20200418: Back to Work – MAGA ON! Kickin’ CoVid and Dems to the Curb!

That’s right – America is ready to go back to work! And now we have a Three Phase Plan! Will Texas be the first state? The peanut gallery is grumbling. This thread will still serve as all things related to CCP Flu, and the WH Daily Presser, but we’re beginning to focus more on GOOD NEWS, looking for green sprouts in our economy, evidence of “smashing the curve”, better results and wider distribution of therapeutics, and bigger than anticipated herd immunity.

The memes continue.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and therapeutics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all! Blessings to those suffering with this disease and those who have lost loved ones. A hearty thank you to the healthcare workers, first responders, stock clerks, cashiers, truckdrivers, farmers, and those who keep our supply chains running.

483 thoughts on “20200418: Back to Work – MAGA ON! Kickin’ CoVid and Dems to the Curb!

  1. OAN: PPP, why Pelosi blocking?

    Politics. I dont’ think its good politics. I don’t care about politics.

    It’s so great for our country – small companies are teh same power as the big companies

    Giving the small businesses money to take care of their employees

    Very popular program, even with Democrats

    But Nancy is sitting at her house overlooking the ocean

    She’s got to come back and get this done.

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      1. We’ll see what happens.

        He can adjourn them
        Get his recess appointments
        Then call them BACK in session, requiring Pelosi to come back to DC

        Will be EPIC

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    1. Just got an email late tonight from local state representative saying our Governor (SC) will announce on Monday that retail stores, boating facilities and beaches will all open next week.
      Nothing said about restaurants, unless I missed it. Too bad!

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    1. “TRAP Question is this an appropriate time to bring up the 2nd amendment?”


      And DJT handled it beautifully.

      The BEST time to defend the 2nd Amendment is when it’s under attack… like right now 👍

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      1. A big part of the problem is that all “non-essential business” was shut down, left too much of a gap

        Should have been instead to focus on business/activity that had elevated RISK and then focused on MITIGATION TECHNIQUES . . .

        BUT NO, they wanted to shut the thing down . . .

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  2. If I hadn’t been elected we would be at WAR w/ NK right now

    Maybe it would be over and maybe there would be a victory

    But we would be at WAR w/ NK if I weren’t President

    Let’s see how it all ends up

    I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un

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      1. Found one the did this to in San Clemente also, thats south irange county. Most of these were built with the skaters raising money.
        This is permanent bc theyll never use the budget to dig it out. How much did it cost to do this? This is evil at work.

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        1. Yep, it’s the use of government force against the People just because they can.

          I’ll be surprised if the houses of LA politicians don’t have graffiti sprayed all over them by tomorrow morning.

          And who would convict them, even if they were caught?

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    1. WHY someone need to hide a body eventually, sell off public real estate, remove a place of recreation for kids? Wonder if they are going to try to stop waves so surfers won’t be able to have fun at surfing beaches. They have too damn much money and power at their disposal. Fire all the dem pols.

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    2. If that’s the kind of crap Kalifournya spends money on, then cut them clean off from any kind of federal funds.

      Let ’em sink in their own waste and largess and tyranny for the sake of idiocy.

      On the other hand, there are a whole lot of young people who will never EVER vote democrat again, after the democrats murdered their skate park.

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  3. I am multitasking so didn’t write that many comments….but that was bombshell after bombshell by President Trump on a number of issues. I might rematch and make comments later – just fantastic. He is underplaying while announcing and updating so many issues. And tearing “reporters” apart

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    1. Naturally occurring virus??? About as naturally occurring as the paralysis in India children after Bill Gates poisoned them with his naturally occurring vaccine 🤬🤬🤬

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  4. Treepers !!!

    Drillerelite posted today on Twitter so I checked to see how he and the Mrs. are doing. He said to tell y’all hi, and they’re doing fine 😁 Says he’s busy doing 2A stuff 👍👍👍 and better if he’s not tempted to yak about it here 😎
    Wolfie & I both told him to “keep on keepin’ on” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  5. FTA~

    This is more paranoia and fear-driven policing of people. Sitting in your car is not “spreading the virus.”

    Furthermore, standing 6-feet away from people you don’t know is also not “spreading the virus.”
    As the numbers of sick and dying continue to plummet, and we see that the original death models that caused this massive lockdown were completely wrong, instead of easing up on people, authorities (mainly in Democrat-run cities) are tightening their grip.

    This type of tyrannical “daycare governing” is what causes Americans to push back.

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    1. OMG I think I’m gonna have to stop reading this daily thread. The number of RIGHTS we are ceding to what amounts to an attack from China on US citizens is unconscionable. My blood pressure is off the charts PISSED.

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      1. That’s where I’m at too. We’re being duped. I’m convinced of it. Another thing that bugs me is the LEOs that are willing to follow orders and cite people, run people down…just following orders has a bad ring to it.

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        1. Yes I am VERY disappointed in the LEOs. They gave those tickets to people in cars and sanded in the skate parks using excuse of what might happen in the future NOT a current offense. That is SO bogus!!!

          How many times do they tell us they can’t stop a violent husband until he actually beats his wife, not because he *might* beat her!!!!


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      2. F’n Democrats. Literally.

        Friends don’t let friends VOTE DEMOCRAT.

        Time for more….

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    2. There may have been better mitigation/social distancing early enough to prevent widespread deaths.

      Albany/Dougherty County, GA was devastated by coronavirus due to two black funerals on 2/29 and 3/7 attended widely by two big busloads from two Atlanta churches – underlying health conditions, lack of social distancing. 1409 cases and 91 deaths in a small city….and worse, the infection spread widely to surrounding counties in GA and in FL.

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      1. You just gave me a big push on WHY California is better off than somewhere like Georgia. People in California are way healthier for the most part.

        They spend more time outside, they are less obese, and more likely to exercise to “keep up” their appearance.

        In other words, Californians have better immune systems.

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        1. You might be right. Generally the weather is nice, people do spend a lot of time outdoors and also it’s a weird thing that might contribute..my pet peeve is that everybody always has a bottle of water. Usually throw away but more are using the personal bottles but remember the Japanese study that said drinking something every 15-20 mins or so washes any mouth contagion into the gut. Who knows if that may have helped.

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          1. “the Japanese study that said drinking something every 15-20 mins or so washes any mouth contagion into the gut.”

            Where your stomach is full of hydrochloric acid and will kill the contagion. It’s part of the natural immune system actually, and why drainage from the head goes to the stomach if we don’t get it out some other way.

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        2. Access to salt air from the ocean is never mentioned, but it is a factor. The Russians, actually, have a tradition of sitting in salt air in caves, etc., for help with respiratory issues. We have a small business here, The Salt Room, where you can sit in this room for an hour for a fee, and breathe in salt. It’s not cheap, and if I could afford it right now I would be there, but it’s effective. One spring getting over all the winter crap, I was there a lot.

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          1. I have a beautiful salt lamp in the shape of a globe in my living room. It definitely helps the air quality. I also have many house plants. Since I live in a very cold climate, the windows are shut for quite a few months of the year. I highly recommend the practice of turning the heat up high once a month in winter, and throwing open all the windows for an hour.

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  6. But let’s talk about the latest terror bomb detonated by Global Atheist PC Creeps upon your perfectly good, free life as a US citizen in 2020, governed by a President who does not think backwards.

    How many of us are “infected” with this novel Corona virus, and how scared should we be?

    What do we mean when we say a person “tests positive” for Covid-19?

    We don’t actually mean they have been found to “have” it.

    We’ve been hijacked by our technologies, but left illiterate about what they actually mean. In this case, I am in the rare position of having known, spent time with, and interviewed the inventor of the method used in the presently available Covid-19 tests, which is called PCR, (Polymerase Chain Reaction.)

    The people who have taken all your freedoms away in recent weeks, they’re social engineers, politicians, globalist thought leaders, bankers, WHO fanatics, and the like. Their army is composed of “mainstream media,” which is now literally a round-the-clock perfect propaganda machine for the Gates-led Pandemic Reich.

    In the US, we have all but abandoned classical diagnostic medicine in favor of biotech, or lab result medicine. This has been going on for a long time and is a dangerous turning. The “Corona test” is named with characteristic tech-tedium: “CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” That means it is a needle in a DNA haystack test. A PCR test.

    It finds fragments, nucleic acids.
    It’s socialist contagion theology.


    More details and facts at the link

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    1. If anyone besides Trump was president we would be in a civil war right now, by which I mean We the People against blue state governments all over the country and against a lot of red state wannabe dictators too.

      The only reason everybody is keeping their cool is because DJT is in charge, and everybody knows he isn’t going to let any of this stand, in fact, he’s going to use what they’ve done as justification to steamroll this dummies and wipe them out.

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    2. Another section of the article linked above~

      Our conversation went in many different directions and I plan to publish the entire audio interview. I asked David what he thought was happening here, at the most core level.

      “I don’t think they understand what they’re doing,” he said. “I think it’s out of control. They don’t know how to end this. This is what I think what happened: They have built a pandemic machine over many years and, and as you know, there was a pandemic exercise not long before this whole thing started.”

      “I just want to identify who sponsored that simulation conference, 6 weeks before the first news broke out of Wuhan,” I interjected. “It was the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security, and the World Economic Forum. Incidentally, all the stats, projections and modeling you see in the media are coming out of Johns Hopkins.”

      In another part of our conversation, he said something unforgettable:

      “So, we’ve essentially been taken over by the medical Taliban, if you like.”

      I pressed him one last time:

      “David, in conclusion, finish this sentence: “The PCR test for Corona is as good as…”

      His reply made me laugh. I didn’t know I still could laugh.

      “It’s as good as that Scientology test that detects your personality and then tells you need to give all your money to Scientology. “

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      1. ““It’s as good as that Scientology test that detects your personality and then tells you need to give all your money to Scientology. “”


        Oh, you mean as good as a ‘mood ring’, just a lot more expensive 😁

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        1. Mood rings are cheap fun. E-meter tests are straight up pseudo-scientific theater.

          Don’t be so down on mood rings! 😉

          BTW, if anyone is depressed, Chocolate is a proven cure.

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      2. “I don’t think they understand what they’re doing,” he said. “I think it’s out of control. They don’t know how to end this. This is what I think what happened: They have built a pandemic machine over many years and, and as you know, there was a pandemic exercise not long before this whole thing started.”

        That’s probably right.

        They DIDN’T have a plan to role it back.

        When Trump demanded it they had to invent one.

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    3. “Every time somebody takes a swab, a tissue sample of their DNA, it goes into a government database. It’s to track us,” says David Rasnick. “They’re not just looking for the virus. Please put that in your article.”

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    1. SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — New technology that uses Bluetooth and is meant to warn people about COVID-19 may provide results for which it’s not intended.

      The technology is called “contact tracing” and it’s already being used in several countries like China and Italy, where the coronavirus spread at high rates.

      It’s supposed to notify people who have been in close proximity to someone who has tested positive for the Coronavirus. The systems rely on “location detection” by mobile phones to deliver alerts about potential exposures.

      The American Civil Liberties Union is worried about tracing efforts and sees many pitfalls associated with this warning system.

      Apple and Google have announced they have designed a Coronavirus tracking system, but Kahn and the ACLU warn people should be skeptical, especially when lawmakers and corporations will make a big push to move our economy forward.

      “There are risks to fundamental civil liberties posed by poorly designed systems and
      a poorly designed system may be ineffective or even make the pandemic worse.


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    1. “Here is a real instance of racism. Black people are banned from entering malls in China. Where is the global outrage against this?”


      Where is the global outrage?

      The same place it always is.

      Stuffed in the Left’s infinite hypocrisy closet.

      It’s so full of hypocrisy that they don’t dare open it.

      It would be like releasing the Kraken.

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      1. They truly are the most hypocritical bunch. When the press is their very own mockingbird chorus there’e little chance of being called out on it EXCEPT for Donald freakin Trump! He does it everyday and I love him for it

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  7. pointed…

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    1. But only hunt those squirrels in your own neighborhood because the police were checking ID’s in one San Diego area to make sure strollers actually lived there. Can’t allow riffraff spreading germs unless in their own zone.

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      1. It’s we’re living in the middle of a bad post-apocalyptic movie crossed with some form of The Stepford Wives & before we know it it’s gonna deteriorate into The Walking Dead!


  8. Told you all. I KNEW it and was ROUNDLY criticized for saying it. Just TODAY my little dictator PROVED my point. Our cases “increased” and that means we have to START over on the 14 day clock. IT IS BULLSHIT. He stated to date, after 35 days we do not meet a SINGLE requirement to reopen. NOT ONE. we have 2700 cases, and 144 deaths NONE under 70. and we do not meet ONE. LESS THAN 1/2 of 1 % death and the same for infections. Yet Texas who has 8X the cases and 4x the deaths is ready. Indiana has 4X the cases and 4x the death and THEY are ready to open. Florida has 9X the cases and 6x the death and THEY are ready to open. ON and On. What is the difference? Oh yeah I am stuck with a dem governor dictator that has NO reason to even TRY to get us open.

    We that are stuck in Dem dictatorships are the NEW forgotten men and women. If you are LUCKY enough to live in a republican state, you are going to make it. I am happy for you. We stuck in dem HELL are not going to make it, and no amount of peer pressure, protests, or even lawsuits will save us.

    We can pray for a miracle, we can bombard Trump with pleas to help, we can disobey and risk JAIL, or we can simply lose everything. While they STALL and fiddle, we BURN. I am FED UP. 35 days and COUNTING with NO end in sight for us in Dem hell.

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