20200420: Back to Work – MAGA ON! Kickin’ CoVid and Dems to the Curb!

America is ready to go back to work! And now we have a Three Phase Plan! Will Texas be the first state? The citizens are restless, protests in 8 states. This thread will still serve as all things related to CCP Flu, and the WH Daily Presser, but we’re beginning to focus more on GOOD NEWS, looking for green sprouts in our economy, evidence of “smashing the curve”, better results and wider distribution of therapeutics, and bigger than anticipated herd immunity.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and therapeutics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all! Blessings to those suffering with this disease and those who have lost loved ones. A hearty thank you to the healthcare workers, first responders, stock clerks, cashiers, truckdrivers, farmers, and those who keep our supply chains running.

490 thoughts on “20200420: Back to Work – MAGA ON! Kickin’ CoVid and Dems to the Curb!

    1. He is so genuine, caring, competent, committed, innovative, organized…..and he gets the best of the best people and the best out of each of them!!!

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      1. Rush EXPOSED the FALLACY of testing today. His example was perfect. He said Snerdly could go and test NEGATIVE today, and get the virus TOIMORROW. To do testing to be “safe” people would need to do the testing over and over again DAILY.

        Rush “gets it” we are being JACKED, and THEN to compound the misery, Trump put the FOXES (dem Govs) in charge of the Hen house (our freedoms based upon ARBITRARY gates based on FLAWED and manipulated data and “testing” that will NOT guarantee “safety” NO ONE GAN guarantee that.)with NO Sheepdog to keep them HONEST (Hard dates for release, AND penalties for NON compliance and or incompetence).

        Then people wonder why I got “upset” and criticized this mistake. NOW we get to see it DAILY. Unfortunately for me and millions like me, we don’t just get to see it. we get to LIVE it. I KNOW Trump knows this is ALL bullshit, and that the chief bullshitters are on his task force (Fauci and Birx) I just want him to STOP the madness, ONLY he can.

        Protests are nice, a great exercise of the 1st amendment. But thes Govs do not CARE, and will simply IGNORE them unless and until trere is a CONSEQUENCE for their actions, like a general strike, gridlock, etc. Those things that would GET their attention would only HARM the people the things were intended to HELP.

        The MSM does not care, we HAVE by and large no REAL media anymore, only sycophants who WANT Trump and his supporters to FAIL and suffer.

        We have no real judiciary to SUE, at least not until it got to SCOTUS, and that takes TIME we do not have.

        ONLY Trump has the MEANS, ABILIY, OPPORTUNITY, and POWER to END this NOW. Yet he does not, he abrogated that duty to Govs. I KNOW that will expose them, we ALL already KNEW they were morons and against us, we did NOT need more proof.

        Exposure further will only take TIME, TIME we do NOT have. Peer pressure of OTHER States, Red States, will not work EITHER, these dems have AMPLY shown they do not CARE.

        ONLY Trump. Like Lincoln, sometimes you MUST do what ONLY you CAN as President. I keep waiting, and losing, more are joining me each day. How long must we wait? When it is too late, it is too late. He HAS to know that. Quoting Nike JUST DO IT.

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        1. Which would you rather have….and for the purpose of this exercise, you must pick one or the other…

          1) go bankrupt but Trump gets re-elected because he follows his own judgment, the outcome being draining the swamp and restoring the USA for your grandkids…plus all the economic growth that this implies….


          2) you don’t go bankrupt but Dims take control of the WH because Trump does what you want, with the Trump admin. just a 4 year pause in destruction of America??

          This is WAY bigger than you and your troubles, and millions have even less than you.

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        2. It seems as though that President Trump is interested in the test for antigens and this is the best way to make sure he gets what he wants from the governors. If less people really have the antigens the payment to states like NY would be a lot less. Cuomo is trying to close the huge hole in his budget with the WuFlu payments. Maybe this is how the President stops him (them). Also California trying to pay all of the illegals.

          I also believe that Gates is behind a lot of what is going on. What better timing to create a situation for a vaccine, an ID chip, kill off tons of people and clean up the environment in one fell swoop. All things that are near and dear to his (Gates) heart. I think he is hoping that most of this cannot be reversed.

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        3. Forgive me if this is not relevant here…….
          But I just realized…..
          At some point…..
          We run out of OLD and INFIRM people designated to DIE!
          The “curve” ….. will flatten or go away?

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    1. In the UK, the government started doing things differently around a week after the daily briefings started:

      1/ Reporters, present in person initially, were told to start dialling in from home/office via a video link. They still get their faces on television.

      2/ No. 10 have spaced the podia further apart, which is good.

      These steps were taken to help show that the government/medical officers practised what they preached.


    1. Even Fauci doesn’t believe what he says, and he knows that no one else believes him either…. because he talks in circles and says nothing helpful.

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  1. Dr. Birx continues to be impressed with Florida Department of Health and Governor’s response and websites. Those sites have evolved since the first cases and when I wrote and asked for certain information in order to protect my daughter, they responded in emails and with information on the sites.

    FL has two sites – the DoH site and the Disaster site – and both give what is called ‘granular’ information down to the zipcodes within the cities and what age, ethnicity, whether and where a patient had traveled, and other information.


    Therefore, I can go to a grocery store in the least affected area of the state, city or county. I can know the exact number of cases, deaths, etc. of each part of the region.

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    1. Again, the Governors determine how much testing is done and how their testing equipment is utilized.

      AND – Florida has done three times as many tests as GA – although GA has the CDC and Atlanta, the largest, proudest hub city in the South. DeSantis is really on the ball!

      Of course, FL is accustomed to dealing with disasters – the weather kind.

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      1. There were print/tv ads practically begging Houstonians to use the drive thru testing locations the other day. I guess business was too slow. On the flip side, 4,000 cars were in a mile long line waiting for free food distribution at NRG stadium.

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    2. The county I am living in slowly infected cases are increasing. One week ago we had 1 then 3-4-5 and now 9. No deaths.
      I am wondering if people got together for Easter? Where I live people are a clan in the truest sense. People will not be separated specially family and extended family.
      There is no nuclear family in this part of country.

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    1. Wow the privileged eating designer ice cream while the poor are starving .
      Pelosi should hang her head in shame but she lost shame a long time ago.

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      1. I looked when at the grocery store today. The GELATO in question, Talenti, is $5.99 for a pint here (regular price), not $13, which is cheaper than Ben & Jerry’s and Hagan Daz. (It’s also better, but that’s another issue.) We’ve been known to get it 2 for $7.

        Envy is not a good look no matter who is trying to make jokes about it.

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        1. I agree that people shouldn’t misrepresent the facts, but I don’t see the issue as envy. I see it as Pelosi being tone-deaf and appearing uncaring. To flaunt your full freezer — no matter whether the contents are expensive — while denying relief aid to people who desperately need it, is worthy of critical assessment.

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          1. I agree. The price is irrelevant to the underlying message “she has it; we don’t; so where’s the worry”.

            SHE is the singular reason small businesses cannot get funding right now.

            She ought to be dragged out of office by her toenails.

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          2. I’m not going to argue that Pelosi made herself look bad, but the 100% increase on the price of gelato and the freezer was not the best move in the eyes of those who arrange their finances to be able to afford it and still believe in the core tenants of this fight.

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            1. Actually the pricing could vary greatly from place to place. I have seen the same widget at the SAME chain store vary by a major amount in just 25 miles!

              So who knows what type of price is being charged in Pelosi’s area. Also wasn’t she having ICE CREAM delivered? Wouldn’t that jack up the price?

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          3. The Dems love these ‘just-like-you’ spots (AOC, Warren, etc) where they stand in their kitchen chatting.
            She, of all people, is not just like most of Americans struggling right now. There are millions of 1 parent households that have had to buy extra food to feed kids home all day long and I can assure you most of them can’t afford top brand sweets.
            In the big picture ,sure a lot of us can buy those things but for many many people those are extravagances that aren’t in a quarantine budget. It’s not envy…it’s a bit on the sad side that some people can live so very well while others are praying that things go back to normal. Pelosi has been wealthy so long that it’s not her radar that others wish they could afford the good stuff for their kids. Why flaunt it ?

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          4. I also agree.
            Pelosi is 🖕 to middle and lower class Americans. She is SHOWING she is a member of America’s Ruling Class and she doesn’t give a schiff about us she ONLY cares about herself and her power.

            The fact that she doesn’t even SEE this as a bad political move makes it even more insulting.

            THIS is less insensitive and insulting but much the same.

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        2. I think it is less about envy than the out of touch, elitist, and self entitled, complete selfishness she exhibits.

          She could care less about the plight of the suffering masses.

          An entire drawer of ice cream in a freezer that is beyond the reach of most of us is ok when there is joy to be celebrated that is inclusive of the rest of all, but out of place when there is widespread pain and deprivation that she turns her back on while indulging herself with excess.

          She could do something about it, but her obvious preoccupations are selfish ones.

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        3. Not going to bother when people are bound and determined to be offended rather than entertained.

          And, BTW, Marie Antoinette is wrongfully charged with the “‘let them eat cake” line. A Marie-Therese said it 100 years earlier and it had more to do with peasant bread than what we know as “cake.”

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          1. From over 40 years of studying the history of France from 1500 – 1870:

            The bread that was most eaten by all classes during the reign of Louis XIV is what is now referred to as “brioche”. This bread came in various sizes; up to about the year 1648 (when Louis XIV was 10 years old), a large brioche was cut into thick slices and used for a plate (the crockery plate as we know it was first introduced in France in about 1690; prior to that, the elites ate off gold- or silver-gilt plates and everybody else ate off wooden plates). The French “baguette” apparently came into being during the years prior to the French Revolution.
            There were at least two serious “bread famines” in France during the reign of Louis XIV due to bad grain harvests. One of these was the result of the terrible winter of 1709, that killed all the grain in the ground, all the olive trees, and people and animals froze if they were caught outside for more than a few minutes.
            The Marie Therese who may have said “Then let them eat cake” was Louis XIV’s queen (she lived from 1638-1683). It is generally agreed that, as Queen of France, she provided an heir (Louis, who died in 1711 and whose grandson became Louis XV in 1715): but was otherwise a “cipher” who possessed a limited intelligence. She was kept occupied, when not appearing at formal Court functions, by her dogs, her group of Spanish dwarves/jesters, and a private company of Spanish comedians. Marie Therese, before her marriage, was a Spanish Infanta, a daughter of Philip IV of Spain.

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            1. When I recover from fury, I might answer coherently. Just because someone is wealthy or royal does not make them a bad person.

              I just want to correct the record.

              I laugh at Nancy Pelosi without emotion. Sue me. Her “power” is temporal. She’ll find that out soon enough.


        4. I do not think the poor are envy they are hungry and have no extra money.
          Personally I am not a big ice cream fan and from my standpoint Pelosi could have $100 a pint of ice cream in her freezer.
          I however do not like arrogance rubbing her misguided show off on TV bragging.
          I did run a pantry for 5 years and organized a Loaf and Fish program in the town I live in. I have great empathy for those who barely make it from pay check to pay check.

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          1. I guess I don’t emotionally get involved with being entertained by the rich. I’ve been watching them for decades and am not offended by their acitivity when I can profit from it.

            And I save up for good food despite not being “rich.”

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            1. Not all rich are like Pelosi I put her into the ugly new rich class.
              I have known and have a close friend who is old rich and is a wonderful person and not self absorbed with making fake impressions.

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              1. Like every other class they come in all types. I have know very down to earth types and nasty arrogant types. (At one point I lived near Chappaqua NY)

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          2. Even if the gelato is $ 5.99 …a parent feeding a few kids could buy a couple loaves of cheap bread and some peanut butter.
            Paycheck to paycheck is rapidly turning into unemployment check to unemployment check. just sayin

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          3. For me the point is that she is denying any more funding that would help Americans who are out of work. I don’t care in the least what she eats or how much it costs. But to flaunt a full freezer while denying people money to survive, or to help their businesses survive, is unconscionable coming from someone who holds their fate in her hands.

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        5. It is the Jeni’s ice cream that is the expensive stuff – only available in Jeni’s stores.


          In the store – the smallest size is $5. & 7.

          To order 5 pints is $58. or more. I don’t know if that includes shipping….

          It’s pricy.

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        6. You are correct – Talenti is not expensive…but that isn’t the product that everyone is talking about.

          This the expensive ice-cream that is in Pelosi’s freezer. It is $12 a pint online. I am sure that translates to $13 in the store. She has Bunches of this brand in her freezer.

          Link to the ad:

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    2. Devastating and so well done! Pelosi used colossally bad judgment in doing that segment. I hope people wake up. The ones who keep voting these Dems in are the real problem.

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      1. No, the education system which indoctrinates our youth and graduates illiterates, while hiding and giving a living to marxist ideologues….creating the dim voter….is the problem.

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        1. I agree with both of you.

          I do think people can break out of their indoctrination but it takes a positive will and decision to think.

          And I do think it wouldn’t be nearly as big a problem as it is, without our education system.

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  2. Well I’m very confused b/c CO governor was all over the map, lauding ONE county that has applied to open for business, then going on to have his health expert give draconian “safety” models with options for new phasing, then going on to say some things change on 4/27 and some on 5/4, meanwhile all the slides show us staying home and wearing masks 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    The upshot – I think – is by May 4th, manufacturing, offices and retail can reopen with various specific modifications.
    Restaurants are still limited to takeout while phasing is studied. Not sure if that means I can get a haircut?

    We old folks are supposed to stay home (and he actually said “too bad about not seeing your grandkids” 🤬)

    Not sure what his plans are for testing, but he sure likes the idea of a vaccine 🙄 and “marathon” phrasing for anything remotely resembling Life Before China Attacked USA.

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    1. Restaurants are still limited to takeout while phasing is studied. Not sure if that means I can get a haircut?

      If you buy a hair care product, you can go in and get a haircut. That’s “retail.” (This is why I can go shooting–the range sells guns.) If, on the other hand, they serve food (does any place do that?), they have to give you your haircut on the sidewalk. That’s restaurant.

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  3. I am seeing post after post on leftist social media and the entire leftist “msn” narrative as well as the Dems now seeming to evolve around this misunderstanding:

    They seem to think that the shut down and mitigation were to prevent the virus from spreading, preventing anyone from getting sick and preventing all deaths from the virus. This is simply not so. This is their latest Hoax along with the Hoax that President Trump and his administration did nothing to handle the virus until mid/late March.

    Many people are buying into this latest Hoax and Fake News lying narrative.

    It was Never about Containment and irradiation of the virus.

    We have been Mitigating spread of the virus so that we could Slow the growth rate – Not stop all spread, contain and irradiate the virus.

    Why did we slow the spread?
    a) So that the rate of infections with complications in need of Hospitalizations would be at a rate our hospitals could handle
    b) So that the number of patients needing ventilators (which were thought to be needed by all due to the info coming out of China and the knowledge at the time) would be kept to a number that matched available ventilators
    c) So that government at all levels, long term care facilities, healthcare systems/hospitals, private industry, etc., could have time to change/develop systems and have time to prepare
    d) So that guidelines could be developed and put in place to keep us safe and keep the virus cases growing at a pace we can handle after we “open”
    e) So that we lost No essential services due to high % of ill workers at one time – internet, utilities, first responders, veterinarians, grocery stores, supply chains, hardware and farm supply stores, farmers, banks, and many other essential services and essential manufacturing, etc., All have stayed open and functioning because we slowed the spread and did not have massive numbers of workers ill at one time.
    f) Serendipity – therapies and treatments are being discovered/developed as the virus itself is being better understood. People becoming infected later will have a better chance of positive outcomes

    A Good outcome is as few dying as possible & we have seen that the numbers Will be lower because we flattened the curve. A Great outcome is that of those who do die of this virus (which No one can stop from spreading), No One dies from lack of care, lack of equipment such as a ventilator, lack of medicines and No rationing took place!

    But flattening the curve just means slowing down the spread and saving lives because of a slower spread. It does NOT mean stopping the spread of the virus. The same number of people become infected in a sharp/high curve as do a flattened curve.

    People Will continue to become infected and sadly, there will be more deaths.

    The shut down was Never to prevent infections or deaths – just to slow the rate of the spread.

    Leftists seem to think that any future infections and deaths from the virus are a mark of failure on the part of the Trump Admin and proof that we should not open. This is simply false but is being promoted heavily by the MSM and dems.

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    1. I am going out in May regardless. About once a month my husband and I love to stay in Columbus but now hotels are closed. I am tempted to rent an apartment and enjoy the city.
      We also go 4 times a year for a long weekend to Pleasant hill KY I miss that and the wonderful people I met there. If they think that they keep people my age group under lock they are mistaken. I do not believe in the length of life but in the quality of life. I do enjoy solitude in my home also enjoy life in different spaces.
      I saw a post on another blog and a person in a senior living place was sad because the person felt to die without seeing family or friends again because of the China virus. The fear of infecting the vulnerable is real and very sad for all.

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    1. Not you too.

      The Chinese are NOT the top of the food chain. WHEN IS THAT GOING TO PENETRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Rockefellers cultivated them in 1906-07, and have been using them ever since.

      Shit. If I didn’t think this site was vital to the cause, I’d totally drop out.

      I almost threw the computer across the room, and not because of you, FG&C.

      People, expand your thinking! Get out of the weeds and up to 40,000 where you are watching the complete picture.

      Watch people like Nancy Pelosi from 40,000 feet without emotion and don’t worry about the price of her GELATO. It’s not any more ice cream than frozen custard is. She’s making an idiot of herself. That’s the point, not the class envy that we’ve been taught to buy into. Who cares? Okay, Talenti Sea Salt Caramel is to die for, but why is this an issue? Why is it a fixation? Why are green eyes coming out if all it is is what Americans mistakenly call “ice cream”? Especially when said Americans claim not to be envious, just observing in the same way my sainted grandmother wasn’t nosy, just interested. (From another room, my grandfather yelled “the hell you’re not” to the notion of Grandma not being nosy.)

      And, please, don’t be such idiots as to make me respond to someone who will not take offense because he wasn’t part of the conversation like I’m doing now. (FG&C, your post was convenient, that’s all)

      Sorry, FG&C, to say this in a response to you, but this is all getting to me. I’ve worked for and with the wealthy my whole life. That doesn’t change that the country clubs here hire people to keep the drunks out of the pools, and pay the police extra to keep their mouths shut and follow certain cars home on Friday and Saturday nights. They’re no different than anyone else. The cars they wreck are more expensive as is the booze they throw down and up. So what?

      Laugh at people like Pelosi the same way Glenda the Good Witch of the North did to the Wicked Witch of the West, and you’ll piss them off more than any righteous indignation of “how dare you show off your wealth in a recession made by you” will ever make a dent.


      1. For me, this is not about the wealthy, and I am not offended by them or envious of them, in the least.

        And it’s not about “a recession made by her.” It’s about her not allowing more funding in the bill that is helping out-of-work Americans who need the money right now.

        We’ve been laughing at Pelosi for years, with the memes to prove it. I can’t name anything it has accomplished except that we keep fighting and are united in our fight.

        We might have to agree to disagree, but in my opinion, catching Pelosi in moments of hypocrisy, poor judgment, or whatever one wants to call it, is far more effective than just laughing at her. It is presenting facts about her own behavior that are undeniable. She will try to deny it by making excuses, but the videos don’t lie. It happened with her foray into Chinatown, and it’s happening with her “ice cream” (her words) comments.

        Yes, Pelosi is making an idiot of herself, but she keeps getting voted into office and has caused untold trouble for Pres. Trump and the country. She is trying to destroy America. For me, fighting that is about more than just laughing or ridiculing. People need to become aware of who she really is. Dems are also suffering during this shutdown. So IMO, yes, shout to the world how she is denying the people funding and doesn’t appear to care in the least. It might be the spark that finally wakes someone up in a way that making fun of Pelosi, or just laughing her off, would not.

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      2. GA/FL posted the link to Jeni’s, which clearly says ‘ice cream’. Pelosi speaks of ‘ice cream’. What everyone is seeing is Jeni’s, not the other brand (gelato).


        1. It’s over. I don’t care anymore. It was an issue put out there to divide. I didn’t see Jeni’s whatever that is. I don’t care. I’ll just stay tucked in my little upper middle class vintage neighborhood in the city loving art and classical music trying to keep Satan from laughing at the discord.


          1. I’ve read this whole conversation, obviously a day late (though I am catching up 🙂 ) & I honestly don’t understand where your major offence is coming from. Are you angry because people are ganging up on Pelosi, in relation to that commercial, because they are mocking her as rich & indifferent to the plight of the poor or regular Americans that her control of the House could partially alleviate?

            Are you personally offended as either a fairly wealthy person or someone whose living is primarily derived from wealthy patrons so you are offended on their behalf?

            I don’t understand the seeming level of your anger, & I’m truly not trying to criticize you, just understand.

            People at the Q-Tree obviously come from a wide variety of backgrounds including regionally, occupationally, financially, & spiritually. From time to time there seem to be dust-ups within the threaded conversations & it seems that some of those dust-ups arise between certain people that either take a “tone” or assume a “tone” by another that they are in the process of nitpicking with a degree of hyper-criticality…

            Anyway, being completely apart from this conversation from yesterday, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your Q-Tree offerings, DP. You & I come from widely divergent backgrounds but I still value what you share even if I don’t always agree. I’m not Catholic so I leave those differences alone…but I value your love for the Lord, your artistic insights, your scriptural offerings, your conversational style on so many threads, & your pervasive persuasive presence here in the Q-Tree.

            I hope you are feeling better, not overly offended, & still plugging away at fighting that Good Fight!

            God Bless YOU…


    1. Gates is a loony as so many tyrants in history were.
      No vaccine for me. What is going to do? He has no power and we need to vote republican so he never gets in power.

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    1. I ❤️LOVED❤️ this part….

      “….there are so many people who’ve made foolhardy statements not knowing that they made them.”

      Paging Dr. Fauxi….Dr. Fauxi….irony is holding on line 1.

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      1. Yes! I put that one right up there with Maxine Waters telling us all about the Ozero data base and Killary’s ..she has a ton of them…Barry’s “magic wand”…there’s a lot of them. When they’re talking to “friends” I think they let things slip

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  4. Lefties heads are ‘splodin’ all over the place in 3…2…1…

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    1. Next Bombshells to WIPE OUT UNEMPLOYMENT::

      President Trump TERMINATES H1-B Visas
      … in light of USA Unemployment,
      … we must RECLAIM USA Jobs for USA Citizens!

      President Trump issues an ALL of GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE
      … we must RECLAIM USA Jobs for USA Citizens!

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      1. Yo, Pelosi …

        Since YOU FAILED to FIGHT UNEMPLOYMENT by funding the Payroll Protection Program,



        So much for your LEVERAGE: POOF!

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        1. Oh, about your plans to SUBSIDIZE BLUE STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENTS … NO NEED.

          I’m wiping out their deficits with these actions:
          • Zero drain on Government Services & Education Budgets for Illegal Aliens
          • Massive savings in Unemployment Benefits & Welfare for USA Citizens
          • Zero Remittances of USA Worker Earnings to Foreign Countries
          • Massive tax receipt boosts once BLUE STATES REOPEN to USA CITIZEN JOBS … or NOT.
          • Sudden need to END OVERPAYMENTS to Unemployed Workers that DELAYED their RETURN.

          Next week, I’ll be eliminating all Federal use of anything but the English Language, to offset the costs of your funding for the Kennedy Center instead of the Payroll Protection Program.

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    1. Dear comrades,

      Only state-approved messaging will be allowed. Long live the apparatchiks!


      🇨🇳 Your Youtube Overlords 🇨🇳

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      1. We keep using their product even though they have done this in conjunction with governments around the world such as China and Iran.

        Shameful that they weren’t run out of town on a rail by our own gov when they joined the communist governments agains their own people.

        Didn’t speak up for them and now they are coming for us….

        (yes, *we* spoke up – but most of the US didn’t)

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