20200404: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

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  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
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Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

The meme above is a good one to keep when the media starts howling.

464 thoughts on “20200404: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

    1. You joke, Kea, but I saw several photos of people in China literally doing that!
      My favorite, a woman (?) encased in a huge black trash bag with an opened umbrella inside of it standing in line in a bank.
      Saw lots of creative, clear deep-sea diver-type helmets made from large containers with the bottom cut off and the person just fitting it over their entire heads. If, in fact, you can become infected through the eyes (??) as some suggested …rather clever.

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          1. School chem lab goggles git snug not tight and a face mask that snugly fits over nose and just under chin.
            Anyone who wears a mask but pulls it diwn under their nose is an idiot. Just dont wear one then.

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      1. I do recommend glasses for airborne protection – even a pair of safety glasses. And eyedrops throughout the day to cleanse eyes. Great for pollen season but also virus. We tend to underestimate that our eyes are a fluid receptor, as well as we touch them more often than we realize.

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        1. Fraud and will not allow for proper disease study or input into models. Coroners should take bloood and tissue samples from everyone, even if they havent proven disease yet. Its the doctors and coroners who determine death certificate. We will go back and go after those committing fraud.

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          1. Anything can be covered up by the doctor and hospital. My mom died from a bacterial infection on her lungs. She needed antibiotics.

            The doctor waited until he grew a damn culture. Other doctors protested saying she had something on her lungs. When the pulmonary guy, whom I didn’t authorize to be called in, finally phoned me via the floor nurse in ICU, all excited that their fing culture showed pseudomonus, she was nearly dead. They put her on a ventilator and IV drips. She died the next night. Cause of death on her death certificate said heart failure.

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              1. The really sad part is that my mom wanted to go to the nursing home because she thought she might be able to have more human interaction with people her own age, plus she really could no longer take care of herself. She was there three months and got pseudomonas which is easily cured by antibiotics.
                My friend who was a nurse at another hospital told me that they immediately put people on antibiotics when elderly are brought in from nursing homes with her symptoms. This unfortunately was after my mom died.

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              2. Yes, many times our hindsight adds to the anguish of what was an unnecessary premature loss of a loved one. Many times I find it hardest to forgive institutional sins. But harboring the unforgiveness will only hurt me.

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              3. I learned after my dad died when Iwas 10 that I had to forgive the doctor for letting my dad out of the hospital with a fever. He died two days later. Later in life I learned that a fever often accompanies a blood clot. He died of a blood clot to his lung.

                Then I learned to forgive when my father-in law died of pneumonia after surgery. Then my mother-in- law died from an infection after bowel resectioning…she was fed broiled chicken…not jello or other soft foods…broiled chicken which blew a hole in her newly resectioned bowel. We have had a lot of practice in forgiveness. If I get past this cancer, I know it is God’s doing, in spite of the medicals.

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              1. That’s so sad but truer than I want to believe. We’ve been blessed (for the most part) in the medical arena w/ our special needs son…but special educational malpractice…well that’s a completely different tale. Thankfully God is so gracious & merciful to intervene in our son’s life & bring him so much further along than Any “experts” could ask or imagine!

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              2. When my great nephew was born w Down Syndrome the docs immediately told my nephew that his son would never be able to do anything to take care of himself and he may never be able to even walk.

                He 14, a good swimmer, plays soccer is mainstreamed in school even though he cannot read. He is a willing helper as long as he has instruction and is a really loving, caring young man.

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              3. Wonderful! I’ve always said that the Only One who knows what my son is capable of is God himself…so all “experts” are taken with a salt mine! Sounds like your nephew is doing well. What a Blessing!

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              4. So true Valerie. Caring for a special needs child is anything but easy. God bless you and yours with an abundance of help, joys and love only God can bestow.

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              5. Thanks so much, Jane. & may the Lord be with you in His loving, healing, joyful, & peaceful Presence. In spite of all the challenges you’ve faced before &/or are still facing I pray that you can find joy in the journey & continue to be a Light shining into whatever darkness you encounter…overcoming evil, death, & despair with His Love, Power, Peace, & Joy!

                I hope these bible verses will encourage you 🙂 Blessings!

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              6. Thank you Valerie. They are beautiful and truth. Even though I gripe about some things, I always know in my heart, soul and mind that God has everything in His Hands.

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              7. Amen. That slaying part is purification. We are not able to know, love, see Him completely until we are like Him in love.

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              8. & that process is completed on the other side of the veil where we can see Him face-to-face & not have our view distorted by our sin nature! “For me to live is Christ & to die is gain!” (not that I’ve personally arrived at Really understanding that passage, just recognize that it is Truth!)

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      1. Candace mulling over whether to run for office:

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          1. Strong, vocal, intelligent, articulate, young, conservative, drop-dead gorgeous black woman representing conservative America in Congress??

            Be still my heart! 🥰😍

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            1. Wouldn’t be allowed in the Black Caucus…I seem to recall Col Alan West wasn’t because he wasn’t “one of them.” Criteria seems to be anti-America and dumb as a door nob.

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    1. “I’ve spoken to nurses at dozens of hospitals who have told me they are classifying every death they can as coronavirus in order to get more funding from the government.

      They both told me that their hospitals started doing it after learning that others were.”


      Is everyone corrupt?

      Is being a corrupt person just the “norm” after 8 years of Hussein?

      What’s wrong with these nurses?

      They just do it because they heard everybody else is doing it?

      If they hear that somebody hooked a car battery up to their nipples, are they going to do that too?


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        1. “I’m sure a lot of them are doing as they’re told.”


          Well that’s always the excuse, isn’t it?

          I knew it was wrong, obviously, but don’t blame me, I was just doing what I was told!

          How did that work out for the Nazis?

          Following unlawful orders is not a defense.

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          1. It’s not a defense. Definitely not.

            But it is human nature… they’re in the middle of a mess, working long and hard hours, and they’re all frazzled… talking B.S. at the end of their shifts… turning around and doing it over again… what should I code this as? Just code it this way… but what if it’s not that? Doesn’t really matter, blah blah blah, rationalization justification, just code it that way… tired, frazzled, and lacking the rest that is needed for maximum executive function and self-regulation… give up, short cut and code it the easy way.

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            1. Then they exist in a CULTURE of CORRUPTION, and that culture only exists because the leadership has either fostered it by example or tolerated it.

              It’s exactly what happens when no one is ever held accountable, for anything.

              C O R R U P T I O N.

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              1. That’s what happened with the ACA and loss of hospital’s and when we put priorities on making $$$ at said hospital’s.

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          2. Scott THE DOCTOR is the one to make the decision not the nurse. All she does is write what he dictates.

            A friend was a nurse. A patient died because the doctor left gauze called a sponge in the incision. She KNEW he had, called him on it at the time and was shutdown. After the patient died she went to the hospital board about it AND THEY FIRED HER!

            The ONLY options for the peons are GET FIRED OR QUIT! This by the way is WHY they want to shutdown small business. They want to make sure rebellion = a death sentence.

            BTDT as a QC engineer and got blackballed!

            At least with the internet the nurses can now be whistleblowers without getting fired or quitting at a time they are very much needed. Also if there is a LOT of clammer about this on the internet you can be sure President Trump is hearing it.

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            1. Case in point of one of the red light, main problems with the medical profession. Reviews. Note they NEVER tell you not to go to so and so or to this hospital or that. They just give vague “I like that place” statements.

              Seriously, when the whiny one was in college, he had to come home for a hernia repair. A pretty serious one. The family internist sent him to a Dr. F who fixed it fairly quickly and sent him back to school. (The repair is still good over 20 years later.) A bit later in the school year, a friend of his at school had the same issue, and just by-passed the crap and saw Dr. F. His girlfriend, who’s dad was a physician, had a cow. No, you need to talk to my dad! Her sad very calmly said, Dr. F is fine.

              That’s as much of an endorsement as you’re going to get out of physicians.

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            2. “A friend was a nurse. A patient died because the doctor left gauze called a sponge in the incision. She KNEW he had, called him on it at the time and was shutdown. After the patient died she went to the hospital board about it AND THEY FIRED HER!”


              Did she sue the Doctor personally and the hospital for wrongful termination, with damages, for a bazillion dollars?

              Does the doctor OR the Hospital thing a jury is going to be sympathetic toward the arrogant doctor who killed a patient and then fired the only person who spoke up on behalf of the dead — the dead person who could just as easily have been any member of the jury?

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              1. “The question is was she working in a “right to work” state?

                If so, she could be fired without cause.”


                If she is fired for doing what is right, for doing her job and doing it well, there has to be legal recourse.

                If your boss kills someone through negligence, and you go to his boss in order to prevent him from killing anyone else, and his boss fires you, then I can only IMAGINE the liability your boss’s boss just exposed himself and the company to.

                Right to work, or not.

                At some *&^%ing point in this world, doing what’s RIGHT has to outweigh all the carefully crafted bullshit CYA rules which the corrupt have established to protect themselves.

                But it seems like most people just go along with it. I understand why, but that doesn’t make it right.

                When I was growing up, it seems like there were a whole lot more people who did what was right, that doing what was right actually counted for something, as opposed to playing the system and covering your ass.

                If everybody plays the system and covers their ass, where does that eventually lead?

                Take a look around.


              2. Scott,

                It’s hard to argue against a doctor or doctors in front of a jury.

                -Juries are selected at random. They are full of people who have been taught from birth to respect doctors without question, and to regard them all as geniuses.

                -Many of the jurors are not geniuses themselves. They’ve never thought it through that someone can be a genius in making one decision, then blow the next decision. Smart people realize this intuitively, since they can introspect, and recall times that they themselves have made dumb mistakes.

                -Many people don’t like to think about doctors making mistakes. It’s too painful. “These lawyers are saying this doctor made a medical mistake. But that can’t be, can it? What if one day I’m lying on a gurney, depending on a doctor’s knowledge, and that doctor makes a mistake while treating me? I could lose a leg, or lose my eyesight, or even my life. And that’s too painful to think about. So I won’t think about it.” And many people take the Kantian position that, if they don’t think about something, it effectively doesn’t exist. I’m not saying everyone is like this, just enough that any jury of 6 or 12 is likely to contain a recalcitrant one or more.

                -Look at the destruction of the general aviation industry in the mid- to late-20th century. That happened because many of the amateur pilots who could afford to buy private planes back then were doctors, and some of them died in crashes that happened because of stupid, or not so stupid, mistakes they made in the air. Now imagine a juror in a civil trial of a doctor’s family suing a plane manufacturer for selling a faulty product. “This company and its lawyers are accusing a DOCTOR, for God’s sake, of making a mistake. And that can’t be true, can it? Doctors are too smart to do something dumb like that. So these guys must have cut corners to save money when building the plane, and now they’re lying to save their own butts.”

                My 2¢.

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              3. Her lawyer would have to be able to prove why she was fired and the defendant(s) were lying if they said she was fired for whatever other reason they chose.

                Very difficult, esp. in a case like this.

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              4. “Her lawyer would have to be able to prove why she was fired and the defendant(s) were lying if they said she was fired for whatever other reason they chose.

                Very difficult, esp. in a case like this.”


                Doctor has deep pockets and so does his malpractice insurance company.

                Hospital has even deeper pockets.

                Attorneys love targets with deep pockets.

                Chances are this nurse isn’t the only nurse who has been fired for essentially being a ‘whistle-blower’ on dangerous doctors who may routinely put patients’ lives at risk. And if so, chances are about 100% that the other nurses know exactly who has been fired for bringing dangerous practices to the attention of the board.

                Find out who they are, make them part of a class-action suit, get their testimony on record, and then subpoena the entire board to get their testimony under oath. Blow the whole putrid thing up.

                Assuming the nurse has an exemplary work record, she reports to the board that her boss killed a patient, and she’s fired. Straight line progression that any jury could see.

                Why is it that nobody wants to even TRY?!?

                Why does everyone come up with ten different reasons to QUIT before ever getting started?

                I don’t mean in this specifically, but it seems like in EVERYTHING.

                Why is “can’t” the number one word for so many people in a particular age group?

                What the hell HAPPENED to people?

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              5. The relentless CAN’T DO attitude is a spirit-crushing example for the younger generations to follow.


      1. Most people aren’t aware that this is how tobacco death statistics are calculated. If you have ever smoked a single cigarette in your life, they will claim your death as “smoking related” whether it had anything to do with tobacco use or not. Smoked a cigarette when you were a teen, and then die from a heart attack at 100 years-old? Officially, you died from smoking. The death statistics have been juked for decades.

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        1. They did the same with asbestos. Smoking PLUS asbestos = health problems. If you don’t smoke and the lung can clear itself of particles, then no problem.

          Killing asbestos made a LOT OF MONEY for certain companies (Think condemned schools) AND CAUSED a lot of problems for others.

          Semi-truck brakes catching on fire, no really good fire proof material for lab hoods….

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          1. Gail, an attorney friend and his son and daughter, also attorneys , Became very, very wealthy becoming asbestos “experts” in the early days and suing the heck out of every one they could…then consulting with others across the country to do the same. They were in Philadelphia and you know how much asbestos was there!
            Still social friends through it but the vulture attitude was a huge turnoff for us.
            Karma often has a way of leveling the field, though…all three had subsequent, serious issues.

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          2. Or no asbestos to delay the steel girders of the upper floors of the World Trade Center towers from losing strength from the heat of a fire. (The buildings were being constructed when the ban went into effect. So the lower floors’ girders were protected with asbestos, as designed. But the upper floors were only protected with an inferior substitute.)

            This had ramifications on 9/11/2001.

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        2. Or, the case anesthesiologists …unless it’s changed ( and it should!)…any death following surgery is automatically deemed an anesthesiology death…even if the patient bleeds out on the table, has a heart attack, etc. etc.
          that’s why their malpractice insurance for that specialty is astronomical. Could have changed by now because grossly unfair and I hope saner heads have stepped in.
          Similar situation with pediatric physicians being accountable (meaning can be sued) up to 18 years for medication/treatment for children patients. So, if an approved shot was given at 6 months and 15 years later it was declared unsafe, parents could sue that doctor for malpractice.
          With no doubt in my mind…the medical malpractice lawyers are salivating at this Coronavirus opportunity.

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        3. Did you know that small cell cancer is automatically called small cell lung cancer? Small cell can start in several places…pancreas, lung, prostrate, etc. My lungs are clear, I have cancer in my brain, liver, femur, and the neck lymph. They are calling it small cell lung cancer. Do they call it that if I do or do not smoke?

          What organization and group of controllers are making hay and money off the lung cancer statistics? (Rhetorical sarc here.)

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  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/rodrigo-duterte-philippines-president-coronavirus-lockdown-shoot-people-dead/

    “Shoot them dead”: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown

    Replying to
    My daughter lives in Bulgaria. They can only be outdoors for going to the grocery or pharmacy. No more than two people in the family and must go straight there and back or risk one year in jail. A few days ago they could walk their dogs or take kids out for exercise but no more.

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    1. The headline is clickbait and misleading. My wife is a Filipina and we listened to this yesterday. They are having problems in the north…Manila, with people causing trouble, not just disobeying the curfew. The left is whipping up the youth organizations to disobey and cause problems. In the south, the Abu Sayef muzzie trash is stealing relief supplies and keeping them for themselves or destroying them. Those are the ones he is saying needs to be shot. I agree. The media, as usual, ran with a soundbite that is completely out of context.

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      1. TMI follows.

        Agree CM in TN above.

        Philippines, population around 109 million. They canNOT afford to have ChiCom-19 run wild. Herd mentality I suppose some have called it. Folks are really poor. Medical crappy unless one is in the elite wealthy class. Worldometers reports ~3,100 positive ChiCom-19. Me thinks Philippine authorities really don’t know. Doubt they have sufficient accurate tests. CT scans are unheard of outside of the biggest cities, and folks need to bring cash.

        Problems Duterte are addressing won’t be found in most of the Philippines.

        Wife’s family ~200 miles NNW Manila. Infanta, Pangasinan. Fisherman are primary bread winners in this area.

        Serious lock down. Can’t travel from city to city. Nor Barangay to Barangay. Officials, local anyway have a system for folks to get essentials at market (fish, poultry, meat, vegtables and fruit), every other day. All other businesses shut down. Strict hours.

        As a helping hand, Barangay Captain distributed two kilos pork (~5 lbs) and ten kilo rice (~23 lbs) to every resident. Mayor gave away a couple chicks to every resident. Either Pangasinan Provincial (think State) government or National level, each household will receive either 5,000 pesos or 8,000 pesos ($100 / $160). A serious helping hand and, hey, it garners votes at election time 😉

        Have met the local Barangay Captain and Mayor. Decent folk as best I can tell. Very popular. Also knew current Mayor’s father. He was also their Mayor, assassinated while in office about six years ago.

        Navigating ChiCom-19 is, IMO incredibly difficult for the Philippines.

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        1. My in-laws in Cebu still haven’t got their relief food yet. The Fed gov. released the funds, but local gov’t is slow to get the supplies out. Wife says the DSWD would be a better way to distribute the aid than the LGU’s. To many local gov’ts on the take.

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          1. Yea, hopefully Philippine Gov assistance will be distributed as suggested. They are quite keen of receiving their 5,000 or 8,000 pesos.

            My understanding, in my post above, the assistance literally came from the Barangay Captain and Mayor. Barangay dude slaughtered some pigs from his piggery. Mayor has a very large, I guess it would be a chicken ranch of sorts.

            And, it is the Philippines, so some amount of crooked behavior is expected. Unfortunately common to all politicians, every where.

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    1. …Or got caught and taken to wet market 3 miles from the other lab in town, the level 2 bioweapons lab of the Wuhan University of Technology, which the recently-arrested Harvard professor was working with. At which point, the bats bit members of the rare, endangered pangolin species, which were their fellow food animals on sale in the wet market. Then these infected pangolins were purchased by shoppers in the market, taken home, cooked, and eaten, transferring the virus to humans.

      See the logic?

      Global plannedemic, my foot! It’s obviously a global pangolindemic!

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      1. Yes, one would think so…

        But only if something ever actually HAPPENS to the black hats, to hold them accountable.

        So far, nothing ever happens, and they learn from this, and push the envelope even further.

        They’re out past Orion’s Belt at this point, and there’s no sign of trouble, all systems are still ‘go’, so they’re still going.

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        1. I have enough to get by until there is some clarity on whether “recoverees” can or should be treated. By cutting my dose of quinine and zinc I am half-way back to mouth-breathing today. Slept pretty good, but nose-breathing was about at its limits.

          I’m thinking about flushing my system today (full mouth breather) and then moving back up to a new regimen of 31 mg zinc (plus too much Ca and Mg, sadly) and 1/4 tab of quinine, meaning 1 pint of tonic water. I may try to find straight zinc tabs today, but probably a futile effort. I think the kidney effects are probably due to too much Ca and Mg, but I can’t be sure it’s not the Zn or quinine.

          I’m kind of giving up on a curative thing here, and hoping just to get some understanding of my condition. It’s hard to sort out the effects of hypoxia from drug side effects. I’m hoping to find a happy optimum.

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          1. I didn’t realize you were that sick!

            Why not see the Doc, take the newer/simpler test, and if positive for China is asshoe virus, take the hydroxychloriquine/antibiotic combo?

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            1. It’s very unlikely that I will test positive for active virus. If I don’t have a fever and “active infection” symptoms, I won’t get that test anyway.

              First step is getting antibody tested. I don’t think that is out yet.

              No matter what, I’m probably going to try to get some kind of testing.

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      2. Hi Wolf!

        Question for you. Is your research in the quinine-zinc protocol also telling you that quercetin is also a zinc ionophore? I found this paper about that:


        Then I found this:

        “We further tested quercetin, an antioxidant flavanoid, against CQ-induced hepatoxicity and found encouraging results as quercetin was able to drastically reduce the oxidative stress and hepatotoxicity resulting at higher dosages of CQ administration. In conclusion, our study strongly suggests co administration of antioxidant flavonoid like quercetin along with CQ for antimalarial therapy. This is particularly important when CQ is administered as long-term prophylactic treatment for malaria as chronic exposure has shown to be resulting in higher dose level of drug in the body.”


        Apparently quercetin is protective against toxicity when taking chloroquine for malaria.

        There are food sources of quercetin that might be helpful in buffering the effects of the quinine, including apples, onions, berries, pau d’arco and green and black teas:


        I hope this is helpful for you and others. If we are taking the quinine/zinc, we can help our bodies tolerate it better if we change our diets a bit.

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        1. Oh, excellent! Thanks for this!


          First of all, note that CQ is not the same compound in the two papers – it’s clioquinol in the first one, and chloroquine in the second – BUT both of these substances are antiviral quinoline derivatives, and both of them are zinc ionophores used in the treatment of microbial diseases.

          The first paper proves that QCT (quercetin – a different type of compound) is ALSO a zinc ionophore, and the second paper proves that it helps protect the liver from damage BY chloroquine.

          This is good. It implies that I can definitely use polyphenols like QCT as booster zinc ionophores AND possibly as protectants against the hepatic (or other) effects of quinine.

          Great stuff! I will up my levels of these antioxidants, and keep the vitamin C high, too, just for antioxidant suspicious cat reasons.

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          1. Yes, the first paper is about quercetin and its interaction with zinc. The fact that it is a buffer for the quinine is the important part, as you note. I wanted you to know that you can use things like tea and berries to mitigate the effects of the quinine, because they contain quercetin.

            One of the highest natural sources of quercetin is a bark called pau d’arco. It can be made into a tea, extract, or a tincture. You can probably get it at your local health food store. I just had some pau d’arco tea myself for good measure.

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              1. I am using 8 oz. twice a day. That’s a pint. I think you said 1/4 a tablet of quinine, correct? I am not having quinine issues. I used to love gin and tonic, and had WAY more than a pint of tonic occasionally!

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              2. If you can get the straight zinc, maybe that will help. Also, the quercetin might be helpful. My friend who had this when I did, and is still suffering like you are, actually had quercetin tablets to take when we talked about trying this regimen. She also uses tonic water regularly for leg cramps. This may have actually saved her life when she had it; she is 68 years old. The only thing she wasn’t taking at the time was the zinc, but maybe her regular multi-vitamin had just enough to protect her.

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              3. Yup. That was me. Multivitamin and vitamin C. The women’s multivitamins tend to be better on zinc and iron b/c of osteoporosis and anemia support. Turned out I was only getting 11 mg in a generic senior multivitamin – my wife was getting 15 mg in hers. That also explains my body shock jumping to around 50 mg.

                Logic says you almost certainly had it already then, based on the web of evidence through your friend’s case, my case, and Sylvia, who tested positive. If you and your friend shared the same bug, then you had it, IMO.

                Notice how much zinc Zelenko is giving people! 220 mg / day for 5 days. That is shocker levels, BUT it’s not toxic – just uncomfortable. Yeah, and it can save one’s bacon!!!

                That guy was NOT messing around!

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              4. Seeing some reports of older patients with compromised lung history struggling to clear this. Start to feel better and then struggling. Zith + zinc was a game changer for one aged 70 fellow. Was already a regular green tea drinker. They are now trying quercetin 500mg morning and night. Reported noticeable improvements from that.

                My personal experience today… 2 months from onset is sensation of SOB on exertion which quickly resolves by sitting down. PulseOx doesn’t register fast enough when it happens, but I do know my heart rate went up after 5 minutes of just basic activity outside. Not sure if it’s some other environmental factor (new 5G in area) or lingering effects of infection.

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              5. P.S. I am sure I get quite a bit of quercetin in my daily diet. Breakfast smoothie for me is two cups leafy greens, a cup of berries, and some apple, all of which have it. And that’s just breakfast!

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              6. I’m still doing a lot of ginger tea, which I find very helpful for my breathing. Hope that has some antioxidants or ionophores, too. It definitely keeps the hydration going.

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            1. Many years ago i was very sick and could not tolerate any anti-microbial drugs or herbs due to bad reactions. I found a blend of Amazon-based plant powders, including pau d’arco, that I could boil into a decoction to drink. It was the only thing that “worked” at that time.

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    1. No Fed takeover, make them own their lefty sh!thole mess. Illinois out of control and bankrupt because of their public sector unions. Michigan in a crunch because of their 3rd world enclaves and backwards customs. Make them own it!

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      1. Use their national guard to close their state borders and section off the state in quarantine. Im curious to know if its a general brush off or particularly ignorant areas/groups of people.

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    2. Won’t happen.

      President Trump is doing a great job keeping Feds in the Fed lane. And, making States and local governments manage their territory.

      Chi-Com-19 is highlighting the gross incompetence of D-Rat guvs and mayors. Even Jared highlighted some of their incompetence a couple days ago at the 5 PM presser. IMO, that is why the pressitutes went after Jared yesterday.

      Lessons to be learned, IF, voters are paying attention.

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  5. Judging by the current local news talking points, I think I figured out why they’re pushing face masks so hard. tl;dr: Orange man bad.

    1) Get Democrat politicians, media, and corrupt CDC to push the face mask narrative.

    2) Force President Trump to go on record and say he’s not going to wear a face mask.

    3) Write nasty headlines about President Trump “ignoring CDC guidelines” because he’s either “stupid” or a “dictator.”

    I recommend we Alinsky them on this tactic. Start asking these Democratic politicians, Twitter checkmarks, and “journalists” why they aren’t wearing face masks. Refuse to wear one until they do.

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    1. It’s so ironic that you’re very concerned about this particular facet of the situation…yet your avatar is wearing a mask.

      (OK, it’s not the “right” kind of mask, but still…)

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        1. Masks in this ChiCom-19 as I see it…

          Uh, it’s a half hearted suggestion to wear a mask, at best.

          Feds, knowing there are not enough masks for health care workers AND citizens. So they justify not wearing a mask.
          – Something like ChiCom-19 particles are too small to be filtered out by N95.
          – Folks don’t know how to wear them… (AND, folks couldn’t possibly watch PSA announcements on TV, social edia, YT… sarc)
          – Pure. Utter. BS. IMHO. But I DO understand why they say don’t wear masks. Or said it, until quite recently…

          Then there are calls for folks to make masks and donate to health care providers. Good with it. Something IS better than nothing.

          So, IMO, it begs the question, why not regular folks wear home made masks. They are better than nothing.

          Hence, we now have a “suggestion” to wear home made masks. Some areas require it I suppose.
          BTW, I am not blaming the Feds decisions. Simply highlighting reality as I see it.

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            1. Yes, There are those areas that require something. Wonder if those areas care what type of mask, and IF a bandanna counts. Or are those areas making masks available for purchase. (Not really asking. More like shaking my head.)

              If that bit of government brilliance arrives northern NV, I’ll then wear a mask the rare time I am at the grocery. Donated most of my mask stock to local hospital. Kept a few for the day I either need or must wear.

              But, wearing a mask on walks in proximity of no one, or ATV in desert, NOT going to happen. Dumber than F’n dirt.

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            2. DH played golf today…not one mask in large group. Later went to Aldi’s…no masks.
              Everyone is wiping down surfaces and maintaining The Distance, but so far not buying into the masks thing.

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        2. I wear a mask because I am considered of other people not because government tells m too.
          I refuse to war cloth mask because it reminds m of muslim face cover.
          I aw something on You Tube a person made face mask from HEPA vacuum filter. I would wear that because it does not look like muslim face cover.
          People are very creative. We bought 20 N95 masks and my husband had some I wear those.
          I am actually a rebel at heart but curb it if i affects others.

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          1. Good idea with the HEPA filter. I was just going to mention that. (Now watch, no one will be able to get vac bags for the next couple of months…).

            There are many, MANY high-efficiency (and, sad to say, high-cost) respirators/breathing masks out there. Painters use them, body-shop folks use them, gardening folks who spray pesticides, etc., (should) use them, and a whole host of other people/tasks that need them. As far as face shields go, anyone who normally uses a grinder or any (power) tool that could spit out a chunk of wood or metal should already have one. If not, the various hardware stores out there should have them.

            Another, albeit odd, source of fine-particulate filter(s) would be the particulate-trap filters you can mount on laser printer exhaust vents to catch the toner particles before they can cause harm…. Office Depot, Staples, Amazoon, etc., probably have them…

            If you wanted to look like someone out of a 1950s sci-fi movie, you could use a welder’s mask, as well, but with a clear or low-density filter in it…

            Chiefio has a few items/articles on “rolling your own” (or maybe, sewing your own).

            (And, yep, you wouldn’t want to be over here now with Merde-Kuh & co. …)…

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    2. My question is ..why now? Why the insistence now? They’re sanctioning bandanas and homemade masks. They could’ve commanded this before.
      Why are other countries similarly getting heavy handed? Does this thing mutate into some zombie apocalypse that they’re not saying?

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      1. All I can think of is the dehumanizing aspect of it. The idea behind this, apparently, is for people to keep their germs to themselves. If that’s the rationale, we’ll never quit wearing them.

        It’s dehumanizing. From an emotional stand point, forming a bond will be interrupted. Think of parents bonding with newborns, couples bonding with facial expressions, etc. That would be removed from social discourse.

        I hate to go there with this, but that’s my gut feeling.

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      2. I think it’s because public perception is starting to turn against them now. Lots of counter info coming out against their narrative. They are scrambling trying to stay relevant and retain some degree of credibility. They are panicking at the loss of control over the sheeple.

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        1. I agree with this. They are desperate to ramp up more panic as the narrative starts to shift away from them. I now am required to wear a surgical mask….pointless…for all visits. But only 1 mask per day to be reused. Stupid🙄🙃

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      3. The call for masks has come from set of persons who saw the hypocrisy coming out of the WHO and CDC. They had no voice and it took time for it surface. Notice the press only started to talk about it only two days ago as the ground swell surfaced and the President mentioned they’d be looking into it. Now the left is going to try to jump on this pony and try to make it look like they were riding it long ago when in fact they’ve been mum on this from the beginning.

        Meanwhile you do have some liberal states that are glamming on to this because they realize the plandemic is going to sweep them away too. Or at least that’s my take.

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    3. Top headline on the NYT right now is a nasty headline about the President not wearing a mask. They’re pushing this point hard.

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      1. Well, let’s see if Pelosi, Schumer, the lovely Maxine, Adam Schiff, , Obama, , Brennen….are wearing their masks. And so far I haven’t seen any Hollywood ..experts on every subject.. wear any.

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      1. They want us dehumanized, alienated, and psychologically traumatized. MSM is already talking about social distancing being a permanent thing, and they’ll probably try that with the face masks, too. Anything to keep us as alienated from each other as possible.

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    1. Adam Schiff was in on this vaccination social manipulation plot. Remember he chased InfoWars and Natural News off social media over “vaccine misinformation”?

      These are the same people who lied about antiviral drugs – WHOOPS – I mean antimalarials.

      He was in on it. Same with Gates. These people were in a plot with the CCP.

      It’s incredible. These people are horrifying.

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        1. If the truth ever comes out, it will be 3 years late and 6 trillion dollar short.

          And they better not even think of not exposing the truth.

          The only reason we’re going along with this ‘Trust the Plan(ners)’ stuff is because we’re counting on them to expose everything.

          If they’re not going to, then we’re back to plan ‘A’.

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          1. I think about that weasel Peter Strzok testifying before Congress, and his rank arrogance. . . doing a little dance for the cameras and looking pure evil. All the while he acted like he was going to get away with all this crap and there was nothing anyone was going to be able to do to touch him. Like, I know something you don’t know.

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            1. Yes, and so far he has been allowed to get away with it, by the Department of Just-Us.

              And that kind of thing doesn’t just eat at the edges of peoples’ confidence in the rule of Law, it pours gas all over it and throws it in a lake of fire.

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            2. If one follows and buys into George Webb, the Strzok family is into gun running. They’re BIG TIME CIA people.

              I have a suspicion in the end a whole lot of people at that level are going to turn state’s witness to save their own skins.

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              1. If anyone ever prosecutes them. Why would they become witnesses for the DOJ, if the DOJ never prosecutes?

                Sessions didn’t prosecute, and now Trump won’t even endorse Sessions for his Senate campaign. Actually told Sessions to cease and desist claiming that Trump supported him.

                AG Barr is apparently motivated to strike like lightning at people who hoard masks. Barr should become the new Mask & Glove Czar, so DJT could put someone who actually cares about enforcing the LAW in the Attorney General position.


          2. “If they’re not going to, then we’re back to plan ‘A’.”

            ….which is no plan, so in the big picture scott, to paraphrase a devil’s minion…

            WTF difference does it make if we are rooting and hoping for something to be done when the alternative is out of our control and nothing happens?

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            1. Plan ‘A’ is the Founder’s Plan.

              The plan that was rejected by those who thought time was on their side, and who thought the American People were too delicate to tolerate a military solution. Every minute that goes by is another minute the Cabal has to plan the murder of millions of innocent people and even entire nations.

              Justice delayed is justice denied. It’s not just a quaint expression, it’s a maxim of the Law.

              “Justice delayed is justice denied” is a legal maxim meaning that if legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all.

              This principle is the basis for the right to a speedy trial and similar rights which are meant to expedite the legal system, because it is unfair for the injured party to have to sustain the injury with little hope for resolution.

              The phrase has become a rallying cry for legal reformers who view courts or governments as acting too slowly in resolving legal issues either because the existing system is too complex or overburdened, or because the issue or party in question lacks political favour. — Wiki

              Maxim [mak-sim]
              1. An established principle or proposition
              2. A principle of law universally admitted, as being a correct statement of the law

              The Founder’s Plan, Plan ‘A’:

              Noah Webster said, “The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops.”


              “And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. … The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson


              Writing in the Federalist Paper No.46, James Madison said, “The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”


              In Federalist Paper No. 28, Alexander Hamilton said, “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all forms of positive government.”


              Richard Henry Lee said, “To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”


              Joseph Story (Supreme Court Justice) said: “The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a Republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers…” – excerpt from ‘Commentaries on the Constitution’ (1833).


              “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, OR THEIR REVOLUTIONARY RIGHT TO DISMEMBER OR OVERTHROW IT.” — Abraham Lincoln, inaugural address, March 4, 1861


              Declaration of Independence (excerpt):

              “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

              That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

              That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to alter or to ABOLISH it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


              Plan ‘A’ is messy, but sure and certain. Expose the criminals worldwide — names, faces, current addresses — put bounties on their heads, and turn us loose. Special forces / military goes after the most dangerous and/or entrenched in bunkers, We the People take care of the rest. It’s all over in a few weeks.

              I know many people of a certain age group can’t bring themselves to believe that ANY action would ever accomplish anything. Their ‘plan A’ is ‘cold anger’. I have seen the achievements of ‘cold anger’, and found them lacking.

              Any kind of ‘cold anger’ that consumes a lifetime with nothing to show for it is manifestly just an excuse to do nothing until you’re too old to do anything. But at least they had a lifetime of muh cold anger to look back on with fondness and tell their enslaved grandchildren about.


              When no one will take action, the lack of action becomes the most important thing, because everything else is meaningless bullshit, without action.

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              1. Bravo! In essence, MLK had it right, a man who stands for nothing will FALL for anything. Or as said so eloquently in National Treasure. It means that people that have the ABILITY to act have the RESPONSIBILTY to act.

                There are VERY good reasons for the 2nd Amendment, the founders KNEW. Hell even Yamamoto knew in WW2. “We cannot invade the United States, there will be a weapon behind every blade of grass”

                I guess the question each generation must face in time of War, unrest, and crisis. What are WE prepared to do about it?

                Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. I HOPE it does not come to ANY of this. I hope Trump comes to his senses, does what is right, reopens the country, and then PUBLICLY punishes those that misrepresented this and did SO much damage.

                It needs to be stopped as quickly as possible, or it risks EITHER becoming the new norm, people capitulate, give up, and America is DEAD, socialism WINS and is HERE to stay. OR there is MASSIVE unrest and pushback, MANY more millions are hurt, killed, and property is DESTROYED.

                the ONLY acceptable answer, and it IS a risk, is to reopen the country, and TRY to restore it to as much as normal as quickly as possible. There is MUCH more at stake here than the reelection of Trump. The battle for the soul and SOULS of the country has began. I HOPE that Trump IS the man he said he was when he said “This country will NEVER be a Socialist country”

                Time to PUT up or SHUT up Mr. President, Socialism is being practiced here DAILY, hour by hour by these nanny state “guidelines” Time to STOP IT. We are Americans, we have RIGHTS, and they are being SMASHED in the name of “public health, safety, doing the “right” thing, a National emergency, or doing civic and patriotic duty to “protect” the most vulnerable.

                We as Americans have ALWAYS had choice…FREE choice, and that INCLUDED taking risk. We do not NEED and we do not WANT someone ELSE to tell yus what is best for US or anyone else. That is OUR damn choice.

                If we risk it, get sick, and die, it is OUR choice to do so. My mom and Dad are passed, I am a GROWN man, I do not need someone to “guideline” me and tell me how to keep myself, my family, and others “safe” or free from illness.

                The TRUTH is that NO AMOUNT of “social distancing” restrictions” guidelines, or sequester can STOP this. It can ONLY slow it down at BEST. More likely, this virus will do what viruses ALL do, spike and burn out.

                This is not a war with a known enemy. We cannot SEE it, we cannot reason with it, we cannot hear it, we can ONLY try to not get sick, if we DO get sick, take measures to NOT make anyone else sick, and then seek treatment.

                Just as we the Human species have ALWAYS done for over 5000 years as a civilized society…until NOW.

                #time to end the shutdown.

                The Founding Fathers would have NEVER done this, they had just experienced forced tyranny, they would want NO part of this thing.

                This is NOT taxation without representation, this is QUARANTINE without representation.

                Want to PROVE it? Hold a VOTE I bet there will be MANY more MILLIONS that want to end this than want to be FORCED into isolation. People cannot even go to an OUTDOOR park. What the FUCK is that. Sunlight is PROVEN to kill this and nearly ALL viruses INSTANTLY. OUTSIDE…not on a bus or a subway, OUTSIDE in the FRESH air. This is NOT airborne. This is CONTACT, DIRECT CONTACT spread.

                Can NO ONE, especially YOU Mr. President, see the FARCE in that. If ONE thing in this is FAKE or a farce, there ARE more, and that means that it FALLS APART.

                It is a damn good thing my father is passed, he would be cleaning his guns as we speak.

                SMDH, what has happened to OUR country. We are NOT France, we do not SURRENDER, we do NOT cower, we go big, we go BOLD, we use common sense, we PUSHBACK, and if necessary we FIGHT back..and we fight to WIN. God help us all.

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    2. Bill Gates and his vaccine with an ID chip…

      ▶️ DECEMBER 23, 2019 21st Century Wire
      Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations

      “To make sure that you’ve had all of your required doses of government mandated vaccines, scientists at MIT have created a new ink which can be embedded in the skin which can be read using a special infra-red smart phone camera app.”

      ….Futurism reports…

      “The invisible “tattoo” accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots — tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light — that glows under infrared light. The pattern — and vaccine — gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable microneedles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.”

      The research groups findings were published this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

      “In other words, they’ve found a covert way to embed the record of a vaccination directly in a patient’s skin rather than documenting it electronically or on paper — and their low-risk tracking system could greatly simplify the process of maintaining accurate vaccine records, especially on a larger scale.”….

      ▶️ MARCH 18, 2020 FORBES
      Bill Gates Calls For National Tracking System For Coronavirus During Reddit AMA

      Funny that…

      The WHIP to make people accept the vaccine & ‘Mark of the Beast’ is NO GATHERINGS= NO SCHOOL, NO DAYCARE, NO WORK UNTIL YOU ARE CHIPPED!

      THIS makes it EASY for ANYONE to enforce:
      “scientists at MIT have created a new ink which can be embedded in the skin which can be read using a special infra-red smart phone camera app.”

      Watch the Autists create bogus ids to muck-up the works…

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      1. Thanks, Gail. We all need to push this article out to the public. It is understandable layman’s terms, and very alarming.

        Bill Gates finds virus creations, then funds vaccines, then forces us to get vaccinated, then tracks us everywhere. #EvilIncarnate

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        1. Boll Gates is a lunatic and when we realize it his steam is not going to work.
          He wants to turn us into cattle. He would have a chip in him so we all can stay away from him.
          By the way chips wander through the body.
          My dogs and cats are chipped and one of my past dogs the chip wandered through his body.

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          1. Agreed, they move. I accidentally got pencil lead embedded under my skin in my leg as a child, and doc said “leave it. It will move towards heart but not fast enough to kill you.” Sure enough, it’s migrated a few inches up my thigh!

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      2. QUOTE:

        “To make sure that you’ve had all of your required doses of government mandated vaccines, scientists at MIT have created a new ink which can be embedded in the skin which can be read using a special infra-red smart phone camera app.”


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  6. Project Veritas

    Cuomo positioning for stimulus money?
    Not as serious as being reported?
    Misinfo and fake news?
    Hospitals intentionally miscoding and reporting to CDC?
    HCQ clinical trial only, spinning Trump as wrong?
    No centralized control on testing efforts for commonality?
    People told to go to ER for test but no testing available at ER?

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    1. Cuomo positioning for stimulus money?
      Not as serious as being reported?
      Misinfo and fake news?
      Hospitals intentionally miscoding and reporting to CDC?

      Every single instance a felony crime against America, diverting (and hoarding) precious resources during a national crisis.

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  7. It’s going to be another day before I have the article up about my “zinc and quinine” explorations, but until then, I want to throw up a cautionary note that people need to be careful not to take too much quinine or too much zinc. What is “too much” varies. Start off SMALL if you try this.

    My wife has told me about her having to take zinc once, and not liking the stomach effects. She refuses to take it now. I may have gotten a bit of that myself. I got a slightly sour stomach and a lot of belching I didn’t expect! It may be the calcium or magnesium in the supplement, but still annoying. Just FYI.

    Quinine can also cause effects like ringing in the ears when you take too much too long, which I’ve always noted when I drank it for pleasure, but it also has some more significant side effects that need to be watched out for.

    Take great care if you follow my lead on this. Always start out with a FRACTIONAL dose on any new drug, supplement, vitamin or mineral. Even if OTC. Even if tonic water. Better safe than sorry.

    Did you know that 2 quarts of tonic water have the quinine of an actual antimalarial PILL? Yes! Fun fact.

    Read the “labeling” here:


    Here is information about zinc:


    I may cut back to 30 mg / day zinc and 0.5 L / day tonic water. I think the combination may be quite powerful.

    More later.

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    1. I’ve taken a daily zinc supplement for years. I’ve learned to take it after a meal to avoid stomach discomfort (mild nausea in my case).

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        1. I second Sadie’s findings. I bury the zinc towards the end of a meal.


          (ZiCam recommendation)
          Selinium on the other hand you take on an empty stomach and do not eat for at least 10 minutes. (I take it as soon as I get up.)

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            1. I think it is more that the C and zinc de-activate each other. I have never researched it since it is easy enough to separate the two by a 1/2 hour.

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              1. What’s really strange is that over here, they have a combo tablet, with Vitamin C, Zink, and Selenium…

                Maybe they can sell more of them that way….

                The problem over here is that they rarely, if ever, have OTC pills with just one med (e.g. Iodine). There’s always a panoply of other vitamins/minerals/etc. clogging up the mix. So if you take two different combos, you end up with an excess amount of something you didn’t even want in the first place. What worries me the most is electrolyte balance (Ca, Mg, K, Na). Can lead to arrythmia or other problems…

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      1. Definitely take the zinc with food in the tummy.

        I get canker sores and tongue lesions if I take more than 500mg of Vit C a day, but I am sensitive to all acidic foods.

        Read the zinc instructions – usually medicinal doses are for 5-7 days, not for longer. So right now I take 1 lozenge after dinner. Will ramp up if I feel any Covid symptoms.

        Appreciate ALL who contribute to these discussions. I need to refresh myself on what Quercetin adds to the mix.

        Looking forward to your article, Wolfie. #WeAreAllMacGyverNow

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    2. Thanks for posting, will be following along.

      I’ve been drinking a little tonic water daily for at least a couple years now for the quinine. Maybe a cup a day. I was curious what all the hubub was about and that’s when I learned about its anti-malarial uses and so forth. It was fascinating.

      I originally did that mainly for my curiosity – I wasn’t expecting it to suddenly become much more interesting…

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        1. Quinine tonic water…Exactly why I started drinking it…even though I drink lots of water and liquids on a daily basis, especially when home. Started drinking lots of water when playing golf in Florida and it’s just a habit now, but regardless …still got leg and foot cramps at night so hence the quinine, which I find refreshing just as a drink and a nice change from plain water.
          Got lots yesterday at Publix and also ordered the recommended quinine syrup on line to have as a back up. A large bottle (32oz) is $20 on Amazon and makes a lot..

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            1. No caffeine here…I think it’s mild neuropathy and my feet aren’t getting enough blood. Educated guess, only.
              Drink daily veggie smoothies with lots of potassium in them.

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          1. Also loss of Magnesium can cause leg cramps

            Effects of Zinc With Potassium
            “Zinc and potassium are both minerals that contribute to healthy body functions, including the functions of the immune, circulatory, muscular and digestive systems. The use of zinc supplements can lead to decreased levels of magnesium, which also lowers the levels of potassium in the body. This negative effect can be avoided by supplementing the diet with magnesium supplements, thereby increasing the levels of potassium in the body…..”

            There is a lot more info at that site.

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            1. I drink Gerolsteiner lots of magnesium in it. Balanced diet helps also to get all the minerals.
              I like to stay with one cup of coffee a day otherwise have variety of tees.
              My husband used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day and wound up with heart rhythmic problems. He also used to eat the wrong stuff on the run no breakfast and eat at night. He became diabetic 2 and he is very slim waist 32. Never was heavy.
              Now he eats what I eat and he does not need meds for his diabetic and his heart rhythm was corrected at OH State Hospital.

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        2. Yes! That’s the main thing I was using it for originally. Then I sprained my ankle with a “moderate” sprain and had to put compression on my ankle and sleep a certain way which was putting me at constant risk of charlie-horse with the injured ankle. I was trying any trick I could think of to help prevent them since I couldn’t easily do my normal stretching.

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    3. Wolfie, i was concerned when I saw you were taking 50 mg zinc. Okay for a few days, like a week, but long-term it’s too much, and you can throw off other minerals like copper. Be careful

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    4. If the following is true, assuming a glass is 8oz, then two quarts of quinine water would yield about 160 mg of quinine.


      A glass of tonic water holds roughly 20 mg of quinine, whereas a dose for the treatment of leg cramps would be in the 200 to 300 mg range.

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  8. BOOM!!!

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    1. Yup! Notice the panic because they have a ‘cure’ for something. Finally a cure!Because if we find a cure so fast why are we pumping billions into research for other cures when I’m sure we already have them locked away.

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    1. Seems like the fifteen minute test could easily be drive up.
      – Misc Q&A. Administer test.

      Negative, have a nice day.

      Positive pull up in another line and get the meds.

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      1. Yes. I think THAT is where the potentially sick people need to go. Drive up.

        There are MANY people getting into doc offices RIGHT NOW – all of them NOT sick. MANY of them are immune. If P. rex is right, MOST of them are immune. Gotta test them. If they are coming up mostly immune, the FARCE is over.

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      1. There are many people without any signs of infection (sprained ankles) who are getting into our doctor’s offices right now. All of them need to be antibody tested, IMO. Max sunshine.

        But yeah, infected people might try to sneak past the current doctors’ office screening to be tested, so there would have to be a MAGNET to draw them away. Drive-up would be the best.

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    2. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

      Would spread the infection to all doctors/dentist offices.

      Keep it contained to people who ARE TRAINED TO handle infectious diseases!!!

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      1. Great point. This is why distinguishing the TWO TYPES OF TESTS is important.

        Gotta keep the “I might be infected” tests someplace ELSE, like it is now. Gotta make sure that people who might have the infection are DRAWN to the other place, instead of doctor’s offices.

        But OTOH, everybody who is currently getting into the doc offices (and there are MANY – meaning people NOT LIKE ME, who have to do virtual visits – and there ARE many people still getting in to see the doctors) after being screened for temps, history, etc.(that is what is happening now) need to be ANTIBODY TESTED to see if they’re immune.

        You see what I’m saying?

        We can antibody test IN PLACE with no added risk to the population. The only gotcha is to make sure that people who MIGHT have the disease have some place SAFER and EASIER to go INSTEAD of doctor’s offices. That will make doctor’s offices EVEN SAFER than they are now.

        We need DATA on who can go back, and we have a perfect situation to get that data already.

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  9. About that carrier captain:

    General Milley – “Secretary of the Navy is responsible to the American people….any time the Secretary of the Navy or a commanding officer loses trust and confidence in a subordinate, the subordinate goes.”

    San Fran Chronicle was captain’s home town….hmmmm

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    1. Read that POTUS didn’t agree with the firing, but t’s exactly what he does with his advisors, staff and Cabinet…so he really has to step back in this one, IMO.

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      1. If he let sailors off the ship during a pandemic – that is reckless, irresponsible, possibly intentional – so you are right – may have been planned.


      1. I think we just discovered that grim reaper pneumonias tend to start with coronavirus infections – and the way we did it was by the ChiComs releasing a new one that “jiggled the numbers”.

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  10. Apparently, deputies across Missouri and the snitches who have nothing better to do and claim way too many people have been out not social distancing, have managed to convince our not-elected machine Republican governor that we need a state-wide stay at home order. The local orders, apparently, were not enough. So, now the COUNTY parks – the ones that are so big you can get lost in the woods – are closed.

    I still maintain that there’s more to this than meets the eye, but all that order is going to do in the long run is ensure anyone in office is voted out in November. Seriously, we don’t have the levels of the bug that other places have, and it’s concentrated in the two metropolitan regions. Why punish the people in the Ozarks?

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    1. That fake gov is an idiot. Most people were aLready doing this.
      Too bad he’s running again. Not good options MO. (Now toss out the city mayor)
      Problem os some stores are not delivering some items so you have to pick it up in store.


  11. On his show last night (?) – Tucker reminds us of how wrong Fauci was and how he mis-led us in his early public remarks – poo-pooing the danger to Americans. Tucker also reminds us that Fauci’s early models were also wrong.

    Now we can see how this led to the major outbreaks

    Super Bowl fed the Miami/Dade/S FL outbreak.

    Mardi Gras going on as usual and a special Mardi Gras cruise ship fed the New Orleans outbreak.

    Nancy Pelosi fed the California outbreak by urging Californians to ignore the virus and go to Chinatown, celebrate Chinese New Year?

    Cuomo and his health officer Oxiris fed the New York outbreak by urging New Yorkers to get out and hug a Chinese and eat in Chinese restaurants, have fun as usual?

    On TV – Fauci told the public we were in no danger of an epidemic in the USA.

    During all the early Task Force briefings – Fauci and Birx and others told Americans the risk was low.

    Sounds like these people all either irresponsibly allowed or actually wanted Muh Pandemic.

    Was it in order to stop Trump rallies and the Trump booming economy?

    Were they saying this on Bill Gates and George $0ros orders?

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    1. This is likely your culprit right here. https://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2020/03/31/government-restricts-number-of-people-allowed-to-attend-funerals-in-spain-to-only-three-and-funeral-companies-are-not-allowed-to-raise-their-prices/

      Again gov politico’s muck up the works by making limitations on funerals and then tightening those limitations further. Paying customers then ask for the funeral to be delayed hoping for a better day and thus cause back logs in normal out put and you end up with an artificial shortage of space at the funeral homes.

      Meanwhile deaths from other causes have likely dropped due to everyone being hunkered down.

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  12. We are being HAD, on a National scale. My state has @4.5 million people. There are @ 830 cases. That is .000184% or less than 2 ten thousandths of a percent.

    There are @ 37 deaths that is .0000082% or less than 1 millionth of a percent of the population. You LITTERALLY have a better chance of being killed here by being kicked by a horse.

    I was rummaging around the CDC site, and it is a jumbled mess WITH a FREAKING disclaimer on the numbers saying they are ESTIMATED.

    There is the chart listing the growth for the ENTIRE country. a constant upward curve, DUH everyone with the sniffles or low grade fever who would normally IGNORE it or take Tamiflu or Tylenol or Robitussin, is NOW getting tested. Of COURSE the numbers of infected go up. Yet, curiously, no one, especially Dr Doom and Lady Deathstrike, see the NEED to know the TRUE denominator by doing the antibody testing to determine TRUE numbers of infected and especially RECOVERED who are immune.

    I noticed yesterday that Rush, is now ECHOING my hypothesis, and other are ALSO. We were ALL infected MUCH earlier, and there was an article highlighting that there were, as my own simple math concluded, over 700000 Chinese coming and going on flights and throughout the country BEFORE Trump shut the flights off. WHILE the virus was raging in China and elsewhere.

    There is some DEFINATE funny business going on. Fauchi gave a briefing to some conference yesterday, NOT his daily doom and gloom at the national briefing. I shit you not, Dr Doom, the CHIEF purveyor and propagandist of models, told that entire conference, that the models were NOT reliable, and could not be trusted, too many variables. Well NO SHIT Sherlock. YOU do not wan to KNOW the truth, or to stop this, you want to spout bullshit and continue to kill the economy. Newsflash, when you kill the economy, you KILL the country. You don’t want antibody testing or widespread use of the CHEAP, easily made, PLENTIFUL, and KNOWN safe Chloroquine, that would END this. You want a “vaccine” which may or may NOT work, and will NOT be available for 18 months, by that time we ALL, except the elite of course, will be DEAD.

    Dr Doom and Lady Deathstrike need to GO, and go NOW, get some FRESH blood with a NEW unbiased perspective, before it is too late. Two weeks my friends, and I bet my gopher suit that Dr Doom and Lady D will be asking to EXTEND the shutdown base on “new” projections. A never ending, and in the end self fulfilling prophecy.

    Ever heard cutting your nose off to spite your face? This is essentially cutting our own throats to keep from “getting” sick or “infecting others” News flash, if this thing is that badass as they have tried to make it, it ISN’T, it would find a way to STILL infect us all. They are quite literally making it up as they go, and using the OUTLIERS to project to get the REST of the country to capitulate. Now the kicker, and Rush revealed it yesterday, the one size fits all is in the name NOT of safety or precaution, but FAIRNESS. It would NOT be “fair” to shut down NY and CA, while the rest live normal lives. WTF are we doing here folks? The same people spouting this BS are getting PAID, they HAVE a job, they are just BAD at it, unless you count their propaganda value, then they are QUITE good at it, and valuable.

    On to an anomaly in the CDC site. You look and there are two featured charts, one on the current number of cases, which is a sharp incline. and one, that is not as well explained. One that shows Covid 19 cases by DATE OF ONSET. That one comes with ANOTHER disclaimer, but as we are now, by their OWN admissions, 2 months into this, we have enough data to actually see some things, although STILL flawed due to too man unknowns.

    The CURIOUS thing is that this date of onset chart, SHOULD mirror the sharp upward trajectory of infections in the first chart, yet it does NOT. It PEAKED, and is now on a steady decline. Something is NOT adding up here. How can THAT be?

    I think I KNOW. To make this look worse, and there ARE more and more reports that they ARE, they are fudging the numbers. EVERYONE that dies in some cases, is being marked as Covid 19 related, even if the true cause was heart attack, cancer, etc. They are doing it to get MORE funding, probably mandated from Hospital admins, which as we know, are in it for the $$, thanks to Obamacare. Hospitals that survived, are STRICTLY in it for $$$.

    No $$$, they CLOSE or SELL. I know folks, TRUST me, my former employer just bought 5 in a system that were BANKRUPT. They borrowed from the state to GET them. 50 million. There is a game within the game here.

    There IS precedent. Once upon a time Mrs Rex was an ER tech,, and a GOOD one. She was at a BUSY hospital, She told me one night that EVERYONE that came to the ER, those even with broken bones like legs and arms, and those with lacerations, ALL of them got a CBC (blood test) and a chest xray. ALL of them, REGARDLESS.

    A few months later, what did we ALL hear about? MASSIVE Medicare fraud. Imagine that, and there were BOGUS charges for UNEEEDED services like…chest xrays and blood tests. HMMM curious huh?

    I think NY and the “hotspots” conveniently all LIBERAL controlled (Miami in FL. , New Orleans in LA, Dallas in TX, and Detroit in Mi., coupled with NY, NJ, and CA) are exaggerating some numbers here, and it is due to BIG money available UNQUESTIONED during their time of crisis. No one would take advantage of a horrible crisis over money would they? OF COURSE they would. WHO writes the numbers? THAT is a key.

    I urge you ALL to do the math on YOUR states, and PAY attention. My bet is that those of you not in the hotspots will see similar or LESS numbers. Then ask yourselves. why are WE being included in a global total with OUTLIERS, we MAY or MAY not see the same things in our neck of the woods. NOT is my guess.

    WHY? Fairness? using the epicenter a 30 sq mile region, to affect the entire COUNTRY? Something is a miss, and it SMELLS

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    1. It’s crystal clear that the plan is long term. Pelosi is so certain of it that she’s making the call for mail-in voting. That indicates months away..almost into 2021.
      Gates giving his vaccine spiel…matter of fact saying we could possibly never be allowed large gatherings again…they are seeing how compliant we really are. We talk a good game but…

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      1. I promise you, IF this farce is NOT ended by April 30, and they AGAIN try to move the goalposts, (They will TRY). There will be MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE pushback, if NOT civil disobedience. I have been out and about, and while slightly hidden, the ANGER is percolating under the surface, and I mean ANGER.

        People, even the sheeple are starting to realize, as the see more and more freedoms being taken DAILY, and more and more “guidelines” being pushed.

        The reason this was successful in the beginning is they only slowly took things, like bars, malls, sports, not all at once. Then people STILL had church, gone. Then people STILL had the parks, GONE, then the people STILL could travel, GONE, then the people still had Wal mart, grocieries, and hardware stores to get out and do something.

        They are now, as they ALWAYS do. over reaching, they are making people go into stores 35 at a time..in get this a LINE, a LONG line, Now it is Wal mart.

        Tomorrow it will be groceries, and THEN my friends all HELL is going to break loose. Don’t believe me just WATCH.

        There will FIRST be civil discord, civil disobedience to the “guidelines” not LAW, “guidelines” there WILL be fights, big ones, then comes the riots and looting. THEN comes the ARMED march on state and Fed govts and Capitols. by the MILLIONS.

        People are NOT guying all that ammo and gus to set them in a gun safe, they are getting prepped. Some out of fear, some because the SEE that the Govt and its little dictators in Governors and Mayors KEEP spreading doom, without PROO that doom is HERE. Only projected DOOM, and it will be here…any day now…any day now…as the leftists push harder and harder taking more and more FREEDOM.

        This WILL reach critical mass, and VERY soon. Trump was RIGHT about Easter, he KNEW it in his gut, it gave people HOPE and a light at the end of the tunnel. THAT is why the stock market went back up over 4000 points in 4 days, NOT the stimulus. People again had HOPE.

        Then, he, in listening to DR Doom and Lady Deathstrike, QUASHED it till the END of April. People got pissed, like me, but ACCEPTED it On FAITH, and the belief that this really was the once in a lifetime killer the MSM hyped it to be.

        That FAITH has LIMITS. April 30th is IT unless the Cabal can create enough “death” to meet Dr Doom’s projections by then, (they WON’T, because this virus is more like the flu than it is the Spanish flu, and it sure isn’t 2x what the Spanish flu was, as they hyped)

        No, my friends WHEN Dr Doom tries to beg off more time, and the projections and the “models” STILL are not even close, the American people by the MILLIONS will say SCREW THIS. They will KNOW they were PLAYED, and they will NOT be happy. They will WANT someone’s head.

        Dr doom is FIRST up to the block. See the MSM and Cabal will think WRONGLY, that this is Trump’s fault, and that we will blame him. WRONG AGAIN. That is why they are trying to create the narrative that Trump could have done MORE.

        IT like ALL their other schemes will NOT work AS INTENDED. The backlash will be on thoise that FABRICATED a lie, pushed it as a terror to the President, and then he RIGHTLY tried to avoid it. The fraudster’s will take that hit, NOT the guy that believed their lie and tried to and save us.

        The ONLY way Trump gets hit in ANY of this is IF he does not recognize the fraud BEFORE April 30th, puts a STOP to the fraud and the fraudsters, and dooes the ONLY thing that will begin to FIX this mess, and reopen the country in phases with precautions, on a SCHEDULE, so people AGAIN have hope and a light at the end of this nightmare. AND< he had BETTER STICK to that timeline like GLUE, and ONLY adjust parts in outliers, and WITH proof. He also THIS WEEK, should ORDER that Hydroxy Chloroquine + Azithromycin be used in ALL hospital cases of Covid 19, and ALSO available under prescription by Dr's to ALL that want to take it as a prophylaxes . Then he should ORDER antibody testing for ANYONE that wants it, and MANDATE it for first responders. In areas of the country who are extremely low, he should also ORDER a study in volunteers for antibody testing to SEE if they already had it, and THAT caused the low number.

        But FIRST, before ANY of that, he should shed Dr Dom and Lady Deathstrike. Say they were burned out, MAKE an excuse for NEW blood, hell EXPAND the task force to MORE people OUTSIDE the CDC. There are hundreds if not THOUSANDS of Dr's that could weigh in via teleconference, and throw SHADE on Dr Doom and Lady D.

        GET A SECOOND OPINION so to speak. DO IT and do it QUICK Mr Preisdent, otherwise you WILL have a REAL mess and LOTS more death and destruction than this virus could hope for. NOT a threat a prediction, and one based on a LIFETIME of reading people and making a living at it. Trust me, I'm right, there are WAY more people ready to blow than they or anyone knows.

        This is simply tooo harsh, and TOO LONG, and they keep pushing. Pushback will be SEVERE..
        ONLY one man can stop it. He had better do it PDQ!

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        1. I agree – we need to push PAST the bullshit blocky response of “everybody do this”.

          MASSIVE ANTIBODY TESTING NOW. THAT IS SUNLIGHT. Get sunlight on how many are still vulnerable, and what their likely outcome is.

          There is a HUGE psy-op effect here.

          Essentially, front-line medicine has suddenly “discovered” the role of corona viruses in killing off the OLD AND INFIRM, because a NEW ONE was used by CHINA to get rid of its pensioners and (they hoped) Trump. As well as certain enemies overseas.

          We have discovered that “plain old pneumonia” was suddenly not just flu, but “crud”.

          CRUD HAS A NAME!!!
          And NEW CRUD HAS A PERP!!!
          Who is going to PAY FOR THE CLEANUP.

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  13. TGP is hammering that fake Doctor! Too many links to post. But he said something about the cure not working weeks ago and something about seeing how trump would deal with a pandemic.

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    1. These entertainers collectively are nutty. Does she think very many people care about her sex problems?
      I suppose her candles that are scented after her private parts aren’t working to set the mood??!!

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  14. It’a a BIG SCAM. B

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    1. By all these Government and Medical entities claiming deaths are due to CCPFlu, they get guaranteed Government payments and Extra assets they would otherwise be responsible for and have failed to provide. Broke Dems redistribution of wealth in progress. Biggest example is CUOMO – Now all of the rest of us have to subsidize this POS’s mismanagement. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
      Also, seeing many annual graphs of pneumonia and flu deaths extremely LOW. How does a new virus come to town and stop annual Flu and Pneumonia deaths from happening????

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  15. I think president Trump is letting them RUN…

    People have to HURT, people have to be AFRAID BEFORE they will accept the truth that this was an orchestrated bio-weapon/takedown of the USA.

    Nancy Pelosi Heckled “You Are a Liar, You Are A Liar, You Are a Liar”!
    What happens when people learn the TRUTH?
    What happens when people WAKE UP?
    They will not be able to walk down the street.



    26 Mar 2020 – 1:07:19 PM



    2382.Misprision of treason.
    2383.Rebellion or insurrection.
    2384.Seditious conspiracy.
    2385.Advocating overthrow of Government.
    2386.Registration of certain organizations.
    2387.Activities affecting armed forces generally.
    2388.Activities affecting armed forces during war.
    2389.Recruiting for service against United States.
    2390.Enlistment to serve against United States.


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  16. I wonder if Chicago still has shooting deaths?
    Do other big cities still have gang violence?
    How many automobile accidents are not happening?
    All we keep hearing about China virus deaths.

    I hope POTUS sees what is happening and sees the truth?
    By the way my husband told me today that the country will have a big change and nothing will be the same. He thinks industry will change and economics and it will be better for the future of the country.
    Those who do not come back from China will become irrelevant because new US companies will spring up with new ideas and processes.
    I hope he is right and he is from Queens and an optimist .

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          1. (Yep, I know…I was just jumping at the chance to diss the DEMONicRATS)…

            Ironic that the most gun violence/deaths/injuries/etc. occurs in places with the strictest gun control…
            Puts paid that old adage, “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”…

            Over here, they’ve taken to knives (“thanks” to our “cultural enrichment” from the Moslem world).
            Failing that, they resort to steel bars, baseball bats, 2x4s, or anything at hand that can be used as a weapon.

            But facts like those cannot even begin to penetrate the miniscule, hermetically-sealed liberal minds…

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    1. Oh, there is a beautiful explanation here that makes BOTH SIDES RIGHT. Those are always the BEST.

      What has happened here is that NEW MEDICAL UNDERSTANDING has bifurcated prior disease tallying and GIVEN A NAME to a part of the GRIM REAPER which used to be powered by normal strains of corona viruses leading to pneumonia, and is now powered by those plus a new one.

      Previously just called “pneumonia”, corona virus damage followed by “whatever” has likely been the common “minor flu” or “crud” that killed a lot of people who were compromised in various ways.

      We just accepted it and didn’t call it anything. And, very likely, the existing corona viruses entered humanity from bat caves over pre-history and history, as humans inhabited and explored caves.

      What ChiCom-19 did was add a NEW, human-modified corona virus, that actually slices a bit more broadly with the Grim Reaper’s scythe. In doing so, it leaves people on ventilators in massive numbers if you try to save them.

      It’s not “just the flu”, but it’s not the Black Death, either.

      It is what it is. A “novel coronavirus” from Chinese meddling in bat caves to produce bioweapons.

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      1. Latest conspiracy theory floating around – Where did all of the cases of usual/seasonal/”regular” flu go? There is a simple, logical answer.

        With the semi-shut down, social distancing, no nursing home and hospital visits, extreme focus on hygeine, schools closed & big public gatherings canceled, etc, all to slow the spread of Wuhan Virus, all other flu is Also NOT being spread.

        Flu is not as contagious as Wuhan Virus but it must spread from person to person, via human contact, so …. Everything we are doing for Wuhan Virus is Also stopping the spread of influenza of all kinds (each year the “flu” cases are a mix of various influenza strains).

        And since flu is actually less contagious, all of this is Stopping flu even better than it is stopping Wuhan virus.

        Many (not all) pneumonia cases begin with someone being infected with another illness, such as flu. Less precursor illness, less pneumonia.

        How would I encounter the flu? I have been No where other than the doctor for 3 weeks. Husband & son have been No where other than a few store/shopping trips and those are doing with face masks, Much extra attention to sanitation. Usually, Husband is in the office, we are at an extra curricular activities with other children (chess club, Trail Life, martial arts, field trips, etc.) almost daily, errands to the stores, banks, library, etc. almost daily, church gathers, GOP meetings – Lots of public interaction and germ exposer possibilities. Now – next to none. Same with many of us. So…logical…less of all communal illness, including influenza.

        Ask yourself if you have had the same exposure to the flu since the Wuhan Virus mitigations have begun. No? Same for Everyone else. And it is harder to “catch” so all of these actions Really hinder the flu spread!

        Do I think that no gov employee is above inflating numbers? No. Do I think there are some or even many that are trying to use the emergency for their own purposes? No. Do I think we need to be aware of what people are doing and hold them accountable? Yes.

        But I think that most of the disappearance of the flu and often subsequent pneumonia is simply and logically explained by all that we are doing to slow the spread of Wuhan Virus.

        There are So many real issues to address, real controversies, real corruption, real anti American plans/conspiracies…but some things can be explained logically and simply. So many questions of where/why/how/intent/key actors of Wuhan, role of WHO, CDC, FDA, CCP, etc. Some of the questions may be distractions from Questions that Need to be asked and from fighting against Dem’s next hoax and fake news taking points.

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        1. I find it interesting that the VERY FIRST time someone posted about this, this was the rationale given. Makes perfect sense.

          Since then it has been non-stop shrieking about how the flu was COVID all along, etc., etc.

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          1. President Trump just mentioned this very thing in passing during the press conference.

            He also mentioned fewer hospitalizations due to cancelation in elective surgeries/services but also due to fewer accidents as people are at home.

            Suspicious that fewer Wuhan virus cases? Or are we seeing Mitigation Working?!

            Suspicious that hospitals in hot spots seem quiet? Logical explanations including Patients are on the *inside* not outside, No visitors, No elective surgeries, fewer people using the ER as a doctor’s office out of concern of becoming infected with WuFlu, fewer accidents and other kinds of usual emergencies that make the outside of the hospitals look busy, etc.

            SO Many real questions, real investigations needed…be careful to not promote chaff and misinformation that is
            a) a distraction for Real questions
            b) undermining President Trump from the right as well as from the left

            Trust Trump. Support his leadership.

            Passionate Press Conference today with President Trump being Real, genuine, transparent, emotional about healthcare workers…and talking truth w/no care of PC, calling out Biden, CNN, press in general, fake news floating around, etc. On fire and many great moments.

            President Trump talked about taking the Trump Treatment and how is might taking malaria meds proactively & discussed it at length
            –>>He is Busting the Fake News on this issue!!!!!
            –>>And it is a Great example of going after the deep state, certain “players” and yet suppuorting and trusting Trump.

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  17. So, by “mistake”, multiple WuFlu patients were delivered to the USNS hospital ship in NYC. So maybe we can contaminate the ship and somehow cause a big problem. Ooppps! Giggle, giggle.

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    1. Well now we know what that play was.

      Coma complains about Trump not getting him vents.

      Then Coma pivots and get some China.

      Coma praise China, disses Trump.

      CCP looks like hero. Propaganda war!

      Don’t trust China – China is ASSHOE!!!

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  18. I’m REALLY ANGRY today – If they would give people Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Zpacks and clear up the WHOLE DAMN THING!!!

    No need for all this million face masks, ventilators, respirators, etc!!!

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    1. I watch every day but no not posting updates as got tied of being cussed at, called names and being criticized and belittled….in a MAGA crowd. Expect in from leftist on social media. Not worth the fighting. Come here to get away from that. Not worth it At All to me, not even a little bit. Better things to do with my time. Would rather fight for President Trump on social media despite nasty push back from leftist than get that here.

      Not just those who said these things but large number of frequent posters “liked” so gone from commenting (99% gone) and now (mainly) just a reader. Like people who relay the press conferences? might want to not curse, call names, belittle and otherwise spew at those who do.

      The comment section is shaped and developed over time.

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      1. Spare us the victim act, hmmmk?

        Funny how that happened with you and not anyone else.

        But according to you it is your critics…and there are many as you point out….that are the problem, not you.

        Hint: use of a “fwiw” and/or “imho” can go a LONG way, especially when you take it upon yourself to correct others in an attempt to get them into line with what you think is right or correct.


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        1. Not a “victim” –>> just not interested nor interested nor motivated after other’s behavior.

          I will fight misinformation, disinformation and fake news wherever I find it…period. Post something repeatedly after info has been posted with links showing it is fake news then they need to be corrected more bluntly.

          If I posted something that is factually wrong I would *want* to be corrected.

          People want to be left with their misinformation … ok by me. Now I know.

          Cursing and name calling because someone corrects misinformation? Leftists do it all the time. Sign of emotion when one’s “truth” is challenged. Sad but used to it from the left. Sad to see it on the right.

          Haven’t been here for several days, won’t be back to this thread again & no notifications so cuss and name call and ridicule….Shrug shoulders, walk away, not worth wasting my time.

          Scanning comments for new info just like I do at the Conservative Treehouse not worth engaging at this point. Too many other effective places to spend my online time. Like water off a ducks back and moving on….


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          1. Cursing and name calling because someone corrects misinformation? Leftists do it all the time. Sign of emotion when one’s “truth” is challenged. Sad but used to it from the left. Sad to see it on the right.

            You’re right.

            This site has turned into a gigantic echo chamber.

            For instance, there is ZERO, zip, zilch NADA sauce on the whole thing about thousands of kids being kept in tunnels underground and about to be, or being, rescued by the military.


            Yet many here quote each other, quote “some guy on the internet” who is quoting some other “guy on the internet”. You know, this is the SAME crap the YSM does, they quote each other until everyone assumes the narrative is true.

            And I’m even seeing people who think this whole corona virus response is a COVER for this thing that there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE FOR.

            Maybe you’ve got the right idea, MAGA Mom.

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      2. Glad you’re back and that the lynch mob didn’t drive you away. They need to get rooms for themselves over at U-Tree . . . BUT NOT HERE ! ! !

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        1. Appreciate so many commenters here who bring value, info, analysis (still referring back to your post, Steve re #s – thank you so much taking the time to do that) and yet amazing creativity for left brainers!

          Always impressed at your balance of facts/left brain and right brain creativity, able to compose a poem seemingly on demand! 🙂

          Still scanning here. Time spent posting in other locations that are more productive. 😦

          maybe more here later when people aren’t so emotional & stressed & are better focus on Trust Trump. disappointed but eye opening experience.

          Watching the stats and wish they could post more but they have to watch HIPPA laws carefully in what is posted in public and I guess that is why they are careful what is released. Learned a lesson about that the hard way which is why I am careful before I believe stories about specific patients in the media that are not released by their family members.

          I would rather trust Trump than Trust a Plan that called for me to go against what he is saying directly to us. Would rather fight for what he is telling us than against what he is telling us. Have no idea why so many are so suspicious of President Trump’s leadership right now. Appalling. He is fighting for us Harder Now than ever!

          Most important, I don’t want to come here to fight against fake news and for President Trump. I expect to relax here and just share info with others who trust Trump and believe what he is telling us – that should be a given here!

          Anyway, headed back outside. My men are haying to build garden up for planting. Mix of hugelkulture/permaculture/Ruth Stout. Love to take pics and encourage them from the sidelines. making them some lemonade – part lemonade and part Vit C powder to keep up our systems against this nasty virus.

          these young people sing with such simple convictions and clarity. Listening to them as I take my coffee break….

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          1. I find value in what you have to say and hope you will continue to post here. I appreciate fact-based analysis, while at the same time I also trust Pres. Trump and know he knows much more than we do.


      3. Maga Mom, Always look forward to your posts. Admittedly, a few I can’t always follow, but that is simply slow guy, me. Thank you for taking the time to post and splain stuff.

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        1. Maga Mom, By the way, my “Thank you” post the other day was with good thoughts. NOT, that you were done posting for the day.

          Sincerely, Thank You!


    1. GA/FL
      Remember that the name of the game for the DeepState / Soros Cabal (includes Hilary Clinton) / UN Globalists — is to make POTUS into HERBERT HOOVER ON STEROIDS. That way they can engineer putting a DemCom into the Oval Office in January 2021. Andrew Cuomo is being groomed to be either the VP or the Presidential pick for them, once Joe Biden drops out or is removed by fiat. Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over this.
      The goal is to make POTUS look like another incompetent Herbert Hoover, who was blamed for not anticipating or dealing property with, the 1929 Stock Market crash and the start of the Great Depression.
      Already the above players are forecasting a deep recession for 2020. There is already speculation that this recession will turn into an economic Great Depression II— 35% unemployment, etc.
      Their last gasp is to try and turn POTUS into Herbert Hoover On Steroids, then use this to convince the American citizens that only the Democrats can save them and the country. It worked before — brought in FDR. they believe it can work again, with the new wrinkle of the Wuhan Coronavirus as the impetus.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Guessing President Trump is waiting for the 1,000 or 1,100 test nearing completion in NY. When that is finished, unless something terrible is documented, we are going to hear a LOUD AND CLEAR…

      Monday 6 April…President Trump at the 5 PM presser…

      HCQ/Zpaks, perhaps Zinc are smart way for folks that are positive.
      – Hype the speed of recovery.
      – Hype NOT going on a ventilator.
      – Hype no lung damage.

      Proclainm HCQ/Zpaks be made available as Right To Try for inpatient and out patient. ALL from National stockpile. Circumvents the asshole guvs in NV, MI…

      Fauci and Brix can and will chirp away about studies, double blind…yada, yada…President Trump will graciously let them play, have their studies…AND AMERICA MOVE FORWARD AT TRUMP SPEED.
      THEN, when inventory supports it, HCQ as a preventive measure.

      Likely open season to celebrate Easter, openly.

      Back to work…quickly. Couple weeks at the most. Many states sooner.
      IF casinos were open, I’d wager big on the above playing out.

      Liked by 4 people

  19. Interesting tidbit.

    The quinine in tonic water will fluoresce under ultraviolet light–strongly enough that it will even glow blue against a black background in direct sunlight.

    It’s a way to check your tonic water, or your UV bulbs if you are wondering if your pet reptile is getting enough UV from his light (they tend to weaken over time).

    Liked by 9 people

      1. With about 285,000 known active cases in the US, we have over 10 times the amount required to give every identified case a regimen of 10 HCQ doses, 200mg twice a day for 5 days. And there’s more being made in the pipeline.

        There is no shortage. All the limits are total evil B.S. ! ! !

        Liked by 5 people

  20. Dr. Steve Hahn, head of FDA, is talking about the emergency approval of HCQ and about the plasma program.

    Here is his twitter – *https://twitter.com/SteveFDA and the FDA twitter feed – *https://twitter.com/US_FDA

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  21. This cpr for 40 minutes straight wont work. Not only that, how many physicians are available to sit on a radio and monitor the paramedics?
    Pretty much theyll go through 2 cycles and the paramedics will be too exhausted to continue. Not only that, this will tie up paramedics for other calls.
    I wish we had a paramedic or 2 who contributed here, but the point is,
    L.A. is essentially saying theyre going to let peopke start dying in the field.

    “Los Angeles County officials this week ordered paramedics to wait five minutes after reviving someone with cardiac arrest to see if their heart stops again before racing them to the hospital, a policy intended to reduce the number of high-risk patients flooding emergency rooms during the coronavirus pandemic.

    The policy, which could apply to 911 patients with heart attacks and drug overdoses, as well as those with COVID-19, instructs first responders to wait and see whether a patient loses heart function again within five minutes after being revived. If so, paramedics will continue CPR in the field until a doctor tells them to stop because it is likely futile. CPR could continue for as long as 40 minutes, according to county officials.

    The aim is to keep people who are likely to die out of hospitals, which are expected to soon be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients as the pandemic worsens. The number of people who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 in L.A. County more than doubled between Monday and Friday.

    “The likelihood we’re going to do something different in the ER is unlikely, so then you’re basically putting additional risk to the system without real, clear benefit,” said Dr. Marianne Gausche-Hill, medical director of the county Emergency Medical Services Agency, who signed the policy that went into effect Monday.”


    Liked by 3 people

    1. NOW we can see what their REAL INTENT is…

      Hell almost isn’t hot enough for them…

      Øboho appears to have finally gotten his death panels…

      Liked by 2 people

    2. “The aim is to keep people who are likely to die out of hospitals, which are expected to soon be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients as the pandemic worsens.”


      Must be Godot Hospital?

      Because that’s who they’re waiting for.

      It’s pure insanity.

      DON’T treat any ACTUAL patients today, so you have capacity to treat a potential avalanche of patients tomorrow.

      An avalanche that may never come, and hopefully won’t, and as far as LOTS of ‘ground reports’ from medical professionals are attesting, certainly isn’t happening yet.

      It’s like somebody threw a pandemic, and nobody showed up.

      But we’re going to pretend like the system is overwhelmed, because federal resources are flowing fast and furious, and if we don’t squeak like we’re in WWI trenches, our wheels won’t get any grease.

      If this whole thing is largely a hoax, the perpetrators should be death-penalty eligible.

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  22. Ground report. Despite heavy pressure from the local Democrats to wear a face mask, I observed about 50/50 mask compliance at the local supermarket. Of the people wearing masks, I’d say it was 70% women and 30% men. On my neighborhood walk, I didn’t see a single mask. I did see more children riding bikes than I have in years.

    Supermarket: More picked over than previous weeks! I suspect it’s because near the beginning of the month and the government benefits are trickling in. If today is any indication, expect empty shelves again when the stimulus checks arrive.

    Still no toilet paper.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. They said that toilet paper is not an effective prevention for the spread of the Coronavirus. I don’t recall seeing a trial done with a double-blind study to that effect 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  23. VP is talking about how the nurses, doctors – because of the no visitor rules – are having to substitute for patients families.

    They are holding phones up to the patients so they can hear and see their families!

    Liked by 8 people

  24. Our numbers in Missouri today increased, but at a lower percentage. Still, in a state of 6 million, we have less than 2,300 CASES. Number of deaths is still under 50.

    It looks like other states of similar size are in the same boat.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Its interesting to see where in the county its the most at via the map.

      Did we ever hear anything from that first case where the father took his kid to a dance? Seems to have gotten lost in the ‘news’

      Staying safe DP?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re doing okay. Not in the hot zones of north or west county. Funny that south county isn’t as badly hit. But, then, those are the descendants of the south siders who would scrub their steps with Bon Ami. You could eat off their floors, too.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. And just for clarification when it comes to Father-Daughter dinner dances and breakfasts – these are BIG right of passage sorts of events at the high schools. Same with Mother-Son. My mom had so much fun with my brothers. My old babysitter had the picture of her and her dad framed. My school did a Mass and brunch on Sunday morning. I don’t blame the dad or the daughter for not wanting to miss it. But…the other daughter was sick. The school would definitely have let the sister go the next year.

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