20200402: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

606 thoughts on “20200402: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

  1. Oh gosh, Cuomo just said they are going to do a hospital by hospital survey to see what supplies are needed. Now where did you hear that before????

    This guy is incompetent. A nobody poster on a Q oriented website could figure it out in minutes but it took him days and days. Is he deliberately dragging his feet?

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  2. AHHH, Cuomo JUST pulled the curtain back , revealing the WIZARD. ALL the projections of doom and gloom that Fauchi…er Dr Doom and ALL the MSM and the REST who are perpetuating this FRAUD come from….wait for it…the IHME study..founded and funded by…..BILL GATES.

    FRAUD CONFIRMED. Fire Dr. Doom, NOW, get the economy back, go OUT of the country for the BEST virologist in the WORLD, get him here, and follow your GUT Mr. President. This is a FARCE propagated by BILL GATES and the Cabal, NOW I see WHY Fauchi is AL IN on that study and his “my precious” vaccine, he is in BED with Gates, Mr, RFID chip and the ONE that had that stupid conference MOCKING the almost EXACT virus even we are EXPERIENCING NOW.

    This IS ALL a setup. To to END it Mr. President, and while you are at it, investigate GATES’s role in this, then if he is complicit, he IS, ARREST HIM, and then we ALL can sue HIM and take his billions to repay all the damage he has done.

    NO ONE here better cite those projections AGAIN. If you do, you are citing a LIE propagated by BILL FREAKIN GATES and the CABAL.

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    1. exactly …and the chicom biowarfare involvement…that Canadian lab investiagtion…remember that ? quickly scrubbed and “debunked” in a hurry…

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          1. I hate to say it, but he better make it QUICK, my reserves $$ is running LOW. I and Mrs Rex will NOT be getting a check. We made too much, but now we are down to 25% of what we made(conveniently NOT factored by the politicians). I am losing the business I just started, I have MAYBE 2-3 weeks and then I am TOAST. The unemployment for my employees in this state is a DISASTER, and they don’t know WHEN or IF they will get it. I can’t keep paying them.

            Then there is the SBA loan farce, being again run by the state, it is a cluster. RENT goes on, UTILITIES go on, INSURANCE goes on. SUPPLIES go bad, or ineffective. CLIENTS go ELSEWHERE.

            There is MUCH more to this my friends, I KNOW. Many are suffering, and will soon REALLY be suffering. This HAS to end and SOON, or more people like me will be SOL. This idf taken too long will NOT alow businesses like mine to restart on a dime, it takes TIME to get capital back. That is why this FRAUD by Dr DOOM and Gates MUST end, end SOON.

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              1. TY, I try to avoid getting REAL here, but I look at you and others as friends, not just fellow posters. What I am experiencing is REAL and widespread. People need to KNOW, not for just ME, but for the THOUSANDS like me.

                People just think it is EASY to stop work and businesses, and that the GOvt can just snap fix it. As with LIFE, it is ALWAYS more complicated, there are ALWAYS conditions, and exemptions. NO ONE focuses on those.

                Thanks again! Stay SAFE, I PRAY the fraud is over soon for us ALL!

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              2. P-Rex fixed costs are a BIOTCH!

                We have 21 equines and 300 plus goats and sheep, who are in the middle of multiplying, to feed (not to mention mortgage, electric, insurance….) IF I do not get my business running again soon I am not going to have the $$$ to pay for hay this winter. As ‘entertainment’ when the economy slumps we are the first to be hit.

                Unfortunately our ‘season’ is March, April, May …too hot…. September, October, November… too cold….

                That mean we could lose close to 1/2 this years gross income.

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    2. From the cabal perspective, it’s a set up. From the anon perspective, it’s cover for the REAL operation. We had clues on it at the presidential press briefing that only FOX and OANN carried yesterday. They’re going after the trafficking cartels. PUBLICLY.

      Game theory.

      Game OVER when going against the US.

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          1. I know, but the economy is DISENTERGRATING before our eyes. it is like a freight train, easy to KEEP going and speed up or slow down. HARD to stop, but INCREDABLY hard to START back up again, the longer we wait, the MORE damage, and the HARDER to restart. The Cabal is STALLING for time. They have stalled ENOUGH. It is GO time .

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            1. I don’t think it’s going to be as hard to start up as other people think it will be. All these upper middle class people just aren’t used to cooking and will be dying to go out. Most of us need our hair tended to. We’ll be at the end of tornado season here in Tornado Alley which is when a lot of people buy cars….

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    3. “….. cite those projections???….”

      What the projections modeled on the ClimAstrologist Computers with the same A-hoes doing the programming?

      Gore Bull-Shiff Warming burnt me out on computer models years ago!

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  3. translation : a river, a bridge, a clock chimes

    ..and now…the mysterious case of the missing WUHAN whistleblower < Dr Ai Fen, who has "gone missing"…I posted an article ab this on a recent thread here…can't find much of anything else ab her except this article from yesterday…



    April 1, 2020

    she…or someone…is starting post cryptic messages…like the one above…

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  4. My apologies for duplicate if this was already posted but it seems important.

    “Why is New Orleans’ coronavirus death rate 7 times New York’s? Obesity is a factor…

    “April 2 (Reuters) – The coronavirus has been a far deadlier threat in New Orleans than the rest of the United States, with a per-capita death rate much higher than in New York City. Doctors, public health officials and available data say the Big Easy’s high levels of obesity and related ailments may be part of the problem.

    “We’re just sicker,” said Rebekah Gee, who until January was the Health Secretary for Louisiana and now heads up Louisiana State University’s healthcare services division. “We already had tremendous healthcare disparities before this pandemic – one can only imagine they are being amplified now.”


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    1. It seems as though the WuFlu started in or around Washington State in the winter when people naturally wear more clothes. I think NY may have been next with New Years Eve, again people wear more clothes because of the cold. By the time it got to Louisiana the weather was warmer, less clothes and a longer duration of time when people would have been exposed.

      In Washington State, it seems to me, people were wearing large water jugs on their heads and/or wrapped in plastic bags. Less exposure.

      The only other answer would be that the virus is getting stronger?

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    2. DON’T FORGET….

      – Louisiana held Mardi Gras as usual despite the virus.
      – A special Carnival Mardi Gras cruise ship with thousands of passengers came to Mardi Gras….

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      1. ….Italy also had an infected cruise ship with thousands of passengers disembark and help spread the virus.

        Open Borders Europe is learning a valuable lesson.

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  5. ANND Rush just echoed what I have been saying here for WEEKS. He thinks CA is NOT as bad as NY because they ALL had it earlier, thought it was something ELSE, and got herd immunity. JUST as I have been saying. We ALL got it way earlier, most chalked it up to something ELSE. Now, you KNOW why Fauchi is resisting the antibody tests, they put the LIE to the FRAUD.

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    1. The MILITARY needs to run some antibody testing on communities. If this is biowarfare, which it potentially is now, thanks to Rich Higgins’ group spotting this as TEXTBOOK CHICOM COLONEL ASYMMETRIC SHIT, then our wonderful military needs answers that THEY can trust.

      I would trust the military to take over one of these somewhat clown-stinky bio company operations (meaning MILITARY people come into the labs and watch ALL results and ALL calculations) and then get data on entire communities.

      We can have that data NEXT WEEK. And the data answers the question.

      I personally think the answer is NOT that we all got it, or we would be seeing a LOT more death and disability IN THIS GROUP.

      I will be blunt. I can NAME THE PEOPLE IN THIS GROUP WHO SHOULD BE DEAD. I was one of the healthiest people in this group. Now I’m in view of that meme of the guy in a Walmart scooter with an American flag, a MAGA hat, and an oxygen tank.

      But we can prove the truth NOW, so WHY NOT??? What is the real “pre-penetration” of the virus? And if they’re not testing people like me, which they are NOT, then maybe they don’t want the real answer.

      But the military needs the real answer. If some soldier knocks on my door and wants blood, he’s getting it.

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      1. WAIT, what if the USNS Comfort and MERCY are CONVENIENTLY there for Covid 19 testing (antibodies) They are NOT working on Covid 19 cases now, they are for the REGULAR ER patients to “relieve” the stress. CA and NY, TWO hotspots, one ACTIVE (NY) the other DECLINING (CA).

        COMPLETE military control and TRUST of the results. What say you?

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          1. AGREED. Look how QUICKLY they turned around the NY ship. COVER by relieving the OVERFLOW, and NOT the actual Covid cases. Brilliant if true, and SECRET, but TRUE info Trump could TRUST. Info that would REINFORCE his original GUT reaction and DISCOUNT Fauchi once and for all.

            Trump has SMARTLY put the “noose” of this FIRMLY around Fauchi’s neck. He and his projections, will be LAID BARE.

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      2. Wolfie,

        The US military has their OWN scientists, I know because I dated a couple of them. 😳

        The Army for example has not only medical doctors but lots of veterinarians too. There is ZERO reason that the US military can not run their OWN tests period.

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        1. That may indeed be true. And on top of that, I will guarantee that it was a CHINA VIRUS – exactly what POTUS says. But it is based on Sylvia’s sister picking it up from travel to Morocco that I’m thinking it’s likely it was spread to multiple attendees selected by the ChiComs.

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  6. Damn, Rush.. HAD to have read my blog..LOL He is echoing my EXACT hypothesis that I have been debating with Steve and others here. Hey Steve, I am NOT Rush Ok. LOL. I do NOT even know him…yet…(winks) I sure hope Rush share this opinion with TRUMP!

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      1. They were HOPING to get the $$$ from the USA via the Paris Accord. POTUS torpedoed that and a lot of other money schemes and they are now really hurting for $$$$.

        They really ARE Parasites sucking our blood/$$$ and POTUS has been detaching the sucker arms one by one.

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        1. They are trying to do an $8.7T MONEY GRAB and POWER GRAB.

          What could the U.N. do with $8.7T???

          “The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election.” – DJT Oct 13, 2016


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        1. And then you know what the fucking cabal did? They pushed the misinterpretation of the Surgeon General’s words “Donate Blood” to be “Don’t Eat Blood!”

          Cabal reverso is so smart, most people are total suckers for it. The caballies SELF-HOAX to make people stupid through EXCESS. It’s pretty ingenious. It’s exactly how the pedos PROTECTED THEMSELVES with Pizzagate.

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  7. China reopens wet markets.

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    1. All we have to do is shut down the China-BAT connection. SEAL OFF THE CAVES. DESTROY THE RESEARCH. SEND THE FUCKING U.N. IN TO BLOCK OFF THE CAVES.

      They can eat as many fucking pangolins as they want. NO MORE BATS. But the wet markets are not the actual problem – they are COVER for the real problem. CHINESE BIOWARFARE RESEARCH.

      Here is what PRESIDENT WOLF MOON would do.

      NUCLEAR PARATROOPERS sent to every fucking bat cave in China. Orders to MINE THE CAVES and DESTROY THEM if the Chinese even come close. Small nuclear mines, laden with cobalt-60 precursors, to keep the entire area radioactive for centuries.

      Don’t even talk about the WUHAN SITE. OBLITERATED. BOTH OF THEM.

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      1. I endorse “Rods from God” on all of their BSL sites. They have proven that they cannot be trusted to act responsibly. Next, collapse their economy and let their people eat their leadership. Full on embargo, hack their defense systems and render them useless. Can you tell that I’m not a fan of China yet?

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    2. I mean, listen to fucking useful idiot (remember ISIS?) Lindsey Graham FALLING FOR BAT SOUP.

      It ain’t bat soup, people! This is CLASSIC CHI-COM DISTRACTO.

      They “threaten” with BAT SOUP and look who comes running!!!


      If you can’t play chess with CHINAZIS, play checkers with Pelosi on infrastructure.

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        1. Yes we need a strategic weapon selection to match the geological, biological, and threat landscape to achieve decisive action on target resulting in total threat elimination.

          We should look at napalm.

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    1. One of the Doc pundits last night recommended TWO EKGs, one as a baseline and another one at about 3 days.
      “need to be monitored closely”
      You suppose they give EKGs to all those in Nigeria where they pass out chloroquine like candy?

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      1. Apparently one of the side affects, especially at higher doses, is that HCQ can cause electrical malfunction of the heart (AFIB?) and result in a heart attack. The EKG shows AFIB waves so it would make sense that they would need a baseline to establish risk and a follow up to ensure tolerance. Unfortunately for the poor in 3rd world countries rife with malaria the benefit outweighs the risk.

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        1. If I was going to have to be hospitalized at any point because of WuFlu, I would take the risk of heart attack vs, the risk of not getting HCQ. Forget about intubation also. DH and I just had the discussion.

          Hospital downstate is overflowing now. Large metro in flyover country. DiL doc…masks are being sanitized because of huge shortage. I sure hope they are being disinfected.

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  8. POTUS just said he signed the Defense Production Act against 3MM to get them to produce face masks. They must have been holding out here. I know China stopped them over there from sending masks here. Imagine, they Nationalized an American Company.🙄 Navarro said 13 out of 20 of our supposed Allies had blocked exports to us. I’ll bet some of those included 3MM factories as well.

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  9. POTUS- We don’t need another Witchhunt during a pandemic. A waste of resources. All they do is drive up my poll numbers.

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  10. 72,000 watching White House
    52,000 watching Time
    24,000 watching Fox 10
    17,000 USA Today
    12,000 watching RSBN
    7,000 watching GST
    ? CSPAN

    No telling how many watching on CNN, CBS, ABC, foreign news orgs.

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    1. This is the 1st day local NBC, CBS, ABC is NOT showing briefing, instead airing local news. Local Fox is. Really is a shame, small businesses need the info – Houston and surrounding area has population of 7 million+

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      1. In Detroit I started watching (all broadcast) on FOX & when they left went to ABC & when they left clicked by NBC & CBS & both were giving wrap up statements as they were then shifting to local programming. FOX was the shortest to watch. The others left as the VP came to the podium so we only got the SBA gal & Treasury Sec after POTUS. Oh they may have stopped the broadcast ’cause Trump was leaving for a meeting & then was coming back later with further info & to take more Q’s…hmmm

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  11. POTUS took the 15minute virus test, much more pleasant. 😁 Passed with flying colors!!!👏👏👏

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  12. Jared stepped up to help manage supply chain issues. Just sent 1months worth of supplies to NY, primarily N95masks. They’ve been getting requests from people based on projections NOT immediate needs. He’s working with all to get them what they need now.

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  13. Rear Admiral John Polowczyk, Joint Chiefs Vice Director for Logistics (FEMA) – Project Airbridge to get supplies from overseas faster – normally takes 37 days – They’re already received 6 planes, 28 scheduled. TRUMP TIME!!!
    Engaging distributors to expedite. Getting supplies delivered to counties, working on direct to hospitals.

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    1. 200,000 masks to NY shipped today
      They’ve been collecting data for 2 weeks, know where abnormalities are, now know what everyone needs.

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    1. He’s great. Logistics is an art form of sorts. You work enough outdoor events, and it takes a team to get everything to where it needs to go. This guy is doing it on the fly.

      He just said he’s putting volume into the system that serves both public and private heathcare systems. Beyond that, it’s on the states.

      He also just said there’s been some abnormal behavior.

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    2. He’s not so good at fending off the jackals.

      Tells me that he’s a primarily data guy that knows how to make the supply chains work.

      IOW he’s our man 😉

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    1. Oh they’re just pretending not to know.

      It’s very simple:


      The Press keeps trying to PRIME the PUBLIC’S EXPECTATIONS that everything will be magically free.

      (Sadly many people buy into this claptrap during a time of crisis.)

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  14. Another Defense production act signed today to get the supplies needed for the companies to produce the ventilators.
    Nothing yet on Hydroxychloroquine
    Are we just supposed to die?

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  15. Companies chipping in, making production of masks, being purchased by brokers……… price was bid up and up and up……….. then being EXPORTED.
    Peter Navarro, cracking down hard, will deal with them unmercifully.
    President signed another order today.

    Navarro talking about solving two problems for the NYPD in RECORD time
    Well done.

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  16. NYC police currently have over 10,000 infected officers. POTUS and Navarro got them 4,000 Tyveck suits and gloves sent in 16hrs. Also got barrels of hand sanitizer shipped.

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    Peter Navarro is kicking ass

    Talking about the dependence on the supply chain, dependence on other countries.
    Buy American
    Secure borders
    strong manufacturing base.
    Need it now.

    Going forward, the VA, DOD, and Medicare will buy ALL AMERICAN when this is over.
    We don’t want to disrupt anything now, (I get that) too difficult.

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    1. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

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  18. Ventilator Capacity needs to be set up so that it can be scaled. One of the stories I heard was an innovation that allowed eight users can use a single ventilator. That’s the kind of scalability that will help provide the capacity for this kind of situation in the future.

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  19. “Are you going to reopen the Obamacare Marketplace for people who need health insurance?”


    “We’re doing better than that . . . we’re giving those people direct cash payments”


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      1. Yeah no kidding! Such a dishonest fear generating question. Insurance is less critical than money. Same idiot reporters that wanted all supplies for free! They want free supplies and govt insurance at the same time!!!

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  20. Trump cannot sign an EO and reimburse every American who sought medical treatment for COVID.
    He needs Congress.
    Asked and answered YESTERDAY
    Quit asking the same damn question.

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  21. Saudi and Russia fighting over Oil Prices.
    Media claiming what Trump said is not what Saudi is saying.
    Trump said, well, that’s what he told me.
    Saudi has called OPEC for an emergency meeting.
    Can the deal fall through………. of course it can.
    Can someone get ticked off and walk out…….. of course they can.
    Trump alludes to another idea… which he HOPES HE DOES NOT HAVE TO DO.

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    1. I don’t know what it would be. I am speculating either import quotas and/or oil tariffs. That can be done unilaterally.


  22. Pence and Task Force considering direct payments to the hospitals for payments of COVID treatment.
    Makes sense.
    If sent to the people, it might not ever get to the hospital.
    and pricing would be different for every person.
    This way the gov’t negotiates.

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  23. Cash payments to the hospitals to compensate for treating uninsured individuals is a much smarter way to deal with the issue than opening Obamacare. Plus it checkmates the lib reporters who want to bitch about healthcare

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        1. Ah, he saved Dr Doom for last, he did not disappoint, he said, and if THIS does not reveal this farce to the WORLD I do not know what to tell you, ” we will relax the social distancing guidelines when there are NO new infections or deaths.”

          OK, see you all in 2025, when mad max, the Terminator, and Waterworld are the post apocalyptic world. By that time the US will BE Venezuela, or WORSE.

          Sigh, I guess if Trump is not going to wake up, he better get prepared for the SOON coming civil discord, and I give it 3 weeks MAX.

          People will say F this shit, when it is 80 degrees, and the projections are STILL nowhere NEAR the REAL numbers.

          Anyone here want to tell me HOW we with our modern medicine, infrastructure, the cure and supplies in overdrive, we will have 10X more deaths than Italy, China, and Iran? ANYONE?

          No, even IF China and Iran are lying, is Italy too? Spain? France? the UK? NO.

          Dr Doom took the ABSOLUTE worst case scenario DOUBLED IT, and spouted it. Now he is DESPERATELY trying to DEFEND it.

          Brix even ADMITTED, to the shegrin of the MSM and Cabal I am sure, that they are ADJUSTING the models DAILY based on REAL data. What she OMITTED, conveniently, is that they are adjusting it DOWN. WAY down.

          There were supposed to be OVER 50000 hospitalizations in NY YESTERDAY according to this model. Actually there were 18000, BAD but 64% LESS.

          Then couple that with the fact that Dr Doom is projecting NY, LA, CA, numbers to the REST of the country. You start to SEE the problem.

          ONE question. What happens in 2 weeks when the numbers are STILL 64% LESS than the model? 3 week? April 30th?

          When do we jettison these FOOLS. Actually Aubergine’s axiom, they are NOT fools, they are FRAUDS.

          The country has at MAX 3 weeks before the economy REALLY crashes and the fd up states that CAN’T get the monies or the unemployment out correctly, THEN there WILL be civil discord. ANY LONGER and we WILL have Civil War 2.0.

          That is MY projection, and I hope like HELL I am wrong. But people are buying MORE guns and ammo than toilet paper and hand sanitizer. There is a REASON for that.

          Wake the F up Mr President, I feel SORRY for NY, but the REST of the country is MORE than that, we are NOT them.

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          1. The frauds will be EXPOSED when they have served their purpose.

            I think VSGPOTUSDJT knows EXACTLY what they are and is giving them the room to hang themselves. Trust in them and the organizations they represent MUST be destroyed. That is part of the operation, and it is not complete.


      1. Trump is making Fauci choose to do the right thing. But when this goes past, and the truth comes out, Fauci will be a bigger household name than OJ Simpson.

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        1. He will live in INFAMY. Dr DOOM. maybe even Dr DEATH. Trump has SMARTLY, put this SQUARELY on Dr Doom’s sholders, he is too self absorbed and STUPID to see that he is the one whose head will LITERALLY be in the noose with the AMERICAN PEOPLE when his doom and gloom projections do NOT come true, and they will balme HIM for all the losses of money, lives, and SUFFERING.

          He for SURE will NOT be able to walk the streets. If this farce continues much longer, his own security detail may shoot him, no BS.

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  24. Birx is way too focused on modeling and not focused enough about solving the problems.
    She’s an academic and not a field physician.

    Still no discussion of Hydroxychloroquine

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    1. The drugs aren’t on today’s agenda. The BIG topic, and I can verify this from my other social media feeds, is how to get the relief money. The next issue was to neutralize the “we can’t get supplies” messaging from governors and various other places.

      The drugs are in ramp up stage, and in the place where only the most sick are getting them. We’ll probably hear about a black market regarding this in the next few days. Chloroquine is going to be a hot item just like masks, gloves and all the rest are currently.

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      1. F&F, the hosts and Dr. Oz were saying this morning that Cuomo won’t allow using HCQ in NY outside of the trials. Anyone else heard that???

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        1. A bit of history:
          Before NYS legalized the medical use of canabis, NYS had a little know law that allowed the medical use of canabis under a supervised program of research. It existed for a long time until medical use was legalized. IRR back to the ’70’s, Yearly reports to the legislature were required. If you were part of the trial, you had access to it legally.

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    2. MCM doesn’t care about ending the crisis.

      Birx and Fauci wedded to bureaucracy. Established processes over the decades. Too DAMN COMFORTABLE. ZERO URGENCY.

      Hoping Chanel asks about HCQ, no one else will. How is the use of HCQ going in NY and other places? What is the immediate availability? Production volume today, 24/7, international availability…? When can we expect HCQ moar available to positive folks? Available as a preventive?

      Guessing President Trump will bring HCQ up tomorrow, as I think it is sx days into NY drill using HCQ.

      Yea, impatient here as all indications are HCQ a solution begging to be applied broadly.

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        1. OK. Either your location is the exception, or as happens too often, I am out to lunch. FWIW, previous response prefaced with, “guessing”. My bad, a guess, not factually supported.

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  25. She’s trying to forecast each county, expanding her modeling exponentially.
    Worried about where to move the ventilators.
    Still no focus on getting people OFF OF the ventilators.

    Plasma replacement
    Gilead and Remdesivir, etc.

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    1. So frustrating for this simpleton. Guessing President Trump is waiting moar results from HCQ, plasma, Remdesiver being used in the back ground.

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  26. Earlier, I forgot to make a note.
    The hospital built at the Javis Center in NYC was supposed to be for non-COVID patients.
    Hospitals in NYC were supposed to handle the COVID patients.
    NY cannot handle it
    Pushed the President and President agreed.
    Now, the NYC hospitals will send COVID patients to the Javis Center for Military personnel to handle the problems.
    Cuomo and DeBlasio just pushed the burden onto the federal government and NOT their state.

    It’s a BIG DAMN DEAL.

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    1. Yes it is a trap. If he said no he’s heartless like W in Katrina. If he says yes taxpayers foot the bill and military are at risk. But it’s a 4GW so we do the latter, and Nancy and Schiff are stuck at another gate.


      1. Footing the bill isn’t the issue. It’s going to be the nightmare scenario of lack of cleanliness, care, etc. Have you seen the Javits set up? It is NOT designed for contagious care ! Many COVID patients have diarhhea. That alone is going to be a huge issue in that setting 🤬

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          1. Just read Army is setting up another big ‘hospital’ in Seattle for NON-covids. I bet you anything Inslee begs Trump to put the covids there!!

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    2. I originally was impressed with Dr. Birx, but we are passed the modeling stage and into triage and treatment. We need real practicing doctors up on the podium now.

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