20200406: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

563 thoughts on “20200406: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

  1. Daughn, Thank you for everything you do for this site, for us!

    Perhaps a date check in the header when you have a moment. May need a tweak. Thanks.

    Creative masks them folks have conjured up. IF our idiot Socialist guv tries to make mask’ mandatory, I’ll create some farce of a mask.

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  2. Well this is the big week, isn’t it?

    Our Surgeon General — who I don’t remember anything about before the C.A.V. (China Asshoe Virus) — says this is our Pearl Harbor and 9/11:


    As the US surpasses 9,000 deaths crom COVID-19, Surgeon General Adams says “the next week s going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, it’s going to be our 9/11 moment, it’s going to be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire lives.”

    This is bordering on absurd, if it’s not already way past absurd. Like something Joycelyn Elders would say.

    Pearl Harbor was a deliberate attack on a specific place accompanied by huge amounts of physical destruction and was the cause for our entry into WWII.

    9/11 was a deliberate attack on a small group of specific targets accompanied by huge amounts of physical destruction and was the cause for our entry into the “war on terror”, Gulf War #2 and the war in Afghanistan.

    While China Asshoe Virus may be a deliberate attack by the CCP, it:

    1) is NOT aimed at us specifically

    2) is NOT accompanied by ANY amount of physical destruction

    3) is NOT a cause for our entry into a world war or multiple regional wars

    This is the same Surgeon General who said masks are not helpful to civilians, but are necessary for healthcare workers, without explaining how the masks know the difference between a civilian and a healthcare worker…

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    1. Cashing in ChiCom-19 for C.A.V. (China Asshoe Virus).

      The entire mask story line has been absurd from the beginning. I do understand why they wouldn’t suggest using them, as the supply lines wouldn’t support medical workers. Since then, the narrative goofy, at best. Have always believed masks work. The need to wear or not is the only question.

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    2. Maybe this is the week POTUS finally just comes out and says it: “We’re dealing with a bio-weapon here by a cabal that infiltrated and nearly destroyed America with help from the previous Administration.”

      THAT would be a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 moment.

      And as long as I’m high on the hopium, might as well mention that the infamous “4,10,20” crumb lines up with 4/10/20. Good Friday.

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        1. I’m still lost! Am I so lost that I missed the Podesta arrest and announcement? If that arrest didn’t happen, what does that say about the veracity of the rest of the post? HELP, please.

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            1. I don’t know about that, Steve. When I add up the characters, including the period, in the first sentence of your post, it comes to 17. Is this Q trying to tell me or you something? Are you Q?

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              1. I have to believe you, now. You say you’re Q now, today. And you said it a year and 5 days ago. Well, future proves past. How many more proofs do I need? I’m a believer, now!

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              2. “And you said it a year and 5 days ago.”


                Not only that, but 1+5 and 1+5 and 1+5 minus 1 = 17!

                It’s true! 👍 😁

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              3. A (leap) year and five days ago = 366 + 5
                3 + 6 + 6 + 5 = 20 (2020!!!!!)
                Or 3 + 66 + 5 = 74 = 7/4 (July 4th!!!!)
                Or 36 + 6 + 5 = 47 = 4/7 (April 7th!!!)
                Or 366 + 5 = 371 = 17 backwards!! (mirror!)

                I do trust that there is a plan and I trust those who are executing it; I just do not believe in gematria.

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      1. Anyone ever put together that the MAJOR hotspots ALL had major event in the immediate time before the out break. TOO MUCH coincidence. I think it was a systematic ATTACK

        NY, Ball drop in Times square, MILLIONS from NY and elsewhere in attendance Dec 31 2019
        Mardi Gras in New Orleans MILLIONS in attendance from LA and elsewhere Feb 25 2020
        Super Bowl Feb Miami MILLIONS in and around the events from FL and elsewhere Feb 2 2020
        Chinese New Year celebrations MILLIONS in attendance from CA and the world including CHINA,
        Jan 25 2020

        Now who wants to bet there were also major events in both Detroit, Illinois, and Texas during those times?

        Coordinated ATTACK, we were seeded THEN.

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    3. Agree with most of that. But I’m not so sure it wasn’t aimed at us specifically. We had just ate China’s lunch in the first half of the trade deal and have billions of tariffs on them. They are losing billions and billions of dollars. It would be just like them to try to make us pay and take the rest of the world out at the same time.

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      1. I started side eyeing him after I saw the video of him making a mask out of a t-shirt and rubber bands. Lots of folding – maybe 6-8 layers. That’s a lot of fabric to pull air through.

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        1. Well that will definitely create some ‘shortness of breath’ symptom causing many half-brained people to rush to the hospital to seek a CV test…wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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          1. OWL ==> Epstein Temple + Bohemian Grove = CABAL

            Epstein Temple (one of two installed)

            B C = Bohemian Club

            The Bohemian Club is a private men’s club in San Francisco, California, United States.

            Its clubhouse is located at 624 Taylor Street in San Francisco. Founded in 1872 from a regular meeting of journalists, artists and musicians, it soon began to accept businessmen and entrepreneurs as permanent members, as well as offering temporary membership to university presidents and military commanders who were serving in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, the club has a diverse membership of many local and global leaders, ranging from artists and musicians to businessmen. A number of past membership lists are in public domain, but modern club membership lists are private. Some prominent figures have been given honorary membership, such as Richard Nixon and William Randolph Hearst. Members have included some U.S. presidents (usually before they are elected to office), many cabinet officials, and CEO’s of large corporations, including major financial institutions. Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities, and national media have high-ranking officials as club members or guests….

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            1. I think Q’s “[OWL]” might be a weapon or piece of classified tech. Not sure anyone outside of the military every really figured out what these stringers mean.

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              1. Sadie – this could be way off base but –

                OWL-S is an ontology built on top of Web Ontology Language (OWL) by the DARPA DAML program. It replaces the former DAML-S ontology. “OWL-S is an ontology, within the OWL-based framework of the Semantic Web, for describing Semantic Web Services.

                DAML-S is a DAML-based Web service ontology, which supplies Web service providers with a core set of markup language constructs for describing the properties and capabilities of their Web services in unambiguous, computer-intepretable form.

                The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. Originally known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency, the agency was created in February 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in response to the Soviet launching of Sputnik 1 in 1957. By collaborating with academic, industry, and government partners, DARPA formulates and executes research and development projects to expand the frontiers of technology and science, often beyond immediate U.S. military requirements.


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            2. The red owl is the same that is on the Bernie Relief. Can’t grab a picture now is supposed to be doing yard work and is using a tablet. Bernie Relief can be searched for. More on this latter of no one searched for it. Dates back to Babolynia and given what it portrays dates back much further. Also dates are same as history of corona virus is both alpha and beta. Oh their are bar feet involved


        1. OWL refers to those that worship Muloch…the owl is his symbol, the pagan god of child sacrifice. The 1’s in brackets may mean 2 people who are targeted/important. Keep in mind that 4-10-20 is right around the corner 4 (D) 10 (J) 20 (T) Donald John Trump. It is a big date, RIGHT before Easter, Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross to forgive all our sins and reopen the gates to Heaven for those in purgatory.

          Then we have Holy Saturday, 4-11-20 The day Jesus was entombed. Then Easter Sunday 4-12-20 The day Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.

          LOTS of symbolism in the next few days. Q has been AWFY+ULLY silent (10 days yet?)

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  3. By ‘big week’ I mean that if news footage of hospitals — along with verified reports from real doctors and real nurses — doesn’t start looking like a scene out of a war movie, the jig is going to be up.

    Way up.

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      1. POTUS is BAITING the M$M:

        TONIGHT he’ll begin NAILING GOVERNORS who limit access to Hydroxychloroquine
        … Cuomo BLOCKED DOCTORS from prescribing it
        => Cuomo’s Presidential Aspirations should be TOAST.

        But during Saturday’s White House press briefing, Trump stepped up to the microphone unprompted to reference the drug combination again just moments after Fauci addressed a reporter’s question about the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths expected this coming week.

        […] Returning to the topic of ventilators, the president said that one reason he keeps touting the unproven drug combination is because of reports that a significant number of COVID-19 patients who are placed on ventilators do not regain enough lung function to have the ventilators withdrawn.

        “One of the reasons that I keep talking about hydroxychloroquine is that the question that nobody ever asks, and the question that I most hate the answer to, is what happens if you do have a ventilator,” Trump said.

        “But when you have a ventilator… and it’s working beautifully, I don’t like the answer because it’s not a very high percentage,” he continued.

        “So I want to keep them out of ventilators, I want to keep them — if this drug works, it will be not a game changer because that’s not a nice enough term. It will be wonderful, it’ll be so beautiful, it’ll be a gift from heaven if it works, because when people go into those ventilators, you know the answers, and I’m glad you don’t write about it.”

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        1. Trump KNOWS he has the cure. He KNOWS the ventilators are tantamount to a death sentence. He KNOWS the msm will attack both HIM and the DRUG. Getting the word out. Right on CUE the MSM begin VIRORUSLY attacking the drug combo. One MUST ask WHY?

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            1. Agreed. Notice ANOTHER subtle shift in narrative this morning, so SLOIGHT most WON’T notice. They are NOW adding a RECOVERED tab to the tote board, at least on Fox.

              Do you know what that MEANS? That means the virus is NOW waning, and they can’t and WILL NOT be able to hide that fact in models any longer.

              Trump is FORCING them to reveal the TRUTH, all be it SLOWLY.

              NOW I KNOW why Gates was out there. His precious virus, and his trillion dollar vaccine are on their OWN life support.

              Notice the ALL out ATTACK on Chloroquine AND on any optimism about cures, hope, and even that we ALL may have already had this EARLIER by the MSM.

              Me thinks they doth protest too much! They KNOW that their precious is leaving soon. They are getting increasingly DESPERATE to step on the message of HOPE.

              They even are trying to get MLB to move ALL games to ARIZONA, with NO fans. Why do that? That is a SURE way , dear MLB owners, to make SURE your sport DIES. D THAT at your OWN peril.

              In essence they are TRYING much too hard to prolong this, muddy the cure, step on optimism, and keep this going.

              They ALWAYS over reach…ALWAYS. THAT is almost ALWAYS their downfall. It WILL be this time.

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        1. BINGO! Too many unknowns, variables, and reliance upon exponentials. Garbage In Garbage OUT. ANY real statistician would be ASHAMED to put their name and reputation to that HOT garbage. They would IMMEDIATELY be FIRED, and ostracized for it, and would NEVER publish anything of note again, EVER.

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      1. The primary take away from my much-disliked statistic class in graduate school….
        Can you say manipulation? (Actually, the preferred terminology at the time…”massaged the numbers.” Manipulation sounds so crass.)

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        1. But it WAS a manipulation, written to an OBVIOUS bias and intent. Your INSTINCTS are spot on. I was a statistics major in College and HS. 4.0. I was NOT the best, but even I can see this was not just GARBAGE, but HOT GARBAGE. I’m sorry will NOT cut it, this was MORE than an “error” this was a perpetuated FRAUD.

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      2. It is not amazing when their playing cost millions of jobs and did FAR more damage than the virus they modeled will EVER do. ANY study that is THAT wrong on MULTIPLE occasions, is NOT worth the paper and ink used to print it. That study and ANY that tout it should be immediately discredited, and discounted OUT OF HAND. I’m looking at YOU Fauchi.

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        1. FAUCI

          Jeez. The other side is not going to take us seriously with that sort of misspelling that gives credence to the ignorant, ugly American abroad.

          (This sort of thing is a pet peeve, right up there with the mispronunciation of Spanish due to ignorance pronunciation.)


    1. Covering their asses, just like the Dems and media do all the time.
      It’s just like what Andrew Wilkow says, they are only interested in what he calls “the history of now”.
      It doesn’t matter what they’ve said or claimed previously, they will deny they ever said/claimed it and the
      bolsheviks will buy it hook line and sinker. That’s how they roll!

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      1. Yeah, once we get HCQ and it works, it will be Trump’s fault we didn’t get it sooner (regardless of state officials refusing to dispense it through pharmacies and docs to out-patients.)

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    2. They have said all along things can change, that’s why they put a confidence interval around the centerline.

      So now that they have changed, you condemn them for fakery all along?


      1. Every time I see the word “models”, I think of the time I accidentally smeared glue over the windshield of an expensive Model-T Ford I was building…


        Garbage In, Garbage Out.

        I imagine Steve McIntyre (Climate Audit) has a few articles about the abysmal modelling going on with this “pandemic”…

        Just look at “ClimateGate”. Fudging the numbers to achieve the “expected goal”…Mark Steyn could practically write and sing an opera about that…

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      2. This was NOT an error, and NOT a mistake, and most definitely NOT creative.

        It was MALICIOUS. a 9 year old could have done a better guess and been MORE accurate. It took EFFORT to be THAT off. Despite those that CONTINUE to defend this GARBAGE. I knew it was GARBAGE, the moment I read it, and looked at the variables. I have been TRASHING it ever since. That was WEEKS ago. I have NOT been wrong yet, but the model and those that promote it sure have and they have “adjusted” MULTIPLE times DOWN. There WILL be more goal post moves, eventually they will run out of room on the field.

        Look if this were some thesis or PhD paper, it would NOT matter. But, this was cited and used as the impetus to DESTROY the economy of the WORLD. Economies are not just monies, they are PEOPLE.

        THAT is what pisses me off. this “model” did REAL HARM. MASSIVE HARM. I pray that it is not LASTING damage.

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        1. I agree with you. It’s awful. I have friends who still believe them from a week ago.

          When I give them the revised they are skeptical.

          Dear God we need a law against this blatant lying and manipulation.

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              1. YEP. I was pissed at first, because I could not see the rationale BEHIND it. Now, I KNOW why, He PAUSED to get ahead of it ALL, get the things NEEDED in place, including the CURE. These last 2 weeks were to make SURE the cure WORKED. In Tests. Id DOES, this LAST week will be to see IF it STOPS people from GETTING Covid 19 at ALL. If, as I expect it DOES, we will have PROOF. Know what that mean? BACK to work, crisis OVER/

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              2. 100 percent agree. I was very distraught, too. Almost couldn’t listen to the pressers.

                But anytime I start to panic, I’ve learned to sit back and let our President work. He hasn’t disappointed yet.

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  4. The cartoon in the header would be funnier if it showed the ‘scientists’ pushing the flag in the opposite direction, against the doctors, nurses and first responders.

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    1. Brazilian virologist, Paolo Zanotto, claims, “The use of hydroxychloroquine is the most effective method to save thousands of lives and prevent a historic tragedy”.


      It’s insane that we are now having a ‘war’ over multiple known effective treatments, because the enemies of humanity, the same Mueller hoaxers and Impeachment hoaxers who control the Leftist / Globalist MSM, want millions of people to die.

      There is a simple solution to this problem.

      All people have to do is start saying a simple thing, and say it with conviction.

      I don’t know about historic tragedies, but if my (wife, husband, child) doesn’t get life saving medication because of all your bullshit, then YOU are going to have a very personal tragedy.

      It’s just UNREAL that Americans are allowing this insanity… this SLIME… to have even the SLIGHTEST control over the survival of our family members.

      Have people simply forgotten how to be confrontational, to the point that they won’t even defend themselves or their loved ones?

      It’s like we’re living in some kind of bad computer simulation, where the programmers turned all the people into p*ssies.

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      1. I’m not sure what you mean by “saying a simple thing and saying it with conviction.” We ARE asking for the meds. Even doctors are asking for the meds.

        Who are YOU saying it to; other than telling us we’re not doing enough? Are you having any success getting heard?

        What action are you suggesting we take to cut through Cuomo, Fauci, the media and our state health depts?

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          1. Yes, imagine allowing these people, these Cabal mouthpieces, to have control over whether your family members die an agonizing death, thanks to their BS talking points.

            Essentially preventing all of us from getting life-saving medicine.

            &^%$heads like Jim Acosta.

            What is it going to take, before Americans wake up and start getting in Acosta’s face, and in the faces of every other slimeball media mouthpiece masquerading as a journalist?

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            1. I mean, if I was a journalist in there, I would lose it on these CNN bastards and call them out live. I would make Chanel Rion look like she had complimented these damned communists.

              Seriously, Scott is right. We SUFFER these evil bastards.

              We don’t have to get violent, but we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our words to speak the truth plainly for all to hear.

              “I’ll expose what you just told me about not treating my son on social media, until you can’t get a job in a mortuary in Uganda. You know it’s wrong, you know it’s cowardly, and just because you won’t stand up to your Democrat hospital board, doesn’t mean that I give one rat’s ass. You know they will sacrifice you, so you decide right now. Give my child the drugs, or I make you live in infamy, jobless, sacrificed by your communist bosses.”

              That will work wonders.

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        1. “What action are you suggesting we take to cut through Cuomo, Fauci, the media and our state health depts?”

          I can think of several that can’t be said out loud here.

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              1. How about the threat of legal action. Call your attorney and have him draw the papers to sue the hospital for their lack of care, when they knowingly choose not to use drug treatment for this disease. And be very vocal about it. Find a friendly local TV reporter and expose them.

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              2. Most heavy duty diesel powered chippers require a large covered dump truck to haul the chipper chips .
                I really like the idea of herding the victims to the roaring walk-in chipper chute, with roaring chain saws.
                We can then use the chipper spoil as chum for a big offshore shark fishing or feeding party


        2. Yep. We have a renter who has tested positive for the Commie Chinese Virus (aka the Corona Virus).
          He doesn’t fall into the risk groups, except that he smokes (which brings on other risks)…

          I’m thinking about suggesting that he drink 2 litres tonic water per day, take a zink tablet or two, lay off the cigarettes for a while, and, if needed, go to the doc and get something of an antibiotic. He’s not in “restgehör” so Azithromycin shouldn’t be a problem for him.

          Because it’s a cinch that he won’t get ANYTHING from the NIH (not-invented-her) German “health” system…

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          1. Tell him that the crazy alternate news sites and blogs on the internet are suggesting a quinine (preferably hydroxychloroquine) regimen with zinc and z-paks will get him through the illness more quickly and safely — and that Trump has made some comments about it being real. On the other hand, all the official media in Germany and the US are pooh-poohing the idea and that US partisan Democrats and Frau Merkel oppose it. Stress to him that it is his life and who he trusts may determine whether he lives or dies.

            Then walk away.

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        3. I am envisioning the chase scene from the Benny Hill show, where Americans chase Cabal propagandists to that silly theme music, until they catch the Cabal propagandists, at which point it changes from comedy into a slasher film.

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        4. ALL one need do is cite right to try. THEN if still refused threaten to SUE. The drugs will be there by the end of the day, DESPITE what any DR or Cuomo or ANY Gov says. The treat of LIABILTY and NEGLIGENCE ought to moderate their thinking.

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      2. IF I or one in my family have CCV AND are denied HCQ, all hell WILL break lose. We’ll be calling the enemedia and protesting at the governors mansion. Signs and all. Even social distancing. Absolutely demanding HCQ, NOW.

        People that are being told no HCQ, need to raise hell. That is one protest I’d gladly join, rain or shine. I’ll be out there.

        It IS time people push back actively, loudly and publicly.

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    1. Let them expose themselves to the American people and get the public – not just the anons and the red pilled and the people here, but the ones who don’t buy into anything that smacks of “conspiracy” – behind removed and prosecution.

      THIS is why impeachment won’t work. The people don’t want it. The people have to want the prosecutions of people of that stature. The exposure is happening now. The fact that the men here, and a number of women, are impatient to see it done regardless of whether it’s done right, doesn’t mean the president doesn’t know what he’s doing: give them enough rope to expose themselves.

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  5. I hope this also shows the tweets I was replying to…this got a lot of activity (for me)…hmm…

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    1. Something that struck me as ‘odd’ about the OKC Murrah Bldg bombing…was the way they were so quick to bulldoze over the crater and surrounding grounds.

      That was a Crime Scene!

      They destroyed a lot of evidence when they did that!

      Also…since then, I have heard that “Truck bombs don’t make a crater.”
      This was also mentioned in a Tom Clancy book and movie.

      Tom Clancy was renowned for doing extensive research for his writing.

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          1. Do not forget Las Vegas and bull dozing the site and letting reporters tramp through the patsy’s home.

            OH, the the Islamic School shooter training camp also got bull dozed.

            Seems the FBI is NOT about investigating crimes, it is ALL about DESTROYING EVIDENCE!

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      1. Like how “they” filled in the bullet holes in the pavement in the Vegas shooting…

        My understanding is that BHO/Clinton’s people offed Clancy for flying too close to the truth in his upcoming “fictional” tale about a false identity POTUS, iirc…Did they take out Vince Flynn like they did Breitbart & Scalia???

        Truck bombs don’t shear off the front third of a building either (I believe)…Clinton & the Deep State doing deeds of darkness then & now…the more/moar things change the more/moar they stay the same!

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        1. You mean Vince Foster?

          If he was taken out, and it’s a sucker bet to lay odds against it, it was due to the fact that he was with Leo Wanta in Geneva a week before. It’s one of the less known stories in the conspiracy world, but the one that actually has court documents to back it up, that Leo Wanta is/was the sole custodian of a whole lot of American gold. What kept him alive for decades was that he has the code keys to the accounts. Foster was with him when he was tossed in a Swiss dungeon. The next week, Foster was dead.

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          1. Hadn’t heard that fascinating info before…thanks!

            I was referring to the conservative author Vince Flynn who died Waay too young & Speculating that his death May have been (like Tom Clancy’s was rumored to be) orchestrated by BHO/Clinton/deep staters…

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    2. According to the podcast video of a few days ago, it’s the after shocks, if any, that tell the story better. In other words if no after shocks recorded then it was most likely a man-made event…perhaps in the tunnels that I seem to recall are in the Boise area. ,
      I learn SO MUCH through this site and all of you posters!

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    1. Looks daft, but considering how this virus thing works I for one would not care about that. Plentiful here, easy to put on, pull off, throw directly into the 95°C pile for washing. Corona-chan-be-gone! When I’m allowed out next week I might just try and see what happens….

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        1. Given my experience two Fridays ago, that would be useful. Post office counter was limited to three people but a bunch of people were bunched up right outside the door in the other part of the lobby; and they seemed ASTOUNDED that when someone left the lobby they might have to give him room to pass.


    1. She-Jack, the fucktard from Houston. This bitch is so stupid she stared at a cup of orange juice for 12 hours because it said “concentrate.”

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    1. This meme is misinformation and undermines President Trump. It associates the things we are going through with being UnConstitutional and implies that President Trump is therefore being UnConstitutional.

      President Trump has been outstanding in Insisting that the fed gov operate as a support to the states and that at the states step up and be their own entities, manage their own citizens, as our gov was designed. He has been teaching the nation the proper role of Gov and state gov, using this emergency to actually rebalance state/fed gov.

      The stay at home orders have come from state governments, county and city governments with *guidelines* from the fed gov. Understand the difference between state/fed gov. Further highlights Local Elections Matter!!! We have seen in with the refugee issue, 2A rights, voting methods/counting the votes/voter ID/voter registration rolls, letting prisoners out of prison in a time of emergency, emergency preparedness, etc. (much less school boards and curriculum choices)

      For too long with have let Dems distract us with National issues and they have thrived in many local locations. In TN, many local city & county elections have been “non partisan” as partisan issues are local and don’t matter – they are national issues…or so the talking points go. But with the issues (+ more) we learn that no, local politics matter and shape our life.

      Please name a known fed gov action regarding WuFlu that is UnConstitutional…???

      Were rations, were orders to turn out your lights in coastal cities, was the draft in WWII unConstitutional? Come on – we all know that there are additional powers that we the citizens grant for short periods of time to the gov to act in an emergency.

      Did the Founding Father’s think this? Yes.

      Quarantine and gov actions to safeguard the public Quarantine was common and implemented during colonial times, during the Revolutionary period, during the Revolutionary War by Gen. Washington himself, during the 1780s & 1790s. Quarantine was Not a complaint for revolution by the colonists – early American leaders or Founding Fathers.

      This type of misinformation meme Undermines President Trump, his actions, his administration and their actions and his ability to lead.

      “To this end, Washington became “particularly attentive to the least Symptoms of Smallpox” [6] among his men. Further, Washington was prepared to quarantine any member of his troops showing symptoms according to previously discovered methods and guidelines, including through the use of a special hospital. Following an outbreak of smallpox in Boston, Washington took further precautions to protect his men; he quarantined his men from the dangerous Boston public. These measures included the refusal to allow contact between his soldiers and the viral refugees of Boston.”

      He even forced inoculated his troops: “It was not long after this that Washington initiated the inoculation of the American troops. Washington recognized the dangers of inoculating these men; many patients died as result of the infection caused by inoculation. However, the importance of keeping his men healthy outweighed the risks, and almost all Continental soldiers were inoculated against smallpox.[8]”

      there are many historical examples of the gov working for the public health by shuttering businesses, quarantining etc. and it was an accepted gov practice by the Founding Fathers.

      that meme is undermining President Trump and is twisted truth/misinformation. Learn more. Trust Trump.

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      1. A) What meme? If you mean Alison’s post just above yours, that’s a Tweet, not a meme.

        B) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        While churches did close during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, there was push back from many congregations:

        “E. C. Fuqua of Fort Collins, Colo., keenly felt the obligation to meet weekly on the Lord’s Day. “Carefully observing [government] restrictions, we feel free to meet a few brethren in a private home and worship according to the New Testament teaching.” In this way, “the assembly thus formed is not unlawful, and the worship rendered is lawful to God,” which demonstrates “loyalty to both.””

        And the churches continued to have funeral services during the pandemic:

        “Ben West of Ennis, Texas, informed the Gospel Advocate that “Sunday was the first day for twelve years that I have failed to attend service,” and then added, “We had three funerals here Sunday.” Though the church was not assembling, they were “busy attending the sick.””


        And many churches had outdoor services during Spanish Flu, which some are attempting to ban now:

        “One way some churches managed to technically comply with DC regulations while continuing to meet was to obtain permits to gather outdoors. Examining the “Church Notices” section of newspapers at the time shows that many churches opted to gather outdoors on October 6—some in front of their buildings, others in public parks.[12]

        The Washington Times reported the same on October 6: “With the closing of churches by the Commissioners the pastors of the city have arranged for outdoor services.”[14] Another paper reported the day before,

        All churches will be closed tomorrow. Open air services will be substituted wherever possible.”


        Numerous permits have been obtained to hold services in various Government parks in the city. These open air services will continue each Sunday until such, time as the District Commissioners decide the influenza epidemic is sufficiently abated to warrant resumption of meetings in church buildings.[15]
        C) The FULL quote regarding Washington is more illuminating:

        “Following an outbreak of smallpox in Boston, Washington took further precautions to protect his men; he quarantined his men from the dangerous Boston public. These measures included the refusal to allow contact between his soldiers and the viral refugees of Boston. Additionally, certain retreats of the Continental Army can be linked to Washington’s wish to avoid smallpox and his intense caution when it came to his troops.[6]”

        As in, the refugees HAD the virus. Washington wasn’t isolating from the general public.

        D) It’s fairly apparent that churches were not closed in New York during the smallpox epidemic:

        “then that two of New York City’s most important doctors, John Charlton and Richard Bayley, were the son and son-in-law of the Rev. Richard Charlton, Assistant Minister at Trinity Church from 1731-1747.

        Charlton and Bayley were themselves men of faith. Charlton served Trinity as a vestryman from 1764 to 1784 and a warden from 1794 to 1806. Bayley raised a future saint, Elizabeth Bayley Seton, as a member of Trinity parish. During this time, Trinity, with other New York churches, regularly joined in days of “humiliation, fasting, and prayer to Almighty God for the preservation of our city from disease” when epidemics threatened.”


        E) Sentences begin with capital letters.

        Learn more.

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        1. It was a meme, inside a tweet. And she only failed to capitalize the last two paragraphs, so honestly, you’re just throwing rocks because you don’t like her. Shall we start calling you on your typos?

          In the main, she’s correct. Yeah, I know half the people here don’t like her tone or whatever, but that doesn’t change anything.

          MagaMom didn’t mention churches once in her post, but that issue constitutes 90% of your reply to her. You cite the first amendment–which back in the time of the founding fathers didn’t apply to the states. (It would never have been ratified, if people had thought it would.) At least three states continued to support established churches well after the constitution was ratified: New Hampshire to 1817, Connecticut to 1818, and Massachusetts continued supporting Congregationalism until 1833

          Only with the passage of the 14th Amendment did the 1st Amendment begin being applied to the states.

          So this “founding fathers said except for a virus” meme (be it embedded inside a tweet or not) is historically absurd for that and other reasons (viruses weren’t even known to exist until just before the 20th century).

          Of course today the First Amendment DOES apply to the states; the states (not the Federal government) are giving the orders to shut down congregations, and there’s going to be a suit that will probably make its way to SCOTUS, because the states have had, all along, the authority to ensure public health (including quarantines), and there’s now an obvious conflict.

          I wouldn’t bet either way on how SCOTUS will rule on that.

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          1. Generally, my comment was commentary on the tone of the post, which was an attack on Alison.

            In “real-life,” my policy is to avoid people like Maga Mom altogether, unless and until they attack a friend, at which time I will respond. People here who are kind, informational, and sincere I consider to be my friends. MM has a superior, condescending, snarky and insulting way of addressing my friends.

            You seem to be well educated about the Constitution, and my post was not meant for people who are, generally, informed and not insulting about sharing their knowledge, so not you.

            The point of my post is contained in the last two lines, and is intended for MM.

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            1. Correcting misinformation is not an attack on the person who posts it. Unless one decides to take it that way.

              Comment starts with “The meme…” and continues to discuss the meme….not once did I mention the person who posted the meme or even care who posted it. Only looked now to see who posted. Didn’t matter to me who posted. Facts matter. I read for content, not who is posting what. This isn’t gossip time with online “friends” – this is crowdsourcing info. I scan for content.

              So, who made this thread personal? Recap: 1) is the tweet personal? no 2) was I “personal” in my comment? Literally NOT 3) were you personal? yes, very ….. why?

              Why did you take my post re historical and civic structure information personally or as a personal attacking? Why does posting countering views and countering information trigger an emotional response in you and why do you see that as a personal attack when Literally Nothing in my comment was personal?! Mayibe some are on edge due to shutdown, stress, etc. IDK

              Re-read my comment … NO attacks, Nothing personal. Your comment – plenty of that. Why? Purpose of my comment? Prevent misinformation/fake news v. pettiness about capitlazation or who posted what. I do not care who posted it.

              correcting grammar, punctuation and captilization in a comment on a blog? Weak and pathetic but a little bit funny. focusing on capitalization as a way of delegitimaizing content is as silly as if I dismissed your post on lack of proper spacing in your comment v. lack of historical context realting to the actual meme/misinformation (such as your irrelevant focus on local push back to local/state 1918 Spanish) in your reply. push back does not equal UnConsitutiaonal actions by fed gov nor does it provide proof of FF intent. that is the problem with the reply – not the incorrect spacing.

              Content – facts – not personal – not emotional … who has time for drama and why?! Got enough going on!

              Sidenote: just finished logic lessons with son. He can sense a change in my tone and intensity during logic class at times and always asks what happened online in comments or social media? He knows I am zeroing in on fallacies, etc. that I have just encountered online and am determined he will know better! and he can Always tell! ha

              My focus is on supporting Trump and correcting misinformation/fake news/Dem narratives is importnatly to me. Typing something quickly before getting breakfast, housework and homeschooling – mission accomplished … at least for those who are interesting in facts. Proof reading and editing for a blog comment? Not really a valuable way to spend my time as a few capitalizations do not matter in content and message. Think logically. What is important right now and why?

              As to the rest…
              Again, re read my comment. Think about Fed Gov/Congress/Constitution and then think about state gov.

              You quote 1A….??? Ok, I will go with that…
              Congress has literally made no law to interfere with 1A and has Closed NO house of worship/church.

              As I pointed out, the recommendations and guidelines are coming from the CDC and POTUS endorsing them but it is the states that are implementing them. HUGE difference.

              We will see some cases go through the court system after this is over and we >>should fight<< and insist on a full return to "normal" post US epidemic – plus the states following President Trump's vision for state's rights and state's responsibilities who has been exampling, teaching and insisting upon during this national emergency.

              However, the meme is historically inaccuarte in context, in intent, as determiend by FF own application and acceptance of gov actions and in precedent set during FF lifetime. In context, Founding Fathers accepted gov action similar in principle to what we are seeing today and wrote the Constitution for the Fed Gov NOT for the state governments per se.

              Most of all it undermines President Trump's leadership and actions on the right.

              It is wise to think before reposting social media. The Russian Collusion between President Trump and others was a hoax – but Russian and Dem operatives use of social media to divide and conquer was not.

              We do not want to be useful to the left by undermining Prsident Trump from the right. We need HUGE turnout in Nov!!!

              We all need to remember to verify before passing along memes and social media posts and even "news" stories. I do. We have that RESPONSIBILITY to do so! (does using extra caps here make up for previous lack of caps above? ha)

              I have had people comment that if they see me post it on fb they know they can share it because I do my resfearch….whew! What a serious responsiblity (and I gained that rep. by being informed by blogs and blog commenters here, OT, etc. so thanks to you all!). Its a big deal to be accurate!!!

              PS: By isolating his men from the infected he as barring the exposed and possibly infected from his camps and refusing to help them as they escaped from Boston. This was controlling the gen. population as they were used to being able to do commerce and come/go in the camps/surrounding area. Plus, he forced his men to participate in innoculations.

              PS2: 14th Amendament – now there is an intersting topic! esp. for conervatives. another time when we have actual leisure + good scotch.


              1. There was no “tone” … just facts. Literally nothing emotional in my post so why read it emotionally and/take it personally? 🙄🙄🙄

                I post facts and people whine about tone … and then feel free to make personal attacks against me, name call, and curse, none of which I do…but it’s me that has a “tone” problem?🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣 nope…aversion to facts or emotionally triggered by opposing views is about the reader not the commenter. Calling names, making personal attacks and cursing that us about the person doing the naming calling, personal attacks and cursing
                Posting on a public forum one must expect and be able to emotionally deal with factual replies on a public forum


            1. Of course it was sarcasm.

              It was aimed the wrong way.

              Reading through the sarcasm, it’s a claim that the Founding Fathers were forbidding actions like quarantines in the Constitution. That’s baloney, they were doing nothing of the kind–at least not at the state level.


      2. “This meme is misinformation and undermines President Trump. It associates the things we are going through with being UnConstitutional and implies that President Trump is therefore being UnConstitutional.”
        I have noticed a dichotomy throughout the coverage of this virus. On the one hand, some conservatives say they support and trust Pres. Trump, while on the other hand they think he has been duped by Deep Staters, they accuse him of following faulty advice that is destroying the economy, and they imply that his policies are resulting in unConstitutional usurpations of rights. They think he can’t see what we all see. Yet, I know he knows much more than we do. Any president would, but especially him because of the base of support he has had since before he ran for president.

        I trust him because he is not a politician but runs circles around the Left in the game of politics. Too many people want to rush in, grenades in hands and guns blazing (figuratively), and mow down Leftists in power. But he has steadily let them reveal themselves while waking up many Americans who would never have seen the light, otherwise.

        No one is perfect, but I trust him, even if he makes mistakes, to make them right. Someone posted info about how much money his properties have lost. It reminded me of his bankruptcies of the past and how he pulled out of them and triumphed. He knows how to do it, and he knows how to play the Left like a fiddle.

        Everyone is worried about health and economics, but more trust and support would go a long way toward healing. After all, who is advocating that we get the treatment we need, now (not in a year’s time)?


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        MOAR from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine aka PubMed.



        Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin—originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil—has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals.

        It was quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found. This paper looks in depth at the events surrounding ivermectin’s passage from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans, a development which has led many to describe it as a “wonder” drug….

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  8. Here’s another warning where all of this hype about anti-body testing is going. Once again, the end goal is to force you to submit to their testing to get your rights and jobs back.

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    1. “St. Louis Federal Reserve Head Says Americans Should Be Tested for COVID-19 Daily And Forced To Display a Badge on Their Clothing with the Result”


      Because the head of the Federal Reserve is a medical expert with a specialty in China Asshoe Virus…

      He stayed at a Holiday Inn last night and everything.

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    2. “St. Louis Federal Reserve Head Says Americans Should Be Tested for COVID-19 Daily And Forced To Display a Badge on Their Clothing with the Result”


      Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges! 😁

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      1. They are fighting the results of the HCQ so hard. What if the reason they don’t want the HCQ used (aside from wanting a reason to create a huge number for vaccines and to try to elect Comuo) is that it cures the other diseases of the past years as well. I was just reading AIDS patients die from respiration issues. What if HCQ would cure AIDS/HIV and they loose their cash cow then. And Fauci and Birx are exposed for being part of PEPFAR, directing millions for a cure that was already there?

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    1. This shows the bureaucrats will do ANYTHING to protect their research and clinical trial revenue streams. If decades-old drugs work on viruses, WHY would reasonable taxpayers want $$$ billions spent, ESPECIALLY if those same bureaucrats are able to WITHHOLD the older effective drugs from us.

      #BillGatesIsAVirus #FireFauci #DownWithCDC

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        1. I’ve been in a number of situations where a web page refuses to print; so I’ve had to do a print screen, go into Paint, crop away the rest of my screen (only what I wanted to print) and print THAT. A lifesaver given some of the idiots who code web pages.

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      1. Harbor Freight is now trying to sell monstrosities like that.

        Hey, guys, it’s supposed to have wheels only if you’re going to move it. If it’s going to have lights and electrical plugs, you might as well build it in place for stability….

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        1. cthulhu,

          That is not one unit. it is several units placed together. Think kitchen cabinets. And yes I bought one, with wheels for Hubby — He needs MOAR.

          The wheels let you maneuver them into place EMPTY without getting a hernia.

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          1. I took the wheels off of Stanley Tool Cabinets (black ones not red), and turned them into kitchen cabinets.
            They are MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!

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              1. About a decade ago, I found two of them which were commercial grade, big chests. They were $2100/each and at a scratch and dent place for $700/each. I came home with them.

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          2. I own the box on the bottom RT, stuffed with a 30 yr collection of every tool an auto tech may need
            to approach and repair any problem with another level of intensity, complexity or disaster.
            All drawers are roller bearing equipped, on the heavier drawers at knee height , I’ve upgraded to an extra factory roller bearing slide option to ease carrying the weight when opening/closing .
            It weighs a sh!t Ton loaded .The wheels represent FREEDOM for rolling the SOB to the ramp of the Rollback when you and your toos decide to move on.Trust me, a Rollback is the way to move it .

            Mine now sits in the home garage and serves double duty as a auxiliary firearm storage unit .
            Roller bearing quick access to a variety of mechanical semi-auto tools and feed .
            Under lock and key of course.

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              1. Have a neighbor (ex-military) that has a hand gun in every room of his house, including closets. His logic, if someone breaks in you usually run o the nearest “safety” …often a closet…and there you are a sitting duck.

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              2. ..always smart to keep them spread around , out of sight, but within reach .
                ..never know when a coyote will show itself.. but usually when you are not prepared for them .

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              3. Oh, that’s just Murphy’s law.

                I considered figuring out a way to store a gun in a waterproof, quick open box in the shower.

                I was told that was paranoid…but I pointed out someone planning a home invasion might just be smart enough to wait until he heard the shower running.


      2. That is a SnapOn setup. That means that you need a 30 year mortgage to purchase one. If I had to guess, I’d say that is about a $40K toolbox collection.

        Value of the tools inside, even half full, is about $250K.


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      1. Not sure they had Hippa rules when Gate’s children were little, but anyway, those rules are to protect hospitals, not us, and not everyone signs on. I won’t.

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      1. I’d love to see that land on the devices of people who DON’T get his tweets, somehow.

        He reaches 76+ million people with his tweets (plus those, like me, who don’t subscribe but see them passed around on the internet). I’d say there are probably about 76 million people he DOESN’T reach thanks to them relying on the Yellow Stream Media.

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    1. You have to read this!

      Scoop: Inside the epic White House fight over hydroxychloroquine

      ….Toward the end of the meeting, Hahn began a discussion of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which Trump believes could be a “game-changer” against the coronavirus.

      Hahn gave an update about the drug and what he was seeing in different trials and real-world results.
      Then Navarro got up. He brought over a stack of folders and dropped them on the table. People started passing them around.

      “And the first words out of his mouth are that the studies that he’s seen, I believe they’re mostly overseas, show ‘clear therapeutic efficacy,'” said a source familiar with the conversation. “Those are the exact words out of his mouth.”

      Navarro’s comments set off a heated exchange ….

      Fauci pushed back against Navarro, saying that there was only anecdotal evidence that hydroxychloroquine works against the coronavirus.

      Researchers have said studies out of France and China are inadequate because they did not include control groups.

      [I call BULL SCHIFF!
      ….French Confirmed COVID-19 patients were included in a single arm protocol from early March to March 16th, to receive 600mg of hydroxychloroquine daily and their viral load in nasopharyngeal swabs was tested daily in a hospital setting. Depending on their clinical presentation, azithromycin was added to the treatment. Untreated patients from another center and cases refusing the protocol were included as negative controls. Presence and absence of virus at Day6-post inclusion was considered the end point….

      Fauci and others have said much more data is needed to prove that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the coronavirus. [TRANSLATION: We WANT A LOT MORE AMERICANS TO DIE!]

      As part of his role, Navarro has been trying to source hydroxychloroquine from around the world. He’s also been trying to ensure that there are enough domestic production capabilities inside the U.S.

      Fauci’s mention of anecdotal evidence “just set Peter off,” said one of the sources. Navarro pointed to the pile of folders on the desk, which included printouts of studies on hydroxychloroquine from around the world.

      Navarro said to Fauci, “That’s science, not anecdote,” said another of the sources….

      Go Peter Go!!! Take down that piece of Globalist trash!

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      1. In this video on The Human Immune System – Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri – says NO VACCINES HAVE HAD proper DOUBLE-BLIND Randomized Control Research Studies and are based on antiquated science from the long ago 1900-50s completely ignoring newly discovered vital parts of the immune system!

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      2. Fauci looked like a whipped dog at yesterday’s presser.

        Fauci sitting on the side, head down, arms folded…

        Near end of presser. A question for Fauci, and President trump shuts it down.

        Presser ends within a couple minutes.

        President Trump IS about ready to totally shut down the CDC / FDA testing charades AND make HCQ available by EO with Right To Try AND quack concurrence.

        ^^^ The ONLY sane way to end this farce on America.

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      3. Here’s what isn’t rational about Dr. Fauci’s objections:

        “What have you got to lose in a crisis where time is of the essence?”

        The drug has been through the Phase 1 safety trials and in use for decades. There is NOTHING to lose by trying it.

        Fauci isn’t concerned about it not working; he’s concerned about protecting his very lucrative clinical trial turf.

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    2. One, I don’t trust Axios as a source.

      Two, the sources they cite are anonymous, of course.

      Three, the details in the story are at fiction writing level.

      Now, I’m sure that there is friction and conflict, and I am quite positive Fauci’s role from the deep state side is to stall for time, and that Navarro is a get ‘er done kind of guy, but I’ve doubted this leak since it appeared yesterday.

      In the Trump Administration there are no leaks unless it’s a canary trap or made up by the opposition. If this blow up really happened, there would be body language to indicate it. Those guys aren’t going to be able to hide it.

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    1. Navarro has a keen mind, a couple of Harvard Degrees – and he’s thorough and conscientious, with enough exactitude, excellence and depth to satisfy and impress PDJT!

      Navarro is the kind of guy – that if his mother, father, wife or child or friend had a disease, in 24 hours, he would have read the entire body of published research and understood it.

      I don’t have that kind of mind, but between making our daughter’s appointment at Shands VA to evaluate her for an open-label study, I researched the regimen/protocol thoroughly – at the local college library – and at the hospital library, I read and printed EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE and poured over them for days. This was back in the day of narrow track paper for computer print-outs. Took a while to read that light print and all the abstracts, then to get doctor family member to order the full texts of the studies – which the hospital librarian graciously expedited! By the time we got there, I knew something about one of the antioxidants that the PhD metabolism expert did not realize – that it was slightly anticoagulant.

      Navarro is acting as one of Trump’s Pitt Bulls! Thanks Be to GOD!!!

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      1. Navarro is a Hedge Fund guy, major player in finance, had a newsletter for years.
        He was the first LOUD voice to scream about a potential housing crisis in 2007-2008.
        He is also one of the loudest voices against China.

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    2. usually I am skeptical and ignore any initial reports of division in the Trump admin because I follow President Trump’s leadership on that issue – the news is fake even if the leaks are real. MSM always promoting click bait and trying to damage the Trump Admin by sowing division in the admin and damage public perception. However, this seems as thought it may be genuine. Enough already with the resistance to this treatment as long as patients are properly informed of known limitations/side effects and of current limited knowledge in its application to WuFlu, they sign, they can have!

      Wondering how many other applications there are for the anti viral knowledge we are all gaining?

      We maintain our personal health practices of hygiene (not shut down) & supplements, etc. and flu infections will also be reduced in coming seasons.

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      1. In this case, the “division” IS good and about damn time.

        Known effects. Apparantly works…with ZERO reports HCQ doesn’t work. Generic. Affordable.

        “What the hell do we have to lose.”

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  11. Last night, Coosmama pointed out that the FDA has not published guidelines for prescribing HCQ for outpatients yet.

    So, this morning, I wrote President Trump and thanked him for fighting for us, getting the FDA approval and told him we loved and were praying for him – but asked him to have the FDA to post guidelines for outpatient use, to prevent severe cases of COVID-19 and save more lives!

    I’ll try to contact Dr. Stephen Hahn at the FDA as well, but I do not belong to twitter – it will have to be via email.
    Here’s the contact Information for Dr. Hahn and the FDA:
    Contact Number 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)


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  12. I said this on the thread wolf put up on the U tree. Yesterday at the briefing PDJT shut down little Dr. F when he was asked about the Hydroxycloroquine. Someone needs to find a clip of it if it’s out there. Definitely looked like PDJT wasn’t going to let him spew his BS anymore. As they say keep your enemies close.

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    1. B I N G O !

      Following posted up thread. very telling moment Brave and Free is referring to.
      Fauci looked like a whipped dog at yesterday’s presser.

      Fauci sitting on the side, head down, arms folded…

      Near end of presser. A question for Fauci, and President Trump shuts it down.

      Presser ends within a couple minutes.

      President Trump IS about ready to totally shut down the CDC / FDA testing charades AND make HCQ available by EO with Right To Try AND quack concurrence.

      ^^^ The ONLY sane way to end this farce on America.

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    1. Love this Hick from the Sticks….
      found on his thread:


      Mike Coudrey@MichaelCoudrey
      Hydroxychloroquine & azithroymycin are both very cheap medicines & both are out of patent.

      Without insurance, the 10 day treatment costs about $100.

      Closely examine who is trying to discredit this drug.

      They would rather push patented vaccines instead.

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  13. Have ya’ll ever thought about how effectively our President and Vice President are playing GOOD COP/BAD COP against the media and leftists?


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  14. Wondering when laid-off Hospital Staff will realize …
    THEY SCREWED their own POOCH.

    TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) Tweeted:
    • Ground Report – Vanderbuilt University Medical Center (VUMC) Status: Current total of patients in the hospital is 725, when it’s usually well over 1,300 all day every day.

    • Of the 725, nine are covid related.

    • Busiest ER in the region looked like this all day. Zero patients:

    https://t.co/pOKODrnA2B https://twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/1247015258616717312?s=20

    They’ve been FALSELY REPORTING …

    • Hospital Flu Cases as PRESUMPTIVE ChiComVirus Cases

    • Hospital Deaths as PRESUMPTIVE ChiComVirus Deaths …

    This CONVINCED the public that Hospitals are …

    • They’ve WIPED OUT Hospital visits for routine care

    • They’ve PROMPTED Shutdowns that eliminated Accidents and ER Visits

    • They’ve TRIGGERED their own Layoffs.

    ChiComVirus will have to DISAPPEAR for the public to feel Hospitals are SAFE AGAIN.

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  15. Requesting Sanity Check.

    Concerning the doctor in scrubs quite concerned that the ventilators are not assisting patients and how he doesn’t understand why, something not right, almost saying it defies science, and alluding that the patients are acting like they are suffering possible high altitude symptoms if I got that right.

    We understand the virus was engineered. Most likely one of the qualities this engineered virus may have is it allows the virus to be more receptive to / sensitive towards electromagnetic disturbance than normal bio materials and this in turn causes the virus to giggle enough more so that where ever it has attached itself it is interfering in the blood being allowed to pick up oxygen while passing through the lungs so that it doesn’t matter how much oxygen you force into the lungs, the cells needing the oxygen can’t catch it. Mind you the patient is surrounded with multiple electric fields some of which are actually attached to the patient to monitor vital signs. While 5G may not be involved the receptors on this cell have been grown to be very susceptible to lesser magnetic fields than is common for bio material.

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    1. Sounds like a reasonable question to be explored, but I don’t even bake blueberry muffins 🤓

      Will copy your comment and get it to that doc 👍

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    1. Oh? So now it is a possible DEATH SENTENCE for not being tested????

      Anyone who votes for a democrat after this CCP-virus fiasco needs to be put in a psych ward for cult deprogramming.

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  16. Peter Navarro on F&F this morning. Topics DPA, HCQ & Fauci, 29million HCQ is in FEMA warehouses, NY is giving every patient HCQ, China knew about virus mid-December, concealed from world 5-6wks, cornered market on PPE, bought 2.2 billion mask froms January 24 thru end of February while whole world was unaware of need.



    Liked by 7 people

      1. Nothing to gain by publicly discussing the reported blow up between Navarro and little hitler Fauci.

        Getting HCQ to patients IS the goal.
        Every NY patient getting HCQ IS BREAKING NEWS. That validates all of the reports from around the world. huge about face for Cuomo.

        Easter Services coming right up;-)
        Today’s presser IS,Must Watch TV.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Every NY patient getting HCQ IS BREAKING NEWS. That validates all of the reports from around the world. huge about face for Cuomo.


          This was originally supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago if I recall correctly!

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Yes, all past due.

            Hoping it includes out patient which is majority of patients. Guessing it does. Cuomo should see his resist positions are losers. As are trying to make a lame losing stand against CAV…not enough beds, not enough ventilators, health workers getting worn down, many sick…

            Liked by 3 people

  17. Liked by 5 people

    1. Wow! That looks very encouraging!

      Those 6 counties with 86% of the cases have got to have large cities and urban populations in them. Well, that means high DemonRat populations. So, the effect of WuFlu is to kill off a whole bunch of DemonRats!

      Hmmm. I wonder who could have planned this so skillfully?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Red states+counties are naturally resistant to just about all this garbage.

        They are people who have known for generations how to fight for, tame, and survive in the frontier. Those are lessons not easily forgotten.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Seems it is still just the critically ill being treated as “last ditch effort”. This is NOT going to help stop the contagion! Ugh 🤓 (not you, bfly, those politicians dragging their feet.

      Cuomo has every bankrupt reason to drag this out for MORE federal bailouts of his state!

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  18. This is ALMOST over folks. Want to know how I think that? Several things speak VOLUMES by themselves, when put together, it is a PATTERN.

    One Gates on Fox News Sunday with the Swampkeeper Wallace, DESPERATELY pushing his “my precious” vaccine. Trying DESPERATELY to validate the models and Fauchi, that HE put out through IHME. He FAILED miserably, asking for another 2 MONTHS of sequester.

    Two, the MASSIVE pushback against Fauchi and his reliance on those projections, AND his deadpanning of Chloroquine by both citizen journalists and bloggers like me AND conservative MSM. The BLOOM is OFF his and his model’s rose.

    Three the ABSOLUTE change in positivity in the task force briefing, the “Light at the end of the tunnel” even Dr, Doom and Lady Deathstrike were MUTED in their gloom and doom. The MSM HATED IT.

    Four the ALL OUT attack on Chloroquine = Azithromycin as the cure AND a prophylaxes. Trump wants it given EARLY and widespread to PREVENT ventilators! The MSM in UNISON began their attack on a drug combination that has been FDA approved, must be prescribed, has been PROVEN to work, has been around for DECADES, WIDELY used, is PROVEN safe, and is readily available in mass quantities, AND is CHEAP. The MSM HATE it, therefor IT IS the cure, they STILL want their weapon

    Five, The change in narrative from even Cuomo, having to admit that the deaths in NY have either plateaued or PEAKED. Coincidently, (there are NO coincidences) those numbers leveled and began to DECREASE the moment that the Chloroquine trials ENDED, AND Chloroquine began to be WIDELY used on the most ill. SOON, they WILL begin administering Chloroquine to ALL Covid 19 positive patients. THEN they will start using it as a PREVENTATIVE. We HAVE the cure, there will be NO NEED for Gates’s “vaccine” and he damn well KNOWS it. They are LOSING, finally, the narrative. Trump HAS regained control. HE now has the upper hand!

    Six, the Murray IHME study, which has been PROVEN so wrong in it’s models, by a MASSIVE amount, has AGAIN, after yesterdays event, and AGAIN citizen journalists, bloggers, and conservative MSM, had to MASSIVELY correct their OVER estimates. This time the reduction is 50%. Soon it will be another reduction, and another, and another, till there is nothing left to move the goalposts to. This SHOULD completely discredit their study, just like Imperial College and Neil Fergusson. If the IHME model on this is SO flawed, what do you think it’s recommendations on a VACCINE will be? What do you think the vaccine they produce would be? GIGO, Garbage In Garbage Out. NO WAY I want someone THAT wrong on MULTIPLE times making something to inject in MY body to “save” me. I will stick with the Trump cure, Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin thank you, and so will almost EVERYONE else!.

    Seven. Look at the stock market today. It is up nearly 1200 points. That is OPTIMISM. They ALL saw the task force conference yesterday, they SAW the optimism, the HEARD Trump more than just HINT that the end of this nightmare is nigh.

    Eight and last, look at the MSM today. They are NOT for the most part “happy” about the optimistic outlook. They are not “happy” about the potential cure in Chloroquine. They are not “happy” that the deaths in NY are or HAVE peaked. They keep trying to attack the cure, and are putting on ANYONE who can deadpan it. They are ALL trying to poo poo the good news, calling it “tempered caution” My ass, they want their WEAPON, and they KNOW that this is the beginning of the END or their weapon. They are NOT “happy” about it. One would THINK, that they would be “happy” if cautions but looking on the BRIGHT side, yet thy are not. That SHOULD speak volumes.

    Nine, and this has NOT happened yet. but WATCH the various Cabal and Dems NOT be “happy” and ALSO pile on the attacks of Chloroquine, Trump, and the optimism. That, above ALL else WILL speak volumes. They STILL want their weapon, and it is in it’s DEATH spiral.

    This will still take weeks to be completely over, BUT, there will NOW begin the healing. People will recover in greater numbers, less will die, and NEW cases will not emerge in any significance thanks to Chloroquine and ALL the supplies, and measures Trump put in place. People will VERY soon begin going BACK to work, and as MORE and more in the MILLIONS do so, the economy will rebound, and do it BIGLY, by SUMMER. People will get their lives and their freedom BACK, and I bet they will NEVER be so willing to give it up EVER again.

    I expect BEFORE April 30th, that Trump will GRADUAALLY begin the GREAT AWAKENING. Each week thereafter, more people will be put back into the work force, with FULL capacity returned to near NORMAL by the END of May.

    Those that LOST their businesses will get loans. People will return to work and their old and NEW jobs in DROVES. There will be a MASS revival. People WILL travel, take vacations, go out to eat, go to movies, parks, and SPORTS. This will be a BIG national Party, and we ALL will be invited, people will spend and RELIEVE their pent up fears and frustrations. America will be BACK, and believe it or not STRONGER after this. It will ALL begin SOON. I STILL think Trump IS shooting for SOMETHING to open by Easter. we will see.

    If not Easter, it is gonna be a hell of a Summer!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ANND RIGHT on cue on RINO Dana Perino 2:13 local time , they have a “Dr” From the US/China Health summit no less, DEADPANNING Chloroquine, and saying it WILL NOT and DOES not work. He is talking out the side of his NECK, spouting NONSENSE about a “Lazarus” effect, and that ANY effect will be mild, and that it was irresponsible to give false hope.

      Damn, did I call it, or did I CALL IT! This FOOL, and he is a FOOL, I guess did NOT see ANY of the case studies from France, Italy, China, the UK, Germany, or right here in the US.

      NO you globalist phucking IDIOT, we KNOW your and the Cabal’s agenda, your TRICKS will not work. Trump KNOWS, and now so do ALL of us, and EACH day you and YOUR ilk are proven more wrong, incompetent, and EVIL.

      YOU will soon, have NO sway, no JOB, and hopefully NO FREEDOM. The MORE you attack and PROTEST Chloroquine, the MORE people will WANT IT, because they KNOW that you and your ilk doth protest too much!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. WTF Perino putting on a Chicom Dr??? We cannot trust a damn thing from them, at all, NEVER AGAIN!!
        I want CCP destroyed! Waiting and rooting for the whole world to get on board…SOON!

        Liked by 1 person

  19. A Silver Lining:

    Our Cleaning Lady arrived this morning with a YUGE smile. She’s absolutely thrilled to have her children home from the typical “social distractions”. Bringing the family far closer together vs going in 4 different directions all day long. Home schooling a bonus for her and her working husband. They’re beginning to rethink everything in life, from how to spend their time and money, to what to be doing together. Deciding they don’t need all the “stuff” … leading to every-day clearing out of closets, garage, etc. Working together in the garden, … Her face is literally LIT UP in delight.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. BKR, you just answered one of my prayers. Families are run ragged and debt overload with teen sports for-profit clubs taking over what used to be inexpensive team sports. Chauffering the kids to 3 practices a week, plus all-day out-of-town weekend tournaments and $$$ thousands spent to join the clubs & travel to tournaments.

      It is out of control, and it is NOT just rich families doing this. It is the norm in every suburb. I pray for a Great Family Awakening like that you described with your cleaning lady. God Bless us all.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. One of my coworkers is constantly taking days off for track meets out of state. This is forcing him to flex his time greatly (he’s lucky to have that option). I don’t know whether to admire him for his dedication to his kids, or cringe at what a burden school athletics is putting on him or his family, or both.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Both, but I’m still hoping for a wakeup call. My 13-year-old granddaughter flew with team to AZ for a four-day volleyball tournament in Feb. The girls were on lockdown the whole time – phones taken away; could not go to dinner with their own parents; sat closely in a supervised huddle on floor when not playing; shared rooms. Had not a single moment of alone time fir four days.

          If they have to be that closely monitored and herded, they are TOO YOUNG for that kind of
          tournament play!!!! These are trips we took in college; not as 13-year-olds.

          These clubs are huge and money grubbers; and they have taken over youth sports.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. In my friend’s case, it’s the schools. At least, he hasn’t mentioned lockdowns like you describe (which are absurd–there ought to at least be exceptions for family time if the family actually goes to see the tournament).

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Douglas County = 1 season of school-sponsored sports and 3 seasons of club -sponsored sports. If you don’t play in the clubs (with tryouts to be accepted), you won’t make the school team. It’s a real money & time pit for families.

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