Dear KMAG: 20200330 Open Topic

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

Our President is fighting for us night and day…please pray for him.


Wheatie’s Rules:

      1. No food fights.
      2. No running with scissors.
      3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Greg Dombrowski of Secession Studios, titled ‘Covenent’:


While the Fake News Enemedia whip up their fake firestorms…

They continue to fail…

And get all tangled up in their False Narratives!


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Rebarbative’ is an adjective, meaning irritating and repellant…and also unpleasant,  unattractive and annoying.

Used in a sentence:

The rebarbative Demoncrats and their Enemedia operatives continue to be annoying with their manufactured false narratives.





380 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200330 Open Topic

  1. Anons are speculating this tweet from Curt Schilling (played for the Arizona Diamondbacks) and this mass shooting in Phoenix are related. I’m skeptical, but posting it anyway because I appreciate Schilling calling the pedo scum.

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    1. That’s why we’re all quarantined – safe at home…

      Now they’re going after LEOs… those that protect us.

      “an active shooter” translates to “a couple of professional snipers”

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      1. A lot of first responders like LEO, EMS, FD are not on the streets because they were infected or at least exposed to asymptomatic carriers. Now targeting the rest. Prayers up!

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      1. well Wheatie, I LOVE your OPENING… you knocked this one out of the park Lady…

        really like the new .gifs and THE NEW WORD! I have to use that one in the next 24 hrs. (If I can remember how to spell it!)

        Was feelin’ so great, and then… read about the shooting.

        I guess we can expect more along those lines, and another huge ‘kitchen sink’ to come our way from the Cabal…

        We’ll weather it…

        Thank you Wheatie, for all that you do… God bless you and your family.

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        1. Me too, PR. Coming here to say “Most Excellent, Wheatie” 💖💖💖 You keep raising the bar wirh your gifs and word if the day 😃😎🥰🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  2. President Trump now has 6.2 Trillion dollars to make things happen for us.
    I thought I would post this again just to remind us all what a Trillion dollars looks like.

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    1. Yep. Numbers are so big that most are unable to grasp them (so what is an exabyte, anyway?)…
      Reminds me of this:
      Million vs Billion vs Trillion

      Here’s a little gem that puts it all in perspective (even if it is looking into the wrong end of a telescope 🙂 )…

      Million vs. Billion vs. Trillion
      By Becky McCray

      What really is a million, or a billion?
      My friend Pat Singleton put this into perspective for me in terms I could really grasp.

      1 million seconds equal 11 and 1/2 days.
      1 billion seconds equal 31 and 3/4 years.
      1 trillion seconds equal 31,710 years.

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  3. Katie Hopkins was pleased that our VSG refused to pay for MeghanHarry’s security costs.


    Good on @realDonaldTrump for refusing to burden the American taxpayer with the security costs of Meghan and Harry
    When it comes to Meghan, you get more for your money at the dollar store.
    They have shamed our nation.

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  4. If it wasn’t for this thread and that bear I would have no clue what day it is! LOL
    All I know is that it’s Trump time

    And that my puppy ‘helped’ me plant bulbs….

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    1. I got a dog. Female foxhound. Looks like a lemon beagle color, tan spotty ears and mostly white body with a black/pink spotty nose. Shes very sweet. Trained to hunt coyote but just wants to be inside. Shes got a nice bed and blanket and does not want to go outside unless she needs to. Almost all muscle, unlike beagles! She doesnt even know what to do with treats. Wont eat a greenie or jerky strip. I got gummy probiotics and omegas but she wont eat them. Hiding them in peanut butter helped. She has to come out of her shell quite a bit. No bark or howl yet. Curious to hear it.

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      1. Congrats, Gil!
        She sounds like a real sweetie.

        Trained to hunt coyote?
        That’s very cool.
        You may get to hear her vocals whenever she catches the scent of a nearby coyote.

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        1. I took her on a walk to the creek but all the people there had messed up the scents. If we get any rain this week she’ll find new trails.
          Right now shes learning to track a 6 yr old….

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      2. OMG that is so wonderful to hear! She sounds like a cutie! 🙂

        Not wanting to go outside yeah I can’t blame her! Hunting coyote wow I had no idea.

        Just wait till she comes out of her shell. Treats, toys, walks, sleeping on the bed…! I’m so happy for you! (Mom is as well). Can I ask her name? I know you said they all had names already.

        My beagle is pretty quite. She just looks at the deer and doesn’t even bark! No rabbits so who knows.

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        1. Frosty. Makes sense esp since she’s so white. Shes prob 55 lbs and tries to get in my lap. Im the feeder so im her favorite atm. She and the ducks were in the yard at the same time and didnt chase them. I have to spay and get her teeth cleaned by the vet but otherwise shes healthy.

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          1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂

            What a lap dog at only 55 pounds. Wait till she discovers the bed!!!!

            Yes food is very good.

            I am so happy you got a dog. They make the world better!!!

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            1. Mr gil wants a bed in each room. Im not doing that bc Im responsible for cleaning everything.
              Im already the food lady.
              She woke me up at 630 today so Im on her tummy clock schedule!

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              1. tummy schedule!!!! 🙂 That’s too cute. Does she walk well on a leash?

                I have two dog beds and a crate but the bed is the best.

                My puppy knows that she can sleep on the bed at night so she makes herself into a little ball. I don’t notice her at all.

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              2. When we had our first beagle pup, she would pee on mr gils side then come snuggle with me, even if i took her out first.
                She walks well on a leash, no tugging. She does get skittish with kiddo walking back and forth. Mr Gil took them on a walk in the afternoon and kiddo scared her so that mr gil dropped the leash and she started trotting off. Luckily shes trained off leash bc she came back. I took her in the am alone and had no issues. Learning curve…

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              3. LOL They are something.

                My beagle likes to potty in the bathtub. I guess no issue of rain or snow. Who wants that. I did not teach her that its just something that she did on her own. 🙂 But she had a great time helping me outside today. She’s taking a nap at the moment. So cute.

                Well keep enjoying her.

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          1. Very close to the one with its head under. She’s got a quarter size tan circle between her ears like a Hindu dot, lol. Her nose is very spotty and pink on the muzzle top.
            There was a male that looked like the one with its head on top. Most of the dogs are tri. Very very friendly curious dogs.

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  5. .
    Michael Reagan tweets:

    I’ve never seen any POTUS even my father that could do a Q&A like trump and have a grasp of every questions asked without using notes..This is why we hired a business person to be president. Public Private partnership is going to save us

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      1. Reagan would not survive the enemedia we know today.

        PDJT, by contrast, is a honey badger. He doesn’t give a 1/4 fuck and eats nasty media jackasses as snacks.

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  6. A great idea found at .
    I will try to get hold of someone at our diocesan offices tomorrow. I imagine they a,so would have contact for other denoms and non denom in our area.

    “My wife has an idea – If churches cannot gather on Easter Sunday, then all churches across the US and around the world should ring their bells for 3 minutes (for the 3 days Jesus was in the tomb) at 1100a local time. Tell your pastor. Make this go viral. #RingTheBells #HeIsRisen “

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      1. Am thinking similar here with just DH and me, except for the china, the Royal Dalton has been packed up for 15 years, waiting to go to our only granddaughter.

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        1. It seems to be an immutable law of the universe that photographs of UFOs, Bigfoot, and Nessie MUST be so grainy and otherwise low quality that you can’t be sure what you’re looking at.

          Call it the ISO 102,400 Law.

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    1. Yes…this will be interesting.

      Congress members have claimed to have “immunity” from being charged with Insider Trading.
      Which I have always thought was pretty outrageous!

      But…this might be different, since these lawmakers were apparently privy to a top secret briefing about a possible pandemic.

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      1. Huh! I wouldn’t of known that either unless you said, as it it wasn’t on the pic shown until you clicked for the wider view. Good to know! 🙂

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  7. Ni Ni Everyone, Sweet Dreams 💖💖💖

    DOJ has opened investigation into Congress’ insider trading. Burr to be interviewed, has retained lawyer.👏👏👏

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  8. Trump was VERY smart here. He showed us his hopes – but then he made the CONSERVATIVE call – and the one I believe is correct on ALL COUNTS.

    This Easter will be a bit like Passover – not a problem. These are historic times. We will figure out how to deal with the separation and win SPIRITUAL VICTORY over the COMMUNIST DE BLASIO.

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  9. This company has a process to sterilize and decontaminate gowns and masks…so that they can be reused.


    We are pleased to proceed with our Critical Care Decontamination System™ #CCDS for full deployment in our home state of Ohio and across the country.
    …………End text.

    And the FDA has now authorized their process:

    Text from Dr. Stephen Hahn with the FDA:

    We issued a new authorization this evening to @Battelle for their decontamination system.
    @US_FDA staff have been working nonstop across gov and with the private sector to deliver solutions to the American public.

    Tonight @DepSecHargan, @AnandShahFDA, Dr. Ashar of FDA, and I hosted a call with
    @GovMikeDeWine, @LtGovHusted, and @Battelle CEO to reiterate our commitment to working together.

    Thank you to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump for his leadership in bringing our federal gov, states, and private sector together to combat the #COVID19 pandemic. #FlattenTheCurve

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          1. Sorry – will NOT take such a vaccine. EVER. And we need legislation that (1) requires ALL VACCINES to have a NON-TRACKING OPTION at the same price, and (2) imposes steep penalties on failure to WARN that any vaccine has tracking built in.

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            1. How about ALL law regarding vaccines get a very public auditing, including the one that says vaccine makers cannot be sued in open court.

              That alone should raise red flags for all red pilled people.

              If vaccines are safe, and injury is rare from the product, why can’t they be sued?

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              1. Because they keep the price of the vaccines low and affordable…supposedly.

                Drug makers aren’t supposed to profiteer on vaccines.
                In exchange, they are held harmless from liability lawsuits.

                Since they make little or no profit on the vaccines they make…drug makers could easily just stop making them.

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              2. Exactly. WE THE PEOPLE need to take control of vaccines.

                SCIENCE THAT CANNOT CONVINCE, and worse still asserts that it has no DUTY TO CONVINCE, needs to be run out of town on a RAIL.


      1. On the day I got to visit the Arizona WWII memorial, as we sped across the water on the way to it, a full rainbow arched across the sky over it, just like the photo above. When I thanked our crew after the trip, and remarked on the beauty of the rainbow, I was assured it was a common occurrence. God shows us often what he loves.

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  10. .
    Text of tweet from Robby Starbuck:

    Every single time the media reaches a new low and we call it out, they take it as a dare instead of a criticism. They always find a way to reach a new low. I’ve never been more disgusted with the media in my life. I have a feeling a lot of you feel the same way.

    Text of tweet from Mike:

    The Democrats & their Media outlets have one job in this crisis:

    Make sure the country does not unite behind the President who is trying to fight it.

    ……………….End of text.

    *wheatie nods her head in agreement*

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  11. Saint Rosalie Interceding for the Plague-stricken of Palermo 1624
    Anthony van Dyck Flemish

    Van Dyck was in Palermo, Sicily, when a plague broke out and the city was quarantined. In their despair, residents prayed to the city’s patroness, Saint Rosalie, whose long-lost remains (she died about 1160) were rediscovered in the midst of the epidemic. Images of Saint Rosalie were in great demand; this one was painted by Van Dyck on top of a striking self-portrait that he had sketched on the canvas. Acquired in 1871, this was one of the first significant European paintings to enter the museum’s collection.

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    1. What’s beginning to hack me off about the maps that are coming out is the states are identified, but the cities/counties within them where the rate if infection is higher are not identified. THAT would be far more helpful.

      Not yelling at you, Wheatie, but the people putting out maps, including the dashboard generators.

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      1. Yep, you basically have to go to individual State or County Health Department for stats and ALL sites are NOT created equal. Some very detailed, some totals only.

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  12. Here’s a short thread by Ivanka Trump – still gorgeous without a drop of makeup!

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  13. Good morning to this loyal band of truth-seekers…
    Since I didn’t see it mentioned, I encourage all to read the opening commentary by Sundance this morning. Well-written, inspiring and just an uplifting way to begin our week. I hope it gets distributed far and wide and obliterates the constant negative media garbage out there.

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    1. Duchess…. showers is in all CAPS… we had it all along, just didn’t realize..
      translates to SHOW ERS to “the Show (movie)” will be on the Emergency Response Sys

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          1. Rollin Rollin Rollin
            Keep those commies trollin
            Sedition they’re extollin,
            Can’t Hide

            No time to understand them
            Just jail and reprimand them
            Soon they’ll be living far outside

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              1. They’ll be taking a whuppin’ and a laruppin’ so probably their hides will be raw indeed…

                Ridden out of town on a rail… perhaps between the rails and on the ties… creosote indeed…

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      1. Operative word is suspected…

        Methinks the DEMONicRATS will somehow use this against VSGPDJT… Still, sad for his family, and hope that he was saved before he went…


    1. duchess, More sauce.

      President Trump promised a cure for aids in a very short time. I think this is how he will get it done.

      Dr. Fauci was involved in the aids epidemic since 1981 and also involved with Malaria. Fauci knew the cure IMO. President Trump named the Malaria medicine as a “possible” cure for COVID 19 and outed Fauci. IMO it will be found to work for aids also. I wonder if it will also work on all the other flu types, cancer and Alzheimers? It seems that President Trump is putting an end to biological warfare.

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      1. I can see Elizabeth, how the combo of these two meds could cure AIDS…

        Most of us know that it is not ‘AIDS’ that kills… it is the diminishing of the autoimmune system, etc and other diseases… as most patients die with pneumonia … resulting from AIDS. And it’s the zpak that does the trick… heals respiratory system. The HCLQ ‘facilitates’ the zinc…

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  15. WuHan Virus ‘hotspots’ are mostly in DIM areas…

    DIMs calculate cases and deaths from Chinese Virus the same way they calculate VOTES…

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  16. ICYMI ————

    Trump Overrules Chuck and Nancy, Issues Signing Statement Asserting Power To Ignore Their Oversight

    President Trump issued a singing statement last night to the massive stimulus bill and Chuck and Nancy are furious.

    Those two were publicly bragging about how they were able to put strict oversight provisions into the stimulus bill to any cable network who would have them.

    Turns out they spoke too soon as in his signing statement Trump flatly rejects their oversight authority.

    Signing statements are not law but inform how the executive branch will interpret the law and it looks like Trump will claim executive power and simply ignore Chuck and Nancy.

    The signing statement reads:

    “Today, I have signed into law H.R. 748, the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” or the “CARES” Act (the “Act”). The Act makes emergency supplemental appropriations and other changes to law to help the Nation respond to the coronavirus outbreak. I note, however, that the Act includes several provisions that raise constitutional concerns.

    Section 15010(c)(3)(B) of Division B of the Act purports to require the Chairperson of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency to consult with members of the Congress regarding the selection of the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director for the newly formed Pandemic Response Accountability Committee. The Committee is an executive branch entity charged with conducting and coordinating oversight of the Federal Government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

    I anticipate that the Chairperson will be able to consult with members of the Congress with respect to these hiring decisions and will welcome their input.

    But a requirement to consult with the Congress regarding executive decision-making, including with respect to the President’s Article II authority to oversee executive branch operations, violates the separation of powers by intruding upon the President’s power and duty to supervise the staffing of the executive branch under Article II, section 1 (vesting the President with the “executive Power”) and Article II, section 3 (instructing the President to “take Care” that the laws are faithfully executed). Accordingly, my Administration will treat this provision as hortatory but not mandatory.

    Section 4018 of Division A of the Act establishes a new Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR) within the Department of the Treasury to manage audits and investigations of loans and investments made by the Secretary of the Treasury under the Act. Section 4018(e)(4)(B) of the Act authorizes the SIGPR to request information from other government agencies and requires the SIGPR to report to the Congress “without delay” any refusal of such a request that “in the judgment of the Special Inspector General” is unreasonable.

    I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the SIGPR to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required by the Take Care Clause, Article II, section 3.

    Certain other provisions (such as sections 20001, 21007, and 21010 of Division B of the Act) purport to condition the authority of officers to spend or reallocate funds upon consultation with, or the approval of, one or more congressional committees.

    These provisions are impermissible forms of congressional aggrandizement with respect to the execution of the laws.

    The Congress may affect the execution of the laws only by enacting a new statute in accordance with the requirements of bicameralism and presentment prescribed in Article I, section 7.

    My Administration will make appropriate efforts to notify the relevant committees before taking the specified actions and will accord the recommendations of such committees all appropriate and serious consideration, but it will not treat spending decisions as dependent on prior consultation with or the approval of congressional committees.

    Finally, several provisions (such as sections 3511(d)(4) and 3862 (creating section 744N(d)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) of Division A of the Act) purport to require recommendations regarding legislation to the Congress.

    Because Article II, section 3 gives the President the authority to recommend only “such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient,” my Administration will continue the practice of treating provisions like these as advisory and non-binding.”

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  17. Educating Liberals ⭐️⭐️⭐️@Education4Libs
    The MSM wants you to believe:
    -Hospitals look like war zones
    -Hydroxychloroquine will kill you
    -100,000+ Americans are going to die

    When in reality:
    -Hospitals are empty -Hydroxychloroquine cures the virus
    -100,000+ Americans have already recovered

    It’s always the opposite.

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