20200401: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

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      1. 🤓 I was going to comment about how difficult it would be to sleep in that helmut. Then again, who gets any sleep in a hospital and it sure beats the alternative of no ventilator!

        I love hearing about the ingenuity of American mom’s & pop’s. They are the backbone and have been burdened by regulations and various taxes for far too long. #FreeOurUSA

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        1. I concur. There are so few M&P’s left when there used to be several on every busy street. I have very fond memories of the ones I grew up with…

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        2. Just to clarify, Alison, It wasn’t my intention to mock the mom & pop business you posted about with my post of ‘The Boy In the Plastic Bubble’…I was just trying to comment on how surreal life has become in a few short weeks. I hope you didn’t take it that way. Sometimes things don’t always translate as intended over the internet.

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    1. Some good folks over at Atlas. Several buddies of mine fly for them. Their mgmt sucks tho. But that’s a whole of aviation problem.

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    1. As a young teen I lived in a state celebrating it’s Centennial and for the entire year a lot of these were worn on all occasions. We soon learned maneuvering and, more importantly, sitting down was an acquired skill! There’s a reason most of the women wore long pantaloons under these hoop dresses ☺️.

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      1. Can you imagine what being seen with the head of the WHO would do for Lady Gaga’s image?!?! No one could ever take her seriously again after being with that clown.

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              1. omg..my friend’s cat got ringworm so she had to clean her house all over again. She calls me and say “my cat is asshoe!” I nearly spit my coffee out.

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  1. Santa Clara County just piled on. I’m reading through the website and…..

    (1) gun stores are nonessential. Really. The LA County Sheriff just tried that, had his ass handed to him and had to retreat, misquoted Governor Nuisance, and is trying it again. Before you waste money, effort, and time on this unconstitutional endeavor, why don’t you let him spend his budget on lawyers and get a win? Then, at least, there’d be some small twig to grasp to keep you from looking like idiots. Oh, and Federal HHS says they’re essential.

    (2) nonessential things must be separated from essential things. This means that gas stations can remain open, but automated car washes attached to them must close. Really? It’s not enough to unemploy humans, but we have to unemploy robots as well?

    (3) Liquor stores can remain open if they sell enough essential items (e.g. food). How much is that essential amount?


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    1. The normal ratio is a case of suds or a bottle of hootch per bag of bar nuts or pork rinds. At least it is in my household anyway. YMMV

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    2. One of the problems in highly economic depressed communities is that it is hard to get to a grocery store, but liquor stores are easy to get to. They sell a few foods that are prepackaged, like honey buns. Not exactly healthy fare. But to call them non-essential just shows the total ignorance of politicians.

      As noted before, essential businesses are businesses that are open and profitable. In free markets non-essential businesses are not profitable and fail. (And in non-free markets the state steps in to subsidize business and industry that are “too big to fail!”)

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          1. Oh, don’t get me started!

            Whoops, too late.

            The one thing that is keeping Colorado from going full Kalifornia is that any tax increase must be approved by the voters, and if the state should collect more taxes in a given year than inflation + population change would indicate should have been, compared to last year, the excess must be refunded.

            Politicians know to spend money on their pet projects, then beg us for highway money when the highways deteriorate. Unfortunately even that isn’t done honestly; the money goes for “transportation” rather than “highways/roads” and ends up getting spent on bike trails, mass transit, you name it. We’ve caught on to that trick now, and won’t approve ANY tax increase. Someone finally did an petition for an initiative (rather than a referendum, which originates in the government) titled “Fix Our Damn Roads” but even that failed, since it was obviously “Fix Denver’s Damn Roads” (exactly two out of about thirty projects was in El Paso County/Colorado Springs, and they weren’t even remotely large projects).

            When they did a major redo of Denver’s part of I-25 a long time ago (I keep thinking of it as a few years, but it has been about twenty now), it was called T-Rex…then they decided to build light rail alongside it and there was a gigantic sucking sound–every highway dollar in the state went to T-Rex and the goddamn fucking toy train.

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    3. A guy was knocking on my door this evening. He lives in apartments around the corner, and had rented a van to move between one storage unit and another. According to the new idiot county order, he can only go to a storage unit if he’s retrieving something “essential”. I advised him to stash some TP there, and when he went to retrieve the TP, to deposit some canned soup. If he later went to retrieve the soup, he should deposit some TP.

      I told him what the law was about overnight parking and what my preferences would be, and told him I appreciated his asking.

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      1. If you have stuff in storage you don’t want to get rid of, and you pay to store it, doesn’t that imply your stuff is essential since you are keeping it rather than getting rid of it?

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        1. You want the quickest way to determine “essential”? If it’s profitable without holding a gun to your head. ALL OF GOVERNMENT IS NONESSENTIAL, BECAUSE IT’S OBTAINED BY FORCE.

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          1. They announced today that Schools are closed until May 4th and that all non-essential businesses should remain closed.

            So if they closed all the schools that must mean that . . . 🤣🤣🤣

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          2. So theyre enactimg the everyone must wear a face cover here in socal. But not a mask just a bandana or something. Its great…we are going to give an unsanitary face cover a place for the virus to sit.
            Last time I checked i wasnt an islamist. So why do they want me to cover up like one?

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  2. So what would be more insulting to Jim Acosta?

    Telling him that he’s a terd and he sucks?

    Or telling him that we’re all praying for him?

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    1. A: neither.

      Get #America’sUnwipedAsshole trending on twatter with his pic attached, then make ”Dear diary” tweets about it while copying “@“ him.

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  3. A: neither.

    Get #America’sUnwipedAsshole trending on twatter with his pic attached, then make ”Dear diary” tweets about it while copying “@“ him.

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  4. I’ve been studying that site that Dr. Birx keeps using for their model and realized that they have a model for every state. Every state seems to have a different date for their peak death rate. New York’s is fairly soon – April 10th. However, my state – Oregon – won’t peak until May 1st. That means the total US death rate may go down a lot after April 10 because of the large number of cases in New York. But the rest of us aren’t out of the woods then.

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        1. They are pulling the numbers out of their REAR, as they did with everything else in this farce. When their “projection” does not match up, they will simply revise it over and over again DOWN until there is nothing left to revise to. It is a JOKE, and a BAD one at that.


      1. A nurse friend figured it would be this week in Texas.


        I think our great President got out ahead of this mess and saved a lot of the states that they are claiming won’t peak for weeks.

        Do you think they are stretching things out? I wonder. It may be to ensure maximum benefit of social distancing.

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        1. Not sure where they’re getting all the different dates for each state. But Fiona and others are saying that their models are based on NY #’s which are not representative of the whole country, so deaths are very high. Bottom line is we need more data and each state, county will be different.

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          1. Yes! I heard they were also using Italy in one predictive graph, not sure though.

            It is terribly distracting to know that the official line is one so easily refuted, but perhaps there is something we don’t know about.

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            1. Plus, I had a short argument on Twitter with what was probably a troll. I noticed the trolls always try to scare the heck out of you personally with statements like, “I hope you are safe” and such.

              Fearmongering and I’m done with that.


        1. I am skeptical of a May 6 date for Texas as the peak. We have been social distancing and staying home for weeks now. Also, we have closed our border with LA, and quarantined travelers from hotspots.

          Seems like we should be flattening the curve pretty well. Of course, my little county (like many county and city govts) have let their authority go to their heads and are issuing SIP decrees and even contemplating curfews. In Texas.

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          1. Your skepticism is CORRECT. These models are WORST CASE (on purpose) meant to keep the farce going, when they don’t match up, they will simply revise and take credit for the social distancing being MORE effective than they thought. This is a PONZI scheme, numbers don’t match, change the numbers.

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        2. Thank you Linda! I had to go to work and just saw the ask for a link. I should have thought to provide one but it was a little early. LOL


  5. Thanks nuggets4u . . . sorry, but I have to steal this . . . 😉

    Timeline wuhan virus by Maggie Alexander


    Fauci’s pals at WHO & the CDC said in January the virus posed no threat, yet President Trump closed down travel from Communist China on 1/31 anyway, against the CDC’s wishes. Remember, Rod Rosenstein’s sister is the head infectious disease director at the CDC.

    The media & the CDC didn’t start to ratchet up the virus panic until it was obvious the Senate WAS NOT going to call witnesses or convict him on impeachment!

    1/21: “CDC: The current risk from this virus to the general public is low and for a family sitting around the dinner table tonight this is not something that they generally need to worry about.”

    1/26: “CDC: While this is a serious public health threat, the CDC continues to believe immediate risk to U.S. general public is low at this time. For general public, no additional precautions are recommended at this time beyond simple daily precautions that everyone should always take.”

    1/27: “CDC: However, currently in the U.S., this virus is not spreading in the community. For that reason, we continue to believe that the immediate health risk from the new virus to the general American public is low currently.”

    1/30: “CDC: Virus is not spreading widely across community. At this time, we are not recommending people in general public to take additional precautions, such as canceling activities or avoiding going out. Again, this is not spreading widely in communities, and general public is believed to be at low risk.”

    1/31: President Trump closed down travel from China.

    2/4: President Trump gave the State of the Union and Pelosi ripped up his speech.

    2/5: “CDC: The current risk to the American public is low, but as we project outward with the potential for this to be a much LONGER situation.”

    2/5: Trump acquitted in Senate in impeachment hoax.

    2/6: Media and Democrats call Trump a racist for closing down borders and slowly begin ratcheting up virus panic.

    2/21: Stock market approaches 30,000 and Trump calls America’s economy the best ever in history. Suddenly, new studies come out from WHO & the CDC that predict 2.2 million Americans will die from Wuhan virus.

    2/28: Trump calls the virus a panic hoax perpetrated by Democrats. CNBC tells investors to SELL. Market crashes and continues to fall for nearly a month while the fake news screams the world is ending.

    3/4: President Trumps says the virus has a much lower fatality rate than the WHO is reporting. CNN calls him a liar.

    3/16: CDC & Fauci recommend America must shut down for two weeks to slow the spread!

    So, tell me again how Fauci ADVISED Trump to close down the borders in January as he says he did? NOT TRUE. He did just the opposite.

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  6. China Must Release the Secret Records of the Wuhan Biolabs
    It’s time for Beijing to come clean
    Steven W. Mosher
    March 31, 2020
    This article originally appeared in American Greatness, 3/27/2020

    The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have a lot to answer for.

    Clearly, it was the CCP’s coverup and incompetence that first allowed the Wuhan virus to reach epidemic proportions in China, and then spread around the world. A congressional resolution authored by Representative Jim Banks (R-Ind.) condemns China for these misdeeds. It should be an easy vote.

    But what if China is responsible not only for the global spread of the Wuhan virus but also for the original infections?

    There are many, myself included, who suspect that this particular coronavirus may have been under study at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that it somehow escaped from the lab.

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      1. Yeah, exactly.


        The problem for CCP is the emerging evidence that ‘somehow’ was either due massive criminal negligence or by intentional malicious design.

        Either one spells astronomical liability, the kind of liability the nation of China itself couldn’t survive, much less the CCP.

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      2. So what the hell happens when “somehow” is revealed to be “purposefully?”

        That is a full-on declaration of war. We would be at war with China. What happens then?

        I mean, I personally believe this was deliberate, and I’m positive Trump knows that. But what does that mean exactly. How do we wage this kind of war? Has Trump ALREADY been waging war on China, with his policies? And would this virus then be considered a counter-attack by the enemy?

        We are in deep, uncharted, sea-monster-infested waters here.

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        1. The CCP wants this to be on people’s minds in November. They want Americans to do anything but face the hard truth. “You must have peace with China.” They want to oversimplify – to make us think we have only two choices – WAR on our terms or PEACE on their terms.


          The CCP had given up its right to rule.



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            1. Starve the dragon until a panda crawls out of its belly – and kills the dragon. Wolfmoon1776

              I want to see saying this as a famous meme, retweeted by POTUS in June.


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    1. Don’t forget to send in all of your PET’S stool samples too 😁

      If 330 million people sent in 500 million stool samples (including pets) every day, for a week, the stench in Washington D.C. would be so bad they’d have to shut down the whole city. 😂

      And it would finally SMELL just as corrupt as it actually IS.

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    1. That’s one of the things that annoys me about these statistics when they rate “cause of death”. If they want to maximize one type of causes they report it one way. If they want to minimize however they report it another way. The problem is that causation is a necessarily complex thing so unless you have a precision understanding of causation and a rigorous protocol for identifying cause, it can be skirted every which way.

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  8. Pompeo unites G7 to counter Chinese Communist Party disinformation
    March 28, 2020
    J Michael Waller

    For the first time in a generation, an American secretary of state has worked with foreign leaders to aggressively coordinate a strategy against foreign state-sponsored disinformation. Secretary Mike Pompeo worked with six of America’s closest allies and economic partners to counter Communist China’s shrill disinformation campaign against the US over the coronavirus.

    . . . Continued . . .

    Recording and full text of Pompeo’s March 25 remarks:

    Secretary Michael R. Pompeo At a Press Availability
    MARCH 25, 2020

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  9. I was reading some talking head’s spew and got to “we handled Ebola perfectly”.

    Their names are Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, and every time some dumbass says something this stupid, they should get $1M each.

    Which reminds me, I need to start the next week’s blood pressure medication.

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    1. If we handled Ebola perfectly . . . I’d better update my todo list:

      * Update Will
      * Close up my personal affairs
      * Dig out an underground bunker
      * Stockpile 10+ years of food, water, and supplies
      * Learn to manufacture my own Level 4 PPE
      * Shut myself off from the planet
      * Hope for the best

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  10. Secure Freedom Minute

    We better get on a war-footing NOW

    We don’t know whether the Chinese Communist Party virus was engineered at a facility in Wuhan associated with a covert biological warfare program reportedly founded to destroy this country.

    What we do know is that the pandemic the Party, by its lies and inaction, allowed to incubate and spread globally has demonstrated biowarfare’s effectiveness.

    After all, even a relatively low-lethality, but highly contagious, disease has literally shut down China’s main enemy – the United States of America. Without a shot having been fired, our people have been terrified, our economy devastated and our military sidelined. Indeed, sickened sailors have forced our two Pacific-deployed aircraft carriers into port and our ability to project power from the homeland is seriously degraded for the foreseeable future.

    President Trump is right: We are at war with an invisible enemy from China. We better get on a war-footing NOW.

    This is Frank Gaffney.

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  11. I didn’t see this, might have missed it.

    Daniel Horowitz: Nearly the entire outbreak in NY came from a traveler from Iran, a place that was supposed to have a travel ban, but thanks to lower courts continuing to militate against Scotus decision, it was rendered moot.

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    1. I believe he’s right about Iran, but may be wrong about the actual date – it’s possibly even earlier. My case was contracted in mid-January, probable Iranian OR CIA OR American airport connection. If it’s Iranian through the American Iranian community, then it likely came out of Iran in December or early January.

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      1. Wow yes I hadn’t thought about using Iran as the primary delivery channel, rather than direct China to US connections. OTOH, if you look at the whole China+US+World infection from the perspective of directed spread along OBOR then pretty much all of it makes a lot more sense . We already discussed Italy as a victim of OBOR spread.

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  12. If you claim that calling it ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ is racist, you are part of the cover-up
    Posted by William A. Jacobson
    Monday, March 30, 2020 at 9:05pm
    The Chinese government is deep into a disinformation campaign denying that this all started in Wuhan. A key component of that campaign is controlling the language used to describe the pandemic, stripping it of its connection to Wuhan and China.

    The Chinese government caused this worldwide pandemic. It started in Wuhan. It should have stopped in Wuhan, but the Chinese government covered up, lied, and destroyed evidence.

    How various countries responded is not the problem. The Chinese government threw the world overboard, and now is claiming the world should have known how to swim better.

    The Chinese government now is deep into a disinformation campaign denying that this all started in Wuhan. A key component of that campaign is controlling the language used to describe the pandemic, stripping it of its connection to Wuhan and China, mandating that only generic terminology is used. Meanwhile, Chinese diplomats and media spread claims that the virus either started in the U.S. or was planted in Wuhan by the U.S.

    So if you claim that calling it Wuhan coronavirus is racist, you are part of the cover-up. Speaking the truth is not the problem, covering up the truth is the problem.

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    1. Yesterday, Birx talked about the fact that she originally thought the outbreak was going to be similar to SARS, quite serious, but locally isolated to an Asian problem. She also said, MOST in the medical community thought the same thing.
      If the Chinese had not ignored the problem, it would have stayed contained to Asia/China mostly. The actions of the CCP makes China directly liable to cause.

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    1. We need this test in a big way. Don’t recall a fed discussing it.

      Imagine how many can get back to work, get on with life if folks knew they were immune.

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      1. Birx did a great job talking about this, but many viewers may not have caught it, because in the first part of her explanation, she was a bit technical. The lady journo asked about antibody testing. Fauci tried to explain that antibody testing is BACK BURNER because active virus testing is still FRONT BURNER, but then Birx got in to answer more directly. She did a great job of explaining that they are trying to get it ready for front burner right now – DEMONSTRATING what Fauci always likes to emphasize – you have to FIGHT WHAT’S COMING NOW. She said they would likely have something big by FRIDAY.

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  13. This will put those high unemployment claims numbers in a radically different light . . .

    California is responsible for 33% of the unemployed.

    March 29, 2020
    California Government Makes Recovery More Difficult
    by Stephen Frank

    On March 26, national unemployment numbers were released. Nationally, in the past week, 3.3 million Americans were unemployed. In California, we contributed over one million to that number. While we are 14% of the nation, we had 33% of the unemployed. Could it be the implementation of AB 5, which was expected to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs, “worked.” No more free-lance journalists, photographers, health care workers, truckers and more.

    Then you have the price of gas. On March 25, the national average cost of unleaded was $2.06 a gallon. In Dallas the price was $1.61 a gallon—in Simi Valley it was $3.09. The difference between the Dallas cost and California: Sacramento taxes and government regulation of the gas formula.

    The City of Hayward, in the Bay Area is rethinking its increase in the minimum wage, due to the virus.

    “The move by the three councilmembers comes in the wake of already massive layoffs in the Bay Area related to the COVID-19 outbreak and shelter in place order given last week by Gov. Gavin Newsom,” reports Online journal Eastbay Citizen.

    “I’m trying to preserve jobs,” opined Councilwoman Elisa Marquez, in a bid to study the impacts of delaying a July 1 scheduled $1 wage increase. “I’m fearful if we don’t do something to help these businesses, people will be out of work.”

    Councilmember Sara Lamnin, who voted for the minimum wage ordinance last month, said Tuesday the wage bump actually foments jobs loss. “Minimum wage increases do eliminate jobs, and in a time like this, we need to preserve them,” she said.

    Even those who supported the minimum wage increase when the economy was going good understood it would cost jobs. Now with the Wuhan Virus, the disaster magnifies.

    Yet, the State of California is on the way to a mandated $15 minimum wage.

    How do you recover when AB 5 makes it too expensive to hire new workers, the minimum wage forces business to pay unqualified people wages and benefits that are not warranted?

    Because of the factors noted, and others, this will accelerate the use of technology in California businesses. For instance, the push for driverless cars—already on the roads in San Fran, Oakland and Santa Ana, will be done by the end of 2021—then rider share companies will need much fewer drivers and cars. Oh, the new cars will be electric, making environmentalists happy.

    Telecommuting will continue to explode, on a permanent basis. The State could even give tax credits for telecommuting employees. This will alleviate a lot of the gridlock on the roads.

    The biggest change will be in urban planning. The Left has been promoting the New York lifestyle. High density communities, pushing people on buses and subways, by the millions, causing close contact and the spreading of disease before the health care industry is aware of the problem. State Senator Scott Weiner, with his SB 50 and current legislation, SB 902, wants us to look and feel like New York. That goes along with the push to get people out of safe cars and into disease carrying, and physically dangerous, government transportation.

    After this crisis is over, one way of staying well is to stay out of crowds. No elbow-to-elbow commute on the BART, watch movies that are streamed into your home instead of sitting inches away from strangers with the sniffles at a theater.

    Life is going to change when this crisis is over. As part of that is the way we do business. In California, high taxes, bad regulations, dangerous housing policies and more, make it more irresponsible and unhealthier—and maybe it is a necessity that productive and responsible families leave the State.

    Even the illegal aliens are going to be a bigger problem. Since the cost of hiring is so high in the former Golden State, the use of people that can be paid under the table makes more economic sense. So, low skilled or inexperienced Californians will not get hired, while cheap illegal labor will get the menial and bottom rung jobs.

    The crisis has forced government to reconsider regulations and rules that hold back healthcare innovations, the building of needed masks, ventilators and pushing lifesaving drugs to the patients. The governors of Maine and New Hampshire have suspended the ban on plastic grocery bags, since they knew cotton bags are disease carriers. Hopefully, like housing density, this too will be rethought, and ended.

    Do not expect California to become responsible after this crisis ends. Only the financial collapse of the State will accomplish that. Just last week, Kaiser Permanente decided not to build a $900 million facility in Oakland, due to delays, government costs, and regulations. As tech firms leave the State, maybe the politicians will get the message?

    Until then I would “short” California as if it was a stock. We are in trouble and those in charge are short-term thinkers. Long term, they still believe in making us the Socialist Paradise.

    Can California recover? Not with current policies and leadership.

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      1. Yesterday during the presser, Jim Acosta asked the President questions to push the narrative “the President is now taking COVID seriously and has changed”.
        Well, the President pushed back hard on this narrative, and brilliantly answered 4 questions countering the narrative from Acosta.
        It did not matter what the President said.
        Acosta later went on CNN and pushed this entire narrative again, to their audience, all evening long.
        Defies logic.
        Defies the truth.
        Intentionally misleading the public.

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        1. Acosta and CNN are being baited, hooked, and then filleted for the world to see.

          These people are stupid indeed. If they don’t want to be made out to be the fools they are, why do they insist on sending Acosta?

          Don’t answer that. He’s the perfect foil for VSGPOTUSDJT despite his idiocy.

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        2. Yes it’s one of those things that really annoys me . . .

          People who think “taking it seriously” is a meaningful phrase.

          How a situation or problem needs to be handled changes dramatically depending in time.

          The key is that POTUS far in advance anticipated what was happening and positioned for it.

          For contrast, that is something the prior administration had a track record of NOT doing. Their idea of “taking it seriously” was have a press conference where Barry would issue a STERN speech.

          The measure of whether something is taken seriously is not the emotions and flurry of activity but results and outcomes.

          But liberals judge politicians by their speeches, their “tone” and whether they “hit the right notes”, as if a politician’s job is performance entertainment.

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    1. Too bad he doesn’t eject them from the conference then. If CNN isn’t going to carry it, why are they there? To continue to get negative talking points against the President. They’ll lie anyway so give their seat to someone else. President can just say other news organizations need a turn.

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  14. California Lets Convicted Murderers of Children and Pregnant Woman Out of Jail Amidst Coronavirus Panic
    The convicted child killer was one of many felons who were freed.
    Published 3 days ago on Mar 28, 2020
    By Shane Trejo

    California Governor Gavin Newsom is exploiting the coronavirus crisis in order to more quickly implement far-left criminal justice policies, which has allowed at least one convicted child murder to be let back on the streets.

    Newsom commuted the prison sentences of 21 different convicted criminals and pardoned five others who had already served their sentences on Friday. A stunning 14 of the cases involved murder or a charge related to murder. Children were the victims in two of the chilling cases. In another case, it was a pregnant woman who was the victim. The people found responsible for these heinous crimes by the court of law are now back on the streets.

    Suzanne Johnson, a 75-year-old San Diego county resident who served 22 years in prison for assaulting a child who ended up dying, had her sentence commuted. Joann Parks, a 64-year-old Los Angeles county resident who served 27 years in prison after her three children were killed in a house fire, also received amnesty from the Governor. Rodney McNeal, a 50-year-old San Bernardino county resident found guilty of stabbing his pregnant wife to death, was freed and now walks the streets as well.

    . . .This is part of a national jailbreak policy with coronavirus being used as an excuse to enact far-left criminal justice policies . . .

    Liberals will never let a crisis go to waste when it comes to inflicting their extreme policies on unsuspecting Americans.

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    1. Governor Nuisance is Nazi Pelosi’s nephew. Even if you got worthy, honorable people into office, just imagine the scale of decontamination required.

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    1. ‘Journalist’ Magnier is the US Correspondent for the South China Morning Post, ex @UMKnightWallace,ex @WSJ, ex @LATimes

      and a 4++++ LIAR & CCP PROPAGANDIST.

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    2. “In the battle for global respect, Washington is running circles around Beijing in its handling of the coronavirus crisis. Meanwhile, Beijing loses any remaining credibility in their desperate quest for global power.”

      There, fixed it for him 😉

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  17. To set the stage, https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/hoa-to-people-trying-to-earn-a-living-during-the-lockdown-drop-dead/

    In a population of 150 units, 25 get notice that they’re not going broke fast enough. Seems to me that their most reasonable action is to arrange for alibis at 5:00 on Thursday, when HOA Hitler may suffer an unfortunate event. This may dissuade the next HOA bigwig from assuming dictatorial powers…..and if it doesn’t, there are plenty of events out there.

    The US was a better nation when dueling was an option.

    And Jackson was one of our better Presidents.

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    1. HOAs are evil. They’re just a more cheerful version of the Soviet style shared housing. You don’t own your home or your life, the HOA does.


      1. Covenants on deeds are another problem. We had a pig farm down the street but some of the property (10+ ac) have covenants that prevent all sorts of animals on YOUR land.

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    1. Well, , this might well end up like mail-in ballots in Blue states…lots of opportunity for fraud! You think those “certificates” might be a hot item to sell?

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      1. Yes, but FRAUD of them would infuriate libtards and would be a great way to make libs vote Trump if punished visibly and harshly.

        Libs (the regular little TDS ones – not the lying leaders) are taking all this quarantine stuff very seriously, so hypocrisy on any of it is punishable by DEATH as long as it’s not Hillary or their other “auto-excused” leaders.

        More seriously, I think that this can all be worked out. We don’t have to do it just like Germany, either. I think people who aren’t *actually* immune aren’t going to want to be on the front lines.

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  18. I know that this has been posted somewhere here recently…but Amazing Polly covers a lot of bases in her latest video…I’ll let you decide…

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    1. As I listened to the Q&A part of the White House ChinaVirus Task Force Briefing last night, all the task force were quiet on the topic of the HCQ/Z Pack/Zinc regimen. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpbEyfl3vpg

      PDJT said something quiet and vague which I interpreted as (paraphrase), “It is being used as a prophylactic by some health professionals, and it is up to the doctors (now that it is approved by FDA) to prescribe it to patients.”

      My conclusion is – they are trying to avoid a huge toilet paper sized run on the regimen before they get production ramped up adequately.

      I can tell you this – I really believe it would be best to ask her physician to prescribe (it’s already on back order in most cities) a just in case patient dose and/or a prophylactic dose of at least 2 months, plus a Z-Pack for our disabled daughter. She was in the hospital for a month last Fall with unknown causation sepsis and she would certainly not survive COVID-10.

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  19. Comparing US and Global numbers a few days apart:

    3/28/20 – 14:26 pm EDT

    USA Cases
    USA Deaths
    Global Cases
    Global Deaths

    3/31/20 – 4:15 am EDT

    USA Cases
    USA Deaths

    Global Cases
    Global Deaths

    Of course, the global numbers are not accurate, but they are what is reported to the FL site by JHU and to JHU, CDC, WHO by the PTB (powers that be) in each country.

    The FL DoH and FL Disaster websites and reports are something else! https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/96dd742462124fa0b38ddedb9b25e429

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    12:00PM THE PRESIDENT – receives intelligence briefing

    2:30PM THE PRESIDENT – phone call with military families on COVID-19 response

    5:00PM Coronavirus Task Force press briefing

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      1. No doubt President Trump is working…reading, making calls, meetings, presser…at least 18 hours of every day.

        I do hope, and believe he has Melania and Baron safely isolated. His entire family deserves to be tucked away safely.

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    1. From little tidbits I read here and there, POTUS is meeting with a lot of people in private settings, and of course, on the phone in these off hours.
      I read he had a private meeting with Caroline Kennedy recently (at her request) and almost immediately she resigned from a prestigious Board (Harvard??…sorry can’t recall for certain) That caught my attention because it was so unusual…if, indeed, is correct. Anyone read about that?
      And, of course, we know he had to be meeting with military advisors!

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  21. Minor Michigan update.

    Hubby swung by Sam’s & there is virtually no paper product of any kind on the shelves.

    Travelling to & from work it is very eerie in Metro Detroit, very much fewer cars on the roads.

    Getting lunch via fast food drive through takes no time now, early in the CV situation, after restaurants could only do drive through/pick up/delivery it was necessary to place an order ahead so as to not spend entire lunch break in line.

    MI gov is now allow HCQ &CQ after threatening to pull licenses of Drs &/or pharmacists who would use for CV.

    National Guard is using Cobo Hall (now TCF Center) to assemble 600 bed field hospital for non CV patients in Downtown Detroit.

    Thinking about my map analysis shared previously, Detroit has poor mass transit, primarily busses & a couple of trolley style, very short route trains/trams so it likely didn’t encounter nearly the level of CV spread as those cities using subs & trains, which may, in part, help explain why the CV numbers here are less than other large metro areas.

    On the home front, we’ve begun using some of our freezer inventory. A week & a half ago our kids cleaned & organized our freezers & did an inventory of what we’ve got. I used a very old package of chicken breasts in the crock pot for an adapted version of a beef burgundy recipe & it was very good, though had less liquid than usual, probably because the meat was somewhat dried out. Husband made a pot of venison chili using some rum & there were only some large bites of meat where the “freezer taste” was evident. Both these meals were a pretty big hit & it felt good to use some of our surplus stockpile. Using alcohol may have helped in tenderizing these “been around too long in the deep freeze” meats too.

    Hubby’s work is down to about half the staff than are usually there. No one was laid off, for this is an essential industry, but several employees have gone on voluntary layoffs for health concerns/fears or because the unemployment compensation is too enticing–why work when you can make as much staying home.

    Son’s friend tried to sway him to go on unemployment & he was considering whether it might make sense to protect his twin, with the compromised immunity from liver transplant. So far it seems better for him to continue to work, especially since now he & his boss are the only ones in their department & the work is really piling up.

    Husband’s band decided to cancel practice for the 2nd week in a row. They were leaning toward the practice as only 2 guys travel to the couple’s home & they can “social distance” as they play. Other band members are all on either lay-off or working from home so Michael is the only one who is usually getting out for work & stores. Honey felt “a check in his spirit” about gathering & after prayer they all decided to postpone again.

    MI gov has decided to cancel the rest of the school year, at least for K-12, so apparently everyone will be allowed to advance to the next grade & seniors will graduate & standardized testing will be delayed or skipped depending.

    Ford in Rawsonville (1/2 way between Detroit & Ann Arbor) is re-tooling to make ventilators along w/ GE, I believe. This isn’t too far from Willow Run Airport where Ford had major WWII airplane production. Bill Ford was on a local radio show discussing Ford’s contribution & reflecting on its history of stepping up to help the US in times of need. In fact he just came on at 6:15am on another show after I wrote the preceding sentence! They are discussing making respirators, face shields, N95 masks, & ventilators (a much simpler & less expensive design in consultation w/ GE)…really they are ramping up production of all these important items! They are also “redesigning our workspaces to make sure our people are safe”. The ventilators they are making don’t require electricity & they used to make iron lungs for polio & incubators for rural areas during the “arsenal of democracy” era.

    Local news, the few times I’ve seen it, seems to be focusing on a lot of “good deeds” kind of stories, how people are helping each other during this CV upheaval. Many of the regular TV & radio personalities are broadcasting from their homes w/out the benefit of hair & makeup artists! Some sportscasters are doing street reports since there’s not much to report on sports, obviously.

    Local broadcast stations continue to limit the coverage of Trump’s CV updates, often breaking away before the Q & A time. Lately CBS has seemed to have the longest coverage. For yesterday’s presser we flipped through all channels before we found one, CBS, that actually showed the graphics that Dr. Brix was discussing. Husband thought this limiting of our visual feed was done deliberately to keep up more in the dark.

    A friend, & former bandmate of my husband’s, has been diagnosed with CV. He works as a respiratory therapist so has likely been exposed more than most. I believe he’s currently under quarantine at home.

    Married son is having to run his business location mostly single-handedly on site, usually there are a half dozen people there. His co-workers are working from home because of illness or vulnerable family members they can’t risk exposing. Daughter-in-law has been hired in a new position, but there is no certainty when she can start now.

    Elderly parents continue to do OK at home, but Mom keeps getting out on store runs including looking for TP for an elderly neighbor “who’s like 80” my husband said…& I’m like “Mom’s like 80, at least she will be next month”. She had to go to 3 different stores before she found that TP.

    Some of us played Rumicube last night & it was nice to pass the time. Son joined in after finishing up his taxes (most of his friends don’t know how to do their own taxes but I taught my kids this “skill” & he takes pride in that self-sufficiency!) & a video-chat Bible study with friends.

    So far things are going relatively OK but this is a tough time of year for those of us struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder, & being continually cooped up with heavy, grey, overcast &/or rainy skies doesn’t help! God is good & He’s helping to see us through on a daily basis.

    We were blessed to catch the My Pillow guy’s spontaneous remarks on faith, freedom, & gratitude for God’s miraculous provision of Donald Trump for such a time as this! This was a Huge Encouragement to this family of believers!!!

    Hope all you Q-Treepers are doing well & finding the Lord’s grace is sufficient for All of your needs. Blessings!

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    1. Thanks…good ground report from someone that’s still out and about. When you are hunkered down, like we are, there’s not a lot to report!
      My intention is to empty the freezers as much as I can, but it hasn’t happened yet because we can still get almost everything fresh. Hubby got a rotisserie chicken at Sam’s yesterday (they are the best!) and we’ll be eating everything chicken for several days. And, soon it will be Easter ham…same thing.

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      1. Sorry for the wrong impression…I am not Personally “out & about” but my husband & 2 older sons are all still working at their job sites. My daughter & special needs son at times get out for errands &/or personal goals for my son’s staffing needs (now that daughter can work as his staff in addition to the regular respite care worker).

        I just try to compile info from what all of them have shared & that includes some of their social media contacts as well as what I’ve gotten from local TV &/or radio. I’ve barely stepped out the door for a couple weeks now, sadly… 😦

        We get those Sam’s chickens for an occasional dinner & I usually end up using the carcass & drippings to make practically “free” soup, using what’s on hand & in the larder. My sister-in-law had made “bone broth” before (cooking so long that the bones dissolved) so last time I cooked the chicken until some of the bones & most of the connective tissue dissolved. Using the larger leg bones broken by my son to get the marrow out w/ a nut pick I discovered most of those bones were so soft that they could be eaten so they got mashed into what made a pretty hearty, & hopefully healthy soup–one my mom always referred to as Jewish penicillin from her ethnic neighborhood upbringing–a good addition to our current immune boosting quarantine scenarios.

        We’re still enjoying fresh stuff as it can be obtained but the freezer “burned” meats that we have on hand we’re trying to find creative & palatable ways to cook up at a rate of maybe one package or so a week. The fresh meats often get grilled to perfection by my grill-master husband! We are not hurting in the food department yet, which makes enforced confinement much more enjoyable around here! 🙂

        Easter ham sounds wonderful. We haven’t actually thought that far ahead yet here…Blessings!


        1. I knew you were speaking “collectively” for your family. I, too, have hardly been out of the house but am seriously contemplating a quick lower back adjustment this morning…chiropractor is 1 mile away.
          Decided to make a chicken pot pie today since I have all the ingredients on hand…and will definitely use the bones for broth. Never cooked them long enough to get that soft but this may well be the time to give it a go.
          If I ever get to the bottom of my freezer I’ll let you know! I bet there’s treasure down there…😆

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          1. Fun..treasure hunt that is. My husband was to see his Dr. today but instead had a telehealth call w/ an associate as the Doc threw his back out! I hope you can get in for your adjustment & are safe in all that outing might entail. Feel better! Oh & enjoy that Chicken Soup/Pot Pie for the soul! Blessings


      1. Amen & it is a blessing to encourage each other in the Lord. We may get to participate in a video chat Bible study of some sort with some of my husband’s church &/or bandmates tomorrow so that may also be uplifting. God Bless YOU, Alison!

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      2. I just noticed your Cardinal avatar–Sweet!

        That bird is special to my family. Both my parents use “cardinal” in some form for their email addresses for it was their high school mascot & they were high school sweethearts! We almost always give some type of cardinal item to them for Christmas!

        We also have Cardinal as a family name going back to the late 1800s. If I ever get around to colorcoding my genealogy lines “Cardinal” will be red!

        Cardinals are around here most of the year & even if we can’t see them their distinctive songs are such a joy to hear! Seeing them in the midst of winter doldrums is a special treat too…

        Here’s my Cardinal pinterest collection where I’ve been collection cardinals for fun…



        1. 🥰🥰🥰 I LOVE cardinals!! Sadly they don’t migrate to Colorado (although we enjoy them in winter in AZ). I smiled at all your family’s affiliations with cardinals. Very special ties.❤️

          My Dad had bird feeders every year and my appreciation for the cardinals grew out of seeing how much joy they brought him every year.

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          1. Reminds my of my grandpa’s bird feeders in Northern Michigan. He kept binoculars by the living room window so he could spy various species from afar. & boy was there an ongoing battle with those ingenious squirrels!

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    1. We really need to stop wasting money on the UN.

      After we get past ChiCom-19, betting president Trump drop kicks WHO in the same sentence he drop kicks ChiCom scum…

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  22. Furthering the idea from yesterday:
    In a crisis, those who whine, moan, and complain all the time become a burden.
    Get out of the way. America has work to do.
    When we’re in a crisis, artists and musicians, sports icons, who are highly paid and used to having a large voice in our culture become irrelevant.
    And the truck drivers, police, fire, nurses, stock clerks at the grocery store become “essential”, upon whom, our very life depends.
    It should be a humbling moment for those who tend towards narcissism….. one would think they would quickly get the message. Gut check.

    It’s been interesting to watch those who are used to receiving so much attention adapt to their insignificance. They hold concerts from home and flooding social media, because they need the attention and believe their fans cannot live without them, when the opposite is true. We’re doing just fine and resent their clamoring for attention.

    Truth is, their star status is gone. Their former “stage” is now a health hazard. The privilege has evaporated. They are now dependent on those whom they recently ridiculed.

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    1. “When we’re in a crisis, artists and musicians, sports icons, who are highly paid and used to having a large voice in our culture become irrelevant.”

      Correction: HIGHLY PAID, big show and marketed musicians and artists are irrelevant. Those who work to feed souls to get through this thing we call life on a day to day and weekly basis – the ones who play and sing at Church, bars, restaurants, neighborhood twilight concerts, etc. – are just as impacted as hairdressers, nail technicians, dry cleaners, the guys who work at the car wash, restauranteers, small business owners. All of us are out of work.

      Art in all its forms – music, visual, literature, artisan foods – exists as a communication to feed the soul. It is a place where humans go when needing comfort, escape, consolation, inspiration, and the will to keep going in some tough circumstances. Right now, that task is being taken care of via youtube and NetFlix. Think about that.

      As such, art is essential. It is not, however, valued. At least it is not if it does not have the marketing backing of the cabal, and, unfortunately, that does include some phenomenal art museums in this nation like Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas. Think about that, too, and all the talent that is idled when art becomes “irrelevant.”

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          1. Age old argument.
            We’ll listen when we have time.
            Until then, Youtube.
            Or, until then, divas gotta be divas.

            Doesn’t make art “irrelevant”, just means that artists are no longer “special” as the highly paid ones once thought they were in our culture.
            Now, they’re just like everyone else, the lowly or unpaid church singers, like you. They’re unemployed. But hey, you can still write anywhere, therefore employed.

            And hell yes, it does get my hackles up, in a big way.

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          2. “…. There’s a bias against art and artists that gets the hackles up.”

            That is because the Cabal has INTENTIONALLY promoted no talent, evil people and most can sense that intuitively. I have ZERO musical talent, but I much rather listen to the street and cafe musicians than to the crap ‘Big Names.

            Also to put it very bluntly PAID Entertainers and Artists are ‘non-essential’
            Only when humans have met the basics of food, water and shelter, do they then have the TIME and ENERGY to move to the Arts. And after that we have specialization where very talented artists get supported by others. HOWEVER in the time of crisis they will be the first to be dropped.

            And yes I am well aware of cave art, (I have seen some) and the singing and poetry and story telling that all cultures indulge in.

            Remember other ‘non-essential’ businesses are also getting hit hard. We ‘entertain’ at children’s parties and festivals ALL of our gigs have dried up and we still have over 50 animals to feed every day. Only the fact I planted winter rye last fall and it is ready to eat now, is saving our rears. However we STILL have to save up the $7000.00 to pay for next winters hay.

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            1. Yes, always an age-old discussion and I know the passion of talented people who think it inconceivable not to follow their passion nor that it isn’t essential to the overall human experience. But, I am a practical personality, almost to a fault, perhaps because I grew up in what might be considered poverty circumstances (although unaware of it)..and didn’t have a record player nor even TV, much less theater, concerts, etc. until high school. Most of the oldie songs mentioned have absolutely no meaning for me because it wasn’t part of my world.
              And I have lived and worked in third world countries that has also reenforced my experiences of what is essential and what is, to me, a luxury, a bonus, a reward.
              I have a friend, the best trumpet player in the area, who is an OB/GYN doc and satisfies his love for the instrument playing in a community band. My Japanese friend was well in her way to being a concert pianist but ended up as a chemical engineer and still plays in a tea room once a month and gives private lessons. A well-know older professional golfer started out as an eye doctor. There are two local vocalists that so outstanding both were, at one time, offered opportunities to be “road professionals” but decided it wasn’t the life for them and wanted the small town lifestyle here. One is a massage therapist and the other a bartender…that allows them to follow their passion by constantly performing in amateur musical theater productions.
              On the other hand, another younger Japanese friend is an artist, resisting any advice to make it an advocation rather than her only work. She is in her 30’s and basically lives entirely from financial support of family.
              No particular point here…just conversation about perspectives and choices in life. (You can certainly tell I’m quarantined!! 😋)

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              1. I originally wanted to be an illustrator. I even looked at the colleges offering courses but, on the advice of a friend, I got my degree in chemistry instead, taking some courses in art for fun. And I now design and sew costumes for my ponies.

                I certainly understand the DRIVE to use your talent (cousin went to Julliard) but I also understand that food, water and shelter have to come first.

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              2. Every spring (except this one!) we host a team of high school golf team players and then a few weeks later older, post-college amateur players competing in a couple of prestigious golf tournaments here. Almost without exception, they all want to be a tour professional golfer. It is their passion, their dream and they are usually fairly good golfers.
                Of all the dozens we’ve had, last year was the first time we had one of the older golfers that was accepted into Q School (the long, arduous and expensive road to qualify for a PGA card.).
                Most of “our guys” end up playing for a small, private area college that no one has ever heard of and their dreams generally faded away as reality sinks in, they fall in love and start thinking of marriage and family and how to support them, etc. Most will play some very fine local club golf and take satisfaction in being the club champion, etc. And that’s okay!


    2. I am hoping all of these disgusting narcissists disappear into complete irrelevance sooner rather then later.so tired of seeing and hearing them,who the hell cares what they are singing or saying,I sure dont.

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      1. Uh, while I will never trust Russia, their assistance is appreciated by myself. NOTHING LOST on US part. Ideally lives saved and both pain and suffering reduced for some or many.
        – What is to not appreciate?

        Same as IF Russia ends up in dire straits with ChiCom-19, we should offer assistance that we can. And US will do so.

        Fair play. Russia won’t trust the US either. But Russia will accept the aid, and appreciate it.

        It’s the human thing to do.

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        1. I don’t believe Putin ever does anything out of goodness. There’s a play somewhere, a catch. How humane was it to kill a dissident in London by having his tea spiked with palonium? Putin is a thug.

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          1. Yup, Putin is no good. That is not a reason to deny medical goods we need.

            President Trump will deal with Putin in the future, as he has done for 3+ years.


  23. NOW is the time for Øbnoxious, Jarrett, Brennan, Kerry and their cohorts to quarantine themselves to IRAN.

    And for Hillrotten and BillyJeff to quarantine themselves to Russia or China.

    If they want to escape arrest, trials, a noose or firing squad, that is.

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    1. Don’t forget The Squad! Talib…off you go to Palestine! Omar…a hut awaits you in Somalia! AOC…Venezuela NEEDS you! Acosta…visit your abuela in Cuba and reconnect.

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  25. TEXT
    “You can see the stress and exhaustion on the faces of all the task force members, including the President. These people are working diligently to save America. Adding to their burden is the incessant buzzing of the #MediaGnat swarm. Sad the press only prospers from chaos and bias.”

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    1. This is exactly what we did the other big report on yesterday.
      Only we did it, hours before Tucker did!
      We are the news, now!
      Hot Dog!

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  27. Yeah, I am spamming but I want to make sure everyone realizes just what the FDA and Fauci want. And just what President Trump’s kick in the FDA butt prevented from happening. In short THE ENTIRE SYSTEM is set-up to PUSH VACCINES over medications.

    I could not find the FDA guidelines quickly so this will do:

    What Happens in a Clinical Trial?

    What happens in phase 0?
    Phase 0 of a clinical trial is done with a very small number of people, usually fewer than 15. Investigators use a very small dose of medication to make sure it isn’t harmful to humans before they start using it in higher doses for later phases…

    DONE since it is an old drug

    What happens in phase I?
    During phase I of a clinical trial, investigators spend several months looking at the effects of the medication on about 20 to 80 people who have no underlying health conditions.

    DONE since it is an old drug

    What happens in phase II?
    Phase II of a clinical trial involves several hundred participants who are living with the condition that the new medication is meant to treat. They’re usually given the same dose that was found to be safe in the previous phase.

    Investigators monitor participants for several months or years to see how effective the medication is and to gather more information about any side effects it might cause.….

    DONE since it is an old drug.

    What happens in phase III?
    Phase III of a clinical trial usually involves up to 3,000 participants who have the condition that the new medication is meant to treat. Trials in this phase can last for several years.

    The purpose of phase III is to evaluate how the new medication works in comparison to existing medications [or procedures like ventilation? – GC] for the same condition. To move forward with the trial, investigators need to demonstrate that the medication is at least as safe and effective as existing treatment options.

    To do this, investigators use a process called randomization. This involves randomly choosing some participants to receive the new medication and others to receive an existing medication.

    Phase III trials are usually double-blind, which means that neither the participant nor the investigator knows which medication the participant is taking. This helps to eliminate bias when interpreting results.

    The FDA usually requires a phase III clinical trial before approving a new medication. Due to the larger number of participants and longer duration or phase III, rare and long-term side effects are more likely to show up during this phase.

    If investigators demonstrate that the medication is at least as safe and effective as others already on the market, the FDA will usually approve the medication.

    ⬆️⬆️⬆️THIS IS WHAT FAUCI WANTS!⬆️⬆️⬆️

    Since there are two drugs (three if you count zinc) I am sure he wants a FULL FACTORIAL DESIGNED EXPERIMENT.

    A Full Factorial Design Example

    “Note that the factor settings have been coded, replacing the low setting” [No Drug] “ by -1 and the high setting” [Drug] “by 1.”

    Let X1 = Hydroxychloroquine
    Let X2 = Azithromycin
    Let X3 = Zinc

    Not that this is a SIMPLE trial. It does not look at dosage levels or Chloroquine instead of Hydroxychloroquine.

    TABLE 3.6 A 2^3 Two-level, Full Factorial Design Table Showing Runs in `Standard Order’

    …….X1 .. X2 .. X3
    1 … -1 … -1 … -1
    2 … +1 …-1 … -1
    3 … -1 … +1 …-1
    4 … +1 …+1 …-1
    5 … -1 … -1 … +1
    6 … +1 …-1 … +1
    7 … -1 … +1 …+1
    8 … +1 …+1 …+1

    LONG STORY SHORT: Only ONE out of EIGHT people would get the full medical treatment. If Hydroxychloroquine alone sort of works but more slowly, TWO out of eight get a better chance to live. This means SIX OUT OF EIGHT are LEFT TO HEAL ON THEIR OWN using current medical practices!

    If the study of 3,000 people then 6 out of 8 or 75% or 2250 do not get treated with the new Trump Protocol.

    Interesting how Vaccines get up and running SO MUCH FASTER….

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      1. YW

        I have done the pilot plant work to make the drug for FDA clinical trials so I know what it takes. I was also pretty sure most other people had no idea of just what was involve in Fauci’s simple sentence.

        And yes, the FDA wants FULL factorial. In my trial that included testing the packaging in a warehouse in three positions: right side up, up side down and on it’s side.

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        1. It’s an antiquated system designed from an academic POV.

          It does work (more or less, waiting for Gail’s lengthy ‘no it doesn’t and here’s way’ response lol), but it is in no way efficient.

          It is precisely the slow-down that is a big problem. Also it’s expensive which means that funding becomes a problem. There is no agility in the design at all.

          And the reports that these studies generate are like playing games with a thesaurus – so needlessly wordy. It’s designed to be impenetrable to anyone but guild members. Fortunately I’ve conversant with their language – but the key point is that the papers are designed to be, well, written papers, not to communicate information in a concise, effective manner. You can hide a LOT of crap in the obtuse wording.

          Which means, safety or efficacy takes a back seat to ACADEMIC BUFFOONERY.

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          1. Michael, I truly wish you could be here after Big T reads to me a long, excessively wordy sentence/paragraph. He is so pleased with himself at choosing the exact precise words, and uses them like a sword. He laughs as he reads me the sentence, congratulating himself…….. and I look up and say, “In other words, NO”
            He wrinkles his nose because I won’t play.
            9,000 words to say, NO.
            It makes me nuts.

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    1. NOW that the FDA has approved off-label use of HCQ + ZPack, if needed, for COVID-19 – the Fauci preferred path of trials has been short circuited out of mercy at President Donald Trump’s insistence.

      During the press briefing last night, the Coronavirus Task Force were quiet on the topic of the HCQ/Z Pack/Zinc regimen. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpbEyfl3vpg

      PDJT said something quiet and vague which I interpreted as (paraphrase), “It is being used as a prophylactic by some health professionals, and it is up to the doctors (now that it is approved by FDA) to prescribe it to patients.”

      My conclusion is – they are trying to avoid a huge toilet paper sized run on the regimen before they get production ramped up adequately.

      HOWEVER – we all now have the OPTION to ask our physicians to prescribe HCQ + Zpack if we are infected with COVID-19 – which is OUR President’s intention!

      Here are the dosages being used around the world:

      SICK PATIENT dosages:
      1. Dr. Zelenko (NY) Regimen (Zelenko has treated 700 coronavirus patients with success)
      Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
      Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
      Zinc sulfate 220mg daily (Sally is already on zinc)

      2. Dr. Roault (France)Regimen (Roault ranks high in infectious disease research)
      600mg of hydroxychloroquine daily
      Azithromycin 500 my 1xd for 5 days

      3. Northwestern Hospital Regimen
      HCQ 400 mb PO BID day 1
      200 mg PO BID x 4 days
      600 mg PO q 12 hr day 1
      200 mg q 8 hr x 4 days

      PROPHYLACTIC dosage:
      4. Hydroxychloroquine
      200mg tablet; 800 mg orally once, followed in 6 to 8 hours by 600 mg, then 600mg once a day for 4 consecutive days
      Other Name: Plaquenil

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      1. President Trump KNOWS

        And yes, I think they are trying to ramp up the drug stock pile AND the tests for antibodies. Between the two we may actually be let out of ‘quarantine’ by Easter!!! Or at least get the good news on Easter.

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        1. ^^^ A whole new perspective will rise before Easter morning. Not taking away from the Resurrection.

          I am referring to results from HCQ, Zpaks, Zinc… And any other drugs they are using to cure ChiCom-19 as well as a preventive medicine regimen.

          Should start getting news a two or three days, then moar news every few days…

          IMO, we will whip ChiCom-19 sooner than current model reflects. It’s ONLY a model. Chosen data used and out comes the forecast.

          ACTIONS taken the past week, ongoing, and in the future days WILL seriously tamp down the curve.

          Light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter 🙂

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    1. Jim Hoft is starting to get way more sensational than the MSM lately. This isn’t news. We already know most hospitalized patients have underlying health conditions. Someone also posted yesterday that 60% of Americans have at least 1 underlying health condition. GP lately has begun to be hysterical and shrill to the extreme.

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      1. QTreepers have know about the underlying health issues since late January.

        All too frequently Breitbart is disingenuous click bait.


  28. (25 Feb 2020) U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a walking tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown Monday to let the public know the neighborhood is safe and open for business.

    NYC Health Commissioner Last Month: Go Out, Take The Subway, Bus, Attend Parades!

    Video: De Blasio’s Health Commissioner Made New York Coronavirus Epicenter When She Urged People To Attend The Chinatown Parade And Gather in Public Places


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  29. There ya’ go.
    OANN reporter Chanel complimenting the NYTImes when they do a great piece of work.
    THIS is the way journalism SHOULD work.

    Liked by 7 people

      1. In 96 or 97 took a three week Navy Marine Corps Logistics Class at Penn State. Attendees O-5/6 and GS-14/15.

        Included was a tour of a Walmart distribution center. Incredible operation…integration of automation and manual processes designed to be error free… Product flow…every step from incoming trucks with product for the warehouse stock…to loaded Walmart trucks departing for retail stores.

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