Trump Lincoln Memorial Back-To-Work [BACK TO NORMAL] Virtual Town Hall

If you don’t think this is important, then let me explain how almost EVERY single early comment about this – no matter what was included – was sent into the SPAM BIN by Akismet.

If you don’t think this is important, then let me explain how TWITTER suppressed the early tweets about this sucker. And is STILL heavily promoting the NEGATIVE tweets.

If you don’t think this is important, then you are not keeping up with Q and Trump and everybody else who is now STRUGGLING to END THIS POWER-GRABBING, ELECTION-SWINGING, REALITY HOAX.

  • The virus and disease are real.
  • The response is phony.
  • The news is fake.

To end their phony “New Normal”, we have to crush this massive hoax. And yet, in doing so, we have to address the REALITIES of the virus – a “new NORMAL (mostly) CORONAVIRUS”. It is returning this rarely venomous, “terrible toddler tribble”, powder-puff virus to the status of FLUFFY DOG OF THE PACK that ends this shit.

Yeah, only us KLINGONS get bit! *wink*

As somebody who got the virus and was injured by it, I personally will never quite be back to “normal”. However, I also realize that this is not a cause to INSTALL SOCIALISM. Nor is it cause to knuckle under to the psychology of the PLOTTERS.

In fact, our “NEW NORMAL” can be the OLD NORMAL, only BETTER.

Imagine going back to a time when mandatory vaccination was considered unacceptably SOCIALIST.

Back to work.

Back to reindustrialization.


Back to the previously WORKING voluntary vaccination model of our childhoods.

Back to winning the election.


Enough with the phony mask psychology.

Enough with the phony money-drug blindered FAKE SCIENCE.

Enough with the phony virus fearmongering.

And while we’re at it…..

No mandatory vaccinations – EVER.

Right to REFUSE crappy Bill Gates rush-to-market vaccines.

Right to REFUSE indemnified vaccines.

Right to REFUSE any vaccine for reasons of conscience.

Right to tell unconstitutional Democrat governors to GO TO HELL.

Speaking of which…..


Yeah, there will be a PEANUT GALLERY, working for the other side in their TROTSKYIST way…..




234 thoughts on “Trump Lincoln Memorial Back-To-Work [BACK TO NORMAL] Virtual Town Hall

    1. July at latest for rallies. Hoping for June in states that opened quickly.

      Me thinks open air venue. Larger crowds.

      – Stadium I hope. Baseball, football, including college stadiums. Sports are not being played, so they are available.
      – NASCAR track. Huge stands oriented towards start / finish line.

      Weather warm to hot. Sunny. Humidity could be in play.

      We’ll have a great time. YSM and D-Rats melting down… 😉

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        1. I WAS going to Utah for my summer vacation. I love the Family History Library, and Evermore Park.

          I changed to Rushmore and South Dakota for Trump, and because they are open for business!

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  1. Did y’all REALLY expect Fox to be any different?

    The Cabel is pushing everything they have…

    You think the censorship is bad now? It will get worse……………

    And when the normies realize how bad it is, the social platforms will become utilities.

    Media is going DOWN… and soon, which is probably why Fox is so bad today…

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    1. The last Town Hall was not as nasty as this one – trying to pin him down with timelines – fear mongering and safety issues – church question was out of their purview – but it seemed to me – they wanted so badly to blame him for this entire mess – I do not like these two any more than I did the first time – but, at least the first time they were more gracious – this time – judging from the questions chosen – they wanted to make him look bad – in any way they could – even to the last with the mask nonsense – which Pence handled quite well – they do not seem to understand – when America goes back to work – everything will come together for the good of all – they did all they could to frighten people into thinking President Trump does not know what he is doing – he has no answers to your questions – and as a country – we are going down – gosh – I cannot stand these two – when are we going to get some real credible journalists and hosts with some class who are not just plain crass?

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        1. Plus, Liz Wheeler is fantastic! She does a news review every night on their YouTube channel. Jack Posobiec, Alex Salvi and several others associated with that news outlet are all very good.

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      1. ““` when are we going to get some real credible journalists and hosts….““““

        I spy cognitive dissonance Duchess…

        we are at war… the media belongs to the Cabal. Your expectation is false.

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        1. Oh, I know, PR – but, I think there may be a movement to establish an independent press – a crackdown on big tech – for censorship – perhaps, even regulation – we cannot just sit back and accept what they foist upon us – imho –

          God is in control – and He can fix anything!

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    1. That’s what I said all along, even in the early going when the ‘panic’ was greatest… I don’t even know anybody who has it. N O B O D Y.

      If it was sweeping the nation and going to kill millions, shouldn’t I at least know SOMEBODY who was at least sick?

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      1. That’s weird that I’m practically a fly over country hermit and my good friend in Seattle got it. She thought she should see a doctor, but he would only talk to her on the phone. She got pretty sick. My cousin and his wife outside of Tulsa caught it. He kicked it with NyQuil in a couple of days. Wife about died and just got transferred to rehab after 7+weeks in ICU and special skills care. Still no excuse for a lockdown.

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        1. “That’s weird that I’m practically a fly over country hermit and my good friend in Seattle got it. She thought she should see a doctor, but he would only talk to her on the phone. She got pretty sick. ”


          How does she know for sure that she had China Virus, as opposed to some other strain of flu?

          If diagnosed by a doctor, in Lefty blue stronghold SEATTLE of all places, what are the chances the doctor is diagnosing EVERYBODY with flu symptoms as having China Virus, to inflate the numbers?


          “My cousin and his wife outside of Tulsa caught it. He kicked it with NyQuil in a couple of days.”


          Isn’t it more likely he had something else, if he was able to beat it in a couple days, only taking NyQuil?


          “Wife about died and just got transferred to rehab after 7+weeks in ICU and special skills care.”


          Did she ever get HCQ + azithromycin + zinc?

          There is no way for me to know whether they all had China Virus, but your post reminded me of an episode from House, M.D. called Airborne (Season 3, episode 18, 2007).

          See if any of this sounds familiar…

          House is returning from a pandemics symposium in Singapore with Cuddy. During the flight, a Korean man, Peng, sitting next to House begins vomiting. He also presents with fever, headache, abdominal pain and petechial rashes on his lower back. Cuddy notes that these are classic symptoms of meningococcal disease and that an outbreak might be imminent. House is not convinced there is a problem, and persuades the flight crew not to turn the plane around.

          Soon another passenger becomes ill with the same symptoms and House assembles a makeshift diagnostic team. After a discussion with his “team”, House is convinced that both passengers are sick with ciguatera poisoning because they both ate seafood.

          This theory is contradicted by Cuddy, who is showing similar symptoms despite having not eaten the sea bass. Cuddy persuades House to do a lumbar puncture to confirm meningitis, but the test comes back negative. When Cuddy begins to shout at House to cure the sickness quickly, he realizes that she and the rest of the plane are suffering from mass hysteria.

          Peng, however, is still dying; House believes he is a drug mule and has cocaine in his system. Searching through Peng’s wallet, House finds a scuba license and a receipt for scuba gear rental. Peng is diagnosed with decompression sickness, which was further worsened by boarding an airplane. Cuddy tells the flight crew to drop the plane below 5,000 feet (1,500 m) and get Peng oxygen.

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            1. It’s hard to make the point I was trying to make if you haven’t seen the episode.

              When the passengers began to believe that someone had highly contagious meningitis, they began getting the physical symptoms FOR meningitis, because they were convinced they HAD it.

              How many people across America are convinced they’ve had (or have) China Virus, when they may have some other regular strain of flu?

              And out of a population of 330 million, how many develop symptoms purely due to the power of suggestion / indoctrination / propaganda?

              What better example of intentional “mass hysteria” has there ever been, than what we’re experiencing right now?

              psychosomatic sī″kō-sō-măt′ĭk►

              Of or relating to a disorder having physical symptoms but originating from mental or emotional causes.

              Relating to or concerned with the influence of the mind on the body, and the body on the mind, especially with respect to disease.


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              1. True, but let me counter with the opposite effect – which was DEMONSTRATED. Mass media convinced people that they could not have gotten it until the cruise ship passengers, etc., came back here, when in fact we now know through antibody testing that large numbers of people DID have it, and they got it well BEFORE the disease officially got here.

                New York City – ONE IN FOUR had it. One area of Boston – over 30%. Chicago, 30-50%. Of course, they want all these people to take their damned vaccines, so the Ab testing ain’t gonna happen, IMO, or they will pimp it with disclaimers to make people get their Bill Gates horrorshow DNA vaccines.

                Psyche-NO-somatic is real, too! 😉 And it works like crazy. (refutation bias – highly symmetrical with confirmation bias, and more useful to the Cabal, IMO).

                The only reason I could diagnose my own case was the peculiar shortness of breath while resting, and the “initial confusion” symptoms, which are (IMO) connected to hypoxia. I was also SUSPICIOUS of it from the beginning. The top explanation was COVID-19 – and yet – IT’S NOT HERE – MASS HYPNOSIS.

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              2. “New York City – ONE IN FOUR had it. One area of Boston – over 30%. Chicago, 30-50%. ”


                NYC — blue team stronghold

                Boston — blue team stronghold

                Chicago — blue team stronghold

                Can we trust blue team, or anything they ‘report’, when blue team is the epicenter and progenitor of lies?

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              3. It’s a good point. It helps to know that the data in both cases came straight from the local hospital investigators to the local news – no management or city officials intervening. The NYC results (lower number, too – hmmmm) did go through the chain of command.

                I’ve watched this very carefully. I’m satisfied with the Boston and Chicago results – not so much with NYC, precisely because it may have passed through de Blasio’s people., and I think they might lower the number. Larger numbers of asymptomatic cases work against the cabal narrative.

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              4. “Psyche-NO-somatic is real, too! 😉 And it works like crazy. ”


                And it can work to your advantage.

                When this all started, like most people, I was reasonably concerned. Every time I coughed I thought “am I getting sick?” If my throat was even a little sore, “am I getting sick?”. If I felt a little warm, do I have a fever? Am I getting sick?

                I bought some vitamin C in powdered form and start taking it daily. Every time I took it, I believed it made my immune system stronger, so I wouldn’t get sick. I understood what I was doing, the psychology aspect, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work.

                What Is the Placebo Effect?

                Sometimes a person can have a response to a placebo. The response can be positive or negative. For instance, the person’s symptoms may improve. Or the person may have what appears to be side effects from the treatment. These responses are known as the “placebo effect.”

                There are some conditions in which a placebo can produce results even when people know they are taking a placebo.

                And I wasn’t even taking a placebo, I was taking real vitamin C.

                I went from (at first) fearing that I would get sick, to believing that I would not get sick. 😁

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          1. Steve…Tulsa was the first place in Oklahoma that the ChiComVirus hit.

            It came from two Oklahomans who had returned from Italy.

            They didn’t know they had it.
            So they came home, entered the contagious stage of it…and went on about their lives, infecting others that they came in contact with.

            Tulsa became the first ‘hot spot’ in OK for the virus.

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            1. Steve is my evil twin, but I am often mistaken for him, both here and offline. It’s strange, because when people get my name wrong in person, I assume it’s because I look like someone they know named ‘Steve’.

              But that explanation doesn’t really work in a text-based format, so now I’m having to rethink my original hypothesis… 😁

              I understand about the two Oklahomans who returned from Italy. I’m not suggesting China Virus isn’t real, I’m curious about two different things:

              1) how many people have some form of regular flu, but due to everyone being hyper-focused on China Virus, are convinced they have China Virus, when in fact they do not? This is further complicated by doctor bias (everyone is looking for China Virus) and/or doctor conflict of interest (doctors in blue states especially, inflating numbers of China Virus diagnoses, for whatever reason)

              2) how many people, due purely to the power of suggestion, develop flu symptoms for purely psychosomatic reasons — and thoroughly believe they have China Virus, when they don’t?

              Consider the level of propaganda / disinformation / panic / hysteria we have all been exposed to, for MONTHS now, 24/7.

              In a nation of 330 million people, even if only one half of one percent of the population developed psychosomatic symptoms, that would be 1,650,000 cases…

              One tenth of 1% would be 333,000 cases…

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              1. Oh no!
                I am so sorry, Scott!

                I knew it was You…so I don’t understand why I typed “Steve”.

                Maybe it was because I just read a reply from Steve in my notifications, I dunno.

                And I agree with your points…
                A bad case of ‘this year’s flu’ could easily be mistaken as the new ChiComFlu.

                Since people are reporting different aspects of having the WuFlu…such as loss of taste/smell…there isn’t just One deciding symptom.

                The symptoms seem to vary, from person to person.

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              2. Very valid questions! It does seem like three different bugs! I take into consideration the overall health of the people I know. The one that had it the worst was just recovered from broken ribs. Next up, has existing long term problems. The two that shrugged off what ever bug they had were healthy active men with no previous health issues. I still think there’s possibility of two or more active flu strains. The severity is just too wide ranging. All non smokers in the 48 – 53 year age range. Busy people with not enough time or stupidity to buy into some self induced psychosomatic illness. I’m not saying that couldn’t happen!

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              3. “Oh no! I am so sorry, Scott! 😩”


                No apology necessary at all wheatie, I was just teasing you about it 😁


              4. “Busy people with not enough time or stupidity to buy into some self induced psychosomatic illness. I’m not saying that couldn’t happen!”


                If there is a psychosomatic component involved (individually or in reference to the population as a whole), the overwhelming majority would not be buying into anything consciously, just like most people don’t buy into propaganda consciously. If it is having an effect, it would normally or mostly be on a subconscious level.

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              5. Personally, I’ve interviewed dozens of people who think they might have had ChiComCrud, and I find them almost entirely to be highly reasonable. Most are unsure, but based on timing, travel, reasonable and logical inferences, and lack of similarity to familiar diseases they experienced in the past, they suspected that it might have been the stuff, but they are uncertain.

                They did not, in my opinion, make their symptoms up, or experience symptoms that were their imagination. They are merely speculating as to the cause.

                They almost always think that if it was NOT CCV, it was probably influenza.

                This is all VERY reasonable.

                That House episode is toxic. Yeah, you can statistically activate a few hypochondriacs in an airplane load of people to think that maybe THEY got whatever others got. This especially works in real life with teenagers and “stinky vapor” events, where some nasty volatile bothers one person’s asthma and everybody else suspects they got it, too. But the reality is (to me) that the House episode TEACHES US that we’re stupid.


                They make it FUN, and COOL, and FUNNY, and INTERESTING, but it is TOXIC AS HELL.

                There was always something that bothered me about “House”, and I think that’s it. It pretends to teach smart stuff, but in fact it teaches chaos, chaotic thinking, confusion, and “you’ll never understand this stuff – you need somebody else to do your thinking for you – and OH – he’s a JUNKIE.”

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              6. Mostly I just liked Dr. Alison Cameron. 😁

                House cracked me up, because he was always up to something, always messing with his staff to see how they would react.

                The stories were usually improbable at best, but it was never about the stories for me. What made the show work was how the cast interacted with each other, that’s what made it entertaining.

                The ‘story’ was just a prop, it didn’t really matter what ‘mystery’ they were trying to ‘solve’.

                The fun was in watching how House constantly pitted them against one another to create a competitive environment, and through all the ensuing chaos, how it came to successful conclusion.

                But none of that worked unless you liked the characters, or at least most of them. Cuddy was the one character I was never able to like, but fortunately she wasn’t usually central to the story, just a constant irritant.

                She was an administrative tyrant, that’s why I didn’t like her. After all these years, finally I know why 😂

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          2. Good questions. Wife was the only one that got confirmed by the covid test. I’m not privy to what medications she got. She was sick long before HQC got approved, but her coworker and husband started feeling ill at the same time. Husband and coworker have tested positive for antibodies and donated plasma, but ??? how accurate the antibody test is.
            My friend in Seattle was returning from her photo exhibit in Barcelona. Her doctor refused to see her! Thank God for good neighbors putting food and supplies on her doorstep. She’s not 100% sure she had the Wuhan, but she is 100% sure she will find a new GP doc.

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  2. Good thing. Very strong. SMART move to do this. It undoes HOURS of Fake News agenda questioning, yet many of the same types of questions were allowed – along with some very GOOD questions.


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    1. There are contracts involved in these intellectual exchanges.
      The contracts are discussed in the Senate Report related to the 1000 Scholars. Senate report says they strongly favor China. One wonders who were the lawyers that represented the us scholars? We’re they represented by their universities, or privately? Interesting, but terrifying read.

      Threats to the U.S. Research Enterprise:
      China’s Talent Recruitment Plans

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        1. I think they were offered cash, with many strings that they didn’t consider until the political climate changed. The Senate report lays out the problems. Strange it doesn’t advocate for enforcement of existing laws, or make any referral for criminal, or CI investigation.


        2. Epstein had the honey, and money. He’s the keystone, imo. Connect the dots in the Epstein mit and Harvard reports, and it’s blown wide open.

          We need Daughns expertise in finance, venture capital, hedge funds, etc. Leon Black is mentioned. Larry Summers, which opens the Harvard institute for international development can of worms that Daughn was so well versed in. Gates is involved, jp Morgan, an Epstein girl that earns her MD and joins the Gates foundation and introduces bill to Epstein…

          An Epstein timeline would be helpful too. (I hope all can find a way to settle differences. I’m sorry to read about this. Seemed like what should have been an editorial decision became personal. Too bad. I hope it all works out.)

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          1. If she starts a new place, follow here there. She’s on Facebook, but that’s like doing your work in the CIA lobby. Twitter – almost as bad. Her account is still here, but I doubt she’s coming back.

            Yes – it was an editorial decision, and was initially taken as one, until *something* happened. Fairly well understood at this point.

            Clowns will try to keep her on their turf and “downregulate” to ineffectiveness plus idea theft / reversal – I know their schtick. IMO she needs her own site and a bunch of loyal followers and research assistants. I doubt that will be a problem, and if she’s top girl, she can sort out the catfights.

            She’s always welcome to come back here – “prodigals R US” – but she may need to experience some time away first.

            OK – I’ve almost finished dinner. Soon, I no longer talk about this stuff, and expect the same from everybody else. We move on now.


        3. Check out this creepy weirdness from PED where Epstein had his Office.

          …”Mutations should theoretically face better odds of survival in some situations than others, however. Picture a huge population of organisms all living together on one island, for example. A mutation might get permanently lost in the crowd unless its advantage is great. Yet if a few individuals regularly migrate to their own islands to breed, then a modestly helpful mutation might have a better chance of establishing a foothold and spreading back to the main population.”…

          This is linked from the Haavard PED (O ffice) website:

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    2. Off topic, but did anyone see the ad? That Kristol tweet is bazaar. Isn’t he a democratic, this week? Walk away demo helping republicans for the rule of law promote voting by mail?

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    3. Does he still write for the national review?
      Haaaavard man I think? Kennedy School affiliation, maybe? Like Larry Summers. National review mentioned in Harvard Epstein investigation report. Also Kennedy School. Kennedy school was the building sublease holder for PED O ffices (program for evolutionary Dynamics).Most of Epstein’s cash went to pay the rent. Interesting read. Link to report is in this article.

      John Templeton Foundation mentioned in both Harvard Report, and MITs investigation report.

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      1. Doesn’t take a haavard, or mit degree in rocket science to see that something 🐟 is going on. Doesn’t seem that anyone was referred for criminal investigation. I think one person was referred to HR. Harvard is private, but MIT is a land grant, irr.

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  3. Had 6 friends tested positive…
    One lost her sense of smell for a few weeks, which she loved for the diaper changing.
    Two others a bit older than me said the flu was worse. Another two said damn, but are almost recovered with no hospitalization The last one was surprised she tested positive, but one of his wife had it so they tested him.

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  4. We watched it Live…and were yelling at the tv!

    Martha and Brett Baier = the two worst nevertrumpers on Faux, next to Chrissy Wall-ass.
    I wanted to smack them!

    Our VSG President did great!
    He was calm and answered the gotcha questions with intelligence and grace.

    One of the things that struck me…was the type of CHAIRS that they used.

    Those open-sided chairs were dreadful and looked uncomfortable.
    They could have just as easily used chairs with arms on them.

    But nooo…they used chairs that added to the awkwardness and discomfort of the situation!

    Can’t have comfortable arm chairs when you’re trying to make someone feel awkward and uncomfortable!

    Big Thanks to MAGA Mom and all those who live-blogged with running commentary reports!
    You guys all did great.

    And Thanks, Wolfie, for throwing up a thread about this!

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  5. Ahem, I told ya. The lockdown, ALL because of Fauci did NOT help, in the end it will HURT because of what it did to the economy AND it will all but guarantee a 2nd wave in the future.

    This guy blows the “exponential” models, and those that perpetrated them to smithereens.

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