning)…

          The regulations about amber here are enough to make one hurl… some people seem to be trying to get the MOST points in Flensburg – amber to red light, plus speed violation trying to beat it…

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          1. Red lights is a queensland thing here. In nsw we are speed freaks. I, remarkably, am I hybrid. Born in Queensland (state) and living in NSW.

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        2. “If someone taps the horn at me I have to stay there till I die”


          My great grandfather used to use the chrome horn, which is a term that comes from the days back when cars had chrome bumpers.

          My great grandfather drove a big Cadillac.

          I know of one story where he used the chrome horn on the highway, gently nudging someone (bumping their car from behind, like they do in NASCAR) who was going too slow in the passing lane. I would love to see this technique used more today.

          The other story I’m aware of took place in the long country club driveway to the parking lot. I don’t remember if Great Grandpa was in a hurry to get there or in a hurry to leave, but somebody in front of him wasn’t moving fast enough.

          That Cadillac had a big chrome horn… ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    2. “If you stop for the amber when we both probably could have made it through then you have no place here”


      I always thought amber meant floor it, because if you try to stop now, you won’t stop until you’re in the middle of the intersection.

      And then you’re blocking everybody, so you have to shamefully creep the rest of the way through, while everybody stares at you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. So. Daughn left? Really? I like the open thread, OOOOPPPEEEENNN.
    Life is a conversation with all its twists and turns, ups, downs, annoyances, pleasures, and the like.
    The thread is life. Hence the word “thread “. Life….life “line”.
    Open life. Open the Country.
    No resentment required.
    No long term hurt feelings.
    Come together, past the initial ego pains. We are a good community and will always learn and grow, but lets stick together!
    Miss Daughn, we love you, dont stay away too long.
    And Wolf, I’ll always be here as long as I can. Im here to support the site, and grateful you are being open and willing to compromise.

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    1. I will encourage all of Daughn’s fans, friends and supporters to follow her wherever she can be found battling for MAGA, especially Twitter, where she takes on all the “biggies” without flinching. I cannot recommend following her onto Facebook, except at your own risk. Facebook is like putting the CIA on your computer. NOT A GOOD IDEA – unless you like to live dangerously. But some do! ๐Ÿ˜€

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        1. Most people have no idea how much mind control that place can exert. Even the people who push back on it HARD to educate the others – who FIGHT and WIN – are doing so in an ARENA used to LEARN, TEACH AND DEMONSTRATE HOW TO DEFEAT US.


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      1. Whoa!! Wait … am I reading this correctly??? Daughn’s off the board?? Seriously?

        This is causing me grave “not in my foxhole” reservations.

        I have said many, many times before, “something’s up.”

        What is it Wolfmoon? Askin’ for me and not some friend.

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        1. “This is causing me grave โ€œnot in my foxholeโ€ reservations.

          I have said many, many times before, โ€œsomethingโ€™s up.โ€”


          I’m not sure what this means?

          What is up?

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      2. I don’t understand. Thought it was settled. The COVID daily was done, but Daughn was going to continue with at least one day a week doing a daily.

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        1. I believe that the story is going to be much more complex now. This split was intentionally driven. I suspected it. Now I know it. That doesn’t mean that the natural problems are not there, but it was engineered to happen, and to happen now.

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          1. That’s what I was hinting at. Outside (malevolent) “noise” introduced by the enemy. Note that the columns were about one of the enemy’s “tools”. On the other hand, a lot of the material here is, in one way or another, about something “they” are doing.

            Oh, what a wicked web the left has weaved…

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          2. I’m sorry that it happened. Maybe I’m a little obtuse or simply let things glide by that I don’t have the energy – especially in these times – to hone in on.

            Losing Daughn is a loss – she has intellectual gifts, compassion, and was always ready to pitch in when needed. That’s an asset.

            We’re supposed to be fighting the Enemy – the Left, not fighting among ourselves.

            Funny thing, Wolf, I mentioned this to hubby – I keep him informed about politics through Q-tree – and one of the things I said – Wolfie got in between women – never do that, Wolfie – we’re a pain in the neck when it comes to getting our dander up. On the other hand, Q-Treeper women are good people and should be able to weather these dust ups.

            Ever optimistic penguin.

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            1. Thanks. Don’t blame it all on women – as I just told Aubergine, I did the stupid man trick of stopping the car to try to end the fighting. Oh, that worked like a charm!

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              1. I feel for ‘ya, bro.

                Sometimes, we do the best we can, but as imperfect mortals (myself included with the “best” of the imperfects)…

                We just can’t get everything right all the time. There was only One Who got that Mission begun and done.

                I’ve made my mistakes…with the best intentions…and regret some to this day, but I have faith in God that He knew the real and sincere intent of my heart in said situations.

                This is where that verse in I John comes in as a saving grace…When our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our hearts.

                I have no clue about the Daughn thing whatsoever…and maybe my comment to you may or may not fit the situation…pardon me if it doesn’t, but you will get the spirit and intent of my drift…and part of that drift is this…

                Whatever the situation, God is a great Healer of hearts, and He can repair and restore what “seems” to be lost because of strife division.

                My friends know I still love and care for many OT…and I have not given up my faith in Almighty God to restore us all back together in His time and manner.

                With men it is impossible. With God all things are possible. Never lose sight of that, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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              2. Well, Wolfie, wolves can be charming when they need to be. Maybe give it a little time, and let things healing, then sort of restore the equilibrium of good folks.

                You’re a diplomat when not being a wolf. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          1. We will not go back to a second open. The idea was double-leveraged to generate a split here – to widen a split between Daughn and Wheatie. These bastards are ingenious.

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            1. Aww man. Shoot. I admire the people here and affectionately admire them.

              Today I was feeling so much pressure coming down from this terrible attack on us, America, and Trump. My class finishes next Monday and the study is … Revelation.

              We will all get grace, and that’s good.

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            2. “We will not go back to a second open. The idea was double-leveraged to generate a split here โ€“ to widen a split between Daughn and Wheatie. These bastards are ingenious.”


              Well isn’t this good news then, if an outside influence caused this?

              If I get in a fight with my brother, and we’re not on speaking terms for a week โ€” and then we each find out that someone outside the family set us up to cause a split, for their own objective โ€” that would make reconciling with my brother nearly instant, and unite us against the outside influence that nearly succeeded in driving us apart.

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              1. It changes the situation somewhat. These ops tend to start with a natural division, and then wedge it to create permanent damage. Much cannot be walked back – making them acceptable risks, even if discovered.

                Homewrecker – perfect example of the reality.

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      3. Daughn is gone? I’ve been on a self imposed pause from the heavy news to regroup personally, so i’m folding back in and have no dog in this race. But can only offer that this is tough news to take, and I truly hope she comes back someday. Is she only on Facebook now or something? I don’t use FB and wouldn’t go there, so I can only hope to see her around again.

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  3. Wolfie…

    Remember John Wayne’s movie statement…”a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”?

    So do it.

    Somewhere on your site today in a good exchange with Deplorable_Patriot, I basically said what you just wrote. I appreciated their comment reply to me about an earlier incident on your blog.

    I also commented back and said that many people have no idea how many blogs have imploded and have been destroyed because there wasn’t a vanguard of the rules of respect and civility.

    We may not always agree with each other on every atomic element of each issue, but there must be the rules, disciplines and proper engagement of civility and respect.

    Lose that…and you’ve lost your blog to the “Borg”…and once your blog is assimilated into that controlled mind-think, it becomes one more worthless robot and loses its individual purpose. Commonality is always a loser to specific individuality.

    You do what you have to do to preserve your site. You have some awesome authors here, flep, Daughn, others…Grandmaintx’s article today was beyond awesome.

    So do it, brother.

    When I am on somebody’s site and blog, which is a very rare few these days, I consider myself a guest on that blog, which is a point I made in my reply to Deplorable_Patriot earlier today.

    My blogging time here and there may be coming to an end, but in the meantime, I am in your corner.

    I have a lot of old CTH friends here. It’s one the reasons I’m here. And I have told several of them that one of the reasons I got on your site was because the Lord put a love in my heart for you.

    Shalom brother! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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    1. Thanks! You get it. It ain’t easy, but so far we’re getting by. And if we can spread the MAGA, as an alternative to infighting or bitter division, then let’s choose that.

      We have an election to win!

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      1. I’ll give you a H5, a big yea and amen on that.

        We pick and choose. Real intelligence or stupid.

        And we know which can’t be fixed.

        Critical thinkers know this country ain’t ever going back to normal and all parties just all put our differences aside and get along. Not gonna happen.

        We conservatives aren’t ever going to get along with abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, binary gender, big govt control, etc…

        But as conservatives together, we have to put our “petty” differences aside and stand together against the evil, progressive machine.

        I am willing to put aside some minor differences with some of my fellow conservatives.

        We are being forcefully driven to become Paul Revere’s Riders…and some may have to walk “barefoot in the snow with bleeding feet.”

        I kinda know a little about that since getting 3 little sisters, Sasha, Tasha and Ekaterina Alexeev, out of a horrible situation 1970s in the old S.Union in winter and a helluva long journey getting them from point A to B…and it was part of the subject of my prologue to Aleksandr in the poem I wrote many years ago in some really “hospitable” time in Moscow because of that…

        …and believe me, Ad rem of CTH knows that because she actually posted it for me one night when cranky U.WP was giving me fits…CTH knows me for that presentation.

        Yes. We have an election to win.

        One of my fears is the advanced cheating mechanisms the elites will use….like GEMS software, ballot harvesting, mail in voting, etc…we cannot sit on our laurels and assume anything.

        I have to believe PDJT is fully aware of this by now.

        The other side knows that if he is re-elected, he’s gonna let loose and all hell will be on fire. They knew that from day one of his Presidency.

        We must be diligent in our political efforts, but even more so, in our faith in God to hear our prayers for him and our Republic.

        Bless you.

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        1. “…my prologue to Aleksandr in the poem I wrote many years ago in some really โ€œhospitableโ€ time in Moscow because of thatโ€ฆ”

          I remember the story of poet in the Soviet Union, who spent time in brutal prison conditions. She stayed in an unheated cell, and without the clothing or blankets to keep warm with. As I remember, she moved to Costa Rica after her release to never be put through the experience being cold again.

          Did you know her?

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          1. To be honest, no.

            Wish I could have known about her.

            The people who suffered brutality under that regime…well, it could exhaust my breath.

            Thinking about a Bulgarian pastor who spent 14 years in incomprehensible torture…

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              1. Thank you.

                I am here and there one day, then off and gone for periods of time.

                But I have relished my time here so far…and love reconnecting with a lot of great friends from CTH.

                We are a group of people just trying to live honestly and stand up for the values of the original thought and blood spent time for God and our Republic.

                And O! What a battle we have entered and is before us!


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        2. You mention three sisters but one of them is named “Sasha” which (I am told) is generally a diminutive for Aleksandr. Clearly there’s something I don’t know about Russia (surprise!).

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              1. Ochen’ strashnyye vremena…

                Very frightening times.

                But thanks to our go-to-guy…his code name was “the ancient goat of Russia”…in what was then horrifically renamed Leningrad, but now properly known as Saint Petersburg, we got onto that occasion.

                My second team leader paid the price of his life for that occasion…but 3 beautiful sisters got to live.

                One life died, but 3 precious little lives lived.

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              2. One of my high school teachers was shot down over Germany in WWII. The pilot of that plane remained at the controls so that everyone else could bail out, and himself died. Because of that my high school teacher was able to reach his hundredth birthday recently. (I reached out to him a short while ago, and astoundingly enough, he did remember me!)

                Such valor was not uncommon and says good things about us as a species.

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              3. I remember one time he brought in his old sextant–the one he’d use to shoot the sun and stars with in the bomber, so they could navigate. I couldn’t even hold the damn thing steady enough to use it standing on a concrete slab. How the heck they used that thing in a bumpy aircraft is beyond me.

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  4. From the article: It was and remains my belief that the continued integration of those two thread contents ON THIS SITE, IN A SINGLE OPEN THREAD, has significant protective effects, just like having white blood cells in the circulatory system protects the red blood cells, and the whole body. This thinking follows that of the Founders, who I believe IN WISDOM EXCEEDING OURS, made sure that the FIRST AMENDMENT included press, religion, citizen speech, and more. They made sure that religion was part of speech, part of life, and part of the community, and could not be shoved off into a corner.

    I had not thought of it as analogous to circulation and health or the First Amendment, but this does explain why things were starting to feel so bifurcated, without my realizing what was happening. It has been a joy today to have one place to discuss everything. The COVID threads were very useful as a repository of exploration and knowledge. I know that a lot of work went into them, and they helped during times of great uncertainty. But I believe you are correct, Wolf, that it was time to consolidate back into a (very) open thread.

    This illustrates that there is a much bigger picture than many see, borne of your experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Thank you for the explanation, which rises far above people’s false assumptions. Those are on one level, and this is on a higher plane. It behooves us to pay attention; we are at war.

    Thank you for this site and for protecting it.

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    1. Thanks!

      The hell of war – even during “peacetime” – includes a continuous string of failures which serve to teach, and “success” is more a function of failure recovery than ambition attainment – IN MY OPINION – after watching a master of recovery named “Trump”! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. I’m confused……
    Was the Covid Thread considered another “Open” thread?
    I saw it as a thread about the Covid situation.
    A sort of “Topical” thread that was “Open” for Treepers to comment on/about.

    I saw the “Open” thread as anything goes (within reason)
    and the Other “articles” as more “topical”

    I also understand that a particular comment might spark another thought and send the thread off topic temporarily….. that is when the “Author” should redirect back to the topic at hand (IMHO).

    Maybe I’m just dumb like some here think.

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    1. No, you see it correctly, albeit from your point of view. Ignore the quibble/accusation that it was or was becoming the “new open thread”. That is a personal characterization of the phenomenon that people (including me) were basically congregating there because of interest IN THE TOPIC – exactly as intended.

      This created a PARALLEL OPEN THREAD – an ongoing open thread – centered on a very wide and expansive set of topics. I’m saying that at first this seemed like a really good idea. In retrospect, I believe it was NOT a good idea. No matter what the topic – secular, religious, narrow or broad – parallel open threads sap this site of critical interactions and cohesion, IMO.

      AND I think that social scientists somewhere damn well knew this. The COVID-19 scam was a BREATHLESSLY good one, no pun intended.

      COUGH. They’re good. VERY good.

      Now, I don’t want this to happen again. CHANGE OF POLICY. One open thread. Format everything else in every other possible way.

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      1. Part of the psychic poison of Covid-19 is that it is supposed to dominate your attention, dominate your world. That is what it’s designed for, that’s what it’s portrayed as, that’s what the little weasels on CNN and in the SES and Globalists and other scum want and need to happen. Running a “life, the universe, and everything with nice people and religion” thread next to a “soul-sucking spawn of Satan attention-suck thread” was getting old and potentially dangerous. We’re an elite team, and it was getting troubling all around. In the early days we had to see it, understand it, and characterize it….but we eventually had to find our way off that horse before we were ensnared by it.

        I’m not particularly pleased about the way everything transpired, but we’re refocusing on objectives and they are good and wholesome ones.

        If Daughn starts her own blog, I do hope she will let us twittless fools know about it here. Alternatively, I’d love to see her post about rallies or memories or feasts or Gunner over here.

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        1. Either way. I am now absolutely certain that the LAST THING the other side wants is Daughn publishing the same quality work she has done here, any place else. Certain posts like the China Hustle, the Timelines of Shampeachment and Phony Whistleblower, early COVID threads – the other side HATED those “put it all together” posts. So they pushed it too far – classic Alinsky – using the power of “OVERWHELM” from the COVID thing, which is automatic, although I suspect a personal touch as well.

          We’re all struggling, and vulnerable. This plot was really good. COVID was their big “IN CASE OF TRUMP EMERGENCY (MUH RUSSIA FAILURE) BREAK GLASS”

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      2. Seems like ALL the threads are “open” threads. Some are ‘daily’ and some are usually less frequent.

        To my understanding, the daily thread called ‘OPEN THREAD’ or ‘OPEN TOPIC’ is the GENERAL TOPIC / NO SPECIFIC TOPIC thread. This functions both as a general gathering place and the place to post information for which no specific subject thread already exists (or is current).

        Flep’s thread is also ‘daily’, but is more of a snapshot or overview of current events, one spot where you can get up to speed about all the major news of the day, with commentary for context and emphasis.

        All of the other threads are more or less about something more specific and less frequent than daily, but the frequency of any thread subject can be more frequent as needed.

        The China Virus thread started out specific and less frequent, but became daily because there was so much national focus on China Virus. That information had to go somewhere. It could have gone in the “Open Thread / General Topic” daily thread, but that would have effectively turned the daily thread into a China Virus thread, at least for a while, until the topic cooled off and / or was overtaken by new events.

        As far as I can tell, we’re well past ‘peak China virus’ now. The big turning point was HCQ, because at that point, whatever China Virus turned out to be, no matter how it started or where it originated, and no matter what the clown show task force said, there was a readily available cure, so HCQ was like a rattle-can full of “fear be gone”.

        The Cabal must be so PISSED that DJT spilled the HCQ beans, right there on national television ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        I would love to know if Fauci or Birx EVER mentioned HCQ, or if Trump just knew (or found out from Intelligence assessment), and he threw it out there “live”, unbeknownst to Birx and Fauci, at which point they had to react.

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        1. Fauci wrote a paper in 2005 about how antimalarials were good against coronaviruses. Everything since then has been a setup and a farce.

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          1. “Fauci wrote a paper in 2005 about how antimalarials were good against coronaviruses. Everything since then has been a setup and a farce.”


            Yes, I just read about the 2005 paper, if I remember correctly Fauci didn’t write the paper, but it was published by NIH which he was (and is) the head of, so he must be familiar with it.

            I’m just wondering if he or Birx ever mentioned HCQ to President Trump before Trump dropped it on the world on live television.

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            1. Exactly how Trump found out about it will be a HUGE story, if it ever comes out. One theory – he asked probing questions and watched for side-stepping answers.

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      3. Now I get what you’re thinking.

        Frankly, and this is all I’ll say on the topic, I thought a daily thing on the virus was overkill, especially when there was so much “in the weeds” information that was getting repetitive.

        Otherwise, I’ll keep my issues to myself.

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        1. It is my belief that the transition from “virus thread” to “virus plus recovery” was the unanticipated poison pill. Daughn correctly predicted, in a well-reasoned set of thoughts on why to keep the COVID daily, that the VIRUS information would peter out and the thread would go away.

          IMO, we need to look at where and how that thinking changed.

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          1. When things were blowing up daughn posted that she was doing a daily Covid thread because “she thought that’s what we wanted”. When I was trying to understand what happened here, my mind kept going back to that.

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          2. Steve Bannon’s daily War Room Pandemic show, which Daughn and I both listen to frequently or regularly, made the transition from “virus, virus, China, China,” to “virus, China, plus recovery.”

            It’s a hugely popular show, available on many platforms, a worldwide phenomenon, with 2 or 3 episodes 6 days a week, each an hour, less advertising, And it now has a video version subtitled in Mandarin and Cantonese that is stealth-broadcast through the Great Firewall into China itself.

            Daughn is an all-out fan, whereas my take on it is more nuanced.

            The information, regular interviews with a stellar array of experts, the steady, harsh criticism of the ChiCom government, and the jocular banter are all great.

            But I worry about Bannon’s pessimism, the sensationalism, and the overall extent to which it focuses on, and thereby magnifies, what I regard as largely a ChiCom/bankster/DNC psy-op.

            No matter how much Bannon and crew criticize the psy-op, or ChiCom human rights violations, or ChiCom trade policy, or Henry Kissinger, or the other terrible things that they rightly criticize, they are putting eyes-on the op in a big way. This, however much disinfecting sunshine it adds, can also have the psychological effect of making the problem seem big, and the listener small in comparison.

            And this is now their gig, with them having wrapped up War Room Impeachment in early February, and having put their election show War Room 2020 on hiatus for the duration of the WuFlu hysteria. I heard they receive major funding from an anti-Communist Hong Kong or Chinese-American magnate. So they have no choice but to hit the virus hard.

            They are heavy on campaign/public relations/communications experience, and often criticize POTUS from an assumed standpoint of them knowing how he should message to the public better than he does. And they are not very alert to the many simultaneous threats and constraints he is facing, or to the multi-dimensional chess aspect of his strategic thought. Listening to too much of them wanting to school POTUS can prove tedious to me.

            Another issue is Daughn’s overall estimate of Bannon is sharply higher than that of, iirc, Wheatie.

            I’m sure this comment won’t be the key that unlocks your investigation. But maybe it will be one piece of the puzzle, or one small nightlight in a corner of a large, dark room.

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            1. This is extremely helpful. POTUS “handles” Bannon so as not to be subject to his faults. We need to do that, too.

              Note that the enemy was able to evict Bannon from the White House precisely because he cannot make tight turns under enemy fire, much less slow, premeditated “this looks wrong but will age well” turns like Trump.

              Good deal. This provides a background on which the drama unfolded. I was NOT watching Bannon AT ALL, or I would have been sucked into his worldview.

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            2. But I worry about Bannonโ€™s pessimism, the sensationalism, and the overall extent to which it focuses on, and thereby magnifies, what I regard as largely a ChiCom/bankster/DNC psy-op.

              No matter how much Bannon and crew criticize the psy-op, or ChiCom human rights violations, or ChiCom trade policy, or Henry Kissinger, or the other terrible things that they rightly criticize, they are putting eyes-on the op in a big way. This, however much disinfecting sunshine it adds, can also have the psychological effect of making the problem seem big, and the listener small in comparison.”


              I have only seen the show once, an episode that Daughn strongly recommended in the CAV thread, and it was good.

              I know what you mean about the balance between revealing how corrupt things really are and making it seem insurmountable due to pessimism.

              It’s the pessimism that drives me away from CTH every day. I read interesting analysis, get good information on some subjects, but I don’t stay for the pessimism, because even if it was well-founded (which I believe it’s not), it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

              It’s so blindingly obvious that it starts to make me think SD is a black-hat psy-op whose job is like a Judas Goat. He could never flip and become a NeverTrumper, but what he could do is continue opening peoples’ eyes, while completely demoralizing them, preparing them to accept defeat without a fight.

              I don’t know why Bannon would be doing anything similar.

              It seems to me that sensationalism, focusing on the ChiCom/Bankster/DNC psy-op combined with OPTIMISM (instead of pessimism) would be a nuclear combination.

              In a good way.

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            3. Excellent point about the Bannon War Room being part of the transition. And I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote here. It has been my complaint about Bannon all along and is what I believe got him booted from the WH.
              “…and often criticize POTUS from an assumed standpoint of them knowing how he should message to the public better than he does. And they are not very alert to the many simultaneous threats and constraints he is facing, or to the multi-dimensional chess aspect of his strategic thought. Listening to too much of them wanting to school POTUS can prove tedious to me.”

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      4. I saw it differently. Through NO ONE’S FAULT, the COVID thread started to suck the life out of the daily thread, till there was no air. To quote Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets…”I’m drowning here…and you’re describing the water…”
        I avoided the COVID thread and what I considered info overload and an overabundance of fear (good for others, but exhausting to me) and tried to stick to the daily…but the daily was dying.
        I enjoy ALL the authors–if there weren’t different perspectives– I might suspect one person had numerous aliases…the writing is excellent, the topics interesting, the kinship is real.

        your site, your rules.

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        1. Though I love you, my estimate was quite the opposite – I saw/felt that BOTH threads had PLENTY of life and character and each served a vital purpose.

          The original Daily Thread is part info, part community gathering, part miscellaneous political/sociological information.

          The News RoundUp covered headlines of the day.

          The CV thread was crowd-sourcing to defend ourselves, our families, the economy and nation against outside and domestic threat.

          I’m puzzled and perplexed* by the need of the ‘Daily Thread’ loyalists to end or take over the vital crowd-sourcing and science topic, while continuing with the miscellaneous, camaraderie, jokes, etc.

          *(I’m not feeling all lovely and charitable or live-let-live about this. It will be much harder to trust commenters and their motives in the future.)

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          1. Addendum – The CV thread was crowd-sourcing *plus science/medicine/health policy news* to defend ourselves, our families, the economy and nation against outside and domestic threat.

            As a 36 year veteran of a person with advanced neurodegenerative disease – this was vital to me.

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          2. I’m sure the COVID thread had value to a lot of other users…me not so much, so I avoided it. then the daily died so I left for a much needed rest. we all have different needs, time constraints and it was just too overwhelming for me. but i would never ask the tree to change for me…if something bothers me or has no interest to me, I skip it, scroll on by, or go somewhere else…

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            1. Maybe you thought it died, but there were still lots of comments there and it’s where you posted your jokes and we all let off steam. Sigh -Grrrr.

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            2. The regular original Daily Thread is also where all the Q messages are posted and discussed, the doggie, kitty and baby videos, church news, memes (that aren’t posted on the Meme Thread) and much, much more.

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            3. I want to apologize for my too strong replies to you and my too strong expressions of my opinion on this matter. That got me in trouble OT with the powers that be….and I’m trying to learn to think how my comments make other people feel.

              Anyway, despite our disagreement about this – I do value your opinion and feelings and love your jokes and memes. Thanks, PF!

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              1. sweetie…you don’t have a thing to apologize for. you found value in something and I didn’t. you found enough value in it to defend your opinion. i respect that but since my actions are in the past, to me it’s a moot point. we disagreed, not rumbled…LOL…

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        1. Cars arenโ€™t as much fun as people.
          Funny story.
          Guy was at a train station . Next train is express to the city. 40 mins. Heโ€™s feeding seagulls hot chips, one at a time.
          The train arrives . everyone But him boards. As the door are closing he throw the chips into the train carriage followed by about 50 seagulls.
          Australians were laughing so hard at the news. Became a legend in his own time

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          1. Didn’t they make a movie about that?

            Goodbye, Mr. Chips…

            (ducks flying ketchup packets, salt and vinegar, and (yuck) Mayo like they and IKEA do over here)…

            You might say they were well-trained seagulls…

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            1. The passengers were astonished by how much poop frightened seagulls can produce and the noise in the confined carriage. Trip from hell.

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  6. Somehow I have missed whatever has happened.

    Reading this is leaving me with one huge tremor of anxiety . ๐Ÿ˜ง

    Please! Daughn is still here, right?

    I love her. I love Thomas. I love the blueberry muffins, the hospitality, and the stories of Gunner.

    She has given us so much. And she has been so much a part of the effort that created an open arms feeling of welcome and comfort here on our little tree.

    Liked by 23 people

      1. rayzorbak
        I agree 100%
        Daughn gave us the โ€œrealityโ€โ€ฆ Family type feelingโ€ฆ..
        like we were not alone.
        I miss here threads and comments.
        I agree with you.
        This is the last I am going to say about the debacle .
        I contemplated on the why and I have seen how many people are vey found and respect for daughn including myself.
        What strikes me strange is if the fondness and respect for us was reciprocal daughn still would be her.

        Concerning Wolf he has been very kind he took me in when OT banned me he took many people in.
        He gave the place for all authors to flourish.
        Thank you everyone who help make this place what it is .

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    1. Daughn wants to move on. It’s her choice, and I have to respect it.

      Daughn may need her own site. I can respect that, too. In my opinion, that would be a good choice – but not the only good choice.

      Even if she joined one of those more professional multi-author blogs or sites, I think she would need to be the boss pretty fast. So why not go straight to boss? All she needs is a fan club. Oh, wait. What do we have here? ๐Ÿ˜€

      Remember – I’m not interested in clicks, numbers, or lots of people, although I find the Leonidas pictures a bit fun. If this site went back to a smaller and more manageable size, I might not be all that unhappy. My #WAR needs are very small and simple. Sometimes ONE neutron does the job. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      Still plenty of time before the election. The other side would be at DEFCON 1 in no time, were she to have her own place up and running before fall.

      You are gonna get your Daughn, but it may not be here the next time. Follow her on Twitter. You’ll know what she’s planning next.

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      1. I am here because I trust you.

        I donโ€™t do Twitter, and I donโ€™t say anything, ever, much on Facebook or follow anything…with good reasons.

        I agree. Daugn on her own site would be awesome and I will definitely visit there when a link is posted here.

        Our Qtree has been pretty much a haven of sorts and always a blessing. Daugn left us a lasting gift, an openly shared heart that I will always treasure.

        I wish, and even pray, that we could allโ€”new and old friendsโ€”come together to rout the enemy and help President Trump win 2020.

        It could still happen.

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        1. AMEN!

          If Daughn started a new site, she would need a core team of strong supporters. Five good, ten better, 15 unstoppable. From there, it just snowballs. I would hope she could find them here.

          Yeah, there’s rough days at the beginning. But in retrospect, those were good days. Maybe people are starting to see my motivations.

          I’m all about winning the war. I don’t care who has the biggest air base. I’ve got the nukes and the flying saucers.

          And one way or another, we’re gonna WIN. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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          1. I am gratified that you read my words about “victory conditions” and that it helped clarify your thinking.

            “When you’re up to your a** in alligators, it’s often difficult to remember your plan to drain the swamp.”

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      2. Wolf, Can you please stop talking about Daughn like she WANTED to move on. You all but pulled the rug out from under her. If you thought she was getting too overpowering here, you could have had the good grace to take her aside and recommend she move on. What the hell? She didn’t even get that common courtesy.

        Letting a passive-aggressive female undermine Daughn was BS no matter how you spin your rationalization.

        Giving Daughn a “take it or leave it” AFTER you bulldozed her. What the hell kind of resolution is that? If you wanted her gone, ask her to leave. All you did was add insult to injury.

        Daughn is gone. Period.

        Stop implying we will “have our Daughn” because you have nothing to say about Daughn’s future. You wouldn’t even take Cootie’s advice and figure out a win win. WTF

        Either tell the truth about how badly this was mishandled or leave it at “Daughn is gone.” Just stop trying to speak for her or about her or protect those that undermined her behind the scenes.

        No need to admonish me. I’ve had my say.

        Liked by 6 people

            1. I went to the “WOW” link, and to be quite honest, I wish we could go back in time and just be like that. I don’t want to blame anybody here for anything. However, I must also face reality. This looks very problematic. I will not say much more than that at this time. This looks so much like professional inception, that the possibility cannot be dismissed.

              My decision on one open thread is final. Daughn can do whatever she likes in light of the new evidence, but I *really* feel that separate open threads were leveraged against us in multiple ways. I suspected it, and now I’m sure of it. My security concerns are now even more “dramatic”.

              I am too close to this to investigate what is going on here. There is some evidence that only I can know. I am now withholding that evidence.

              I suggest that any evidence of ginning the split be PMed to me, rather than making public accusations.

              Innocent until proven guilty.

              Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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              1. I can forgive jealousy and hypocrisy, and thanks to my master, I am learning, badly, to forgive even enemy actions beyond those. But forgiving and subduing are two different things, and both need to be done here.

                Apparent hypocrisy is a telltale sign of both professional and psychopathic conflict generation – those often being the same thing, since naturals make the best pros.

                Extremely interesting.

                Of course, I see that to judge only by having judged myself FIRST in the same regard.

                Making other people think they thought of things – talking things into existence – is a real art. No need for all the fancy-schmantzy techware.

                It is also a pro move to give somebody a public motivation for any subsequent accusation, by attacks of a designed psychology, drawing your attention to exhibit “A” on this thread, to which I carefully failed to respond.

                Interestingly, the Akismet spam engine also helped me gather some contrary evidence – what you might call hypocrisy.

                I’ll have some interesting stories to share when this is over. Why I know this stuff. How I learned – the hard way.

                Think I just learned a new lesson. We must be CRAZY-ASS honeybadger bombers over the target now.

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              2. “I suggest that any evidence of ginning the split be PMed to me”

                My understanding has been that you don’t accept PMs and that whatever people send to you is liable to be made public. I haven’t attempted to PM you and probably will have no need to do so, but what is the policy, and how would one go about it?

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  7. This business has dealt multiple losses for me….
    – loss of Daughn and her writing.
    – loss of the esteem and trust for the people involved in her leaving and the manner in which the Daily Virus thread was ended.
    – loss of the sense of congeniality, unity, security here at WQTH.
    – loss of the Daily Virus News which was vital to me for many reasons, especially because of my daughter.

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    1. My opinion still stands:

      April 30, 2020 at 08:29
      For my part โ€“ I BELIEVE WE NEED TO HAVE A DAILY THREAD that focuses on

      โ€“ the revelations, timeline, evidence about the origination and dispersal of the ECV (Evil Chinese Virus) CCCV (Cursed Communist Chinese Virus)

      โ€“ on our experiences with the Reopening our businesses and getting Back To Work,

      โ€“ documenting our experiences in the Fight to Get Back To Real Normal

      โ€“ on Resisting the leftists push for a scurrilous Vaccine with built-in ID (and possible population control โ€“ the sterilization of masses of young people around the world).

      โ€“ to report on the trials of HCQ and other therapies, antivirals, etc.

      โ€“ to report on the SNAZZY NEW TECHNOLOGY that kills the virus and how it is being implemented in industry.

      โ€“ to follow any further press briefings and changes of policy by our awesome President.

      โ€“ Yesterday, I reported on the FDA, CDC, Quest responses to my inquiries about the SEROLOGICAL ANTIBODY TEST to prove you have immunity/antibodies to the virus. We need to follow this, because it will possibly reveal the timing of the virus and the depth of its impact on the general population and our national โ€˜herd immunity.โ€™


      Daughn has brought all that into focus every day, along with following the briefings along with her daily thread.

      She may be โ€“ as I was โ€“ puzzled by the need to eliminate or drastically change the daily CCV/Back to Work thread.
      At this point โ€“ when folks gripe about multiple threads or off topic comments โ€“ it sorta reeks of that place where many of us walked on eggshells under a tyrannical group of mods.

      Hopefully, at WQTH, there will never be a spirit of competition over numbers of comments on various threads each day.

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      1. I don’t believe there was competition. Some people insisted there was, threw out accusations, refused to entertain any other ideas but their own, and would not listen or engage. They are still saying things that aren’t true. My eyes have been opened by looking at exactly what has been, and is still being, said.

        This is Wolf’s site. Why would there ever be strife over whether a thread goes up or not? One word from him, and the author (or any of us) should cooperate. But that didn’t happen. Instead, people got blamed and assumptions were made and fingers were pointed and motivations were assumed, and we’re now here.

        It could have been very simple. There were rumblings about changing the COVID thread for a while (from daily to weekly, for example). I have read through every thread that relates to this, and the choice was made to take offense, lay blame, and assume what others’ motivations were. The choice was made to allow emotions to rule and make things difficult. A lot has been revealed, and it’s unfortunate and disappointing

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            1. AND THERE WAS THIS


              There was not necessarily jealousy or competition – but Wheatie was essentially saying, “why should I bother with a daily thread when the Covid thread was an open topic daily thread?” – but the Virus thread really wasn’t a Daily Open thread!

              Now, to find anything about the reopening, the science, technology, virus and vaccine plot we have to scroll through a lot of miscellaneous stuff, and folks just saying good morning, etc.

              We are all tired, frustrated and grumpy dealing with this….uncertain and difficult time in our nations’ history – trying to figure out what is real and what is geo-political treachery.

              This has been an assault our way of life as a nation and as individuals.

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              1. 100% agree.
                They brought innocent people into their plot..not soldiers fighting in their elitist games but defenseless citizens worldwide to play as collateral damage. It’s war . It’s not over. It’s not even smoldering yet. There’s a desperate attempt to fan the hysteria with “new” mutations, “related to” ailments.

                There are so many plates spinning right now but CV is the one thing that was laser executed on us and it’s nowhere near being done.

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              2. It took me forever scrolling through looking at time stamps to find what you meant so I’m copying it here…

                “AND THIS DISCUSSION ON APRIL 2.


                April 2, 2020 at 22:33
                Hey Daughn โ€“ just a thought โ€ฆ now that the Daily C-virus thread is getting more comments than daily thread, and Iโ€™m probably not the only one to wonder โ€œwhere do I post this?โ€ and โ€œwhere DID xxx post that?โ€ when trying to recall someoneโ€™s earlier comment โ€ฆ

                1. Are we posting too much trivial or irrelevant stuff on this thread that better belongs on daily thread?
                2. Is it time to go back to one daily thread since most convo is likely to be virus related?

                Just asking and wondering if youโ€™re tearing your hair out about how scattered we all are ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท


              3. For the U-Tree link you shared, for anyone who can’t find it directly or easily (like me), below is how that comment starts

                “AND THERE WAS THIS”


                05/03/2020 @ 03:06 at 03:06
                โ€œi get your heart but there was a point when principles were taking place over the respect and care we usually show one another.โ€

                I donโ€™t understand what you mean by this, T3.

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              1. That’s exactly what I thought at first. I dismissed it. No way. But then…..

                Then I remembered some things.

                Fortunately, I know some things that you don’t. At the appropriate time, you may learn of them.

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              2. Wondering what are you saying here…. that D (with or without the assistance of A) engineered a noisy exit to win sympathy and followers for a blog of her own or to lure us onto her FB groups?

                That’s as far-out as BFJG’s x-rated diatribe.

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              3. Nope, I am absolutely NOT saying that.

                Daughn is innocent. Absolutely 100% innocent here, and she got the raw deal because of it. And *I* was the one who had to deliver the tail end of the raw deal, because I chose the good of the site as a whole over any one author.

                Midnight. Now, I shut down this discussion. We move on.

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          1. It’s sometimes hard to find the comment that you/anyone linked to, at least w/ my browser, so here’s where it starts, for ease of navigation for anyone challenged, like me ๐Ÿ™‚

            April 27, 2020 at 21:50
            On another noteโ€ฆ

            Steve posted this today on the Daily Open thread:

            โ€œA lot of people have been posting COVID stuff in both places, or non-COVID stuff on the COVID thread.

            I think it needs to go away, itโ€™s simply taking the place of this thread.โ€

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    2. I hear you.

      I promised you that I would never ban you for your beliefs, but I never promised that I would run this place in a way that you or any other individual prefers.

      It is my hope that – perhaps – Daughn will build a place where you will not feel those losses. If so, I would encourage you to help her. You will always be welcome to come back here any time.

      Have you thought about encouraging Daughn to create the kind of place where you won’t feel those losses? A site cannot be built without a core of strong supporters. That is always the most difficult part. Daughn EARNED her supporters. As far as I’m concerned, they’re hers to “roll over” into a new site.

      DIVISION is not always a bad thing. Try to think of ways in which it can be POSITIVE, and aim for them.

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      1. Wolfmoon,

        I do not expect you to run your blog to suit my wants, needs and likes.

        I’m just ‘speaking my mind’ as we say in the South.

        Your blog, your rules, choices and changes.

        It has been an exceptional place of unity, joy, honesty, depth and warmth due to your personality and those of your authors.

        Will be praying.

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        1. Also want to say how deeply grateful I am for the privilege of reading and commenting here.

          We all appreciate your gift of this place, the sacrifice of your time and money poured out for all of us, giving us a community and a place of refuge when The Last Refuge wasn’t any such thing.

          You and the WQTH authors have worked so hard to make all the exciting, interesting posts every single day.

          I haven’t said thank you for all this in too long a time.

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      2. I’m terrible at gardening (only one in my family, too, it’s embarrassing), but I know there are some plants where you divide them (bulbs?) and set them out so they can grow separately, even if in the same flowerbed, whatever. Without that division (or whatever it’s called), the plant will eventually get weaker or even die due to the clumping (for lack of a better term).

        It’s not a destructive action, it’s a furthering of growth. A branching out, as it were. Most of us were part of the “old treehouse” before the “banned” was formed. Here we have a new tree that has already (I think) formed, if not encouraged, a few new sites (Patrick’s, Marica’s, I’m sure there are others). Maybe not forming them from the beginning, but, hmmm, being cross-pollinated with people moving between the sites and such. And of there’s the U-Tree as well.

        I think we need to be careful both in terms of “Eeyoreism” and psyop attacks from the DEMONicRATS and their ilk. They want to control ALL media, whether social, anti-social :), print/audio/video, and alternative. And they want to slam that Overton Window all the way to the left, and don’t care if they break it on the way… And they’d just as soon break us, too.

        All the best to Daughn, BigT, Gunner, and her friends and blogs and endeavours. I have a feeling with things opening up, she’s probably up to her eyeballs in preparations, etc., and I wish her all the best on that, too.

        There’s more than one hill that needs to be defended and fought. I pray that we all can do battle where needed, and that GOD Forgives, Blesses, and Strengthens us all. And that we take heart and heed to those verses in that book which WP won’t let me name (wonder if they’ve banned IN-N-OUT cups too?),

        5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

        6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

        7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

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    3. Ga/Fl we have a Scripture for Times like these…that what the enemy meant for harm God is able to turn to good.

      We have each personally benefited from this site, which made us stronger and gave us a home when we might have been silenced and alone after the great banishment.

      I still believe that SD owes Wolf both an apology and a great debt because Wolf kept so many of us on board and effective for MAGA after SD cast us aside and might have therefore lost many from the Maga movement.

      Our hearts and arms are open to Daughn whatever has happened. I am sure that most of us feel that way, and we will support and cherish her wherever she is.

      I do believe though that our shared cause is greater than whatever has come up to divide us, and I hope. we can somehow come together stronger in time to pool our resources for the election.

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  8. Hi Wolf. I understand perfectly this time, I think. United we stand, divided…well, I don’t want to think about it.

    I want you to know that this site is my anchor. I don’t have the schedule to do daily threads, but if I did, I would.

    I do love assignments, because I don’t always have the time to formulate a plan to investigate something, but like a good pointer dog, I will always put my nose toward the right direction if asked to try.

    You have built something extraordinary here. I love it. The personalities are all different, the voices all matter. However, ego CAN’T matter. We are at WAR. The least grunt soldier has great importance, and we can’t all be generals. You never know when the one comment you make might influence a general and change the course of a battle.

    I am here, and here I will remain. If ANYONE, grunt to general, asks me for help, research, or whatever, I will do my solid best to give it. I’m in this foxhole until the war is over, or you kick me out.

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    1. Excellent!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      There are going to be some bg investigations needed very soon, once two things kick up: (1) Spygate indictments, and (2) phony coronagate smhearings. Spotting the diaper, the hidden Hillary connections, and hidden activists will be at a premium.

      I’ve already been sorting some sketchy peronas into the “maybe” pile – very soon there will be some “go” cases!

      I can almost guarantee that Fauci is going to be needing intense scrutiny.

      Interesting times are coming!

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  9. This explanation makes sense, maybe not on an emotional level, but it does make sense. I always tried to read and keep up with both threads, lots of good stuff in both. I did hear today that even the Task Force is going to be winding down, so it sounds like you are on the right page with stopping the daily WuFlu thread.

    As I said the other day, if the Beast and the Dems cheat their way back in, it won’t matter who writes which post or how many people “like” it….our tree will be chopped down and we will all be dead.

    The most beautiful, strongest of trees have to be pruned from time to time in order to keep the roots and the trunk strong. The pruned limbs may have provided security, shade, or a place for a swing. But when the tree grows so much, some of those big limbs pose a risk with powerlines, roofs, or storm damage.

    With all that said, I’m going to miss Daughn’s posts….political, business, and the fun ones, too. I can’t imagine the time you or any of the authors invest in bringing us the good info. It is much appreciated. Apparently I missed a lot of the back and forth, angry words, bruised egos or whatever transpired. and I’m not going in search of it.

    Daughn definitely has a gift for storytelling and was always a likeable heroine in the stories she shared. I still hope she will put together a collection in book form at some point if politics ever slow down enough to allow it.

    If she puts together her own blog, I wish her the very best, and I will read as I have time. But you took me in when I was wandering around trying to figure out what happened at CTH, and as long as you will have me, I’ll stay on my little branch. If the time ever comes to prune the limb I inhabit, I will leave a better person for having been here.

    God bless you, ๐Ÿบ!! โค

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    1. Man! I spent a lot of time trying to figure stop-losses and then trailing stop-losses to try to protect some gains after getting in near the bottom in March. Because we could be having a W-bottom soon or even a WV-bottom. I know if they can do despair, they will.

      So I missed all the back-n-forth of this painful episode. My heart’s with everyone.

      Last I was here, Valerie Curren offered to take a day and I remember her saying some of our topics needed a caretaker. The topics needed the bits and pieces swept up and kept in a meaningful format for better reference. Maybe that officially makes that part of a topic ‘old news’ but might also save us from inventing new wheels.

      I’m not volunteering Valerie and not me neither, but it seems like Covid could use a curator.

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      1. I tried to suggest something similar to this in the Author Thread…that certain special topics would have “references” posts that could go on the sidebar, and have comments DISABLED. Because a lot–most–of the comments aren’t necessarily on topic or fail to bring new facts into play. It’s stuff that won’t be interesting a week down the road, much less a year. The curator would pick up relevant info up from the daily and copy it into the body of the reference post, which is then available to look at for reference, without wading through page after page of comments.

        Yes, that would require the curator to exercise judgment, and people might not agree with that judgment.

        Daughn seemed puzzled by this suggestion when I made it…or she was madder than heck. Can’t tell which.

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        1. It was way too soon to cut off the CV threads.

          Even in FL, there are 5-600 new cases per day and there are still trials and battles with leftists to be won.

          There is new science, new technology.

          I disagree with you all strongly about this.

          It was a great loss to me and to a lot of others.

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        1. I empathize with your desire to have COVID threads. They have been, and still are, a wealth of information. I like the ideas people have put forth about having a weekly thread or pinning COVID threads to the sidebar with new, pertinent information added. Ideally, informative comments would also be included there.

          I agree with you about comments; I learn so much from everyone about all the topics. For now, I’m hoping that ongoing research, treatment protocols, and other info will still be shared in the open thread. I can’t imagine it not being posted because this is our life now! โ˜น๏ธ

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          1. Great – but you still have to wade through a bunch of other, um stuff, to find anything about the science/medicine.

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            1. Serious offer.

              Are you willing to become an Author and post COVID related articles that draw COVID-related comments and information? Or whatever else you want? I can make you an Author right now. We also have a Friday open thread slot I’d love to assign to somebody.

              I not you, other takers are welcome.

              This is not hard. Find an article that interests you, construct a post based on it, and suck up all the answers to questions you pose in the post.

              I’ll do a demo in a little while.

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              1. That’s so sweet and generous of you, Wolfmoon. Flep tried to get me involved cooperatively in his News Roundup doing a Wall byline, but I’m not nearly as good a researcher as he is – and re: the CV stuff, or you and Daughn.

                Also, I’m kind of on call with Sally and things can go south in a heartbeat.

                As I told Flep this morning, because I forgot to post anything about the Wall on Monday – I’ve got a one-track mind and forget stuff – it’s been that way since I was a teenager – I was talking to my 16 year old classmate, went to answer the door and forgot she was on the line…. for hours. She waited just for fun and because she was studying and wanted to tease me. And because it wasn’t the first time.

                We are all in distress to one degree or another….this brou-ha-ha has given us an opportunity to think about our actions, words, feelings, in online lives and relationships….I’ve learned a whole lot over the time on Right Scoop, CTH, Weasel Zippers, and here. You are really a good-hearted generous soul – I bet PDJT would enjoy your company.

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              2. Plus – with all my ranting – I’ve probably offended and estranged half your readers on this topic and over the years.

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  10. One or moar above commented, WQTH is their anchor point. My days start and end here, at WQTH. WQTH keeps me grounded to reality, the truth. Keeps perspective on an even keel…easier to keep a steady eye on the ball…ignore the chaff.

    Appreciate Wolf allowing me to participate. Authors and posters alike appreciated, always.

    No where else could I have learned so much factually about CAV. From the horrors in Chinee land, CAV itself, personal preparations… HCQ, Zpak, Zinc, plasma, remdisivar, mega Vitamin C, ventilator horrors, high altitude treatments, on and on. WHO, Gates, Tedros, vaccines… Much of this remains to unfold and learn about. The weekly, then daily COVID thread a major part of that. A focal point. Literally dozens of posters providing great insights, experience, knowledge collectively made it all work exceptionally well.

    Daughn is an absolute joy that I’ll remember. Not a TW or FB type. So, may cross paths with Daughn again. Certainly will be my gain if it comes to pass. Hope these tough business times times at the B&B, other ventures are navigated with great success. Big T legal posts were insightful. Hope the very best for Gunner. Graduating this year, this month I suppose, and a challenging employment environment is an understatement. Good Gunner is a very intelligent guy.

    Daily thread, Flep’s News and additional articles that may show are informative and a challenge for slow guy to keep up with.

    Moar locally we have an economy to get back on track. An election to win. A venomous cabal that needs to be indicted, tried and when found guilty, jailed and stripped of all wealth.

    It was great seeing President Trump getting out today. He flourishes with pressers on the fly…chopper, AF1, on the road:-)

    Looking forward to Turtle pushing Judge confirmations. And moar Trump Rallies.

    Well, ^^^ rambled on a bit longer than intended.

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  11. Who would have thought that the COVID virus could wreak such destruction among such a tight-knit community, but it’s clear it took it’s toll. I see the COVID thing as out of the ordinary, drastic change in life circumstances – I also see it as temporary. I hate when something gets messed up and it didn’t need to, but that’s me.

    I go with the flow, but those who know me – they know I’m tender-hearted. Guess I wish we could have waited this out.

    Speaking of task forces winding down, Arizona is closing up shop on their almost immediately.

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    1. Well said LadyP.
      Without the Covid thread personally I would’ve been lost. The CV psy op had to be dissected and mangled to pieces to sort out the truth from big lies .
      It also gave rise to more factual detailed information published in one place than any other blog that I’ve seen.
      Everything that was hard to understand was dumbed down easy to share with others that don’t come here and were scared shitless about CV.

      I mean really where else could you read in one single safe place the anti CV regimen… only here because of the collaborative gargantuan effort by so many.
      Sure there is Cv related info on the Daily now but it’s spread thin throughout Trump news, comedy relief, religious encouragement, Senate news, spygate, and more. It’s difficult for me to even focus on Q posts amid so much other info but hey..I’m a bit player here so I’ll take what I get and sthu.

      Some of us (like myself) concentrate on what most affects my like and my family and my future. Right now it’s this Shamdemic. I’ll forever be grateful for those Cv threads

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      1. I will, too, forever be grateful — but part of what this episode has illustrated to me is that there were two layers to this psychic poison. The first was “The CV psy op had to be dissected and mangled to pieces to sort out the truth from big lies. It also gave rise to more factual detailed information published in one place than any other blog that Iโ€™ve seen.” — but the second is this fetid horror must consume your attention and change your behavior and eliminate everything else in your world.

        We now know that it’s a coronavirus that spreads without symptoms. Under some conditions, it will erupt into something resembling a flu. With some co-morbidities, it can put people in the hospital. There are two waves of danger from this beast — the first from the initial viral infection, and the second from hemoglobin destruction. The second wave puts people in the hospital and can accelerate into a cytokine storm as organs go hypoxic. HCQ works well on both waves. Ventilators are hardware-assisted death. We’ve known all that for a while. It’s nasty.

        But what’s really ripping into us is that this is televised from the Colosseum — Are You Not Amused? People are dying at the direction of ghouls like Dr. Fauci and this is supposed to keep us entertained. We got here because Daughn and many others said, “there is the arena, there are the tiger holding pens, here are the chain attachment points, here are the slaves and their weapons, there are the slavemasters and trainers, in the stands are the slave owners and odds-makers. At this point, should we continue to watch, transfixed?

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        1. IMO, yes. We should continue watching. The goalposts change daily. Fake news and fake data is reported daily because they want this to continue
          It makes no sense for us to assume that we have all we need to know.

          The rights we have enjoyed all of our lives are being bent and threatened because of CV. We better not look away too long.

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          1. We should be aware of these things — but in the context of situational awareness. We know (generally) what is coming at us from this angle, and we should watch it, but we should also look out for what is coming at other angles. We don’t need to study it intently and figure it out again.

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      2. The CV threads were a life and sanity saver for me. Help in preparation, help for understanding the disease, therapies, everything. We helped each other through this.

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        1. We did. And Daughn did an awesome job! And we still could maybe use some going forward…..but you run into the issue of trying to dismount a galloping horse.

          I don’t think that the original situation absolutely had to have a win/lose, but once things are shoved into that framework you lose track of what each person needs and wants…..and can end up with pyrrhic victories and vengeful losses. Redefinition and restatement of Victory Conditions can help clarify options.

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  12. Wolf, from the author logistics post: “Itโ€™s very important to understand that โ€“ for โ€œtechnical reasonsโ€, I cannot communicate securely (my definition, not other peopleโ€™s) or privately with Wheatie or Daughn except with extreme difficulty โ€“ to the point where itโ€™s not worth it.”

    Hmmm….I’d always figured that author initiation was handled by private emails, but I guess not. I suspected it might be done via throwaway emails, but I guess not. (Set up two tables in a campus quad or other busy area full of young, gullible people. Offer private emails for $1. Fill out a form with email like “xyz32325” and password “jxq95238” and have ’em go wait at the other table. At the other table, offer to give people $1 if they receive a text message and tell you what it says. As soon as someone gives you a cell # at the second table, take an email from the first table and get a gmail for it, with 2FA it to that cell #. Give the person his buck and tell him he can do another or walk away. Take the 2FA info from the 2nd table, validate the email for the guy from the first table and run a script to change the password into something random. Print that password onto a label that you paste over the initial password on the form and tell the first guy to use it wisely.)

    Alternatively, sender and recipient could both get two part (public/private) keys, and after a little dance have a secure link that is as secure as the keys. There’s a Jorj X. McKie running around already, or I would have grabbed it for the next round in my life…..

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    1. The last idea, however (if done alone, and you apparently are suggesting it as you said “alternatively” rather than ‘additionally” still leaves the participants open to traffic analysis. “They” may not be able to read the message, but “they’ll” know who the two people are, and that they are talking to each other–or NOT talking to each other, at times.

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      1. It’s a different pathway, that’s why it’s an alternate. And, yes, there is different information to be gained by network analysis.

        We are on the cusp of a new age. So much digital information is available about us online through so many channels, we have no ways left of concealing… we must think to dissemble. To bury our data in a bunch of noise. We can set up programs to generate an encrypted email and randomly send it to random people outside our contacts list.

        As an example, I have publicly mentioned that I attended the University of Casual Sun-Bathing back in the 1980’s. So I could have an AI scan through ucsb links…..and from a random throwaway email, send a random encrypted message to . I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me, he won’t be able to read the message, and if the FBI questions him next week we’re all in deeper than we know — but he’d likely blow it off…….and the network view would be “fuzzed”.

        If you think your encryption is good, once you encrypt something you should send it to your target and 49 random people.

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        1. If it’s good enough to take up several hours of CPU time for the government computers to decode…make them waste their time. Encrypt random crap and send it to people, including someone you want to talk to (he needs to know to expect the occasional junk). They have to decrypt everything, most of their effort is wasted.

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          1. Exactly. And if you think that plays hell with their decryption program, think of what it does to network mapping.

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            1. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to public key…the result of the crunching could very well be someone’s private key, at which point they decrypt everything ever sent to that person quickly.

              On the other hand, usually public key encryption is used ONLY to encrypt the *real* password for the message, which is a conventional symmetric key. If they crack a message and ONLY end up with that symmetric key, then they’re back at square one every time, because it’s randomly generated with every message. Of course if you decrypt enough of those, you can do a known-plain-text attack on the public key encryption.

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              1. The asymmetry involved is that we’ll go off to sleep soon and our computers will still draw current and still run, whether they’re generating a keypair or not. We could generate a keypair requiring 8 hours of computation each and every night…..without adding $1 to our monthly electric bill.

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  13. Fun fact: the word “saboteur” comes from “sabot” — a shoe…..which was shoved into a weaving machine to jam it. (without reference to wikipedia).

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            1. I was referencing how Maria Bartiromo (she of fame from the Red Dinner) tried to take him to task a few nights ago for never actually subpoenaing any of the bad actors, and he said he’d never do so while there were ongoing investigations.

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              1. Sounds about right for him. He’s used this dodge before. I’m now wondering if he was truly clueless on ISIS or talked into fronting the op that way – but either way – a usable meme!

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        1. There is a very intricate dance going on here, and I did not expect Wolf to appear at this point….but I’m pleased that he did. Should Wolf call the dance, I’d step the dance’s call. In the meantime, it proceeds……

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  14. I’m going to leak a smidgeon of pride about all our running down all the disinformation from this. It is likely premature, but when things get resolved it will be important.

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  15. Thanks, Wolf…for all that you do.

    We get focused on our own ‘camera angles’ (as T3/gudthots says) and do not see the bigger picture that you see.

    Thanks for looking out for us.

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    1. Off topic. Great Gif ^^^ Can you imagine the concentration of the photographer on getting his camera shot just right…considering the roar and literally an increasing earth shaking rumble of locomotives just feet away.

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    2. You’re welcome. I just woke up to check for a bomb crater where this site used to be – and what do you know – NO bomb crater. I’m very impressed that everybody is taking stock of what happened, and yes – camera angles and interpretation of what we see through a sneaky, cunning veil – the bad counselor of Occam’s razor without enough information – or worse still, with wrong or misleading information distorted by human psychology.

      We’re going to move on now. I’ll explain after I finish reading all the comments.

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    3. The gif reminds me of a close call I had when when I was a kid. I was at a zoo in Lansing, MI and was part of a crowd that was watching the monkey pen where there was a battle going on among them. The crowd of onlookers was mostly adults and I was having trouble seeing over them.

      I started walking around the back of the crowd to find a place to get a better look. I was still looking up at the monkey mayhem in the upper branches of the enclosure. There was a big, deep pit in front of me that I was oblivious to. No barriers whatsoever, and no workers to guard it.

      Fortunately, an older man saw what was about to happen to me, and was there to grab me by the arm just as I had one leg over the pit and was about to fall in. I remember seeing large metal pipes at the bottom. I could have been maimed for life had I fallen in.

      So, I sympathize with the kid in front of the train.

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  16. Wolfie,

    I don’t do FB… early on I noticed how rude some could be. From my POV, going on someone’s FB page is the same as entering their home. One doesn’t go into another’s home and insult their political or religious opinions.
    Then there’s the privacy angle and the fact that peeps give away all their info which is being collected by so many different groups.

    Same goes for blogs… imho the site owner expresses the rules and posters obey or go elsewhere. So, it costs me nothing to say that I respect your decisions and will do my best to adhere to your wishes.

    As it happens, I knew nothing of the recent drama until this a.m. Suffice it to say that I share your feeling about the make-up of the blog. Thankful for my comfy branch here at the QTree……………….

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    1. Thanks, and you’re welcome as always. I got back on here today and am impressed that people are holding their fire. I think we can move forward. I’ll make a big comment here in a while and then we move on.

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  17. OK – here is where I’m going on this now…..

    Copied from the U Tree…..


    Thanks. I’m going to use your post here for a general announcement (i.e., this is directed at everybody).

    We all have some fault here, but by tonight I will be asking that the topic be dead and buried so we can heal on it. Everybody will have to lay down their swords and bury their hatchets. I’m bringing the red hot iron, and we get back to work.

    Getting in some last hits between now and then is NOT a good idea. Far better to begin to practice reconciliation.

    I am hoping that I don’t have to go “Sundance of positivity” on things (meaning banning people for negative emotional outbursts that keep stirring this incident back into contention), but I may do that. There is also the possibility that “technically innocent people will have to be separated”. The best way not to be one of those individuals is to avoid all blame-casting on this topic in the future. But there is more.

    Based on current analysis results, there are specific patterns of behavior, not necessarily intentional, sometimes very subtle, which can be promptly eliminated to prevent these incidents. To most people here – even the banned – they will appear like “mystery bans”.

    People can get into practice sheathing their swords and burying their hatchets NOW, so it’s not hard later.

    I’m now going from the current “Comey style” (yacking selectively about stuff behind the scenes) to “Barr style” (radio silence until the bombs fall). We will work on analysis of this incident, and if any further actions are warranted, they will be taken swiftly.


    So – I’m going to start getting back to work, and this reflects the greater objective – BACK TO WORK.

    Thank you all for your understanding. โค

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      1. Not sure what that means….I have not been around. But as long as everyone is ok, that’s what matters.

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            1. Somewhat. I don’t understand why some people are cured and some die, and some have it linger on. I have no proof but in my case I know I didn’t get the hydroxychloroquine fast enough and I suspect I didn’t get a high enough dose.

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              1. I agree. If you have a spare 3:29 minutes, watch this video from a TV in 2003, It’s about a virus that threatens the world. They actually name coronavirus as a virus and chloroquine as a treatment. It’s kind of shocking in a sense.

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  18. wheatie & daughn need to patch things up ! โค โค

    everybody makes mistakes sometimes…but…hey…who’s to judge ?


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    1. I’d love to see it, but some things, alas, are too broken to repair.

      I know what I think would be the bare minimum that would have to happen for things to be patched up (but that is colored by my beliefs as to who caused the mess). And even if I am right, I don’t see it happening without one of the two being redpilled on the incident. And we all know how hard it is to red-pill something out of something they are convinced is true.

      It’s a damned shame. And per Wolf, we have to let it lie as-is.

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  19. This is a reply to Wheatie’s U Tree comment – since I’m not a member there:

    Dear Wheatie,

    I truly understand that you were tired and stressed due to the effects of the virus, the shut-down and the tornado that hit your property – but I would rather you had told Wolfie you needed a break and to ask someone to cover for you for a while.

    As it was, you pointed to the CV thread and said essentially, “Why should I bother, since the CV thread is a daily thread.”

    The CV wasn’t ever an open topic thread, and it was serving a vital purpose for many of us – it was a source of critical information.

    Wolfmoon could have decided to make the Chinese Virus thread a weekly thread to suit all the malcontents, but he threatened to go Biblical – but on the spiritual plane it was not Biblical in the least.

    Now the CV thread is gone and Daughn’s gone. Now, I’m just as discontented as y’all were with having to wade through the daily thread for virus-related information as y’all were with the imagined competing daily thread.

    Y’all casting the blame on Alison is not fair either. That issue was resolved right then with Daughn on April 2. That was the height of the epidemic – FL was having 12-1300 new cases per day – why did you all want to end the CV thread in the middle of the epidemic?

    Though it was resolved, evidently y’all weren’t satisfied, so Wheatie brought the subject up to Wolfmoon on the 27th (FL was ranging from 1200-700 new CV cases that week, my daughter was in the hospital and I could not even see her.) and quoted other people as not happy or confused by a daily virus thread.

    Thank you for letting me say my piece and get it off my chest. Y’all are the distinguished gifted authors and Wolfmoon is the Owner and Boss of this wonderful blog.

    By now, I have probably offended and estranged a lot of people, but as someone once said at the cost of his life, “Here I stand; I can do no other.”

    Now I am laying down my sword and beating it into a plowshare. As Wolfie said, it’s time to plow ahead.

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  20. This thread is now being closed to comments.

    On other posts, comments of a “she said, she said” nature will be deleted. We’re moving on.

    No picking the scab, either, no matter how sweetly that is dressed up. Yes, we miss Daughn. But it’s time to resume life. The door is always open. You never know.

    Thanks for all your input and civil discussion. This temporary “ban” of sorts will be lifted later, but we need a change of subject right now to get back to research.

    Thank you for your understanding!



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