Dear KMAG: 20200406 Open Topic

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.


Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
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Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

Our President is fighting for us night and day…please pray for him.


Wheatie’s Rules:

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      2. No running with scissors.
      3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from HAVASI, a Prelude to ‘Age of Heroes’:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Prevaricate’ is a verb which means – to speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression; lie.

Someone who prevaricates, is a Prevaricator.

Used in a sentence:

The Enemedia prevaricators in the White House Press Corps are predators in search of material to use in their False Narratives.


405 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200406 Open Topic

    1. Hey friend!

      Have missed being in touch with you.

      Just so you know, tho I am banned OT, everyday I read your regular comments, I click on likes, especially…”Jesus loves the babies”…I know my likes don’t register, but I figure God and registers it somewhere. Miss you friend! 💙🌹💙🌹💙

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      1. Hey, Angel! Well – just because you got bumped off OT does not mean you cannot ‘like’ over here – post it daily here, too – 🙂

        Missed you, too – and now – here you are! Sure could use some help with the military stuff – not my forte – but, trying to learn.

        Thank You, Jesus for blessings received and prayers answered! You have no idea!!!

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        1. I’ll remember that. Didn’t know you posted that here.

          My time is rare and little so rarely can I much time anywhere. I try to keep up with friends over on Marica’s blog, but will try to check in here when I can. Actually there are several here I really enjoyed exchanges with OT.

          Sis always reads your daily presentation on the open thread OT…and if you see that she hasn’t given you likes, means she’s prolly sick or something!

          As far as the military and gov stuff, I gotta be careful and wise. I’ve been on more than one gov radar and some years ago had to go into hiding for about 8 years after a major gov/armed agents intrusion…that was 18 years ago and I still struggle not to boil over about that.

          Well it’s great to be in touch with you again.

          Pray God’s blessing over you and yours. You have been faithful to keep the precious message and hope going.

          Shalom sister! 💙🌹💙

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              1. Oh my…I made our precious Dutchess giggle!

                My great accomplishment for the day! 🤣

                Btw, I told sis I was back in touch with you. That makes her a happy camper.

                Question…what time of the day you generally post your regular daily comments on Wolfie’s site?

                If I have an idea, it will save me time so I can give you likes.


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              2. I have reached out and touched stevie on Marcia’s Blog – she is such a sweetheart – I just love her – 🙂

                Mostly early in the morning – then – off to work – noontime check in – then – back to work – peek in after 3 PM – work has slowed down – to bits and pieces –

                Hope that helps – Love You – Keep the Faith!!! God Bless You today and always!!!

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              3. It does! I can tell you that sis dearly loves and loves seeing your daily posts. She has mentioned that several times. There is not much that faithful woman of God misses! 🙂👍👍👍

                And may our God bless you back in all that same wonderful way!


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              4. Oh, good – I love them – they add ‘color’ to a post – but not that ‘puter’ savvy – to play with them – usually popping in and out – reading and writing – so glad you take that into account – lol

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      1. And it’s a long time to poison the populace.

        Aside from vaccines, he also presided over soy being labelled a health food, when for millennia in Asia it’s been known as a poison. It’s having an effect on social discourse.

        And that’s just the tip of iceberg.

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      1. Interesting question, GA/FL – did some checking – there is a ‘pervert’ achievement award in a game – but – it is more about the attire of the ‘pervert’ than any activity in which he might be engaged – however – without asking the person who posted the ‘tweet’ – we cannot even imagine – unless he has some other information about the life and times of Dr. Fraud – of which we are unaware.

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      1. Duchess, he is so brilliant, I can’t keep up. Yesterday he tweeted about the “Invisible Enemy” – and it wasn’t about COVID-19.

        Today, he tweets, all caps, “LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.”

        And then, as you pointed out, the pink tie…

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        1. I believe he not only has a purpose and a plan – but – he also has the assistance of Divine Intervention – and Holy Ghost Wisdom, lady – from a prophecy years before he ran for office – I believe he was ‘chosen’ and ‘anointed’ by God – the prophecy mentioned the ‘slings and arrows’ – and – the impeachment.

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          1. But that’s not the Easter Bunny, Duchess.

            Look again…that’s the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

            The Easter Bunny doesn’t wear glasses.

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  3. Judicial Watch 🔎
    “Magically, after years, the FBI finds more Clinton emails that are classified, involve Benghazi, and detail communications with President Obama,”



    1. What I am getting from this is that “the tunnels” don’t have to be the really deep ones that are part of conspiracy lore whether they exist or not. They also include the subterranean networks under the cities that include a number that are abandoned, namely the old water pressure systems that used steam. The water towers like the only one left in Chicago, and the three we have standing here were the valve releases. That’s why the towers were so high, to put the steam 20-30 feet in the air.

      I’m sure the big old cities where portions of it are built 2-3 stories above where the ground REALLY is, are like my hometown where the old underground rail lines are two stories down. YES, they do exist. One here is being used for our light rail system. Another is where the homeless used to hang out before the city had to replace the steel.

      Then there’s the electrical tunnels, actual sewers, storm water runoff tunnels which are NOT the same as the sewers, and have openings to rivers or oceans (a lot of these were natural rivers that were covered over).

      If all of this is being utilized in addition to potential larger and longer spaces, the cabal using the tunnels is not that far-fetched.

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            1. Oh, yeah, and I got ripped a new one for asking what would prompt that other than old illegally dumped motor oil.

              Of course, the fact that the ripper(s) didn’t distinguish a storm drain from a sewer was a point of interest. Could have been just a heat of the moment thing.

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              1. Guess so – what do I know – have not worked in a waste water treatment plant – lol

                But – when I saw the fire – I thought that was a storm drain – with a grate – ?

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              2. Yes. In neighborhoods with trees they have grates. You want to keep as many leaves out as you can or you end up with lakes. A guy down the street used to put his leaves down the storm drain and it is at the low point of the street. LAKE. BIG LAKE after a downpour.

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              1. The slaves had to be hidden during the day. So yes caves and basements and root cellars. Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana ALL have very big cave systems.

                Mammoth Cave Kentucky has over 400 miles known/mapped. And as I said Upstate New York near Albany/NXIVM has a lot of caves. Many were filled with glacial silt but would be relatively easy to dig out.

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              2. The south leg of the Arch sits on top of a cave that was filled in with concrete.

                The Anheuser-Busch aging tanks for beer are in a natural cave under Pestalozzi Street because it is 56 degrees year round, the perfect temp for aging beer.

                In fact, most of the city of STL sits on top of a cave system.

                And then there’s Meramec Caverns, the big one at Hannibal where Samuel Clemens would hang out.

                Yes, I understand caves.

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            1. I’ve been wondering when someone would mention the underground railroad.

              It was neither a railroad nor was it underground (perhaps some small segments were, but on the whole, it wasn’t). It was a chain of people clandestinely giving shelter to runaway slaves, and helping them move on to the next shelterer, in a chain that ran to Canada, where they’d be beyond the reach of the Fugitive Slave Act.

              The people who ran it should be considered heroes today–they were violating federal law and taking a huge risk–yet I’ve never seen them celebrated.

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              1. It was called the ‘railroad’ because the code for reference were railroad terms – there were tunnels – and – in many of the homes the hiding places were in basements and storage buildings underground – although the term ‘underground’ refers to the secrecy under which they operated. Not all traveled to Canada – many went to Mexico – and the Caribbean –



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            1. Ours can’t handle a hurricane, either. Every now and then something like Ike comes up the Mississippi and makes a mess. BUT, the River Des Peres system here is a civil engineering masterpiece.

              It’s just curious the number of people who don’t know the difference between a sewer and storm water drains.

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              1. Maybe because some cities don’t have storm drains?

                Some cities don’t have them all over town.
                A lot of small towns don’t have them at all.


              2. Depends on the terrain.

                In hilly or mountainous areas, the water just runs down and into streams.

                Streets momentarily turn into raging streams.

                In flatter places you get flash flooding.

                Places without storm drains get flooded for awhile.

                There are parts of Oklahoma City that routinely get flash flooded.

                I lived in an older part of OKC years ago.
                No storm drains.
                The streets turned into rivers.

                That’s what happens here in OK.

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              3. Yup, you’re right about the difference between sewer and storm water drains…and that’s a critical difference in flood prone cities like New Orleans and Houston. And in New Orleans you also have a massive open canal system which actually worked quite well for a long time…tho I won’t mention the problem with nutrients and ungainly size rats.

                The pumping system in NO was one of the oldest, some of it going back to late 1800z and it was another engineering marvel, but, a marvel that H. Katrina was a bit too much for once the 17th Street Canal levee broke.

                They put this program on down there every year about the worst case scenario of a hurricane coming directly up through what is called hurricane alley…slightly east of the city so counter-clockwise winds blow L. Ponchartrain waters in a southerly direction over the levies.

                Katrina came close, but it actually could of been worse. Now had Camille followed the path of Katrina, there would be no NO today. Although not officially registered, Camille’s winds were estimated sustained 200mph+, but the storm destroyed all the weather equipment so top winds and gusts couldn’t be actually known. And that storm brought in a 25-30 tidal surge which wiped out a lot of the Biloxie/Gulfport/Picayune area as well as part of SE Louisiana coastal area.

                They are older people in NOLA that would tell you the city would be gone had Camille followed Katrina’s path because Camille’s wind were 60-75mph higher and would have caused a far more damaging Lake Ponchartrain surge that could/would have breached all the levies.

                Some have questioned why Bienville built a city in a bowl, but he prolly didn’t have the equipment to know that NO was 10-15′ below sea level.

                I am not familiar with the RDP system up in your area. I did do some reading about it upon your mention of it. Sounds like some good engineering heads got together on that one.

                Meanwhile, tho I’ve been gone from NO for decades, the next big hurricane that comes their way will prove or not if the ACE did their job and sufficiently reinforced the levies….or wasted taxpayer money.

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        1. Seriously, what baby needs to be vaccinated against HepB? HELLO! Before the newborn takes colostrum from mom? That’s part of the immune system set up.

          And you don’t need to be a medical professional to know that. Every mom who belongs to the La Leche League has information out the wazoo on colostrum.

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          1. That is why I wrote that thread on vaccines that Wolfie kindly posted as a topic.

            The protocol MAKES ZERO SENSE!

            My vet tells me NOT to vaccinate before 2 months for lambs and kids and 4 months for foals. The immune system just isn’t mature enough. If the baby’s Mom died and you couldn’t get it colostrum within 24 hours THEN you isolate for the first month, vaccinate and PRAY. You STILL have to go through the ‘first’ at two months and the ‘second’ a month later.

            The B@$T@RD$ KNOW IT TOO. That is why they use THREE innoculations on human babies instead of two.

            If you are SOOOOoooo concerned then give the darn shots to the expectant mom a month or so before birth so the colostrum has the antibodies. That is what we do for our sheep, goats and equines!

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      1. No – that is here natural look – just kidding – perhaps, the ‘crooks’ already have an antidote – dunno – unfortunately, their mouths keep flapping uncontrollably – their backwards liberal think is bugging me.

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    1. Just home from Adoration, and as it turns out the woman who has the slot before me is also a Q follower, although, she follows a different collection of sites. We were talking about the kids being rescued. There’s more out there on it.

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    2. Deformity, palsy, has a urinary catheter. That looks like a suction tube. I dont see iv fluids running or intubation. Childs gown for severe malnutrition and or small size due to birth defects. Looks unkempt, unbathed. Perhaps they shaved him bc his hair is very long.

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    1. I’ve been shocked at his rapid decline in just the past 6 weeks. He is incoherent, and unable to communicate. He doesn’t even know what he is saying. Alzheimer’s or other dementia, but it’s serious.

      He isn’t going to make it to their convention.

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      1. I thought he was faking..remember how incoherent Mueller acted during testifying….BUT this has been a fast decline it seems? Could they be drugging him so at the right moment they can make a production of replacing him?

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        1. No, Molly. He isn’t faking, and it isn’t even drugs, though there are drugs they give Alzheimer’s patients which could give some of the flat affect, and blank look.

          A year ago (actually several years), the signs were there, some mild cognitive issues, but they’ve escalated seriously. Compare this to his day at the Ford plant in Michigan a month ago. He’s not even coherent now.

          I believe, like you, that they’ll have to replace him, but not because they want to – he was a good choice for them… until he wasn’t.

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      2. The Democrats know they are going to lose, big time, and they just want a warm body as a sacrificial goat, but this is cruel. And, his wife could stop it!

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        1. A few months ago I thought Biden would make it, but definitely don’t believe he will – not even to the convention. At some point it is elder abuse to see someone with this extent of dementia being set up.

          What’s the real travesty is how depraved the Democrat Party – and whatever idiot/ignorant portion of the population is willing to go along with this. That’s the Evil/Satan part to the damage done to this country – accelerated by Obama and thugs.

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    1. You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that show – however my guess is they’re going on offense to try to discredit videos that are going to be soon released of their cohorts doing some evil things.

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  5. Question: how long has this trafficking been going on to this extent? Mom wants to know when this really started to creep into the USA?

    (The dem party turned after jfk)


  6. California releases $150M to build isolation zones in hotels and on beaches for the 60,000 homeless people expected to get coronavirus – as Gov. Newsom requests Navy ship for additional hospital beds and alerts the National Guard to control panic buyers

    Modeling has shown that more than half of homeless people could become ill with the coronavirus in California over the next eight weeks

    Governor Gavin Newsom said: ‘That creates a deep point of anxiety for the existing population but moreover for our healthcare delivery system’

    He has asked the Trump admin for use of the Navy’s Mercy hospital ship

    Experts say that the homeless, who often have health and substance-abuse problems, are exposed to the elements and do not have easy access to hygiene

    Governor said he had issued an executive order authorizing the distribution of $100million to cities and counties across California to blunt the impact of COVID

    An additional $50million will convert hotels for the sick homeless to stay in
    State has acquired 1,300 trailers to use as temporary housing for the homeless

    Confirmed infections in the US surpassed 11,000 on Thursday and deaths were 165

    California is one of the most affected states with more than 800 confirmed cases and 17 deaths as of Thursday
    Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

    PUBLISHED: 11:05 EDT, 19 March 2020 | UPDATED: 16:37 EDT, 19 March 2020

    [This might be an old article – however – can you imagine how the owners of those hotels and motels feel? How about that guy who was surf boarding on the beach – only the homeless can go to the beaches now]

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    1. I say put them in the dry arid desert in military style tent camps. If its good enough for the military its goodnenough for them.
      I sure as hell wont stay in a hotel that houses them.
      And my tax dollars shouldnt be paying for hotel rooms and the damage they will do.

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      1. I am wondering who their caretakers are – and if these hotels/motels will be turned into apartments after the pandemic subsides – one of the problems has always been – getting them off the streets – and documenting them – as far as the damage is concerned – not sure what or who is responsible for overseeing that – do not blame anyone who would not like to see tax dollars diverted for this cause – in fact – it should come out of the salaries of the representatives who allowed this to happen – and did nothing to curtail it – imho – PT did say – if they did nothing about it – the Federal Government would clean it up – interesting how this virus has presented the opportunity to indirectly address this problem.

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        1. Yes it should be addressed. It why i say desert. They are severely mentally ill, addicts, drunks, criminals, medical indigents, and few actual poor but theyre there. They have lice, scabies, hepatitis B or C, infectious wounds. They are sex offenders of varying degrees.
          Why would these people be placed in semi suburban areas in the smaller hotels? Theyll never get them clean. Its a great way for the hotel to get a torsl remodel or sneaky sell to the state for a pretty penny.

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          1. Perhaps, these units have already been sold – it was my understanding – they were going to clean them up – provide mental health services – and medical attention under supervision – I doubt they will be left alone to fend for themselves – who is to stop them from leaving unless there are caretakers and locked doors? There are professional caretakers who are capable of bringing the homeless back to life – after all – these are American citizens – many – through no fault of their own – are homeless – compassionate care goes a long way in returning them to society.

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    2. “….Modeling has shown that more than half of homeless people could become ill with the coronavirus in California over the next eight weeks….”


      The homeless are IN the international airports in California. They panhandle, use the facilities, and then take the BART back to town to buy their food/drugs.

      The virus has been IN the homeless communities SINCE JANUARY!!!

      April 2019: Homeless surge at SF airport: Police contacts triple, and officials want BART to step in


      I would like to know how many DEAD homeless there have been in California since the beginning of the year. But we certainly will NEVER KNOW…

      March 11, 2018
      Deaths of homeless people go uncounted in Oakland — and most places

      ….Nothing in the official record shows he died homeless. His death certificate lists a home address: the spot on 98th Avenue where his truck was parked.

      Like many local governments, Alameda County does not collect data on how many homeless people die each year or their causes of death. Even if it did, neither the state nor federal government tracks such data — or requires that it be collected…..

      SEP. 4, 2019

      ….“I hope this will be another wake-up call that urgency is the order of the day,” said County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who called it incomprehensible and unacceptable that dying on the streets has become routine.

      On average, nearly three homeless people are dying daily in the county, nearly double the rate of deaths by homicide. Illness, addiction, accidents, suicide and the ravages of being unsheltered are among the primary causes of death.

      “We know the research says that people who are what’s called rough sleepers, those who are living on the streets and not in a shelter or a car, are 10 times more likely to die than the regular population,” said Dr. Susan Partovi, citing a study in Boston….

      ….This year, the toll hit 525 in just the first six months — 88 more than over the same period a year earlier…

      New York City has roughly the same number of homeless people as Los Angeles County, but has moved tens of thousands of them into shelters. Despite much harsher weather, New York recorded 292 homeless deaths in 2018, fewer than one-third the Los Angeles total….

      Substance abuse and heart conditions, sometimes in conjunction, were among the leading causes of death, but no cause had been determined in about 100 of the cases.


      “…. California saw the largest spike to its homeless population with an increase of 21,306 people in 2019, which was more than the total national increase of every other state combined. The Golden State’s overall homeless population was estimated to be 151,278 people in 2019…..”

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    3. Ahhhh they finally have a purpose. So many times I wondered why they were allowed to multiply out of control, anywhere they chose to squat…DemComs always need a target victm group to procure Fed $$ or taxes

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      1. Yes – remember – CA lost their funding for the sanctuary cities – they tried to recoup it through the wildfires – and now – they are ‘forced’ to remove them from the streets due to the virus – when there appears to be no way – God will make a way!

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    4. “He [Newsom] has asked the Trump admin for use of the Navy’s Mercy hospital ship.”

      I knew he would do this!

      Newsom wants to put homeless people on the Navy’s Mercy ship…so they will become the Fed Govt’s problem and not his!

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      1. I read about that – ain’t gonna happen – he is constantly trying to shift his problems back onto the Federal Government – PT has said – he either takes care of this problem or the Federal Government will come in – and do it for him – never said the Fed Government was going to pick up the tab – to my knowledge – can see how he is related to that witch speaker – both looking for a handout – and dumping their problems on others – * Sigh *


  7. Justice Department Retweeted
    Monday’s #MakingtheCase: Roughly 70 pounds of heroin and fentanyl seized from wholesale distribution network in the Bronx and Yonkers.

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  8. Justice Department Retweeted
    Apr 3
    Read the new OJP blog to learn how @ojpovc is providing ongoing funding, totaling an anticipated $13.5 million, that enables grantees to provide safe, affordable and long-term housing for #humantrafficking survivors:

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  9. DawsonSField@DawsonSField
    Quote Tweet

    FCCED – Financial Crime News@FinCrimeEdu

    · 1h
    Ukraine PrivatBank filed a new lawsuit against ex-owners in Cyprus courts for alleged $5.5 billion money-laundering. The ex-owners moved $2.3 billion to a Cypriot firm, then daily tranches of $30M over a 4-month period in a fictitious loan repayment deal.

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  10. Ezra Levant 🇨🇳🦠 Retweeted
    Jennifer Zeng 曾錚@jenniferatntd
    Yes, they did! I know many overseas Chinese were encouraged to buy out all the supplies back in Feb. #CCPVirus
    Chinese Regime Hoards Global Inventory of Medical Supplies, Leading to Growing Shortage Outside China via

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  11. Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐@SidneyPowell1
    The shutdowns are unconstitutional. #Governors can’t decide #EssentialBusiness



    All businesses and churches have a right to open

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  12. Liked by 6 people

    1. This is a great example of why people should NEVER vote for a democrat. They simply cannot suppress their innate desire to rule over subjects, as opposed to serving citizens.

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    1. I take the “you’d be in jail” as a token for the fact that at least a couple of hundred people need to be in jail, and that’s just high placed political corruption. (I’m not considering pedos, etc in that total.)

      And yes, that’s a glaring omission from his list of accomplishments. It’s also the main reason I voted for him.

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    1. The ongoing “drama” from this crap is EXACTLY why it was initiated in the first place.

      And this address by the SecNav may provide evidence that he is in on the entire thing, seeing as how itbis being used to keep the flames of outrage lit and burning.


  13. Of your charity, please pray for BORIS JOHNSON.
    Per the BBC:
    He is now in the ICU of St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. He was taken there last evening at 7PM London Time.

    Please pray for his unborn child. May he somehow find a way to marry his pregnant fiancée before this gets worse.

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    04/05/2020 @ 00:26 at 00:26

    OK. Nebraska Filly is out of the brig and can now post here, where I need her.

    Andy is busted out and remains busted out. He will not be back. Don’t spook the cavalry horses.

    The WOLF MOON MILITARY is now taking over these accommodations.

    Here is an explanation of what is going on.

    The Q Tree is a nice place, but one cannot talk like a drill sergeant there, with all those fine people. I was reminded of this by some lurker who was not enthused by my recent statements such as “FUCKING CHICOMS”.

    Now, based on certain things, we realize that there are multiple possible motivations here, but additional information allows me to determine that, one way or another, such calls for civility are generally being pushed by CHYYYNNAA, in their long and patient methods. China is doing all kinds of things right now, to me, personally, and it’s high time for me to return the favor in ways that drain the blood from the pasty white faces of those fine people on The Q Tree.

    WOLF can’t be QUININE BITTER over there, so he needs THESE facilities.

    We realize that this is an institution of higher learning, and in taking control of this university, we expect learning and teaching to continue.

    HOWEVER, those activities will always be expected to defer without question to MILITARY OPERATIONS.

    We will TRY not to interfere with classes. However, there will be military activity at ALL TIMES and in ALL PLACES, so don’t mind if you see HIGH EXPLOSIVES being moved through classrooms and laboratories.

    It’s the NEW NORMAL.

    I would ask if there are any questions, but there are none.

    Attack posts will begin shortly. It would be wise for everybody to familiarize themselves with the locations of fallout shelters, bomb shelters, fire-fighting equipment, and – for those who can’t handle it – the emergency exits.

    Enjoy the show! 😎

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      1. “The crime is so horrible, people r̶e̶f̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶e̶l̶i̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶ just don’t want to even think about it and many don’t want to even know.”

        Fixed and corrected for accuracy.


      2. That this isn’t the lead story in every newspaper and the subject of endless “panel” discussions on the mainstream tv outlets EVERY SINGLE DAY tells you everything you need to know about the media and where they stand. Instead we got 3 years of fake collusion and baseless impeachment charges…and manufactured stories about illegal immigrants in cages.

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        1. Exactly Harry… and that’s why they hate POTUS… human trafficking is the world’s NO ONE criminal enterprise… and the video doesn’t even MENTION the ‘drug’ these evil people are addicted to… and how they use children to get it.

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    1. TY PR.+++ !!
      eye-opener for me .
      “Human trafficking
      the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world ”
      ..even though I noticed the #’s in the
      @Pug_Aputwit over the weekend ,.. didn’t register..
      But the Candace and Tim Ballard interview drove it home

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