Dear KMAG: 20200419 Open Topic

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

This Superlative Sanctuary Sunday Open Thread, with full respect to those who worship God on the Sabbath, is a place to reaffirm our worship of our Creator, our Father, our King Eternal.

It is also a place to read, post and discuss news that is worth knowing and sharing. Please post links to any news stories that you use as sources or quote from.

In the QTree, we’re a friendly and civil lot. We encourage free speech and the open exchange and civil discussion of different ideas. Topics aren’t constrained, and sound logic is highly encouraged, all built on a solid foundation of truth and established facts.

We have a policy of mutual respect, shown by civility. Civility encourages discussions, promotes objectivity and rational thought in discourse, and camaraderie in the participants – characteristics we strive toward in our Q Tree community.

Please show respect and consideration for your fellow QTreepers.

Before hitting the “post” button, please proofread your post and make sure you’re addressing the issue only, and not trying to confront the poster.

If you feel the need to bare your fangs, we have a companion site – called The U Tree – where you can run wild and free with the Wolfpack where all legal free speech is allowed.

But NOT HERE in The Q Tree. Personal attacks, name calling, ridicule, insults, baiting and other conduct for which a penalty flag would be thrown are VERBOTEN.

In The Q Tree, we’re compatriots, sitting around the campfire, roasting hot dogs, making s’mores and discussing, agreeing, and disagreeing about whatever interests us. This board will remain a home for those who seek respectful conversations.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

The Storm is upon us.
Please remember to Pray for our President.


Our movement is about replacing a failed and CORRUPT political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. ~ Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

On this day and every day –

God is in Control
. . . and His Grace is Sufficient, so . . .
Keep Looking Up

Hopefully, every Sunday, you can find something here that will build you up a little . . . give you a smile . . . and add some joy or peace, very much needed in all our lives.

“This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn nor weep.” . . . “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

No matter what we’re living through now: a deadly pandemic, or not so much, the promise of biological warfare in the future, evil mega rich megalomaniacs, devil worshiping entertainers, corrupt politicians, federal agencies, and world organizations, and ruthless power-hungry countries, we don’t need to be caught up in the details of imminent, predicted destruction, with all attendant worries, doom and gloom because . . .

In the End, God Wins . . . and We Win . . . When God Wins!

If you like stories that end well, you’ll love Christianity. One of the great themes of our faith is triumphant hope—an unshakeable assurance that things will end right. In the midst of struggles and storms, battles and trials, we focus beyond the present moment and we see victory. We see relief, because in the end, God wins!

The apostle Paul described the living conditions of “the last days” as “very difficult times,” in which people “will be cruel and hate what is good” (2 Timothy 3:13). The Greek term for “difficult times” means, literally, “fierce, harsh, hard to deal with, savage.” That’s an apt description of our times, isn’t it?

The world is a powder keg! Anger lunges into physical violence at the slightest provocation. Depression and isolation explode into murder. Countries teeter on the edge of nuclear war. Individuals lash out at both strangers and friends from behind computer screens, filled with rage over another’s political view.

Amidst this darkness, there is a singular ray of shining hope: the promise that Christ WILL return and set things right. He will “reign until he humbles all his enemies beneath his feet. And the last enemy to be destroyed is death” (1 Corinthians 15:25–26). He wins even over death—our darkest, most relentless foe!

Since believers are with God in Christ, we WILL win too. Think of it! All earthly woes, financial pressures, emotional trauma, physical disabilities, domestic conflicts, international wars, satanic oppression—all that will end. The Lord will bear in His arms the spoils of victory: harmony, joy, praise, and delight. We’ll be changed down inside. We’ll have new natures, minds, and bodies. We’ll have the joy of living forever in adoration of our God, and evil will be abolished once and for all.

In the end, God wins! Jesus is the incontestable champion! His story is THE end-well story . . . and His story becomes our story when we believe. He’s the hope of humanity and the best news we must share!

April 17, 2018 by Charles R. Swindoll

Or perhaps, more appropriately:

REVELATION – Jesus wins. The Beginning.

301 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200419 Open Topic


    We need some levity (at least I do !)

    I purloined (one of my favorite words, discovered as a teen reading Agatha Christie) this from Ace of Spades – Saturday Night Joke …

    As I am a Southern Gal, I believe I can attest to the credibility of the list…



    The Saturday Night Joke


    30. When I retire, I’m movin’ North.

    29. I’ll take Shakespeare for $1000, Alex.

    28. Duct tape won’t fix that.

    27. Come to think of it, I’ll have a Heineken with a slice of lime.

    26. We don’t keep no guns in this house.

    25. You can’t feed that to the dog.

    24. No kids in the back of the pickup, it’s just not safe.

    23. Wrestling is fake.

    22. We’re vegetarians.

    21. Do you think my gut is too big?

    20. I’ll have grapefruit and grapes instead of biscuits, grits, and gravy.

    19. Honey, we don’t need another dog.

    18. Who gives a rip who won the Civil War?

    17. Give me the small bag of pork rinds.

    16. Too many deer heads detract from the decor.

    15. I just couldn’t find a thing at Wal-Mart today.

    14. Trim the fat off that steak.

    13. Cappuccino tastes better than espresso.

    12. The tires on that truck are too dang big.

    11. I’ve got it all on the C: DRIVE.

    10. Unsweetened tea tastes better.

    9. My fiancée, Bobbie Jo, is registered at Tiffany’s.

    8. I’ve got two cases of Blue Moon iced down for the Super Bowl.

    7. Checkmate!

    6. She’s too young to be wearing that bikini.

    5. Hey, here’s an episode of “Hee Haw” that we haven’t seen.

    4. I don’t have a favorite football team.

    3. “Youse Guys”

    2. Those cutoffs ought to be a little longer, Betty Mae.


    1. Nope, no more beer for me. I’m driving a whole busload of us down to help in the Joe Biden Campaign.

    H/T Ace of Spades

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      1. Chess? Both my father and two brothers played.

        The joke refers to “Southern Boys” not gentlemen… which usually denotes “rednecks” or “good ol’ boys” …

        I myself don’t know who or what McClintock is…

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    1. It is said that there are two words in the English language with no rhyme; orange and silver.

      Except i the south, where there’s only one.


      What word rhymes with silver, in the south? 🙂

      [river] 😀

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  2. Two different incidents in Texas involving LEO casualties. Paging Sadie….

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  3. Love this perspective on our Precious President!!!

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    1. from the comments & outer Normie Town! Be encouraged Q-Treepers, people are waking up!!!

      Liked by 8 people

      1. On the other hand there are these types still lurking about & turning off the lights wherever they go…I so wanted this tweet to be a spoof…c’est la vie…

        Liked by 5 people

    1. What weapons are legal to carry in Canada?

      Non-restricted: regular shotguns and rifles, and some military-style rifles and shotguns. Prohibited: most handguns that either have a short (less than 105 milimeters) barrel or are 32 or 25 caliber, full automatic weapons, guns with sawed-off barrels, and certain military rifles like the AK-47.Oct 24, 2014

      How many firearms can you own in Canada?

      There is no limit to the number of guns you can buy/own in Canada, as long as you have the appropriate licenses. There are 4 categories of guns: Prohibited, restricted, non-restricted, and antique. The first three categories need a license for possession and acquisition.

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  4. Wow — Neiman Marcus (!!!) to file for bankruptcy because of shutdown. This probably means the end of Bergdorf Goodman shops, too, as they own them:


    ‘Many of 14,000 employees were furloughed weeks ago.

    ‘The Neiman Marcus Group also has two dozen Last Call stores and two Bergdorf Goodman stores in New York.’

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    1. We hardly exchange Xmas gifts these days, but I do have two friends that almost always send very nice gifts from Neiman Marcus…so, I am crushed! LOL

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  5. Doug Collins (@CollinsforGA) Tweeted:
    On this day in 1775, the first shots of the American Revolution rang out in the Lexington town green. How do you celebrate Patriot’s Day?

    Depicted: “The Battle of Lexington, 19 April 1775,” Oil on canvas by William Barns Wollen, 1910.

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      1. Good catch!

        My foggy brain picked up on the way he was holding those Q-tips…and I was thinking, “that reminds me of something”.
        But I hadn’t put my finger on it.

        Thank, Nor’easter!

        Q’s tip yesterday was the two lanterns.

        Two lanterns = Two if by Sea.


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  6. What a wonderful human being…

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    1. The Chart I could not find is in this video – quite alarming – maybe someone can find it and post it – the connections to the WHO – UN – The Global Fund – Kennedy (who just passed away) – and Feinstein (Chine)

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        1. Mass shooting in canada today but we still dont know much on that. I qas thinking about the 10 days of darkness. Technically, that’s today through the 1st, maybe official end of quarantine? Could also be since Patriots day is tomorrow this year per a q twit I read, and we could be internet down, and indictments…. we may be cut off a bit. Or not. Just thinking about it.


      1. Yes, April 20 is a day prone to false flags. Columbine and the Deep Water Horizon oil “accident” happened on 4/20. It’s also Hitler’s birthday.

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  7. If you want an indication of how popular President Trump is, the local news here discovered that elected members of the local Democrat committee are posting pro-Trump stuff on social media.

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  8. Bako…

    Man, I miss you.

    What a wonderful post.

    Bless you for it.

    Today, April 19th, is day of infamy for me that tore my heart to pieces 25 years ago, OKC bombing. I’ll spare the details. Have been in tears all day today

    You know, I hear the yaddi, yaddi simple words about forgetting the past. That doesn’t work with me and real where we in great and terrible situations.

    Anyway, one more time, in memorium…


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