20200405: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

724 thoughts on “20200405: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

    1. “They’ve shattered society, suspended most civil liberties and prohibited most activities and connections that kept people mentally and physically healthy. At the same time the officials have prioritized COVID-19 care over everything else and, as a result, severely limited billions of people’s access to life-saving healthcare services ranging from acquiring medication and blood transfusions to having organ transplants and cancer surgeries.”

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    2. I attended the 2018 RSA Security Conference Expo in SF. Roughly 1/4 of the booths were about “ensure you know the identity of the person you’re talking to”.

      Mind you, NOT “ensure you’re not hacked” or “ensure only code approved by you is executing on your system”, or “ensure your information isn’t exfiltrated”, or “make ransomware impossible”, or “make sure you’re not getting false data”……

      But pierce that veil of anonymity. Gain a piece of information linked to an identity so that you can sell it to someone else. Link all the pieces of information you have about various transactions to a single identity so that you can cross-correlate them. It actually had me kind of shaken (and in a certain way, still does).

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      1. I didn’t attend RSA, and had no plans to, but that sure sounds about right.

        RSA is pseudo-security for the non-technical business people. A few years ago it was a wake when everyone was crying in their cocktails about how they were going to have to change out all their certificates. No sympathy from me.

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        1. The conference is sponsored and run by RSA, but the expo is open to cybersecurity vendors of all kinds. It was within driving distance and $150 (where DefCon or Black Hat were in Vegas at 10x the cost [after flights and hotels])….

          There was a lot of cool stuff there, and I gathered a lot of materials I have yet to process because of various issues…..but it was shocking to me how much was about fingerprinting your users and ensuring continuity of contact and validation and ripping the identity out of people.

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    3. “Then a few seconds later, at 33:45, Gates drops another bomb:

      We don’t want to have a lot of recovered people…

      To be clear, we’re trying – through the shut-down in the United States – to not get to one percent of the population infected. We’re well below that today, but with exponentiation, you could get past that three million [people or approximately one percent of the U.S. population being infected with COVID-19 and the vast majority recovering]. I believe we will be able to avoid that with having this economic pain.”

      It appears that rather than let the population be exposed to the virus and most develop antibodies that give them natural, long-lasting immunity to COVID-19, Gates and his colleagues far prefer to create a vast, hugely expensive, new system of manufacturing and selling billions of test kits, and in parallel very quickly developing and selling billions of antivirals and vaccines.

      And then, when the virus comes back again a few months later and most of the population is unexposed and therefore vulnerable, again selling billions of test kits and medical interventions.”

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      1. Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person…

        …Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly.

        You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around.

        So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”

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        1. Revelation 13:16-18 —

          And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

          And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

          Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

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        2. I believe the ultimate goal of the China Virus is ID2020 where worldwide TRACKING AND COMPLIANCE of the global population is made possible mandating implantable chips that are tracked by the 5G network. Dogs and cats have been guinea pigs for many years under the pretense of pet loss reunification but regulation of the industry is almost nonexistent and it’s lacked a safety program tracking adverse reactions and health implications (how convenient). Chipmenot.info brings to light a lot of questions about the safety for our fur friends that should cause great alarm in the use of chips on humans.

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          1. Had not even thought about the chips in animals as a dress rehearsal….yikes….DH and I were just discussing how we are merely grains of sand on a vast beach, and how we’ve lived a very fulfilling life in that manner.
            Even if we had the abilities and resources to be warriors on a major scale, our time has passed and basically all we can do is help those within our small circle and try to be a good example to others….and to admire and encourage those who take up the sword.

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          2. Considering that nano tech is primarily the manipulation of organic matter because it is not water soluble I whole hardheartedly agree. On the low end of the spectrum of what is possible is to take advantage of the virus or parts of the virus and or any forth coming vaccine as a receptors and then manipulate it via 5G in what ever creative fashion can be imagined.

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          3. There are many cases of “chipped” animals developing lesions, tumors, scar tissue, or other issues due to the supposedly innocuous RFID-type chip. Run your pet through a powerful scanner or mag field (e.g. an MRI [CAT-scan – just kidding]) and it would probably be hell for them.

            There is NO reason for a GLOBALLY UNIQUE identifier for ANYTHING.


            And Billy-Ghoul can go sit on a pinecone and twist (trouble is, he’d probably like it)…

            I still hate IPv6, though there are ways around the snooping aspects… And my Internet Provider insistes on DS-lite… arrrgggghhhh… CG NATS… i.e. how to make it look like you have a 250Mbit DSL when you only have a time-sliced imitation version… Salami solution, indeed… Some people actually DO miss that slice off a cut loaf…

            But, heyyyy, through the wonderful “solidarity surtax” our “Komrads” in the former East German get fiber-to-the-door… We, on the other hand, who are paying for it (and them), only get pimped-up copper, much of which is 70 years old or older… POTS to the rescue, eh?

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      2. Especially when you run into “viral interference” in vaccines — where a vaccination against Virus A leaves you more susceptible to Virus B.

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        1. I did see a questions about flu vaccines making us more vulnerable. They seemed years ago to be effective, then became placebos. The push to get them though became much more significant.

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          1. They’re pushing flu vaccine really hard under Obamacare. They have a special formulation they have been using for those over 65 that is supposed to be particularly effective against the flu. What if it’s particularly effective for flu, but leaves you more vulnerable to coronavirus?

            Wouldn’t that be an awfully convenient escape for those who have underfunded pensions for years, raiding the money to enrich themselves and their cronies? “If only the survival rates for those drawing pensions (over 65) were lower……”

            It ain’t like the CDC and FDA aren’t obviously bought-and-paid-for…….if they were disinterested professionals, they’d feel some shame at their recent activities.

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            1. Study done years ago (in Singapore?) showed that Flu vaccines ALWAYS make your more vulnerable to other pathogens. It’s just the nature of instructing the immune system to “look over here” when the enemy might also be “over there.”

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      3. Bottom line-old phrase, follow the money.

        Money is not “the” root of all evil as the article in that biblical verse is an “a” rather than the incorrect KJV rendering of the article “the.”

        Having said that, money is still “a” root of all evil and following it, that is, tracing the patterns of it to corrupt globalists and elites of the Uniparty…democants and republicons…always exposes hidden motives and agendas…like snake, depopulation pusher, Bill Gates.

        Thank God for new media that has plenty of resources that expose these wicked souls who don’t give a damn about the rest of us and would just as soon be happy to shut down our voices and “disappear” us. These people are not any better than XI Jingping and the CCP.

        Blessings to all.

        Be smart, prepared and live by the USMC second motto:


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        1. The verse says “the LOVE OF MONEY”, as in avarice…

          Barter, hoarding, agglomeration, etc. More than just the medium of exchange itself…

          Or upon what do you base your translation…

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          1. Agreed…the love of money is correct, but it is “a” root rather than the KJV translation of “the” root. The love of money is one subject and the root thing is another…but they are related.

            And yes…IMO, I think the love of money goes far beyond the love of getting dollars and euros, marks and pounds…etc…as you say hoarding. Absolutely agree with that.

            As far as the article “a” instead of “the”, most greatest, leading Greek and Aramaic sources like Moulton & Milligan support the article “a” over “the.”

            There’s actually a huge difference.

            The real, first great central sin was pride. Satan’s pride in his beauty as one can read about in Ezekiel.

            That was long before there was any kind of monetary system. All other sin and rebellion followed his first sin of pride. It is no wonder it was written….pride goes before destruction. Money is a root of evil, but pride was the first root of all sin, evil and rebellion.

            Hope this gave clarity.

            Btw, your name rings a bell…I think I saw you OT/CTH some time ago before a bunch of us got banned.


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          1. Still carrying the banner if you know what I mean.

            But I figure, I can contribute something here. Every little bit helps. Gotta try to encourage the warriors of Truth who are up against that damned bastion and Fortress of the Gates of demonic Hell, the real, unseen power and principality behind the scenes
            …that and who drives the wicked, mortal powers of our day, who themselves are but mere puppets, even wicked souls like George Soros.

            But our great God has measured all this out from the Beginning…He knows it and He can expose it openly at any time…and when does, no MSM/LSM will be able to hide it anymore!

            To Him, it is a straight line from A to Z, although we who attempt to discern spiritual things in basic physical algorithms of life in a simple, linear path, can’t always discern it as such. But He is good and gives us the understanding and necessary wisdom to carry on the duties and missions of our day.

            Oh! For the day! But it is coming!

            So glad to reconnect with you here. I’ve seriously missed being in touch with you guys.


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            1. If you sent me any email “recently” I am Way behind in catching up on messages (back in Jan somewhere, yikes)…Glad you are getting enough of a breather to stop by Wolfie’s!

              By the way, Josiah asked his girlfriend Rose to marry him recently…& she said yes. So after this virus fiasco settles down a bit we’ll hopefully get some face-to-face time between our families to plan out this very special event. It’s been fun to watch him blossom & grow in love, faith, & communication skills with her at least…she has special needs too (they met through Special Olympics) & they are really both answers to each other’s prayers & a huge blessing in each other’s lives & to both their extended families! God is so Good!!!

              Thanks for your many prayers on Josiah’s behalf. These momentous changes were not even anticipated less than a year ago. With God NOTHING is impossible!

              Be blessed & refreshed this glorious day my precious Brother-in-Christ! In Jesus’ Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, Light, & Life!!!

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              1. Awesome!!!

                I am so happy for him! What a great piece of news to hear!

                Btw…I just replied one of your emails a few minutes ago. I understand falling behind the email…I feel so bad when I go back and check and find out how long some emails from best friends have been sitting.

                Anyway, as always, the graphics here are timely and appreciated as you have been the best to select what is needed for the hour.

                Blessings and of course,

                SHALOM…always and forever!

                PS: Please relate my congratulations to Josiah and tell him that put a smile on my face today…not an easy task to accomplish! 🙂🙂🙂

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              2. I just shared with Josiah what you said & then we both prayed for you & your ongoing heavenly mission! May the Lord continue to equip you with all that you need, according to His riches in glory.
                Thank you for continuing to stand in the gap & for shining the Light of Life & Truth as you trod that very unique path God has you on. Be encouraged, the battle is the Lord’s…Stand Firm & See…

                …then the stone…the Rock that is Christ Jesus!!!

                Grace upon grace is being poured out…

                May He continue to go before you, to stand beside you, to protect behind you as a rear guard, & even underneath you as He carries you in times of wounding & weariness. You & God have got This…no matter What “This” Is! Blessings upon Blessings!!!

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              3. You can have no idea what this means to me.

                Since I last replied you here and emailed you earlier this evening, things de-escalated quite rapidly….was hoping for a better day…well, we don’t always get a better day.

                Some things really ramped up my anger beyond a point of what I am comfortable about. Yup, had to repent…You know, you can’t let the sun go down on that kind of anger…even if it’s anger directed toward wicked and malfunctioning things of this present world.

                Then I see your comment here, and that you shared with Josiah and prayed for me with him…

                There’s just no words, no words…other than I thank our God for the faithful members of His Body as they are before Him for each other. And that’s the kind of thing why Paul wrote that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against us.

                May you, Josiah and family be blessed for your faithfulness to God and to the attending and caring of and for the Body of Jesus Christ. He will surely remember you in days and times to come!

                Please relate this to Josiah so he can know my appreciation of his part in this!


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              4. Oh Angel it is always such a joy to learn that even our most humble (as in Not impressive) prayers can have a powerful impact…God is So Gracious! There are times that the smallest prayer seems to lead to major breakthroughs & other times when the most fervent in the Word prayers seem to encounter “the heavens are as brass” scenario. I love that God won’t be put in a box no matter how we try & hope to get the perfect formula to turn Him into our agent (aka cosmic vending machine)…

                I am the least faithful of prayer warriors you could hope to encounter, yet at times He somehow still works mightily in/through me! Talk about being a hidden, secret weapon…& Josiah is that much more so in spades!!!

                I just read your words to Josiah & we had another brief but powerful prayer time for you, our family, our associates, our President, our nation, & believers across the land. God was & is in the midst of us & you sparked that just by asking me to share your words with Josiah!!!

                Be blessed, refreshed, encouraged, empowered, inspired, refined, surrendered, strengthened, equipped, & honed to be a weapon of His wielding in His timing & for His glory! We are More Than Conquerors through Him who loved us & called us & grafted us into The Vine!

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              5. I just have no expression of possible words how much you, Josiah and family have blessed me…

                Again…in tears…loss of words.

                ❤❤❤ U guys…more than I can say!

                U are a most precious heavenly….

                …to me!


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              6. That graphic…last line…

                “I am not able.”

                God says…I AM ABLE.

                Great as he was, Moses failed to understand what God was trying to convey to him…Moses kept saying I cannot, I stutter.

                He failed to discern that God in the Burning Bush was not asking Moses to go in his own strength. God told him that He would be his mouth. But Moses kept resisting to the point of making the Lord angry.

                So what did God do? He sent Moses’ brother Aaron.

                Guess who ended up building the golden calf? Guess who would have not been there to do that had Moses just trusted the power of God in him to get the mission done in the first place.

                Kinda like King Hezekiah who begged God to let him live a little longer…God granted him his request…and behold, that extra 15 years produced a son, Manasseh, who became a most wicked, blood shedding king in Israel’s history.

                Me thinks our best bet is to just be quiet and listen to God and follow Him rather try to push Him into granting our selfish, self-preserving desires and interests.

                Much to think about.

                Shalom, sister!

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              7. Beautifully stated & so much wisdom here. Sometimes I fear to pray Hezekiah’s prayer for God’s answer (in the short term) is so wonderful for the immediate circumstance but so devastating in the long run, with Manasseh being a partial result.

                Kind of like Abraham & Hagar & all that bloodshed, misery, & deception that the Un-promised son (of the flesh, not The Word) has wrought on the world. If only Abraham & Sarah had trusted God & waited on His timing & provision & fulfillment of His Word to them…Blessings!

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              8. Yes, I should have included Abraham and Sarah…good catch!

                The world is still paying for their mistake because Ishmael, one who the Lord said whose hand be against the hand of every man…today…Islam…the Muslims…one more great proof of the Truth and exactness of His Word of accurate forthtelling.

                Thx for your great addition. You

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              9. Looks like your thought got cut off in mid-stream… 🙂

                Because we do so much movie quoting & other quoting from personal knowledge your dangling “you” makes me think of a line my grandpa said to my husband (then boyfriend or fiance depending on when the interaction happened on our trip)…”You, you’re a germ!”

                Grandpa had a stroke-addled brain & usually spoke gibberish, as in unrecognizable words. We think he meant “you’re a gem” or “you’re a gentleman” for my husband had assisted him to the restroom & helped him in washing up…

                Anyway have a wonderfully blessed day!

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              10. I hate it, but my war with digital stuff makes me lose it sometimes and I have to repent, which of course, I humble myself before God to do so as not to let the day be retired in anger.

                But yes, the day can still be blessed even being cursed by digital stupid stuff! 😉

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      4. BINGO. Gates was on with the swampkeeper on Fox news Sunday today. There are NO coincidences. Bill Gates is about as much an authority on this virus as I am on C++ or Visual basic programming, IE NONE.

        Gate has an AGENDA, one that was conveniently and coincidently just MOCKED up at a conference a few months ago. Doggone it would you believe it was nearly the EXACT scenario we have now, and aw shucks, the models that Dr Doom, and Lady Deathstrike, the WHO and other countries are using to shut down and destroy the world economy via “exponential projections” of death and destruction, were invented THERE.

        well I’ll be, it appears the models Dr Doom is using comes from Chris Murray at the U of Washington. Gee, what do you know, Murry works for IHME. Who knew that Bill Gates is the PRIMARY funder of the IHME study and project. There are NO COINCIDENCES. This is a SCAM to make Gates a trillionaire pushing a vaccine to this virus that he most likely paid for, propagated, and now is hawking a cure to.

        Pushing a real virus, an “unknown one” that is “very contagious” and has “no cure” that kills millions, in projections, and hyped to the nth degree by the MSM. Then the fear is used to DESTROY the economy, and who keeps the fear going, the chief propagandist in Dr Doom (Fauchi) siting the models and studies from Gates’s IHME.

        Dr Doom serves as chief propagandist for the models to spread the fear, chief defender of the flawed models, and chief poo pooer of ANYTHING but a vaccine, which will be MADE by Gates, and sold for TRILLIONS to the world. Fauchi puts down and dismisses Chloroquine plus Azithromycin, because IT is a CHEAP, EFFECTIVE, READILY AVAILABLE, SAFE, substitute to the vaccine that will come out in 18 months, my bet it will be a “miracle” sooner release, because they ALREADY have it, and are holding it until there was enough death, economic destruction, and DESPERATION that the Govts of the world will pay ANY price to get, to END the carnage. Oh, and a kicker, it is a self fulfilling and repetitive narrative, by social distancing, people will NOT develop herd immunity, virtually guaranteeing a 2nd, MORE deadly spate in a few months or a year.

        Great gig for a terrorist if you can get it. This is biological TERRORISM. This is a terroristic PLOT to destroy the worlds economies, kill millions, remove Trump, AND make TRILLIONS by eliminating of disparaging anything but the “cure” you and you ONLY can supply.

        MANIACAL. Gates has REVEALED himself and HIS role. For him to do so NOW means but ONE thing, he is SCARED his carefully laid plot may be blown up by Trump. There is MASSIVE questioning now of both the models AND Dr Doom. Now Trump is getting ready to take Fauchi OUT of the loop by a 2nd task force, this one on the economy. Trump is ALSO stockpiling AND touting Chloroquine + Azithromycin.

        That can mean ONLY one thing. Trump is getting ready to END this farce on the medical end by flooding the country with the CURE, AND reopening the economy at the SAME time. Gates is scared that his scheme is unraveling, and his mole, Fauchi, may be EXPOSED. Gates sees his TRILLIONS evaporating.

        There will be NO NEED for his “vaccine” if Trump ends the shutdown, provides the cure, and ENDS the FEAR by doing it.

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        1. Can’t argue with your presentation.

          Some of us have been understanding Bill Gates’ long-term agenda for decades. He knew, oh yeah, he knew years ago and invested in poison vaccines…they all knew what they were up to.

          I am not somebody who believes that there is a conspiracy behind every physical action in the world, but some of these things add up like 1 + 1 = 2…you just can’t dismiss a certain progression of sequential actions.

          My past and painful work resume includes time (prison/handler) in Moscow, pre 1989, East Germany, Romania, Poland…so I know propaganda when I see it.

          This ungodly and wicked thing going on here in our beloved nation about this virus…(there’s a 1000 lies about it)…and make no mistake, the virus is real, but it is a bio/political/media engineered thing that was designed by China and many accomplices to accomplish one thing: to destroy the American economy in an election year…and by God and a half of a piece of common sense of wisdom and political math, XI Jingping, who our POTUS exposed and cornered…is right in the center mix of this from its original root. But he had his helpers and deep state players are part of it, including snakes in the grass like Mitch McConnell and other head fakes in both parties.

          I confess, I am firm believer in our God Whose works are known to Him from the Beginning…

          And there is no payback worse than God’s retribution of holy karma when it is released against dominions of evil.

          Be blessed people…hang onto truth and facts, and let not your hearts be weary in well doing.


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        2. His appearance at that conference, and his subject matter, were the “GO” signal to his co-conspirators, in particular in the ChiCom universe.

          To be quite blunt, considering his abortiphile lineage, he is a maladjusted, malevolent, math-challenged Malthusian Misanthrope.

          And that’s the best I can say about him…..

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          1. I disagree, with the first part. His appearance yesterday was to, as we see later from the positive messaged task force conference, regain the narrative. He knows his op is being shut down, and he is about to lose TRILLIONs, and I hope MORE, like his freedom.

            The “Go” signal was issued the day before or the day after Trump was acquitted in the Senate. If we look hard enough, I bet we can find the ACTUAL signal, and WHO gave it by looking at statements and interviews by Cabal in that time frame.

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        1. Thank you Angel. I will check at the prayer wall to see if there is an update for Weeper and Cindy P. or might you have already asked Bren if she got an update on them at the prayer wall. I’m running low on gas tonight. Even though today was steroid and chemo day, and usually I am bouncing off the walls on day 1 of each round, tonight is way different. I’m flaking and found me sleeping at the computer.
          Thank you for the prayers. God surely has this. In three weeks I go for brain, neck MRI and full bod CTscan. Get evaluation and possibly just go on immunotherapy from there. Doc never even mentioned radiation on brain as a possibility today. Thank God.

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          1. I talk with Bren and Kal just about every day. No news whatsovever about Weeper and Cindyp. We keep praying for them anyway.

            Kal seems to be doing a little better with ghe chemo. A bit fatigued, but he’s headed into his week off of chemo so he’s a happy camper.

            I continue to pray for you for God to help you navigate your course with minimal suffering.

            Shalom and 💜🌹💜🙏

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              1. Thank you Angel. I may be on my last round now. Tests 3 weeks from now, then verdict. Hopefully no radiation on brain, just continuing immunotherapy. Shalom. 🙂

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              2. 🙂 Today I sat next to a lady also at infusion therapy, who has lymphoma. Poor lady has husband with Parkinson and another very debilitating disease. He obviously needs her desperately. Her first name is same aas my middle name.. I offered her a green scapular. She was very appreciative of it.

                Funny, my personal infusion nurse has the same first name as me. My middle name is not common. My first name was popular for my generation, but not at all in the decade my nurse was born. You can tell I am bored by just hearing me deduce minutia. Lolol

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              3. I’m not bored. Cuz we care about you so much.

                Btw…plain as name seems to be…when I was young teenager, the dream girl in my eyes named Jane, gorgeous, beautiful girl, one of virgins standing…she was a little older than me, but by golly, she’s the “famous Jane” in my life.


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              4. Thank you Angel. Jane is actually a lovely name. When I originally went online in the 80s I was Shadrach. Someone else eventually took it so I spontaneously selected PJ.

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        1. OMG same!

          I feel like death by suffocation might hit them instead of CCP virus. Yikes. Creative I’ll give them that!

          Only thing ive seen is two Asians yell at each other because one worked at a doctors office and was grocery shopping.

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      1. This is just sad and dehumanizing. Nobody should have to walk around with a grocery bag wrapped around their head just to get food. Bill Gates and the Democrats pushing this mask agenda are horrible people for pressuring people into humiliating themselves.

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        1. Going to get worse before it gets better, whenever it does. Kiddo justs goes around saying how stupid all this is…from the mouth of a 6 yr old who is always sick. And he watches tucker carlson too.

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          1. I was a sickly child, then went away to college and mysteriously got better, then came home again for summer break, then went to school and got better…..and only over my sophomore break realized how allergic I was to: (a) our pet dogs; (b) our pet cat; (c) our lawn; and (d) the dust around Newhall. Each one didn’t trigger me in an obvious way because I was constantly bathed in the other ones, but going away to the coast and coming back eventually clued-me in.

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            1. Its possible there is a cluster of allergens here. I was sickly also but he is different than myself. Hes been tested and no changes. Lets see if we move out of CA sooner than later….

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            2. I developed allergies at about age 10. My mom blamed black eyed susans.

              Same thing happened as with you, except it had to wait until after college, because I went home most weekends (90 mile drive). My first job was in the PRK. Coming back for holidays…WOW the allergies are back. Even in the dead of winter.

              It was the dog.

              My mom was unable to accept that, psychologically, until I laid it out for her–she was in the medical field.

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            3. Coat maintenance is a pain, but dogs with hair, not fur, don’t put off the dander that causes allergies. I was skeptical until we got two Havanese after a shepherd mix and a lab. The miniature schnauzer also had hair. Some other terrier breeds are non-shedding, and some water retrieving dogs like poodles, fall into this category. Like I said, the coats require maintenance, but the dogs are great friends.

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              1. Yes poodles (are more likely to not give you problems.

                Our dogs and cats have to be outdoor animals. You can get away with pets IF you have a very, very clean room you sleep in. Just a bed PERIOD. I finally got relief many years ago when I made everything in my bedroom washable. I tossed the curtains and bedding into the wash and wiped down the floor/walls/ceiling. A towel was stuffed along the door and also got washed.

                That was back in the early 70s when all the good air filtration systems and allergen bags for mattress and pillows were not common.


          2. I actually think it is about to get BETTER, MUCH better. Trump just stockpiled MILLIONS of doses of hydroxychloroquine. He is making a 2nd task force, on the economy, AND Gates is out there peddling more FEAR. Gates is the one who is AFRAID, or he would not RISK revealing himself in this scheme.

            People will SOON learn about Gate’s mock event, exactly what is happening now, Gates owning the PATENT on some VACCINES, AND Gates being the MAIN funding for the IMHE study that ALL the models of doom and death are based on. Gates sees his biological terrorism WEAPON going bye bye, and his TRILLIONS from the patented vaccine, that will NOT be needed when Trump provides chloroquine in MASS quantities to be used as a CURE and prophylaxes, and he does it for FREE.

            Gates stands to lose TRILLIONS, AND could be exposed as the RINGMASTER of this circus that killed so many and made many times that suffer and lose their livelihoods. IF it is EVER discovered that Gates was complicit, he and his billions will soon be PARTED, along with his freedom, and perhaps even his life, for crimes against humanity. NO ONE will defend or save him either, they will simply SACRIFICE him and move on.

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              1. We WILL, they will NOT be able to HIDE it, I assume you mean the ops going on around the country. Was I right? Did you see POTUS and the VP EXUDE positivity. Even Dr Doom and Lady Deathstrike were not their usual doom and gloom selves.

                They KNOW something, like perhaps the ACTUAL cure rate of Chloroquine from the NY study, or they have FINALLY seen that the models are CRAP. Maybe BOTH. Notice that the deaths went DOWN in NY for 2 days straight, right as the Chloroquine study was coming due. I bet it was overwhelmingly positive as a cure for the MOST sick, AND as a prophylaxes.

                We WILL know in 2 to 3 more days, they will NOT hide it, they are probably applying it to the OTHER hot spots as we speak, and we WILL see similar results. I KNOW that is it.

                Know why? fully HALF of the press conference was trying to get Trump to downplay Chloroquine or ATTACK it. That told me it IS the cure, and they want their weapon, and Trump is TAKING it from them.

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              2. Just saw the ny rate went up like 3000. Seems like when theres something good, something negative counters. But the right to try needs to take precedence over bs like needing to be in the hospital t o obtain meds.

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        1. scuba gear is also catching on down here in south florida…nothing says “social distancing” quite like wearing scuba gear into the supermarket or to walk the dog.

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          1. Gosh, what are the people who walk up and down the grocery aisles with a Bluetooth ear piece, talking loudly to the person on the other end, going to manage now if they are wearing bags over their heads? They might just starve to death since apparently they can’t grocery shop without non-stop conversation.

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      2. Can’t take any of these seriously. They are either intentionally mocking the ignorant government decrees or stoopid beyond redemption.

        Betting all pics in D-Rat strongholds.

        Being an uncharitable type with D-rats, warped funny, at their expense.

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    1. When they get to the stage where they go around shooting people (or putting them in disinfection chambers) and watching them die, it’ll be psychologically easier on the killers if the victims are already masked.

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      1. Ahh…you said it for me. You dont see the human and no one notices. How easy would it be to just start visiting homes at night and rounding up “noncompliant ” people? Its a thought.

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  1. Does anyone know of any Republican politicians pushing the masks? The only one I’ve seen so far is Senator Pat Toomey, but I’m not sure that RINO counts as a Republican.

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  2. Couple pieces of good news.
    HVAC guys along with scientists, figures out the virus can live for 14+ days at about 40 degrees.
    Yet, at 104 degrees, the virus dies in about 5 minutes.
    They figured out a way to reverse engineer the “blow” of a commercial oven to sterilize the interior of commercial kitchens. Pretty cool, eh?

    Another thing,
    We need the article from Scientific American March 11th. The BOSS of the Level 4 lab in Wuhan is interviewed and said, “Oh my, did it come from our lab?”
    Later on, in subsequent articles, she is also quoted as saying, “On my life, it did not come from our lab” but we still don’t know.

    One more.
    Washington Examiner, Bill Gertz is interviewed here about his article on Patient Zero.
    Looks like it was a young female researcher from the Level 4 lab who became infected.
    Her funeral was in early December, and many people from that funeral became infected.
    She has disappeared.

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    1. That is very cool (or should I say hot) about the HVAC guys & sterilizing the kitchens!! Does the kitchen temp get to 104 degrees??

      Reminds me of a story my Marine buddy told me in his emails from Iraq – they were out on their scouting run, and something happened to the Humvee engine. They HAD to get back to base, and the only way they could keep the engine from overheating was to run the heat FULL BLAST in 115 degree weather wearing their full gear !!! Hell on wheels !!!!!!!

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      1. Sounds like my BLACK Diesel Pk-up. The temperatures were 95-100+ here in NC with high humidity. The only way to keep the engine from over heating that summer was to run the heater full blast. And of course the problem was worse when sitting in traffic. I quit wearing long sleeve cowboy shirts with my jeans that summer.

        To do it in full military gearin 115F? Those poor guys! I hope the humidity was low!

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        1. Gail 🤓😂😀 And they couldn’t even roll down a window.

          He used to sign off his emails by telling me the daily high temp In Ramadi (a truly hellish deployment) then “But it’s a dry heat!!!” One of our more mild laughs to keep the guy sane. 🇺🇸🇺🇸


    2. Before I left Newhall for good, there was one summer when it hit 127 degrees. At about 110, you start getting this weird effect when you walk out of an air-conditioned building and you hit the thermocline like a wall. It has a physical presence, and after smacking into it, you have to shove your way through.

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    3. Happy to hear about the high temps working. I’ve been leaving non-perishables and even incoming mail in my vehicle for a couple of days to give it a heat treatment before bringing into the house. If you have sun, cars can get pretty hot. Especially near the roof (I have a 3rd party shelf above the window.

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      1. There’s a thing about Amish quilts that they always have a flaw (even if only hard-core experienced quilters can see it) — because perfection is for The Lord.

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  3. The more the models keep changing…the information keeps morphing…the goalposts keep shifting…you just have to wonder…

    …or something even more nefarious is going on…

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    1. Like Fauci having vaccine patents, or getting funded by Bill Gates, and continually shilling for vaccines for coronavirus — which has never had one that was successful?

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  4. I’ve been reading up on Cinchona trees.

    Since our source of Quinine comes from Cinchona trees…I was curious about where they are grown and about the world-wide propagation/production of them.

    This site gives a really good overview:


    I was curious about whether these Cinchona trees could be grown here in the US.

    The trees need tropical rain forest conditions…and grow best at elevations above 3000 ft.
    So unfortunately, Hawaii is our only state that could grow them.
    Maybe Puerto Rico.

    And I think Cinchona is being grown in Hawaii!
    But I haven’t been able to learn how much, yet.

    I found this site in Hawaii that sells Cinchona Liquid Extract:


    But they have been swamped with orders and are currently Out of Stock.

    Peru has been a good source of Cinchona bark.
    But…the commies in charge there have been derelict in replenishing their trees…so their national Cinchona trees are suffering as a result.

    The bad news is, it takes 8 to 10 years for a Cinchona tree to be big enough to harvest the bark.

    The good news is…Cinchona trees are being grown in tropical places around the world, like India, Indonesia, Central America and South America.

    So we are not dependent on just Venezuela for a source of Quinine.

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    1. As I recall from my own study on tonic water, the Cinchona trees were almost driven to extinction over demand for Quinine.

      Fortunately, a method was discovered for synthesizing Quinine in the lab, which prevented the decimation of the Cinchona tree.

      As I understand it all Quinine in the U.S. supply chain today is synthesized.

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      1. Really? Oh, that’s good to know!

        I didn’t run across that in my searches.
        But I wasn’t using any search-words that would’ve pulled that up, either.

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        1. Try looking at the history of tonic water and you should find some details… it’s been a while since I dug into it, and that was totally for my own personal curiosity.

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          1. I’m pretty sure that the stuff you find on grocery shelves is a weakened, sweetened, shadow of what “tonic water” once was. I vaguely recall — possibly from 100-year-old novels set in the tropics — that the “tonic water” that Imperial England was using was almost a cinchona sludge that you might want to filter before drinking.

            I picked-up a pound of cinchona bark recently for $24, just to play with. There is a lot of information about teas and tinctures and various usages, dosages, and practices — much of it over a hundred years old and found on paper.

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      2. As I understand it, that’s the difference between chloroquine and quinine. The latter is a natural extract (mainly used for flavorings) and the former is synthetic (mainly used as medication).

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    2. My grandma who died about 25 yrs ago at 102 was a big fan of quinine water. She owned a package liquor store an I remember bottles of it. She also pushed elderberry (sambucus) brandy for most any sickies.
      Diarrhea – cook regular barley until done ( not instant) drain water into a pot and cook a couple of potatoes in the barley water and eat them mashed. Natural electrolyte replenishment. Grandma was also a big fan of homeopathic medicine.

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      1. In about 5th grade, I became prone to boils. My family had Kaiser at the time, so we bounced around a lot*.

        Just by chance, we bounced onto an old army doc who gave us detailed instructions about icthammol. He said, “looks like tar, smells like tar — it’s non-prescription, but you have to ask the pharmacist for it — trowel a thick layer over the boil, bandage, and warm compresses.” As we left, my dad scowled about “horse liniment”, but we bought it. Went home, did what we had been told, and the next day it had expelled almost the entire boil into the bandage.

        Those mustard plasters, drawing salves, tonic waters, vermifuges, and febrifuges were doing something right, and it was wrong for industrial medicine to have shoved them aside.

        *Kaiser is totally industrialized medicine — you go in, and the weighing-person weighs you; the BP person records your BP into the chart; your temperature person takes your temperature and your “intake” person records why you think you’re there…..so when you actually get the random doctor du jour, they are supposed to have everything necessary to determine your course of treatment. Even if you came in with a hangnail.

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        1. Cthulhu, perfectly said. I agree with it all. Our ancestors didn’t have modern meds. They had wisdom of the ages medicine. How else did they survive nine-ten decades.

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            1. Me either, however one time when the HS put on a blood drive, a nurse friend was volunteering to take vitals for the blood drive. She took my BP and said it was high. I told her that’s how I normally roll. She gave the go ahead to give blood. After I gave blood, I asked her to take my BP again just for the heck of it. She did. It was normal. Kind of like blood sucking leeches lowering BP me assumes. Lolol

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              1. Once. i quit after a week. My BP is all over the place depending on how PO’d I am about something.
                Now I just tell the medicos when they tell me I have high BP that that just means my heart is beating good and strong for a 74 year old.

                When my PC (you know that really stands for politically correct doctor, not just primary care) started in on me about how BP pills would protect my kidneys since I am diabetic I looked at him with a KMA look and said it didn’t help DH. DH was on stupid BP pills and was just diagnosed with stage 4 kidney by him. The PC’s facial expression, after some quirky eye movements indicated he was trapped. BTW, DH was not Stage 4 but Stage 3 when diagnosed by a doc downstate. Big difference, plus he didn’t need BP pills.

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        2. I have icthammol up in the cabinet. Vets still use the stuff. And yes it is great for drawing out infection. Unfortunately the pony we were using it on had an metal splinter in his upper leg and it kept producing a boil when ever he worked. We finally had the vet do exploratory surgery and he found it.

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    3. Interesting info about the Cinchona trees. I was under the impression they grew on the slopes of the Andes which would definitely not be tropical rain forest. That would be more in the SE area of Angel Falls.
      There’s a small town at the very southern end of the Oregon coast (Brookings) that has a unique climate…and many unusual things can be grown there. I was told, for example, several decades ago it was the first area able to grow what was then an exotic fruit called kiwi. I know Myrtle wood trees that are quite rare grow there.
      Of course that unusual climate has to do with the warm currents from the ocean and…location, location.
      Used to have close family that lived there for decades but all gone now, so there are others here that may have better current information. But, wouldn’t it nice to develop a source right on our mainland…as well as give a boost to the economy there.

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    1. Not quite…though I like the way he’s thinking.

      Flu deaths have gone DOWN, because fewer people are contracting it thanks to all of the precautions.

      So compare the death rate, to (last year’s death rate minus the delta in flu deaths) and you could have a very good answer.

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  6. Since we are beginning a solar minimum and temps are lower will we see longer flu seasons with chances for viruses to linger and adapt? Im thinking about how cold its been even here for months. Kiddo illness just lingering, but cleared up when it was hot just 2 weeks in February.

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        1. Depends on which black plague.

          The plague of Justinian was in the mid 500s, and they’re really not sure about that one (it might not even have been the same thing as the Black Death); there is some argument over whether there was a two-three year cold snap with crop failures and famine at that time (likely due to a big volcanic eruption, like Tambora 1815).

          The medieval Black Death (which arguably helped end the Middle Ages–for those lucky enough to survive) came towards the end of the Medieval Warm Period, which had brought about a great increase in population. Europe, in fact was so overpopulated that land was scarce, and the climate was likely just starting to cool, so the sonofabitch hit Europe at precisely the worst time.

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          1. We repeat cycles and I was thinking along the lines of the medieval in comparison . Seems to me we are seeing similarities. The change in weather over the last year is very obvious . We are still running the heater and wearing pants and sweaters. Nothing like CO, obviously, but for an inland Mediterranean climate its making me want to take notice. Invest in a greenhouse and some real cold weather clothes.

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            1. Our weather is so variable here, even under “normal” circumstances. We can have pleasant days in December or January…but we also get “Siberian Express” weather where it doesn’t get above zero (F!) for over a week.

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  7. This was posted in comments OT. It is unlike other doctor testimonials. Is anyone here knowledgable about high altitude sickness? He says the illness is an oxygen starvation, not respiratory failure (muscle failure), and ventilators as they are currently being programmed might be harming rather than helping.

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    1. Why not give the patients concentrated therapeutic oxygen?

      Sounds like that’s what they need…instead of a ventilator.

      And I agree with Plain Jane, this guy is very courageous for speaking out!

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      1. We were talking about that here! About stashing away a tank of oxygen. I forgot who it was here who had a tank at home, but I thought that was awesome.

        Yeah, I think we’re onto this stuff. Gotta KILL THE VIRUS FAST AND COMPLETELY.

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        1. Hospitals have the good stuff…concentrated oxygen.

          But doctors are screwed down so tight on ‘Accepted Practices’ because of their liability insurance…that they are reluctant to do something that is outside of what has been ‘accepted’.

          But giving these patients some concentrated O2 is not going to hurt them.

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        2. Worm medicine also kills those pesky viruses – and wolves probably need regular worming just like puppy dogs.


          The ScienceDirect journal, Antiviral Research, published an article by a group of Australian researchers from Monash University in Melbourne reporting that Ivermectin appears to be effective at inhibiting the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

          The article states:

          • Ivermectin is an inhibitor of the COVID-19 causative virus (SARS-CoV-2) in vitro.
          • A single treatment able to effect ∼5000-fold reduction in virus at 48h in cell culture.
          • Ivermectin is FDA-approved for parasitic infections, and therefore has a potential for repurposing.
          • Ivermectin is widely available, due to its inclusion on the WHO model list of essential medicines.


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              1. Not WuFlu, but – Here is an example of a catastrophic mistake of a parasite being mistaken for cancer.

                BY ARISTOS GEORGIOU ON 2/4/20 AT 6:29 AM EST

                “…underwent surgery and during the procedure, surgeons removed around 65 percent of her liver, her whole gallbladder and some parts of her lungs….”

                – – – –

                Alveolar echinococcosis is a rare parasitic disease caused by the fox tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis, which is endemic in many parts of the world. Without timely diagnosis and therapy, the prognosis is dismal, with death the eventual outcome in most cases. Diagnosis is usually based on findings at radiologic imaging and in serologic analyses. Because echinococcal lesions can occur almost anywhere in the body, familiarity with the spectrum of cross-sectional imaging appearances is advantageous. Echinococcal lesions may produce widely varied imaging appearances depending on the parasite’s growth stage, the tissues or organs affected, and the presence of associated complications. Although the liver is the initial site of mass infestation by E multilocularis, the parasite may disseminate from there to other organs and tissues, such as the lung, heart, brain, bones, and ligaments. In severe infestations, the walls of the bile ducts and blood vessels may be invaded. Disseminated parasitic lesions in unusual locations with atypical imaging appearances may make it difficult to narrow the differential diagnosis. …””

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            1. Just read that some vets take pet/large animal worm treatments – that it’s the same as human medication.
              “Terry – 5 years ago
              I know several Vets that take the dog wormer/parsite medication everytime they worm their dogs. Its fine for human use and in USA its so hard to get stuff for parsites. Docs will look at you like your crazy, rest of the world its a known thing. Even broadcast it over the news reminding people to take it.”

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        3. Wolf, I’m posting this as a reply because I want you to see this ASAP.

          COVID-19 probably not Pneumonia at all

          New paper out of China sounds good to me (it uses numerical methods, which I am comfortable with)

          https://chemrxiv.org/articles/COVID- 19_Disease_ORF8_and_Surface_Glycoprotein_Inhibit_Heme_Metabolism_by_Binding_to_Porphyrin/11938173

          Basically, the virus attacks the HEME of red blood cells, destroying their ability to absorb oxygen and carbon dioxide. This also matches up with what I was experiencing, low (<93) and variable blood-oxygen saturation when sitting in front of my computer (not exercising)

          The fulltext PDF is at


          ARDS is atypical – COVID-19 does not appear to be normal viral.

          The death rate in ventilators is 86%, so this Surgeon is reporting something I expected. Watch this video:

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        4. And yeah, it was me talking about talking to doc about getting Rx for supplemental oxygen. Even a concentrator Rx would make a BIG difference for people with infected/impaired heme.

          In this disease, ventilators KILL!
          Stupid NY Gov wants vents.

          ignorance kills.
          Media complicit ignorance is CCP criminal!

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          1. Here is something very interesting.

            I started on double my daily intake of ZINC this morning at 6 AM – about 20 mg. Slept very well with nose breathing. The effect was wearing off over the day after I woke up around noon. At 3:15 I drank a cup of tonic water. 30 minutes later I experienced something like hyperventilation. I’m now adapting to it by controlling my breathing.

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            1. Yes, I seeing reports from another source of zinc being ESSENTIAL part of the equation. I’m using a liquid for better absorption. Hard to compare mgs to mgs because of it though. I just know it is helping. Here’s one from a fellow with an autoimmune condition…

              “I am seeing improvement with Zinc and a Zinc ionophore.

              Twice now after taking them I woke up without an alarm or for any reason after getting 4 hours of sleep feeling completely rested. Very strange as I can sleep for 8 hours no problem.

              For months I always felt tired and out of energy no matter how much sleep I got. At one point I was sleeping 8 hours a night and taking a 1 hour nap in the afternoon. “

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            2. Another Zinc report:

              I just read that the Picolinic Acid (produced by combining with Tryptophan during digestion) acts somewhat like an ionophore. Taking 25mg of the Zinc Picolinate makes a big difference for me, far different from the zinc capsules that I was taking a few days ago…

              But I am not sure yet, just looking for info after just a couple of doses…

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              1. All the anti-microbials are to be cautiously used as they are often anti-metabolites. In other words they slow YOU and your processes down too. For some of us we are not robust to take the collateral damage.


    2. I answered him:

      Wolf Moon
      1 second ago

      Cameron – I’m a retired scientist and former climber who got this disease back in January (classic symptoms, including shortness of breath – now permanent), and what you are describing is EXACTLY what I thought. I have been telling people that “I’m permanently stuck at 7000 feet in the Colorado Rockies”. I sleep worse just like when I was in the mountains. Very lucky I’m not at 11,000 feet – that would not have been long-term survivable for me. I can likely live 10-20 more years with this, if it doesn’t progress, but I have a feeling that it DOES PROGRESS. I don’t think the virus is gone. It seems like it’s still there. Quinine and zinc helped me AFTER recovery, but the side effects of quinine are nasty, so I’m taking a break. I had to get MacGyver and self-treat because I’m supposedly cured and can’t get HCQ/AZM/Zn and my doc is not a specialist, etc. Nobody knows how to deal with this, so my fellow online researchers are working constantly on understanding (wqth.wordpress.com). We think a lot of us got it – two of us had intermediate cases like mine (no hospitals). Would love to get into a study.

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    3. I’m getting this everywhere!

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      1. I believe that Jewish Dr outside of NY? who had great results with the new med combo, 699 people saved, strongly recommended no ventilators or you would die.

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        1. I am totally believing that doctor (Zelenko). He is very honest and his speculations and mine are very much in sync. His drug regimen is saving lives.

          What Dr. Cameron is saying is that it may be possible to reprogram ventilators to treat this disease. I think THAT is right, too.

          Here is my suggestion for both MASKS and VENTS:

          Based on this discussion, another doctor who understands SARS has put out some cutting-edge ideas on how to beat this:

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          1. This is just so great. Wolfie!! Cutting edge!! A family member suffered from altitude sickness on Mt Everest. The symptoms sound so similar.

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            1. Now we know where to strike with treatments!!! It is OXYGENATION. The VIRUS is interfering with oxygenation somehow.

              This may have evolutionary advantage in BATS that need to SLOW DOWN for an entire winter. The virus may actually be symbiotic for bats.

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              1. Yes , the oxygenation! Its all very tricky with many layers and more far reaching than at first thought thats for sure. Thats a very interesting thought about the bats!

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    4. The high-altitude understanding is catching fire on Twitter!!!

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        1. If they are using ventilators incorrectly, why the fuck are we making them by the 10s of thousands, I was ALWAYS suspicious in people needing and requesting a100X more ventilators than there are to RUN them, let alone MAINTAIN them. Not just ANYONE can run a ventilator. It is VERY specialized. There are even FEWER people who know how to REPAIR them if something goes wrong.

          If they are being used incorrectly, OR by unqualified individuals, and IF they knew that and STILL pushed them AND asked for MORE, this scheme is WORSE than we thought. They really WERE planning on making those projections TRUE.

          Think of it, who set the protocol to use a ventilator? Are they being used TOO son, thinking they will progress to pneumonia, only to CAUSE more death than if NOTHING had been done. Is it the CDC who set those guidelines and procedures to treat Covid 19? Dr’s especially OVERWHELMED Dr’s will follow approved protocols without much question OR investigation,

          The question AGAIN comes back to WHO set the protocols of using a ventilator in the FIRST PLACE. Was it China? the WHO? the CDC? NIH? WHO. Someone set the regimen, the others are merely FOLLOWING a FLAWED regimen, most WITHOUT question.

          That is a recipe for a true disaster. One we are seeing in REAL time in NY. The ventilator use as directed by protocol may actually be producing DEATH, and not stopping death. That would be BEYOND negligent, that would be…too horrible to say..but PLANNED.

          The want to take numerous MONTHS to study the effects of Chloroquine and a massive amount of trials and tests. But NO ONE thought to study the BLOOD itself to see if it was HYPOXIA and not Pneumonia. They just ASSUMED and directed others to follow? Who is the irresponsible ones again?

          Pure EVIL, beyond STUPID, or even incompetent, it is even BEYOND negligent. Someone gave that protocol. It started SOMEWHERE, and it CAN be traced to a SPECIFIC person or set of persons. Dr’s did NOT just pull the ventilator use out of their asses, they were INSTRUCTED to do so. Find the SOURCE. Then we will see if there was an agenda!

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      1. Wolfie!!! Hubby said to reread the info on nitric oxide, which is used in viagra to get oxygen to the penis. He read today, they are trying it for Covid – I gotta run but will be back later.

        Can you get the nitric oxide message to that youtube doc?

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          1. Thanks!! I wondered how you messaged him earlier. I’ll try to find the nitric oxide threads from earlier days. Hopefully Gail & Daughn will see this and be able to help.

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          2. NITRIC OXIDE (from my notes)

            4. Potential Interventions for Novel Coronavirus in China: A Systematic Review
            Lei Zhang, Yunhui Liu* Department of Neurosurgery, Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University
            Received: 30 January 2020 | Accepted: 4 February 2020

            “…Chloroquine is a 9-aminoquinoline known since 1934. Apart from its well-known antimalarial effects, the drug also has many interesting biochemical propertiesincluding antiviral effect. In addition, it had been used against viral infection90. Moreover, chloroquine was also found to be a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection through interfering with ACE2, one of cell surface binding sites for S protein of SARS-CoV 91….
            Antiviral treatments
            3.1. Ribavirin
            3.2. Lopinavir (LPV)/ritonavir (RTV) (Kaletra)
            3.3. Remdesivir
            3.4. Nelfinavir
            3.5 Arbidol
            3.6. Nitric oxide
            There are also other treatments such as Vitamin C and Nitric Oxide.

            25 Nitrate Rich Foods, Ranked

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    5. I saw this in the wee hours OT as well. What a great doctor – aligns completely with what Dr. Zelenko said. No ventilators, death sentence.

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        1. Yes he did, He wanted the doses BEFORE the patient became so bad they needed a ventilator. That begs the NEW question. Does Trump KNOW or suspect the ventilators are the wrong treatment? If he does, why ship so many? Trump’s natural instinct may have lead him to request millions of doses to Chloroquine to prevent the ventilators, because he has seen the % of people who DIE once ventilators are used, and sees the NEED to stop it before the vent.

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        1. For me, it’s any day with a slow internet connection,

          Which has been ALL of them lately; I ran out of data over a week ago, and my provider throttled me back. YouTube is unwatchable even at low resolution. The News Roundup takes ten minutes to load.

          Tuesday will be the dawn of a new age here…

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  8. I feel a bit better on the WuFlu status as now, although far too slowly, the spread of the successful HCQ/ZPak/zinc regimen appears to be inevitable.

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    1. Carl – there is now an understanding of why the vents are a death sentence – that video Alison found above. This is VERY CRITICAL. We have to stop the maltreatment of patients!!!

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      1. President Trump was crystal clear ventilators are NOT the answer at yesterday’s presser.

        Fauci, Brix and YSM did NOT challenge President Trump’s assertion that, no one wants to go on the ventilator.

        HCQ good news in bits and pieces daily. ZERO bad press.

        The 29 milliuon HCQ in the National Stockpile are being pre-positioned to treat EVERY ChiCom-19 patient. This will include out patients NV ignorant guv said can’t have HCQ. President trump will over ride hateful D-Rat guvs.
        Posted in the daily news…

        Tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday at the latest, there will be a massive push for HCQ, Zpaks and zinc. Offered to all positives without heart issues, or reasons to NOT take it.

        Also HCQ will be pushed as a preventive to ChiCom-19.

        Easter Sunday celebrated widely and openly.

        Monday the 12th, back to work.

        Americans win. Trump wins.

        The entrenched bureaucracy of CDC and FDA massive black eyes. Gates needs to be fully exposed.

        MAGA. KAG. Winning.
        MAY will yield no less than five Trump rallies.

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        1. “President Trump was crystal clear ventilators are NOT the answer at yesterday’s presser.”
          Yes, I was struck by his repetition and also that the things everyone was clamoring for — ventilators — apparently are not getting the job done.

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        2. Let’s be part of that push everywhere we can. I’m thinking of standing on a street corner with a “Demand anti-malaria medication now” and my governor’s contact info.

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  9. this post might be out of sync…this is a Reply to cthulhu …first post above in this thread…

    something not mentioned in that zerhedge article/link ….and directly related to COVID-19, Gates and his Foundation…is this…

    ID 2020 and Partners Launch program To Provide Digital ID With Vaccines (emphasis added)…



    Sept 21, 2019

    within that article is a link to this…

    ID 2020 Alliance



    and if you scroll down that page, go to We Are …and notice how they are “steering markets”…

    then go here…


    …and click on Partners …and there you’ll see Microsoft

    this is what Bill Gates is up to.


    forcing Digital ID’s on everyone… mandatory digital ID’s through mandatory “vaccines”.

    so essentially anyone who does not have one will be barred from going anywhere and engaging in anything…like buying and selling.

    I posted this a few days ago…thought it might be helpful to post it all again re cthulhu’s posted info above.

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  10. Oh the ChiCom’s thought they would get away with the spreading of the virus.

    India drags China to International Court over COVID19 Biological War:

    Direct link:

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        1. Well…there’s no enforcement issue with someone giving the other party money.

          Let’s say the International Court fines China, oh, say, 500 billion dollars. Who enforces that?

          Obama was willing to abide by the ruling, and give Iran the money. Xi won’t be.

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            1. The Chinese assets here are probably woefully insufficient (never mind that this is India suing China, not us–but lets say it IS us for the sake of argument).

              They’d simply retaliate in kind, and we still would not have recovered our damages.

              The International Court is a paper tiger.


              1. “The Chinese assets here are probably woefully insufficient…”

                Steve, the ChiComs own lots of Land and Businesses here.

                Remember that study that Wilbur Ross did about this, back in 2017?

                That study was a real eye-opener.
                The word ‘vast’ is appropriate here.

                We’re talking trillions…in assets that the ChiComs have here.

                They also own large chunks of stock shares in Media Companies, Film Studios and Entertainment Companies.

                I agree that International Court is a paper tiger, though.
                It doesn’t have any way of enforcing judgements.

                But…a ‘win’ in the Int’l Court would create a precedent that could be used in lawsuits here.
                So there’s that.

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      1. Why arent we hearing/learning of US mil deaths?

        If subT combat was taking place, our guys would be taking INEVITABLE losses.


        1. IDK. I’m not in the war room nor did I get a look at the communications plan.

          If something is happening, and I suspect there is, but what is a good question given the distraction of the COVID-19 fiasco, we won’t know about it until it’s all over, if then.

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          1. No way we would NOT know about mil casualties. Families would know. Funerals. Word would get out. Unavoidable. Inevitable.

            Jus’ sayin’

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              1. IF….if….subterranean combat is taking place, casualties are INEVITABLE.

                Underground combat is 100x more lethal than above ground, for an entire host of reasons. For example…

                One doesnt need to be hit by shrapnel from a bomb to get killed. Just the concussive blast from the explosives are enough to kill. Above ground that concussive blast very QUICKLY dissipates, reducing the lethal radius of the blast.

                However, underground there is no free space for that same blast to disperse. Instead, it gets CHANNELLED into the free space that is available….making an explosion 100x more lethal underground thanit would be above ground.

                And there is no protection from concussive blast. Body armor and ear muffs wont save you.

                IF…if subT combat was taking place, there would most def. be explosives being used. Ergo, there most def would be casualties.

                And Im just limiting this example to ONE of a whole host of amplified and increased mortality risks.

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              2. Sure. There are a host of “natural” sewer gasses that are flammable/explosive. Like methane, for instance.


              3. That’s a STORM DRAIN, not a sewer. I can’t imagine any metro putting the two together even if ours here are side by side.

                Would rotting leaves create enough methane for that? I mean, our storm drains are always full of rotting leaves and I’ve never heard of the storm drains having explosions.


              4. Those sewer fires happen every year, from what I understand.

                In other words, this isn’t evidence of your fantasy.

                And FG&C has brought up something which should make you think very hard about this craziness you are pushing.


              5. You seriously don’t know the difference between a sewer and a storm drain? I happen to live in the metro region that wrote the book on American storm drain civil engineering. Trust me, nothing ever explodes in them without a whole lot of old motor oil. We don’t have the natural gas mines as seen in Indian Jones and the Last Crusade.

                Hey, I’m just sitting back and watching. Smoke coming out of a storm drain ain’t normal. Just sayin’.

                And when, exactly, was the last time a SEWER exploded, just for argument’s sake given all the venting along the path to the treatment plants.

                (I’ll explain why I know about this [$#!+] someday.)


              6. CORRECTION.

                These STORM DRAIN fires happen every year in London, from what I understand. This was brought up in a different location, and we are hoping Churchmouse will clarify/confirm


              7. Damn if I know.

                In any case, even if I’m wrong about the drains…how do you explain the matter that FG&C brought up?

                That’s LETHAL to your unsubstantiated tunnel fantasy, and you won’t acknowledge it.


              8. BOVINE EXCREMENT! If anything, it bolsters it.

                At this point, we’re in believe as a child does territory, just like sub-atomic particles and faith in Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.

                I don’t know about you, but I’m watching a movie during Holy Week. When someone comes up with a better explanation for burnt tire level smoke from STORM DRAINS than motor oil, I’ll entertain the notion. Are DUMBs being destroyed? Could be. Could also be a stockpile of old tires are being used as a distraction.

                We won’t know until it’s all over.

                Remember, I keep saying that, too.

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        2. Tosses this out. Doesn’t have to be so. Supposedly the attacks against these facilities have been taking place over an extended period of time. This implies a small cadre of experts moving cave to cave. If they use DELTA then no one gets to know their status to include family members until they rotate out of an operation. Operations can be for 3 to 6 mo’s or longer.

          Meanwhile what forces hold these caves are possibly skeletal and the breaching teams have perfected their methods.

          Additionally the machines to make these tunnels would be something we have. Think Musk and his tunneling toy. If you can do your own tunnel you avoid the hardened doors and breach into a system anywhere.

          Still, even small teams like this operating such would still have follow on forces involved and that’s where we take it back to inevitable losses so shrugs. Don’t know.

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      1. I hope someone else replied to you (i’m currently just using the “bell” notifications) w/ more knowledge than me…

        I’m a Q Agnostic & get pointed to various Q-related materials by others here on the Q-Tree, especially things on Twitter…so I’m not well versed in this & I consider all of it to be Highly Speculative…

        That said, it appears that there May be a huge network of tunnels & D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) facilities that May be being used to house children & other victims of sex trafficking, ritualistic Satanic abuse &/or sacrifice, & potentially adenochrome production…

        It is Possible that this Corona Virus near nationwide (worldwide?) lockdown is to keep most people away from & unaware of major military operations by the good guys/white hats who are systematically rescuing many of these people trapped in sex slavery & also destroying aspects of the tunnels &/or bunkers.

        I have No Idea if Any of this is Real or a big disinformation campaign. Based on things other Q-Treepers have shared occasionally I’ll post something that seems like it would be of interest to others here &/or seems to have either a fact basis or a good rationale for what that (usually a Tweeter) person shared…

        I hope that’s helpful for you but I may be Way Off Base in my summation & interpretation. I’m not part of the Q-Anon movement, per se, just someone that passes some of the intriguing info along…

        Blessings on this Beautiful Palm Sunday!

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        1. Agree with you there. We will not know until it is over and may not know even then. IFF anything is happening.

          !. I know there are locked up tunnels under the university I graduated from. I know there are tunnels in Chicago because the cops chased some of my friends thru them (without sucess) The Windy City Grotto even has maps. 😂

          For what it is worth.

          There are a LOT of natural caves in the USA. Northern caves are filled with silt due to glaciation. Some have washed out. I have been in caves in Vermont, New York, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois and even Canada. OH and I have been in plenty of caves near ALBANY NY were NXIVM was such as Howe Caverns. (Before it was commercialized again.)

          This is a listing of COMMERCIAL caves: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_caves_in_the_United_States#Alabama

          This is the glaciation.

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          1. Very interesting. I was in some of the tunnels under my university & also under the city it was located in–Tulsa, OK. It’s hard to imagine the connecting tunnels across state lines though local systems seem credible. Obviously cities w/ subways have interconnecting tunnel systems…I wonder when these known systems were constructed what above ground evidence of these activities were revealed that might Hint at more extensive underground activities in more recent times.

            Even if these systems use existing tunnels/natural caverns there would need to be significant human action to make them usable for habitation & transportation. There would need to be significant ventilation systems for cross-state transit tunnels (I would guess).

            Could many of those clandestinely government owned properties be located over these connecting lines so their actions could be hidden in plain sight? Some of the maps I saw referred to National Parks & some Indian Reservations being connected with these alleged tunnel systems…who knows???

            I bet you have some interesting spelunking tales you could share!!!


  11. Here we go with the MSM pushing Bill Gates-style “immunity certificates.” Folks, this is why any kind of “antibody testing” news is met with extreme skepticism from me. Don’t you know what the end goal of this is? If you want a job, passport, to go to school, or simply go back to a normal life, you’ll have to show your “immunity certificate.” And if you think that “certificate” is a card or something like a driver’s license, no, Bill Gates has already told us that the plan is for “digital tattoos.”

    “With that test, those shown to have immunity will be issued “immunity certificates,” allowing for “proper transition into post lock-down life. The antibodies will indicate that the test participants have had the virus, have healed and are thereby ready to re-enter society and the workforce,” states a Helmholtz news release.”

    This is no longer conspiracy theory. This is the mainstream media straight up telling you that you can’t “re-enter the workforce” and “transition into post lock-down life” (i.e. go back to normal) until you submit to their medical tyranny.


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    1. Alright, this probably belongs on the Open Thread, but I’m getting the distinct impression that what we are seeing play out was/is the plan that was scheduled to take place as it is now with Hillary at the helm, and zero centralized planning as the Trump team is putting together.

      Just the way Bill Gates is inserting himself into the public discussion, as if he was the replacement for David Rockefeller in the food chain, tells me that this was laid out in a battle plan long ago, and the left did not know what else to do once the brain trust died.

      If there was a plan laid out, and I’m POSITIVE there is one, then the Q team would have it. They know what the fear mongering steps were/are, they know the mass chaos that was supposed to ensue when supplies weren’t available. Just imagine if it had happened with the economy in shambles as would have happened with four more years of Obamanomics. The Hunger Games would NOT have been fiction. Dystopia would have been our lifestyle.

      This was to be the beginning of the people BEGGING for a one world government that the one worlders have been promising the people would want for at least the last century.

      Think about it: suspension of freedoms, essential confinement of the people, suppression of the Church at the most sacred seasons of the Church year, vaccine push for ID, push for mail in voting which would make elections moot for all the reasons that have been outlined here.

      THIS was the left’s plan to finish off the country mind, body and soul.

      They let it play out despite Trump being at the helm thinking it would finish him as a politician.

      They underestimated his resolve, and that of the American people.

      They also underestimated the potency of the chosen virus.

      Now, the question is who knew of the plan and is a part of it.

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      1. DP, I have to agree with you 100%. Truly believe more and more this is all by design. Look at everything they have thrown at PDJT and none of it has worked, this is their last chance and there’re going for it. If you dive deep down into all the players as we have done on this site you see it. Like Wolf said “once you see it you can’t unsee it”
        I’ll ad this too why do you think they were pushing the attacks on the 2A not to long ago? Get us all agitated and on edge then impose social distancing and out right lock downs……… people will only take it for so long. PDJT knows this and wants this lock down to end ASAP

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        1. President Trump knows it when he warns “Our country was not designed for this”. Meaning all these restrictions on pursuing a livelihood. Those aren’t idle words. They are a dire warning.

          Also Q has changed tune if you noticed with his last post.

          FOR GOD & COUNTRY.

          “Fight Again”. That’s not your normal Q talk. Before it was about being non violent. We may soon be crossing line a of departure that takes this hot. In the meantime of course there’s time to let things play out, but preparing and getting things in order seem overly important now especially as we continue to loose our freedoms and our way of life to a bunch of academic jerks.

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    1. Americans will never accept ten moar weeks.

      Based on public information, Americans are calling BS on the need to isolate, once we have HCQ.

      April itself IS iffy by me. Playing along because I trust President Trump. He has known the solution (HCQ, Zpaks, Zinc) for a few weeks. Had to publicly validate it in the US. CDC and FDA about to be bottom blown as CDC and FDA ARE THE PROBLEM. Transparancy.

      Based on yesterday’s presser, 100% President Trump will be on an aggressive offense Monday or Tuesday. ONLY waiting on the NY test run with ~1,000 ChiCom-19 patients.

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    • That record/link to your ChiComVirus IMMUNITY / VACCINATION
    • … Required for ENTERTAINMENT (Stadiums, Arenas, Concerts, Theaters, Venues)
    • … Required for TRAVEL (Air, Rail, Bus, Public Transportation)
    • … Required for USA ENTRY (Ports of Entry during Passport Checks)

    • That record your CITIZENSHIP (heh heh)
    • … As a Voter ID required for VOTING!!!
    • … As Indispensable Protection for Voters-in-Line and Election Officials!!!

    RE: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/did-bill-gates-just-reveal-real-reason-behind-lock-downs

    “ Gates talked about how he sees things rolling out from there.

    Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person…

    …Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly.

    You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around.

    So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”

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        1. Charlie says:

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          1. Now it’s a matter of PUBLIC SAFETY!

            And a way to REOPEN the ECONOMY!

            Best part: INFLUENTIAL INDUSTRIES will DEMAND IT.
            • Restaurants
            • Entertainment – Concerts, Clubs, Bars
            • Sports … POTUS’ owners meeting yesterday
            • Recreation – Parks, Facilities, Kids’ Teams
            • Travel – Air, Rail, Public Transport, Cruises

            Venues cannot SAFELY bring back cheering crowds without it … or REINFECTIONS will SHUT THEM DOWN.

            Cities cannot reopen UNSAFE Public Transport without it … or REINFECTIONS will SHUT THEM DOWN.

            Governments cannot provide SAFETY for Facility Workers without it.

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      [Crowdsourcing Thought-Starters]

      Set up ChiComVirus TESTING SITES.
      • ID Capture: Photo, Biometrics, etc.
      • Blood Tests to confirm IMMUNITY

      National ID Issued after TEST RESULTS
      • Citizenship Confirmation
      • Photo & Biometrics
      • Immunity Confirmation

      ID Readers controlling ACCESS:
      • Venue Entries
      • Transport Stations
      • Border Ports-of-Entry
      • Polling Stations

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      1. And they’re expecting all of us just to go along with this dystopian BS.

        “Cause that’s what it is.

        Oh, and by the way, Gates is all for suspending the Catholic Church. No other Christian-identified group, JUST the Catholic Church.

        It’s the one world plan for enslaving us.

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            1. I’m with you. This is the most dangerous idea in conspiracy theory history. Give our blood for ID. NO way.
              There is a thousand red flags on this. They could feasibly ‘mark’ us for anything. A social merit system…you’re a smoker, 10 pts off, you have Hep B..social outcast, diabetes..not allowed certain food products…etc etc

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        1. That would amount to either a) a requirement that all citizens (or permanent residents) have a passport or b) they’d still need some form of alternate ID (with this info on it) in lieu of their passport. Driver’s license won’t work for those under 16 (or whatever age in that state).


          1. See, that PESKY Constitution and that darned 4th and 5th amendments WILL stop this. That is WHY the SCOTUS and the court judicial ARMY of Trump was SO important.

            They CANNOT enforce this via law, we would have to WILLINGLY give up those rights, and it would take an amendment, VERY hard to do. They CANNOT simply mandate it BECAUSE of the Constitution. NOW you know why it is under constant attack. It is OUR failsafe, that and the 2nd amendment!

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    1. From Grandmaintexas thread:

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      1. Suspicious cat here. Looks like either a) COVID-19 meds are working on pneumonia and parainfluenza, b) CDC has stopped counting pneumonia numbers and are adding them to COVID-19 numbers or c) both. If anyone else wants to dig on this, please jump in.

        Scroll down to Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) Mortality Surveilance


        The pneumonia deaths chart is only available as a pdf, not an open link.

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        1. Most current CDC data posted for March 28th, shows pneumonia drop off week 12 -13. Either they stopped testing, stopped counting to add numbers to COVID-19, or meds are working. We are starting week 15. Will watch for next CDC update.

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        2. Check out the malaria/HCQ/zinc/Quercetin discussion along this thread: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/04/04/20200404-coronacrisis-china-virus-daily-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-452109

          I’m wondering if COVID-19 is a virus linked to a parasite as Dengue Fever which is a virus is often linked/partnered with malaria, and possibly the same medications kill them both. Link

          There may be something to what you are seeing….that the same medicine knocks out a family of linked diseases.

          Then we saw earlier that a flu vaccine study showed that the flu vaccine actually increased the risk of contracting coronaviruses – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31607599

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          1. Isn’t equally as possible that they are FUDGING the numbers of Covid 19, and chalking EVERYTHING, especially DEATH to Covid 19 to further an agenda and make their doom and gloom projections seem more plausible? WHY yes it is, and we have MANY posts, articles, and even a Project Veritas video of a NY Dr stating that THAT is EXACTLY what they are doing.

            the FLU did not go away, because IF it did in 3 weeks of “social distancing” why is it “apparently NOT having a like effect on Covid 19 during the SAME period? Occam’s Razor, Covid 19, due to BIG money being spread around, is being made into the “boogey man” because it will lead corrupt hospital administrators to BIG windfalls in guaranteed Fed money.

            IF this is NOT so, why the REISISTANCE to the ant malaria drugs, AND antibody testing that would absolutely TELL THE TALE?

            There are NO “happy side effects”, ONLY agendas. Gates rearing his head at this time is a BIG tell. Mr vaccine patent himself. They are trying to inflate the numbers to JUSTIFY their massive miss on the projections.

            There IS precedent. I told the story yesterday. I will revise to you. Once upon a time, many years ago, Mrs Rex was an ER tech and a GOOD one, at a VERY busy hospital here. She came to me one night and said that EVERYONE that came to the ER was being given a chest x ray and CBC, regardless of their malady. Even people with lacerations and broken arms and legs were being given BOTH.

            Then what do we ALL here about 3 months or so later? MASSIVE Medicare and Insurance fraud at Hospitals, using BOGUS testing to scam MILLIONS from Medicare and insurance companies.

            If they did that THEN, what makes one think they are ABOVE using Covid 19 to further the bottom line NOW. They are losing millions in OT and revenue because Covid 19 has been deemed to be tested for, and maybe even TRREATED for FREE. How do they recop that lost $$$. Why through Government payments and bailouts due to Covid 19. They would then naturally WANT a worse disease to get MORE funding, they would want to make it LOOK as bad as possible for the MOST reimbursement. The FLU and other diseases are NOT being even treated right now, ONLY life threatening and Covid 19.

            It is ALWAYS about the money…ALWAYS.. and there is about a TRILLION available.

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            1. the FLU did not go away, because IF it did in 3 weeks of “social distancing” why is it “apparently NOT having a like effect on Covid 19 during the SAME period?

              Because the flu is LESS contagious than COVID 19 and has a much shorter incubation period and a much lower asymptomatic transmission rate.

              Occam’s razor, my ass.

              I ignored the rest of your rant after seeing this ignorant misuse of it.


              1. Sigh, now you finally REVEALED your true motivations. I have been watching and conversing with you for weeks, never once calling all your summations and WRONG projections fearmongering. Never name calling, like ignorant, of for that matter wrong headed, mis informed, stupid, asinine, or a rant. .

                People who have CONSTANTLY misrepresented both the lethality, contagiousness, AND just about every other thing about this virus, including incubation and transmission, they DON’T know and they are half ass GUESSING.

                I have watched you and the other fear porn mongers tag team ANYONE that chose to question the CONSTANT moving of the goal posts narratives. KNOWING that they cannot POSSIBLY be right, because they are using MULTIPLE VARIABLES, and do not nearly have the correct denominator, nor do they even actively SEEK the denominator. That makes their projections GARBAGE, and ANYONE spouting or defending the GARBAGE willfully BLIND.

                You have NO data that ACCURATELY proves that Covid 19 is less or MORE contagious than the regular flu. You have NO data that proves that Covid 19 is more or LESS lethal than the regular flu. You really don’t even have data as to the gestation or transmission rate.

                You have just the same as me, speculation. My speculation is based on FACTS from the ground and intuition, More data coves out EACH day that this is a SHAM, WAY overblown, and no where NEAR as bad as the projection.

                You have projections in a perpetual state of flux, and “facts” from people who have ALREADY been proven either WRONG or liars, based on their continued goal post moving, failure to apply the therapeutics, and downplay any study that refutes their narrative. Wait for the vaccine. SMDH.

                Therefore if I chose to state that all things being EQUAL, the simplest answer is the correct one, is just as, if NOT more reasonable, than ANY projection you have spouted.

                That was not an ignorant misuse of the maxim any more than an IGNORANT spouting of a projection based on incomplete and FLAWED data, and data that is continually in flux and as MORE data comes in makes the EVER moving projection look even SHADIER and WRONG.

                It is a correct interpretation of the CONSTANT mis and DIS info coming from the CDC, the people who gave the data and projections you cite.

                I thought you were a reasonable person, one I could debate in calm, reasoned fashion. You deciding to start name calling instead of debating tells me different.

                Goodbye Steve, good luck, this ranter will no longer “rant” or debate you.

                Unfortunately one of us has to be right and one has to be wrong, it appears there is no middle ground achievable here.

                If I am right, and you are wrong, we have all been HAD, no damage, accept it DESTROYED the economy and MANY more lives than this virus ever will, based on a LIE, by liars with an agenda.

                If I am wrong, and you were right, we are ALL doomed anyway. This is the Spanish Flu on steroids, and Fauchi Gates, and the others were all the good guys. Their doom projections will come true.

                I sure as hell hope I am right, we can recover from the economic disaster, but it will be too late for millions. Beats losing a generation of people, submitting to draconian sequesters based upon projections that they will misuse to be the “new norm” and ALL that follows it..IE Socialism.

                Seems either way we are doomed, unless Trump knows better, and fixes it.


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    2. Excellent info graphic shared in this tweet! Discusses and explains how the CDC comes up with the flu #s that so many have been pushing as “real” number of flu. Nope.

      I am Delighted that this issue is Gaining Momentum and the word is getting out!

      And when one uses them to minimize the WuFlu one is Pushing Fake News as the Swine Flu and the seasonal/regular flu #s are Not #s of confirmed cases. our Wuflu #s are currently only confirmed cases.
      Apples to oranges when you push total #s of previous flu seasons and outbreaks/epidemics, including the “estimates” with
      a) only confirmed cases of WuFlu
      b) before the totality of the WuFlu is known, i.e. in the early or even middle time period of the outbreak.

      This undermines President Trump’s leadership on WuFlu and is misinformation at best and actually just another form of chaff and fake news.

      I have seen SO much misinformation regarding WuFlu comparisons to seasonal/”regular” flu and to the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak/pandemic by both the left and the right – both of which undermine President Trump’s leadership and attempt to save lives, maintain essential services and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

      PLEASE stop comparing apples to oranges!!!! Understand the numbers and how totals are calculated.
      Note: I am NOT an expert but here is my understanding.

      Details re Swine Flu v. WuFlu:
      By May, 2010 (1 yr later from pandemic being declared): “As of 9 May, worldwide more than 214 countries and overseas territories or communities have reported laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009, including over >>18036 deaths<<."
      (emphasis added)

      1) In the US, we had a total of 115,318 *confirmed* cases of swine flu/H1N1 in 2009 outbreak/pandemic.
      2) We had 27,632 *confirmed* hospitalizations
      3) we had 3,433 *confirmed* deaths.

      All of the number you have heard are:
      a) the Final totals of the previous epidemics
      b) Estimates of all cases v. just confirmed cases

      Understand that the CDC adds informed estimates/educated guesses of totals of non symptomatic cases, mild to typical cases that don't go to the doctor, typical cases that go the doctor but are not diagnosed via a flu test + estimated cases of hospitalizations and deaths of non tested cases.

      This is how the CDC delivers its final #s for H1N1 and all flu seasons. There are Many less actual confirmed via testing cases of flu, flu hospitalizations and flu deaths than the CDC totals of any given flu season, including H1N1.

      Right now, the Wuflu count is Only the confirmed cases, confirmed via testing and does not yet include the estimation of all non confirmed via testing cases. It will when the final counts are delivered Post epidemic. The final counts will Jump tremendously after the addition of the informed estimates/guess of all non confirmed via testing cases of WuFlu are added into the count of confirmed cases.

      This comparison of apples to bananas is a method of misinformation and fake news. Fake news is not always a 100% falsehood lie. It is often a twisting of truth or a partial lie.

      Comparing Estimations of previous flu outbreaks to Confirmed Cases of Wuflu is Fake News.

      Comparing Confirmed Cases when it is an Ongoing Pandemic to final totals of a past Epidemic is Fake News.

      Compare Confirmed, Total cases of N1H1/Swine Flu to our current WuFlu epidemic and see that we are Still in the early stages of this epidemic, that it is Still Growing and then begin to realize slowing this epidemic is a Very Good Idea!

      Trust Trump!

      Stats are from this wiki article which has its sources linked – I have checked a number of the original source documents but not all.

      For more information on how the CDC estimates/determines flu totals for a given year:

      Many more pages/explanations and stats available on the CDC web site.

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      1. Another post discussing CDC and Flu “estimates” v. confirmed flu cases, using VA as an example.

        Many people are pushing fake news/misinformation by claiming that the flu is greater than the Wuhan Virus. Look at current confirmed cases of Wuhan Virus and past year’s confirmed cases of seasonal/regular flu. Apples to Apples v. to oranges. Quoting the CDC flu estimates and comparing that to the confirmed cases of Wuhan is Fake News, is misleading and is undermining President Trump’s leadership concerning Wuhan Virus – its level of contagiousness and rate of complications, its dangers to society and to our economy.

        Trust Trump


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      2. I’ve got some simple takeaways from these articles –
        1. Pneumonia, Seasonal Flu and COVID-19 case and death numbers are a gigantic, unresolved mish-mash of data that the CDC or other entities may use to serve their personal agendas.
        2. Trying to resolve this mess into something that is trustworthy, believable and applicable to our present situation will result in a headache that will require Schedule 2 drugs to mitigate.
        3. Trust Trump!

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        1. They are lumping ALL the death eggs in the SAME basket to make Covid 19 SEEM like what it was PROJECTED to be. THAT my friend is an AGENDA. ALL flu numbers are an EXTRAPOLATION based on SAMPLE, and previous years revised data. With Covid 19, Maga mom, again, is WRONG. It is ALWAYS the same. They are basing the projections and their totals on an UNKNOWN. They do NOT know the true number of infected, so they do NOT know the TRUE lethality, contagiousness, or morbidity of this virus.

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      1. This is true personally know nurses who have been furloughed. Personally know of at least two hospitals that aren’t anywhere near full in fact less than half of there beds are in use. And yet we’re led to believe that people are not getting the care they need…….

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    1. On a similar vein, the U.S., according to worldometers, has a total of about 8,500 serious or critical cases of WuFlu. That means 8,500 / 50 = 170 people per state.

      170 people per state . . . and our hospital systems are being stressed or overloaded? Nah!

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      1. The problem with your math is that it distributes the cases evenly among all 50 states. They are clustered in “hot spots”.


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        1. True. I did it that way for an overall perspective. For most of the country, by far, there’s no “overloaded” problem. NYC, however, and a few other spots, are a different kettle of fish. NYC, in particular was made worse by actions that could have or should have been taken to better prepare them for a pandemic . . . but they didn’t.

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  13. From the Dirty Rats Department….

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  14. 6 FEET AIN’T ENOUGH to flatten the curve says MIT researcher.

    “It has been previously determined that SARS fomites remain active for about three hours while suspended in air or gas but researchers were unsure about the range of viral debris. Bouroubia and her colleagues have determined that coronavirus-bearing droplets of all sizes can travel 23 to 27 feet from their host after emission.
    This new addition recontextualizes relevant preemptive measures, namely in regard to travel masks. Some health systems have directed civilians to employ masks if they suspect that they themselves are ill, but not as a viable method of remaining uninfected.
    However, turbulent gas clouds and respiratory pathogen emissions pose a threat to the public even without the presence of a host. In other words: the longer an individual is outside unprotected, the higher the contraction risk.
    “Although such social distancing strategies are critical in the current time of the pandemic, it may seem surprising that the current understanding of the routes of host-to-host transmission in respiratory infectious diseases is predicated on a model of disease transmission developed in the 1930s that, by modern standards, seems overly simplified. Implementing public health recommendations based on these older models may limit the effectiveness of the proposed interventions,” the authors continued.”

    MORE – https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/mit-researcher-says-the-6-feet-social-distancing-rule-isnt-enough-to-flatten-the-curve

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    1. Wear a mask when in public. You are breathing air that contains the expelled germs of others. Decrease your chances of being infected. When you breathe in infection it is already in your body. Getting it on your hands and clothes still necessitates a transfer into your body to actually be infected. Breathing it in…its there.

      this is not “fear mongering” … it is fact. Accept facts and then move on to dealing with it and making fun masks. Cowboy style for our son from my MIL and flowers for me. However, we haven’t let our son in public with anything but a N99 for weeks. (already had for construction projects at home but ordered an extra set of cartridges back in lat Jan…just case. figured we would use them Wuflu or not Wuflu and we weren’t stockpiling as plenty were available back then)

      Advice from Trump for multiple weeks. Common sense. We Know wearing a mask decreases the chance of infection. It is not Full protection but it decreases the chances, just like 6′ distance, washing hands, staying home, etc. All steps decreases chances and enhance protection.

      CDC Always acknowledge that they helped but said to save them for healthcare workers and those who have ill people in the home. Common sense says that they therefore help and protect the non infected from being infected.

      We didn’t wait for advice but have worn a mask in public for weeks after reading and watching what was coming out of China in Jan. + common sense based on the highly contagious nature and the fact that is indeed airborne not just in droplets of body fluid

      Not everything is a scheme or has an ulterior motive. Having a knee jerk reaction of believing everything from the gov is a lie or that truth is opposite of Fake News v. sometimes being imbedded in fake news is allowing one’s self to be manipulated just the same as believing fake news hook line and sinker. Automatically Opposite is too often overlooking the truth in the twisted fake news, is dangerous & allows for intellectual laziness as we must analyze, conceptualize and think for ourselves. The automatically opposite approach allows us to be as easily manipulated as the crowd who believes CNN.

      Trust Trump – he has hinted and mentioned this multiple times.

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      1. “Not everything is a scheme or has an ulterior motive.”

        Reading posts from people that believe almost everything is a nefarious plot or has an ulterior motive makes me not believe practically everything they say. Although they may, in the end, be proven correct on several topics, it’s not worth it to wade through their minefields to look for the kernel of truth.

        Trust Trump!

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      2. When I see our “elite” overlords wearing masks (ie. following the rules they lay down for us peons), I’ll wear a mask.

        Just like….when THEY give up their guns, I’ll consider giving up mine.

        But not BEFORE.


        You wanna preach about masks, start preaching at the overlords before you start preaching at me. NOT BEFORE.

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        1. President Trump is now a wanna be “overlord” v. someone giving you his best advice and guidance? Wow! Not sure whether to laugh or to throw my hands up and give up.

          But when a hurricane came and some didn’t have very many cell phone minutes and didn’t know who to call, where to go for food drop offs, etc., I didn’t mind trying to help, making phone call after phone call, being on hold for long periods of time, etc., so that those with low cell phone minutes didn’t have to do so. Why? Because online community is still community. Guess I won’t give up instantly in cases of a highly contagious virus either.

          Weird to see an independent minded conservative wait for the government to do something before deciding to do it for himself. I would encourage you to think for yourself. We wore a mask when gov was telling us it was not important but the evidence said otherwise.

          We listened to President Trump and his remarks about face coverings which went against the fed gov CDC talking points at the time reenforced our own independent decision and initiative.

          Now that the gov is finally coming around to what many of us were already choosing to do for ourselves others now think it is a plot or act like rebellious teens. Sad.

          Think for yourself and make wise informed decisions regardless of the gov talking points.

          Listent to President Trump and his recommendations as he has mentioned this repeatedly over the last weeks and spoke outside of the CDC talking points. Trust Trump!

          We have taught our son that being his own person, being his own man, is not being opposite of us. That is a spirit of rebellion and not mature independence. Understanding that he is a blend of us, his forefathers and his own uniqueness and accepting the many aspects of himself that are just like us is an important step to maturity. Being in an automatic state of rebellion, of defiance, of oppositeness, of opposition is a failure to think critically, be actually independent and leaves one vulnerable to misinformation and manipulation.

          We used this example from swimming to get the point across. When one holds on the side of the pool while facing the wall, bends one’s knees up and then pushes off one gets some great momentum, a surge of power and a big distance….but then it peters out and one doesn’t really make it very far by only pushing against something. If one is facing the water, does a slight push off with one’s foot but really begins to swim with practice skill and focused energy and strength one will get much farther and will swim the length of the pool. Depending on pushing against something/someone for empowerment, decision making & drive will only take one so far. One must be able to just decide and do things without the intense, even passionate, but often short lived and short sighted power of rebellion against someone else.

          Sad to see so many conservative adults in an automatic No mindset.

          Did you wear them when the gov told you not to do so? Use wisdom and individual responsibility as fuel, as drive, as motivation for actions v. suspicion, anger &/or automatically rebellion without logical reasons.

          what is scientifically best regarding this virus, this situation? We have not changed our minds – when the gov said not to wear them and when the gov said might be a good idea and if the gov requires them….we have thought for ourselves and are doing what we think is best. Independent and individualism does not have to mean opposite of elected and non elected leadership.

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          1. MAGA Mom this virus is worse than people want to believe. I think there was a fine line in calming reassuring and telling how bad it is. Many people took the measuring as is not bad.
            The tip off should have been when POTUS shut down the economy.
            Being German I am used to fallow rules but question. The rules set out hand washing, now mask seem all reasonable in my mind. Once we realize it is not only about me but also about the people around me to protect. We are not and Island of our own.
            Thank you for posting 🙂

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          2. I am amused by your “holier than thou” lecturing and ptetense at having some moral superiority….called virtue-signaling……

            ……particularly how you create strawmen arguments to then throw down, and most particularly how you so effortlessly skip over the very blatant fact that no one in leadership is wearing the masks.

            You wanna blindly follow “do what you’re told”, be my guest.

            Meanwhile, I’ll follow President Trump, who…when asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask…relied, “It’s only a recommendation.”

            And btw, fuck you for employing the same kind of slights and insults you bemoan having received from others.


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            1. QUOTE:

              “President Donald Trump said at a White House news conference Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines are strictly voluntary. “You can do it – you don’t have to do it. It’s only a recommendation.”

              Trump repeatedly stressed it is voluntary. “I don’t think i’m going to be doing it,” he said.“

              Keep buying into the fear, gullible hypocrite. The Deep State has you right where they want you.

              Btw….when will you be giving your blood sample to Bill Gates so you can receive your ID encoded vaccine and not be a risk to others??

              Don’t bother answering this rhetorical question. We know you’ll be first in line.

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              1. It’s a voluntary recommendation by Trump. He’s got OTHER means of protection (everyone coming near him gets tested) so he doesn’t need a mask, it really would be totally useless FOR HIM.

                Maga Mom does not have this protection. YOU do not. Donald Trump’s behavior therefore doesn’t make sense for YOU to emulate, because his situation is DIFFERENT.

                Maga Mom does think for herself. That DOES lead to her sometimes deciding the advice of others is right, and sometimes deciding it’s wrong. And I have to say she makes a lot more sense than many people here do…who the Hell CARES if her “tone” is a bit off!!! (Isn’t that a complaint some make about Donald Trump? Does that make him wrong? Don’t we laugh at and deride those people?)

                For someone who REFLEXIVELY rebels against such advice to accuse her of being unthinking sheep is beyond ludicrous.

                REFLEXIVELY and automatically doing the opposite of what some other group is doing is COUNTERFEIT individualism; you’re still substituting their judgement for your own, even if you’re putting a minus sign in front of it.

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              2. I don’t do the email alerts for my posts. I just scan for replies – usually.

                Glad I missed this nastiness at the time.

                Appreciate your reply. I can only assume that nerves are on edge due to shut down and all of the stress this entails.

                I took the time to post a conversational reply, included a story to try to illustrate my point and paint a picture of what I was trying to say…and got a “F You” in return? Wow.

                Interesting to see “likes” to me literally being told F* You. Interesting that someone who walked away from this blog over a civil disagreement thought an F* You to me as fine. Hmmmm…tempers and hurt feelings…or egos bruised…??? sad situation – both to see the ugliness toward me over a civil reply that simply disagreed with another commenter and VERY sad to see such ruffled feathers over what seemed to me to be no big deal.

                Bursts of emotion, offense and anger … maybe because of all the stress of the shutdown and the financial strain it is bringing?

                Sometimes how someone reads a post is more about them than about the person who wrote the post.

                I can’t imagine being in a political discussion or even a debate or even an argument and suddenly flaring up like that…baffling…Shrug shoulders and move on…Sometimes God just let us know who needs the most prayers.

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              3. I’m just starting to watch this stuff now through the “all-seeing eye”, and I’m going to ask people to REALLY be civil now. Short tempers – even my own – are a security risk – and they all need a time-out. Thanks for responding in a civil fashion now, late, at this time.

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            2. You posted: “You wanna blindly follow “do what you’re told”, be my guest.”

              Your post is emotional v. logical. You are not even paying attention and comprehending what you are reading…

              –I Literally explained that
              a) we were not “blindly” following
              b) that we had been using masks for weeks before the requirements began – back with the gov was saying to not wearing them
              c) the entire post was on Thinking for one’s self
              d) I encouraged all to Think for themselves and to use a scientific approach

              You posted: “And btw, fuck you for employing the same kind of slights and insults you bemoan having received from others.”

              –NOPE, I called NO ONE a name and cursed at NO ONE, nor was the post targeted. I discussed an issue, supported it, explained my reasoning….all calmly and logically v. angrily and emotional.

              Your post, however, is angry, emotional and name calling + vulgar. Sad and ugly.

              We are asked Every Day to be civil.

              Disagreeing with you or others is not uncivil. Say “F*** You” – that is uncivil…and a sad substitute for logical and rational discussion and debate.

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          3. “We have taught our son that being his own person, being his own man, is not being opposite of us. That is a spirit of rebellion and not mature independence. Understanding that he is a blend of us, his forefathers and his own uniqueness and accepting the many aspects of himself that are just like us is an important step to maturity. Being in an automatic state of rebellion, of defiance, of oppositeness, of opposition is a failure to think critically, be actually independent and leaves one vulnerable to misinformation and manipulation.”

            I really like how you shared this wisdom & hope to incorporate this perspective personally. It reminds me of a concept expressed in counseling studies years ago called “spoiling the Egyptians”. It’s somewhat akin to “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”. In a nutshell, All Truth Is God’s Truth! People that don’t know or acknowledge the Lord can still stumble on truth, like in realms of science. We may vehemently disagree with someone religiously, politically, or philosophically but may find ourselves able to accept certain things they “get”…Perhaps this can be related to “don’t shoot the messenger” The scripture that comes to mind is “Prove all things, hold fast to what is true”. That could be our guidance for much of life but definitely is applicable during this “pandemic”…


            It appears my scriptural quote may be a tad off, replace “true” with “good”…

            I guess Reagan’s admonition of Trust but Verify is also timely wisdom…Blessings!


            1. Thank you for the encouragement. Just now seeing it. Being told “f y” above and then lovely sharing and fellowship from you post…got a dictomy of calm and rational v. emotional, rude and unrational. Oh well. Takes all kinds….

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              1. YW Sorry for the brutality you felt/experienced in other’s words. Given it’s a bit removed in time maybe it can also “feel” removed in “sting”. May God still grant you the wisdom & creativity to address your family’s individual needs & challenges without appearing to give any assent to the tyranny on the march across our land! Blessings!


  15. Rosie was incorrect and offers a correction:

    The Correction includes the paper:

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  16. Watch out for Malignant Media’s new narrative – quarantine without end…

    Who is paying you to promote fear-mongering nonsense? Oh, that’s right, @CNN – Chinese Communist Network. OTOH, if you self-quarantine for the next decade – we’d be delighted – known as quarantining America’s Enemies.

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    1. Italy: hydroxychloroquine works!

      France: hydroxychloroquine works!

      Spain: hydroxychloroquine works!

      Brazil: hydroxychloroquine works!

      Dr. Fauci: there’s no strong evidence it works.

      No strong evidence? There’s the evidence of the entire world’s medical community.

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      1. When my doctor son from Indianapolise called me today I ask him about hydroxychloroquine.
        He said “they have no see prove of it at this point and are using it experimentally endnote enough data has come in.” They are just starting. He did a stint in Africa as doctor and is familiar with the meds.

        Mind you in his office he treads Vets but has now been recruited into the VA hospital full time until China virus has washed through. He would be the emergency doctor. The VA has plenty masks plenty gowns and all the supplies to treat patience.
        People did not take the order serious to keep distance and now there is a problem in Indianapolis.
        He also said “the next two week will be hard.”
        Yes wear mask is not a joke and take this virus serious. Wear gloves, mask, wash coat clean shoes wash hands and face when coming home or take a shower and not go out the next two weeks.. That was his advice for us.
        Also make sure if one comes down with the virus make sure next of kin gives permission to use the ventilator otherwise they do not put you on it.
        His wife a doctor works from home so not to infect her old patience and communicates by phone and internet.

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        1. My son is not owned by anyone no Gates not flu med company or research .
          He used be a Professor in a teaching hospital and because he wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids he switched.
          I take his warning serious.

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          1. My son is not owned by anyone no Gates not flu med company or research .

            That’s OK. Someone will be along to make the accusation soon, and it will then become treated as fact by most of the people here, so that will be rectified.


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          1. GA/FL yes it is also chewing up on his father. He is the oldest and I could tell he was emotional.
            I worry more about him than myself. I am supposed to go before my kids not the other way around.
            The VA hospital does not have to many China virus patients and there is no room for error.

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    1. My husband sees Bill Gates as Idiot savant who is brilliant with computer. He does not see any brilliance in him concerning vaccines. What makes him a scientist? Is he a doctor has he had training?
      So he did one time something brilliant concerning computer and is now an expert?
      The people are nuts!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Bill Gates is not even brilliant with a computer. His Windows was a crappy stolen product that jury-rigged everything WRONGLY and had to undo 99% of GATES’ OWN DECISIONS years later. Windows didn’t even become STABLE until XP – which basically STOLE everything it needed for stability from LINUX.

        Gates is not what he portrays himself as. His superpower is RUTHLESSNESS HIDDEN UNDER A GEEK SMILE.

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          1. People with experience in UNIX or Linux back during Windows 95 / 98 / ME were always appalled that the problems of Windows were simply ABSENT in UNIX and Linux.

            It was only the threat that even Windows NT would lose out to Linux that forced Gates to fix things in creating XP.

            QUALITY is not an important virtue to Bill Gates. What does that tell us?

            I would NEVER take a “Gates” vaccine. GARBAGE.

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        1. Watch the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. It tells the true THEIVERY that Gates and Jobs did from CPM and Xerox. Gates ALSO ruined the Altair project, commonly called “shareware” Before him and his proprietary monopoly on software, people openly and ACTIVELY shared their work and accomplishments on early computers.

          Gates manipulated Gary Kildall into selling him CPM. Kildall had insulted IBM, and REFUSED to sign an NDA. Gates KNEW and he needed an operating system to pair with his BASIC computer code. He had NONE.

          Gates KNEW that IBM was looking to open the PC market, and HAD to have a disk operating system DOS, as WELL as Gate’s Hardware operating code BASIC. The one that could provide BOTH would be widespread and make MILLIONS. Gates bought CPM from an almost broke Kildall, never telling him the TRUE reason. He made TWO changes to Kildall’s disc operating system, CPM. He changed the “home” drive letter to C: from A: and the diskette “floppy” drive letter to A: from C: . That’s IT. He rebranded the CPM to MSDOS, sold it to IBM, along with BASIC, and his OS was put on EVER IBM system. by the MILLIONS. Gates was an over night millionaire. Then ask Netscape and Mozilla about Gates and his Monopoly.

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  17. Shut down not the first – long historical precedent of gov doing similar. Glad we are doing it Before the WuFlu was widespread to prevent disaster v. after it was already widespread.

    I am a conservative and not for Big Gov overreach. And yet I am not a Libertarian or an anarchist. I believe in fed gov and in state gov. I know gov has an important role to play in our society – protection our nation’s borders, protecting on citizens from foreign invasion, for examples, and yes, protecting our nation’s health in time of a pandemic crisis.

    So proud of President Trump for constantly pushing back against those wanting him to use Fed Power to quarantine. Most actions of quarantine are coming with fed guidance but are local/state actions. This is not new. Long precedence of quarantining and, yes, even closing businesses to save lives in national health emergencies.

    If interested in historical context here are a few links to give a brief overview of previous gov. actions. Not new and we came back to “normal” each time after the danger had passed.

    Gov responses to specific outbreaks:




    General history of gov quarantines:


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  18. REVELATIONS 14:9-11

    9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

    10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

    11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.


    Translation: better to die of the virus than to receive a cure OR protection from it from Satan


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    1. We are commanded…..do not fear death.

      Do not fear death so much that we might receive the mark of the beast….to buy a little more time and/or comfort(s) in THIS life…

      …..at the EXPENSE of our lives eternal with the God of life.

      This is today’s Sunday worship message.

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  19. Please read the comments. Unconstitutional dictates. Even Robert Barnes says these CA “leaders” will get sued.

    San Diego Sheriff (@SDSheriff) Tweeted:
    This is a legally enforceable order issued under California law-Govt. Code section 8665. It’s a crime to violate this order and you may be punished by up to a $1,000 fine or six months behind bars or both for doing so. #StayHomeSaveLives #WeStayAtWorkForYou #PleaseStayHomeForUs

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        1. Thats a sentiment shared by many. My sherriff’s dept said they are referring everyone to contact the state and are asking people to use common sense, while the leaders are dictating otherwise.

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    1. That’s why they use the term “guidelines” It is a weasel word. it is NOT law. It is a SUGGESTION, else they would use MANDATE. But they DON’T do that do they. Know why? because to quarantine the HEALTHY is a violation of Constitution rights. The 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to be exact.

      The SCOTUS did decide that a quarantine on a SICK person was legally enforceable. They have made NO such distinction on a HEALTHY person. They ALL know this, they hope to BULLY you into compliance, or use peer pressure to SHAME you into compliance. They KNOW they cannot LEGALLY enforce this, they KNOW that they risk LAWSUITS, that they will lose, when they get sued. Conveniently, SCOTUS is ALSO shut down.

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    1. what is the purpose of a tunnel that extends into Mexico and runs the entire length of the southern border?

      Asking for the con theories.

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        1. Maybe “The Boring Company” isn’t so boring after all…

          Probably the tunnels served a stratgic purpose at first (think WWII and Cold War), were abandoned, and now have, erm, resurfaced as useful “tools”…

          There are groups (probably a lot of anons amongst them) who have “tours” of tunnels and, erm, restricted areas, sometimes mapping them for others. There are many buildings (mostly older) with hidden passages… apparently in olden days that used to be all the rage, especially in England… would imagine that Prohibition was also the inspiration for a number of tunnels, etc.

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        1. I assume you mean the blue and gray one titled “Relationship of underground bases and federal land.” Other maps show lines that don’t remotely resemble the interstates anywhere, particularly in Colorado/Utah.

          In the western US, there are far more “routes” that look nothing like any interstate than ones that do, and even the ones that do are for only part of their length. Even the I-44-ish “route” continues past OKC where the diagonal highway running southwest runs further south, and then ends long before the route does.

          I don’t doubt there’s a lot of smuggling of drugs at the very least…but it’s above the dirt-ground interface.

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      1. I haven’t sent much in the way of emails (I don’t think) since 2020 dropped…no worries, it’s always a treat to reconnect with you whenever & however that happens. You bless my heart! Thank you for all you do & for how you’ve lifted Josiah & our family to the Lord as He leads. Blessings & Joy in Jesus!!!

        The family is doing pretty well…husband & one son still working, Josiah is laid off but pending return to work when things settle down in MI, daughter is laid off from regular job & doing college online & she got certified to be Josiah’s “worker” so can get some pay doing work with her brother, even when we’re locked down at home! God is good & helping us to get through day by day…

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        1. Thx so much for the family update. I do care about all of you and pray our God’s best,
          preservation through trials or whatever.

          Psst…it’s a “secret”…’ya know, I’ve never given on my hope and faith about Josiah. Seems that the Lord just made him a permanent element in my heart of love and prayer for him.

          Never letting go. You got that promise from me as long as there is breath in this heart and body.


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          1. It’s entirely possible that your prayers, in particular, have been instrumental in Josiah being where he currently is in life, with a girlfriend/fiance & in the process of pre-planning a wedding/marriage. Believe me, No one in our family thought he might be the 2nd of our 4 kids to get married…Seeing him & Rose bloom in their love for each other & how they encourage each other in the Lord is a precious gift!

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            1. ‘Ya know…you just gave me the precious “feel good thought of the day.”

              Only God knows how somebody simple like me who you guys didn’t know from Adam, have put my face to the floor in Josiah’s behalf.

              Who can figure out how and why God moves so powerfully upon some of us for others we barely know.

              But something of the Holy Spirit of God got into me back then…like making me pay attention to this young man…like okay, Lord, You’ve got purpose here with him.

              So I went with the flow of God’s Love…

              And am still rowing down that River of Heaven’s Love!


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              1. Love it! We “know” each other in Christ & that has everlasting potential. God has Always had His hand on Josiah, even from the womb…& His plans & purposes are beyond imagining when He chooses to use “the weak things of this world to confound the wise”! We’re all tapped into the same roots & grafted into the same Vine. More Oil & Wine of Your Spirit Lord! Blessings!!!

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              2. Right on sister!

                God delights in using us humble, plain vessels rather than the mighty and noble. Having said that, once and awhile He seems to pick up a rich man and power here and there…rarely….but still…

                ….and thank You God for choosing DJT…but look what God did with this man who supported many liberal causes…so the occasions of the Scripture that relate how God confuses His enemies….spot on right here in our present day in all the ways of turning DJT conservative! Is he perfect? Nope. Neither am I or the rest of us…but by God’s grace, we’ll hang onto to our Rock of Faith and only Holy Spirit of Truth…and somehow, we’ll be able to smash though the Gates of Hell’s lying fire.

                Praise be unto our God Whose works were all known to Him from the Beginning…

                Somehow, it seems to me He just kinda shunted Satan aside and kept him in his deserved darkness so that he couldn’t see all the heavenly arrows of the “Light of Life” originally designed to pierce his deepest, evil heart and condemn his whole bastion of evil desire forever.

                He failed to recognize that at the apex and climatic rush of Heaven’s Life against Hell’s Death that did not one in a million chances against the Wisdom of God.

                So be it! Yea and Amen!


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  20. Beginning to understand why IlhanOmar is praising allah.

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    1. It’s getting to the point that they want to normalize face covering…why? Everyone should have a color coordinated drawer full of masks? Is this for now, the immediate crisis or to instill fear and psychological uncertainty ?
      From now on..should people who have allergies be shunned because they sound sick but pose no risk to anyone else?

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      1. Good question. It wasn’t cold enough this winter here to kill all the mold and I think this lingering head congestion and cough is allergy related. I’m NOT sick. I’ve been a singer for close to 40 years and know how to test for lung capacity. I’m fine. BUT, congested from the head which is giving me a cough.

        I can’t wait for May and higher temps.

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        1. Man, do I ever know what you’re saying.

          Worse than ever, I am choking and gagging on the stuff…with serious daily threats of heart, spine and electrical bundle problems that no doctor or hospital has come to be able to fix. Never underestimate what the sinuses blown can do to the rest of the body already under stress…and if your adrenal system is blown out, all bets are off without some help and blessing from God and His power to keep us going in the face of all.

          I pray for all of you…Lord, please protect, heal and take care of all of them doing their diligent best to walk in that right and just path of good Law and Truth.

          Shalom and blessings!

          PS Btw…I’ve done the singing thing and instrumentals in countries avarice to us…pre 1989…including getting to actually sit at the pipe organ in St. Thomaskirch in E. Germany…for those not familiar, that was the church Johann Sebastian Bach was the great chorus master for 17 years.

          The organ I played was not the organ there when he was chorus master. From what I understand, since I was there, they replaced that organ with another more suitable and adapted to the greater, in-depth nuances of Bach’s pipe organ compositions.

          They don’t call him the father of modern music for nothing.

          Here is one of the great pieces I got to play there in the 1980s…music and chess were my keys to getting behind that dreadful, dark Iron Curtain…

          Bach’s great Passacaglia…brings me to tears every time I listen…and I think, my God, You actually blew straight through that impenetrable Curtain and got me in there…there’s just no words when it comes to the grace and power of our Absolute-Sovereign God Who can do what He wills and desires to do, even using small, unknown vessels as we are!

          Never forget New Testament words…with men it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible!


        1. Plus there’s the added bonus of ostracizing those that would not wear them as germy disease carriers. It’s getting ridiculous. Went to the gas station store the other day..they had rigged plexiglass thing that covered the clerks who are standing on a raised platform but the customers are below the barrier…everything we breathed out would go under the barrier. But hey….it looked like they were proactive…just like the homemade underwear or bandanna coverings that won’t filter tiny particles

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      2. It’s to spread psychological trauma. They want constant visual reminders of a pandemic. They want people alienated and dehumanized. They want life to look as less normal as possible. And above all else, they probably take sick pleasure in looking at their handiwork and all of these proud Americans being reduced to wearing trash around their heads just to get whatever food is still left on the grocery shelves.

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          1. MSM is already talking about social distancing being permanent. They want us divided and alienated from each other as much as possible because it makes it easier to push their evil and dehumanizing NWO agenda.

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            1. Yes. Was at the vet yesterday. Told to sit in my car, call to say I was there, a tech will come to the door, I was to walk my dog to the door and hand her over, and then wait in my car until she was brought back out.

              Woman in the car next to me had on a mask and gloves. I had on neither. She was shaking her fist at me, pointing to her mask, pointing to me, shaking her head, very agitated. Her behavior got much worse when my dog was brought out.

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          1. So much has been said about the psychology of “dressing for success,” but for some reason, people don’t realize that it works in reverse, too. Dressing yourself like a hospital patient, wrapping literal trash around your head, covering your mouth like you’re being silenced—it has a psychological effect, and not a positive one.

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    2. The elite are going from “in your face” to “on your face”…

      Their contempt for us, and for GOD, will be their downfall.

      Say what you will, but Vigilant Citizen has EXCELLENT coverage of the BIZARRE ceremonies where the elite meet to make their evil complete. The pictures of the Rothschilds, for instance, the party in 1972 with the woman in the moose outfit (and she wasn’t named Natasha), and the fellow who appeared to be wearing a birdcage, are only a small window into their seriously warped world. I went to Uni with one of them (the lady in question is related to him), and he was a right worm. Laws, morals, ideals, religion, nationality, honor, honesty, etc. mean NOTHING to them. Dude did a lotta stuff. Nary a word of it got out. Nice to have “friends” in high places (remembering, of course, the “high places” mentioned in the Bible, and what happens to the residents thereof…)…

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  21. I know I am new here…kinda a weird quirk in the universal wheel as being just one, small cog in our God’s Universe, Creation and whole plan of salvation…which of course will outlast all of Satan and his whole demonic Fortress of the Gates of Hell’s resistance to beat us down, swallow us up and ingest us as “hapless victims of its great sacrificial dinner”…

    N.O.P.E! Not gonna happen!!!

    Not on our God’s Watch…and as a mere piece of mortal flesh…not on this on this ole battle-hardened soldier’s watch and duty.

    Love this piece of music by Future World Music.

    Make no mistake, Paul and all the biblical writers knew the end of the end would come and that in the last days, men would wax worse and worse until the coming apocalypse. Okay fine. Gonna happen.


    Does that mean we lay down and let the dogs and pigs of Hell just easily run rough shod over us?!

    Hell, f…..g No!

    Jesus didn’t tell His disciples to go out and buy a sword for nothing!

    He didn’t want them to simply give up, lay down, submit and die and let the pigs run all over them!

    People, yeah…we are going to come to the end of it one day. Okay…but meanwhile back at the ranch, our God says pick up your appointed sword and fight and don’t be lazy in the battle.

    You got stuff to do.

    SO. DO. IT!

    You have this one chance in a lifetime! Don’t miss it!

    Appreciate all of you, specially the folks I am familiar with from over on Marica’s blog, Sir Kal and Bren, Plain Jane, Michael H, and hopefully still here, a best precious soul, Dutchess. And others.

    To all patriots, as I used to sign on my every early Monday morning’s military tribute…


    May our God and bless all to the final purpose and end of the Kingdom of Heaven’s will to be done in earth…even with and through mortal vessels like us.

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  22. Let’s Restore America: Let Americans Work Again
    Created by D.G. on April 03, 2020

    President Trump, all officials, please eliminate restrictions that prevent healthy law-abiding Americans from working and curtail freedom.

    Millions of Americans are suffering economic & mental devastation from loss of jobs, businesses, entire life savings, due to coronavirus-related mandates.

    The virus is tragic.
    The economic shutdown is tragic.
    Both devastate people.

    President Trump & all officials, please:

    • Dissolve by April 15 all orders prohibiting healthy individuals & businesses from working. Americans can follow coronavirus protocols AND work. Maintain orders if extreme outbreaks.
    • Follow expert medical advice: shift tactics fighting coronavirus from “horizontal interdiction” controlling everyone, to “vertical interdiction” protecting vulnerable.

    Restore American freedom.

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    1. That doesn’t sound like “open by Easter.”

      Sorry, folks.

      With the HCQ/Zinc being rolled out now, there’s a decent chance we’ll be through this before the end of April…

      But Easter is only a week away, and that’s likely too much to ask for. And it would appear that’s not just MY opinion but a certain POTUS’s opinion too.

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