3.30.20 News Roundup! Meghan & Harry Can Go Pound Sand, PDJT Talks About the Abbott Labs & 5 Minute Tests, Dr. Birx’s Interview, Dr. Fauci’s Interview, PDJT Meets With Medical Supply & Shipping Companies, Peter Navarro’s Interview, Steven Mnuchin’s Interview, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing, God Is Working Through Our President (FDA Gives Green Light To Hydroxychloroquine), Americans Understand What Real Leadership Looks Like…..

I absolutely love the fact that our President sent this tweet out yesterday. Look how many likes it has already gotten.

From the article linked above:

Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have no plans to ask the U.S. government for help with security costs, the couple said in a statement on Sunday in response to a tweet from President Donald Trump that the United States would not pay for their protection.

A spokeswoman for the couple said later in a statement: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the U.S. government for security resources. Privately funded security arrangements have been made.”

Last month, Canada said it would no longer provide security once the couple were no longer working members of the British royal family.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump lauded Abbott Labs on its new 5-minute coronavirus test Sunday and said the company would begin shipping out 50,000 tests a day this week.

Trump claimed that the new test “will allow us to defeat the virus.”

[…] This will “enable us to act quickly and aggressively to shut down the spread of the virus, which is so quickly in critical facilities,” he told reporters gathered in the White House Rose Garden Sunday evening.

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, appeared on Meet the Press to discuss next steps with Chuck Todd. Keep in mind that the media recently has targeted Dr. Birx because she is no longer drinking the cool aid.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and CNN’s Jake Tapper discussed why our President opted to not impose a quarantine on parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut after discussions at the White House.

Dr. Fauci believes that 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will die from the Coronavirus. I think the man is out to lunch!

Our President participated in a meeting with the Medical Supply and Shipping Companies at the White House yesterday.

[Video and Transcript Below]


White House Coordinator for the Defense Production Act, Peter Navarro (aka The Assassin), appeared on Fox News to discuss how U.S. manufacturers are shifting their production lines to generate products needed to combat coronavirus.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on Fox News to discuss the latest developments in the battle against COVID-19 and how the coronavirus economic relief package will roll out.

Secretary Mnuchin outlined the process.

The local business (or S-corp) takes their payroll and yearly expense documents to their local bank where they already have a relationship. As long as the bank is in the FDIC network; and because the emergency funds are distributed based on a good faith relationship; the bank gives the business or individual immediate access to funds; the bank deposits in the business account. The FDIC guarantees the lender against any risk.

If the business does not continue payroll for the employees, the funds are considered a loan that must be repaid. However, if the business retains their employees (continues to keep current payroll); or -if needed- rehires any recent lay-offs using the funds provided; then the emergency loan becomes a grant the business will not have to repay. The system should be in place by this Friday.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the critical decisions to balance health risks for Americans with the need to keep the U.S. economy primed to reignite.

Our President and the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing yesterday with the latest updates and information.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

From the article linked above:

Novartis Chief Executive Vas Narasimhan said his Sandoz generics unit’s malaria, lupus and arthritis drug hydroxychloroquine is the company’s biggest hope against the coronavirus, Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported on Sunday.

Novartis has pledged to donate 130 million doses and is supporting clinical trials needed before the medicine, which U.S. President Donald Trump also has been promoting, can be approved for use against the coronavirus.

Other companies including Bayer and Teva have also agreed to donate hydroxychloroquine or similar drugs, while Gilead Sciences is testing its experimental drug remdesivir against coronavirus.

“Pre-clinical studies in animals as well as the first data from clinical studies show that hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus,” Narasimhan told the newspaper. “We’re working with Swiss hospitals on possible treatment protocols for the clinical use of the drug, but it’s too early to say anything definitively.”

He said the company is currently looking for additional active drug ingredients to make more hydroxychloroquine, should clinical trials be successful.

From the article linked above:

The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, decades-old malaria drugs championed by President Donald Trump for coronavirus treatment despite scant evidence.

The agency allowed for the drugs to be “donated to the Strategic National Stockpile to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible,” HHS said in a statement, announcing that Sandoz donated 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the stockpile and Bayer donated 1 million doses of chloroquine.

[…] “They indicated that we’ll start working on it right away. It could take a year,” the president said. “I said what do you mean a year? We have to have it tonight.”

Americans understand what leadership is and what leadership isn’t! Even during a pandemic!

From the article linked above:

Even in the midst of a killer pandemic with the economy shut down Americans favor the direction of the country today under President Trump over President Obama.

And Trump beats Obama by nearly 20 points!

Even with people dying and the threats against our economy Americans know a strong leader – and prefer a leader over a hesitant follower.

Via Rasmussen Reports:

Forty percent (40%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey for the week ending March 19, 2020.

This week’s finding is down two points from a week ago. By comparison, this number ran in the mid- to upper 20s for much of 2016, President Obama’s last full year in office.

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  1. Hope your doing well flep!

    Question: I could have sworn that MeGain gave up her US citizen ship. I know she got a British one and I guess they allow dual citizenship. But why are we letting Harry get in on I guess a green card? I want merit based

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    1. My understanding is that Harry can qualify for an “O” visa based on his charitable work. The UK is talking about dropping diplomatic status since he isn’t being diplomatic. Whatsername is, of course, able to live in the US from birth.

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      1. “As the founder of the Invictus Games Harry could even apply for an O-visa that would allow him to work and live in the country until the Green Card is approved.

        The visa category is used by sportsmen, actors and businessmen and each has to demonstrate an outstanding ability in their field.

        As the Invictus Games for injured servicemen is known worldwide Harry could claim he meets the criteria for the visa that allows him residency for up to three years.”

        — from https://hotair.com/archives/karen-townsend/2020/03/29/trump-bashing-royals-must-ask-special-security-help/

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        1. These two are the modern day Edward and Wallis. Nobody really wants them except the glitterati and sycophants that they so desperately need to help them stay relevant. It’s quite sad, actually…

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    2. BE SURE AND CHECK ‘EM for cooties, STDs, genetic and infectious diseases, COVID-19 – the works!!!

      Make the mandatory check-up as lengthy, comprehensive, intrusive and intimate as possible under the law!!!

      All blue gloves tests performed in airport – and check their luggage and persons for illegal substances.

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    3. I thought I read MM had applied for British citizenship but backed out before it was finished so she is still a American citizen. Canada must have issued a work visa for Suits stuff. The interesting part will be the income tax implications. It has been suggested they left Canada to eliminate having to pay in three countries.

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          1. Sure. This is what I hear. Good old MeGain had two dogs. One she got From a shelter and the only reason she got that one was because she wanted to run into Ellen D that day. Who then asked why she wasn’t taking home a dog. So she got a dog. She had two a mix and a beagle named Guy.

            So she leaves the one dog in Canada with friends because it was a ‘mix’ and ‘so old’ (7 is not old) aka its a mutt and who needs it for her new life in the UK. Not like she could have put it on a plane or boat.

            Now the beagle here’s the kicker the dog had two broken back legs. Ummm its a beagle. HOW??? She never says how. Now there are claims that she gave the beagle to the Queen because there was one photo of a beagle in the car with the Queen? BUT the dog was never seen again. So either someone has poor Guy or she put it too sleep. And again I question that it had two broken back legs.

            I hope that helps.

            She uses something and then dumps it. Life lesson Harry.

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  2. Felice do you have a list of the CEOs & Reps from the Industry at the Task Force Briefing today? I didn’t see one and they didn’t announce names as best as I could tell.

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      1. These companies are really kicking ass and getting it done. They’re doing it BIG and they’re doing it fast.

        They are real heroes right now!

        I’m also jealous of how fast they are able to operate – that’s living a dream to mobilize so quickly that our great vets long for the peace and quiet of WWII!

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        1. The 5 minute test is super important. It will give us the ability to conduct random sampling across the country to monitor/predict status of virus. Will help to determine low/medium/high county ratings and enable us to bring sections of the economy online faster. Couple testing with HCQ…. VSG has a plan. He said we’d be roaring by June 1. Amen to that!

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  3. Ha Ha news media ranked last in Gosars poll, I guess those people are not getting their news and daily Coronavirus updates from the QTree…
    Another Grand Slam Flep, Thank you for the News that matters….

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    1. I posted this on FB and dared them to put their fact checkers on me again, they are hitting me hard now….
      Thank you Duchess for posting this your such a sweetheart in all you do here for us all…

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    2. Cuomo isn’t very good at math. In the video, he was lamenting how he will need 30,000 ventilators, but FEMA only sent him 400 so far.

      “You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die,” he says.

      If he didn’t 30,000 ventilators today (he doesn’t), and there were 30,000 patients that needed them to live (there aren’t), and FEMA doesn’t send any more as they are needed (they probably would), then 29,600 patients would die. Not 26,000.

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  4. People take iodine pills if they expect/suspect they might be exposed to radiation.

    People take all kinds of preventative medicines when traveling to parts of the world where specific illnesses are common.

    People take anti-malarial drugs when they go to parts of the world where malaria is common.

    Anti-malarial drugs are likewise effective against Chinese virus.

    So why doesn’t everyone take anti-malarial drugs as a prophylactic measure, and then the whole country go back to work this week?

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    1. One regimen I saw described taking two pills a day.

      Can we sustain production of 600 MILLION doses per day?

      I’d be surprised if we could, today (however, if we spool up production, perhaps it can be so in a couple of weeks).

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      1. “Can we sustain production of 600 MILLION doses per day?”


        I bet we could for the remainder of flu season, and it would be cheaper than what we’re currently doing by infinity.

        How many anti-malaria pills does $6 trillion dollars buy?

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        1. OK, we could do it–but I guess I phrased myself poorly. Could we go to that tomorrow from a standing start? What’s our production capacity? How fast can we increase it?

          If it takes a month to get to the point where we can churn out 600 million pills a day (and I have no idea if that number’s ridiculously high, or low; I just know that 0 days to get there is absurd), we’ll have to allocate the pills to actual patients and high risk people, increasingly broadening the definition of “high risk people” (it might, for instance, include “all residents of NY, NJ and CT” once we can handle that load plus others).

          The concept ain’t bad, we just can’t get there as quickly as you or I would like.

          I can see us extirpating this thing from the US and requiring all inbound travellers to start taking the thing three or four days (or however long it takes to kill the ChiComCrud, plus a couple of days) before arrival.

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            1. The thought was to make sure anyone coming in is “clean” as they exit the plane (or boat); as far as I can tell that takes a few days to accomplish.

              It doesn’t do any good to start them on it when they set foot in the US, because they could spread it to people before the meds have their effect.

              Unless you want us all on antimalarials for the rest of our lives…like vitamins?

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              1. THAT’S WHY CLOSED BORDERS and quick tests are important.

                Remember Ellis Island was for health screening back in the days before antibiotics.

                AND – blood tests were, and hopefully still are, mandatory before getting a civil marriage license – to prevent an infected person from passing STDs to a spouse and a potential child.

                I think they also do tests before delivery and birth to protect a child from infection or to predict an infected child from giving disease to other newborns in the nursery.

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              2. Should be done – the 4 H diseases are incurable – herpes, hepatitis, HIV and HPV as well as the new super-gonorrhea.

                Of course, regretfully, most engaged couples shack up and engage in pre-marital sex nowadays, so they have already shared any diseases/infections.

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              3. Re: Ellis Island.

                That was back in the day when we had a lot of immigration…but we handled it right.

                We would refuse entry to criminals, the chronically sick…and someone had to sponsor you, so you wouldn’t just go on whatever dole we had back then (mostly a state issue, not federal). If you failed to find work, your sponsor was responsible.

                And we didn’t teach immigrants’ children in their parents’ language, either! Our bilingual education today is a horror. Kids with Spanish/Mexican surnames are sometimes forced into those classes–when they don’t speak a word of Spanish!

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          1. Mylan Pharma, Morgantown WV, will allegedly be at 50 million by mid April.
            I still don’t understand why the ARMY is not posted outside this facility, to protect it and ramp up.

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            1. Not to over work it, but Mylan should be working at Trump speed. They know the sales bonanza they are likely to receive if HCQ works out. 50 million could likely be the low end of demand. “Buy American” is conveniently in their favor so sales are easier to be had.

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        2. There are exceptions who can take the meds my husband had heart rhythmic problems and it was fixed but he would not be able to take it.
          My idea is that those with no heat problems should be able to take the pills and those who are older like my husband and I quarantine until this virus runs its course.
          Maybe the young who only have a mild affect from the virus not get the meds and let them develop antibodies..

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          1. Yep. One of the side effects of the malaria meds is “Long Q-T Syndrome”, which can be a problem, especially if someone is already on heart meds. Rare, but definitely a problem. The other med, Azithromycin, can be (extremely rare, but this must be noted) ototoxic (can cause tinnitus, or hearing loss). For most people, not a problem, but for those with only residual hearing (80-90db loss and more) it could be the difference between marginal hearing, and deafness. Probably there are other antibiotics that could be substituted for those folks (someone alluded to that in an article I can’t find now).

            As usual, sometimes (albeit rarely) a difficult choice might have to be made or risk taken. For most people, this malaria combo-pack is a Godsend…

            In not-so-beautiful-downtown-Deutschland we’re all but shut down. Our son’s Uni shut down for the rest of the semester, and next semester appears that it will be all online, with videos, etc. Hope they have transcripts for the hearing-impaired… On the other hand, if he can watch and re-watch the lectures, it’ll be better still (heyyyyyy, learn at home… home schooling… maybe Merde-Kuh will finally get a clue)…

            At least we can still go shopping. Some places (countries) are trying to shut that down, too…
            And the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) thinks the best solution is a vaccine, which will, of course, require years of research and testing (at infinite-1 cost)…. Hmmm… Now where have I heard that before? Oh, right. BillyGates… So, to paraphrase Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi (oddly appropriate), “No Z-Pack for You!!!”…

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      2. And I suspect two pills a day is typical overkill “just to be safe”.

        One pill a day is almost certainly better than no pills a day.

        Even one pill every two days. Something to give your system a chance to fight back, until production is high enough for everyone to take two pills a day (if needed).

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        1. IIRC, while in the Navy on deployment we took one per week. Started before we arrived in whatever infected area medical folks worried about. As I understand it, guys in the desert (Iraq, Kuwait…) took them longer term…

          As we are in the infected area, guessing a ramp up so to speak. Daily for a few days or week? Then weekly maintenance.
          Sure wish we had feedback from HCQ and Zpak trial run in NY. Supposedly started last Tuesday. Heard start may have been delayed a couple days. Don’t recall reading anything official on actual start date.

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    2. Some of the Medical staff in the hospitals are doing this already. For now, Medicine should go to the sick and the 1st responders on the battlefield. We need to get a nice healthy stockpile built up. Perhaps one day, it will be commonplace to take HCQ at start of flu season just like they recommend flu shots.

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      1. but…but.. the pills would be SSSSSSSoooo much cheaper than a vaccine…

        and the pills wouldn’t have all the additives the vaccine would and Bill Gates wouldn’t see the population decrease and all those $$ come into his wallet…

        what are you peeps thinking? are you crazy or sumpin’?

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    3. I do not know if anti-malarial prophylactic may actually work, it might!
      Hydroxy-Chloroquine (HCQ) is usually not used as a prophylactic, but as a cure, once you got malaria, but I may be wrong

      However the way Hydroxy-Chloroquine (HCQ) works is it allows the zink in Zpack , which is additionally administered, to easier and faster enter the cells in the lung and destroy the virus which infected the cell. It is the zink that destroys the virus HCQ facilitates this.

      See this excellent explanation of Dr. Vladmir Zelenko in Rudi Giuliani’s. This is in fact also an excellent layman’s explanation how the virus works.

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      1. Hydroxy-Chloroquine (HCQ) does have some side effects, which effects the heart for some patients, that’s why Dr. Vladmir Zelenko only subscribes this to patient, which have been severely effected or have other conditions, which might have effected the immune system.

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      2. Chloroquine – Primaquine.

        ^^^ is the drug I was given 1986 while on deployment, on the Enterprise. Documented for anti malaria.

        TMI warning. How do I know what drug(s) the Navy gave me, in this case 1986? Many military are quite OCD with their medical records. We made a copy before discharge, which I have to this day.

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    4. Lots of guessing. There is ongoing testing being done on folks taking HCQ as a preventive. Health workers, logistics, TSA…possibly in test population. Dunno how long tests must run. IF results look good, it is a matter of determining appropriate dosage, who would benefit, priorities, and manufacturing delivering required quantities.

      IIRC, Daughn’s article mentioned Mylan in WV coming online with projection of 50M per month. Wonder if that is there 24/7 number. What other manufactures can be spooled up quickly. HCQ ingredient availability and location in the world.

      This would likely be an unprecedented global demand. The globe would willingly rise to the challenge.

      Assuredly President Trump is all over this possibility.

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      1. I’m wondering too. Has to be/day.
        And Mylan gave up the “recipe” so others could use it.
        Cinchona Tree is the natural source of quinine, grows west of the Andres mountains, all the way to Venezuela……. which could explain our recent actions toward Maduro.
        And until January of 2020, Chloroquine was an off-the-shelf drug in France until the Minister of Health suddenly declared it a poisonous drug.

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              1. Thank you duchess 😁

                I was thinking the masks in question were more substantial than a basic surgical mask, something more like a N95 or N100 mask:

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              2. One of the problems with the video (and others like them) is that they don’t explain WHY all those steps are needed.

                It assumes the viewer is an unquestioning automaton who didn’t grow up in a world where you can’t trust that anonymous videos are either accurate or produced by someone who actually knows anything about the subject matter.

                So I predict that 99% of the population who even bother to TRY to sanitize their masks will just spray the mask with an alcohol solution and call it ‘good’ 😂

                All those other steps make no sense without explanation, and many (most?) people won’t do things without a motivating reason that makes sense to them.

                It’s as if the people who ‘know’ things that are important for others to know intentionally skipped anything that might be considered a ‘communications’ course while they were in college.

                Or basic psychology, for that matter.

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              3. Not all of us are teachers, Scott – however – my technical writing teacher said – one of the hardest things to write is ‘how to do’ instructions – she divided the class into small groups – each group was told to write instructions on how to make a paper airplane – upon completion of the assignment – a group spokesperson would read the instructions to the class – and we would all make paper airplanes according to the instructions ‘exactly as given’ – needless to say – not many even looked like paper airplanes – and certainly – would not fly – a great lesson –

                To add to the fun – each group took their ‘creation’ and attempted to ‘fly’ it through the air – the winners were roundly applauded – but, it did not go far – lol

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              4. “Not all of us are teachers, Scott – ”


                Yep, me either.

                I just don’t know what good it is to know something (through personal study, personal experience, higher education, etc.) if we can’t also communicate it effectively — assuming the thing in question is something one desires to communicate, of course.

                It is even more difficult in writing, because you can’t judge the comprehension of the other person (by non-verbal cues, or if they simply tell you) as you would do in person, where you could pause and go into more detail or try a different explanation if you realize the other person doesn’t understand something.

                So in writing, you have to anticipate the obvious questions and address them preemptively, as much as possible. That is generally accomplished by putting oneself in the position of the reader, and then answering the questions you (or I) would ask if someone else had written it.

                Communicating a thought in such a way that another individual comprehends and understands in the way you want them to can be a complex process, depending on the complexity of the thought. The thought has to be expressed verbally or in writing, received by the other person, then decoded and interpreted before the objective is (hopefully) reached.

                It’s like two people standing on opposite sides of a maze. Your thought has to negotiate the maze successfully in order for the person on the other side of the maze to receive it. The person on the receiving end can’t do much to help, the responsibility is on the speaker or writer to guide the thought through the maze in such a way that it comes out the other side in a form that is understandable to the hearer / reader.

                There are lots of false passages in the maze, and corridors that lead to nowhere, and some that double-back, etc. Each one is analogous to a potential question, each fork in the road (where you have to choose ‘right’ or ‘left’ in the maze) is analogous to multiple potential understandings. As many of those questions and potential multiple meanings as possible need to be accounted for (identified, blocked off, ruled out, preemptively addressed, etc.) so that the message actually makes it through the maze.

                We do this in real time, all the time, mostly subconsciously, because it became second-nature in early childhood through practice and relentless testing. When doing it in person.

                It is when we do not have the benefit of adjusting the message in response to verbal and non-verbal cues (e.g., in writing, or in videos for that matter) that it becomes exponentially more difficult.

                When you are in person, the ‘maze’ is organic and always changing, so you are constantly adjusting as you move your thought through the maze to the recipient.

                [We never actually ‘see’ the maze of course, but we see the intended recipient’s non-verbal reactions and hear their verbal interjections, which give ‘form’ to the ‘maze’, i.e., if we can see in their eyes that they are lost, that becomes a ‘wall’ in the ‘maze’ where they are stuck, so we spend more time explaining at that point in order to help them get around it.]

                In writing, since you can’t ‘see’ the recipient, you can’t ‘see’ their reactions (or hear their questions), so we can’t ‘see’ the ‘maze’ (the interference between sender and receiver) either. You know the ‘maze’ is there like always, but since you can’t ‘see’ it (i.e., you can’t ‘see’ the recipient’s reaction to your words, which normally provides the outline, the walls and corridors of the ‘maze’ in this metaphor), you have to anticipate the obstacles as they might be perceived by the recipient, and account for them, if the message is to get through and complete the ‘circuit’, where the recipient grasps and understands what you are trying to communicate.

                Maybe a better use of the ‘maze’ concept is this. The idea you want to communicate is in the center of the maze. You have an overview of the maze, so you can see clearly all of the corridors, dead-ends, how to get to the center and back out again, etc. The recipient is at ground level, and doesn’t know which passages are dead-ends and which take him closer to the center where the understanding of the message can be found.

                You have to guide the recipient through the maze based on your vantage point from above (i.e., you know what you’re trying to communicate), helping them to avoid passages that lead away from the center of the maze (i.e., ‘understanding’), away from the dead-ends, and to the correct turns and passages which lead to the center of the maze, where understanding is found.

                I don’t know if I explained that very well or not, but once I got started, it was a fun exercise 😁

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              5. Very well done, Scott – you are really a joy to read – the idea – I think – is to put yourself in the shoes of the reader – assume the reader knows little to nothing about the subject – and to communicate – in the simplest of terms – what it is you want the reader to learn and/or understand – here – the KISS method is quite effective – the MAZE is a good analogy, too – Thanks.

                If the reader comes away from any communication with little or no understanding – you – as a writer – have failed – back to the drawing board!

                Communication is difficult no matter how you cut it – we all try our best – sometimes we succeed – sometimes we don’t – hence the question/answer scenario comes in handy to enhance understanding. Thanks, again – you are correct – it was fun!

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              6. “…however – my technical writing teacher said – one of the hardest things to write is ‘how to do’ instructions – she divided the class into small groups – each group was told to write instructions on how to make a paper airplane”


                Agreed, explaining ‘how to’ is infinitely more complicated than ‘show me’, which is why videos are so effective in communicating ‘how to’ do something.

                But “how to” doesn’t address “why”, so if ‘why’ is a critical component, it must be accounted for.

                In many cases, the ‘why’ is already understood. If you are building a PC, the reason “why” you are watching the video is to see what steps to take in order to successfully assemble the computer. You don’t really need to understand “why” it all works, just follow the steps to reach the desired objective.

                But you came to the video with your motivation to reach the objective already present. You don’t need to understand the electrical engineering behind it, you just need to understand where the CPU plugs in to the motherboard (i.e., ‘show me’), which cords are for the power supply and which cords are for the graphics card, etc.

                And if you get something wrong, your life isn’t at stake, at worst you break a part and have to replace it.

                When peoples’ lives are at stake, it would be nice if the message creators stopped using “God Mode” (e.g., decreeing 10 steps to sterilizing a mask as if they were the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai), and adopted “Human Being Mode”, where they take a moment to explain WHY each step is important.

                The medical people who created the video KNOW all about the reasons ‘why’ each step is important, from being around sickness all the time. They’re experts who work in that environment every day.

                The rest of us are not experts, and don’t work in that environment every day, and we don’t know “why” step number 3 (or number 7, or every step) is a matter of life and death, so they better EXPLAIN it, if the objective is to get people to actually DO it.

                If the objective is simply liability CYA, i.e., “Hey, we told ’em, so if they didn’t follow it, that’s not our fault”, well then, mission accomplished. 👍😁

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              7. I am thankful someone thought enough about others to produce the video – if it is not helpful – people will search for others – to get to the truth – I think –

                I think in the case of the sterilization of the masks – the ‘why’ is obvious – it does not help to use something that will not protect you from getting the virus – the people who do the testing are wearing protective clothing, gloves, and masks – what are we supposed to do?

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              8. Yes, I appreciate the time and effort someone spent to make the video too, it is very helpful.

                Steps 1 through 4 are great.

                But knowing how ‘people’ are, I suspect a significant number of people will stop with “Step 4” (spraying with 70% alcohol solution and leaving it to dry for 15 minutes).

                Why does it need to be washed with laundry detergent and soaked for 30 minutes if you just sprayed it thoroughly with 70% alcohol solution?

                Conversely, why spray it with a 70% alcohol solution if you are going to soak it in laundry detergent for 30 minutes? Shouldn’t both accomplish the same thing?

                Why do you rinse it with clean water 3 times?

                Why three, and not two, or four? Or one?

                After all of that, why the need to spray it again with 70% alcohol solution?

                I can make a reasonable guess at answers for each question above, but at that point I’m either:

                A) justifying the steps in the video because I have chosen to accept or believe them anyway, or

                B) questioning the steps in the video because being a skeptic is a useful evaluation tool

                If I am questioning, there is no way to get an answer from the video creator, and if I am simply accepting, then I am doing so on ‘faith’ and not by reason.

                Preemptively answering / explaining the ‘why’ for a few of the steps whose reasons are not self-evident would remove the ‘faith’ element and remove the skeptic or questioning element.

                ‘How’ is obviously important.

                ‘Why’ is often equally important — just less obviously so 😉

                Naaman the Syrian (2 Kings, 5:1-14) had a situation that illustrates this well. Elisha the prophet of God told Naaman to wash himself in the Jordan river seven times to heal his leprosy.

                But Elisha did not explain why.

                It made no sense to Naaman. He wondered openly at the obvious questions. For one thing, Elisha’s command did not fit Naaman’s preconceived notions, it was not what he expected Elisha to tell him.

                He also did not understand why it had to be the Jordan river… why not the Abana or Pharpar rivers of Damascus?

                So Naaman wouldn’t do what Elisha the prophet commanded.

                He was told how to heal his leprosy, but he would not comply, because he did not have ‘faith’ (he was a Syrian, not an Israelite), and the instructions did not make sense logically, i.e., there was no explanation given for the obvious questions ‘why’.

                So Naaman went away angry, and would not follow the instructions Elisha gave him to heal his leprosy.

                It was not until one of Naaman’s servants came to him and said (essentially) what do you have to lose by trying (2 Kings, 5:13)?

                So Naaman relented, and dipped himself seven times in the Jordan — and Naaman was healed of his leprosy.

                God does not have to explain Himself.

                For everybody else, explaining is very helpful 😁

                Liked by 1 person

              9. There is that number 7, again, Scott! Most people question what they are told no matter from where it comes – we hesitate to believe everything we hear, read and most times, see (especially, now with photoshopping) – but, a Christian rarely questions God’s Word – imho – it is the only Book of Truth I know – so when I have a problem with anything – I consult God’s Word.

                Thanks, again, for your perspective – frequently a most enjoyable read!

                Another ‘proverb’ from my Technical Writing Professor – refrain from using ‘always’ and ‘never’ – hard to prove and/or justify – it might be because each word infers ‘perfection’ – nothing and no one is perfect – only God!

                Liked by 1 person

    1. “President Trump is locked in an intense power fight with Gates, ”



      Trump is going to destroy him, crush him like a bug.

      Liked by 20 people

      1. Hmmm…I did some research on him – saw too many pix with disreputable people – like Trump – he has been around for a long time – however – we always knew what Trump thought – and now – we know where he stands and with whom and why.

        Liked by 3 people



    From: Bill Ackman

    Mr. President, why don’t you launch the biggest infrastructure program of all time now? Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure involve outdoor work that allows for social distancing. Doing so will put Americans back to work now in good paying, virus-safe jobs.

    We can finance the infrastructure with near zero cost long-term financing. Build costs will be lower because of lower commodity prices and less competition for labor. We can rebuild America’s infrastructure, and help support the economy to enhance the recovery from the virus.

    You will get unanimous support from Democrats and Republicans and give us hope for the future. Let’s get a good many of our fellow Americans working again in all 50 states while those of us with desk jobs work from home.

    What better time is there to build roads, bridges and tunnels when traffic is way down?

    Liked by 18 people

    1. Well, the WALL is going up ‘Tout de Suite’!

      With the low traffic, governors and fed road authorities could get a lot done on roads, bridges, etc.

      BUt – with the shut-down – Do they have the fund$????

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I’ve often gone to open houses for highway or road projects, and they invariably will comment that they could do it in much less time if they didn’t have to keep traffic flowing through the zone.

      The current build of a third lane on each side of I-25 between Colorado Springs and Denver is a case in point. Some of the highway you drive through that zone was JUST BUILT so that you wouldn’t be driving where they work, but you wouldn’t know it if you weren’t looking for it. It will be torn up and removed once the new road is ready.

      Liked by 3 people

  6. SPECULATION: We are about to witness the GREATEST CRISIS ELECTION in HISTORY.

    Demo☭rats’ past Election mantra:
    • “It’s the ECONOMY, stupid.”

    Demo☭rats & M$M are unwittingly adding for the 2020 Crisis Election:
    • “It’s the GOVERNORS, stupid.”

    POTUS is leading us to WIN the WAR on ChiComVirus:

    • “GUIDANCE” for all Americans to “SLOW the SPREAD”
    … with Governors OWNING authority to direct BUSINESS SHUT-DOWNS & QUARANTINES

    • Massively-scaled short-cycle TESTING INNOVATIONS to quickly identify emerging HOTSPOTS
    … with Governors directing TEST DEPLOYMENT and HOTSPOT CONTROL

    • Massively-scaled HEALTHCARE CAPACITY for PPE and Facilities to TREAT VICTIMS
    … with Governors directing RESOURCE DEPLOYMENT
    … as POTUS directs Federal OVERSIGHT of Hoarding & Waste-Fraud-Abuse

    • Groundbreaking short-cycle approvals of THERAPIES that CURE VICTIMS in days, not months
    … and massive scale-up of PRODUCTION
    … with Governors owning THERAPY DEPLOYMENT

    POTUS is now preparing the USA to RESTART the ECONOMY when we’ve Won the War

    • Distribution of STOPGAP FUNDING through States to support JOBLESS WORKERS
    … with Governors owning the SPEED & CONTROL of Checks-to-Individuals
    … as POTUS directs Federal OVERSIGHT of Waste-Fraud-Abuse

    • Distribution of STOPGAP FUNDING to maintain BUSINESS VIABILITY

    … with Governors owning where and how to RELAX BUSINESS SHUT-DOWNS
    … and when to REOPEN COUNTIES & STATES for Business [10th Amendment]

    Governors will OWN their ECONOMIES
    … and COMPETE to keep and attract BUSINESSES that FLEE States in Shut-Down
    … as Voters DUMP FAILING Governors … along with their Legislators!

    Let the ChiComVirus HUNGER GAMES begin.
    … with President Trump as RINGMASTER!

    Liked by 17 people

    1. Demo☭rats and M$M fail to grasp the obvious:

      POTUS just gave himself a 30-day extension of the GREATEST SHOW on EARTH!

      Americans will be sitting at home watching his DAILY BRIEFINGS …

      • LEADERSHIP like we’ve never seen before – LIVE-on-TV

      • GREAT GOVERNMENT hitting on all cylinders to trigger and enable PROGRESS in Trump Time


      • COMPANIES racing to repatriate Pharmaceutical & Medical MANUFACTURING to the USA in Trump Time

      Liked by 21 people

      1. I agree totally. No sports, no work, no outside venues open…no distractions.

        Yeah, people are going stir crazy if they are not used to being at home all day, but the way this is being done, the shelter in place rules accomplish a lot:

        No soft targets for mass shooting FFs.
        Gets a lot of traffic off the roads if the military/delivery system has to move fast.
        Forces Americans to REST, something we are not good at, as part of an outbreak prevention strategy.
        Eliminates the distractions for news delivery.

        It’s not ideal, but I would rather shelter at home than in a FEMA or detainment camp. Fortunately, outside of the areas like NYC, inner Chicago, and other places where people live in high rises, the rest of us are pretty spread out, even in cities. The lot where I live is worth more than the house, it’s so big. Most people do have a yard or some outdoor space. We’re still grilling, have outdoor fire pits, grass is being cut, etc.

        It’s not as bad as it could be. And, despite all the models and predictions, in some places the curve is flattening. When new cases diagnosed goes to zero, then we’ll know for sure.

        Liked by 7 people

            1. We started a Goodwill pile before this all hit, and the stack keeps growing as we clean out closets, nooks & crannies. I’m running out of “Goodwill” space!!

              Liked by 2 people

          1. We’ve commented on that too, DPat & BKR – the people who live outside of urban stacked housing have plenty of ways to get outdoors and do physical exercise or work. The myth of urban superiority and “virtues” of communal/close quarters living is being destroyed six ways to Sunday 🥳

            Liked by 5 people

      2. “POTUS just gave himself a 30-day extension of the GREATEST SHOW on EARTH!”

        Extension, insisted on by medical authorities.

        And, he’ll deliver on in 14-21 days.

        And, the Fauci model 100,000 – 200,000 deaths will be far, far lower.

        Liked by 11 people

        1. Galileo is probably spinning in his grave…

          They could probably attach a few magnets to him (or coils), put some field coils around him, and create a new energy source… perpetual, considering what the greens, dork-knottians, and tree-huggers are doing)…

          “Science by modelling” (by computer, etc.)… Hmmm… I think Yogi Berra had the right answer to that, “You can see a lot just by observing”…

          Liked by 4 people

    1. Well – Øbastard provided NO leadership and THOUSANDS DIED from H1N1 – but dead Americans were no problemo for Øbastard who loves abortion, tolerated a devastating increase of deaths due to drugs, human trafficking and LBGTQ lifetsyle/sexual acts.

      SPIT!!! H8 the vile snitty narcissist more every day.

      Thread by Julian’s Rum showing reversible image… showing image of White House upside down… symbol of Øbominable’s SEDITIOUS, SUBVERSIVE Kalorama White House right down the street from the REAL SEAT OF US EXECUTIVE AND MILITARY POWER. SPIT!

      Liked by 6 people

      1. REMEMBER how Ø and his people tried their damndest to get Ebola started in the USA.

        He sent our soldiers into ebola outbreak in Africa and brought Ebola patients here.

        Øbastard’s open borders policies resulted in a rise of tuberculosis and other 3rd world diseases in the USA!

        Liked by 10 people

        1. And to think that Bar-the-bra Streisand had that hit song, Evergreen… flaming libtard… I’m not Jewish, but I can imagine that the subject matter and the protaganists of “Yentl” would deeply offend an observing Jew… NyGuy, any thoughts on that?

          (and that in spite of the fact I really like the tune of “Papa Can You Hear Me” as sung by Charlotte Church)

          Now, BS singing “I’m Five, I’m Five, I’m a Big Girl Now I’m Five” is refusing to go away….

          They’re all one big, perverted, evil, anti-human club…

          And, thank GOD that we’re not in it…

          Liked by 2 people


    1:00PM THE PRESIDENT has lunch with the Vice President

    5:00PM Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

    In between, PDJT, VP and all the Trump people will be working very hard!!!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. As if on Q, President Trump raises the mask demand by NY hospital…masks reportedly going out the back door…assuming they ever were moved from NYs warehouse in NJ, to NY hospital.

      Fix the theft and the demand curve will flatten a bit 😉

      Liked by 10 people

      1. Maybe put cameras in warehouses and keep electronic tab on deliveries ? Today with all the electronics they can quietly fallow what goes on in NY?
        One wonders what type of people work in NYC hospitals if the materials are stolen from there?
        I used to love NYC but the culture has changed typical socialists took over.

        Liked by 3 people

          1. Would be kind of funny (OK, not) if the hospital would make an announcement and post something like:

            “We regret to inform you that the hand sanitizer bottles and dispensers were accidentally filled with a solution that dissolves skin over a period of 48 hours”… (be sure it’s in all of the refauxgee languages, too)…

            Bet there’d be a HUGE pile of the stolen stuff returned post-haste…

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Even better. If it was announced they were refilled ans the ones on the ordinary ward were accidentally swapped with the bat flu wards ones

              Liked by 1 person

    2. He is a liar like his father, the father of lies – stockpiled supplies – and then – complains he needs them –

      The truth will come out – and the fool he will be! Those who yell the loudest have the most to lose – Q

      Liked by 11 people

    1. The hearing-impaired bit got my attention 🙂

      Notice the ever-present Wikipedia PC “tone”…

      There are many, MANY devices out there now, including transcription services. The TV series (available on DVD) about a REAL deaf FBI agent (“Sue Thomas, F.B.I. Eye”) showed a lot of these. And, the actress who played Sue, Deanne Bray, also deaf, is quite involved in the “Big D, little d deaf” issues (lots of infos on the hearing forums about that). Most folks, fortunately (for them) will never see the issues.

      It’s an invisible handicap, unless someone is wearing CIs or is signing… so it’s often neglected…

      In any case, it’s a great series, and from a Christian point of view!

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  8. The CARES act for small business is a grand slam. Absolutely brilliant. I know from my past career as a business banker focused on small business. It’s a win for the business owner(s), a win for employees, a win for the bank, and a win for all levels of government (local/state/fed). As a result, it is a huge win for America.

    I know the methodology of how it will most likely work as I worked in conjunction with the SBA/USDA loan programs for a couple of decades. Businesses and banks will be all over it because it makes use of existing relationships and interconnections with the FDIC. Every business owner looks for low cost options for capital. A loan that becomes a grant, which is capital/equity on the balance sheet if they meet the conditions that are relatively normal part of business operations, is a dream come true. If that doesn’t work out, the business owner still has a low interest cost loan paid out over a longer term.

    The bank gets to help their customer with a no risk grant/loan using an existing FDIC relationship they document for and are audited by anyway. If it goes to loan status, they collect interest and probably strip a servicing fee off the interest rate. They may even get to sell all or part of the guaranteed loan into the already established secondary market, create a servicing asset on their books, and recognize a gain on the income statement with corresponding entries to amortize as an expense as the loan is repaid. If the bank choose to retain the loan and not sell any of it, they collect interest where no capital was used, so there is no loss provision for any loans that default. It’s a great money maker for them using existing staff and only having to provide regular reporting to the money supplier (FDIC). A pure pass through with no risk. They will probably get reimbursed by the FDIC for defaulted loan collections activities.

    Government gains by the resulting business and employment gains bringing tax revenues to all branches. Guaranteed loans are budgeted on a different basis than grants. They will make assumptions initially that will be adjusted based on the actual experience rate in subsequent years.

    Winning. MAGA.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. TradeBait – I concur!!! As soon as I read that Mnuchin’s SBA plan would work like banker FDIC I was SO relieved and happy!! It eliminates not only the gigantic headache of business owners trying to use an overloaded Bureaucratic online system to apply, but the bankers red tape is streamlined and theur loan risk drops to zero!!

      During the last home mortgage crisis when smaller banks and savings & loans were going under (particularly World savings comes to mind) I had multiple CDs because the rates were paying at an astronomical rate (which I knew was unsustainable). All those CDs were FDIC insured. When they matured, even though the entity issuing the CD had failed, I collected my principal & interest from the FDIC in one painless transaction.

      That is the assurance banks now have – thanks to Mnuchin – that they can issue these loans without risk of not being repaid.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. GREAT comment!

      I think one of the great benefits of VSGPDJT and his team of MAGAnificent experts is that they are not constrained by politics, rather, they are interested in SOLUTIONS, and on solving for optimum (read: MAGA) solutions, as opposed to self-aggrandizing solutions…

      Of course, the YSM/MCM will be going crazy(ier)…
      (go ahead guys, we need the paper, we’re so short of TP…).

      Liked by 1 person

  9. TEXT: “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats delayed the Workers Help/Stimulus Bill by over a week, trying to add real “junk” into the Bill. Got some bad things, having nothing to do with those affected by the Virus, included. Republicans need their votes until we WIN BACK THE HOUSE IN 2020!”

    Trump twitter followers moving up fast!!!

    74,966,738 – 4:33 am – 3/24/20
    74,995,834 – 10:50 am – minus 2,500+
    75,000,038 – 11:12 am
    75,087,603 – 4:55 am – 3/25/20
    75,194,338 – 6:54 am – 3/26/20
    75,241,891 – 12:22 am – 3/27/20
    75,312,479 – 8:21 am – 3/28/20
    75,405,650 – 5:20 am – 3/29/20
    75,534,107 – 9:42 am – 3/30/20

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Same thing happened here in the UK around the same time.

      Then the next day, the deaths went up a bit, then down again, announced on Tuesday, March 31. One of our medical experts said in that daily briefing that he could see ‘green shoots’ but it is still early days.

      That said, if this continues in our respective countries, we could be peaking for a while, then on the descent.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Thank You! Your report is much appreciated – we need to know what is happening where you are – all of you are in our thoughts and prayers – in the name of Jesus – we pray – Amen!

            Liked by 1 person

    1. LISTEN TO POTUS………………….. what is he saying…

      Even Sara doesn’t know what’s going on… how many of those numbers have actually been tested? How many elderly have died of other problems and been added to column for COVID-19?

      Turn off the dang Crack Box…!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (not directed to you Duchess… )

      Liked by 2 people

  10. SOROS

    …and his Open Society Foundations

    …and the coronavirus pandemic

    article link…


    March 30, 2020

    next…please read this…

    Green Light For Skopje and Tirana : Major Step For The Region, Pressure On Other Candidates To Deliver

    article link…


    March 26, 2020


    1. Thanks Flep…

      I realize that POTUS has flipped this FF on the Cabal… that while everyone is focused on the ‘shiny ball’ there will be many arrests of DS/Cabal criminals (at least low level)… but I can’t believe the number of people still mesmerized by the slime media/FAKE NEWS and their lies…


  11. Not sure where to put this–Not sure if it is true. If you know it is not true please tell me.
    H3LL I do believe the Dems will us anything and everything they have to lock us down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (and in the black humour department)

      “China reports massively increased Urnings thanks to their homegrown Corona Virus…”…


  12. Like

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