It has come to my attention that there is significant dissatisfaction with the way that the traditional Open Thread has bifurcated into two threads. COVID and NON-COVID – the latter losing a lot of steam. And then, when I threw in a “topical” COVID thread today, which I think just pushed things over the edge, it all exploded out into the open.

Much of this masks further problems – people getting tired and bored and wanting a break – people dismayed that others have left – people who wish SOMETHING was different – etc., etc.

I’m quite willing to make WHATEVER changes the group wants. People need to understand that my bottom line – my PRIMARY PURPOSE – is that I need a place where I can dump helpful information for TEAM GOOD, and make myself a PEST for TEAM BAD. That is all I need. Everything else is a public service to provide the same opportunity to other people, plus whatever others things they’d like, provided it does not interfere with my primary purpose.

I *PREFER* having a nice community, an active site, lots of news being shared, etc., etc., etc., but that is ultimately not my PRIMARY purpose here. For this reason, I am very open to the idea of changes that suit the desires of YOU ALL. I’ve already got everything that *I NEED*.

What do YOU need?

SO – I’m going to NUKE IT ALL…..

….. and then let YOU ALL fight it out here – in as CIVIL a manner as you can.

  • What do you want this site to look like?
  • What are YOU willing to do to make it that way?
  • There MAY be a daily thread. Are you willing to be an author? Which day(s)?
  • There MAY be a need for other posts. Are you willing to be an author?
  • Is anybody needing to TAKE A BREAK? Now is the time to say so.
  • Anything else you want to ask, suggest, or state?

SPEAK NOW – this is your big opportunity.



APPENDIX: List of NEW Daily Thread Authors (if any) – will update as volunteers are obtained.

So far, it’s ALMOST the same list. Wheatie is giving Steve the day that he can do – SATURDAY.

  • Monday – WHEATIETOO
  • Friday – DAUGHN
  • Saturday – STEVEINCO
  • Sunday – [ bakocarl ??? ]

bakocarl – you are the last one left! Please confirm that you still want to do Sunday. No pressure from me one way or the other.

Daughn will continue the COVID-related thread as long as she sees fit, in the manner that she sees fit.

I’m going to encourage a shift in focus over the ENTIRE SITE away from anything that supports the propagation and prolongation of Democrat and CCP narratives related to what I call the “Whirlpool of COVID“, and instead replace them with MAGA narratives.

I want to not only (1) suck the oxygen out of DNC/CCP COVID narratives, but (2) make those narratives so toxic that the commies will turn away from them themselves. Meanwhile, we will (3) create new narratives that utterly attack the socialist “progress” of the CCP and their puppet DNC.

It’s 4GW information warfare.

And it’s gonna be BIBLICAL.

836 thoughts on “SITE REORG. It’s Gonna Be BIBLICAL.

  1. The bottom line is that through both Wheatie and Daughn, I have had a revelation. We have become CONTROLLED OPPOSITION by moving to a “new normal” of COVID-CENTRISM from which the LEFT and CHINA derive POWER OVER US.

    We cannot ignore it, but it is time to REFRAME IT and PUSH BACK HARD.

    “Normalizing COVID” as the “big daily” is not helping.

    It’s a PHONY CRISIS forced on us by the WICKED ChiComs and DNC.

    I would rather have a Daily Destruction Of The CCP, PREPARE FOR WAR WITH CHINA Thread.

    Nope. We are going to CHANGE FOCUS slowly, strongly, and surely, back to…..



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      1. Exactly. Once I realized that, it really pissed me off.

        Many thoughts.

        (1) Don’t make the recovery part of “COVID” because that gives the LEFT and CHINA control. NOPE. It’s part of NORMAL. Not their BULLSHIT. CHANGE OUR POINT OF FOCUS.

        Daughn has actually been doing this, with more emphasis on recovery and CHINA BAD, but it still allows them to suck us into a combined COVID CONTROL PSYCHOLOGY.

        (2) Go onto Twitter right now – it’s going NUTS on SpyGate reveals. Jussie Liu is going down in FLAMES. Hydroxychloroquine is WINNING. Now the first clearly needs HUGE OXYGEN. But even HCQ needs to be framed differently, IMO, as headlines of their own. It’s a subtle point, but we have to DESTROY THEIR PHONY TREASONOUS NEW NORMAL.

        (3) VACCINES. It’s BULLSHIT. Right now they are selling all this vaccine garbage, that many simply will not need, and which could actually KILL people who already got it.


        These topics will flourish AS TOPICS – not as things subverted to their “new normal” in a big thread, where we are on the defensive.

        Need this stuff organized? I have a CATEGORY on posts for coronavirus I have keywords for COVID-19 and CHICOM-19 and hydroxychloroquine and all that, and they search just fine. Break it out and we can GET BACK TO OUR NORMAL OPEN THREAD as part of getting back to TRUMP NORMAL.

        It’s painful, but we have to do this. We need more ATTACK POSTS on COVID, not SUBMISSION REPORTS in a daily beat-down from the front.

        This will not happen overnight, and that’s why we have to continue the CV thread, albeit moving it over the bell curve to a multi-day top thread and then a periodic new thread.

        We simply have to start going on the ATTACK. That means COVID has to stop being “normal”. It’s WAR PSYCHOLOGY.

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        1. Thought you might like this.

          Red Nation Rising
          Some businesses are now requiring customers to wear masks in order to shop in their store. Looks like tin foil will become scarce soon with all the hats being made business executives. I’m growing weary of the BS propaganda being promoted regarding the Chinese virus.

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          1. My rule is no mask when I am out and about. If the store requires one, then I evaluate my need to enter and will if it is important. Wine run for instance.

            Businesses I have to work in I follow their rules which is typically, mask, temp check, hand sanitize. I work alone but my company now wants me to log my temp every morning. I also need to have a contact log so I can ID who I passed the plague along too. Luckily it is only one or two peeps at most.

            If this becomes the new normal I will need therapy.

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          2. A nazi wanna be store manager scolded me for not wearing a mask that she deemed appropriate (my full face veil of anti-microbial silver didn’t compute to her i guess.

            I was furious. Not for me.
            She’s been unkind to me before when I had a need in that store.

            No, furious for every person that needs more oxygen than a mask will allow.

            So I went home and took scissors to one of the “medical” masks and REMOVED the inner barrier so I could wear a recognizable mask under the full face cover but STILL BREATHE.

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            1. Maybe we need to learn how to be subversive, in order to subvert the Leftist narrative.

              There must be countless hilarious ways to do this, and resistance combined with humor is almost impossible for the fascist Left to combat effectively.

              Plus it helps to put you in a good mood and takes away their ability to make us angry.

              For starters, I might wear rubber gloves… but cut all the fingertips out, sort of the Mad Max look.

              And for the mask… maybe a trap-door flap with the hinge at the top, just above the nose, so every time you exhale, the flap flutters open just a little.

              “Got my mask on here, boss!” πŸ‘ 😁

              If anybody gives you the side-eye, just smile and say “It’s for my allergies, I’m allergic to the mask”.

              And when the checkout person or the manager or whoever loses their mind in anger for not keeping your ‘social distancing’ at 6 feet, hold up a ping-pong paddle that has “I was told there would be no math” written on it πŸ˜‚

              It’s almost impossible for people to take themselves too seriously, when you (and everybody around you) is laughing 😁

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        2. THIS RIGHT HERE.

          Wu-Flu and its aftermath are NOT NORMAL!

          So far, through this whole thing, the only things I have done differently in my daily life involve learning about the virus. I have studied A LOT, as I know others here have, too.

          The result of this knowledge, for me anyway, is the absence of FEAR. I am NOT AFRAID. If I haven’t already had it (won’t know until there is a test), and I get it now and it kills me, well, God has told us not to be afraid.

          So, I still go out every day. I go to whatever is open. I go through the drive-thru for McDonalds. I won’t wear a mask, and if you really have to be six feet from me at all times in the store, be prepared to MOVE. I can’t help it; most of my psyche is screaming at me that all the precautions are BULLSHIT! And I have known that for weeks, mostly due to research and ideas found HERE. I have my tonic water and my zinc. I eat well, sleep enough, and exercise. I garden. I will live if it is the will of the Almighty. Security without Freedom is Prison.

          We can beat the the Chicom manipulators, if we use what we know now to FIGHT, not to COWER. So let’s FIGHT!!!!

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          1. I don’t need no stinkin’ mask. I put on the Full Armor of God βœοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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          2. Same here I haven’t changed a thing, and don’t plan to. I have a mask in my truck and that’s where it stays unless I need it to paint .LOL
            Not going to be controlled by the Planndemic.

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          And I, for one, don’t believe the vax will ever be safe considering who the interested financial parties are, so I’m good with everything up to “until the vax is safe” πŸ‘ 😁

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            1. Yep, as we have all learned β€” and which drives his opponents crazy, for which I can’t blame them β€” DJT says lots of things that are for ‘effect’ without actually meaning it, because he is dodging and weaving through the enemy narratives in real-time, while setting up his own narrative to defeat theirs.

              Some of my favorite things DJT says go like this. Some hack reporter asks a gotcha question, and DJT goes right into his routine:

              “This is going to be the best you’ve ever seen, we’ve never done so great as this, maybe we have, but if so, not in a very long time, and it will never be better than it is right now, unless we do better, and I think we can do better, because there’s never been a better time like this.”


              If you’re the opposition, WHAT are you supposed to do with an answer like that? He’s ALL OVER the place, so no matter how you try to mischaracterize his answer, he can say “I never said that, and you took it out of context, and you’re fake news!”.

              As soon as he starts doing it I start laughing, because I KNOW what he’s doing and why, and it’s masterful.

              But the enemy just thinks he’s a liar, because they don’t get it, or if they do get it, there’s nothing they can do about it, which just infuriates them even more πŸ˜‚

              I would DEFINITELY have TDS if I was opposed to Trump, I would have severe TDS, LOL!

              But I don’t, because he’s so obviously the good guy, so I just smile and think of it like I did watching Michael Jordan, thinking to myself “enjoy this, because one day he’ll retire, and I’ll probably never see someone play the game like he does again”. πŸ‘

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      1. FYI…..

        And I’m replying here so that is at the top of the page for maximum viewing….

        I did NOT mean to imply that you should have any days taken from you. Not at all.

        I only meant that, if Wolf were to put out a call for new author’s and some stepped forward, then there were 2 days from your 3 to increase the stable of authors here. I think I did a poor job of making that clear.

        This was and is NOT intended as a slight toward you or your posts. You, and your posts, are invaluable here and I don’t think any here would disagree even in the slightest.

        And, very MILDLY, lemme also say….shame on you. You know me better than that, or at least I thought you did.

        So there. Neeners. 😜

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        1. But see, that’s just it, no one DOES step forward. This is no different than in a lot of other parts my life. The same people volunteer over and over again, and then those that don’t complain that these same people are always around. Just trying to replace volunteer choir members to replace those who have aged out is next to impossible as the younger crowd tends to travel a lot and can’t make it to rehearsals and/or Sundays.

          I realize that the participants on this board all have differing levels of computer savvy, commitments elsewhere, time to sit at a computer, etc. The daily stuff is copying last week’s post and changing out a handful of items. At least that’s what I do. That’s all we need. The hardest thing is finding a new explosion video every week.

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          1. That right there.
            The topics are just BOXES to put comments into.

            The box can be a reused cut open box from the store with any kind of brand on it, but the real content of an OPEN is in the COMMENTS.

            Wolf finally figured out that he can mass produce OPEN posts for the U Tree for an entire month by just getting out of the way.

            HOWEVER, the break out topic posts are by nature where intense work to create meaning and effect takes place. Flep, Daughn, Wolf, you and others do this all the time and it is an essential part of the engine that drives our impact on the world outside our “community circle.”

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    1. Geez.

      Right before our eyes, right in front of us all along.

      We’ve even danced around it, commenting on our distaste of wording like β€œnormalize” and β€œnew normal”.

      We are in WWIII…..and it a war of psychology!!

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      1. The ALINSKY, the CLOWARD-PIVEN, and the Bezmenov-identified KGB ACTIVE MEASURES on this sucker are HUGE. They forced us into a reaction – a NECESSARY REACTION – from which we MUST RECOVER.

        Our choices are now to go deeper into their rabbit hole, crawl out of it, or plant a bomb and EXPLODE our way out.

        I’m for HIGH EXPLOSIVES.

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    2. Well, my good brother straining for truth…

      Much as I may sound like a hounding voice and…

      Just know…

      There are those of us who may may not be publicly recognized out in the open square…at least yet…

      But we have been watching this for a long time…40 years plus…some of us understood decades ago…the “plan” to destroy our nation and enslave the whole world once America was compromised.

      And some of us have had to deal with the worst of the worst of it for a long time…and nearly paid with our lives…again…Aleksandr…the most significant words he ever said to me…he was old guard going…and I was part of the youth of the new guard coming to fight for the last vestige of freedom.

      He knew.
      He saw.
      He understood what was coming.

      He tried to speak a greatest voice of truth to the West in his great 1978 address to Harvard…now a University and bastion of evil polluting young minds.

      My good friend, Thomas Lifeson, of American Thinker knows exactly what I am saying.

      So some of us who have been through the worst of anything they could throw at us…

      …are going to be part of the great thing that is going to shockingly and explicitly expose and split their bowels wide open in front of the whole God-damned demonic intention.

      We are…ARE!!!!!!! 7 times that perfect number…

      Gonna get this mission done.

      To the life or death.

      WE. WILL. NOT. FAIL!!!

      I know the Scriptural prophecy as well as any scholar in the Earth.

      But I also know the foolishness of supposed, learned profs of the old Fabian Society from Oxford and Cambridge and elsewhere. These people are fools whose snouts have chained by the devil himself. You have know, C.S.Lewis hated that so-called intellectual thought and demonic presentation…and I won’t even make a big deal out of his allegory…The Screwtape Letters…


      The first thing we have to come to actually realize…is that first battle line is not physical…it is spiritual…the spiritual condition of people and nations is the leading thing that poisons culture…which AB said, poisons politics downstream.

      This…THIS! is what many bloggers and commenters miss.

      Once we see this, then the power of the liberation of our souls from this slavery…begins…

      And God shows us His real light of life.

      Shalom brother!

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    3. “β€œNormalizing COVID” as the β€œbig daily” is not helping.”

      You’ve hit the nail on the head here, boss.

      There was something pinging me, in the back of my foggy brain…but I hadn’t put my finger on it.
      So THANK YOU!
      That’s it!

      Having a ‘Daily Covid’ thread has been herding us into accepting that this is the “new normal”.

      I don’t think that was Daughn’s intent, by any means.
      Not at all.

      But that’s what it’s been doing.

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      1. We have ALL been doing this. Oh – I go to that thread FIRST. I have SKIPPED all the great spygate stuff that’s dropping. I’m becoming an expert on vaccines – and I do want to keep fighting that fight. But I want to get my HEAD RIGHT FIRST. Like BARR – I’m going to oppose COVID madness from positions OUTSIDE THE COVID WHIRLPOOL – meaning stuff like the Constitution. Outside the COVID quicksand. Outside the COVID TRAP.

        Avoid THEIR premises like the PLAGUE.

        Just now, I was out on Twitter, and found multiple great items for the COVID thread – but I said to myself – which ones are going to help us get out of this shit in the long run?

        Only the ones about attacking CHINA are going to help. IGNORING some of that stuff – and most particularly the DEMOCRAT attention tar-babies – is going to help MORE.

        Some is simply better to ignore. In fact, a LOT. But WE have to do it. It’s not Daughn’s fault. Some stuff NEEDS to go on that thread. It’s very important. Some of that stuff is critical. But if it doesn’t get us to NORMAL, I’m not going to feed the whirlpool.


        One of the things that is critical to escaping the whirlpool is hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. So we do need to get that normalized FAST. And the way to do that is to ATTACK.

        We need lots of attention to AVAILABILITY OF HCQ and make sure that those who oppose it are demonized as MONSTERS and KILLERS.

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        1. There are at LEAST 5 other OTC or easy to get remedies that are being studied RIGHT NOW to verify efficacy. We have remedies.

          We don’t care about tests, distancing or any other freedom limiting FEAR MONGERING LIES.

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    4. My Eyes Just POPPED OPEN!!!!!!!!!!! YUP!! You got this WOLFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Fauci and Birx took our freaking FOCUS AWAY!!!!!!!! Lets GO!

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        1. We need DJT and DJT jr and Brad Parscale to see—WE ARE DONE! sheltering in place! WE NEED TO RISE UP DIGITALLY!!!! I’m workin on it…

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          1. Dare I suggest, in addition to rise up digitally, physically break CAV restriction. Get out and about moar. Of course vulnerable, not so much. Gotta be safe.

            Today broke restriction. Felt good. Plan to get out daily. Be seen moar. Participate in protests if they are set up in Reno.

            I don’t wear a mask. Nor gloves. Don’t give a rats ass about “one way” signs in stores. “Social distancing” IMO IS STOOPID. Of course if one is coughing sneezing or heavy mouth breater, I’ll stay away. Same as pre CAV days.

            Congreate with neighbors and friends…just like pre-CAV.

            R E S I S T the BS CAV impositions by idiot governors like Socialist Sisolak in NV.

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  2. I haven’t read all the way down yet, so sorry if this repeats what’s already been said.

    I really like how things have been around here & don’t think it necessarily requires a change. Different people hosting different posts allows the unique flavor of the author’s individual personalities to shine through–a bonus!

    This seems like a well-rounded community of very sharp thinkers who also like to have fun while they’re ripping the ubiquitous seditious leftists a new one wherever they dare to pop up their heads!

    One suggestion, & I don’t know how this could be done, would be to have perhaps topical items listed on the front page where majorly important work can be collected. This might enable us to point to that topical page/post, like CV or Declass or Durham, etc, for anyone who wants to take a deep dive. There is such a wealth of info here in the Q-Tree but it can be hard to find Specific info. It could be that people “vote” for what might be essential or even deep-dive material & then it is copied to that topic page/post, but also making sure to keep the link to the original comment connected so people could dive back into the organic discussions if desired.

    I don’t know if WP has “site maps” or not. The concept of having those topics available in a sort of outline format where you could click on a topic & it would break into its subtopics & eventually each piece could have its permanent place to reside. It’s probably Too Much Work to take on, if it’s even possible on WP, but that easy at your fingertips access to key topics could be major ammo in the Red Pilling the Universe War that goes on…

    For what it’s worth, I’m willing to host/moderate a post if needed, though I don’t feel At All Qualified as most everyone else here is Way More Informed on virtually every topic. Also my organizational & motivational skills are sub-par…but if you Need a warm body, I’m willing though perhaps less than able πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Wolfie, for all you do & facilitate here in the Q-Tree. You have created a dynamic refuge for so many here!!! God Bless YOU So Much…

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    1. OK – your offer is REGISTERED. We may not have an opening NOW, because I think all 7 days are now spoken for, or will be, but your offer puts you ON DECK.

      If we end up with an open day at any time, be ready to get the call.

      I think we’re covered now, but it is good to have some batters on deck!!!

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  3. “It has come to my attention that there is significant dissatisfaction with the way that the traditional Open Thread has bifurcated into two threads. COVID and NON-COVID – the latter losing a lot of steam.”


    I didn’t know anything about that… I just check each new thread as time permits, like always.


    “And then, when I threw in a β€œtopical” COVID thread today, which I think just pushed things over the edge, it all exploded out into the open.”


    I miss ALL the best explosions. I just spent the last 45 minutes LOOKING for the explosion now that I know about it, and I still can’t find it.


    “What do YOU need?”


    I could use an ‘explosion alert’, you know, some way to let everyone know where all the action is taking place at any given time 😁

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    1. Oh, I wish we had more GOOD explosions.

      I hope people understand WHY I’m so concerned here. I didn’t really see it at first, because the framing of “everybody is on the COVID thread” sure sounds like plain old sour grapes and whining – and then I got all whiny trying to deal with it – and now everybody is either whining, moping, or cheering up the whiners and mopers.

      Yeah, it BOTHERS ME that a fucking ChiCom sneak attack is DOMINATING our site. Oh, they are SO SNEAKY. It’s all about CHINA controlling WORLD EVENTS.

      But this is all part of WHAT WAS DONE TO US. I’m sitting here dealing with this stuff AND relentless hypoxia, instead of dealing with the medical to-do list I hoped to deal with today – just one more price of the CRAP that China pulled on us.

      And ALL of that is downstream of what the damn ChiNazis and DNC top traitors did to us in RELEASING A VIRUS.

      My new rule is my old rule. When you find yourself fighting with friends, you need to HIT CHINA. Because THAT is who is really responsible.

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      1. I totally agree with the need of explosions. Reading about people, here in the comments on the other threads, who are virtual prisoners IN THEIR OWN HOMES is outrageous. It’s time to go after these suckers, virtually, and physically through using facts, protesting and shaming. How dare those 2 old people get harassed by the cops? and the various parents interacting with only their own children with no one around?

        The few times I’ve been out and about, have been enlightening. (I’m pretty much house bound because of DH, but that is improving, slowly.) Going to Costco last week to pick up a couple of bags of dirt was almost unendurable. NOT going back anytime soon. Some of the local stores are easing up on restrictions, especially in unincorporated county as the sheriff has stated he’s not going to enforce the crap- tastic rules. I refuse to wear a mask when out except for yesterday as I HAD to in order to get DH to the doctor. The local True Value store is operating like a regular store and is well stocked as it supplies a lot of rural people. There’s no social distancing possible in that store as it is packed with stuff.

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      2. Indeed!

        How correct!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

        I have been screaming the message about Xi Jinping and China for a very long time.

        I knew that our POTUS understood the dynamics of what China was doing to, and stealing from our nation decades ago.

        DJT saw it way back then…but HRC and the demo machine would have kept China’s US Express well oiled and fed with the souls and money of all of our lives.

        Thank God for “small favors” for helping us dodge that for at least a little bit of Time’s Reprieve. God really is in more control over more than we think!

        You have Q.

        But then higher up…

        You have G!

        Our POTUS basically humbled and humiliated Xi on the world’s political-economic-financial stage. And Xi hated it…behind that seeming kind and fake smile. Never trust a communist smile. Been there, faked it and done that.

        Tariffs, decoupling the US from China…

        So “Mister “seeming kind face, hand-shaking Panda bear, Xi…and no, I am borrowing this from CTH…I have history in China working with the underground church many years ago…and I can tell you, some of those faithful saints are long gone and slaughtered…

        The lie is that ISIS, Muslims…is the world’s greatest threat.



        It’s China. #1!

        I know some have their problems with CTH…

        But before I was banned, I had a great discussion with BlackKnightRides (who I am so glad to see and be able to converse with again) and Dutchman about China.

        Can’t remember who it was who a made a comment…saying that was the greatest discussion ever on CTH about China.

        The 3 of us just locked into a zone night about 2 years ago.

        Yeah, Wolfie…

        China is this present world’s #1 enemy.

        Years ago, digging into their stuff and how they were sucessfully stealing our military intellectual properties that enabled them to
        …”rather suddenly”…come with an advanced fighter jet…I shocked the hell out some on the net…

        Oh gosh…

        I need to quit while I am maybe?…ahead…


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        1. As I keep saying re: the Chicoms and stolen US Mil tech…

          Having it is one thing. Knowing how to properly employ it is another thing altogether.

          China’s pilots SUCK. I mean, truly terrible.

          critical thinking skills are maximized in a free society that allows freedom of thought, idea, and expression. This inculcates a mindset in youth that CANNOT be taught later as an adult….which is why China is forced to steal our tech.

          Chinese pilots were raised inside China, where force-think was employed and freedom of thought is harshly punished.

          This SEVERELY limits the abilities of adult Chinese pilots, both mil and civilian.

          Give them F-22s.

          They utterly lack the ability to fly and fight them the way our boys can.

          It’s not the plane that wins the fight…’s the pilot who best employs the fullest capabilities of the plane he is flying….a skill set that absolutely requires razor-sharp critical thinking skills.


          …..he who owns the airspace owns the battlefield below it.

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          1. Oh, how right you are.

            Having Marine background…I can tell you, an honest Marine will give creedence to who owns the airspace. It all works together as one military unit under the Sun and a good command of situational awareness.

            I published some things about the development of China’s -jet about 11 years ago. Shocked a few souls back then.

            It was on the way because of stolen intellectual property from our military, which in itself, really pissed me off because we should have had a primary vanguard in order to prevent that. Well, demos…πŸ™„

            Nevertheless, I knew that jet was faulty and a fake braggadocio presentation. But they got better stealing our stuff.

            But even so, their pilots and flight technicians are still semi-dark age and couldn’t begin to compete with ours, or even the Russians, who themselves are still not up to par with us.

            Yet you have MSM/LSM that for decades have fostered the great threat of our enemies capabilities to stir up fear-mongering. All you had to do was read Readers Digest and other publications in the late 50s through 70s. But some of us knew better. We just don’t get out on the rooftops to let the rest of the world know. πŸ˜‰

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          2. “It’s not the plane that wins the fight…’s the pilot who best employs the fullest capabilities of the plane he is flying….a skill set that absolutely requires razor-sharp critical thinking skills.”

            DAMN STRAIGHT!!!

            It’s not the tool or the weapon that counts, but the man behind it.

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            1. Spot on

              Same thing with the best military rifle systems. The CheyTac M300 Intervention is the best of the kind and is rated #1 in the world, but only be as effect as the skilled soldier/sniper behind scope and trigger…

              Btw, as an interesting side factoid, the .50 caliber has about 17,000lbs of thrust right out of the muzzle, whereas the CheyTac .408 is around 11,000…but somethings down the path…can’t remember if it is out about 1500+/- meters, the thrust of the .408 cartride gains and surpasses the .50 cal. I’ ve talked to expert arms manufacturers who make their own version of the .408,

              …btw that got raided by the FBI and BAFT here in our area. They did get that settled, but it was weird because these guys also train SWAT and every other kind of interdiction, hostage situations…youdda thunk the fed agencies would had some respect…Rodney Dangerfield…πŸ˜‰

              Anyhoos, having said all that, here is this about that record setting kill shot with the McMillan TAC 50…which backs up your comment about the skill needed to make the best stuff effective…lot of math, physics and discipline involved.

              From 2017…hope the link works:

              A Canadian sniper breaks the record for the longest confirmed kill shot – but how? – BBC Newsbeat

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          3. β€œChina’s pilots SUCK. I mean, truly terrible.”

            Ironic, as Malaysia, Indonesia, and other SE Asian countries notoriously have militaries where the pride of the pilot corps in all branches of service come from the local, otherwise-despised, Chinese minority ethnic community.

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      3. “Yeah, it BOTHERS ME that a fucking ChiCom sneak attack is DOMINATING our site. Oh, they are SO SNEAKY. It’s all about CHINA controlling WORLD EVENTS.”


        Well, until the Left’s Iron Curtain is lifted β€” which it won’t be β€” we’re kinda stuck talking about China Asshoe Virus, because that’s the reason the country is on a sort of voluntary but you better not push your luck lockdown.

        So we have to figure out how to lift the Iron Curtain. And we’re limited in our ability to do anything on a large scale, and besides, that’s DJT’s job and I’m sure he has a plan in motion β€” but what CAN do is lift the Iron Curtain on the small scale, i.e., in our own personal lives.

        So why not do that?

        I decided the other day when I woke up that I was through with the China Virus and all the Nazi-government shenanigans. It’s not about being brave or tough, I just can’t do it anymore, it’s boring.

        I never got into the mask thing, gloves don’t make much sense to me, unless you learn how to wear the right kind of mask just exactly right and how to put on and remove gloves with the proper technique, and then remember not to touch your face β€” which you’re not going to remember until it becomes a learned habit, and I don’t want to learn these kind of habits anyway.

        And faced with all of this rigamarole, and all the self-appointed hall monitors, it’s too much. I guess I just don’t care enough to keep playing along. It’s like the 4th (or 5th?) season of Walking Dead, it just got so stupid that they lost me. So I’m not going to dance when the government says dance, and I’m not going to jump through hoops when the media and medical establishments say ‘jump!’.

        And they can’t make me.

        I’m sorry about their luck, but they can’t get away with any of this unless we let them. And I’m tired of it now, so I’m opting out of their game 😁

        Seems like we should have a Thread (I think you talked about making one just recently) where we put together all the various self-treatment options, everybody spend $20 or $30 to get a two week supply ‘just in case’, and then get back to life.

        If we get sick β€” which most of us won’t, anyway β€” we would already have treatment ready to go, we won’t even need to waste time or money going to the doctor. πŸ‘

        If it catches on, and it needs to, the whole country will stop playing along with this farce.

        And that needs to happen, because they’re trying to make this last until November, and that’s just not happening, so what are we waiting for?

        This is our country, not theirs.

        And while the protests are great for morale, and I love to see them, it almost in a way plays into the whole “us vs. them” thing which perpetuates the stalemate. But if everybody just starts ignoring the Police State, not in a hostile or aggressive way, but just sort of shrugging our collective shoulders and moving on, what can they do?

        Nothing, not really.

        We can blow up their narrative all day and night online, but offline, we can get back to whatever we normally do, and if that involves an employer who is currently shut down, then let DJT and Mnuchin send us checks until they get tired of it. That’s their business, they know what’s going on, so let them handle it.

        Meanwhile, we should get back to our regular lives as much as possible. See our friends and family, and tell Karen she has been reassigned to monitor a different hall 😁

        All this ‘social distancing’, masks, gloves and fear is for the birds…

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          1. Thank you!

            Everything is moving so fast that I don’t think we will have to worry about China Virus being the 24/7 topic for much longer, it looks like Flynn / Declass is going to boot CAV right off the stage.

            Plop, plop
            Fizz, fizz
            Oh what a relief it is 😁

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    2. A Sean Hannity “tick tock” esque warning? I don’t have cable & have never seen the TT just heard people complain about it…

      Maybe like “breaking” in red flashing letters?

      Boy I hope these gifs show…now I know why Wheatie has so much fun! πŸ™‚

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  4. Wolf gave us the Q-Tree for all legal free-speech, until “civility” became an issue.
    Wolf gave us the U-Tree for all legal free speech, without regard for “civility”.
    Although for U-Tree may appear to have started out as the “wild west”, it has turned into a “polite society” (although some content may be too salty for some tastes).

    Authors and commenters from both blogs have been great for the most part, and I feel lucky to be a part of it all.

    I have personally asked Daughn to put up a thread for something (though I cannot recall what), and I also recall replying to her when she asked if we would like her to put a thread up (for what I cannot recall, tho it was well received). This happen more than once.

    Daughn NEVER disappoints.

    Daughn researches, organizes, compiles her posts, and adds links, edits, and tends the blog “on the fly”, conversing and adding running commentary during live events.

    And of course, there’s Daughns stories…

    Daughn puts lots of time and effort into her posts, this blog, and indeed, everything she does.

    The CV will not last forever. The economy will be restored (I think rather quickly). And we have a war to win.

    I have a hard enough time keeping up, no matter how you slice it.

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      1. Wolfie, I think we are discovering this need to redeploy assets (ie not obsess COVID) at the same time as Pres. Trump is doing the same. He had two NORMAL public events today that were NOT health related as much as they were about moving beyond it.

        We’re ready too. I still like the idea of a Daughn daily thread for OFFENSE & BATTLE, but making COVID the highlight is kaput. That was the attack on us. Now we move to counter attack mode on many fronts.

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          1. Remember not too long ago you seized the U Tree for a CCP offensive mission?
            It doesn’t quite fit right for me, but Daughn does #WarRoom really well, and …

            … not sure how to complete that thought …

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            1. The U Tree is still a bit of a conundrum. I keep it going, hoping it will catch fire at some point. I just let a new person in there a few minutes ago! Check it out!

              I want people to post where they’re happy, and most seem happier here. Not a problem – we could use more posts here, too!!!

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  5. The strength in this site is through the diverse and open minded discourse here. It doesn’t mean everyone’s in agreement, but it makes me think that in our own way we are like the founding fathers in their discussions about Declaration of Independence and the formulation of the Constitution.

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      1. I can’t even remember seeing a fight since Wolf was inspired by Andy(?) to start the U-tree.

        I must miss a lot of stuff that goes on around here, and it’s not for lack of spending time reading the articles and comments! 😁

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        1. I agree that this is not fighting. I don’t think anyone is upset with anyone else here; we are just voicing opinions about what we’d like to see, and in that process we have become determined not to let some entity dictate our narrative or what to focus on. China and the Left want to distract and enslave us, and we are awake and aren’t going to let that happen. It is no reflection on anyone here or on any of the authors.

          The COVID threads are invaluable for providing info on many fronts, but I think many are feeling it’s time to stop focusing so much on the virus. We have a pretty good idea of what it is, where it came from, its mechanism of action, how to treat it, how social distancing has been/is being enforced, research about it, etc. Time to go on offense. That doesn’t mean there should be no more COVID threads, either; there will continue to be much to learn, including info about antibody/serology testing, whether antibodies indicate immunity, and so forth. But we just have a different focus now. We will not be enslaved. βš”οΈ

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          1. Yes! Remember – the first time there was “concern” about the COVID daily, I was a strong backer of KEEPING IT DAILY, and in large part because it was collecting tons of important information, it was central to GETTING AHEAD of the other side – the list just goes on – but MOST IMPORTANTLY – there was zero sign that it was harming things AT ALL. Completely unreasonable to rein it in – OR SO I THOUGHT at the time.

            Now, when it came back as causing grumbling, my initial inclination was “we all need a big discussion, because if the grumbling won’t stand inspection, then we can all agree to keep things just the way we are, OR if people want, we can change things.

            It was only in the discussion of this that I realized what was going on. Something bothered me about the regular open thread being DWARFED, but I was unable to make that compute to a problem. But then somebody compared the formation of the COVID thread to the formation of the political thread at CTH, and THAT is when the light bulb lit up.

            There is a lot of strategic security stuff – ADMIN STUFF – concerning the site, and who tries to get in, or who tries to manipulate people here, that I do not share with anybody, although sometimes with specific affected people. Based on these things, I *KNOW* what and how the other side attacks. Splitting this site over religion is a TOP GOAL. Part of what I have to do to fight this stuff is to get the extremes to understand that this is how they are manipulated as negatively controlled opposition. It is a STRONG division tactic.

            The FOUNDERS of this nation were very wise. The FIRST AMENDMENT reflects this wisdom. I subordinate myself to their thinking on this for a variety of reasons which are NOT blind faith. So I will NEVER allow religion to be shoved off into a corner here – or LEFT BEHIND IN A CORNER. MAGA means getting back to the core ideas of the founders.

            And that includes free speech. We have free speech on COVID here, too. I’m not even being picky about the formats, as long as we don’t accomplish religious segregation in an accidental, unintentional, bass-ackwards way – which the left actually specializes in.

            The CURE can’t be worse than the disease. And the CHICOMS have used a DISEASE to corral us into the CURES they want and NEED.

            They closed the churches and synagogues. Oh, they were so smart. And the victims are ALL using ZOOM for their “virtual” sermons. LOL. So crafty.

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            1. “They closed the churches and synagogues. Oh, they were so smart. And the victims are ALL using ZOOM for their β€œvirtual” sermons. LOL. So crafty.”


              Is there a link or article about the security issues with ZOOM that is credible, something that explains the issues in a nutshell?

              I can research it, but if that has already been done and there is an article or two, links, etc., that would be helpful.

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              1. Scott,

                I don’t have links in front of me, but, in a nutshell, Zoom is the Chinese Communist gov’t., including their military and/or their secret police.

                That means they hear and see everything that you and your audience say or do with it.

                And you can’t use it on your mobile device or computer without installing Zoom software* and turning on permissions for microphone, camera, etc. Which tells me it is 1984 Big Brother, East Asia edition, for when you are aren’t using it.

                Please search on the web for the formal computer, cybersecurity, and privacy experts for their detailed opinion.

                But I will stick with the Q drops pertaining to the major tech CIA fronts in the USA (e.g. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, etc.) with their Building 7 datastore and it’s equivalents in mainland China, and Eric Schmidt’s ties to North Korea, and so forth.

                And I think, if that is what the Deep State Resistance is doing to us to violate our privacy, to control us, and earn a few shekels while doing it, what are the Han supremacist ChiComs themselves going to do to us?

                Just ask yourself a question: When your pastor is presenting his homily during Sunday worship, or a lecture on kingship drawing on the Book of Samuel, on Wednesday night Bible study, or you are witnessing aloud to the congregation, is the crew pictured below who you want listening in, unseen?

                If the answer is “YES”, then, by all means, please go ahead and install Zoom and use it for all your religious telecommunication needs! πŸ˜€

                Eric Schmidt and Bill Richardson in a certain workers’ paradise in NE Asia

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              2. *If you only need to interact via voice on a Zoom conference call, there is a phone number on their website that lets you dial in, and log in with your event code and individual code.

                Even if you have the event code, but can’t enter your individual code from your invitation in time, you can at least listen in.

                No software required.


              3. Covadonga: “Scott,

                I don’t have links in front of me, but, in a nutshell, Zoom is the Chinese Communist gov’t., including their military and/or their secret police.

                That means they hear and see everything that you and your audience say or do with it.”


                Yes, that’s what I read, in general.

                And why I refused to download Zoom.

                The problem is, explaining it to the members of the church is like trying to explain Q or the Great Awakening or that professional democrats are treasonous, traitorous Chinese-owned puppets.

                Unless I have something concrete to prove it, there’s no getting through the Blue Pill False Comfort Zone.

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              4. You can mention that Zoom is made with the same infamous quality assurance as other Chinese products, and that it is vulnerable to crackers cracking into its connections and doing malicious things like putting up pornographic images.

                If it happened, that would certainly change the tenor of your shared religious experience, I would venture to guess. So that argument should carry weight with a church group.

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            2. My mother’s minister is harassing her about using Zoom for various church meetings. My mother refuses. This minister will not leave her alone. Says all the old people there are doing it so why can’t she. Now saying she expects to see her face at next Wednesday’s virtual meeting.

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              1. “My mother’s minister is harassing her about using Zoom for various church meetings.”


                I would ask him to show me where it says in the Bible that he should be harassing anyone. 😁


                “My mother refuses.”


                Good for her! We are supposed to exercise discernment, not blindly follow! πŸ‘


                “This minister will not leave her alone.”


                Then I would start talking about my brand new shotgun, “Bessie”, every time he bothers her about it.

                Minister: “Mrs. Holley, come on now, sign up for that Zoom communist spy tool.”

                Mrs. Holley: “Minister, did I tell you about my new shotgun yet?”

                Minister: “We’re having a Zoom meeting this Sunday and I demand you be on it.”

                Mrs. Holley: “Her name’s Bessie. Double-barreled. Blued finish with cherry-stained wood stock. A real beauty.”

                Minister: “Don’t make me come over to your house and put that Communist spy tool on your computer for you.”

                Mrs. Holley: “Minister, did you know that a double-barreled shotgun can put a hole in you the size of a watermelon?”

                Minister: “What?”

                Mrs. Holley: “Yessir, I kid you not!”

                Minister: “You have a nice day Mrs. Holley, and I’m so very sorry if I bothered you…” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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              2. “Says all the old people there are doing it so why can’t she.”


                A classic logical fallacy, called “Appeal to the Crowd” (Ad Populum), a.k.a. BANDWAGON fallacy:
                Most of us want to feel we belong. This fallacy either says or shows β€œeverybody” getting behind the issue or product and β€œyou do not want to be left behind.”


                “Now saying she expects to see her face at next Wednesday’s virtual meeting.”


                So send him a small photo of herself that he can tape to his computer monitor.

                Ta-da! 😁

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              3. I would point out that people holding legitimate conferences using Zoom have had their connections cracked into, and malicious pranksters have put up pornographic images in the middle of the conferences.

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            3. When the order went out to telework – first thing military told my hubby (who works for them) – no one could use ZOOM. Apparently it goes through China – so that would be a big no, no. He deleted it even from our personal computers and his phone.

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  6. FYI, Q has dropped about 10 new posts. Twitter is blowing up over vaccines and the head witch has made a public appearance to endorse Sleepy Joe.

    It’s just a matter of time til she’s on the ticket. Time to regroup and refocus as the united Wolf force. If she cheats her way in, it won’t matter who writes which post or who reads where first, she will chop down our 🌳 and we will all be dead.

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      1. “She got to get on the ticket to get immunity. Same as big mike. Biden is a dead man walking”


        I don’t know where this ‘immunity’ idea comes from, it just seems like everybody acknowledges it.

        I don’t, and never have, it’s asinine.

        If you’re running for president, and you run a traffic light, you get a ticket like everybody else.

        If you murder someone, or commit treason, or conspire to overthrow the United States, or you’re part of a pedo ring, you get arrested and go to prison.

        I don’t care who you are or what you’re running for.

        So if this is ‘immunity if running for office’ is some kind of stupid ‘tradition’, it’s long past time to throw it in the dumpster fire and start arresting these traitors.

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    1. I cringe when I hear her cackle laugh – old fears arose that she’ll be on the ticket… but then I think, no POTUS’ has got this. At least as far as any of the CABAL rearing their ugly heads – and that includes the old witch. She may not go to prison, but someone has the goods on her this time around.

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  7. Funny how I’ve had in the back of my mind for along time that China was the one to keep an eye on. Don’t know if it’s my age (65) or not? Went through the whole 60’s, 70’s ( you know what they say if you remember them you didn’t live them) haha. The war protests of the 60’s and 70’s have a lot of similarities to today’s antifa BLM etc etc. So went through Reagan the cold war, remember the JFKf assaination like it was yesterday, the whole civil rights movement. MLK, Robert Kennedy, very turbulent times in this country, said it back then kind of prophetic now, but always said there’ll be a revolution in this country again. Hopefully not but very well may come to that at some point.The hippie movement from the 60’s has just put on a suit and tie now basically, get the uninformed youths to carry the water of your agenda. Same play book different years, the thing is everytime this happens are we closer to the rerevolution? Hopefully no, I truly believe PDJT was chosen for this time (A imperfect man for a perfect time) where this all ends I don’t know and that’s okay too, because I trust in God in the end. So easy to become overwhelmed with it all at times and forget who is in charge in the end. And that’s the thing the left NEVER GETS they will never win in the end, they may believe that they have won except on that final day when they face the judgment day. What do they say?
    God Bless everyone here y’all are truly a blessing, although were apart in body I believe were all together in spirit.

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    1. We need a Q post thread, IMO.

      Hell – I haven’t even looked at the drops because of all this CCP-caused crap.

      Hell – I was supposed to contact my doc about supplemental oxygen today.

      Hell – I forgot my zinc b/c of hypoxia. The zinc lets me remember stuff.

      Hell – my wife wants me to wear a mask which makes the hypoxia worse.

      Hell – I told her I have to contact the doc about supplemental oxygen if I have to wear a mask again.

      Oh, yeah, I forgot that.


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      1. “We need a Q post thread, IMO.”

        I remember when you used to knock yourself out slaving over those Q-post threads, boss.

        You did them wonderfully, too.
        Screencaps, Q-posts and then Q-text…the works.

        But by the time you got them up, people had already talked about them in the Daily Open thread!
        So there was very little discussion that happened in those dedicated Q-post threads.
        *facepalm* πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

        So I think it’s just fine to let people post the Q-drops in the Daily Open.

        Something that Might Be Helpful…is for the thread author of the Daily Open to add a link to where the O-drops started appearing in that thread?

        Something like:

        “We had Q-drops today! You can see those starting with this comment:”

        …And then post the link to that comment.

        Just brainstorming here.

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        1. That works for me.

          And that’s something that needs to stay in the regular open, too, Q drops.

          *deep breath*

          Tomorrow I contact the doc. I will not be here until I’ve contacted the doc. I’m making that promise so I have to keep it.

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          1. I hope he gives you a script for HCQ.
            It might help!
            And I hope you’re taking some guaifenesin, too.

            When you get some secretions in the lungs…it can cause/aggravate shortness-of-breath.

            The guaifenesin will break that up so you can cough it up and get it out of there.

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            1. What I’ve found is that the albuterol helps in terms of opening up my “morning left lung” from sleeping on my side, and that makes breathing “easier” in some respects, but it doesn’t really affect the shortness of breath part.

              The albuterol wears off in about 4 hours, and after about 8 hours the seeming dryness of the lungs from the faster breathing increases shortness of breath, and I’m better off without the albuterol. THAT is when guaifenesin really helps – I’ve used it to recover from “albuterol-dry lungs” twice.

              Thus, what I have is very much unlike asthma, I’m thinking. It’s a different kind of pulmonary distress.

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              1. Ah…I see.

                I have seasonal allergies and also I’m allergic to mold spores.

                But I was okay until I had a bout of pneumonia, which caused some lung damage.

                When you take a deep breath, do you sometimes cough?

                That is my tipoff that I’ve got some sucretions building up.

                There is no wheezing or rattle or any other clues that there is some glup in my lungs.
                No sniffles or nasal congestion.

                So I take a guaifenesin, and in no time, I’m coughing up glup.
                Then I can breathe better.

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              2. Drink LOTS of water when you take that guaifenesin. Not just a glass full at the time, but several glasses over the next couple of hours. Your body/lungs need that water to liquidfy the junk and get it out.

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          1. Constantly!!! We might not get over here as often as we like….But we are always looking out for our Fearless General and Everyone here!!! Promise!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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      2. You could do like I did and use the 3 ply medical mask with the inner ply CUT OUT.
        Easy breathing and everybody relaxes because you are “compliant” … hahaha

        Like the kid in the back seat,
        “I may be sitting down on the outside, BUT I’M STANDING UP ON THE INSIDE!!!”

        Get that Rx for portable O2 concentrator.
        Wear that mask in stores.

        People have to respect that or ADA law suit could make you rich all over again.

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      3. Wolf, I don’t know anything about most of the various medicines and supplements, but that ‘You Are Free’ youtube lady regularly talks about a couple different herbal teas or supplements or vitamins or something that oxygenates the blood, and this was before China Virus.

        Since China virus, and the associated hypoxia symptoms, these aids to oxygenate the blood seem even more relevant.

        If you are already doing something along these lines, then carry on. But if not, or if you want to look into it, let me know and I’ll check the beginning and end of a few of her recent videos to find the specific supplements she uses.

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      4. (((Wolfie)))
        I am so sorry you’re continuing to fight the COVID crud. I don’t have it as bad as you, but I am continuing to struggle, too. I wish it would just go away. A little alarmed because it doesn’t seem to go away and stay gone. It’s that little bit of shortness of breath that reminds me so much of the asthma I had as a kid, and the damned dry cough.

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        1. To test if it’s active virus you could try the newest OTC to come out as knocking down the virus: Pepcid AC or the generic, famotidine. Someone with a bad case tried it at high dose and it turned them around in less than 24 hours. I’m trying it now at 80mg once every other day or so just to see what gains it can give me. There’s another remedy I’ve got on order but won’t arrive for a week or so. Will let you know. ❀

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        2. Yup. You’re STILL experiencing the same thing as me! Well, then let our minor misery love some company! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

          I suspect that therapies are coming. I really do!

          In the meanwhile, zinc and green tea are really working for me, so maybe that will work for you, too! Doesn’t have to be much zinc, but smaller amounts multiple times a day.

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          1. I’m taking zinc. But just once a day. How much/how often do you take? And are you drinking green tea or taking the green tea capsules?

            I’ve thought about going back to the doctor, but I don’t think they quite know what they are doing yet so it seems pointless for me.

            For you, to get supplemental oxygen, it sounds like a good plan.

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            1. I’m taking zinc between totals of about 20 to 40 mg / day in smaller amounts of roughly 8, 12, 15 mg, three or four times a day. I find that 40 mg is about my limit. Quinine doc was saying 25 to 50, I think.

              I have been just drinking green tea or tonic water. I can have a lot more green tea than tonic water.

              Hit a good balance of zinc and whatever zinc ionophore, and the hypoxia just goes away – it’s great. But a mask will then set mine off bad.

              Yes, a doctor visit isn’t going to yield much now, but I pretty much have to, b/c my wife is a mask nut and thinks I have to have one b/c they’re required, and masks make me hypoxic, so I have to get oxygen. The whole thing is ridiculous b/c I had the crap and now I’m immune. Nobody needs me to wear a damn mask. I told my wife maybe I’ll just wear a sign that says I had it, I’m immune and not shedding, and don’t need a mask. THAT freaked her out enough that she went along with me getting oxygen! LOL! Can’t have people KNOW I had it, so she’d rather I got the old-guy oxygen and people just have to GUESS IT.

              Whole thing is a comedy.

              But hey – I’m ALIVE – thanking God for it, too!!! But I’m ready to go. Totally. No fear now. Just a will to live to see the CCP destroyed.

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              1. Thanks for the zinc info. I can sympathize with your wife. I’ve lost enough friends and family that I get kind of deer in the headlights, weak knees, frantic when I think about losing anyone else. I know I’m not even rational about it, but I can’t seem to help it.

                Get as much mileage out of your old guy oxygen as you can. Stoop a little. Look sad. Women will take pity on you when you’re in the line at the check out stand and let you go first. 😍

                Yep, every day is a gift from God. I’m not scared to move on, either. I’m certain where I’m going and it’s where everyone I know is waiting for me, so some days I can hardly wait!!!

                But we still have stuff to do here, it would seem, and I do hope that is seeing the Great Awakening through to the end!

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      1. Hmmm ……..

        Have we only been seeing part of this?

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      2. Comey is a bit of a stretch for me, but I could see it.

        I could accept Rosenstein, the one I thought was doing the White Hats’ bidding, whether he is a White Hat himself or not.

        The one I can’t believe is a double agent or White Hat of any sort is Herr MΓΌller, though apparently the White Hats have enough on him to force him to act in accordance with the plan.

        MΓΌller did too much damage to the country by being friendly with horrible Islamic groups, and by forcing great men like Robert Spencer, Stephen Coughlin, and John Guandolo from speaking to government groups. He even forced previous attendees of their lectures to destroy their own notes!

        When it comes to Islamic infiltration into the US, Robert Mueller’s influence was immunosuppressive to the body politic.

        This is not to mention the scandals concerning Whitey Bulger in Massachusetts, or the suspicious circumstance that he became director of the FBI exactly 1 week before 9/11.

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        1. Liked by 1 person

          Apr 28
          Replying to
          2. Everyone should read DawsonSField
          mind-blowing threads about Trump’s work with the FBI & DOJ since at least the early 1980s.

          ESSENTIAL reading.

          Inspired by Dawson’s work, I penned this article on the same topic in early 2019.
          ENDGAME : POTUS Trump’s Vindication Nears
          Leftists have long alleged that Donald Trump has conducted crimes with the mafia, as well as with Russian oligarchs. What they can never explain is why Trump has never been indicted. As REX explains,…


          Apr 28
          3. Once you understand that for DECADES Trump made himself a lure for mafia bosses, Russian oligarchs, Ukrainian crooks, money launderers and other vile criminals, you start to understand the brilliance of Trump’s lure right now.

          Apr 28
          4. And it also makes the utter confusion of his enemies hilariously funny.

          For almost 4 years, leftist fools have done in-depth investigations into Trump’s ‘connections to the Mafia and Russians’.

          Here’s a good example.

          Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia go back 3 decades
          Journalist Craig Unger talks Russia, Trump, and “one of the greatest intelligence operations in history.”


          Apr 28
          5. They point out that SCORES of crooks who have ‘done business’ with Trump seem to get arrested, while Trump always ‘escapes’.

          And they can never answer the question, ‘WHY?’

          There IS an answer.

          Just not what Trump haters want to hear.

          Apr 28
          6. Trump was a CI / CHS.

          And unlike the scumbags who tried to set up Team Trump, DJT was dealing with genuinely dangerous individuals.

          What’s important now is to observe HOW Trump & his FBI/DOJ allies lured and nailed the MANY Mafia crooks.

          It’s the same MO we are seeing now.

          Apr 28
          7. It’s the same every time.

          Trump is the LURE.

          Italian mafia – 1982, Atlantic City. Trump lures mafia to casinos.

          Russian Mafia, 1990s, NYC. Trump (and Sater) lure crooks to Trump Tower.

          FBI/DOJ listen in and bang – crooks get nailed.

          Trump? Walks away. ‘Wow, who knew?’

          Apr 28
          8. Trump makes himself the target. See how clever that is?

          Since 2016, Trump has used his MO to devastating effect.

          Trump made himself a lure, with the SC.

          Gen Flynn made himself a lure, with a FISA. Carter Page, ditto.

          America’s enemies fell for it, too.

          EVERY TIME.

          Apr 28
          9. And now we get to see the results.

          ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, indeed.

          As A G Barr said, the old team is back together.

          And what a team it is, too.


          The end.

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          1. I haven’t read all of the Dawson stuff. But I’ve read enough to be familiar with the overall theory.

            It’s a great theory, fascinating to read, and I’m sure it explains the skeleton of what happened here. I just don’t buy it in the case of Mueller’s career in recent years.

            Whatever research Dawson has done, it can’t undo the conclusions drawn from the seminal evil Mueller has committed, at least since Obama’s 1st term.

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            1. That’s possibly him proving he’s a made man or large for Potus to turn him back. Fortunately we won’t have to wait much longer.

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  8. Wolfie…I’ll be happy to keep doing the Monday Daily Open, if that’s okay with you.

    And NO, you haven’t “guilted” me into doing these threads for the past year.
    I was honored to do what I could for the team.

    I would be happy to keep doing the Saturday threads, too…but Steve seems to really want that day.
    So I am okay with stepping back on that one.
    Let’s see how that goes.

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  9. Late to the hoopla, but I find that the comment threads are priceless with wisdom and info on many topics.

    I just never seem to get to all of the threads, and have been concentrating on the plannedemic.

    If I could have my dream threads, it might be ones in which we can ramp up the fight to get our country back…regular threads on teaching civics for kids and adults, threads on being prepared for the next attack, threads for ways to communicate, what to do if the internet goes down or phones are turned off.

    Even a regular thread on our nation’s real history…books, articles, resources, etc.

    I am willing to be a contributor.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Would you like to be an author and do articles on whatever you want, whenever you feel like it? You can then post the links on Twitter, too. You don’t have to do a daily thread (and those are filled up already).

      I’ll make you an author right now if you want! What you’re talking about sounds GREAT.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. I will do it! I homeschooled for years, both kids graduated college and I learned a lot. Have tons of resources for civics, history, two things that the Left has denied our citizens.

        Let me know which topic and I will get to work on an article. It might take me a week to get it all tidied up and ready for you to look at/edit, etc.

        Liked by 12 people

        1. OK – the invitation is out! It will be in your email. The only thing to know is that images need to be stored on your own WordPress site’s media folder, and brought in by URL when you post an image (I recommend the block editor as easier). The only image you can’t do that for is the header image. Header images are very helpful, so do one anyway, and upload THAT image to this site, or use an image that’s already here.

          First topic? Everything you mentioned is good. I think something relevant to any of the big fights we are seeing on Twitter right now is good – something where American historical and civic knowledge REFRAMES the entire question – very often related to the Constitution, and how “old knowledge” gives a clear answer to a modern question.

          We have lost SO MUCH. People have to be EDUCATED about our nation’s past. How we’ve been distracted from simple, obvious answers to these PHONY PROBLEMS the left created to force change on us. So something HISTORICAL is good – the older, the better. If the FOUNDERS had a fight over it – excellent!!! πŸ˜€

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    1. There is an OTC supplement that is fantastic for healing scar tissue and even restoring nerve function to normal. It’s “Repair Gold” by Enzymedica. Spring of 2019 I started taking 2 capsule every 6 hours or so and was successful at dissolving a 4 decades old mucoid cyst out of a maxillary sinus. It had been harboring biofilm protected microbes above my upper teeth roots and causing trouble a couple times a year. I was sick of being sick. I’ve read stories of people using enzymes to break up scar tissue from bad injuries too. Good stuff.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Thank you for this.

        I am grateful for the information.

        I didn’t know about it and looked it up…..54/bottle on Amazon.

        Serrapeptase and digestive enzymes might work for those of us with smaller pocketbooks I think. Just check the digestive enzymes against the label of this. Hope.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I would check around. For example … too many counterfeit supplements on Amazon. Yes, serrapeptase is good on its own. And yes, the Repair Gold is pricey. However, I’ve not had the same results with other formulations.

          Recently I sent a bottle to an 86 year old man for him to try. After a few weeks of low dosing he regained feeling in three toes that had been numb for many many years. After that he didn’t seem to mind paying for another bottle on his own.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That is hugely encouraging!
            Thank you!

            I peeked at iherb. iIt seemed really good and I think my brother uses it as well, but I usually get scared and order from Amazon. I know they are bad, but they are so sweet about returns and help if you need it, and their site is one I have thought was secure.

            I have ordered things there though that I later found were not so good, so now I try to only order trusted brands like jarrow and life extension.

            I am going to pass along your advice about this wonderful supplement.

            Perhaps it is one we can order with our medical fsa card. We use a lot of supplements, trying to work around my husband’s meds.

            I hope that this supplement will help Wolf and Sylvia and others here that need it as well.

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  10. I just want to say that I agree with EVERYTHING Daughn said. I’m on my phone and it’s very difficult to reply so leaving it here. I mean EVERYTHING. And I don’t get why people get in a snit over things being posted multiple times. Again, I’m on my phone most of the time and I don’t have a search function nor the time to read every comment to see if it has already been posted.
    I’ve liked the way this has been set up. I love Flep’s news roundups! I love each daily thread by our contributors. I always know what to expect from each one. I especially love the separate wuflu threads because I go out of my way to NOT read them. And it mostly keeps that crap out of the dailys.
    Who the f _@k cares WHO posts Q posts or how many times they get posted? Just as long as they do.
    Scrolling is your friend! I do a lot!
    Rant off. Good night everyone and MAGA!

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      1. Wolfie……..the blog is just fine the way it is. If you want to blow it up and change it, I’ll survive even though I don’t like change. 😁😁😁 I love the Q Tree, and I love Q Tree people, and whatever you think is best will work out. I don’t get to come here as often as I’d like and that is frustrating, but I come as often as I can even if it’s just to lurk and like.

        Much love to you and all the Q Tree.

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              1. You have a good sense about these things, Wolf. Nor’easter was reassuring me earlier today that you and the wolf pack would get it all handled, NP. Looks like he was right!

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        1. Hugs back! I think we’ll be OK. Glad we were able to get Steve back regularly and give Wheatie a bit of a breather, and if we can just get some return fire on the CORONA CONSPIRATORS, I think we’re gonna come out of this with the CHIMERA’S head on a platter!

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            1. Just got back on here.

              I hate this thread (site reorg), frankly, but the bitter medicine is necessary, because China has cornered us into playing THEIR GAME and I’m done with it. There is a fundamental yield on what they are doing that is very deadly. Part of our strength here is that religion is fully integrated with everything else on the open thread on a daily basis. THEY KNOW IT, I KNOW IT, and those who get my strategy born from analysis of THE FALL OF CTH know it.

              The other side has tried EVERYTHING to mess with my strategy (the above point and others), and they will put the honey and sugar as well as the stinky and scary FAR AWAY from where the victims can see it (meaning the people here). I don’t have to see it to know that ChiComs are manipulating from 3 or 4 layers out. They are SO SKILLED. “Hey, I need your help, you wonderful person” yada yada yada repeat 3 layers having nothing to do with the net effect. Were it not for the fact that I dealt DIRECTLY with Chinese and Russian spies, I would not be as familiar as I am with how they manipulate people to manipulate others and take off their own fingerprints.

              It’s a very long-term strategy, and the ChiComs are patient, patient, patient to play it so that people never see it. They understand FUNDAMENTAL SABOTAGE, and they are masters of NEGATIVELY CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Which is what we are becoming if we let them change the fundamentals here.

              I’ve hit back at ChiCom subversion for decades, and THIS is my biggest strike yet, even though it looks like nothing to outsiders, and maybe not much more to most insiders here.

              The Corona thread is valuable (I just posted critical info on the old one, as there is no new one, just sayin’), but when it changes the fundamental nature of our outlook to control by the other side, we have to make an adjustment – carefully. More than anything, we have to adjust our outlook on how the war proceeds.


              This is WAR, and sometimes orders come from the strategists that don’t make sense until you survey the AFTERMATH OF THE BATTLE and realize that picking the ODD HILL was the winning move.

              OUR OPEN THREAD MUST NOT BE THREATENED. We all need to make adjustments to do this. How that works out is the result of individual decisions. I’m open about how we do that.

              I don’t want the COVID thread to disappear, unless something BETTER replaces it. But ultimately it’s Daughn’s decision what she wants to do. I just want people to understand.

              It took ME a while to understand. But once I connected THIS attack to others, I realized that we’re seeing more pro manipulation at multiple levels.

              The VIRUS EVENT afforded a FIELD DAY to the left. Closing churches was PLANNED.

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              1. I think with respect to COVID, we could have a sidebar thread with a lot of info in the main post, and no comments, since those will invariable go into non-germane territory. (Read this thread! People have posted a LOT of off topic stuff on it, everything from Q drops to )

                If someone comes up with new and GERMANE info in, say, the daily thread, the author (or you) can go edit their post.

                The idea is that the information in such a thread could be useful reference about COVID months from now, whereas the invariable comment complaints about Michigan’s fuckwit of a governor won’t be, no matter how relevant they are today.

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              2. I’ll let Daughn figure out what she wants to do! Still her baby! But that sounds like a potentially worthy idea.

                I myself (personal preference) don’t like posts that people can’t comment on. I think it was just bashed into me by media sites shutting off comments. Others can do what they want, but as for me, I’ve never posted a thread here with comments shut off, and I’d love to keep that perfect record myself!!! πŸ˜€

                My personal attitude is that any kind of curation, editing, compilation – that’s not by bag. Others are free to do it, but in my information world, it makes no sense *FOR ME*. Others benefit from it, so great – let them skin their cat the way they want.

                Collect thoughts. Barest organization. Lots of intermingling and cross-talk. THAT is my way. BE THE MIXING REGION.


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              3. I’d only ever shut comments off for a post that was meant as an information repository. Think “encyclopedia page” not “conversation.” And the conversation would be necessary, to supply info for inclusion on the encyclopedia page.

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              4. That’s reasonable, since we have so many other ways here to register free comments.

                My view of encyclopedias is perfectly demonstrated by Wikipedia, the talk pages, and Dissenter. The talk pages are mostly legitimate considerations of the real problems of dealing with things, but they are also evidence of agenda, censorship, and other abuse/not abuse, depending on one’s viewpoint. None of which can be guaranteed to be commented on, or pointed out, or revealed, except in free comments. And Dissenter is the ultimate in free comments – the idea of comments that are closely linked and cannot be shut down!

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              5. I’m trying to figure out how to keep useful information readily available, while avoiding having to go to six or seven places to keep up with the conversation. Given that ANY topic can end up with off-topic things on it (see, again, this post, where people started discussing your condition and also Q drops), a bunch of open posts all at the top would be a nightmare to try to keep up with.

                The nesting makes for good interaction but it’s a BITCH to find “new comments” on.

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              6. Churches have been declared “NON-ESSENTIAL”.

                The godless ChiComs and NWO Globalists do not want any competition.

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            1. Don’t know about that. Atheists are the acid test of interfaith appreciation! Seriously, who else does one go to for high-quality doubt? Eventually Thomas and Nicodemus are weak sauce, and one looks higher on the Scoville scale of skepticism!

              That said, I’m probably a church of 1 in that regard here. πŸ˜€

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              1. Yep.

                If somehow, I was left in the position of doing a Sunday thread, I’d simply say nothing on religious topics.

                THAT would offend some people, apparently if it’s not overtly Christian…it’s Satan!!!

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              2. If you know anybody named STAN, Church Lady memes can be pretty hilarious by dropping a letter! πŸ˜‰

                I may take Satan very seriously (in a variety of ways), but I make sure not to lose my sense of humor, because that’s clearly

                S A T A N ! ! !


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              3. Also, it has been my observation that someone who loudly proclaims their faith is unshakeable is about 80 percent likely to be extremely hostile to another viewpoint. I could psychoanalyze that, but won’t (especially since I myself can see an even scarier alternative to the psychological theory).

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              4. Oh, and my reading of Thomas is different from many people’s. He’s widely regarded as someone who loved to (figuratively) throw rocks and then behaved like a whipped puppy when chastised. I see him more as just needing to make sense of things; once they make sense to him he’s on board.

                I had recent…interaction with a prominent commenter here who told me that I should be glad he couldn’t ban me, I told him that as far as I knew Wolf valued people who question things.

                I think that person had had a few too many that night; he gets belligerent and has nearly driven people away in the past.

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              5. Hmmm…how to make it clear without naming names…Well, it was a couple of weeks ago, and someone tried to police my behavior. That was someone who is notorious for suddenly getting belligerent to people.

                The other conflict you might be thinking of was me trying to refute what I thought (and still think) is a double flaw in their bumpersticker statement about a certain historic event.

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              6. The first was me just being the latest–this is someone who has been a problem before, in fact I think early on you warned him; the other was an argument that seems to have blown over, at least that person is behaving normally to me now.

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    1. I agree. It is inevitable that things will be posted multiple times. I try to refresh pages and be careful, but it doesn’t always work. My issue is the huge focus on COVID. This is no one’s fault; the threads have helped us get through something that hasn’t happened since 1918. But Wolf astutely observes that our feeling we must remain immersed in it is exactly the corner they want us to cower in. (Let me out!)

      I also don’t think anyone “owns” the posting of Q drops. I’ve been posting them when I see that no one else is.

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      1. Thanks TT. I got very pissy last night seeing a lot of supposed adults acting like petulant children when their toes get stepped on. It happens to every group of long time friends. One person says something, another gets hurt feelings and eventually the group slips off more and more and then just disappears. Happens Every. Single. Time. I love this group. I don’t want that to happen but I’m very afraid is happening. This brouhaha looks to have alienated some of our most cherished and valued contributors. If even 2 of them leave then so will I. I won’t be missed but they will be.

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        1. Human nature…someone once said that supervising employees was like running an adult day care. This is not focused on anyone here, but in general: emotional maturity is valuable.

          I hope you would not leave just because someone else might. Stand and fight with us. Anyone who would leave was not pushed out; they made that choice. The discussion we’ve had here did not accuse anyone of wrongdoing and was mild in the grand scheme of things. But emotional reactions will escalate any situation.

          I always think about the Revolutionary War. Troops endured the worst of conditions — hunger, fatigue, disease, lack of proper clothing and supplies and weapons, lack of support and appreciation — and no doubt they didn’t always have perfect harmony among themselves or always agree with their commanders. But they put personal needs and wants aside and fought for the bigger cause. Our cause is the same as theirs: freedom and, now, the restoration of the country they founded. We are literally fighting for the survival of America, which not only affects our daily lives but also the rest of the world.

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  11. OMG…Wolfie, you’ve got to see this!

    It exposes the ‘Pandemic Police State’ and how it’s being sold to us as “The New Normal”!
    Just what you were saying.

    And we can bet that every one of these leftist leaders is in bed with the ChiComs in some way.

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    1. YUP. When I saw what was happening with the vaccines – all of these horrifying untested, dangerous, immoral gateway technologies moving forward to “solve” what is almost an IMAGINARY emergency, I just had to say NO MORE. But yet the vaccine stuff cannot be fought in a low-level, reactive way that BUYS INTO the idea that “something has to be done”.

      NO. Something does NOT have to be done – other than PROSECUTING and SENTENCING the conspirators behind the PLANNEDEMIC.

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    1. Thanks! I was more than hoping you would – I was pretty much counting on it. And of course please keep up the Midweek message as long as you have time.

      Also – after reading my strategic response above – you will certainly understand why we need baseline religious levels very high EVERY DAY. Re-opening churches and synagogues needs to be a high priority!!! Religious life needs to not only resume – we need it to RESIST being shut down in the future. We have to learn lessons on how to do that – and make sure the general public is not misled by the media focusing on “dead churchgoers where they can find them”.

      The media is not our friend on this.

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      1. “The media is not our friend on this.”

        As in so many other things, Wolfmoon.

        For the record, I’m outraged by the closure of churches, synagogues, etc., especially at such a time of year when the holiest days are being commemorated.

        It’s astonishing how far the Left can take a hoax. Muh Russia, FISAgate, Muh Russia 2.0 “This time it’s Ukraine”, and Shampeachment were all completely over the top, and very effective as psy-ops.

        But their ability to destroy our economy, move us so far towards Communism so quickly, confuse so many so utterly, and force Trump’s hand in signing those megaspending bills, all with a disease that doesn’t kill 0.5% of the people it infects, is stupendous.

        Glad we’re finally back to DECLAS. Time to change the new cycle.

        Was in a supermarket tonight. It seems we’ve reached peak socialist separation. There was traffic on the streets, and people are ready to be done with the masks and the other paraphernalia.


  12. Only suggestion is maybe just a political and non political thread, with an occassional added thread on other issues
    I think the problem is that it is hard to figure out where to post sometimes and/or where to look to see if what you think should be posted might already be posted.

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    1. Take a look at my long response to bakocarl above, where I talk about why I don’t have or want a political and non-political thread like CTH. The Chinese and CIA understand this fully. Separating religion from politics is a control-gaining move for the enemies of the American model.

      I can’t allow that. The FIRST AMENDMENT was constructed with the concepts JOINED for a reason. ChiComs know this. CIA knows this.

      What surprises me is that I didn’t catch this until very late in the game here.

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        1. I agree. That’s just part of the dilemma. I personally want to track Trump’s ideas about GOOD and OPTIMAL and not be tempted to pursue PERFECT. The COVID threads were an INSPIRED and NEEDED idea, and remain so, IMO. Even at the cost of splitting things up, they were a strong move. Now we just need to keep tracking OPTIMAL as best we can, knowing that the LEFT wants us fully in the COVID CONTROL TRACK, and we need to BUCK THE SYSTEM and GTFO of their control.

          It’s time to get ready to BRING DOWN THE HOUSE. They needed a BIG CHANGE OF SUBJECT.

          Ain’t gonna happen.


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      1. We came here, originally, because of an interest in present-day politics. (Politics: From Greek Poly=many, and tics=blood sucking bugs.) It’s hard to extricate politics from everything else here, as a consequence. Even the humor could be about some asshatery we saw a democrap commit.

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  13. Wolf, thank you very much for this thread and thanks to the readers who offered so many great comments.

    For the time being, IMHO, the coronavirus threads are useful because we can track which states/countries lift lockdown first and see how that fares for them.

    Daughn, I hope you are reading this. πŸ™‚

    Even though I don’t have the time to like or to comment on every perspective on every thread doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading them. No doubt this is true for other Q Tree aficionados, too.

    It is important that we see where this ‘science-led’ coronavirus lockdown thingy finishes.

    Three important pillars of society were taken away at a trice by many US state governments and many countries, particularly those in the West: family, work and worship. It’s hard to place those in any particular order as they all tie for No. 1.

    We can’t just leave these to dangle in the wind with no comment.

    Therefore, I hope that Daughn, should she wish to, continues her daily COVID-19 threads. We could be in this for months to come. It is important to know where and how it all ends. Readers can focus on how Western nations are coming — or not coming — out of lockdown. This is very important.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I agree. I’ll be watching the comments today to see if we took any kind of hit on coverage of important information by NOT having a new thread.

      Two seemingly opposing things can be true at the same time. E.g., we need the thread, and the thread is trouble. There are multiple ways to skin that cat.

      Without the thread, we’ll likely have to promote more separate threads RE CV on a daily basis. With the thread, we’ll have to promote more competing “normalcy aspects of CV” discussion in the open thread. Whatever happens, I’ll make sure the corrections happen.

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      1. Okay, cool.

        Thanks, Wolf, for your response.

        I was going to post my comment on Daughn’s Apr 28 thread, if that’s okay, just so she sees it.

        For me — and possibly many others — the Western response to the coronavirus threat is what matters now.

        Most of our nations will go after the average law-abiding Joe and ignore China.

        Our freedoms were taken from us just like that. No vote, no discussion — just gone, within 24 hours or less.

        Like millions of others, I haven’t been able to go to church since March. It pained me greatly not to be able to attend on Palm Sunday or at Easter.

        I can’t get an online grocery delivery, either, because there isn’t the capacity to fulfil them.

        My better half and I stay at home most of the time. Our local supermarkets, within walking distance, have had empty shelves since March 20. They are still hit and miss. I have to order online (e.g. more expensive niche retailers) for many of the important staples a household needs. Flour, eggs and TP were a concern for several weeks, even though we thought we’d stockpiled enough in advance.

        These guys and gals — medical officers/experts — who address our respective nations every afternoon don’t have to worry about that. They have people who do it for them.

        These medical experts/officials are getting paid. They will collect a gold-plated pension. They can stand behind a podium and tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do.

        They remind me of Nancy Pelosi — in her crisp white blouse, cashmere sweater — and her freezers full of ice cream.

        Also, staying indoors is one of the stupidest damned — and I do mean damned (devilish) — things to do when trying to fight off a disease.

        Everyone should get outdoors. The police have been going after people trying to instinctively improve their health and to fight off the disease.

        What madness this all is.

        The longer it goes on, the worse it gets.

        Maybe the thread title can be rejinked a bit: e.g. ‘lift-off lockdown’ in a mildly sarcastic way, because lockdown is sure to come back for some, sadly.

        Thank you again for your time and consideration.

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        1. Daughn has been doing a good job of shifting the focus of the thread toward recovery. She was way ahead of the curve on that.

          And that is interesting to me from a military psychological analysis standpoint, because there was a part of me that didn’t LIKE her making it more about recovery. There was a part of me that WANTED THE CORONAPORN to continue. That perverse, basis-of-MK part of me (and all humans) that socialism leverages so effectively WANTED MORE DISASTER.

          This is affecting ALL OF US. This is how 9/11 worked. This is how 9/11 subverted people into ROLES and CHARACTERS that those people were PREDICTED TO FALL INTO (think Giuliani).

          I got the VIRUS. I am betting they made sure of it. Just like on 9/11, certain people were “made sure” to enter the drama properly. I’m supposed to think about it a certain way.

          And NOW I’m kicking myself in the ASS to say WAKE TFU and don’t follow their SCRIPT.

          I don’t know if anybody else gets this, but it is very important. This movie….

          …taught me a LOT about what has to be done. Breaking CONTROL is essential.

          We have to not be reactive here. If we play along with this shit, we go down in another 9/11 – or as I call this one, BIO-9/11.

          Nope. It’s a SCAM and we have to LIVE IT and BREATHE IT as a HOAX and a SCAM.

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          1. I still cannot believe this worldwide lockdown actually happened.

            Good grief. Un-freaking-believable.

            Keep up the great work, Wolf. We need you more than ever.

            May God bless you and yours abundantly.

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          2. “We have to not be reactive here. If we play along with this shit, we go down in another 9/11 – or as I call this one, BIO-9/11.”


            I was going to say earlier, we’re ALWAYS ‘reacting’, which to me is similar to playing defense. Defense is fun (e.g., in football) because you get to hit people, but you don’t usually get to score many points β€” and you need to score points in order to win.

            What is different now compared to 9/11 is Bush was a willing Cabal participant, while Trump is a Cabal opponent.

            So it won’t go the way 9/11 did, because not only will Trump not facilitate it, he is actively opposing the Cabal efforts.

            But for the sake of argument, suppose we had another Bush right now instead of Trump. Somebody who (at best) allowed the Cabal to do whatever they wanted.

            How would we oppose it then?

            Whatever the answer to that question is, maybe that’s what we should be doing now?

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          3. Here’s the thing, Wolf…

            The ChiComVirus is no longer just a ‘Topic’.

            It has become an all-encompassing overlay on our lives.

            There is no separating it out from everything else…because it is affecting Everything.

            That’s why the Daily Covid Open threads became the Daily Open thread.

            That’s why it became confusing for people to figure out “Which thread do I post this on?”
            Confusing, and…divisive.

            I still think that the more ‘sorting’ and structure that we impose on ourselves…the more Freedom we lose.

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            1. “The ChiComVirus is no longer just a β€˜Topic’.

              It has become an all-encompassing overlay on our lives.”


              What if it’s like any other false-flag, in the sense that when it gets bumped off the news by the next squirrel that’s big enough, it just gets memory-holed, like the Las Vegas shooting?

              On the one hand, the media is working against us and Trump, and for the Cabal, so the CAV false-flag won’t subside as easily as it would if the MSM wanted it to go away…

              But the Flynn exoneration / Declass is going to FORCE media spotlight away from CAV to much juicier subject matter.

              China Virus is a serious flu that was intentionally overreacted to by Cabal design.

              What’s coming is like the O.J. Simpson slow-speed chase in a Bronco on the Los Angeles freeway.

              Time a white-hot billion.

              And China Virus can’t compete with that.

              I don’t think CAV could compete with O.J. Simpson type national drama even at the height of CAV, but we’re well past the peak of CAV now.

              So fire up the Bronco, and let’s get this chase rollin’ 😁

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              1. Scott,

                You may have hit on something really profound here.

                The slow-speed Bronco chase was the event that finally interrupted the [Clarence Thomas confirmation] / [Anita Hill blather] news cycle.

                Just like 9/11 was the event that finally interrupted the Chandra Levi disappearance and execution of Timothy McVeigh (convicted of OK City bombing.)

                How many of the fake crises that we have lived through have been based on fake news items (pseudo-events, factoids) that were in fact scripted and scheduled?

                It’s the way one follows another that is bothering me right now. Does that feeling of them being scheduled result from the way the fake media handles the material that flows to it over the transom naturally, or does the material itself consist of a significant percentage of faked events, and/or non-events that were artificially hyped up to inflate them into having the stature of events?

                How much does the Deep State regard us as patsies, as if the title character in The Truman Show?

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            2. I have to agree.

              And SOCIALISM – the bastards who launched that VIRUS – want to REDEFINE THE WORLD based on their CRIME – just like 9/11.

              Look at the TWO DECADES of CRAP that we went through because of 9/11.

              They tried to do the same thing here. SOCIALISTS DID THIS.

              No. We’re not putting up with it. NOT. AT. ALL.

              Nope. I’m going to be more hardcore about this.

              I am starting to see the outlines of the entire PLOT.

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  14. For my part – I BELIEVE WE NEED TO HAVE A DAILY THREAD that focuses on

    – the revelations, timeline, evidence about the origination and dispersal of the ECV (Evil Chinese Virus) CCCV (Cursed Communist Chinese Virus)

    – on our experiences with the Reopening our businesses and getting Back To Work,

    – documenting our experiences in the Fight to Get Back To Real Normal

    – on Resisting the leftists push for a scurrilous Vaccine with built-in ID (and possible population control – the sterilization of masses of young people around the world).

    – to report on the trials of HCQ and other therapies, antivirals, etc.

    – to report on the SNAZZY NEW TECHNOLOGY that kills the virus and how it is being implemented in industry.

    – to follow any further press briefings and changes of policy by our awesome President.

    – Yesterday, I reported on the FDA, CDC, Quest responses to my inquiries about the SEROLOGICAL ANTIBODY TEST to prove you have immunity/antibodies to the virus. We need to follow this, because it will possibly reveal the timing of the virus and the depth of its impact on the general population and our national ‘herd immunity.’


    Daughn has brought all that into focus every day, along with following the briefings along with her daily thread.

    She may be – as I was – puzzled by the need to eliminate or drastically change the daily CCV/Back to Work thread.
    At this point – when folks gripe about multiple threads or off topic comments – it sorta reeks of that place where many of us walked on eggshells under a tyrannical group of mods.

    Hopefully, at WQTH, there will never be a spirit of competition over numbers of comments on various threads each day.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Amen.

      The fires of free will are a necessary part of freedom, but few know how to handle them in a way that protects others when your flame is hot.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I told Daughn she could keep posting the thread, but my decision to wrap it up over some degree of time is final. We have to follow Trump, and I am seeing in a larger way that the COVID thread is encouraging a subtle psychology of LEFT-LED CRISIS CENTRISM that the other side wants.

      I have seen this technique used by the ChiComs and their puppets over and over and over. They had the white hats in “shallow state” (think agency vs. agency) by the BALLS using this technique. Won’t happen here.

      Why am I NOT on Facebook? Because the clowns will come at me a thousand ways if I am. How is this relevant? THINK.

      Somebody has to be the ASSHOLE COMMANDER – today it’s me.

      I agree. This is not about competition. You will understand that when you see my response to a new “un-lurker” below.

      Liked by 2 people

  15. Wolfmoon,
    Please please rely my love to Daughn and tell her how much we need her writing–on anything. She so inspires me, as you do, to be competent and loving. I was heart sick when she wrote she would just pull back and lurk. You two make a site full of knowledge and wisdom and laughter and love of life.You have collected like minded souls who add to the depth and breadth of this site.
    I do not know how to contact her, otherwise I would write her myself. But I want you to feel totally cherished and prayed for also.
    You are both a gift for this time. Issachars: understand the times and Zebulons: skilled in warfare!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for this! I approved your comment specifically so Daughn would see it! πŸ˜€

      You can contact Daughn on Twitter right now:

      I hope she comes back when healed, but there are other good possibilities, too.

      Her choice to lurk is her choice, and I won’t criticize it – it’s a strong healing move – I do it myself when the world steps on me. And yes, I stepped on her. I didn’t like doing it, either, trust me. I was just as ready to step on the people who didn’t like the bifurcation of open threads. I actually DID step on them, earlier, when I sided with Daughn on having and then keeping the “Daily COVID”. Now, I think it has to be ramped down, at whatever speed Daughn feels is appropriate. But no matter what, we have to wrap the enemy psychology up. We have to bring it to an end. This is how to follow Trump – IN MY OPINION.

      I would do what I did again. It was only by opening up the discussion to the public that I saw the ultimate resolution that preserves the CORE SECURITY of the site. Once I saw this, I had to lead us in a direction that maintains the strength of the main open thread.

      I will say this. While I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Daughn is here and authoring, IF she would be happier to create a sister site where SHE IS BOSS, I would fully support it and encourage colonization and expansion. Many people think DIVISION is always bad. This does NOT have to be true. I’m still very positive on CTH, despite being banned. Creation of this site was a blessing. But if we can launch a new Tree – especially one more successful than the somewhat waffly U Tree (maybe even more successful than this one!), I’d be totally in on that. Marica’s site is a great example and proof of concept.

      A new site needs a strong leader – Daughn IS that kind of leader. This is definitely an option if she thinks it would work. But if she wants to keep posting here, whenever she stops lurking, hugs and welcome back! ❀

      Note that splitting the site IS the downside of this planned Clown attack, but – like Trump – I am a lover of WINNING on a REVERSAL of the DOWNSIDE! I will FIGHT to a WIN either way. They tried to split CTH and it BIT THEM IN THE ASS. Splitting this site? I will make sure they RUE THE DAY!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  16. Daughn is gone.

    daughnworks247 – May 4, 2020 at 09:06 –
    Made several comments on UTree.
    Please find another author/contributor for the Friday thread.
    Always thankful for the opportunity. Don’t worry, I won’t remove posts or do anything to sabotage. I’m just going away.
    God Bless.
    Love to all.
    And why/what happened wasn’t Biblical in the least.


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