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Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header & First Image: A young lady warrior is standing in a field of tall grasses, looking over her shoulder at us. Behind her in the distance, an enormous Tree dominates the landscape. Her long white hair and the tall grasses, are blowing in the wind. Her dark green velvet embroidered tunic has a band of metal armor at the hips, which comes to a V in the front and back. She has metal armor on her shoulders and forearm, and the wind is blowing the long dark green cape that is attached at her shoulders. She is holding a sword in her right hand and in her left hand is a round metal object that appears to be giving off a soft blue glow.

The enormous Tree is in the valley below her and there are gigantic arched structures built into the side of it’s trunk. White birds are flying out from the Tree, towards us. A few small structures dot the landscape around the base of the Tree, along with a forest of smaller trees. Beyond the valley, there are rays of the sun casting light on the Tree and the warrior, as the sun emerges from a distant mountain range. There are white clouds moving through a blue sky.

Second Image: A stone pathway leads up to tall double doors, built into the side of an enormous tree trunk. The doors are arched and covered in ornate carvings. There are a few small points of light in the doors, giving off a slight blue glow. Rays of sunlight illuminate the path in front of the doors.

Third Image: Is a cozy grouping of couches and chairs around a warm fire, under the watchful gaze of a Wolf on the wall.

Fourth Image: Pres Trump is wearing a windbreaker, with a sympathetic look on his face as he meets with storm victims in the rain.


Thanks for the handoff, Daughn!

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365 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200404 Open Topic

  1. Donald J. Trump Retweeted

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    1. Boothe’s question, is the EXACT right question, one that Dr Doom cannot answer and does not WANT.

      Random sampling, much like a complete antibody test, will tell the TRUE numbers, especially the TRUE numbers of RECOVERED. Dr Doom and those with the agenda to destroy this country do NOT want that number known, nor as I (obviously correctly) hypothesized the TRUE date and amount of people here who were infected and recovered BEFORE we shut down flights, and BEFORE we had any test, let alone an ACCURATE test.

      For example, what if MILLIONS were already infected, primarily out west, and recovered. What if the same is TRUE in states that STILL have low numbers of cases and deaths. What IF the early covid cases and deaths were mis attributed by people and Dr’s alike to be the REGULAR flu, and NOT reported, and they RECOVERED.

      If even 10% of the population ALREADY had this a LOW number, that means this disease is even LESS than the flu by a factor, not WORSE than the flu as we were “told”

      Reporting and extrapolating deaths and cases from a HOTSPOT, and then applying it to the REST of a country of OVER 330 million is FOLLY at best, bad Science and maybe BAD INTENTIONED at worst.

      Using a FLAWED model with more than ONE unknown attribute is a recipe for a DISASTER of a model. One that is NOT even worth the ink or paper it is printed with. USING that arbitrary GUESS to shut down the country is even WORSE. CONTINUING to move the goal posts, using said arbitrary model, and subsequently DESTROYING the country it pretends to be trying to SAVE is beyond STUPID, it is NEGLIGENT, and THAT takes effort and planning, not just incompetence.

      Trump needs NEW and MORE advisors, and needs to STOP placing his faith and the FATE of this country in the hands of two obviously in over their heads, biased, agenda driven FOOLS. Educated and credential fools, but FOOLS just the same.

      Trump KNEW. He SHOULD have trusted his gut. He KNOWS the “cure” cannot be WORSE than the disease.

      So far, this “cure” of a shutdown is FAR worse, by a factor of 10 than the virus will EVER be. MANY more will be hurt, broke or dead if the cure is allowed to proceed for much longer, and time is short and the clock is ticking to midnight. The DAMAGE being done IS a moving goalpost, and want to talk exponentials, like their cure model, EACH day this proceeds, the damage done is in the TRILLIONS. Not Billions, TRILLIONS.

      Time to listen to you GUT again Mr. President, better do it QUICK.

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      1. Yes, he’s a good friend of mine, a retired lawyer/analyst. Has an incredible knowledge of history and often applies the past to the present.

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  2. How is this likely? This seems like bs to me.

    “Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, postal workers have been on the front lines, considered “essential workers” who must continue to do their jobs as usual while others stay home. But some lawmakers are warning that without more support, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) could completely shut down in the next few months, threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans. 

    Last week, Representatives Carolyn B. Maloney, the chair of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Gerry Connolly, chair of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, said in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that the COVID-19 crisis is threatening the future of mail service in the U.S.

    “The Postal Service is in need of urgent help as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis,” they said. “Based on a number of briefings and warnings this week about a critical fall-off in mail across the country, it has become clear that the Postal Service will not survive the summer without immediate help from Congress and the White House. Every community in America relies on the Postal Service to deliver vital goods and services, including life-saving medications.”

    The lawmakers said USPS, which is a quasi-governmental agency that relies on fees rather than taxes, may be forced to shutter as early as June, less than three months from now. They noted that postal workers delivered more than a billion shipments of prescription drugs last year, and ceasing operations during the virus outbreak could have dire consequences for the health of people around the country.”

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      1. Frequent user of Amazon Prime here, BUT totally agree with your post, Gail.
        Would be interesting to see when that “arrangement” happened, who negotiated it (Worth a little digging into background and affiliations), who sign off on it…what time period in the terms and when it can be renegotiated.
        Those sweet deals don’t just magically happen.

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    1. I think the post office loses a lot of money because stamp collectors have become few and far between. The post office puts out too many new stamps for collectors to gather and most times you need to buy the complete sheet, the souvenir sheet and single (to get the single you need to buy another complete sheet) for the book for each stamp issued.

      I realize that stamp companies will still buy the stamps from the post office and then try to sell them to the “customers” at quite the mark up. After all they can always be used for postage. The only problem is too few people are starting to collect stamps and no one wants to buy the collections anymore, people are advised to donate them.

      Think of how many stamps were printed over the years that never got used, an extra added plus for the post office.

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      1. Thats very true. Very true. The ones I think kiddo might like i purchase the sheet and save one or two on the sheet and thats it. Abd yes they put out a lot of stamps!

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  3. Donald J. Trump Retweeted

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    1. H/T The Library… Harold

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      1. This begs the question….

        Is Julian Assange under lockdown in a UK prison and being protected because Seth Rich gave him the DNC emails, or is he being held as a prisoner to keep him from speaking out about Seth Rich and not “suicided” because he has the ultimate “dead man’s switch”?

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      1. One of my wife’s fav. shows is “Deadly Women”. Turns out that women can be even more vicious and nasty than most male killers in that the majority of women killers tend to know their victims.

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  5. I dontbthing he is lying. Something extremely nefarious is going on.

    John Cardillo (@johncardillo) Tweeted:
    Just heard from a friend in law-enforcement whose aunt and cousin passed away last week.

    Both were on way to hospice for unrelated issues. One for cancer another for organ failure.

    They tested positive but were asymptomatic, yet cause of both deaths was logged as COVID-19.

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      1. Well inflating the numbers keeps people compliant, scared, separated, and willing to attack neighbors and businesses for their perceived nonconforming behavior.
        Its vile. 21st century stasi.

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    1. The same goes for the reported nursing home deaths. While my father was in assisted living I saw lovely people who were so frail that a common cold could easily be their end. It seems like there was no effort to distinguish what their actual deaths were from but they were used to prove how contagious CV is

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      1. Unfortunately snfs have always been petri dishes. The operators are at fault for corporate policy on this. Some businesses arent a model for multimillionaire wealth. Theyll make a good comfortable living but cutting costs at all costs for profit isnt a winner in snfs and assisted care.

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        1. And they’re picky about the wrong stuff, sanitation wise. My grandmother was dying of pancreatic cancer and was on morphine drops to control the pain. The staff insisted on putting it in a cup for her to drink rather than just do the dropper in her mouth while she was practically in a coma.

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      2. Yeah…a guy I knew in a former part of life lost his wife in late February. She was a cancer survivor/recipient of a verified miracle as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, but had at least one partial lung, was prone to infection, etc., due to 15+ years of cancer treatment and the side effects.

        A cold developed into a lung infection and after 7-8 weeks in ICU she succumbed. If she had lived another 4 weeks, would she have been a COVID-19 statistic?

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      1. Theres going to be a willingness to ignore it to “just move on” and restart the country. It will be a great conspiracy theory IF theres no tracking locally by non govt officials. Gotta keep track of hospitals where they die, doctors on death certs, and coroners beyond patient info.

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    1. Drip, drip, drip….

      Chinese water torture.

      I have very unChristian thoughts about what this is doing to the sleep and eating health of all those involved.

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  6. Walmart is niw limiting the number of customers in the store. Depending on where you live, how long do you want to stand in the bread line…err… entrance? And then 6 feet apart outside too? Cant take anyone with you ie your kids.
    Riots waiting to happen.
    I called my local who said “we have security guards”. Riiiggghhht bc they arent police who do riot control. Well ” the local police are in our parking lot all the time ” Riiiggghhttt, they are your private security service.
    Sounds like walmart is stoking the fire.

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    1. Gil,

      I don’t think this is happening across the country… know it is not happening here in S Carolina… grandson’s girlfriend just ran some errands for me yesterday and that is not the case here.

      Governors are responsible for what goes on in their state… and unfortunately, the chain goes DOWN to mayors, etc. Have you called any of these people to ask about various policies? There is NO reason Gov Newsom’s office would not be taking phone calls.

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          1. I have not shopped at Target since they allowed transgender men in women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms. I won’t support a business that goes along with the progressive agenda if I can help it.

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    2. I actually welcome this news. I wrote an account yesterday about a trip to Walmart. People were not social-distancing, the aisles were crowded so shoppers bunched together in some cases, some people were talking in groups, etc. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It was as if people had been quarantined for a while and had run out of some things and were tired of the “rules,” so they just broke out.

      And on a different recent occasion, I was in an aisle with a mom and three small children. No one had any awareness of distancing. The kids were wandering and touching things and talking, with no supervision from mom.

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  8. Watch out, they’re inflating the death numbers from COVID-19.

    In light of the discovery that @GovNedLamont counted an infant suffocation toward his state’s #coronavirus death total, I am calling on @realDonaldTrump to issue an audit of ALL death certificates related to COVID-19. State Health Depts are NOT medical examiners.

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    1. Good. This will get to POTUS, not that his team has missed this. They might already be compiling the data for release at a later time.

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      1. Also interesting is vid in latin means ‘see’. So what you have with CO VID 19 is Corinthians See 1.9.
        Just not sure how we got to 2 Corinthians. One might assume for a look back you might go the most recent which would be 2 only because it comes after 1, so no abrogation involved.

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  9. More grist for the mill…

    Was PLANNEDEMIC released, in part, to kill Julian Assange in a way that would:

    1. Circumvent his “protection” in a max. security prison, and
    2. Circumvent a “dead man’s switch”


    JA applied for bail 2 weeks ago, citing his lung issues and the ease of virus spread in prison populations…a reason why prisoners are being released the world over, including here in the USA.

    His request was denied.

    He is being held at Belmarsh prison, the equivalent of a Super-Max here in the USA.

    Read and comment…

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    1. Somewhat relatedly….

      Was Jeff Epstein smart enough to do all he did but NOT have a “dead man’s switch” to prevent his murder? Or was he murdered after his kill switch was found and disarmed?

      Questions questions.

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      1. duchess, I watched this just before President Trump’s Press conference. It really changed how I understood what he was saying about Hot Spots and Global Supply Chains. Thank you for posting this.

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        1. Most welcome, Elizabeth! I agree – PT speaks about the virus intervention – and at the same time – about military operations – being careful to relate them to the problem at hand – we both know there are other problems – with which the military is dealing – it’s all connected – Thanks!

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    1. Did you know that Seattle has underground tunnels? There are tours offered. I went on one when I was in the sixth or seventh grade. I looked and there are still tours being offered. I think there’s a lot more tunnels there than are shown to the public, just my opinion.

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    1. You TRAITOR!!! You just shot yourself in the foot!!! EXPOSED!!!

      You complain PT is not doing enough – hoard supplies – and then – go to your China friends for supplies?

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      1. Update:

        President Trump mentioned in the Task Force Briefing he is aware of this – and (2) friends of his were involved in this order – he appears to be fine with this order.

        PS Still do not trust that Creepy Cuomo!

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    1. Alison, I have tried and tried to explain this to certain people in my life.
      Life is NOT a straight line.

      Extrapolation is 2 dimensional thinking in a 20 dimensional universe.
      You can use it to inform your decisions but it is unwise to allow it to guide your emotions.

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  13. I’m sure many have already seen this news… I just remembered that ONCE Gen Flynn’s case is dismissed, finalized… the GAG Order is lifted, and the General is free to testify… do I recall correctly?

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  14. Cranky Maggie doesn’t like this but I do !!

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    1. If Maggie herself got the virus – and had to choose between a Hydroxychloroquine and a ventilator – she would go with the HCQ.

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  15. ‘A perfect storm’: US facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars

    April 4, 2020
    by Nina Lakhani, The Guardian

    Food banks are reporting unprecedented demand across the US as millions lose jobs, investigation shows

    An unprecedented number of Americans have resorted to food banks for emergency supplies since the coronavirus pandemic triggered widespread layoffs.

    The demand for food aid has increased as much as eightfold in some areas, according to an investigation by the Guardian, which gives a nationwide snapshot of the hunger crisis facing the US as millions become unemployed.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Please, donate to your local food PANTRY, not the food banks unless it is NOT a Feeding America organization.

      Feeding America is the corporate established system that sends up a lot of red flags for me. Too many cabal ties.

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  16. Hey guys im at walmart and its surreal.
    Crowd control metal barricades about a quater mile long.
    A tatooed up armed security guard at the front entrance. Standing in line 6 feet apart.
    Lots of male employees acting puffed up.
    Dont tell me this is the face of retail now.
    They wouldnt let me walk on the sidewalk with my son. I had to walk in oncoming traffic to the end of the line.
    Must be approved to walk in. Aisles blocked with products or carts.
    One access in, one out. Removing stock for social distancing. Very low stock in food still.

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    1. Maybe don’t go on the weekends 🤷‍♀️ Male employees acting puffed up ??? So a guy has tattoos ??

      What does “approved to walk in” mean ??

      Can you remind us where (region) you are? Are you in a densely populated or typically high crime area?

      Our CO walmarts are not doing what you’re describing. Nothing here matches what you are describing. Yesterday you were talking about looting beginning in your n’hood.

      Is it really that bad or are you not able to handle stress? I’m asking sincerely because your reports seem so much worse than what others are reporting.


      1. Im in southern California. Puffed up is a term for authoritarian, slightly too much for the situation. The armed security guard looks like an ex thug. And, security guards are not cops. The standards are dar far lower.
        Approved to walk in means you are standing in a steel barricaded line and cannot enter the store until the walmart employee with an ipad says you are allowed to do so.
        No I didnt talk about looting in my neighborhood. I talked about social unrest with people out of work. Alcohol sales are way up and domestic disputes are climbing as well.
        I also am from an LEO family, so I dont see things in the same light as a lot of other people.
        My reports are what I see Allison.

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          1. Yes they are but they are also doing these other things, at this walmart, in the burbs, not a supercenter. So my posting is informative bc if anyone is shopping in an urban area with long lines, in a hurry, and doesnt like seeing an armed security guard used to intimidate shoppers or a surly bunch of male employees implementing this new corporate policy, it may be better to avoid certain times of the day or not go.
            My area isnt the ghetto either so what im seeing is much more heavy handed than what pne would expect.

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            1. I was saying daughter wanted to get a few things..Ralphs line was huge to get in and then she went to Vons, same thing. She gave up and came home….. because she had more work to do from the office , kids and school work. It’s not easy . So far there isn’t any special hours for working parents like there is for senoirs

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              1. My ralphs was pleasant and doing a good job to stock. They were friendly and polite. Target was pretty bad and this was walmart today.
                Im worried about what you said, people giving up but they really needing to go, and the lines are too long.

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  17. Ok this makes me think there is some validity to all the recent hype about tunnels, etc. but look at that page to apply for grants – it’s going to be the same ‘legitimate’ NGOs getting money that is never used for intended purposes. Red Cross comes to mind 🤬

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    1. Exactly.

      If you were a normal person, running a legitimate newsroom, would you send Jim Acosta to ask questions on a subject he knows absolutely nothing about?

      Or would you send a member of your reporting team who has medical experience and/or legal experience?

      How is someone like Jim Acosta, or any of these goofs, supposed to ask an intelligent question, even if they wanted to, which they don’t?

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  21. SD finally asked the question publicly that many of us have been talking about here for at least a week or more.


    Ground Reports – Healthcare Focus – What’s Going On In Your City, Town, Neighborhood?…
    Posted on April 4, 2020

    There’s something really odd, a profound disconnect of sorts, between what the media is sharing and the reality of what the general public is reporting from their own experience.

    According to most national media hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.

    U.S. media claim doctors and nurses are collapsing under the stress and strain of conditions they describe as “war zones” in the battle against COVID-19.

    Media are now reporting about nurses and doctors committing suicide as they try to deal with severe PTSD, and psychological trauma, as a result of endless shifts in overcrowded hospitals filled with desperate and dying patients. Additionally, refrigerated trailers now fill with piles of dead bodies as the morgues are overwhelmed with deceased coronavirus patients.

    Influencers, perhaps people with an interest in pushing an agenda, are sharing videos of nurses and doctors pleading for help and crying under duress amid their struggle. It all seems rather sad and unnerving. Additionally, professional instability that severe seems a little disconcerting…. That said, that’s one summation of a recent 24-hour media cycle.

    However, there is a disconnect.

    I’m not talking a little disconnect; there is a profound and entirely opposite set of reports from nurses, doctors and healthcare workers –in multiple states– who are being laid-off, sent home, told not to come in; and doctors worried of losing their practices because hospitals, and their offices are completely empty.

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    1. Meanwhile people who need to go the hospital for other reasons are denied or postponed. Even my primary care physician has shut down for at least two weeks. However I was able to go to the package store and stock up on wine.

      I don’t know for how much longer they can pull off this charade. People are going to get restless…and cranky…and hungry…and then angry.

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      1. “I don’t know for how much longer they can pull off this charade. People are going to get restless…and cranky…and hungry…and then angry.”


        Far more dangerous than cranky, hungry or angry is the People finding out this whole thing is a giant fraud.

        Quarantine for legitimate safety issues is one thing. Putting the American people through all of this because there isn’t any other way is one thing.

        But if people start figuring out that the whole thing is a sham, that it’s 90% B.S., then ‘anger’ won’t even be the word for it.

        People like Fauci are going to be running for their lives.

        They shut down a $23 trillion dollar economy — and the whole world with it — as part of the ongoing Democrat / Cabal hoax to get Trump out of office?

        They’re dead.

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        1. “They shut down a $23 trillion dollar economy — and the whole world with it — as part of the ongoing Democrat / Cabal hoax to get Trump out of office?”

          Only so much so that Trump has been an impediment to their schedule in establishing world domination, which is what they are really after.

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