Dear KAG: 20200407 Open Thread

Here we are. Tuesday, the day to catch up on all the stuff that we didn’t get to on Monday.

Spaghetti westerns anyone?


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  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


IS 49:1-6

Hear me, O islands,
listen, O distant peoples.
The LORD called me from birth,
from my mother’s womb he gave me my name.
He made of me a sharp-edged sword
and concealed me in the shadow of his arm.
He made me a polished arrow,
in his quiver he hid me.
You are my servant, he said to me,
Israel, through whom I show my glory.

Though I thought I had toiled in vain,
and for nothing, uselessly, spent my strength,
Yet my reward is with the LORD,
my recompense is with my God.
For now the LORD has spoken
who formed me as his servant from the womb,
That Jacob may be brought back to him
and Israel gathered to him;
And I am made glorious in the sight of the LORD,
and my God is now my strength!
It is too little, he says, for you to be my servant,
to raise up the tribes of Jacob,
and restore the survivors of Israel;
I will make you a light to the nations,
that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

415 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200407 Open Thread

  1. Dora – you posted a ‘Tweet’ OT – wanted to share – along with DP’s article – it had a picture of Cardinal Pell walking and smiling – know what one to which I am referring? Could you please post here – Thanks!

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    1. Dispute. Huh? This IS all to temper the media frenzy. Nothing moar.

      Crozie absolutely f@cked up. Royally. Deserved to be fired.

      Yes, harsh language levied by Acting Navy Secretary, a bit over the top. Although perhaps an accurate description of Crozie’s actions. But not PC in Washington speak.

      Only outcome i expect is Crozie will get a Star. A low key staff position, tour somewhere. Out of the limelight.
      NATO would be my guess. Then retire within three years.

      His punishment was getting “fired”. HUGE.

      The STAR was EARNED over the decades of truly selfless service with stellar results.

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      1. Sent to the front lines in Afghanistan to explore tunnels… (And yeah I know he is navy.)

        He does DESERVE to be FIRED for what he did. He is darn lucky if he does not get court martialed and a prison sentence.

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      2. Actually, I’d be beyond shocked if he were to achieve flag rank now. And Stars aren’t for decades of selfless service, which is poor rational for promotion. After all, every member of the mil serves “selflessly”.

        The man will be lucky not to get courtmartialed on a host of charges. He was GROSSLY negligent in his judgment and divulged CLASSIFIED information publicly. He also breached the chain of command….a MASSIVE no-no for anyone, but esp. for those at a high command level.

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        1. ^^^ Agree with most everything. ^^^

          I stand by my thoughts posted above. R E L A X a moment, or two.

          Hands down, I fully understand the massive F’ups Crozier committed. Intentionally. In NO way am I minimizing his screw ups. Please read through below, 100% true story…

          Having personally witnessed the below events, onboard Enterprise I won’t be, “beyond surprised.”

          Three and a half decades in the Navy, Active and GS, I learned surprising stuff happens, after massive “aw shits” happen.

          Key details as I see them, as this IS the WORST F’up I have ever witnessed while on Active Duty in the Navy.

          USS Enterprise. November 1985. Flight ops ongoing. USS Enterprise struck Bishop’s Rock, ~100 miles off of San Diego. Ripped a ~125’ gash below the waterline.
          – Prior to running aground, the Navigator had plotted a course to avoid Bishop’s Rock. The Captain was informed. The Captain got side tracked. Never approved the course change.
          – Roughly 5 PM, having dinner in the Dirty Shirt Locker (informal Officer’s Mess). 03 level. Forward.
          – The Enterprise ran aground, running over Bishop’s Rock>
          – The ship rather abruptly rose a few feet, then settled. It was NOT the rhythmic motion of being at sea. We looked at each other, KNEW something BAD happened. Without saying a word, we rose, and went to our primary work spaces.
          – Within a couple minutes, 1MC (internal speaker system) multiple reports of flooding, flooding, flooding. Numerous spaces port side.
          – The Damage Control Teams surely had a MASSIVE problem to contain. Thankfully they were well trained and damage control equipment functioned properly. Water tight integrity was established, which minimized, then stopped flooding.
          – It was late in the evening, before the XO announced the Enterprise was “stable”. Extent of damage absolutely unknown.
          – Next morning anchored in San Diego harbor. Navy divers surveyed the damage.
          – Unscheduled three week dry dock mid December to first few days of Jan. Three propellers replaced. Hull repaired, sealed.

          Enterprise deployment scheduled ~4 Jan 86, was delayed one week. IIRC, departed ~Jan 11, 86. Destination Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

          Late Jan 86 Captain Leuschner (O-6), the Navigator (Commander O-5) and Assistant Navigator (Lieutenant Commander O-4) were relieved. Next morining we arrived Pearl Harbor, HI.

          Actual deployment was seven months and one day.

          A few excerpts below with links.

          Capt. Robert Leuschner was replaced Jan. 27 as skipper of the Enterprise after the ship struck a rock 100 miles west of San Diego in November, causing $17 million in damage to the hull.

          Robert Lee Leuschner Jr. … was a rear admiral in the United States Navy. He was Commander of the nuclear-powered carrier USS Enterprise from 1983 to 1986.

          If you got this far, do know, IMO, the Navy IS damn lucky they did not lose Enterprise the day it ran over Bishop’s Rock. A nuclear powered carrier. Four nuclear power plants. All other carriers have two.

          Captain Leuschner, a truly brilliant leader. Momentarily was distracted, allowed the Enterprise to run aground. $17 million in damage.

          Yes, I was, beyond surprised, when Captain Robert Leuschner was promoted to Rear Admiral.

          I won’t be when Crozier receives a Star.

          Do know, I don’t agree with these realities.

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          1. Not the same.

            The Nav. and OOD should have been paying attention and reminded the CO they needed his OK. And in the absence of his OK until they got his OK, maintained a watch and escalated as necessary. If there was a watch change or two prior to the grounding, that should have been #1 on the changeover items. CA took a fall because their fuck ups belong to him. That’s just navy.

            This situ on the Roosevelt is a whole different kettle o fish entirely. I will be shocked if the Capt doesnt get a CM, and doubly so if it doesnt end his career.

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            1. Did not imply it was the same. Not exonerating the Navigator or ANAV. ALL three of them screwed up.

              The day the CO was relieved, a copy of a letter he wrote was attached to the Plan Of The Day. Nearly a page in length.
              – Betting a close quote. “I am rightfully being relieved of Command today. I had a brief lapse of attention to detail, and failed in my responsibilities as, Commanding Officer.” An amazing man.

              FWIW. There may be some significant facts we don’t know, regarding the Vietnam port call. A bit moar complex than some posts here imply.

              Crozier public disclosures, intentional f’ups. He has no valid excuses for those.

              We’ll see if you are shocked when no CM materializes. Admiral’s Mast is in the cards. IMO.

              Crozier career IS essentially over. It’s all timing now. Whether he gets a star or not remains to be seen.
              – Part of that is rooted in if the O-6 selection board has reported out. IF the selection board has reported out, and if his name is on the list, he’ll likely get it.
              – If the selection board has not reported out, his name won’t be on the next list.

              OK. Tear this post up. Fundamentally, we won’t agree on some or most. May agree on some. Feel free take take the last shot. I’m moving on. Lots to catch up on today.
              Killed enough brain cells thinking about Crozier, Navy port call mechanics, protocol… But did enjoy reminiscing of my two years on The Enterprise. An amazing ship. Name sake across the centuries inspirational. 🙂

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        2. Letting his sailors off the ship in Asia (Viet Nam) during a pandemic is worse than the stupid letter which showed weakness and political motives….limp-wrist hand wringing, IMO.

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          1. Agree. Following, in no way condones a port call in Vietnam. These port calls are highly political. Way above Crozier’ pay grade. Crozier, can NOT simply cancel a port call.

            Crozier should have asked to NOT stop in Vietnam.
            – Unless Roosevelt schedule officially changed by Seventh Fleet, he is to make that port call.
            – The port call needed to be cancelled.
            – Someone, perhaps Crozier dropped the ball. Perhaps Battlegroup Commander, a Rear Admiral. Perhaps Seventh Fleet.
            – I, perhaps we, don’t know IF Crozier asked to change Roosevelt schedule, cancel Vietnam port call.

            ^^^ THIS, is part of what I am guessing President Trump will “look into”.

            We will likely never know who screwed up, allowing Roosevelt to visit Vietnam, while CAV is running wild.

            Until COVID is brought under control, USN ships deployed should not be making port calls. IMO.
            Vietnam port call aside, Crozier intentionally screwed up multiple times.

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              1. His kind, leftist, Crozier? From what little I have read, clearly.

                – Wish we had visibility of Crozier Battle Group Admiral, onboard Roosevelt. Also their communications with Seventh Fleet.
                – Likely we’ll never know.
                – Rightfully Crozier is toast.
                – We’ll never know about the Battle Group Admiral or Seventh Fleet play in this. But, on the surface, it was negligent to have Vietnam port call with CAV running wild. Purely UFB.

                Early in my post above, where I stated “political” was referring to Fleet scheduling. Navy readiness and presence in various regions primary driver. DoS has play as many countries request ship visits. Boost for local economy. Diplomatic statement to regional countries.

                All of that said, Readiness is paramount. I suspect moar than one Flag Officer (Admiral) screwed up royally.

                Crozier takes the dive publicly.

                Likely the Battle Group Commander, Two Star Admiral will also, me thinks. Senior officer present.

                Lost in all of this mess, with Roosevelt in port Vietnam, where were the escorts cruisers, destroyers and logistics ships?

                Beyond Crozier, something BIG is amiss.

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              2. Navy was a mess when PDJT took over as CIC. He will see that the Navy gets right and sharp.

                Maybe the resignation of the Acting Sec of the Navy was requested?

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        1. I’m thinking more along the lines of shifting to war-time messaging. I don’t want to start rumors, so I will keep my suppositions to myself, but depending on what is released at the end of the week, we may need someone more along the lines of Navarro in that spot just to get the media types to behave.

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              1. Bring back Sarah Sanders….a mother.

                She dealt with those press pukes almost as well as POTUS himself.

                BOMUS: they would HATE it if she came back.

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              2. That could be it but it doesn’t have to be. Just the need for a very strong economic messaging could be the reason.


    1. Had thought President Trump had a heads up on the China plant invited by Jonathan Carl (sp?) at yesterday’s presser. Played along and nailed her publicly.

      OR, President Trump figured out the China plant “on the fly yesterday”. NOT happy about it.

      Dunno. In any case, Stephanie was always a temp Press Secretary.

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    2. No doubt initiated by new CoS, Mark Meadows.
      She may have just stepped in the void after Sanders left, but probably preferred the FLOTUS role. For one thing, there’s a lot of traveling and she, like Sarah, has several children.
      Because she’s staying with The Team, I assume it was more or less a mutual decision.

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    1. This thread is old but, very revealing – just scroll down and read the tweets – disgusting!!!

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      1. One should think he’d be an easy target then, with all this evidence lying around.

        He’s not terribly popular with the left either; they love them their Mac/Apple stuff. Many of them would cheer his arrest.

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          1. He deserved to go broke for producing such a crappy OS, and instead he prospered. Of course, some might say, if it was such a crappy operating system, how come so many people bought it? Well, because they bought the sizzle, not the steak. He had good marketing on his side. So long as it looked glitzy and the apps functioned–who would notice the damn thing was one big mass of insecurity and bloat? Many did, of course, but not enough.

            How long did GM and Ford prosper selling lemons with fancy features? People caught on and were then condemned for buying imports.

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            1. I hear you loud and clear – guess cheating people (in more ways than one) makes one rich – why handmade is so popular these days – can someone make a ‘handmade’ OS? – dunno – I like lemons in my tea – not in my car.

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      1. I doubt it – because turning against TPTB will cost you your life – besides – we are still in the process of taking them down – their tentacles reach far and wide – much to do.

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      1. Well, the major part of the flip happened before that.

        But at least before we sometimes won a statewide election. Now…forget it. We will lose by just a few points, but “close” only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear tipped ballistic missiles.

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              1. No, I really don’t. I could say “Boulder and Denver county cheated” but that would bring up the question of how it was we ever elected Republicans to other statewide offices (to include the US senate, but I mean things like treasurer, attorney general, secretary of state–all things elected in Colorado, unlike at the federal level where they are appointees).

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              2. Of course today we DO have mail in voting and age-old voting rolls, so that overwhelms everything now.

                But it is interesting that Boulder county, which one would think (given it has a fancy university in it with a large STEM program) would have up-to-date election infrastructure, always took fricking forever to turn in its election results, whereas those knuckle dragging rednecks in El Paso County (who just happen to be conservative) got their results in quicker.

                THAT sort of fraud could be avoided, I think, by not announcing ANY election results for ANY county, until ALL counties have reported 100%. I’d make exceptions, of course, for races that are entirely within a single county.

                People at the state office wouldn’t even be allowed to make phone calls until they threw the switch because all the counties have reported in.

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              3. Do we have to have armed guards at voting places? Had the voting rolls been scrutinized – as was planned early on – perhaps, that might have made a difference – however – there is so much monkey-business going on – it is near impossible to stop it – back to paper ballots – critiquing voter rolls – and no mail-in ballots – if there was nothing wrong with mail-in ballots – the Dims would not be pushing them – open order election fraud!

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    1. Hmm, I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, but what is interesting is the information about the harmful radiation effects of 5G. I remember someone posted a link to an installer of 5G towers who was talking about the 5G towers making him feel very bad just from installing them.

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    1. Daaang.

      I wonder what’s going on here? It seemed to me like he was completely justified in taking action against the captain. Trump was talking about looking into it, but hadn’t actually done anything–and if he had it might have been to modify the punishment, not cancel it.

      Now if Trump reversed the decision, I could see the Secretary leaving.

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      1. Playing catch up. SecNav resigning initially surprised me. Not so much now…

        – Acting SecNav quit as he was becoming the YSM headlines in an echo chamber. A “side show”, a “diversion” from what really matters.

        – Crozier getting fired was spot on. Will NEVER be reversed.

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  3. In this edition of One America News Investigates, @CSinclairtv & @ChanelRion dive into what some are calling a possible game-changer in the war on the coronavirus pandemic.

    Tune in Saturday, April 11th and Sunday, April 12th at 10 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. PST — only on @OANN!

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    1. Guess too many of her minions have been fired from the State Department – she has no clout!

      Hopefully, the same will be true for another mob boss – whose name begins with a ‘P’ – in addition to that worm who hangs out with white rabbits – whose name begins with an ‘S’ – pardon me – cannot stomach any of them.

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    1. Why am I not surprised? Wasn’t there some talk about Cuomo having 80K ventilators stockpiled – did not want to use them – instead orders them from the Feds, Dora?


  4. Re: SecNav quitting….

    There are likely a number of things contributing to his departure.

    For one thing, SecNav let his mouth overload his ass. He went to Guam and addressed the crew of the Roosevelt re: relieving the Capt. of his command as well as the Chicom virus. During his remarks, he was unnecessarily crude and vulgar in his remarks about the Capt, and the situation, who was very popular with the crew. His remarks to the press were also lacking in diplomacy. In other words, he made a bad situation worse. He was visibly, audibly angry and vulgar when he needed to be neutral in tone and matter-of-fact when speaking to everyone. He showed a lack of command presence, and he’s no Patton.

    Now, surrounding all this crap is a bunch of politics. It’s not discussed much, because it’s the military, but….

    Obutthole and his thugs politicized the DoD just as much as they did all the other Depts of the Executive branch. Recall transgenders in the mil as well as thing like Obama-slugs going after folks who had Christian displays on their desks, chaplains saying/doing things that triggered them, etc.

    Obutthole elevated and promoted all kinds of jackasses and bitches who had no business at high command levels…real leftist ideologists. who have been screwing up the DoD something fierce.

    Net net…

    The DoD has been just as fucked up at the DoJ, FBI, etc. We just don’t hear about it because it’s a LOT easier to go after leakers and blabbers in the military….all directly under the Commander-in-Chief…they are not gov’t employees with protections like other gov’t employees.

    Now back to SecNav…

    There is a shitload….and I mean a ton….of internal politics playing out inside the Pentagon. And has been. It is highly probable there are issues BESIDES this Roosevelt thing going on that are playing into SecNav’s departure. And it likely has much to do with the IG, too.

    In point of fact, it is likely that PDJT stood up the “Space Force”, at least in part, to deal with internal political issues inside the AF and use it as a way to sideline Obutthole leftovers who were “resistance”. Mil Intel dynamics may be a part of that as well.

    Whatever the reasons SecNav gives for resigning, we can be sure much is going to be left unsaid.

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    1. Not funny, but started smirking after reading, “The DoD has been just as fucked up at the DoJ, FBI, etc.”

      ^^^ In my earlier posts about Roosevelt and Crozier, I had, but removed prior to posting, a few sentences comparing DoD and the Services screw up personnel “accountability” realities to BS we witness in DOJ/FIB. It’s a cancer on many Departments and Agencies.

      Three plus years after hussein, we, the US, Departments and Agencies are still constrained by policies and staffing screw ups initiated under hussein’s eight years of terror on American institutions.

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      1. Hope we don’t start getting spammed with, “emergency alert messages” to the point they become as meaningless as, “breaking news”.


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