4.9.20 News Roundup! PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing, PDJT Had To Answer A Question About Joe Exotic, Peter Navarro’s Interview, Americans Are Ready To See China Pay Dearly For Unleashing the Coronavirus, Bernie Has Once Again BURNED OUT, CNBC Poll Is Devastating For the Resistance, The Devil Is Ready To Collect, Keep Praying For PM Johnson As His Health Begins To Improve, PDJT’s Campaign Are Planting Seeds For A November 3rd Harvest In Pennsylvania, A Message From Our FLOTUS, A Message From Our President…..

Our President and the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing yesterday with the latest updates and information.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

I am so happy that Americans got to see this yesterday. As people are losing their lives and jobs, this reporter cared about asking our President if he is considering pardoning Joe Exotic (Tiger King).

The Assassin discussed China’s geopolitical schemes and their intentional downplaying of the Wuhan virus.

Peter Navarro outlined the framework of his warning memo to the National Security Council about China and the potential consequences of the pandemic. He also explained how he delivered his warning the day after the coronavirus task force was assembled. Keep in mind that on the same day our President initiated the China travel ban.

Peter Navarro helped save thousands of lives!

The Assassin will make sure that China pays dearly for unleashing the Coronavirus!

Americans will support him and our President.

Bernie has once again BURNED OUT! Sorry Bernie Bros, there will be no refund on your donations.

From the article linked above:

“If I believed we had a feasible path to the nomination, I would certainly continue the campaign. But it’s just not there,” Sanders said. “I congratulate Joe Biden, a very decent man, who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward.”

Sanders said that while Biden will be the nominee, he will stay on the ballot to collect delegates for the convention, “where we will be able to exert significant influence over the party platform.”

“Bernie has put his heart and soul into not only running for president, but for the causes and issues he has been dedicated to his whole life. So, I know how hard a decision this was for him to make — and how hard it is for the millions of his supporters — especially younger voters — who have been inspired and energized and brought into politics by the progressive agenda he has championed,” said Biden in a statement. “Bernie has done something rare in politics. He hasn’t just run a political campaign; he’s created a movement.“

Our President had a message to his followers:

More bad news for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. from the CNBC poll. Americans know that our President had and will have the Economic Train roaring again shortly.

From the article linked above:

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the American economy into a deep contraction and sent unemployment soaring but Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis.

Approval of President Trump’s handling of the economy rose to 52 percent, the highest level of his presidency, CNBC’s “All America” survey showed Wednesday. That is up from 49 percent in December.

The survey of 800 Americans was taken between Friday and Monday.

Trump’s overall approval rating jumped as well, to 46 percent from 40 percent. That too is the best ranking of the Trump presidency.

Trump is even scoring higher marks from Democrats. His job approval rating rose to 20 percent among Democrats, a record high and up from 8 percent in December.

When you make a deal with the Devil, eventually he comes to collect. Senator Kelly Loeffler thinks this little maneuver is going to vault her to victory later this year. It won’t!

As I shared in yesterday’s news roundup, the latest polling shows Representative Doug Collins up 23 points against Senator Loeffler. She thinks that by promises to liquidate all her stock holdings, the voters in Georgia a will forgive and forget how she betrayed them.

Sorry Kelly, the Devil is ready to collect!

From the article linked above:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler plans to liquidate all of her individual stock holdings after weeks of political firestorm over trades made amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Loeffler (R-Ga.), who was sworn into the Senate in January after her appointment to fill a vacant seat and is on the ballot in a special election this November, has been criticized heavily by Democrats and her Republican opponent in recent weeks for stock trades made in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak.

[…] “I’m not doing this because I have to,” Loeffler wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. “I’ve done everything the right way and in compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, Senate ethics rules and U.S. law. I’m doing it because the issue isn’t worth the distraction. My family’s investment accounts are being used as weapons for an assault on my character at a time when we should all be focused on making our country safe and strong.”

Our thoughts and prayers for PM Boris Johnson are working! Please continue to pray for him.

The latest reports from the U.K. indicate positive health improvements for PM Johnson.

From the article linked above:

Boris Johnson is ‘improving’ in hospital after two days in intensive care battling coronavirus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed this afternoon.

In news that will come as a relief to the nation he said that the Prime Minister had also been sitting up in bed after two nights in St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

Fronting the daily news conference, Mr Sunak began by giving an update on Mr Johnson’s condition, amid questions over his treatment in the lead up to his hospitalisation.

‘The latest news from the hospital is that the prime minister remains in intensive care, where his condition is improving,’ Mr Sunak said. I can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team.’

[…] No10 tonight confirmed that Mr Johnson ‘continues to make steady progress’ but remains in intensive care.

Our President is going after the State of Pennsylvania in a big way! The seeds are being planted for a November 3rd harvest.

From the article linked above:

Before March 13, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign was on the ground in Pennsylvania, talking face-to-face with voters and volunteers at house parties and training sessions about how the president helped usher in a new American economy.

Now, and over the last three weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted gatherings and reorganized voters’ priorities, the campaign has shifted its strategy to digital-only and its message to how Mr. Trump has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials said the entire strategy was flipped in a matter of 24 hours on that day in early March, facilitated by the partnership between the official campaign apparatus and the Republican National Committee. The operation is entirely virtual now. Their main volunteer training program — the Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Training sessions — has moved to Google Hangout and Zoom video conferencing, and the newly trained volunteers are using livestreaming and digital techniques to contact and register voters from the comfort of their own homes.

“We’re teaching [volunteers] our digital organizing skills, voter contact techniques, and [how to utilize] social media platforms,” said RNC spokesperson Mike Joyce, who oversees the efforts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware and Maryland. “We do already use this kind of technology for our ground and field team, so it wasn’t a huge learning curve.”

Our beautiful FLOTUS has a message for all healthcare professionals and frontline workers keeping Americans safe in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our President wishes a Happy Passover for those that are celebrating it.

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  1. From whyat about all the doorknob suicides.
    FWIW michael hutchence was found to have bruising on the brain. This could not be explained. His wife had a private autopsy conducted which concluded not suicide. No record of any accident to explain brain bruising. She, herself, died of an overdose not long after and their only child , tiger-Lily was given to her ex husband, bob geldof, in an adoption fiercely opposed by hutchences mother and family. He got to control all her assets too. INxcess had a MUCH bigger career than geldolf who only had one hit song.

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  2. “Approval of President Trump’s handling of the economy rose to 52 percent, the highest level of his presidency, CNBC’s “All America” survey showed Wednesday. That is up from 49 percent in December.”


    Poor little Cabal… what must they be thinking now?

    They pulled the plug on the WHOLE WORLD ECONOMY, just shut it all down to destroy the orange man… and DJT’s poll numbers on the economy are STILL going up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    1. If you all haven’t realized but Trump has been polling higher than Obama did for same time period for majority of last year of two.

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      1. Yes, and Hussein’s numbers were always artificially inflated by sycophant media, while Trump’s are always artificially depressed 👍

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          1. I suspect Hussein’s actual approval was 35% or less, with a 10 point bump courtesy of Leftist polling companies reporting inflated numbers to Leftist MSM.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if his actual approval rating was zero.

            That’s where I had him pegged.


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            1. Yea I always used Real Clear to keep track…At least they averaged them all out….But Obama’s plummet came about the same time as the Boston mess and beer garden summit.


  3. Barr has some really good points in his statement. Hey some states have gone so far totalitarian overboard that many are wondering when it will be that we will have to ask permission to breathe.

    Barr calls coronavirus restrictions ‘draconian’ while health experts say they’re helping lower death projections

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  4. Friends…yeah, those of you great friends I remember who I cared for and loved our exchanges…OT.

    So a bit of a confession…take it or leave it…there are people and souls here on Wolfie’s site who I love and care for to be here…because I know that many of you have the same determined heart and righteous, courageous anger I have against the evil working to destroy our nation and our POTUS.

    If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here. But I think many of you do.

    I never planned to come over here and post…simply, because of a killer work schedule that never, ever gives a single piece of breath and a night’s sleep of peace…in the face of 40 years of all kind of national/int’l shit of high-end gov/mil stuff…sometimes I go 84 hours or more without sleep. I’m 60s, so not the young man I was in USSR, EG, Bosnia, Rwanda back then when we might go 3 weeks without sleep, not even a power nap…trying to get packages from point A to…well…at least B…hopefully to C and beyond.

    I just said, “God, I can’t handle one more i’net site!”

    But it seems there are those valuable souls here that He wanted me to connect and to relate to…so sometimes His Holy Spirit basically tells us to shut up, get in line and try to understand His and Heaven’s will above our weak, mortal will.

    So whatever any of you think about another new voice, just know, I care about and hold our God’s Heart and Love for every one of you.

    Personally to you, Wolfie:

    Whatever it is of God’s Heart and how He works in my heart about people…

    He has put something very deep in me, to love and pray for you here of late. I pay attention to that kind of spiritual thrust.

    I say this as one who personally knew great and wonderful people like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Sir Nickolas Harnencourt, and that greatest, most decorated Lt. General Marine, “Chesty”…in basic training, lwe all said at lights out…”goodnight Chesty wherever you are.”

    So I do choose company very carefully. I did not just casually come over here without prayful time before our God.

    But Wolfie…

    I believe your heart is in the right place.

    You would have to know my history to know how rare are those individuals I say this kind of thing too.

    Brother, whatever you have and believe for God first, then family, our nation, our Bill of Rights and Constitution…if you have to give your breath and life, then do it. Patrick Henry. Liberty or Death!

    I pray for you and all here, to have the strength and fortitude…

    Whatever the cost…

    To get this mission done in whatever your part is.

    I do not say that lightly.

    Mid 70s:

    My adopted daughter, Gavriella Levi…and the governess I hired to help me raise her in Jerusalem…

    Both blown to smithereens…

    And if you have not worked or lived in Israel, you can’t know the pain and custom it is to have to go scrape every bit of blood and guts of what’s left, because that’s the Jewish custom, like it or not.

    I hate most all government. CIA…past Army Defense Intel preceding it, others…whose really wicked stuff I put online many years ago to the point that closet friends and associates feared for my life.

    But God is good to protect His voices of truth…even if wicked powers cast us into a furnace heated 7 x’s…the Son of God, Jesus will stand with us and preserve us if He has to.

    You attempt to present Truth here.

    So you gotta know the Father of Lies is going think he can to destroy you.

    From one brother of the Body of Jesus Christ…to another…

    Please consider my words.

    I am old and long in this war, but I love and pray for my brothers and sisters in the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.


    PS: if you are interested, please click on my user name that will bring you to the one piece on my WP blog…printed out, it is a 40 page writing.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your loving warrior’s heart here, Angel. God be with you in His precious Grace, Peace, Joy, Rest, Hope, & Love this day of days when we celebrate the pivotal event of all time. Death IS swallowed up in Victory. In His Name we are More than Conquerors. Bless You my Brother. In Jesus’ Love, Valerie

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