20200330: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

539 thoughts on “20200330: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

        1. There is obviously a connection to the Clintons, and I think that is critical. Cankles is involved in this whole thing. I’m certain of it. WHO among her allies delivered the deaths, though – uncertain.

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      1. read yesterday, a high ranking German was found dead along a railroad track…run over by a train…”suicide”…will try to find the link…financial sector…

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        1. Thomas Schaefer…finance minister of Germany’s Hesse region…found dead…

          dead by suicide (reportedly…hard to fathom that)

          …on the railway track at Hochheim (near Frankfurt)….

          body so mangled, could hardly identify it…

          article link…


          ( very hard to believe a person…even in “despair”….could/would do something like that.)

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      1. Exactly. Stopping the drug – no – the drug has VALUE. VALUE in the future. But there are many complications in a conspiracy. Details can have asymmetrically large consequences. It could be to cover something up – even just a MISTAKE in letting people KNOW something.

        I’m sure they had a reason to do it. But that reason could be almost anything.

        This will renew interest in the details of the case.

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        1. Maybe looking into Apotex financials, production, Board, CEO since their murders as well. Thanks fir heads up, Wolfie. I remember the murders but not the details!

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        2. So what’s happened since the “suicides” to
          • the company,
          • its ownership/leadership/board,
          • its factory locations & capacities,
          • its production volumes,
          • its inventory and
          • its customer base?

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          1. Yup. Exactly. And if things STAYED THE SAME, then watch for INTENT TO CHANGE BY OWNERS which was THWARTED by their deaths.

            I’ll bet there was a shift in directions. Where would that come from? THE BOARD and company officials. Thus, WHO came into increased control of the company BEFORE the deaths and what changes THEY made are likely related to the deaths, but not necessarily in a provable way. Why not provable? Because the other side loves to play the deniability game by making moves from different sectors without consultation. They “grease the skids for Cankles” without her direction. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the game.

            It’s like a chess game where WHISPERS FROM THE CROWD matter BIGLY.

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        1. I could see that image. Yeah, IIRC, that was where they were chained to the railing of their swimming pool and beaten to death. Nasty.


    1. I’m watching a Fifth Estate episode on youtube about this now…Interesting that they were found hung with belts from a short swimming pool railing…how many people have been found hung from a low height such as this in the past several years…seems to be a repeating pattern…railings…bunk beds…door knobs etc.

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      1. Therapeutics

        On March 28, 2020, FDA issued an EUA to allow hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate products donated to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to be distributed and used for certain hospitalized patients with COVID-19. These drugs will be distributed from the SNS to states for doctors to prescribe to adolescent and adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible. The EUA requires that fact sheets that provide important information about using chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate in treating COVID-19 be made available to health care providers and patients, including the known risks and drug interactions. The SNS, managed by ASPR, will work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to ship donated doses to states.


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      2. WOW,

        I can not believe I called that last night before I saw it hit the news!

        As I said then,


        REMEMBER the test with over 1000 patients using the Trump Protocol. ( Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin) started a couple days ago. If this is true:

        Then we should have preliminary results by the end of this week. If president Trump lights a fire under the FDA’s butt the Trump Protocol may have at least provisional approval by EASTER!


        Looks Like Trump Time was even faster than my thoughts!

        So yes, Quarantine just might be lifted for Easter!

        Remember they also have that new very fast Do-It-Yourself nasal swab test AND an ANTIBODIES TEST.

        Once production is up and running for all of that the crisis is OVER!


        OH, and that graph?

        It comes from the original French study:
        Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial

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    1. Rudy makes a comment that this family doc should be a professor – the guy tells him that he could have been a professor, but he loves family practice!

      THAT explains a lot.

      He also explains his rationale for blending three things:


      He got the idea FIRST from the Korean study using HCQ and zinc, and then from the other study using HCQ and AZM.

      He says that about a THIRD of his patients are from outside his community, seeking his help!

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      1. Rudy interviewed Dr. Zelenko who said that he uses a lower dose of HCQ in his protocol to prevent side effects unless the patient is critical and already has ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). His protocol is:

        HCQ 200 mg. 2x/day for 5 days
        ZPack 500 mg. 1x/day for 5 days
        Zinc 220 mg. 1x/day for 5 days

        For anyone who hasn’t heard it, the interview is worth a listen! https://rudygiulianics.com/

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        1. Those high levels of zinc really prevent damage. My levels were “high normal” from a supplement – around 15 mg daily plus diet. Wish I would have been taking MORE. My permanent lung damage is likely the result.

          ZINC!!! Take more ZINC!!!

          I was taking ascorbic acid at around 500 mg/day, which seems to have been what allowed me to recover. I forgot one night and got worse, then doubled back and started taking over 1000 mg daily.

          Bottom line – multivitamin plus vitamin C is a basic survival tool, IMO. If you get it, 1000 mg daily MINIMUM.

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          1. We take supplements including 2000 mg of ascorbic acid and a Zinc/Selenium combo daily but it only has 15 mg. of Zinc which we now know is too low. I read that you should bump up the Vit C to bowel tolerance every other hour when coming down with a cold/flu. I’m sorry to hear that your lungs aren’t recovering back to normal.

            It was scary to hear Dr. Zelenko say that the damage caused by ARDS from the Chinese Virus is mostly irreversible. That’s why it’s so important that patients with symptoms start the protocol ASAP. Thank God we have Trump pushing this through at lightning speed. The Evil Dems would like nothing more than to watch hundreds of thousands die so they could blame it on our President.

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    2. There’s an entire generation+ of physicians who have been trained to be hyper-skeptical of everything unless it has been published multiple times in specific academic journals.

      By “skeptical” I don’t mean a healthy skepticism that asks questions, but rather the toxic variety that inhibits curiosity, discounts possibilities, and generally only allows themselves to operate within the bumpers provided by the medical establishment priest-class – the AMA guild.

      If someone said aspirin was useful for relieving pain, they would deny efficacy unless there were peer-reviewed academic journal articles to back up the finding that were published in their trusted “credible” sources.

      If that same journal published findings paid for by a pharmaceutical company grant to manufacture a study with all their favorite code words (“double blind”, etc) even though it was sketchy in terms of corroborating research, they’d still take the vender swag of pens and post-it notes and happily provide the samples the vender supplies to their patients.

      I’m not beating up on physicians. They are human. We’ve made them into mythical scientific people whose opinions are sacrosanct. For my part, logic says that whether what someone says is true is determine by whether what they say corresponds to reality, not by the unimpeachable opinion of someone with academic credentials attached to their name.

      Put slightly better in Wolf’s terms, FAKE SCIENCE.

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      1. Good post – yes, its like a culture, an attitude and presumptions that everyone has & that you pick up without even realizing it. Background in med school and pharma companies … had to come a long way to be able to look at things fresh and unbiased which then became a watershed moment.

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      2. What we have today is doctors who rely on what Pharma tells them because medical schools train them that way. In Germany at least in the past they did not throw out wisdom knowledge of healing and combined the new with the old.
        I myself fid my two scientist kids so stubborn to fight any idea not to be possible if it has not gone through the proper scientific process.
        I feel blessed having known growing up people who used herbal healing including my one grandmother and doctors.

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      3. Exactly. FAKE SCIENCE.


        This is why the ChiComs using American crypto-socialists and PC control-bots to take over science orgs (that controlled publishing and exercised peer community control) made such amazing progress, including in particular the climate hoaxes.

        Americans over-prided themselves on published science leading popular “science” like “Silent Spring” and all that crap, when in fact it was the REVERSE. Popular mind-fuck from THEM was controlling thinking of kids going into science, where they were dutifully herded into supporting the media-controlled socialist mantras.


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  1. I dropped a TIP to an IC guy I TRUST!!!

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    1. Same with the female employee of NBC or CBS…”died ofCoronavirus…not mentioning she had been battling cancer for 20 years.
      Awfully convenient for the narrative they are pushing to assign any death to virus.

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      1. Corona just pushes people in wheelchairs in front of cars. It trips granny down the stairs. It smothers people in nursing homes. It kills off the old and infirm.

        I have no problem putting all these people on the CCP’s tab.

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        1. YES – ON THE CCP’s TAB!!!

          But don’t you DARE use their deaths to HYPE CORONA FEAR you blasted FAKE NEWS MEDIA!!!

          Donald Trump Don’t Trust Media – Media is Asshoe!!!

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  3. Interesting convo on “OT Twitter”. We just leave out one letter of the alphabet! 😉

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    1. DeB/Wilhelm is a tinpot dictator at heart – just like Ø.

      We need to send them where they would be happiest – USSR, Iran, Cuba – but get them out of the USA where they don’t fit in.

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      1. Interesting nothing ever has stopped faithful to gather for worship until now the China virus achieved it?
        We cannot allow evil to triumph over the church or Synagogue or any other Religious gathering.
        We need to do something for Easter maybe Sunrise outdoor service???

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        1. Yes, as someone mentioned somewhere, the founding fathers were quite aware of plagues and quarantines when they wrote the Constitution.


    2. “Happen under Hillary” … what a nightmare that phrase conjures up!

      We are blessed that President Trump won all the time in so many ways on dozens and dozens of issues…But this situation ranks in the top 10.

      He is using it to change gov for the better. Shudder at the thought of she/her “team” would have used it!

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  4. Those skeptical of MagaMom and the site both she and Birx point to (https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections) should note that the site’s latest data on death (as opposed to a prediction) is 154 on March 24.

    The site projects 212 fatalities on March 25th (five days ago) as most likely, but they have a confidence interval around that of 195-228.

    Anyone have a fatality figure for March 25th?

    Similarly (and repeating the 24th and 25th to make them more visible):

    for the 24th (Tue) 154 people are recorded to have died.
    for the 25th (Wed) the projection was 212 (195-228)
    for the 26th (Thu) the projection was 273 (248-300)
    for the 27th (Fri) the projection was 348 (310-392)
    for the 28th (Sat) the projection was 437 (380-508)
    for the 28th (Sat) the projection was 542 (461-648)
    for the 29th (Sun) the projection was 660 (544-815)

    We should be able to figure out pretty quickly whether this site holds any water.

    (Note: If dates start coming in near the top or bottom of their ranges, future date projections will have to be adjusted upwards or downwards.)

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    1. Whoops, I repeated the 28th, and so the bottom two rows give the right numbers but they’re ascribed to the wrong dates.

      for the 29th (Sun) the projection was 542 (461-648)
      for the 30th (Mon) the projection was 660 (544-815)

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      1. This is the 28th or 29th that I posted earlier:

        USA Cases

        USA Deaths

        Global Cases

        Global Deaths


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      1. Interesting. On the other hand, Worldometers also says 2485 total deaths so far here…and that is damn near on the centerline of the “total deaths” projections of the Birx site. Projected to be 4913 on April 1 (probably at the end of that date).

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      2. If you scroll down on worldometers, there’s a graph plotting total deaths.

        It looks like a good exponential curve…except for the 29th, which would have to be markedly higher to be on the curve.

        I wonder what happened?

        (Note: Many of their graphs can show in both linear and logarithmic mode. If it looks like a straight line on logarithmic, it’s exponential growth. And although these lines aren’t absolutely ruler straight, they’re pretty close with just the tiniest drop at the bottom.)

        If this CONTINUES to happen we’ll be peaking early, and that’s good news.

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          1. It’s possible there’s some lag on that reporting (it’s still the 29th in the Pacific time zone for one thing), and that bar will grow over the course of the day tomorrow.

            Absent that, yes, looks encouraging.

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        1. Likely because more testing was conducted/reported.

          Also – this is about the two week time for exposure to infection to take place after the Guidelines/shutdown was instituted.

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        1. LOVE IT.

          Discouraging protesters (HK, Chinese cities, Paris) was a feature that applied to other threat actors (Antifa, Occupy, MS-13) as well.

          No agitprop for you!

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      1. The reported numbers in the region don’t bear out there being horrific conditions in the hospitals. As of yesterday, we were still under 1,000 cases in the STATE, let alone this side of it. SLU, Barnes-Jewish, and Mercy SHOULD be able to take care of the majority of the metro without any issue. St. Luke’s West could be another spot. MoBap. Between those five alone, never mind St. Clair, St. Mary’s, the Christian hospitals, Mercy South, and any of the others, there’s, what, about 5,000 beds? The ICUs are transplant level in a couple cases, level 1 trauma in another. And then there’s MoBap.

        The numbers just don’t bear out that the hospitals would be overrun. They just don’t.

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    1. Just saying. Brooklyn Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital (mentioned in tweet doing the same as in this tweet have what are called loading docks. As do all city size hospitals. This loading of bodies into semi tractor trucks street side does not happen unless someone wants to create a scene. Total Bull Shit!

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        1. Ohhhh! Good catch. And he’s not the only one that’s been walking around hospitals. Saying that because Daily Mail is showing this happening all over NY.

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      1. The hell will beak loose if we find out what goes on in NYC is a big farce !
        We need to know are the overflow of patience in democrat cities? What about republican cities ? That will give us a good sense what is happening.

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    2. Bodies are not removed in public view like that – especially from hospitals. Can you imagine on any given day in NYC, that people just walking down the street witness such scenes? It doesn’t happen.
      Hospital morgues are often in the basement, and they have special ingress and egress for intake and removal of bodies, and specific protocols to NOT disturb the public.

      Even a death on a sidewalk, gets curtained off to all the looky loos.

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        1. Oh, absolutely. If people USUALLY saw bodies removed… but they don’t so this creates a false reality with accompanying fear, and raises their belief of whatever false narrative is being pushed.

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      1. Better yet shut the THREE of them in Quarantine TOGETHER for 6 to 10 weeks with the amount of food a liberal normal has in the kitchen (little to none)

        Just another case of the Liverpool Care PATHWAY they want to use on us old folks.

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      1. Yes I’m right there with you.

        Though when we complain about Microsoft Viruses not enough attention is given to Microsoft Crabgrass Office. That’s the REAL virus, in more ways than one.

        * Macro Viruses
        * BLOATWARE
        * An entire generation of mid-level managers that CANNOT function without building a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
        * Infect-ware + Spyware
        * Onedrive = Spyware
        * Outlook + Exchange = Total Corporate Spyware + Email Virii Delivery
        * PLATFORM INDEPENDENT. Malware that is just as happy on Macs as on Windows!

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        1. Yeah.

          I basically refused to upgrade past 2003. Even the Word suite in that drives me batty; they had built a beautiful paradigm for handling styles, and then partially broke it by trying to be helpful to users too lazy to learn it.

          But at least it doesn’t have the screen-hogging and obfuscative ribbon, that hides all commands behind cryptic little icons.

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  5. Dr. Raoult has successfully treated 1003 patients with the hydroxychloroquine-zithromax protocol, and has still only had 1 death among those treated.

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      1. The gene for our daughter’s disease was discovered/mapped by an Italian researcher working in Montreal Canada, where the first/most intense research was done by a French Canadian!

        The war against disease is truly a WORLD WAR!!!

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    1. Can’t imagine tolerating such an asshoe.

      Citizens, IMO should go for a walk…while social distancing.

      Civil disobedience on a grand scale…read (IMO) common sense.

      IF parks are taped off with yellow tape or whatever, cut it. IF police or someone bitch about it, sue DeBlasio, and take another walk.

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      1. Yup. It’s been a long time since anybody who actually deserves a Blow-Bell “Explosives Payoff, Shut Your Mouths And Take The Money, Science” Prize actually got one.

        The people who thwarted the Bill Gates “Fund My Vaccine Research Over Your Dead Bodies, Planned Media Hysteria, And Hiding Of Therapeutics” Plan actually deserve one.

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    1. There needs to be a blood serum test for resistance! I think that kind of test has been developed, but maybe not in full production yet. Don’t know if our over-worked labs have time to do that kind of test.

      But – they could hire new people and rent space – MOAR jobs, jobs, jobs!!!

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    2. Idea is good but 80% of our 142,793 cases have not recovered yet.

      We have 4,562 recovered and 2,490 dead of confirmed through testing WuFlu cases …. is this inaccurate?

      Would be very useful to have antibody test as many more have already been exposed, have “had” it and yet fought it off and recovered that never tested. But his #s are inaccurate.

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      1. “Idea is good but 80% of our 142,793 cases have not recovered yet.”

        Given the disease has been in country since December 2019 there are PLENTY of recovered immune people.

        Also there already is an ANTIBODY TEST. One of the CEOs yesterday (1 hour 34 minutes on the Gold State link) said so. He is the guy who talked really fast. I had to rewind to make sure I hear him correctly.

        This is the Youtube:

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        1. Good points. Testing to determine past exposure (regardless if the person has previously tested positive) will both uncover many non symptomatic/mild/stay at home cases not yet counted giving better data and will free Many who are at home trying not to become infected who have actually already been infected and beat it. They could all go back to life as “normal” because its already over for them and they just don’t know it.

          Of course, this is presuming post infection immunity. I still wonder how many “re-infections” were relapses. But does one have immunity? Does one have immunity to all similar strains?

          Great idea – but his #s are wrong. Of our diagnosed cases we have only a small fraction resolved/recovered which distracts and detracts from his premise, which is a good idea.


        2. I’d like to identify that particular CEO who talked about an antibody test. Is that different from the company testing in Telluride? Or is it the SAME ONE? If different, then the question will be WHICH antibody test to trust, both for outcomes AND for lack of leakage to CIA and ChiComs.

          WHY? Because Sadie and I are very suspicious of the company working on their antibody test in Telluride, as they have CLASSIC signs of CIA influence and CABAL affiliation. Taiwanese founder, but “Hahvahd” daughter and cabally boy as current CEOs. MAJOR SIDE EYE.

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  7. After being presumed Covid-19 positive and being nearly over it, I relapsed and was sicker this time although still not bad enough to be hospitalized, thank God. I was bad enough, or my case was intriguing enough because of the “relapse” that I got tested this time and am positive.

    I’m doing much better today so I thought I’d stop in and give you an update. Just for your info my symptoms: low grade fever, red eyes, dry cough (painful), tight chest. When I relapsed the fever returned, the cough was worse, and I had shortness of breath. So far I have only been treated with OTC guanestein (sp?), high doses of Vitamin C and zinc and other vitamins, tylenol as needed, bed rest, and now an inhaler.

    I asked for a prescription for Placquenil and a Z Pack, but the hydroxychloroquine is sold out in my area. Trying again tomorrow…….

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    1. Dear Sylvia — go wherever you have to go; do whatever you have to do, but get that HCQ and Z-pak. If you have the script, you’re mostly there.

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      1. Fever is your bodies way of fighting infection. Covid-19 does not like heat so do not take something to lower your temperature unless it is going dangerously high for you.

        Liver Damage Risk of tylenol/acetaminophen

        And DO NOT TAKE NSAIDs such as ibuprofen!
        (The French seem to have a better handle on this disease than the rest of the world.)


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    2. I’m so sorry you’ve got this ChiComVirus, Syl!

      Hugs and prayers up, for your speedy recovery!

      I hope you can get some Hydrochloroquine and Z-Pack soon!
      It breaks my heart to know that you’re having to wait.

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      1. It’s after 2:00 AM, and I’m about to crash. The cash cost of HCQ shouldn’t be that bad, and Sylvia has a script, so it’s only a case of locating some in the area between Seattle and BC, about 5 hours north of Portland. Anyone with contacts in that area or knowledge of drug logistics, please sound off now for our cherished Sylvia. And, should that not work, anyone who has a phone can make phone calls.

        If she had the HCQ, I’d still fret — but she’d be getting the best that we know about. With a script in her hand and nothing in her body, I’m upset.

        I hope I wake up and this problem has been solved (the joys of living on the West Coast).

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            1. Thanks! I’m hoping that I’m virus-free, but I can’t really tell. I act as if I’m not, even though I’m pretty sure I am. All fever long gone, no symptoms of an active infection of any kind.

              So I’m pretty sure we’re both done with ChiCom-19. CHEERS! WOLF-HOWL!!! 🐺

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    3. Also deemed helpful:
      Vit A – carrots, broccoli
      Vit D3 – take gel caps.
      Vit C – pills, oranges, fresh parsley/greens!

      Blessing you – we love you, our dear feisty Shovel Lady!

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    4. Download the GoodRX app on your phone. Put in drug info. It will show all the pharmacies near you by price that carry drug. Start calling them one by one until you find it. You’re gonna beat this. Prayers up Sweet Syl.🙏 Luv U soooo much❣ 🤗💖🤗

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        1. You’re so welcome! Azar just announced they got 31million doses this weekend, sending to the states. Surely WA will be first on the list. 😘🤗💞

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    5. Indian reservation pharmacy might be the answer to out of stock.

      BTW, have you threatened the virus with your shovel yet? That usually gets behavior to improve in a lot of situations. The mere mention of Sylvia’s shovel works half the time. 🙂

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  8. Also talked to my cousin, a retired physician in California. She returned from a trip to Morocco in December and was horribly ill with a respiratory thing. Down for six weeks. Better for a couple weeks, then got it again. From her symptoms, she thought she might have CV. But she couldn’t get tested. They have six criteria you have to meet before you get tested. She absolutely couldn’t believe I got tested. She got very dehydrated. She talked to one doctor friend still in practice who told her to stay away from the ER’s as they were death traps. She called another doctor friend (infectious diseases) and asked if she could come in and get IV fluids. He said he couldn’t because new regulations said anyone who came to his office needed to have a negative CV test……but she couldn’t get tested. Her husband said enough with this and took her to a concierge care clinic where as long as you pay them what they charge you can be treated and she got her IV and finally recovered.

    BTW, she went to every grocery store in her area last week. No TP on the shelves and no bread anywhere.

    Also, she’ll be 70 next month but her employer pressed her and other retirees back into service. She works at home with a variety of devices and screens patients that call in thinking they have the WuFlu……..

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        1. Before toilet paper…our ancestors used rags.

          Then they boiled them & washed them out to reuse.

          I keep a box of rags, old worn-out t-shirts, etc.
          So I guess we’ll use those if we have to.

          I can see it all now…
          Wheatie standing over a hot boiling pot of doo-doo rags, after we run out of TP!

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          1. We bought the bidet for a “just in case” scenario like this. The Bidet does the dirty work and then just a little tp or a rag in desperate times to pat dry.

            It isn’t actually a bidet but a bidet attachment. We lived in a rental at the time so an attachment not a full installation of a bidet.

            Husband bought one with no bells and whistles so it would last longer as less to break and so that if it did break he would have a chance of fixing it himself.

            We are preppers in the typical sense of the word. Not a lifestyle, don’t wear camo all of the time, don’t even think about these things very often. But we do think about them, make some choices, make purchases, implement and then don’t have to think about it again.

            Glad we had thought of that! Irony – had it for 10 yrs & it broke several weeks ago! But husband able to fix with phone calls to the manufacturing and an inexpensive purchase at the hardware store.

            We have saved close to $1K over the 10 yrs in tp (we talked about that while it was broken and we increased tp usage right when it was scarce!) and have prefer it now. Plus, our amount of tp will easily last. and if it doesn’t, the bidet will do the dirty work and our old rags can be kept in a bag by by the side of the toilet and then washed on sterilize in the washing machine.

            Recommend this change to anyone. Worth it when there is no emergency and now so worth to make tp last and 100x worth if we run out. Its a prepper thing, how/why we originally thought of it and bought but just blended into our life like normal. And now we remember and are grateful we took some time to think about the “just in case”! Highly recommend.

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          2. Yes……it’s a thing now. They call them “family cloths” and the greeners are all over it. I have a couple bags of old cotton T-shirts, too………..just in case! I really hope it doesn’t come to this.

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        2. Don’t know if these will help, but –

          Seattle area COVID-19 Studies

          Want to volunteer?

          Helen Chu lab, immune response, antibody studies: tinyurl.com/UWCOVID; haarvi@uw.edu

          Ruanne Barnabas lab, hydroxychloroquine: depts.washington.edu/covid19pep/

          Marion Pepper lab, antibody studies: thepepperlab.com/

          Institute for Systems Biology, drug response, genetics and immune response: isbscience.org

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    1. Sylvia,

      I think your sister may have had it, too.

      NOTE – if Sylvia’s sister got it in Morocco, it could very well have been from the CHICOM WUHAN GAMES DEPLOYMENT – which I believe was the CHICOM / CABAL attempt to get it into the world’s militaries FIRST. That happened in the SECOND HALF of October, coincident with Pelosi and Schiff having full attention on the House investigation of the Fake Whistleblower and CIA Ukraine Hoax. From there, it would have spread very quickly (but with RANDOM SUCCESS AND FAILURE) into many smaller nation’s security personnel during November and December.

      Morocco would also explain SPAIN getting hit hard via migrants.

      Antibody testing may tell a story on Sylvia’s sister, too.

      Thanks for your report, Sylvia. Very glad we presumed that you had it. You were prepared.

      Hugs and prayers!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. In looking at that map you have:

      Wahington — Sea-Tac airport nonstop flights to/from China

      California — SFO had daily flights FROM Wuhan
      MARCH 18th: 3 Chinese airlines resume SFO flights

      Illinois — Chicago O’Hare to/from Wuhan

      Texas — Dallas/Ft Worth nonstop flights to/from Wuhan



      Top Routes to Wuhan
      Chicago to Wuhan (ORD – WUH)
      Newark to Wuhan (EWR – WUH)
      San Diego to Wuhan (SAN – WUH)
      Phoenix to Wuhan (PHX – WUH)
      Los Angeles to Wuhan (LAX – WUH)
      Washington to Wuhan (DCA – WUH)
      Detroit to Wuhan (DTW – WUH)
      Boston to Wuhan (BOS – WUH)
      Minneapolis to Wuhan (MSP – WUH)
      Washington to Wuhan (IAD – WUH)
      New York to Wuhan (JFK – WUH)
      Seattle to Wuhan (SEA – WUH)

      “A map of the United States shows where Arab immigrants have clustered over the years. The largest cluster, by far, is in southeast Michigan.” (Think Iran)


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      1. Didn’t see BWI (Baltimore). Surprised me for a moment. DCA (Reagan) and IAD (Dulles) largely disburse to VA, MD and DC. Onward flights along east coast. When living in northern MD late 80s, used DCA for ease. IAD a pain in the ass – location and airport itself. Terrible.

        Worldometers shows VA + MD + DC ~ 2,800. Still below cities in PPT charts above.

        PA, slightly north IAD ~4,100. Plus onward flights from IAD on smaller regional AC.


  9. Florida …a few updates…closing in on 5,000 confirmed cases

    article link…


    at top of that page…plse click on dark red bar that says Breaking News-Interactive Map

    Total Cases : 4,950

    Positive Residents : 4,768

    Hospitalized : 633

    Deaths : 60

    Miami-Dade : 1,448

    Broward : 992

    Palm B : 368

    Collier : 97

    ( also…a highly contagious covid infested cruise ship passing thru Panama Canal…seeking to port in Ft Lauderdale (!!)…Broward…will provide a link…)

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    1. Assuming that “Broward” is Broward county, just looked it is, then you’d think the people there would run like hell giving they have to know Broward County is in Deep State’s back yard.


  10. F&F – VP of Staten Island Medical Ops, 2 Hospital Systems, Dr. Strange – SI surge this week, close to capacity, looking for non-traditional places to create new beds, vents in place, getting in more staff. Been getting appropriate equipment, personnel. In house 100+ hospitalized w/symptoms, both daily discharge 2-3 for every 1 admitted, other hospital has 200, they’ve seen 2000 positive, sent home to quarantine those not admitted

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    1. F&F
      Dr. Daniel Varga, Hackensack Meridian Health, loranlamib (sp) drug (used for HIV, breast cancer) option for use on patients. Tones down immune response so lungs don’t get injured.
      Clinical innovation, using Prone ventilation is putting patients on stomach, let’s lungs expand easier to get more oxygen.
      Trials – Remdecivir for moderate/severe patients, some got well & went home, some still in ICU. Using HCQ on approx 300 ICU patients. Some have done well, 9 extubated and gone home. Also using HCQ as prophylactics for caregivers.

      Sounds like we’re going to have a menu of drugs for everyone as some may/may not work for all.

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      1. Hydroxychloroquine could be bad for the heart/ heart patients

        Journal of the American College of Cardiology
        MARCH 2018

        Note it is ONE PATIENT!! AND he was taking hydroxychloroquine for the last 8 years.

        Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a common anti-rheumatic medication, can be cardiotoxic and cause systolic or diastolic heart failure (HF).

        A 65 year old man presented with acute decompensated HF. He had a history of rheumatoid arthritis, and had been treated with hydroxychloroquine for the last 8 years. Echocardiography revealed a left ventricular ejection fraction of 25%, with diffuse hypokinesis. Coronary angiography demonstrated non-obstructive coronary disease. Treatment was initiated with guideline directed medical therapy, and patient clinically improved.
        HCQ cardiotoxicity is an uncommon cause of HF. CMR and EMB are useful diagnostic tools for establishing a diagnosis, which is important clinically as discontinuing the medication may result in myocardial recovery.

        I THINK THIS IS THE SOURCE of the Media calling the drug ‘dangerous’ (aside from the aquarium cleaner.)

        This lists the side effects:

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        1. I’ve heard Drs say they test and monitor hearts of Lupis and RA patients on long term HCQ therapy. HCQ can also cause permanent eye damage.

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        2. Yes, has been noted there are some small subsets that need to stay away from the drug. Doctors will know to prescribe or not and at what doses I’d think unless we get some deep state docs in there that just have to prescribe wrong because oaths mean nothing to these types. Wouldn’t rule that out.

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  11. Holland America cruise ship….

    …starting it’s move toward Florida…

    article link…


    March 29, 2020

    …carrying 4 bodies along with “scores” of “patients” with covid-like symptoms….

    heading for either Miami or Ft Lauderdale/ Port Everglades (Broward !)

    coming thru Panama Canal from South America…Chile had denied them entry..ppl started getting ill from the crud…

    wait staff onboard = sickened ppl from Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia …!

    not a good idea !

    also not a good idea : taking a cruise at this time…!

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    1. I strongly suspect cruise lines of employing illegals cheap in exchange for passage.

      Cruise ships are like floating sardine cans and like airlines, limited air supply/exchange and likelihood of cross contamination is great.

      Look how many cruise ships have been infected with COVID-19!


      It would take a great deal of time and cost for adequate investigation to trace the crew, passengers, the origin of the infections – AND – the persons exposed by being in contact with all of these people – bet it ain’t getting done!!!

      PS – largest cruise ship line Carnival’s owner is a longtime neighbor of Trump in S FL.

      Cruise lines are possibly as big a business as Vegas casinos and Hollywood.

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    2. CRUISE LINES AND AIRLINES – and their passengers – would greatly benefit from the fairly new UV-C light disinfectant technology employed by top hospitals to eliminate bacteria and proven effective against coronavirus and other viruses. Has helped a lot of hospitals win against stubborn staph infections in Operating Rooms!!!


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        1. No experience with UV lights yet. I saw the ones at our new hospital wing in use – and it was very impressive.

          Here’s how to make your own UV disinfection boxes if you ever need anything bigger.

          HOW TO MAKE a home made UV light
          1. https://sciencing.com/lights-give-off-uv-rays-8332010.html

          2. DIY Lamp – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83JMJ9_WqJ8

          3. https://www.cupofinsanity.com/blog/2017/06/20/my-diy-uvc-light-sterilizer/

          4. https://www.instructables.com/id/UV-Shoe-Sanitizer-Box/

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    1. Exaggerates quite a bit as the spread is likely just the point of touch and likely requires enough of the virus to have an effect but yes, that.

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  12. Your Charmin bears reminded me, the other day our son travelled a few communities over to visit a friend who is going stir crazy working from home–he moved into his own place from his parents’ home just days before the lockdown scenario kicked in around here. Anyway, my husband counseled him to take some TP with him in case he got pulled over so he could say it was an emergency supply run!

    Here’s a few more tidbits from the Michigan home front.

    Husband got a facebook message passed on from a friend claiming to be from a nurse in Novi, MI who after a long shift was called back to work but to go to a hospital in Southfield, MI. Supposedly this nurse was completely overwhelmed at that hospital & said things were very bad. Apparently they were out of ventilators & had seemingly no way to treat any CV patients that might come in. They were even running out of Tylenol to give patients. I guess this info was presented in an emotional video format so maybe it is a real person’s perspective? I don’t know if this is a legit report or more like “fear porn” targeted to local communities to keep them upset.

    Rush’s fill-in host on Friday read out a letter from Henry Ford Hospital system, based in Detroit, where they were outlining their planned “worst case” scenario. It ultimately lead to rationing ventilators & keeping elderly people comfortable as they were being left to die (my interpretation)–copy of the letter in a reply to my comment. These measures are not currently being put into practice supposedly, but given gov Gretchen “half” Whitmer’s refusal to allow CHQ treatment in MI it seems likely that people might be going down hill &/or dying that could be on the mend otherwise. I’ve heard others in media refer to the HFH letter as the beginning of “death panels”…

    I went looking for a copy of that letter to share & found this link at the HFH website:


    Saturday husband broke out his smoker & created some amazingly delicious pork ribs. The smell was tormenting our neighbor so he passed a small rack over the fence to ease the neighbor’s suffering. We invited our son & his wife, who live nearby (they’d been over last Sunday for “house church”) because husband’s meat creations are pretty legendary. Well, they are now getting into more extreme isolation practices & were fearful to come over & didn’t even want a “porch delivery” of this great food…hmm. We’re rotating cooking duties around here to allow everyone to get experience & creative outlets.

    That son’s work is now being done from home by most of his co-workers. In the last week our son has usually been the only employee to go in onsite to keep things going. He was supposed to trade off work from home days w/ co-workers but so far has had to always be the guy on site. Perhaps this is contributing to their increasing fears?

    A friend’s wife was having concerning symptoms so he took her to the ER. She has a pending test for CV but has been told to “quarantine” for 14 days. We’re not sure what that means for them, she’s the mom of 3 young kids.

    Another friend was diagnosed with strep throat but is being kept at a hospital for observation…hmm…

    Husband’s office mate was getting so freaked out by CV concerns that she was breaking out with cold sores from the stress. She’s some degree of a hypochondriac & tends to disinfect her work space w/ Lysol whenever sick co-workers stopped by before the CV situation. She has now decided to take a voluntary lay-off which increases my guy’s work load as he’ll have to cover for her in addition to getting all the needed parts & supplies in to keep their location up & running. At least this may mean the door to their work space can be closed to cut down on the extreme temp issues & noise stressors for hubby.

    Husband’s boss remarked on the provisions in the recent emergency bill that people are not going to come to work if they can get their full pay while staying home…is the fix going to complicate the economic problems for many?

    We’re not sure if Michigan will stay on “lockdown” through April 30th or the April 13th date previously set by Whitmer. The uncertainty aspect of all of this is part of what makes things more unsettling.

    Our kids, & a few friends, got to the park to play kickball (like baseball with a soccer ball). They chose a park that wasn’t adjacent to neighborhood backyards & no one tried to stop them. One of the friends who came along was recently laid off from his restaurant management job.

    Daughter got to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons w/ her boyfriend & friends in some type of video chat, I believe. Son has some video chatting time w/ friends. Our special needs son & his main worker were able to get out & about a few times over the weekend, including a drop-in visit on son’s girlfriend/fiancee. Our kids enjoy each other’s company so there’s still a lot of laughter around here, we always have fun one way or another! Some of us even busted out a game of Cribbage over the weekend!

    Family members observed a little old lady driving solo in her car wearing a mask & rubber gloves, apparently afraid of contaminating herself in her own environment!

    Another friend is wearing a mask when taking her dog on a walk in her neighborhood. On the other hand my husband walked our dog (he was in the middle of the street to allow her the most retractable leash as possible to explore) & ran into another dog walker who really wanted her dogs to meet ours. The dogs had an enjoyable meet & greet & the lady was excited to see our dog & petting her. She also seemed grateful to be able to have a chat with my honey (he realized that CV issues made these choices “risky” but decided to be neighborly regardless). They had an interesting chat about her bird dogs & her husband’s hunting exploits.

    Yesterday we had our second consecutive “house church”, just with the 5 of us who live here. We had a few songs chosen by various people, a small scripture reading & mini discussion/message mostly by my husband & then an informal prayer time. It’s a huge blessing to be brothers & sisters in Christ with your own kids!!! It was again refreshing & encouraging & helped to lift everyone’s spirits in these unusual times. God is still on His Throne & He will never leave us or forsake us!

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    1. Here is the letter, mentioned in my comment above & discussed on Rush’s show on Friday…

      Henry Ford Hospital Letter from this site:


      The letter
      “To our patients, families and community:

      Please know that we care deeply about you and your family’s health and are doing our best to protect and serve you and our community. We currently have a public health emergency that is making our supply of some medical resources hard to find. Because of shortages, we will need to be careful with resources. Patients who have the best chance of getting better are our first priority. Patients will be evaluated for the best plan of care and dying patients will be provided comfort care.

      What this means for you and your family:

      1. Alert staff during triage of any current medical conditions or if you have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)/Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) or other important medical information.

      2. If you (or a family member) becomes ill and your medical doctor believes that you need extra care in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Mechanical Ventilation (breathing machine) you will be assessed for eligibility based only on your specific condition.

      3. Some patients will be extremely sick and very unlikely to survive their illness even with critical treatment. Treating these patients would take away resources for patients who might survive.

      4. Patients who are not eligible for ICU or ventilator care will receive treatment for pain control and comfort measures. Some conditions that are likely (to) make you not eligible include:

      Severe heart, lung, kidney or liver failure
      Terminal cancers
      Severe trauma or burns
      5. Patients who have ventilator or ICU care withdrawn will receive pain control and comfort measures:

      6. Patients who are treated with a ventilator or ICU care may have these treatments stopped if they do not improve over time. If they do not improve this means that the patient has a poor chance of surviving the illness — even if the care was continued. This decision will be based on medical condition and likelihood of getting better. It will not be based on other reasons such as race, gender, health insurance status, ability to pay for care, sexual orientation, employment status or immigration status. All patients are evaluated for survival using the same measures.

      7. If the treatment team has determined that you or your family members does not meet criteria to receive critical care or that ICU treatments will be stopped, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can ask for a review by a team of medical experts (a Clinical Review Committee evaluation.)”

      The health system responded to Bagley’s Twitter post at 11:22 p.m. Thursday, writing in a Twitter post: “With a pandemic, we must be prepared for worst case. With collective wisdom from our industry, we crafted a policy to provide guidance for making difficult patient care decisions. We hope never to have to apply them. We will always utilize every resource to care for our patients.”

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      1. Here are some other Michigan related stories, fyi (I haven’t necessarily read them)–Blessings!

        Michigan coronavirus case totals rise to 5,486, with 132 deaths

        this one claims to have “live updates” of CV info

        This is a re-purposing of the TCF center, & the first time ever cancelling of the Detroit International Auto Show, a premier SE MI annual event…

        More Michigan National Guardsmen called to duty

        A pancake breakfast sent dozens of DPD officers into quarantine

        ‘Southeast Michigan is burning’: Cases double every 3 days

        15 Michigan sites being considered for field hospitals

        Well hopefully this has been helpful. There are also stories about prominent people who’ve died related to CV as well as cases & concerns (deaths at Ford, cases in nursing homes, no basketball in Dearborn parks, grocery store directives concerning people in some communities, etc) mostly connected to our area. Of course there is a defense of Gretchen “half” Whitmer here:

        People flock to Whitmer’s defense using #ThatWomanInMichigan

        Have a blessed day all you glorious Q-Treepers!!!

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    2. That’s my number 1 question. Are there going to be checks, cross checks to insure businesses aren’t getting money to pay for employees that are also collecting UE and Fed money?? Friend told me yesterday he’s looking forward to his $1200, I asked why??, you are still working!! He said everyone less than $75k on last tax return gets $1200. Anyone know if restrictions are placed on the money?? I’m sensing massive fraud.

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      1. Well, the money wasn’t originally supposed to be for unemployment or living expenses. It was supposed to be “stimulus,” which would be EXTRA money for people to hopefully spend back into the economy, which would help jump start it since things are shut down.

        NOW all these people are out of work, but they also extended the unemployment benefits to be the same as the amount people make, not 2/3 or whatever.

        Whatever happens, this thing is going to cost a MASSIVE amount of money.

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  13. The City of St. Louis today closed all tennis, handball and basketball courts in the 110 city parks. The golf courses are open, but golfers have to walk the courses. No carts for now.

    All walking trails and paths are open, though.

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    1. No carts? Well, let’s just violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. We’re the govt so we don’t have to pay for the lawyers.

      Does St. Louis have secret info showing that COVID-19 uses golf carts to infect massive numbers of people?

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      1. Oh, their acknowledgement is definitely coming.
        Countdown: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 wait one hour 999.999.999.999.999.999.999 wait one hour 999.999.999.999.999.999.998 . . . . .


  14. So – with the formal FDA approval, the 100% success rate of Dr.Zelensky in NY on 699 COVID-19 patients, the success rate of the French physician, that our VSGPOTUS recommended it to the whole nation early on – what excuses will be used to justify any delay in administering the cocktail to save infected people’s lives now – today? Next up will be the actual results on the 1100 administered in NY that started 3 days ago.

    When you see the cautions and excuses start coming out of the medical community – you know who is controlled or brainwashed. Meanwhile, people die. Sickening.

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    1. malicious and venal….loathsome…shameful…corrupt…disgraceful..


      the demented Joe Biden is the Poster Boy for the deranged Left.


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      1. I actually wrote my demand on paper and referenced “Right to Try,” so if I suddenly become incapacitated, my family can hand it to the doctor. It’s signed and dated, and I hope if it were to be denied, my kids could sue whoever refused into bankruptcy.

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  15. Dr. Oz – POTUS correct to extend, If we’re to believe, China data did show 23-24 days before peak, which puts us into middle of next week for max number. NYC is war zone, has chapels filled w/bodies
    French Dr. is controversial, not well liked for what he’s doing, but China also used HCQ and Zpac. Columbia, Minnesota, and now North Carolina doing trials on HCQ. Data back in April? (side note – New China propaganda out bashing us for using HCQ🙄)
    Pneumonia shot does not help, it is for bacterial bug, not virus.
    Still not enough kits for Post quarantine testing – Threshold must be free of fever 3 days, free of any other symptoms for 3 days, AND 7 days since initiation of disease
    Biggest issue now – hospitals need test results back within 24hrs, now taking 5-7days…how long before new 5/15 minute tests distributed – (saw 50,000 going out today)

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    1. Dr. Oz,

      Sounds FULL OF SCHIFF!

      “French Dr. is controversial, not well liked for what he’s doing” Translation:
      The Cabal does NOT LIKE the fact the Top doctor is ruining their Plandemic with known approved drugs when they were PLANNING on MANDATING the Gates micro-chip vaccine.

      Still not enough kits for Post quarantine testing
      So extend the quarantine! SHEEZH we are not talking millions of people here!

      It sounds like the kits are being ramped up ASAP. President Trump does NOT allow the news out until they are actually ready to go.

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      1. Also OZ says bodies stacking up in chapels. Well, yeah if the funeral homes are closed and no ones coming to pick up bodies then they stack up for all kind of reasons.

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        1. Bodies stacked up anywhere without refrigeration will takes about 36 hours to decompose far enough to cause everyone to flee the hospital. 48 hours and even the patients in comas will awaken from the stench.

          Nobody except a complete ignoramus would believe you can just keep dead people laying around. I have no idea what Oz was talking about but he clearly did not mean that literally. Or he’s had too much to drink.

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      1. Thanks for the tip! There are some sketchy dudes in the music world. For example, James Levine, according to a hometown girl who sang with the Met.

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  16. POTUS F&F interview…really good.

    He called out Michigan Governor, sick puppy, all she did was focus on impeachment.
    Nasty Nan has a “slum”
    He has a friend with CV in a coma.

    Next month will be a month of great achievement, the culmination of a lot of hard work.

    We will WIN and it will be fairly soon.

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    1. This is the dilemma I’ve had from the beginning: Yes, we know the cabal will do anything to hurt America and Pres. Trump. And we know our lives count for nothing in their eyes.

      We know the media will hype the seriousness of the crisis to make Pres. Trump look incompetent, to cause chaos and panic, to lessen confidence in our country and leaders, and to forward their agenda.

      On the other hand, I’m tired of stories that compare the number of deaths between the flu and the WuFlu, as if to say we shut down our economy for something that happens every year anyway. These stories ignore the unpredictability of WuFlu, that people who are not in at-risk populations are dying, that it is spreading rapidly, the overwhelming of hospitals and the health care system, etc.

      Do any of those people think those “few” deaths don’t matter? If it’s all about statistics, are they willing to step up and sacrifice their own lives and those of their loved ones so the quota can be reached and the rest of us can get on with our lives? I don’t think so.

      There has to be a balance between realizing the agenda of the Left and countering it, and recognizing the genuine threat to our health and health care system. I don’t think constant headlines comparing flu deaths help. (There is one site in particular that keeps doing this.) I think Pres. Trump knows more than we do, that he is not being duped by statisticians and globalists, and that he is acting wisely to balance real concern and safety measures against media propaganda.

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      1. Last night President Trump extended the quarantine until the end of April….

        HOWEVER with the Trump Protocol — (hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin)
        With rapid self-administered tests

        I would not be surprised to see at least parts of the USA opened for business by Easter, April 12th.

        It is ALWAYS better to give the worse case and then surprise with a best case.

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        1. I agree, Gail, and hope you are correct! Very soon Dr. Birx et al should have the county-by-county data to discern which parts of states can ease some restrictions.

          I DO wish the PSAs were more like this:
          Virus spreads primarily from your hands to your mouth, eyes,nose.
          Wash your hands after you return home from anywhere, and wash your hands hourly (or more) while in your home
          REFRAIN from touching your face. One reason we touch face often is to brush back stray hairs. Tie hair back. Wear hair clips or cap to keep stray hairs off of face and do not scratch, rub or touch face. Don’t pick nose.


          We are so overwhelmed right now, this simple message would resonate without all the bells and whistles in the PSAs I am seeing.

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            1. There’s a clever video of a hand puppet singing a lamentation to the face about why the face won’t let the hand touch it anymore. One line is about the hand missing being able to “pick the nose”. 🤓


        1. He graduates this yr.
          All job prospects have been put on hold.
          Such a shame.
          He’s still down there, working on his senior project, big, Capstone thing, but no final word. All the final presentations have been cancelled. His partner for the project went home to Maine. What to do? No answers yet.
          Classes are still going on.. ….. all on-line.
          One professor has a class Tues and Thurs at 8:00am, but she is taking attendance.
          She could do a Periscope or youtube video so the kids could watch it at their convenience….. but no.
          NO graduation.
          Almost no dating going on either.

          At the high school next door, no one is there.
          Such a shame.
          The kids almost always take their senior and prom pics at our house. Class favorites always spend a day here with a photographer. Nothing this year.

          We have one case of China Virus in town, a local minister who caught it from his son, who traveled abroad. STILL no word on where his son went.

          Grocery store is overflowing with goods, no problem there but we are in the middle of distribution hub. Everything else is kind of quiet.
          Tons of people out walking, kids on bikes, enjoying the sunshine. We’ve had the house open for DAYS but it is a little chilly this morning.
          Our lone guest, major exec for an EMS service out of Memphis is giving us great ground reports of what is going on in the “big city”.
          I cannot tell you how grateful she is to be here, out of the city, comfortable and safe.
          If it does get bad, here, she will be in the middle of it all.

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          1. Thanks for the report, Daughn 🤓 For many of us, this crisis – manufactured and real – is one of many in our decades on earth. For Gunner, it is one of his first life events that not only rocks his world, but makes his future undiscernible right now. WE know he will get through this and his life’s path will return to a sense of control, but he might feel much more off kilter – kind of like I did during the riots and assassinations in 1968. I thought we’d lost our country forever.

            Let Gunner know we love him, depend on him, and are all doing our part to make sure his future in our great nation will be a promising one. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

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      1. Took an enormous pot of chicken soup/stew down to our police department, at least 16qts. They polished it off in one day.
        Love those guys and they are filling in for those who were hit hard in Jonesboro, thus the group remaining here is short. Gotta stay healthy!!!!!

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  17. I’m not sure where I came across it this morning, and of course, I can’t find it now, but the charts are claiming that with the shelter in place order, the actual flu outbreak took a nosedive. The last three weeks were straight down on the chart.

    Silver lining for sure if it’s true.

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    1. This is the past decade showing each year. The VISITS have gone up as the IDed for normal flu has gone down. (May be from fear porn.)

      Although note: Week 12 begins on Monday, March 16, 2020 while the up turn seems to have started Week 9 beginning on February 24, 2020

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      1. Jackson Hole showing up on this map. Why? travel destination? b/c of west coasters & NYers flying to their 2nd homes and bringing it with them? curious…
        Some odd hot spots

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          1. Right, there are only 3.3 million in all of Mississippi.
            Looks like New Orleans is spreading our way, however.

            Was talking to Big T this morning. Here’s the point: Everyone, and I mean everyone, who lives on the Gulf Coast has an evacuation plan in the event of a big hurricane. We ALL have relatives and friends on the coast, and they all evacuate to us in times of trouble.
            Well, this is one of those times.

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        1. Curious about WY, I went to the dept of health and look at their stats.
          they are publishing data I haven’t seen on the other state stats including hospitalization rate, symptoms of confirmed cases and the date symptoms developed v. date of confirmed tests.

          The list of symptoms displayed is a reminder that we might still be under testing as not all cases present all symptoms on the check list.

          A helpful map would be per capita per county…anyone know of a map like that?


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      2. Well, looking at the updated map you shared & the election 2016 maps I shared below there is a decent amount of overlap with Democratic voting counties &/or higher population density counties with the disease spread, but it’s not entirely consistent. Here’s my rough analysis of what I see…

        Looking at CA for 2016 almost all the Pacific coastal counties were Dem but much less so for the disease spread. In fact the heaviest disease per capita in CA borders NV, is that near Lake Tahoe?

        Looking at TX for 2016 there is strong Dem presence along the Mexico bordering counties but that’s not at all the case for the disease spread. This probably means that there is almost no CV coming into TX from Mexico I would guess.

        Looking at DC for the election map there is a large Dem leaning population (which obviously goes without saying) but on the disease map there’s not even a blip of disease there which is pretty intriguing given all the international interactions that go on in that town. Could this be a bit of anecdotal evidence to support the theory that Dem power players (& their loyal staffs & bureaucrats) have all been on the prophylactic HCQ treatments, so they are all safe from the pandemic?

        In CO the election map has a decent amount of overlap with the disease map in particular with the near perfect N to S counties mostly just one county from CO’s western border…hmm…

        AK & HI have no correlation between the electoral map & the disease spread one…

        WA electoral dem counties are almost always also disease counties, but there are more disease counties than those dem voting ones. I wonder where that practically ground zero nursing home was located & if the disease spread widely in the area before things got more “locked down”?

        OR is mostly low level disease & the higher concentration counties are adjacent to the 2016 dem voting ones, perhaps there is only one county overlapping.

        LA, MS, & AR all have major dem cluster counties all along the Mississippi River & similar disease spread areas that are more interior in LA & AR than the electoral results.

        Following the Mississippi River north we find that the major Dem voting areas in WI, MN, & IA are much less disease impacted.

        Chicago area, OH, & MI dem voting areas have a decent overlap with the disease intensity as does PA, though the disease spreads more widely in PA than just the dem voting areas.

        The NYC, NJ, & CT area has a wider spread county wise than just the dem voting areas of 2016. Upstate NY & VT strong dem voting areas are hit or miss on the disease intensity.

        FL, GA, & AL appear to have a somewhat loose correlation between dem voting counties & CV spread.

        SC is somewhat similar between the 2016 map & the CV one but NC is much less so.

        NM & AZ have much less disease spread overall but the more impacted counties, at leas in NM seem to be the dem leaning ones, while the ones in AZ are adjacent to the dem ones.

        UT & WY have No dem voting 2016 counties so that perspective is invalid for analysis there. UT appears to have the disease more correlated with higher population counties, but it’s harder to discern for WY because the population density voting map doesn’t provide state borders & I’m not familiar enough with those western states to make an educated guess.

        ID & MT have the disease density in seemingly dem leaning areas but some MT dem areas don’t show much disease spread.

        ND & SD seem to have about the same percentage of counties that went dem in 2016 as disease laden ones now but the overlap is pretty hit & miss…

        So without going over Every state showing disease &/or dem voting it appears that trying to draw a correlation between 2016 dem voting counties &/or denser population counties is only partially “predictive” of the disease spread. Common sense would likely suggest that larger population density would lead to greater disease spread & that many dem leaning cities also promote population density & mass transit (Agenda 21 goals) that would increase contagion but those factors Alone are insufficient to predict the location &/or magnitude of the disease spread.

        Just giving it a visual overview, without crunching numbers I would speculate that dem political leanings &/or increased population density are both Loosely correlated with the disease intensity & spread, likely more than 50 percent. Some of the lesser populated counties may also be “seeded” with disease by those who travel there to escape their home turf so that might explain some of the outlier “hotspots”, like a county in MI’s northern lower peninsula or perhaps the border county of CA w/ NV.

        Temperature factors &/or racial/ethnic factors may also come into play. In parts of the southwest in TX, AZ, & NM the heavily dem areas don’t seem to display significant disease progression & that is the case in CA too. However the disease presence along the southern Mississippi River & in FL would suggest that the temp factor might not be what is limiting the disease spread in those other locations necessarily.

        Here are the maps I was using to compare to your disease maps for this “exercise”–Blessings!

        & for ease of comparison, hopefully this displays the map you shared…

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    1. I wanted to compare the map you shared with the ones I brought up in my previous comment
      to see if my “prognostication” is at least partly borne out…so here are the maps…

      I’ll share my comparative insights in a following comment, assuming the maps show OK…This will be based on where the virus was likely more problematic not about which parts of the US might get opened up economically sooner…

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    1. This is demographics for what country/state?
      This is not accurate demographics for the US as we have had under 20 yrs of age die.


  18. UPDATE:

    The site that Birx touted has been updated sometime this morning, so I’ll show what changed in [square brackets] also known as Q’s kill brackets.

    for the 24th (Tue) 154 people are recorded to have died. [Unchanged]
    for the 25th (Wed) the projection was 212 (195-228) [Now says 230 people DID die]
    for the 26th (Thu) the projection was 273 (248-300) [Now says 266 people DID die]
    for the 27th (Fri) the projection was 348 (310-392) [Now says 384 people DID die]
    for the 28th (Sat) the projection was 437 (380-508) [Now says 429 people DID die]
    for the 29th (Sun) the projection was 542 (461-648) [Now says 439 people DID die]
    for the 30th (Mon) the projection was 660 (544-815) [The projection has been changed to 607 (557-659), which is good news!]

    further dates which I did not capture last night, so I can’t see changes made since then.

    for the 31st (Tue) projection 722 (644-804)
    for the 1st (Wed) projection 846 (728-970)
    for the 2nd (Thu) projection 981 (819-1155)
    for the 3rd (Fri) projection 1121 (899-1355)
    for the 4th (Sat) projection 1284 (975-1575)
    for the 5th (Sun) projection 1412 (1048-1788)

    The peak is expected to be on April 15: 2265 (1,212-3428). If the high end of the range is followed, the peak will be a couple of days later , if the low end is followed, the peak will be earlier.


    The projections shown as of last night (the ones I originally posted) turned out to be pretty solid, with the actual numbers zig-zagging across the “most likely” line (which tells me they did a good job of prediction), EXCEPT for Sunday. However, I’ve seen the reported deaths for Sunday climb since last night; I think there is some lag in the reporting. The death number for yesterday probably isn’t final even now.

    They have lowered the projection for today, which is good news. The new likely value (607) is still within the old range, but at least it’s towards the bottom of that range (which could mean an earlier peak).

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  19. Asking for an expert to interpret the Flu vs/and ChiComVirus DEATH STATISTICS:

    Are Medical/Government “authorities” COMBINING Flu DEATHS into ChiComVirus DEATHS reporting?

    Liked by 12 people

    1. If they aren’t test or are testing inaccurately, it’s all at play vis-a-vis manipulated stats.

      “What number do you want it to be?” was our back-office joke during auditing season.

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