20200409: America Goes Back to Work! Are YOU Ready to Ditch CoVid?

Are you ready to hug a stranger? Go back to work? Have a drink in a pub? Go to a wedding? On vacation? Ride a bike? Play in a park? America is ready. The peanut gallery is grumbling. This thread will still serve as our China Flu thread but we’re beginning to focus more on GOOD NEWS, looking for green sprouts in our economy and evidence of “smashing the curve”. Have a present for you guys, today. It’s a majestic rant by Steve Bannon against Henry Kissinger (who published an Op-Ed in the WSJ defending globalism and calling on the Trump Admin to “save” the “World Order”).

And here is a fabulous interview with US Trade Assassin Peter Navarro from last night with Martha McCallum.

Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

White House – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS17l2WwwS4

Golden State – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4bt030zYXI

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

The memes have been wonderful.

Remember when the President gave the same stink-eye to Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner in NYC? We know that look.

480 thoughts on “20200409: America Goes Back to Work! Are YOU Ready to Ditch CoVid?

        1. At the most it adds up to food recall. Happens all the time, however the flu happens all the time too, so I’m sure the media can try to spin up a nothing into a hurricane. Meanwhile who eats Tyson products? They are terrible as is.

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      1. Tough lesson to learn……Desire for higher profits come at the loss of autonomy and disregard for jobs for our neighbours. It’s all a matter of priorities and greed was justified because they could get away with it. Not only should they get out of China but there should be a cost in taxes that they avoided to come back.

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    1. PLUS – 40 or so new therapies being tested in trials around the country and world!!!

      We are moving in Trump Time at TRUMP WARP SPEED!!!

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    1. Oh! Oops! Sorry! Heh-heh. Our bad. Hey guys, lets try something else . . . how about that new Gates vaccination? Maybe we could make it stronger and use it as an anti-viral. Yeah, that’s it.

      What? Give HCQ / Az / zinc at signs of first symptoms? Nah! Unproven. Too risky. I heard it killed some guy recently! No way!

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          1. Nope. Media will AUTO-PROTECT.

            There is something about the antimalarials that the media is desperately trying to cover up. It’s a TALKING POINT they’ve been assigned, but there is a REASON behind it.
            Trump knows what it is, too. I think he has these people absolutely cornered here.

            They tried to hide a life-saving cure. Something is very wrong here.

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            1. YUP. 100% dead on.

              It’s not going to look good when it comes up during the hearings, asking Nancy and Adam and others, “why from November on they were you prescribed and taking HCQ?”

              Just my feeling on this.

              But a LOT of physicians, academics, and fake doctors are in on it.

              IN ON IT.

              In on the take.

              Money makes the world go around – especially in academia.

              And they are totally corrupt with leftist money grubbing leeches.

              Who have been taking money from China hand over fist.

              And from Gates.

              And want the floodgates of cash from the NIH, CDC, and the government.

              And Big Pharma loves vaccines.

              The government is a guaranteed client.

              They always make BIG orders.

              BIG ORDER$.

              Volumes that private buyers or consumers will NEVER purchase. You can’t get them to buy even a million vaccines, but you can ALWAYS get a government to buy in the MANY TENS OF MILLIONS.

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      1. I did!! But they got kicked off again….So this was a tribute to them! They are on Gab now I believe and instagram! i just always… Like reading their posts….

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    1. Hehe, he was busted the other day because the President flat out asked him about what the price was.
      Reporter was screaming about the price of oil, collapse of market, and didn’t know the price.
      Next day, he knew the price/barrel, but was DUMB ENOUGH to ask the Pres of the USA if he would demand a reduction in production/day.
      No, you bozo, we don’t regulate oil sector in a Republic. (Idiots)
      Trump patiently explained to him the concept of free markets.
      Same guy today…… knows the oil price/barrel, asked question about the Saudi King/Putin phone call as President is trying to strike a deal on global oil markets.

      Guarantee you one thing, that poor reporter will forevermore know the daily price of oil/barrel.
      President is educating the Press Corps.

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      1. I think it was a different reporter who first got busted. Some Caucasian with a mop of hair. The guy today was Black.

        I missed yesterday’s interchange.

        I confess I watch these things mostly to see if the presstitutes get bitchslapped.

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  1. I hope no one minds me posting this. After all of the silly crap we have been witnessing these last 4 weeks, I hope we can learn from this debacle we have been victimized by for the last 40 years.

    Everyone from sewers to steelworkers, it occurs to me that we need to look to history to make certain we innovate in the future.

    The following are a couple of posts:

    WSB says:
    April 9, 2020 at 7:01 PM

    The Trump Administration hopefully will create a permant Act for Convertible US Manufacturing.

    Provide incentives to bring manufacturing back onto US shores and provide tax relief if any company can maintain a factory with convertibility to assist in times of pandemics and war.

    Identify catagories and marry peace time product with emergency product.

    This should really be a game changer in this country, as we currently have no peace time or emergency supply chains other than food, it seems.

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    Eaglet says:
    April 9, 2020 at 7:03 pm
    and will create for jobs.

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    WSB says:
    April 9, 2020 at 7:08 pm
    And maintain them during times of crisis.

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    MaineCoon says:
    April 9, 2020 at 8:06 pm

    WSB says:
    April 9, 2020 at 8:29 pm

    WSB says:
    April 9, 2020 at 8:42 pm
    Bernard Baruch on steroids.

    If there is one story I remember from reading history, it is that FDR was in a panic when he knew no matter how or what, the US would be participating in WWII.

    He called Bernard Baruch because FDR himself was clueless. Baruch had the foresight to advise to open American ingenuity.

    From a post on reddit…

    “Fast-forward to 1940, the US realized that the odds of being dragged into WW2 were increasing. Thankfully, lessons from WW1 had been learned, and a man by the name of Bernard Baruch advised President Roosevelt to establish a position to oversee the conversion of American industry from civilian to military needs. He recommend Kundsen as the best man with the most experience in production. Knudsen at the time was the president of the worlds largest cooperation, General Motors.”

    Lessons learned. We need to standardize this and become more like Israel.

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    1. I’m so glad you did, WSB!
      You’re right! 1,000,000%
      Bottom line, the USA was best positioned economy going into this virus fiasco.
      We would naturally be the best positioned economy coming out of despair.
      A few tweaks to the regs, like demanding some companies return to the USA, or giving them a ready market as an incentive….. like Medicare/Vets/DOD only buying pharma made in USA, would guarantee a healthy manufacturing base, independence for future generations, and millions of additional jobs.

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        1. They did used to. It was called the Military Industrial Complex.

          The reality was that the U.S. could not deconvert the entire economy away from defense and military production after WWII because the threat of the Soviets and the Cold War. Maintaining a large amount of defense spending was considered a national budgetary priority from the 1950s all the way up to 1990.

          As bad as the MIC was, the alternate reality is that after GHWB military spending was dramatically and repeatedly cut. Diversity in defense companies stopped being a priority. So there was an extreme level of consolidation in the defense industry, which mean that the gov’t started relying on fewer and fewer suppliers for critical wartime needs. And during the Obama years, it came dangerously close to the tipping point. The stories I have heard are horrifying.

          A big part of the large defense spending is to restore the economic health and vitality of the defense industry in the U.S. Too many essential military industries almost died out entirely and now they’re able to rebound and recover.

          So in short, to answer your question “Why not keep a regular program so there is no time lost?”

          Because that would make too much sense!

          Democrats want the America weak, depleted, and knocked down on her knees, ready to enslave herself forever to the tyranny of socialism.

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    2. Yes!
      We need to do everything we can, to bring Manufacturing Back to our country.

      Our President knows this.
      Our VSG has been talking about this for decades.

      More can be done with Incentives…than with Punishments, though.

      Industry is not ‘the enemy’.

      But for years, the Enemedia/EntertainmentComplex has portrayed businesses and businessmen as evil, greedy polluters…who deserve to be punished.

      The Clinton administration did whatever they could, to drive our industries away with one hand…while with the other hand, they were holding the door open to establishing those businesses in Asia.

      Clinton even had taxpayer-funded Junkets to other countries!
      ‘Offshoring’ your business became the New Cool Thing.

      “Going Global” was touted as being something good.
      And whenever a company closed down a factory here…and reopened it in another country…their stock went up!

      The Stock Market rewarded companies for ‘going global’.

      And the Unions kept demanding higher wages and more benefits.
      Which added to the Cost of Operations for businesses here…and thus raised the cost of products made here in the US.

      To make it even worse…our domestic manufacturers were/are forced to compete against Cheep Imported Products…from countries who do not heap on taxes & regulations on their businesses.

      Many foreign businesses are even *subsidized* by their governments!

      How can our domestic manufacturers compete with that!?

      Tariffs are a good way to level-the-playing-field with our Market.
      Personally…I think we should apply tariffs in an amount equal to the tax & regulatory burden that we put on our own businesses.

      It’s the only thing that would be truly fair.

      Our President knows what needs to be done.
      And he is making a lot of moves in the right direction.

      But just watch…the ChiCom and EU shills in congress and the media will be screaming about it, more and more each day.

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      1. Indeed, wheatie! But in addition to manufacturing coming back, we need a national security initiative so many companies can convert from peace time to war or pandemic needs.

        Our supply chain is pretty much nonexistent save for food, and that too is chopped in half, between grocery stores and restaurants.

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        1. Yes, I agree.

          Maybe we need to create an Incentive to encourage companies to ‘maintain a readiness’ to convert to crisis mode…

          Perhaps shave a percentage point off of their tax rate?

          Companies could then attach a copy of their ‘readiness program’ that they are maintaining, with their annual Tax Return.

          It might vary per business or factory.
          More expensive for some.

          Financially burdensome regulations are to be avoided, IMO.
          Incentives are way better.

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  2. Just found this in my email….from the Co. I use to help fight my annual prop. tax increases….


    “Please keep in mind that although the appraisal districts may not change values or may decide to be conservative in value increases, because of the state emergency declarations, the taxing entities may increase their base taxes rates up to 8% over last year’s rate (effectively suspending the 3.5% cap increase enacted by the Texas Legislature last summer in Senate Bill 2).”


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    1. Yikes…that doesn’t sound good.

      But then, you don’t have a State Income Tax in Texas.
      So there’s that.

      I don’t honestly know which is the better way to go…state income tax or higher property taxes.
      We have both here in OK.

      And they both seem to be always going up.
      Although our tax burden here is not nearly as much as what some other states have.

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  3. This one hits close to home. Michael Delauzon, @TheTrumpPage1 is dealing with CV in his family. His wife is very ill, she’s a nurse, on a ventilator. She is getting HCQ, he’s aware of the oxygen therapy vs the ventilator, but he and their children are not allowed to visit her. These are good people who are passionate Trump supporters.

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      1. Okay, maybe not…but I’d like to see that nevertrumper cow get hassled, by somebody.

        Just because.

        Or maybe just a pie in the face.

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