Dear KAG!: 20200402 Open Thread

 This Night before Daughn Thursday 20200402 Open Thread is Open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG! You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

However, we have a new policy. Starting 20191110. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. We have a new board – actually a new SITE – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation. NOT HERE. This board will remain a REFUGE for those who need civility, either some or all of the time.

They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.



And if you can find it in your heart a prayer for all the QTREEPERS

Stay Strong everybody and try to find a little happiness as we weather another Storm!

Quarantine has turned us all into dogs. We roam the house all day looking for food. We are told ‘no’ if we get too close to strangers. And we get really excited about car rides.😁

428 thoughts on “Dear KAG!: 20200402 Open Thread

    1. Our President was clearly moved by the prayer of Pastor David Platt at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia. Hard to believe that was last June. Seems like it was yesterday.
      God Bless you too Rodney.

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  1. Info on receiving the $1,200 check if you are a senior receiving SSA benefits, or you receive SSI benefits, and have not had to file tax returns.

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    1. Is anyone else hearing that seniors are contemplating sending their checks back to Pres. Trump? On call in radio I am hearing that is what people are thinking about. One woman was going to donate hers to the presidential campaign and her husband was going to donate to small business. I emailed the white house a few weeks ago and was thinking about sending mine back too. Senior aren’t really “out” anything. Wow Pelosi would really be upset over that! I just don’t want her to get her hands on it.

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  2. American Greatness is Coming Back in a Big Way!!!

    This is our moment to come together, to show our enemies, to show the world, and for all time . . .

    Though they thought they could defeat us . . .


    Great moments are born from great opportunity.

    And that’s what you have here tonight, boys.

    That’s what you’ve earned here, tonight.

    One game.

    If we played ’em ten times, they might win nine.

    But not this game. Not tonight.

    Tonight, we skate with ’em.

    Tonight, we stay with ’em, and we shut them down because we can!

    Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world.

    You were born to be hockey players — every one of ya.

    And you were meant to be here tonight.

    This is your time.

    Their time — is done. It’s over.

    I’m sick and tired of hearin’ about what a great hockey team the Soviets have.

    Screw ’em!

    This is your time!!

    Now go out there and take it!

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      1. This was during the last full year of President Malaise’s term. Runaway inflation, high unemployment, Soviets surging, it seemed, everywhere…

        We needed that victory. I think it was a psychological turning point, bought to full fruition with the election of Reagan.

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        1. And HOW COULD I FORGET the utter humiliation of the Hostage Crisis. (To this day I associate yellow ribbons not with being away from home, but with being held hostage or prisoner (even the song was about a convict coming home), so I don’t display them for our troops.)

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  3. One of the many joys in working with Linux is that everything is available for inspection.

    As an example, I noticed that the package “apport” — which I vaguely remember having just updated recently — is getting another update.

    Here’s the changelog:

    apport (2.20.9-0ubuntu7.14) bionic-security; urgency=medium

    * SECURITY UPDATE: World writable root owned lock file created in user
    controllable location (LP: #1862348)
    – data/apport: Change location of lock file to be directly under
    /var/run so that regular users can not directly access it or perform
    symlink attacks.
    – CVE-2020-8831
    * SECURITY UPDATE: Race condition between report creation and ownership
    (LP: #1862933)
    – data/apport: When setting owner of report file use a file-descriptor
    to the report file instead of its path name to ensure that users can
    not cause Apport to change the ownership of other files via a
    symlink attack.
    – CVE-2020-8833

    — Alex Murray Wed, 25 Mar 2020 11:47:13 +1030

    apport (2.20.9-0ubuntu7.13) bionic; urgency=medium

    * apport/ Always allow users to use ubuntu-bug or apport-collect
    regardless of the Problem Reporting setting as they are manually invoked
    and not automatically generated like a crash report. (LP: #1814611)

    — Brian Murray Wed, 18 Mar 2020 15:35:23 -0700

    apport (2.20.9-0ubuntu7.12) bionic-security; urgency=medium

    [ Michael Hudson-Doyle ]
    * SECURITY REGRESSION: fix autopkgtest failures since recent security
    update (LP: #1854237)
    – Fix regression in creating report for crashing setuid process by getting
    kernel to tell us the executable path rather than reading
    – Fix deletion of partially written core files.
    – Fix test_get_logind_session to use new API.
    – Restore add_proc_info raising ValueError for a dead process.
    – Delete test_lock_symlink, no longer applicable now that the lock is
    created in a directory only root can write to.

    [ Tiago Stürmer Daitx ]
    * SECURITY REGRESSION: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘O_PATH’
    (LP: #1851806)
    – apport/, apport/ use file descriptors for /proc/pid
    directory access only when running under python 3; prevent reading /proc
    maps under python 2 as it does not provide a secure way to do so; use for better compatibility between python 2 and 3.
    * data/apport: fix number of arguments passed through socks into a container.
    * test/ skip test_sandbox_cache_options if system
    has little memory.
    * test/ test login session with both pid and proc_pid_fd.

    — Tiago Stürmer Daitx Thu, 27 Feb 2020 03:18:45 +0000

    Translation — they fixed a problem that few people were having (back in November) but were forced to take it back (“SECURITY REGRESSION”) after it left things insecure. They then tried another helpful update, but immediately discovered (in 2020) that it was so helpful that bad folks could hijack the process to gain access to system locations and fixed that within a week…..and it’s trickling out to users now.

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      1. It actually may be unnecessary…..

        Apport is a bunch o’ stuff for collecting well-documented crash reports. Its reason for existence is that crashes on systems like Linux are generally not reproducible — they only happen when you have some weird coincidence, like you’re doing a disk write and network download and running a program to display a video while composing a spreadsheet larger than 10 megabytes. If you try to get to exactly the same situation in order to have a crash you can watch, you’ll likely not be able to.

        If this system were used for development — like I was compiling programs or writing python and testing software or trying to munge in Android hooks… could be very useful. As it is, however, I’ve just thrown this thing together so that I have a way to do what I need to until I move.

        But the distro that I’m running wants it in this release, so it’s there.

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        1. For my part, my opinion is crash reports are NOBODY’S business but my own. Unless I’m working with pay support, core files should remain local, period.

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          1. Apport crash reports are entirely local. It just rounds up a whole bunch of info and leaves you a nice log to examine. And, like I said, if I were writing Python scripts, I’d definitely want it — one of the types of crashes it records is when your Python program runs off a case statement without an else. But it’s unlikely to be very helpful on a computer where I mostly read the news and comment here.

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  4. Now they’re claiming a comet bigger than Jupiter is going to show up in sky in April. “Comet” or cover for highly-classified Space Force equipment? Related to the CIA’s UFO tweet?

    You know, I jokingly told someone earlier that it wouldn’t even surprise me at this point if all of this pandemic hullabaloo was preparation for alien disclosure, and that was before the CIA started tweeting about UFOs…

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    1. From the linked article: “It was spotted by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS)”


      It would inspire more confidence if it had been spotted by the first alert system… 😁

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      1. I had the same thought—OF COURSE, a massive comet shows up during what could be the biggest Happening of our lifetimes. Reminds me of how the Eclipse and Revelation 13 sign appeared shortly before the Las Vegas stuff and Q.

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              1. Ok so will asking for some spit from a goat cut it of do I have to be the chooser of the slain. It’s actually no consolation to the goat that it has to die for me to live

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    2. “Atlas, a massive comet five times the size of Jupiter and about half the size of the Sun, will appear brighter than Venus from Earth by the end of April.”


      Carl Spackler voice again: “Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if this comet is half the size of the sun, won’t the gravity suck all of the inner planets out of their solar orbits? Seems like that might be bad.” 😂

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      1. Yeah exactly. Buh bye Jupiter, buh bye Sun, buh bye cozy Earth, buh bye Solar System. Hope you have a spaceship w/ FTL far enough away that you can watch the fireworks!

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      2. I *think* you’re joking but just in case you’re not…or for that matter, for anyone confused.

        Size (diameter) is not the same as mass; a mass half that of the sun would fubar things for sure, but this comet will be a big ball of very, very tenuous gas that will basically weigh nothing…plus the actual nucleus (solid body) which will be no larger than a small asteroid.

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    3. “It’s currently close to Mars’ orbit but is increasing in speed as it makes its way towards the Sun and will make its closest approach to Earth in April.

      When it gets towards the inner solar system it will become one of the brightest objects in the night sky and potentially the ‘comet of a generation’. ”


      In April?

      That’s just perfect.

      The COMET of a GENERATION, and we’re all stuck inside on house arrest.

      That figures.

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      1. Eh, you can go into your back yard!

        Of course that won’t do you much good if you live in a city.

        I was able to get away from city lights to see Hyakutake in 1996, but not for Hale-Bopp later that year, which probably didn’t look as badass anyway.

        I saw Hyakutake at its closest approach, the tail spanned a good 15 degrees of sky and I realized, after I had been watching it for about 15 minutes, that it had *moved* in that amount of time. Comets like that (one time visitors), when that close to Earth, are typically moving at solar escape velocity, which is about 42 kilometers per second. The earth itself is moving at about 25 km/sec in a nearly perpendicular direction so you can imagine the relative velocity is significant!!

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    4. “It poses no danger to Earth as even at its closest point it will be more than 72 million miles away from our planet but will be very bright.”


      Surely the astronomers won’t mind if we get a second opinion and double-check their numbers?

      No offense, but if that sucker was heading right for us, it’s not like the Birx and Fauci types of the astronomy ‘community’ would be telling us the truth about it 😂😳😂

      Probably be some Gates puppet with an off-planet time-share who stands to make gazillions when earth is obliterated. 😁 👍

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    5. From the article: “‘The Great Comet of 1811 also had a sun-sized coma.”


      I remember it like it was only 209 years ago.

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    6. from the article: “Its glow will be amplified by the Sun the closer it gets and is already brighter than astronomers expected it to be at this point.”


      But will the sun amplify it all the way to ’11’?

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    7. From the article: “‘It’s definitely a promising comet,’ Daniel Brown, an astronomy expert at Nottingham Trent University, told The Times.”


      Yeah, they all promise, don’t they?

      The moon and the stars.

      But how many promising comets actually keep their promises?

      They’re not talking about that, are they?

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      1. Back in the ’60s, I was such the little astro-boy…..I not only knew the planets, but several of their moons. And I was sooooooo looking forward to Halley’s comet — comes around every 75-76 years — and was all jazzed for its appearance in 1986.

        Quoting from Wikipoo: “Halley’s 1986 apparition was the least favourable on record. The comet and Earth were on opposite sides of the Sun in February 1986, creating the worst viewing circumstances for Earth observers for the last 2,000 years. Halley’s closest approach was 0.42 AU. Additionally, with increased light pollution from urbanization, many people failed to even see the comet. It was possible to observe it in areas outside of cities with the help of binoculars. Further, the comet appeared brightest when it was almost invisible from the northern hemisphere in March and April 1986.”

        And, you’ll note, I was working in public accounting in 1986 — and March and April are PEAK TAX SEASON. So, yes, I was massively disappointed.

        I’d previously thought that Kohoutek (1973) would be my big comet observation moment……but that fizzled, too. I remember going out and staring up into the overcast.

        So it’d be really nice to have a serious comet observation opportunity.

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    8. from the article: “It emits a beautiful green glow when in gas form in the near-vacuum of space.”


      That’s how Meghan does it too.

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    1. He went in search of “bum soft” this morning. We’ve got enough for a couple weeks, but he doesn’t believe that.

      I ‘m the non-hyper one in a family of hyper people. On holidays, I usually go to the park just to get away from the lot of them.

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  5. Spam bin for me? I had one in the Meme topic a couple of days ago that hasn’t shown up yet.

    I was forced to change browsers about a week ago, so it could be a part of that.

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  6. Can they do this?

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    1. The White House press curs, only recently invited back indoors to do Covid updates, is about to find themselves doing nothing but chopper pressers again. Only, this time, the designated press area will be a 3′ deep mud puddle.

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      1. There are a zillion photographers on the sides.
        Guess all their photographers would have to leave as well.
        OR, they could move all of them to a bigger room at the Eisenhower Exec Office Bldg like Trump Admin originally planned in the beginning of the Admin

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    2. Replies:
      “Funny, last time we checked, @whca doesn’t have the authority to do that. They don’t make the rules. Guess they think nobody will notice? LOL! ”

      “Social distancing rules should definitely apply, but perhaps, @whca should be required to accommodate everyone on a genuinely FAIR rotation basis instead of allowing certain ‘parties’ assurance of always having a seat.”

      Hopefully, the WH Press Secretary and Comms Director will come down on the WHCA with a hammer.

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      1. All I know is that President Wolf Moon would force the “press” to suffer some serious humiliation and degradation for this act.

        – Chopper Presser in RAIN with MUD SPLASH

        – Public Denunciation

        – Two weeks with ONLY OANN and every news org that has been denied for the last year – NONE of those who voted out OANN

        – After two weeks, the COMMUNIST CRIMINALS are allowed into the BACK of the room

        – Make them wear special badges of BURNING BOOK BONFIRES



    3. And what’s really infuriating watching local news this morning is not reporting ANYTHING that was said at that presser. Not only did only FOX and OANN broadcast it, the information about going to war with the cartels is being suppressed.

      I get that people are far more concerned with when they can go to work, and where to find toilet paper, but red pilling is NOT going to be a slowly digested process. The powers that be on the other side must think they can actually win.

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    4. ozzytrumpster
      April 2, 2020 at 04:33
      WHCA Statement on Removing News Organization from News Briefing Seat Rotation
      News flash dickheads
      Bravo AIpha Delta Inc. (@BAD1ncorporated) Tweeted:

      The president can disband the entire press pool if he wants to, and activate Sec 606 o/t Telecommunications Act to take over all television and radio broadcasts in time of national emergency.

      Keep pushing, guys.

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    1. “I talk to the trees
      But they don’t listen to me
      I talk to the stars
      But they never hear me

      The breeze hasn’t time
      To stop and hear what I say
      I talk to them all in vain”

      Sounds like he’s been out painting his wagon… and he’s back on it…

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  7. Continued discussion from yesterday on the Presidential Press beating:

    Yesterday I had posted:

    #1. President Trump’s tie was BABY BLUE AND BABY PINK (Melania @ work?)

    #2. Ambassador Robert O’Brien Said:
    “…Counter the Madero Regime MALIGN ACTIVITIES INCLUDING DRUG TRAFFICKING…Working on a NUMBER of National Security priorities…”

    #3. President Trump Said:
    “…I see things THAT NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE. I SEE REPORTS NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE I met with the group [of military] behind me and said what do you think we can do?….”


    I DO NOT think this is just about Drug trafficking.


    Volgarian8301 added:
    “Along with that comment at the beginning of the PC a few days ago when he spoke of the rescue of a young woman. That has completely disappeared from consciousness…and the talk last night of a “painful couple of weeks”…. Drug cartels don’t just deal in drugs….”


    Then Sadie add this about this about the colors in POTUS tie.


    Sadie Slays
    POTUS’s tie was the same color as that the NOAA uses for Storm Surge Watch.


    The tie has diagonally stripes. The second color looked blue and not dark pink. At first I thought it was pink and lavender until I looked very closely.

    Go to 1:09:05 and you can see the colors clearly:

    Of course the colors will depend on the color balance the videographer chooses and your monitor.

    To me the blue is closest to #CCCCFF Periwinkle although #AAC9EA PPG Pittsburgh Baby Bunting is fairly close too.


    Any other discussion?

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    1. Gail – you are so right about the tie and the inclusion of human/child trafficking in the cartel activities to be stopped.

      Both PDJT and FL Melania send us signals and symbols in their color and styles.

      Our President loves babies and children in a protective, benevolent, encouraging, mentoring, cherishing, fatherly way – and they love him.

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      1. President Trump was concerned about child trafficking BEFORE he was elected:

        NOTE THE DATE!

        Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

        Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.

        6:13 AM – 8 Oct 2012

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    2. I thought it was more than about drug trafficking. Note the “what do you think we can do?” That’s asking a question regarding another issue (he knows how to deal with the drug problem)… POTUS presents an upfront issue, but there is often something behind that.

      “…I see things THAT NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE. I SEE REPORTS NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE I met with the group [of military] behind me and said what do you think we can do?….”

      POTUS has said something similar to this before, which has always made me sit up and take notice.

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    3. While watching the press briefing and hearing from the Generals, I thought block-aid.
      Does not being able to penetrate also apply to those who may try to escape?
      Works both ways, no?

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  8. I have spent the past week reflecting on things that Q has repeatedly told told us about putting on the armour of God, and saving Israel for last and all this weirdness from hellwood and just everything that’s going on in this maelstrom we find ourselves as a nation in and came to an interesting conclusion on something.
    When pedo hanks was talking at the golden globe show or the Oscars not sure which he made an interesting comment about the gate,that it was good ,that was clean and go to it. Very odd indeed right,normies wouldn’t catch it probably but those in the know would understand it was a message to them.i found out that hanks was invited to CERN to turn the machine back on last year.if that machine is used to open a portal for demonic purposes would make sense that is the gate he was talking about to me.
    Evil has been getting stronger of late we need the armour of God as protection against this . This has been a worldwide infiltration and the military is battling this invisible enemy. No wonder so many would lose there minds and need to be in hospitals. I can’t even imagine the horrors right under the very ground we walk on can you?
    Israel and the exodus saving for last,Passover, stay in the house all put together makes sense now. the slaves underground are being set free from bondage.what a massive undertaking this is,just like Israel leaving Egypt. Wow mind blowing isn’t it.

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  9. 6.6 million unemployment claims. We are seeing the US economy wrecked day by day. Trade deficit narrowed but the story is that both imports and exports were sharply down.

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    1. Since Fauci answers to models, perhaps a model that predicts deaths world wide and in the nation due to economic decline is in order. Then he compare the apples to the oranges and tell us about why we need to wait till the last death and declared case when he’s putting in a system of that can act quickly on future cases.

      Oh and of course the economic model should use worse case numbers. You know with out mitigation. We can adjust numbers after roll out like they do.

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      1. Yup. Fauci will do until Fauci won’t do, and that will be when he doesn’t stick with the POTUS program of OPTIMAL solution.

        Pompeo and Pence understand this perfectly. STAY WITH THE (OPTIMAL) (TRUMP) PROGRAM, NOT YOUR OWN.

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  10. Good morning, TrumpIsMine and all Q Treepers.

    Who is ready to learn all about Narco Terror this morning?
    Drug routes to Venezuela, anyone?
    Distribution out of Columbia?
    Which are the various cartels in Mexico, who are their leaders?
    I’m ready to learn!

    Remember, many months ago, when President Trump offered Obrador HELP to wipe out the drug cartels and Obrador said no, because it meant USA personnel operating in Mexico…. and gosh, that would take some special arrangement.
    And remember how we learned the cartel was tapping Mexico’s oil reserves, to the tune of 100 billion a year?
    Yeah, that too.

    We have so much to learn. Time to start digging. We have to support our troops, and they are in the middle of it all.

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    1. I find this link very useful in finding stuff about our southern border that the MSM wont tell us Daughn.
      A few of their reporters have come up missing in the last 2 years and their reports are real…

      Just another rabbit hole I enjoy hopping down from time to time, beware some of the stories are graphic but they warn of graphic content…
      When I think of cartels I vision ISIS fighters because these people are just as ruthless if not more…

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    2. I think the initial heavy lifting has been done by the gcc, who can easily pass for Mexicans. Thomas has videos of super professional hits on top cartel and hizbollah dudes in South America.


  11. I was a teenager when the US hockey team beat the Soviets. I remember watching that game with my friends, screaming at the TV as those agonizingly slow last minutes ticked away, WILLING Jim Craig to somehow block every shot that the red team slapped at him, then collapsing on the ground as the match ended.

    Exhausted, we all laid there watching the celebration. We couldn’t believe it.

    Then, my friend said, “We still have to win another game for the gold.” 😢

    What a memory.

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  12. Daddy’s frustrated.

    Somebody please explain to Cryin’ Chuck Schumer that we do have a military man in charge of distributing goods, a very talented Admiral, in fact. New York has gotten far more than any other State, including hospitals & a hospital ship, but no matter what, always complaining…..

    …It wouldn’t matter if you got ten times what was needed, it would never be good enough. Unlike other states, New York unfortunately got off to a late start. You should have pushed harder. Stop complaining & find out where all of these supplies are going. Cuomo working hard!

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  13. Hrmmmm….

    WASHINGTON — Venezuela’s first and only state-owned communications satellite has been out of service since March 13 when a series of maneuvers left it tumbling in an unusable orbit.

    The VeneSat-1 satellite, built by China Great Wall Industry Corp. and launched in late 2008 on a 15-year mission to provide television and broadband services to Venezuela, has been stuck for 10 days in an elliptical orbit above the geostationary arc, according to telescopic observations from two U.S. companies that track satellites.

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    1. Yea, crappy Chyna quality likely why Venezuela satellite is tumbling in an unstable orbit.

      But I do wonder, did Space Force send a signal or two on the sly. 🙂

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    1. The people of NY would not be in that mess if their crappy leaders like Cuomo, DeBlasio and Oxiris the state health officer, had not LIED to them and said there was no danger and told them to get out and celebrate the Chinese New Year and go about their business!!!

      The Governor, like all Democrats, misspent his state’s money on green crap instead of security, safety and medical supplies.

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      During the ‘Great Depression’ – there were NO JOBS!

      What we have are PLENTY OF JOBS – and – a temporary stoppage of workers going to those jobs.

      DO NOT let the left lie to you and say this is a depression – it most certainly is NOT!!!

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      1. REMEMBER – Roosevelt had to initiate a WORKS PROGRAM – to restart the economy during the Great Depression.

        They built many great things…. Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Highways, Libraries, Dams….

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    MEXICO CITY ( – The 69 bishops of Mexico have sent out an invitation for the world to join them on Friday, April 3 for a day of penance.

    The call for reconciliation with “God and our brothers” was extended to “the whole human family” and “to the entire Christian people,” for “the spiritual and bodily health that is needed by all.”

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  16. Today I am filled with the almost overwhelming feeling that I am living in a suspense thriller, written by a master.

    None of what we are seeing, hearing, and reading about Wuhan Flu makes any sense to me. The numbers don’t add up to the visuals on the ground. There is a pretty evident treatment (hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin + zinc), but it is being downplayed a lot. There is still no toilet paper on the shelves anywhere here. Why? Surely, manufacturers are still making it, and it should be being shipped. Are people really still hoarding it in my little town?

    Where are the videos and livestreams of the grieving? You would think there would be hundreds on Twitter, but I don’t see them.

    I got the most ridiculous message from a friend yesterday. It started out with “my sister-in-law’s brother’s sister-in-law has coronavirus, and is in the hospital in Chicago.” This is from a fairly intelligent person, but she is like so many others, falling for the fear-porn.

    The assault on narco-terrorists in Central/South America is awesome. Is it the beginning of the end of the cabal? Are the tents in Central Park being used for children being brought up from underground? Many think so. Why did the cabal attack the ship in Los Angeles with a train? It wasn’t possible for it to accomplish anything, so why do it? Hopefully they are just desperate as their world falls apart.

    If I accept that deception is necessary for all Q’s plans to come to fruition, that misdirection and misinformation are being used to enable the Plan, then it all makes sense. Otherwise, I feel like I’ve lost the plot. I consider myself more informed than most, in large part due to this wonderful site we are all on, so I can hardly imagine how less-informed people, stuck in their houses, are seeing all of this. I have to wonder how long we have until people just say “fuck it” and start to come out.

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    1. Here is a NY Nurse reporting on coronavirus in the hospital where she works in a thread – – sounds real to me.

      Also – Dr. Zelenko and Dr Smith and Dr Raoult and others are on the front lines battling this.

      I do not think it’s a hoax.

      I’m closely watching a slow spread in GA and FL counties where I have family members, and hot spots in others, such as Albany GA, where two funerals attended by busloads from Atlanta churches caused a major outbreak that put Albany in 2nd place in GA with 490 cases and 29 deaths when just a few days ago, they had 267 cases and 18 deaths.

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      1. I DO NOT think it is a hoax at all. I does seem that there must be a lot we aren’t being told, and most people who are dying with the thing seem to have other conditions. Also, they are counting people who come in and die with ANYTHING, but are positive for Wu-Flu as death from Wu-Flu.

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          1. Indeed.

            Just because the parking lot is empty, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of desperation inside.

            Aside from which, it’s still early. Hospitals are expected to be overwhelmed, no one is actually claiming they are, yet.

            It’s the strawman fallacy; show hospitals are not being overwhelmed and use that to argue against people who are saying the hospitals will, sometime in the future, but not now, be overwhelmed, then triumphantly declare you’ve won the argument–against a position no one was actually taking.

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          2. In some communities there are not enough tests. People are told, you probably have it, go home n self isolate. So they don’t go to ER (they go to urgent care maybe instead if anywhere)and regular ER patients don’t go because they don’t want to get infected. This leaves the very ill people. Lots are old and have other issues. They weren’t dying before the virus but now go in sick and have DNR orders on them. The death is because of the virus. So the numbers aren’t inflated, in fact they are under reported.

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              1. Exactly. Makes perfect sense. A Dr that suggested that was told his services were no longer needed. Its all over the news, people are very upset.


              2. Implemented here. Also daily screening of all staff and visitors. Different coloured nsw health sticker to wear every day. Single entrance and separate exit for staff and visitors/outpatients. COMPLETELY separate area for covid. Initial screening area. Separate wards. Quarantined hotels with police guards for positive but well.ambulance on standby. Covid wards neg pressure air conditioning so no particles escape then extreme filtering of air. Blah,blah blah.
                Just give them zinc, vit c and d and antimalarials plus,possibly antivirals.

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              3. Wow, that sounds great. As it should be. This is at a hospital close to the nursing home where it started (2 hours away?) My daughter works there and it upsetting to see that common sense things aren’t done. They have infectious disease protocol I am sure but this has been overwhelming with not enough ppe or tests. Hopefully it changes for the better.

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              4. Another good idea. Might be here, certainly very limited visitation. You are Australia I assume? Were tests a problem there?

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              5. Don’t know. If tests a prob.
                Temp on entrance is remote like a camera. It’s yep yep yep as you walk in


  17. Om wondering what he was reading or who he was following to think this.

    Port of L.A. engineer intentionally derailed train in attempted attack on USNS Mercy, federal prosecutors say


    by: Erika Martin, Steve Kuzj

    Posted: Apr 1, 2020 / 04:26 PM PDT / Updated: Apr 2, 2020 / 06:32 AM PDT

    Port of L.A. engineer intentionally derailed train in attempted attack on USNS Mercy, prosecutors say

    Steve Kuzj reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on April 2, 2020.


    A train engineer at the Port of Los Angeles is facing federal charges for allegedly charging a locomotive off tracks toward the USNS Mercy, which he suspected is tied to a government plot, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

    Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro, was handed over to FBI agents Wednesday and charged with one count of train wrecking in Tuesday’s derailment, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.

    Moreno admitted he purposefully ran the train off the end of its tracks at full speed near the hospital ship in two separate interviews, officials said.

    He allegedly told investigators he believed the ship — which docked at the port last week to relieve strain on area hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak — had a secret purpose related to COVID-19 or a government takeover.

    Moreno said he wanted to “wake people up” and hoped the derailment would get media attention so “people could see for themselves,” according to prosecutors.

    The 1,000 bed ship became the largest hospital in L.A. when it docked last Friday. On Sunday it began boarding non-coronavirus patients, to free up space at other area hospitals.

    Firefighters responded around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday to the port, where the train came to rest about 250 yards from the Mercy after crashing through a series of barriers. No injuries were reported, but it did trigger a fuel spill that prompted a hazardous materials cleanup.

    Moreno tried to flee the scene but was detained by a California Highway Patrol officer who witnessed the incident, officials said. The officer reported seeing the train smash through a concrete barrier, steel barrier and chain-link fence before sliding across a parking lot and lot filled with gravel, coming to rest against another chain-link fence.

    The officer told investigators that when he spoke with Moreno, the suspect said things like, “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

    Moreno was later turned over to the L.A. Port police, who interviewed the engineer and searched his residence.

    Video recovered from inside the train’s cab allegedly shows Moreno holding a lighted flare, as well as the train nearly careening into three occupied vehicles as it crashed.

    Moreno told authorities that he acted alone and hadn’t plotted the move ahead of time, officials said.

    The engineer is scheduled to make his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon.

    If convicted as charged, he could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

    The FBI and L.A. Port police are continuing to investigate.

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        1. Yep. All mk puppets without targets. You see that post I did about all the earthquakes,over100, that have been at exactly 6.2 km underground epicentre? Now THAT would fuck with underground bases

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