4.29.20 News Roundup! True Leaders Shine During the Most Difficult Times, A Tale Of 2 States, Surprise Parade For Governor Noem, PDJT’s Remarks On Supporting Our Nation’s Small Businesses, Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs, Judge Sullivan Is Not Happy With Covington Law Firm, Steven Mnuchin’s Interview, Democrats On the Wrong Side Of the Immigration Debate, PDJT Issues An EO Under the Defense Protection Act To Compel & Protect Meat Processing Plants, Brad Parscale & His Team Are Taking Campaigning To A Different Stratosphere…..

Our President is the perfect example of true leadership! He is at his best in the most difficult of times. Today he had another true leader at the White House. Governor DeSantis from the State of Florida.

Governor DeSantis knew that his number one priority was the elder population in his state. The actions he has taken and continues to take have and will save thousands of elderly Floridians.

Contrast that with the Governor of New York and New Jersey who have had thousands upon thousands of elderly Americans die because of their policies.

Yesterday our President and members of the COVID-19 task force met with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at the White House. Additionally, Governor DeSantis highlights the use of the national guard to assist in testing and mitigation.

[Video and Transcript Below]


From the article linked above:

A forgotten principle of public policy reform:  focus on failure and you will get failure, focus on success and you will get success. Looking at the past two months of our state responses to the coronavirus, it is time to revive that idea. 

There’s one state in America that has a larger elderly population than New York, that is more ethnically diverse than New York, and that has two million more people than New York. Yet its death rate from COVID-19 is 5 percent that of New York. That state is Florida. 

The tale of these two states, New York and Florida, illustrates that perhaps the media should have been less adulatory of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and given Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis more attention. Instead, the facts and statistics reveal the media got this backward. 

In March, Florida was projected to be the second-worst state for COVID-19 deaths, with predictions of 174 per day and a total of nearly 7,000 by the end of the summer.  Nothing like this has transpired and it will not come to pass.

Another Governor that has stepped up big time is Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Her citizens honored her yesterday with a parade in front of her home.

From the article linked above:

Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had an impromptu parade thrown in her honor on Tuesday in the capitol city of Pierre. A local construction company organized the parade to show appreciation for her handling of the coronavirus epidemic.

Noem, the state’s first female governor, was one of a handful of governors not to issue an order shuttering non-essential businesses during the ongoing epidemic.

The parade, organized by John Morris of Morris Inc. construction company, featured “literally hundreds of cars,” fire trucks and other vehicles honking their horns and sirens while Noem watched, apparently surprised, from a local park.

[…] On Monday, April 13, Noem announced that her state would be the first U.S. state to hold statewide clinical trials for hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug touted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for coronavirus.

What a dream ticket if we had Governor DeSantis for President and Governor Noem as his Vice President.

Our President delivered remarks from the East Room of the White House on the Paycheck Protection Program, that is set up to help small businesses continue to operate and pay employees during the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

God forever bless Amy Wright for everything she does for our citizens with disabilities!

This absolutely melted my heart!

…”At Bitty and Beaus we like to use the phrase ‘not broken’. That means me and all my important co-workers are not broken, and we have lots to offer. I know the great country of the United States isn’t broken either.”…   ~ Michael

Our President thanked Michael for so beautifully describing our country!

Last night Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs interviewed Michael Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell about the status of the case.

The law firm that represented Lt. General Flynn should have to repay him every single penny that they charged him. Afterwards they should all be disbarred from practicing law again.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on Fox Business to discuss the ongoing financial programs intended to support U.S. workers and small business. Secretary Mnuchin sent a clear message to anyone who falsely filed the borrowers certification on the PPP program will be held criminally liable.

From the article linked above:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned Tuesday that any company taking out a forgivable loan exceeding $2 million from an emergency, small business relief program will get audited. 

Mnuchin made the announcement amid continuing reports that big businesses were taking advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, passed by Congress and signed into law to help companies with fewer than 500 employees survive the coronavirus shutdown.

“I’m going to be putting out an announcement later this morning that for any loan over $2 million, the Small Business Administration will be doing a full review of that loan before there is loan forgiveness,” Mnuchin said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Once again the Democrats, SleepyCreepy Joe, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. are on the wrong side of the immigration debate.

Our President absolutely nuked the Democrats, MSM, Democrat Governors, Never Trumpers etc. by stating the following:

I have a feeling this is why Crazy Nancy decided not to have the House come back next week.

Yesterday our President remarked the White House and Dept of Agriculture are drawing up a plan for the him to invoke the Defense Production Act as a tool to cut through some of the liabilities present within the supply-chain dynamic.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a five-page executive order under the Defense Production Act to compel meat processing plants to remain open amid the coronavirus pandemic.

[…] “We’re going to sign an executive order today, I believe, and that’ll solve any liability problems,” Trump said on Tuesday.

The President is expected to sign the order after some companies, such as Tyson Foods, were considering only keeping 20% of their facilities open. The vast majority of processing plants could have shut down — which would have reduced processing capacity in the country by as much as 80%, an official familiar with the order told CNN.

By signing the order, Trump will declare these plants as a part of critical infrastructure in the US.

Our President has signed the EO which can be found in the link below:


Brad Parscale and his team are absolutely taking the reelection of our President to another level when it comes to online campaigning.

From the article linked above:

Since starting nightly online broadcasts one month ago, President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign says the virtual events have attracted nearly 300 million views across its social media platforms.

The large number could be an indication of voter interest while the re-elect effort continues to convert its traditional operation into a fully digital one with the coronavirus pandemic dramatically transforming the presidential race.

Last week alone, the Trump campaign told NBC it had more than 66 million views for their series of online discussions, which often feature top surrogates and staffers on a variety of topics, from veterans issues to women empowerment.

In the month of April so far, they’ve been watched more than 298 million times.

“Team Trump’s unique, 7-nights-a-week online broadcasts are successful with dynamic guests, timely topics, and are a great way to stay involved in our 100% virtual campaign to re-elect President Trump,” deputy communications director Erin Perrine told NBC News in a statement.

[…] And as millions of Americans have been confined to their homes, the Trump team and Republican National Committee say they’ve seen a surge of volunteers. More than 300,000 new people have raised their hands virtually since March 13 the day the campaign went all-virtual.

Since then, Trump Victory – the joint effort between the campaign and RNC – has made 20 million voter contacts, per this official. On particular target dates, Trump supporters have made as many as 4 million calls in one day to Americans nationwide, urging them to visit the CDC’s website and follow social distancing guidelines, while also touting the president’s accomplishments and pushing online voter registration.

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  1. Wonderful news round up Flep!

    Seeing Christ Noem’ surprise parade very nice to see. DeSantis’ success highlighted with President Trump perfect timing. Would like to see President Trump highligt governors opening up every day. Inclkuding travel to Pierre to highlight Noem / SD success. Anothert to Austin with Abbott…

    Looking forward to YSM peppering Cuomo failures. NY 30% of US Covid cases. NY over 30% US deaths. Older population in NY slammed. W H Y ? Legitimately needs an outside investigator to deep dive NY actions with COVID.

    NOT a fan of Feds bailing out states, including NV. Thoroughly appreciated no help for sanctuary states. Apprehensive about all of this bailing out states talk. So many states have intentionally been throwing money at lefty programs, pensions un-funded…

    Parscale and President Trump truly operating “out of the box” with the re-election.

    I’m ready to see Trump Rallies at out door venues, stadiums… June would be good. July latest. So much pent up demand and enthusiasm. BONUS, it’ll piss off YSM and lefties. WINNING:-)

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    1. I, too, really like the idea of not giving money to states that defy federal laws….such as sanctuary cities. You want to play that game? You’re on your own.
      I remember when President Carter, during energy crisis, mandated 55 mph speed limits to “conserve gas”…totally ridiculous in several states like Texas, Wyoming, Montana, etc. but, when they protested he replied…unless you conform you will get no federal money for highway maintenance.
      I’m hoping there can be some way of doing a similar action with mail in ballots.

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    2. Some are calling what Cuomo and some other governors did with recuperating virus patients Soylent green project. Some states send recuperating virus patients to Senior Care Facilities to finish up their recouperation, We all know what the virus does in a senior care facility

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  2. Back

    Worth a listen every once in awhile as a strong reminder of everything that was not done and should have been.

    Jan 9

    After Obama Won In 2012
    @BillWhittle Gave One Of The Most Prophetic & Important Speeches In Modern History – He Sent A “Bat Signal” Into The Air & @ realDonaldTrump Answered The Call – WOW

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    1. “The Clintons want to recruit an “army of contact tracers” that will hunt down infected individuals and interrogate them about who they associate with, so they can be quarantined in a “dignified manner”.”


      What can they possibly be thinking… they’re hiring people to ‘interrogate’ Americans about who they associate with?

      They must have lost their minds…

      I hope they’re getting hazard pay… and body armor… 😂

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      1. The French government is planning on doing this. They announced it earlier this week.

        Patient who suspects he has symptoms visits his doctor and takes the test.

        Doctor informs patient that he is positive and tells him to use the app.

        => => Doctor also informs a medical ‘brigade’ in his area (yes, ‘brigade’ is the word they use) comprised of local health officials, health charities and the Red Cross. Two of these people go to his home, tell him to pack a bag and leave his household (other family members). They then put him in a hotel until he is safe to come home!

        This is part of the lifting lockdown strategy in France! UFB!

        It hasn’t started yet. Lockdown doesn’t start to lift there until May 11, when children return to school.

        This was one of the topics for discussion on RMC, the talk radio channel I listen to. Panellists and hosts were flabbergasted.

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        1. “The French government is planning on doing this. They announced it earlier this week.”


          People are going to be lining up to be hangmen and executioners, the government won’t even have to pay them.

          Probably won’t even be able to give them proper executions, the People are just going to tear them apart limb from limb.

          Literally, you can’t do this crap to people without getting hurt, or worse.

          I have never seen it.

          I have never seen some stranger get in an American’s face and try to interrogate him, or anything like that, without getting punched in the face.

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          1. I will be very interested to find out what happens.

            I doubt anyone is going to try this in Paris or its notorious suburbs. In the suburbs, the ‘brigade’ really would get torn apart limb from limb.

            They’ll probably do it to poor French people in the countryside and take them 50km away, somewhere they’ve never been and can’t get away from.

            Heaven help all of us. There are sure to be horror stories coming in the next few months.

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            1. “They’ll probably do it to poor French people in the countryside and take them 50km away, somewhere they’ve never been and can’t get away from.”


              Sounds like a great set-up for a horror movie that could, completely coincidentally of course, be an excellent psy-op against government tyranny.

              Call it something subtle, like “The Grizzly Dismembering and Disappearance of Contact Tracers” 😁

              It starts out in a peaceful countryside, were the People are lying in wait for the Contact Tracers to arrive. Each village takes a unique approach.

              Some take up positions in trees, with rifles and scopes, and drop the CTs from afar.

              Some wait just inside the doors to businesses on the main street, until the CTs arrive and get out of their cars, and the townspeople come out and surround them with meat cleavers and butcher knives.

              Others employ psy-op techniques, building a hangman’s scaffold right in the middle of the town square, with a sign over it that reads “Welcome, Contact Tracers”, and then block off both ends of the street with their cars after the Contact Tracers arrive.

              Some play it close to the vest, ignoring the newly arrived Contract Tracers until they approach the first citizen, when suddenly and without warning 3 or 4 townspeople turn and stab him a hundred times, right there in the street, and then everyone walks away as if nothing happened.

              It would be an easy thing to make videos like these with regular people as the actors, and publish them online, as a psy-op against the tyrants. A friendly reminder that the People are now fully engaged, and the tyrants enter at their own risk.

              Let those who have been bullied and intimidated become the hunters.

              Let the tyrants and their minions feel the hair on the back of their neck stand up, in fear of what might happen to them, at every glance from a stranger.

              They are the few. We are the many.

              And when the many stop fearing the few…

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              1. These would be unlikely to last long on YouTube.

                If they can remove Drs Erickson and Assahi’s interview which counters WHO policy, these films would have no chance.

                In fact, the men in blue would probably pay a visit.


  3. “What a dream ticket if we had Governor DeSantis for President and Governor Noem as his Vice President.”

    Yes, yes, yes!
    Totally agree, Fle…a dream ticket!

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    1. She may have taken the Dims by surprise….an unimportant state like South Dakota, after all. But, you can be assured the long knives will be coming out as a team is furiously digging into every detail of her life. They will try to destroy her as they did (thanks, Nicole Wallace! ) with Sarah Palin.

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  4. “The law firm that represented Lt. General Flynn should have to repay him every single penny that they charged him. Afterwards they should all be disbarred from practicing law again.”

    This!👆 …This right here!

    And some of them should go to jail!

    Thank you so much, Fle, for these Outstanding News Roundups!
    I really appreciate all the work you do for us.

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      1. Covington and Burling: The secret conspiracy undermining Michael Flynn

        The well runs deep – the other side of the Michael Flynn scandal.

        by Scott Bennett
        December 2, 2017


        Here’s an earth-shaking, time-stopping truth you won’t read anywhere in the world, except The Duran: Michael Flynn’s attorney—which today persuaded Flynn to take a “plea deal” and admit to making a false statement (18 USC 1001)—is the same law firm that in 2009 not only worked with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder at the State Department, Justice Department, Treasury Department, CIA, and the Military to conspire to confiscate and hide 19,000 Union Bank of Switzerland bank accounts used for laundering funds for terrorist financing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the same law firm protecting Saudi Arabian clients funneling millions of dollars into Wahhabi mercenaries invading and waging war in Libya, in Syria and killing Russians, Iranians, Syrians, and some Americans, and the same law firm that hired Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer and Roger Zakheim after their government service, but is also the same law firm that helped advise Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation on not only the Clinton Presidential campaign, but how to transform that potential Clinton Presidency into the most corrupt syndicate of international terrorism, human trafficking, financial fraud, racketeering, and extortion since the invention of death itself. This law firm is Covington and Burling, and their website and client list and history tells the story—but not all of it. I’ll tell the best parts here, and no doubt outrage those who are guilty of the most outrageous government criminality in America.

        [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. My opinion:
      “STORMY DANIELS” must be sued into oblivion. Now.
      Gen. Flynn MUST BE (not “should be”) repaid every penny of what he lost from the “Salem Witch Hunt” mob that tried to destroy him and his family.
      Covington Burling law firm MUST be sued into oblivion. Now.

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      1. He is trying his damnedest to report truth – I just hope and pray they do not take him down – discomfort is going around – I agree – take comfort – God is in control – and He can ‘fix this mess’ –

        Continue to pray for President Trump, his Team, and his family – they have sacrificed much to make a difference and undo the evil that has befallen America.

        God Bless You, Dora, and keep you safe!

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    1. Videos like these ( and big THANKS for the links!), I forward to myself to read later…but urging everyone to read the latest decode thread by Praying Medic on Q posts. He also delves into the video games they use for secret communications..and how Soros paid $45 million to buy a game company just for that purpose. He also identifies who some of the players are….Podesta, McCabe, etc.
      Incredible to what lengths our enemy goes to destroy us.

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    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2020

    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT participates in a Phone Call with Food and Agriculture Industry Leaders

    11:00AM THE PRESIDENT meets with the Governor of Louisiana

    12:30PM THE PRESIDENT has lunch with the Secretary of State

    4:00PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a roundtable with industry executives on the plan for Opening Up America Again

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  6. PRESIDENT TRUMP’S twitter followers are nearing another MILLION – will likely reach 79 MILLION today or tonight, despite the nasty tricks of Twit management.

    That’s about 5 days since the last million.

    And Twitter took off a total of 51,676 since 4/21/20 – there may be more that I have not caught – some may have slipped by during the night or day when I wasn’t watching.

    Here are the numbers….

    78,929,069 – 9:55 am
    78,925,057 – 9:15 am
    78,923,343 – 8:58 am – 4/29/20
    78,861,142 – 6:24 pm
    78,809,895 – 10:28 – 4/28/20
    78,700,363 – 7:38 am – 4/27/20
    78,650,379 – 10:18 pm – minus 16,622
    78,667,001 – 10:02 pm
    78,575,550 – 5:45 am – 4/26/20
    78,489,663 – 11:36 am – 4/25/20
    78,310,184 – 8:11 am – 4/24/20
    78,252,818 – 5:37 pm
    78,241,658 – 4:33 pm – minus 1000
    78,242,680 – 3:22 pm
    78,206,570 – 10:59 am – 4/23/20
    78,051,738 – 7:10 am – 4/22/20
    77,991,121 – 11:37 pm – minus 9,788
    78,000,909 – 11:15 pm
    78,000,834 – 11:13 pm
    77,988,317 – 11:12 pm – minus 12,243
    78,000,560 – 11:11 pm
    77,999,649 – 11:02 pm
    77,999,125 – 10:58 pm
    77,997,231 – 10:40 pm – minus 10,023
    78,007,254 – 8:35 pm
    78 000,012 – 7:06 pm
    77,999,974 – 7:05 pm
    77,998,520 – 6:50 pm
    77,998,784 – 6:15 pm
    77,995,216 6:04 pm
    77,990,672 – 5:22 pm
    77,988,186 – 5:00 pm – minus 2000
    77,990,157 – 4:41 pm
    77,986,628 – 4:12 pm
    77,985,867 – 4:06 pm
    77,982,910 – 3:43 pm
    77,977,583 – 2:43 pm
    77,916,378 – 7:41 am – 4/21/20

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    1. Passing this along in twitter though I’m not sure if this info is still threaded…Thanks for keeping track of this important Proof of Deep State Machinations!!!

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  7. What a fabulous roundup, Flep!!! This one must have been especially fun for you with Florida and Gov. deSantis smelling like a rose because they triaged the older population so well, while Cuomo and deBlasio wallow in their own stink.

    I am truly amazed that Florida has done so well, not just because of the aged demographics but because of the cultures of Miami & other beach areas where social interaction is such a huge daily activity.

    I also smiled through tears at Bitty & Beau’s Michael Heup who was so proud of his employment and his country. President Trump and Ivanka are so genuine in their belief that everyone can, given the opportunity, maximize their potential and self-worth. It doesn’t come by telling someone, it comes from providing them a chance to shine. Reminds me of Tim Tebow, and even the parable about teaching men to fish vs. giving them fish.

    Great day. USA will never break because we will never succumb to socialism/communism. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    1. It really did Alison! You know that I think the world of Governor DeSantis. He has shown himself to be an incredible leader that truly gets it. Our President is so proud of him. He would never have been Governor if it weren’t for our President.

      Melanie absolutely adores his wife Kasey. Ron has a tremendous platform to run on in 2024 if he decides to do so.

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    2. Speaking of Tim Tebow, his foundation sponsors Night to Shine for special needs people, where they are treated like royalty for a free prom-like experience. My special needs son & his (then, now fiance) girlfriend, also w/ special needs, attended one a few months back & were very blessed. Sometimes it takes someone with a huge heart, like TT, to minister to “the least of these”. So glad many of these Special People can come out of the shadows & be celebrated & embraced!

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      1. Valerie, one of the Night to Shine was held at my son’s church. He and my DIL volunteered at it, and they still talk about what a fabulous event it was, and how delighted the young adults were to ‘party’. Tim Tebow is such a generous, loving man. 💖

        I’m glad your son was able to participate in the fun event.

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        1. My son only went because his girlfriend dragged him along & he was reluctant. He’d actually attended his HS Senior Prom & was voted on Prom Court so he was kinda been there done that about the event…Well afterward he was super jazzed & they had such a wonderful time. Hopefully they’ll get another chance to experience such a special event filled with pampering.

          Awesome that your kids got to serve (it’s more blessed to give than receive! 🙂 ) in such a wonderful, loving, & affirming event! Blessings!

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  8. Secure Freedom Minute:

    We rightly hear a lot these days about the heroic service being provided by health care workers in the frontlines of the fight against the virus the Chinese Communist Party deliberately unleashed on the rest of the world.

    Unless, that is, they conclude – on the basis of firsthand experience and analysis of available data – that the lock-downs imposed nationwide have not been justified and are now causing immense and unwarranted harm.

    According to YouTube, two California doctors recently violated the company’s “community guidelines” by reaching such conclusions in video-taped remarks. According to its CEO, “Anything that goes against World Health Organization recommendations would violate our [community standards] policy.”

    We’re in real trouble if an international agency that’s been a puppet of Communist China is allowed to dictate what we know about the attack it unleashed on us and the appropriate response to it.

    This is Frank Gaffney.

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  9. Just looking for information, because it doesn’t make sense.
    The video is getting banned not because these two men are not doctors some snopes type site is saying their research is flawed. H3LL we can say that about other doctors involved in this mess. H3LL how many people are trusting Dr. Fauci any more
    Here is the video that is still up??

    Here is the site that is reason behind the video disappearing. Seems this is another snopes site from what I can see.

    FACT CHECK: The “two doctors” featured in popular video from California were actually spouting statistical nonsense… don’t be fooled

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  10. Mario did it again
    America’s constitution is being destroyed and our rights taken.
    When do we stand up and say enough is enough
    “You are awake. You see how the overreach of radical leftists has permanently ruined people’s lives. You have come to realize they aren’t trying save the lives of everyone— just the ‘preferred’ lives—the lives of those who advance their narrative; the lives of those who, in their minds, justify this draconian house arrest, this imposition of undeclared martial law.”


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    1. Sure as hell is….



      Charlie Kirk

      Democrats announced that they are launching ANOTHER investigation into President Trump

      This time—for defunding the WHO

      The foreign affairs committee began their probe yesterday

      Why aren’t they be probing China instead of President Trump?

      This is an outrage!”

      I have no patience left for Democrap political stunts!

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        1. Yep, there are at least a THOUSAND things that should be investigated, going back decades.

          But will even a SINGLE ONE of them ever be investigated?

          That’s the problem.

          Tyranny doesn’t investigate itself, unless it’s one tyrant disposing of a challenger, and we don’t ever even see that happen, because all the decisions are made so far above the level of theater we get to see.

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  11. Posting here, too.
    Can someone please make a meme for this? And get it trending? Thanks!


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  12. The Italian Society for Rheumatology studied 65,000 patients on longterm hydroxychloroquine for RA and Lupus.

    Only 20 patients tested positive for COVID-19. No ICU, no deaths.

    This is a 90% reduction in infection rate compared to the rest of Italy.

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  13. Governor DeSantis Press Conference on Steps to Reopening the State of Florida.


    Our Governor worked hard to protect the vulnerable elderly care facilities, unlike NY and other leftist States

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  14. Brought this up earlier…As you can tell by the first tweet video, youtube has censored some of the videos of the ER Doctors.
    Tucker Carson has even noticed it
    Tucker sounds alarm on YouTube removing ER doctors questioning lockdowns: A society-changing moment

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  15. Grassley Demands DOJ Release All Exculpatory Information On Michael Flynn

    April 28, 2020


    Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is calling on the Justice Department to release all exculpatory information related to the FBI’s handling of its case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

    “Simply stated, after years of rampant speculation and publicly reported inconsistencies regarding how the FBI handled the case, it’s time for the public to know the full set off facts relating to Lt. Gen. Flynn, including any and all government misconduct,” Grassley wrote in a letter to DOJ Attorney General William Barr. “In the alternative, I request that you amend the protective order so that Congress can review the information in light of its constitutional oversight prerogatives.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. “Beware the Contact Tracers”


      Umm… no…

      The contract tracers beware the Peoples’ tasers.

      Cuz we’ll taze you, bro… make you dance at the end of electric wires like a drunken monkey in a mosh pit… 😂

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      1. I dunno about monkeys dancing crazy – but – after what we have been through since this whole Chicom Chaos began – I doubt we are interested in their invasion of privacy and/or their data collecting games – we have already been inconvenienced to the max – no mo!

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        1. I’m just astonished that so many people’s reaction is to just take this crap, “Oh no, here comes the next thing they’re going to do to us, I guess we just have to do it, waaaaaaa……”.

          WTH happened to the America I grew up in?

          You’d get your ass kicked for a lot less than that where I grew up… and it was a nice neighborhood. I can’t even imagine what people would do in a bad part of town.

          Was there some kind of massive estrogen storm that I missed, and it turned the whole country into a giant pack of p*ssies?

          It’s UNREAL, lol!

          F*&^ these people.

          Let them try it. I’m not worried about it. The look in my eyes will be all the warning they need to freeze right where they stand.

          If they get ANYWHERE near you, DEFEND yourself.

          Call the police, tell the person who is harassing you to BACK OFF or you WILL defend yourself, and if they come anywhere near violating your personal space, DEFEND yourself.

          We are NOT helpless infants rolling around on the ground, and it’s not the Incredible Hulk who will be walking around with a clipboard trying to collect data! 😂😂😂

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        2. It’s like some massive psy-op in itself, convincing everyone that somehow we’re all helpless to defy even the slightest violation of our rights.

          Like we have no arms or legs, we’re just a helpless torso laying on the ground, waiting to be bullied or bossed around, because we’re just a torso with a head, lol!

          I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s not working on me, at all.

          This crap is stupid 😂

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          1. “Like we have no arms or legs, we’re just a helpless torso laying on the ground waiting to be bullied or bossed around, because we’re just a torso with a head”…..lolololol…..deep breath…lololol…..for some reason that visual cracked me up….thanks I really needed the laugh.

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  16. Well, looky here:
    3 hours ago
    “Biden weighs naming cabinet officials before election, including Republicans”

    Purport: It appears that JOE BIDEN, having already started the process of getting a “transition team” assembled for moving into the Oval Office in January, 2021, is now starting the process of putting together his future Cabinet. He is considering announcing the names of some of his future Cabinet officers BEFORE the November election. Biden is willing to “include” Republicans in this Cabinet.
    Biden is positioning himself as a “UNITY CANDIDATE” for the November election, a person who can appeal to everyone from wild-eyed Antifa-type “liberals”, to “moderates” and even to conservatives. (emphasis mine)
    Biden says that his Cabinet and administration “will look like the country, it will look like America.”

    Can anybody explain to me just WHERE does Joe Biden get the idea he can make plans like these? Just WHERE does Biden get the confidence to assume, talk, act, like he’s got the election wrapped up and President Trump should call the moving company and make arrangements?

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    1. This is an interesting thing.

      Anyone with a serious shot at actually winning the election (and most times, both parties have a serious shot even if one is the underdog), ought to put some thought into what to do AFTER the election.

      But it’s obviously a political liability to let it be known you’re doing so, because it smacks of arrogance and overconfidence, just like you reacted to.

      Understanding the first thing I said, I just can’t get upset with him for that, though he’s clearly WAY too much of an optimist.

      Of course, maybe he knows that it’s insanely optimistic but for tactical reasons that may be what he is trying to project.

      Or maybe he’s just frigging delusional.

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      1. “Anyone with a serious shot at actually winning the election (and most times, both parties have a serious shot even if one is the underdog), ought to put some thought into what to do AFTER the election.”


        Don’t forget that in recent decades (since Reagan), both candidates were ‘selected’ by the UniParty, so no matter who won, the UniParty owned him, and all the rest was just political theater, bread and circuses for the masses.

        In Romney’s case and McStain’s case, it was obvious that the GOP candidate took a dive. They handed it to the Hussein without a fight.

        The Bush v. Gore thing was just two brothers fighting over who got to sit at the head of the public table, it had nothing to do with any kind of real political or ideological opposition.

        The entire system has been a fraud for decades.

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