Dear KMAG: 04052020 Open Topic

Praise the Lord Anyway!

Your enemies have mocked me, O LORD; they mock your anointed king wherever he goes. Praise the LORD forever!  Amen and amen! (Psalm 89:51-52)

It’s easy to praise God when life is good. It’s a gorgeous spring day . . . praise the Lord! I just got a raise . . . praise the Lord! My doctor gave me a clean bill of health . . . praise the Lord! I got an “A”‘ on my final exam . . . praise the Lord!

But what about when life isn’t good? The wind chill factor today is minus 25 degrees . . . praise the Lord? I just lost my job . . . praise the Lord? My doctor says it’s cancer . . . praise the Lord? I’m going to fail that class . . . praise the Lord?

Psalm 89 exemplifies praising God when life is hard, praising God anyway. This psalm begins by singing of God’s unfailing love (89:1-2). Moreover, all of heaven will praise God’s great wonders (89:5). God’s faithfulness to his people is a cause for rejoicing (89:9). This faithfulness is centered in God’s covenant with David and his promise that David’s dynasty will go on forever (89:19-37). But then Psalm 89 takes a dark turn, even accusing God of renouncing his covenant with David (89:39). The psalmist cries out, “O LORD, how long will this go on? Will you hide yourself forever?” (89:46). The penultimate verse of Psalm 89 laments, “Your enemies have mocked me, O LORD; they mock your anointed king wherever he goes” (89:51).

But then comes the startling conclusion: “Praise the LORD forever! Amen and amen!” What? Praise the Lord who has allowed his people to suffer, who has strengthened the enemies of Israel, whose unfailing love seems to have disappeared? Praise this Lord? Now?

Yes, that’s where Psalm 89 leaves us, without explanation, without apology. Yes, there is an unresolved tension here, something that can’t be rationalized away. The psalmist shows unsettling freedom in his protest against God, even accusing God of breaking his promises. Yet, he ends on a note of praise, and not just praise, but eternal praise. In the midst of pain and suffering, praise the Lord! When you can’t figure out what God is doing, praise the Lord! When God feels very distant, praise the Lord!

I’m not suggesting that this is easy to do. In fact, I find this to be exceptionally difficult. Thus, I am challenged by today’s psalm to do what does not come naturally, to praise the Lord at all times, to praise the Lord anyway.


Praising God anyway, when we’re in the midst of difficult times needs a little context to be seen from the correct perspective.

While we were yet sinners, God showed His love for us by giving His Son, Jesus, to bear our sins as He died on the cross. Jesus’ death reconciled man’s sin and sinful nature with the holiness of God. To partake of that reconciliation, we must put our trust in Jesus as our Savior . . . not by our works, but even to those who believe on His name.

We were less than nothing and have been given everything.

So, back to praising God even in difficult times. That’s a bit like walking along and stubbing your toe, quite painfully I might add, and just when you’re ready to complain to God about it, you see that you’ve stubbed your toe on the marble steps leading up and into the grandest mansion the world has ever seen . . . a mansion that God has just given to you.

And that comparison utterly fails when we really think about what wretched worms we were in God’s eyes, and then the enormous sacrifice God made to be able to adopt us into His family as His sons and daughters.

Amazing grace, How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me . . .

So, when events take a nasty turn for us during our short time down here, perhaps we can do a bit better about praising God anyway, in view of our riches for eternity up there with God.

298 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 04052020 Open Topic

  1. Sylvia Avery, tired of this knavery
    Has a relapse to deal with now
    So she took the test, then went on a quest
    To hit this virus “Ker-Pow”, but how?

    All the meds were gone, and she so sick and wan
    Looked all over for a cure
    Knowing she’d find a way, then finally on ebay
    Found what she needed, for sure

    Well, it looked just right, shipped it overnight
    And got it the very next morn
    Sylvia knew she could, sharpened it really good
    Oh, those bugs were looking forlorn

    When . . .

    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s tiny, new shovel
    Came down on their heads
    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s tiny, new shovel
    Made sure that they were dead

    So our Sylvia went to see the President
    To tell him what she’d found
    He just couldn’t wait, didn’t hesitate
    To let our Sylvia expound

    So, right at 5 o’clock, Sylvia stood up to talk
    On PTrump’s WuFlu show
    And so she told it all, the world heard in a thrall
    Everything it needed to know

    How . . .

    Bang! Bang! Sylvia and her shovel
    Came down on WuFlu’s head
    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s tiny, new shovel
    Made sure that it was dead

    This story doesn’t end, reporters aren’t our friends
    And they laughed at Sylvia that day
    But Sylvia knew, she had her big shovel, too
    So Sylvia jumped into the fray

    And . . .

    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s big ol’ shovel
    Came down on their heads
    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s big ol’ shovel
    Made sure that they were dead

    Now Sylvia’s in a scrape, they have it all on tape
    How Sylvia slaughtered them all
    Charged with murder one, they knew that she was done
    But PTrump said “Here, I’ll make this call”

    “What Sylvia did was right, they earned it by their spite”
    “And Sylvia, I’m setting you free”
    Then he said with a grin, “She’s our heroine”
    “I grant you pardon and clemency”

    Later when years had passed, Sylvia was, at last
    Loved and cherished for her fling
    Because she showed us how, she’s on Rushmore now,
    With a holiday where children sing

    How . . .

    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s trusty shovel
    Came down on their heads
    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s trusty shovel
    Made sure that they were dead

    “What holiday?” you say, well, it’s called Shovel Day
    When Dimms and media run and hide
    We’re out to get them yet, because we won’t forget
    How all the Dimms and media lied

    And . . .

    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s trusty shovel
    Came down on their heads
    Bang! Bang! Sylvia’s trusty shovel
    Made sure that they were dead

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    1. Though a celebration of Sylvia’s triumph is certainly appreciated, I’ve been a professional worrywart for a couple of decades…..I’d like to see an update on her actual status.

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    2. Carl!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot WAIT….Til Syl sees this!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a gem!!!!!!!! She gonna😂😂😂😘🥰💖💖!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    3. ((((carl))))
      I am SO honored………and amused……….and charmed! Thanks for giving me something to laugh about right out of the gates! God bless you for your many talents that you share with us here.

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  2. I was thinking about losing people to WuFlu, and then thought of our experiences with PHC. Then I added a few of my own thoughts for . . .

    Saying Goodbye

    I’ve lived in this world for enough years
    It’s getting closer to my time to go
    I don’t really see my leaving as loss
    But as pure joy replacing the woe

    My head and heart are brimming with joy
    Though my body is wracked with pain
    I’ll see my Savior for the first time
    And I’ll be seeing some of you again

    Please don’t come to see me after I’ve gone
    Because when you arrive, I won’t be there
    Gone from my body, present with my Lord
    With Him always in His merciful care

    So, when you hear, just whisper goodbye
    Renew your resolve to walk in His ways
    Love our God and love one another
    And fill your life with thanksgiving and praise

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    1. That’s beautiful, Carl, and so thoughtful of you to remember our PHC during this Easter season.

      Praise Our Lord. Forever and Ever. Hosanna in the Highest.

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  3. This is a general announcement.

    I have decided that I’m going to turn The U Tree into a weapon of war against the CCP. My dear profanity will be following me over there for our “basic training” activities.

    Nebraska Filly is now allowed to post THERE.

    It is my hope that we will create a new, tight, and highly purposed community there, which will concentrate on one purpose and one purpose only – the utter destruction of the CCP. Yeah, some Democrat traitors may get hurt in the process, but so be it.

    Expect a lot of F bombs there. It is NOT going to be a nice place. But it may be a lot of fun.

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              1. Harry, have you heard his latest offering? first time he has recorded in 17 yrs, or so I read.
                it’s on YT, w a special YT for lyrics.
                it’s called “Murder Most Foul”, and is inspired by JFK’s assassination.
                interesting timing.
                it’s typical cryptic, fascinating Dylan.
                his serious fans will love it, while some will find it v interesting.


      1. Thanks!

        There has been much discussion of her coming back here, but I want THIS site to be low-drama. I believe all the drama will be on the other site now, where excess energy can be directed into priming the laser cannons. 😉

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    1. If I have time, I may go watch you all! Am wrapped up right now with DH. He’s scheduled for surgery, but who knows when that will happen. Just glad he’s not in the blankety blank nursing home/ rehab center.

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        1. TY! Fortunately, one daughter is next door, and able to help. Whatever the Lord has in store for us is whatever it is. I pray for healing for my husband (and patience for myself), but whatever the Lord has in store will be whatever it is. I look to Him for guidance in making whatever decisions need to be made and he guides me through all my bumbling ways!


      1. Me too! We have animals in the mainstream press that say much worse about our VSGPDJT on national television. Not that I’m questioning Wolf’s decision at the time…he has to protect this site and things went a little south…but it will be nice to see her back in action.

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    2. “Expect a lot of F bombs there. It is NOT going to be a nice place. But it may be a lot of fun.”

      Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Jesus Matt 12.34

      I value free expression but there is no legitimate reason it needs to be crude or vulgar. I know I will get slammed for this but I will go ahead and self-ban or social distance, whichever you prefer.

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    3. Sic ’em, Wolfie!
      And thanks for giving Filly an outlet at the QTree.
      The time we have had with her at Marica’s blog has been a blessing. But that girl is a warrior and itching for the fight. Unleash her on the ChiComs! They’ll rue the day….

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  4. Thank you for this timely opening post, bakocarl. I was particularly struck by this (emphasis mine):

    “The psalmist shows unsettling freedom in his protest against God, even accusing God of breaking his promises. Yet, he ends on a note of praise, and not just praise, but eternal praise. In the midst of pain and suffering, praise the Lord! When you can’t figure out what God is doing, praise the Lord! When God feels very distant, praise the Lord!”

    This was also brought home to me yesterday (I think) in one of duchess’ postings of Scripture:
    Psalm 24:1 – The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

    It is His world. We belong to Him, and we are not promised a perfect, stress-free life in this fallen world. We aren’t even promised that our plans will come to fruition. But we are promised eternal life under certain conditions. For that alone, He is worthy of praise.

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    1. Since this should all die down by Corpus Christi, I say we do up the outdoor processions and shrines and litanies BIG TIME even if it’s going to be stinkin’ hot by then. I mean, it’s June 14 this year. For those who aren’t Catholic, that’s the day we take the Monstrance with the Pyx, okay, the pastor carries it, under a canopy and hit the streets singing and processing complete with the red torches, and incense. Of late, priests all over have been doing this without the big processions, but on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood, Corpus Christi, it’s done with great celebration.

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  5. Want to know what one of the goals here is? Gates lets the cat out of the bag. I suspected this a few years back. The demons – and I’m talking about actual demons – have an agenda. I know people who aren’t Catholic aren’t going to buy it, but I’ve long thought destruction of the Church was the ultimate goal. Why us?

    Found at:

    Quote from the From Rome author:

    Ominously, at 17:40 in this Video, Bill Gates implies that the Catholic Religion will remain outlawed until all can be certified to have received a vaccine, if even then!

    He is talking about suspending the Mass for 18 months or forever!

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        1. I don’t see the relationship – the split between the eastern and western church was about theology, geographical distance and power. The Filioque was one excuse, but it was deeper…. leaders jealousy?

          I have read that the Western/Romans hired mercenaries to storm Constantinople.

          Plenty of evil done in the name of the LORD and HIS CHURCH over the centuries, even today.

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          1. It’s about Christ being really present in the Eucharist. Like I said, people who aren’t Catholic aren’t going to buy it. I know that. When then Schism happened, the East has not had a single case of Stigmata since.


          2. Wow that comment certainly didn’t go as planned.

            I have read that the Western/Romans hired mercenaries to storm Constantinople.

            The Fourth Crusade, in 1204. It began in 1202 with the plan to liberate Jerusalem. The next year while on their way to the Levant, the crusaders found themselves out of money; they beseiged a Catholic city, got excommunicated (duh!) for that, then hired themselves out to Alexios, a claimant to the Byzantine throne. They were able to put him on the throne, but then Alexios got overthrown and most of the payments he had promised never materialized. So they sacked Constantinople.

            Only a handful of the crusaders went on to do their original mission in the Holy Land.

            The Crusades in general, except for the first one, were absolute CFs.


            1. I think the Roman church hired some Saracens to sack Constantinople? It was ugly.

              I honestly think the Muslims are stuck in that religious violence mode…..doing what the Romans did to Jesus and what Church was doing to its own people back then – burning, beheading, drawing and quartering, crucifixion, and all the raping, pillaging….

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              1. I have no idea about the Saracens (which doesn’t mean it’s not true–I don’t, unfortunately, have the time to pick through what would have to be eight centuries of history…but I’d have to guess that was later.

                Constantinople had some SERIOUS defenses, both natural and man made, the natural positioning is why Constantine picked that location for his capital. In 413, Theodosius built the 60 foot triple wall, and they were not breached until gunpowder.

                After the sack in 1204, a “Latin Empire” was set up that lasted until 1261; with catholics in charge of the place. (It must have been their wet dream at the time.)

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        2. Things started going way south in the church when Constantine decided to make it over into his image and idea of power structure and standardization of theology – he made it a punitive, power structured organization.

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          1. Exactly what I read…really started as far back as the Druids in what is known know as Great Britain…Constantine even usurped many of the same Druid holidays. It was always about power and politics.


            1. It wasn’t just Druid holidays. In fact many Roman holidays got hijacked as well.

              There’s no evidence whatsoever that Jesus was born in December, much less December 25 (and I’ve even had very fundamentalist pastors tell me that, so it’s not some sort of atheist propaganda). In fact what little is in the Gospels points to a totally different time of year (indirectly)–I don’t remember whether it was spring or early fall, and on my bandwidth right now I’m not going to go hunt. But December 25 was on or near a couple major Roman holidays (Dies natali Solus Invicti, the day of the birth of the unconquered Sun, became a part of the Roman pantheon on that date in 274); more traditionally it was part of Saturnalia, so guess what?

              Many cultures celebrated the Winter Solstice (I know next to nothing about the Druids, but I can’t imagine they didn’t) so it was a way of hitting a whole flock of birds with one stone.

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  6. Verse of the Day for Sunday, April 5, 2020

    “…be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”

    1 Corinthians 15:58 (KJV)

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  7. I posted this on the CoronaVirus thread this morning in response to a post from Sadie, I think, who linked up a piece talking about Gates wanting the ID vaccine, and getting IDs. The more I think about it…I think the 40,000 foot view is giving us what the plan was to destroy the USA:

    Alright, this probably belongs on the Open Thread, but I’m getting the distinct impression that what we are seeing play out was/is the plan that was scheduled to take place as it is now with Hillary at the helm, and zero centralized planning as the Trump team is putting together.

    Just the way Bill Gates is inserting himself into the public discussion, as if he was the replacement for David Rockefeller in the food chain, tells me that this was laid out in a battle plan long ago, and the left did not know what else to do once the brain trust died.

    If there was a plan laid out, and I’m POSITIVE there is one, then the Q team would have it. They know what the fear mongering steps were/are, they know the mass chaos that was supposed to ensue when supplies weren’t available. Just imagine if it had happened with the economy in shambles as would have happened with four more years of Obamanomics. The Hunger Games would NOT have been fiction. Dystopia would have been our lifestyle.

    This was to be the beginning of the people BEGGING for a one world government that the one worlders have been promising the people would want for at least the last century.

    Think about it: suspension of freedoms, essential confinement of the people, suppression of the Church at the most sacred seasons of the Church year, vaccine push for ID, push for mail in voting which would make elections moot for all the reasons that have been outlined here.

    THIS was the left’s plan to finish off the country mind, body and soul.

    They let it play out despite Trump being at the helm thinking it would finish him as a politician.

    They underestimated his resolve, and that of the American people.

    They also underestimated the potency of the chosen virus.

    Now, the question is who knew of the plan and is a part of it.

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    1. Good food for thought….I sincerely hope we learn the answer to your final sentence. I do not care who it is, how shocked we will be…I think it’s time for answers. If we Americans are as resilient as claimed…we will get over it.

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      1. Except that…they didn’t–and don’t–look upon this as the event that would back us into a corner, but rather as the event that would get us to admit we were wrong. In their minds it’s PURELY a matter of social constraint that keeps most of us mouthing conservative platitudes; deep down we know they are right.

        Putting us in a crisis would give us the reason, finally, to cast all that off and be what we’ve wanted to be all along, but were afraid to say so.

        The Leftist is incapable of imagining that we really believe what we believe. We must be saying what we say because of either social pressure…or greedy exploitative self-interest. They imagine our leadership as being like the spokesmen Big Tobacco sent to Congress to argue that smoking doesn’t kill people, lying for the sake of filthy lucre…and the rest of us as sheep following the herd.

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      1. what do you think of this Dep Pat?


        1. Not sure what to think. At this point, sitting back and watching is helping to keep the anxiety over all of it at bay. I can’t do anything about it, so I’m not emotionally investing in Bergoglio other than as a puppet who needs to be removed from the stage.

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    1. I listened about 10 minutes to the Harvest Church and had to turn it off. I am looking for the Message not fundraising.
      I am glad though I looked and saw and heard.

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      1. Sent by PT – perhaps, they are in need of funding – I hear you – felt the same way – posted the service from ‘Free Chapel’ heard the sermon – it was good – about the ‘Lamb of God’ – if you want – will post video so you can see it – God Bless You!

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      2. Greg Laurie usually presents serious clear sermons based on The Word. Maybe it’s just the time we’re in, but this is a time for Bible thumping with fire & brimstone messaging. IMO YMMV

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  8. My apologies, Carl. You’re trying to share spiritual sustenance with us, and I fall short. Still, I read your post for the healing of spirit at the end of the day.

    In the meantime, people need to be aware of the new narrative from our Enemies.

    Watch out for Malignant Media’s new narrative – quarantine without end…

    Who is paying you to promote fear-mongering nonsense? Oh, that’s right, @CNN – Chinese Communist Network. OTOH, if you self-quarantine for the next decade – we’d be delighted – known as quarantining America’s Enemies.

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    1. “trying to share spiritual sustenance with us, and I fall short” . . .

      LP – I know that you know that we all fall short . . . and recognizing that “I fall short” is a great step in the direction of falling less short although . . . how far are each of us falling short of God’s standard, which is perfection? Lots and lots!

      Recognizing that we “fall short of the glory of God” is a great step toward humility . . . and humility is a characteristic that needs to be held deeply, yet frequently displayed in these days.

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  9. Donald J. Trump Retweeted

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  10. Please pray for the people of New York, the city I grew up in and where my parents and siblings live, which is being hit hard by the virus. Thank you.

    St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.

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      1. Hiya sweet Duchess!! God Bless you and yours on this beautiful and lonely Palm Sunday!!! Heart aches to be with church goers…..{{{Duchess}}}😘💖🥰

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  11. I don’t want to reignite this argument, but don’t forget a couple of Kennedys died this week in mysterious circumstances.

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    1. I thought it was just a canoeing accident. The news didn’t say anything, that I was aware of, about mysterious circumstances. I agree the timing was really unfortunate and I don’t think the bodies have been found yet.

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    1. It seems as though most people have forgotten the 1957 pandemic, H2N2 Asian flu. More deadly but milder than the 1918 Pandemic. Approximately 70,000 people died. The biggest difference in previous pandemics is that there was no closing businesses and no social distancing. Each person was on their own to keep out of harms way – the way I recall.

      The WuFlu very much reminds me of the measles. The same symptoms with the exception of the rash that is associated with the measles right down to the pneumonia like symptom. I wonder if that is why the original test for WuFlu gave so many false results?

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      1. Did not know anything about the H2N2 Asian Flu – the WuFlu is horrible – the shortness of breath – fever – sore throat – cough that never goes away – dunno what the symptoms of the Asia Flu are –

        People died because there was no intervention – no studies – no assistance – no press – seems to me – they got the desired affect – to kill people – much the same as with the drug trade – alcohol – and STDs – human trafficking – the enemy is good at it – imho

        As far as what we are doing now – there is more to do with this virus than meets the eye – it could be a bioweapon – an attack on our country and other countries around the world – and I do not think the enemy got the desired effect – worldwide – people fought back – against a hidden enemy – if the enemy could not affect a war to kill millions – this was their new method of warfare –

        To think this was planned should tell all.


        1. I agree too that the WuFlu is designed as a bioweapon. I was wondering if the WuFlu was designed with the measles as a background since the symptoms for the WuFlu and the measles are almost identical. The WuFlu does not have a rash, at least not that I have heard of.

          I guess the Chinese have been practicing on us for a long time.

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  12. One Thing Of Which We Can Be Certain; When Given A Range Of Options, California Always Chooses The Worst One


    Instead, Mayor London Breed and the Human Services Agency came up with the plan to route over 3,000 people currently living in shelters and navigation centers into hotels. The city is planning to put thousands of physically and psychologically sick people into private hotel rooms, in some of the most luxurious hotels in San Francisco—the InterContinental, Mark Hopkins, and The Palace. Occupants would receive three meals per day, hygiene products, and access to nurses.

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    1. All over ca that is what they are doing. They are taking the concentration of these people and spreading them everywhere.
      If they want to do good, they should move all of them into large outdoor militsry style tent camps in the desert. Warm, dry, abundant space, plenty of room to triage all of them, safely separate,treat, and house.
      There is zero, and i mean zero reason to put people in hotels.
      These hotels will be destroyed, its a guaranteed outcome.

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    1. Idea is good but this is too small for his face. The top should be covering most of his nose bridge, and a flexible piece to push the mask down on either side.
      The bottom should go under the chin and also be a snug fit.
      This is a photoshop but fyi if you make your own.

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    1. So this offers k-5th grade homeschooling and waves the 100 dollar fee for now. Sign up at the time of entering.

      So I put this alternative out again if you wish. Totally free. You, Child or Collage Grad, can start courses as soon as you pick one, no sign up unless you wish and you likely wish so you can track progress of child or self.
      Leaving you at the Arts and Humanities course page so you can poke around. Major Subjects are Math, Math by Grade, Science & Engineering, Computing, Economics & Finance, Khan Kids, Test Prep and Career Studies.

      Not saying this is a be all end all, but it’s good for self starters and would certainly supplement any program.

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