20200328: CoronaCRISIS/China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

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We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

399 thoughts on “20200328: CoronaCRISIS/China Virus Daily Thread

  1. I dropped the HUGE news about HCQ/AZM (French study Daughn posted about) on S.E. Cupp’s timeline as a DARE for her to cover.

    Check out the thread…..


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        1. Yup. With a President like Trump – who accomplishes more in a day than other presidents did in a month AND figures out how to communicate directly with We the People, the press is realizing they are irrelevant. They might still be getting a paycheck, but their jobs hold no value to anyone.

          And WE are calling them on their shit.

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      1. Check this out!!!

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          1. THANK YOU!. There are still some here, that cannot yet see it for what it WAS and IS. I was just ahead of the curve, THANKS to people like you and others. My radar was up from DAY one, when they went 24/7 HYPE. Then there was the tote board. Then, strike three having team Cabal in Hillary and Obam ATTACK the cure, and the MESSENGER in Trump. ALL I needed to see!

            Thank you and others like GAFL, Daughn, Wheatie, and others too numerous to mention. You made us SEE. You gave us POWER in INFORMATION, and you gave us a PLACE to discuss and SPREAD the info.


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            1. When we finally do the complete forensics on the “pandemic”, and timeline it with everything the ChiComs, Dems, “epidemic investors”, and Fake News have done or not done, they are going to be in deep doo-doo.

              BIO-9/11 was a DUD, and we are grabbing the bullet in our BODY ARMOR OF TRUTH as it sputters out of the murder weapon.

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      1. I am more convinced this is a Soros op. Whitmer used to work for a Soros company. Not sure what the Nevada governor’s connection is but that place is corrupt.

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        1. SPOT ON. This Farcedemic IS an OP. Period. TOO MANY coincidences, including the INDIFFERENCE to this virus by all the 70 and 80 year olds in Congress. They PLAYED politics, and were WHOLLY unconcerned by their OWN supposed RISK to acquire this virus. WAHT does that tell you?

          In my discussion with Wolf the other day, he revealed on their recent Congressional field trip to Africa, they ALL were given guess what? Chloroquine for Malaria. Thinks are just TOO convenient. There are MANY more, but I have already written them ad nauseum here, we were SNOWED.

          We need to tell the Cabal…”hey boys…it’s your uncle Bingo…TIME to pay the CHECK!”

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        2. She was APPOINTED by judges as a county prosecutor in 2016, when the existing prosecutor was caught with hookers. That enabled her to get to the governor’s office. So I will bet that she is a “Soros DA project” spawn of some kind, and they used a NON-ELECTORAL METHOD to get her in. Possibly ABUSED NSA DATA. If they can find the ABUSE OF NSA DATA (Adam Schiff?) that was used to nail the predecessor and get her in, then they can likely take out some SOROS BLACK HATTERY in the system.

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    2. Occom’s razor Wolf, HCQ + AZM IS the cure. More Truth bombs, they KNOW IT, probably ALL cabal have HAD it to prevent them from getting it, and they will CONTINUE to attack it. Know why? Because the REALLLY REALLY want their weapon.

      They KNOW spring is HERE for most of the country, and it will soon be ALL of the country. Warm weather does 2 things, exacerbates cabin fever from this farcedemic sequester, AND it KILLS or SLOWS the spread of this virus to NILL.

      I find it EXCEEDINGLY interesting that one of the HOAXES that fed this fire, Neil Fergusson, has had to revise his “projections” by 95% DOWN. It took EFFOR to “miss” THAT badly.

      This, my friend was yet ANOTHER false flag, this time using a REAL virus, seeding it amongst it’s MOST effective, in KEY areas (senior cruises, nursing homes, hell maybe even bingo parlors) and WAITING for the inevitable death, and then hyping it to the MAX to get us to WILLINGLY give up our money, jobs, businesses, and FREEDOM.

      It ALMOST worked, and they might’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for that rotten Trump (apologies to Scooby Doo fans).

      Now, the REAL questions, are this

      WHEN to end the farcedemic
      WHO (pun intended) is held accountable?
      What will be done to those that started this, FANNED the flames, obfuscated the TRUTH, and are NOW attempting to prolong the agony by withholding the CURE?

      We WILL get to the WHY and WHERE this all began, and those people need tried, convicted and executed for this crime of thousands of deaths, TRILLIONS in losses, and incalculable suffering.

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      1. We all know it. Trish Regan knew it weeks ago and got canned for saying it. I just cannot imagine the way forward to hold anyone accountable. No one is ever Roger-Stoned except Roger Stone.

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        1. Oh this, the effort to COVER the coming justice for a coup, is a MAGNITUTDE worse than the coup. They will have NO defense for unleashing a KILLER virus on the world, nor the hysteria and damage it did.

          There WILL be accountability, there HAS TO BE. They were STUPID in their desperation. Play STUPID games, win STUPID prizes.

          I wonder yet if these FOOLS yet realize that in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, over their OWN hysteria Pandemic, The President has BROAD powers, like NEVER before. He CAN declare martial law. He CAN suspend Habeus corpus, he CAN arrest the responsible, he CAN hold them for trial, and he can make it a MILITARY tribunal.

          The penalty for treason is DEATH in times of an emergency or WAR. The penalty for crimes against humanity is ALSO DEATH.

          Keep that in mind, these fools were desperate, the sowed the whirlwind, now they shall REAP what they have SOWN.

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          1. I believe Trump could even release exemplary evidence of these people plotting. I’m sure it will be very convincing, too. There will always be people who DON’T hear it. Use them for the trials. The MAIN JURY OF THE PEOPLE can hear the evidence right away.


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        1. His DEATH knell will be when he comes for Hannity or even Ingraham. They are the ones along with Fox and friends and a few others keeping Fox from becoming CNN.

          Fox has MORE than Ryan or even the Murdock boys, they have INVESTORS.

          Investors that have gotten USED TO FAT PROFFITS and dividends.
          Investors that will not LIKE giving up those FAT profits, and WILL demand HEADS if they go bye bye. Head like RYAN and the Murdock boys.

          Rupert is NOT dead, he is in “retirement” He CAN and IMHO WOULD come back if his sons and Ryan destroyed his baby. Hee KNOWS all those investors, I am SURE they HAVE been on the phone, with “concerns”

          If/WHEN the bottom line drops to a noticeable limit, there WILL be action. Rupert GAVE, he CAN and WOULD take away. Money will be the factor. FOx is too big, and PROFFITABLE to tank to much further, People HAVE noticed, which mean investors HAVE noticed, which means they ARE watching. IF their money slips, it will if much more culling happens, they WILL act.

          Even Steve freaking Jobs was removed ONCE, and he was employee #1. If HE can be removed, ANYONE, even the founders sons, can be removed!

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          1. I think Beelzeryno will go “suicide bomber” on one of the bigs – probably using bogus sexual stuff, or bogus racial / “white nationalist” / “antisemitic” stuff in the case of Laura. That way he corrals as many of the other board members as possible on another FAKE TRUMP SCANDAL / FAKE FOX SCANDAL.

            They knee-jerk on it to get “whoever” out, then the truth comes back and Ryno is chased out, but not before they damage the brand of “whoever”, even if they come back.

            I can read SLEAZY RYNO like a book.

            Trish should go somewhere else where she can bring RYNO down.

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        2. Can he possibility have that much power?
          No doubt in my mind, the proper people (Q) know ALL about Ryan and he will not get away with anything.

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          1. He has a weapon – PC – which is now incredibly subversive on corporate and organizational boards that are now FORCED by companies like Goldman Sachs to be filled with BOLSHEVIK TOOLS.

            The way it works is this. Boards are FORCED not to have the “best” people – whoever those might be – but rather “X number of women, Y number of blacks, Latinos, gays, lesbians, blah blah blah”. These forced ratios will always DEPART from whatever makes sense for the company and the industry. The departure is ALLOWED BY PC in some cases, but is DISALLOWED in others, and in those cases, LOW-QUALITY POLITICAL RINGERS are inserted. These are typically people with no real sense for the industry or the company, thus becoming SOFT VOTES that can be swayed easily by PC and more influential board members. At the same time, influential political ringers like Obama, Susan Rice, and stealth Dem Paul Ryno are inserted to LEAD the others.

            It’s a RACKET to take over companies AT THE TOP.

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        1. Funny I was just trying to explain how “7 of 9’s” (Jeri Ryan of Star Trek Voyager, iirc) husband was taken out by a similar move against her husband by aka Obama’s handlers to get “BHO” nearly uncontested for the state senate seat in IL, launching his political career…like what was likely done for Gretchen “half” Whitmer, clearing the decks of competition to insert some controlled/controllable entity.

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          1. LOL, I did not realize the connection there. (And, LOL, Jack Ryan, as in Tom Clancy?)

            We know one of the other Borgs in that group of nine HAD to be named Ernest. The last one… (think of it).

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            1. Hilarious! Thanks for that.

              On a more sober note didn’t BHO’s people take out Clancy because he was writing a “fictional” tale that actually revealed what happened in the real world w/ aka Obama’s ascendancy?

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              1. Who knows?

                I know a lot of people found his books “spooky” after 9/11. One of them even ended with an airliner hitting the Capitol building. The following book, which picks up minutes later, describes Iran attempting to use ebola in biowarfare so they could, while we were pinned down by the crisis, absorb Iraq and invade Saudi. The president’s response (once the invasion had been smashed flat) was to drop a bomb on the Iranian chief mullah’s house and demand the live bodies of everyone involved in the biowarfare stuff. He had no beef with the Iranian people.

                I’d love to see something similar happen to China…

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  2. This is so sad to see…a man who did not take WuFlu seriously, did not take precautions and has passed away from WuFlu.


    Disgustingly, the leftist media is using him to further their fake news talking point that President Trump called Wuflu a “hoax”. Of course, we know that President Trump called the Dem and media criticism of his handling the WuFlu a hoax – their spin on what he and his Admin are doing and their fake news “controversy” and talking points about he is doing IS a hoax…exactly as he called it.

    Unfortunately, the pastor had shared an meme that is its own fake news – comparing a random day’s WuFlu stats, from the earlier part of the month, to the total numbers of Swine Flu…which makes MAGA supporters look idiotic and silly … further reinforcing the left’s talking points.

    The man’s death is absolutely tragic and the left’s use of his incorrect and ill advised meme to further their own hoax of the Trump Admin’s actions is pathetic.

    President Trump NEVER put out such a meme and President Trump’s message has been that this is Very serious. President Trump Knew then and Knows now exactly how serious of situation this is which is why he is taking the actions he is taking.

    People are, sadly, spreading fake news memes that discourage people from taking the WuFlu seriously & from following President Trump’s advice on how to stay safe and how to slow the spread. One meme, I am sure, did not shape this man’s views or make him take risks but it must have reflected what he thought as his actions showed he was Not listening to President Trump and VP Pence.

    I have seen some become so adverse to Fake News that they stop discerning what is fake and what is just news. Not everything that is fake news is an outright lie. Much fake news is twisted truth. The truth is always the opposite of what they say but some mix, some version of what they say. Example is that the media really was calmer about the Swine Flu and protected Obama and the media is trying to criticize President Trump as much as possible…but that does not reduce the reality of the WuFlu or the pandemic we are in.

    WuFlu is real and it is awful and the cases are growing fast and to deny that reality is its own fake news. The hoax is Not WuFlu but what the media says about President Trump and his admins handling of WuFlu as President Trump himself told us.

    Fighting fake news effectively is always being opposite of the news. This man really might have believed the fake news that masqueraded as a pro Trump meme and it might have influenced his behavior. 😦 Not President Trump’s fault as he Never said WuFlu was a hoax and he has been taking it Very seriously!

    Trust Trump and follow his leadership!

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    1. Absolutely. TRUST TRUMP.

      Here is how smart MAGA is lining up on “hoax” now….

      People need to understand the POWER of psychology here, the power of WEAK SARS.

      This virus could be 1/4 as deadly as a AVERAGE flu. It’s the fact that it’s NEW and it makes people NOT BE ABLE TO BREATHE that makes it scary as hell.

      Now all of that may be true. And you can tell people until you’re blue in the face – “don’t worry – you have less chance of dying than you have from the regular flu” – and it STILL would not matter. People, and the MEDIA, will create a crisis.

      This stuff SCARES people. LOGIC is only PART of the answer.

      TRUST TRUMP. He knows how to handle this.

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      1. It’s unknown, and shortness of breath scares people; all true. Unfamiliarity is scary. I had something — probably not WuFlu — with atypical symptoms, and I kept thinking how weird it was. It was fever without cold symptoms, and then later a cough, but not a productive one. I felt bad for four weeks. (If it was WuFlu, it was mild.)

        But it’s more than unfamiliarity; it’s unpredictability. It only takes a few reported cases that are outside the expected, to alarm people. There was a young retired Olympic swimmer who suffered with it. He was an athlete with a healthy lifestyle. And the 49?-year-old father and husband who died rather suddenly. The horrific lung scans. The loss of taste and smell, and today reports of elevated heart proteins that mimic a heart attack. None of these is analagous to the flu, at least in my experience. So yes, most people won’t die, and the mortality rates are “like influenza,” but what about those who have unexpected symptoms, who don’t respond to treatment, and who die? Or those who are scarred for life? (As you may be? I hope not.)

        With the flu, we know what the symptoms are and to get help if our temperatures are too high for too long. We know that people with underlying health conditions or impaired immunity or advanced age are at greater risk. And I suspect (though I don’t know) that the majority of deaths from flu are from those populations. But the more I know about WuFlu, the less rhyme or reason I see about whether one will be severely affected from it. That is what’s scaring people, I think.

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        1. Yeah, it’s scary. Unknown, random, and worst of all, for me, the MEDIA seems to oppose common sense on it. They FIGHT any treatment or cure. They HYPE IT to make it scarier.

          Trump understands the psychology here. It is such a blessing.

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          1. I agree that the a Trump team understands what’s going on and are using this crisis to test the current capabilities and put into place not only supplies, but also a detailed plan of action for future flash flags.
            Call it a dress rehearsal…and an exposure of the cabal…at all levels. More swamp draining and not just limited to DC.


        1. POTENTIAL run on the health care system. Right now, there is NO run on the healthcare system. H1N1 was 3x as bad, WAY more widespread, and affected CHILDREN and young adults. There is ONLY HYPE of the situation.

          Want proof? Cuomo kept HARPING on the ventilators for DAYS. He did not even KNOW he had OVER 4000 in a warehouse in NJ. If there was SUCH a crisis, those would have been PRIORITY ONE, yet they SAT in a warehouse, for DAYS.

          Next we have the masks, NO MASKS, yet they “found” 39 MILLION in another SEIU warehouse in CA.

          Then they have a potential CURE, and what are they doing? TRYING to STOP it…for MORE TESTING.
          Testing on somethings that have been around for DECADES

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          1. People need to video each ER in NYC and show the public what is going on. I’ve looked at a few but there needs to be more. I don’t want anecdotal comments from politicians. I want to see it.

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          2. You are looking at only today’s numbers.

            Leaders understand that the future is Reality but reality they can still impact and influence, but for which they must prepare Today. the growth rate and understanding the reality of where the numbers are going in a few short weeks explain our leader’s current actions.

            Their current actions are reactions to the future based on growth rate of cases v. today’s #s. If they waited until 3 weeks to react to the #s that we will have in 3 weeks it would be to late to prepare it and avert disaster.

            H1N1 was Not 3x as bad – why do you think that?


            1. YES it WAS. You are still living in YESTERDAY. and Yesterday’s projections. I have been trying to tell you, and others, that you were LIED TO, you were MANIPULATED by FALSE projections.

              When EVEN Dr Brix SAID so, you STILL ignore it, in favor of the narrative of trying to “get ahead of the projections”

              We HAVE ALREADY gotten ahead, because the projections were a LIE. they were USED. Brix said so, the studies AROUND the WORLD say so. Even the FOOL that LIED and started this mess, Neil Fergusson, of Imperial College, has had to SCALE back his “projections” lie by 95%.

              Ther is NO future growth. there is ONLY dropping (unless they TRY and reseed, which is what Trump has OVER prepared for)

              Spring is HERE, that coupled with the precautions, the preparedness for future “reseeding” and the NATURE of ALL viruses, in that they PEAK, and burn OUT, means that this “even” is on the BACK SIDE, no matter WHAT the tote board of hysteria in counting deaths and infections says.

              We were ALL LIED to, using a REAL virulent version of the flu, one that ATTACKED the elderly disproportionately, and one that did NOT meet the projections. FEAR of the unknown was their weapon. The problem is that in this MONTH and widespread event, it BECAME known ENOUGH to KNOW that the projections were not just OFF, but GARBAGE.

              EACH day this “virus” becomes LESS the Spanish flu and MORE the REGULAR flu, as I predicted. Don’t take MY word for it, take Dr Brix, and OXFORD’s words for it.

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              1. the #s just went up another 12K in the US since this morning.

                the projected death rate was wrong. wrong projections, diminished current projects, do not mean that there is No growth.

                One thing being wrong does not mean the opposite is true.
                NO ONE has said there is no future growth. It is growing Every Day.

                I didn’t say it was worse than Spanish Flu but it already is worse than the Swine Flu. I asked you about your state re: Swine Flu.


              2. Look, read my recent post to DP, couple that with what I have been saying for WEEKS that we were ALL seeded early. It explains the “eplosion” and NOT just the more testing…This was a GIANT country wide, MEASELS party. If you are old enough to knhttps://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/03/28/20200328-coronacrisis-china-virus-daily-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-444556ow what that was. look here:

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              3. I know I appear petty, but please spell the woman’s name correctly. It’s Birx. Attention to detail is important.


              4. Thank you for pointing Dr. Birx current spelling. I have didn’t even realize I was doing that! Appreciate the correction.


          3. I want to know why a GOVERNMENT UNION like the Purple Shirt SIEU needs a stockpile of 39 million masks.

            Is the air inside all those swamp infested federal buildings really that toxic?

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        2. That is probably one of the results they are looking for. Crash the system and have it go to one system, like England and Canada. I hadn’t thought of that before.

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        3. NY Guy, I would say it’s more of a test of the health system… not a run on it, yet. Not saying it won’t come close to it. Certainly an exposure of the weaknesses and especially of those responsible for those inadequate preparations from the legislators, budget offices, managers, etc. Heads should roll after the post-crisis assessments, especially if things like lavish trips, bonuses, and all kinds of fluffy expenditures are found instead of buying respirators, etc.

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      2. I just think it’s really crappy that we didn’t get crisis actors.

        What kind of self-respecting false-flag doesn’t have crisis actors?

        Half the fun and entertainment value of modern false-flags is spotting the crisis actors in the video of chaotic scenes.

        And crisis actors need work too, you know.

        They are the go-to resource in false-flag events. They already have all the props, disaster aftermath clothing, etc., they can be anywhere in the country in less than 24 hours, and crucially, they are highly experienced in working with FEMA as well as local and state fire & rescue.

        It’s not just an underutilized resource. In this case, they haven’t been utilized at all.

        If I was a member of the F.F.C.A.U. (False Flag Crisis Actors Union) I’d go on strike over this.

        They must be livid.

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    1. It isn’t, but reporters aren’t supposed to say that sort of stuff out loud on the air. She did.

      And hopefully Trish will get picked up by OANN once any non-compete that might be in her contract or separation paperwork runs out.

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    1. MAGA Mom,

      You asked about Baking Soda. I add 1/6 of a tablespoon to a litter of iced green tea to take out the bitterness. I cold brew loose Gunpowder Green Tea which has a very nice flavor and more benefits than regular green tea.

      However I think you may be thinking of BORON. (There is none in the soil in North Carolina.)

      From ChifIO: A Very Good Boron Video
      Comments are very good too so do not skip reading them esp those from Sabretoothed.

      ….This is a rather dramatic video about the use of Boron in arthritis and other metabolic issues. Among the interesting bits, are the specific identification of the Boron transporter (and it is dedicated to boron, so pretty much proves it is essential).

      The major thrust is that it strongly improves bone health, reduces arthritis, and has many other benefits including on teeth. Lack of boron leads to lack of bone growth and tooth loss. Calcium loss in urine is reduced with boron+magnesium. Reduced calcium means less tendency to form kidney stones. There is also an inverse relationship between Boron and prostate cancer, per the presenter. Boron is also important to the hydroxylation of steroids, including making Vitamin D and Testosterone more active, and also transforms Estrogen into a form that is more helpful and less prone to breast cancer promotion. By Jorge D. Flechas M.D. M.P.H….

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      1. thank you. It was the baking soda/tea but the info on boron looks interesting and I will watch it later.

        PS: NC soil….we left RTP after many years for TN – it was almost pure clay! Broke well made shovels in that stuff!

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        1. TELL ME ABOUT IT! We were digging post holes today.

          The auger on the tractor will not work in the summer. It just sits there and spins. The only way to dig a post hole in mid summer is to chisel about a 2 inch hole in the ‘brick’ soil and add water to the hole. The next day go scrape out a few more inches and add more water…. And if you are lucky you have a 2 1/2 ft hole in about a week.


      2. Just wanted to update all those interested! Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin uses the tea leaves mentioned, so to get what you need, maybe try this! … 😉


        These tiny green pellets are probably what started it all for the curious mind of PJ Rigney. During one of his many voyages into terra incognita, he found himself part of a Moroccan tea ceremony. This ceremony is at the heart of all social gatherings, and was a great honour for PJ to be invited. Here he noticed the small, rolled, green leaves, brought from the Orient since the Tang dynasty of the 7th Century. He knew he needed to add them to his secret tabernacle back in the Shed.


        PS, it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere, no? Daughn, Arnold Palmer or Dry Martini?


    2. Frm the link: “Just after 6 p.m., the Unified Command Post in Sumner County was notified by the State Emergency Operations Center in Nashville that there were a large number of elderly residents at the nursing home that needed to be rushed to the hospital.”


      But how did they time it so that everyone needed simultaneous transport to the hospital?

      It would have been much less dramatic if people had shown symptoms requiring hospitalization on an ongoing individual basis. Did they hold people at the nursing home, suffering, until there was a large enough group of people to make headlines?

      Or is this the new novel Covid-19 TDFMMI strain? (Timed Diagnosis for Maximum Media Impact)


      “From there, the State EMS Director and Sumner County’s regional consultant came up with a plan to get the residents out of the nursing home.”


      It takes a whole task force to figure out how to pick up a telephone and send ambulances… I mean, who could ever think of that on their own?

      You would have to have a list of emergency phone numbers for neighboring counties and everything…


      “At least 18 ambulances responded with crews from multiple counties. Transports started at around 8:20 p.m.”


      Good work, and hopefully nobody forgot to call the news crews. It would certainly be embarrassing to go to all this trouble and then forget to exploit it for the fear-porn value. I just feel bad for the people in the nursing home who have been suffering for days, waiting for a big enough number of people to be sick so they could be transported all at once and make a news event out of it.


      “All 19 nursing home residents were sent to Sumner Regional Medical Center, where they will be triaged and admitted.”


      Hopefully the hospital has capacity to treat 19 whole people at one time…


      “The hospital’s emergency team has been mobilized.”


      Roger, Roger. Wait… aren’t they always mobilized?

      Or is the emergency team only mobilized during scheduled emergencies?

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      1. No, emergency team is for, well, emergencies and l are not always mobilized…don’t always need that many on call. There is the normal staff and the emergency team on call if there is a disaster, big accident, etc.

        There are tests came back of the ill and as soon as they knew they then needed to get them out of there asap.

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        1. It seems very unlikely that all 19 patients exhibited symptoms at the same time, so tests for all 19 were done at the same time.

          Just as it’s very unlikely there won’t be more who will exhibit symptoms and would test positive tomorrow, if tested tomorrow.

          What seems more likely is that people started getting sick, and since people in nursing homes are always getting sick, nobody paid much attention to it, until somebody realized hey, we may have a problem here.

          Then CYA kicked in, and a bunch of tests were quickly administered, resulting in 19 people who tested positive.

          Just hard to believe they all exhibited symptoms simultaneously, as opposed to over the course of several days.


          1. edit / correction: “It seems very unlikely that all 19 patients residents exhibited symptoms at the same time…”


  3. Just doing a little tracking of where the covid-19 outbreak started in NYC. In Friday’s press conference, President Trump talked about Elmhurst Hospital as being hit really hard by the virus. In fact, many people are saying it is the epicenter of the outbreak in NYC. Thursday, they had 13 people die there from covid-19. Here it is with all the people waiting to get in:

    Take a look at the orange dot on the map. That is Chinatown. Look how close it is to Elmhurst Hospital (hopefully this works)


    I want you to see what the Elmhurst, Queens Chinatown looks like

    Chinese virus indeed.

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    1. well the duckduckgo link does not work. Chinatown is a few blocks away from the hospital. I am guessing someone came back from China with the virus. I would start checking to see if anyone flew to NYC from Wuhan.

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      1. FYI:
        Your link brings you to Chinatown in Manhattan.
        New York City is made up of five “boroughs” (Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island)
        The Asian population in Queens has surpassed that of Manhattan.
        (I believe they consist of a majority of Chinese, and a heavy influence of Korean.)

        From wiki:

        <em"There are multiple Chinatowns in the borough of Queens in New York City. The original Queens Chinatown emerged in Flushing, initially as a satellite of the original Manhattan Chinatown, before evolving its own identity, surpassing in scale the original Manhattan Chinatown,[1] and subsequently in turn spawning its own satellite Chinatowns in Elmhurst, Corona, and eastern Queens."


        This has a map of the neighborhoods in Queens:


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        1. Weird. When I click on the link it takes me to the Elmhurst Chinatown. Which, as I said, is only a few blocks away from the hospital. Must be a cache issue.

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          1. Wolfs link goes to Chinatown Manhattan.
            Yours goes to Elmhurst.
            (sorry if there was any confusion)
            I’ve never actually heard the term “Queens Chinatown” before, but there are several areas (including Boston and San Francisco) that have their own “Chinatown”.

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            1. The link works on my computer, and probably does on most, but you have to know how to use it, which isn’t obvious – sorry I didn’t explain.

              The tagging mechanism labels “chinatowns” all over the NYC metro area, starting with Manhattan, but you need to IGNORE the tags. The VIEW is what is important. The view is maximal, but centered on exactly what I wanted to show people, and can be seen by merely zooming in.

              The Elmhurst hospital is in the upper right corner when you zoom in – the greater nearby Chinatown then extends out to the WestSouthWest across the screen.

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              1. Gotcha… 😉

                PS: I believe Elmhurst Hospital is also used for istaff and nmates from rikers island when they need medical care beyond whatever kind of facilities they have there (highest infection rate in the city ?)

                NOTE: Elmhurst Hospital is part of the citys “Health and Hospital Corporation” (HHC) (i.e. “civil service”, and I mean that in the worst way).

                (NOTE: CBS source is the legal aid society; beware of fake news):


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    2. Donald Trump built a wing on the Jamaica Queens hospital in honor of his Mother, Mary McLeod Trump.

      Of course, the nasties want the Trump name taken off of it.

      Biography of his mother: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/11/03/mary-macleod-trump-donald-trump-mother-biography-mom-immigrant-scotland-215779

      The reason PDJT loves Deborah Birx so much – she is a lot like his mother and sister, retired Federal Judge Maryann Trump Barry – http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/businessman-donald-trump-his-sister-maryanne-trump-barry-and-his-picture-id634616958

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    1. So Dean needs the link to expertscape.com, too. SMH. It is easy to see why all the bogus estimates are based on unmitigated and untreated cases. They don’t want them treated. They want the damage and the slush fund. Evil.

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      1. Yup. Listen to Gates in the video talking about having talked to Trump RE vaccines. He talks about trying to convince POTUS that you need LOTS OF MONEY UP FRONT to do vaccine research.

        Notice (1) the MSM plays “bad cop” on Trump, while Gates plays “hopeful cop”, and refuses all the bridge-burning questions – YET one can tell the thinking that Gates is hiding.

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        1. Fauci said almost the same thing yesterday.
          He said, it’s not enough to come up with a vaccine after months/years, and finally say, “We got it!”
          Because then, we need millions and billions of doses.
          So, what Fauchi said they would do is work alongside the manufacturer……. to have the millions and billions of doses ready to go.
          Same time.
          Sounds like a never ending boondoggle to me.

          Next breath, Fauci describes himself as a “science man” and a “vaccine man”
          Something is wrong here.

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          1. Vaccines have limitations:
            – they do not work 100% of the time
            – they do not work against all strains/mutations of a virus flu or coronavirus
            – they can cause adverse reactions or contracting the disease they are trying to prevent
            – they can lower resistance/increase risk of another disease (2017-8 flu shot increased risk of coronavirus)
            – they are now including human aborted fetal cells in some vaccines
            – some vaccines are made in China

            HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) also has adverse side effects, contraindications and interactions with other drugs – https://www.drugs.com/hydroxychloroquine.html

            So does Zithromax – https://www.drugs.com/zithromax.html

            But so do aspirin, ibuprophen, acetaminophen.

            It’s up to the patient to self-advocate – know their own allergies, blood type, health conditions, medications and their side-effects, etc.

            If a patient is on 3 drugs, they have an 85% chance of an adverse drug interaction.

            If a patient is elderly, with several serious health problems and on several medications, they need a specialist with lots of smarts, experience in geriatrics, dedicated, meticulous and caring.

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        2. I watched it at 2x speed to cut out all of his hemming and hawing. Sometimes it’s just the manner of talking, but sometimes it’s also a deliberate tactic to slow down people’s thinking so they have to spend more brain cycles on listening to string the sentence together in their mind.

          It’s really obvious in compressed time he’s evading the questions while playing the shell game.

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          1. Yes. The press is asking agenda questions – a kind of “Let’s You And Him Fight” – and Gates avoids the stupid moves of the stupid lesser players. His attitude is “you hit Trump and I’ll play good cop”.

            Gates is sharp. He’s a mafia don. He keeps the BLOOD on everybody else.

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    2. Doesn’t Howard Dean work as a lobbyist for Big Pharma now? I remember Lefties losing their shit because he caved on universal health care after becoming a pharma shill.

      A few days ago, all of the local news channels were running anti-chloroquine stories. Then I remembered that most of their advertising revenue comes from pharmaceutical companies. I wonder if some big pharmaceutical sponsor made a few phone calls. (And yeah, I know that the media is part of selling the DNC/Deep State narrative, but I do wonder how much of this is coming from pissed off Big Pharma that they can’t profit the government on this crisis).

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    3. Gov. Howard Dean is FULL OF SCHIFF.


      This is the French Study: Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial
      Published in: International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents:

      “…Patients who refused the treatment or had an exclusion criteria, served as controls in Marseille centre. Patients in other centers did not receive hydroxychloroquine and served as controls….”

      So they had two sets of controls AND as you can read further down, patients were subdivided into categories dependent on their symptoms.


      ….Our team has a very comprehensive experience in successfully treating patients with chronic diseases due to intracellular bacteria (Q fever due to Coxiella burnetii and Whipple’s disease due to Tropheryma whipplei) with long-term hydroxychloroquine treatment (600 mg/day for 12 to 18 months) since more than 20 years. [15,16] We therefore started to conduct a clinical trial aiming at assessing the effect of hydroxychloroquine on SARS-CoV-2-infected patients after approval by the French Ministry of Health. In this report we describe our early results, focusing on virological data in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine as compared to a control group.

      2. Study population and Methods
      2.1. Setting
      This ongoing study is coordinated by The Méditerranée Infection University Hospital Institute in Marseille.

      Patients who were proposed a treatment with hydroxychloroquine were recruited and managed in Marseille centre. Controls without hydroxychloroquine treatment were recruited in Marseille, Nice, Avignon and Briançon centers, all located in South France.

      2.2. Patients
      Hospitalized patients with confirmed COVID-19 were included in this study if they fulfilled two primary criteria: i) age >12 years; ii) PCR documented SARS-CoV-2 carriage in nasopharyngeal sample at admission whatever their clinical status.
      2.5. Clinical classification
      Patients were grouped into three categories: asymptomatic, upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) when presenting with rhinitis, pharyngitis, or isolated low-grade fever and myalgia, and lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) when presenting with symptoms of pneumonia or bronchitis.

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  4. Wolf check this out

    Doing a little more digging. I found that a 2005 study suggested that chloroquine was an effective treatment for coronavirus in primate cells:

    “Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.”


    and a 2009 study that found chloroquine was an effective treatment for coronavirus in mice:

    “Our results show that a lethal HCoV-OC43 infection in newborn C57BL/6 mice can be treated with chloroquine acquired transplacentally or via maternal milk. The highest survival rate (98.6%) of the pups was found when mother mice were treated daily with a concentration of 15 mg of chloroquine per kg of body weight.”


    Folks, the scientific community has known about this for a long time. Chloroquine works and the media knows it. The CDC knows it. Fauci knows it. What is happening today is pure evil. They are letting people die.

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    1. Not just die; they are letting many get sick when most of us could be taking the meds on a prophylactic basis. I do hope the President, VP and the Team are all doing so.

      I wish we all had the option. It should be a choice between us and our doctors. No different than other off label drugs I choose to take via prescription.

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    2. Yup. Fauci has gone silent and I think this is why. There is some heat now that this solution didn’t come up early and strong from him.

      I have seen this exact same thing in science and IT for decades. Everybody’s eyes are on the new shiny, and they just forget about the old stuff.

      There are young people today who don’t even KNOW what sulfa drugs are, but they killed bacteria very nicely before penicillin. They weren’t as good, but they were not bad at all.

      Bio-9/11 was a DUD because there was a red-pilled mass to take it down IN PROCESS. That is the Q LESSON.

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      1. and people like me who are allergic to sulfa and all sorts of antibiotics?
        many years ago when i participated in our county’s pandemic response drill, our team leader told me to go to the designated spot to receive my “shot” –the antidote to whatever was terrorizing the county–and I asked–will i be able to take it (hypothetically) cuz I was so allergic to antibiotics. he said in that case, kiss your butt goodby and go to the victims spot to be counted among the dead.

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        1. This is why an array of choices is good. Thankfully, we have multiple classes of antibiotics. BTW, are there ANY that work for you?

          If FIRESTARTER BILL “GAIN OF FUNCTION” GATES wants to do his “wide search for the best” on therapeutics, he can do that on his own lazy timescale. For people DYING RIGHT NOW, they need the antimalarials – OH WEIRD – that Gates is so big on.

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          1. Yeah that big anti-malaria push in Africa, buy up all the HCQ reserves?

            Meanwhile they ignored DDT and the lies spun by Rachel Carson that could’ve solved it years ago.

            Refusal to take prevention seriously. So much disinfo spread everywhere. They used Africa as their test lab.

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      2. Remember this from a few years ago? After learning about this project, I wanna know what else is in Bald’s Leechbook and every other medicinal recipe book from the Middle Ages that modern/chemical medicine just chucked along with herbology, homeopathy, natural pathology, chiropractic and more.

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      3. Some of our older drugs work just as well, with even less side effects… but then that wouldn’t make Big Pharma happy ’cause they wouldn’t make money on their latest and greatest models.

        One sneaky thing they do is make a slight change to an ingredient and repackage/brand it for a new patent and then they justify the price increase.

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    3. Delingpole: Chloroquine Known as Effective Against Coronavirus Since 2005

      …Yesterday, I reported the existence of three studies, all claiming that chloroquine phosphate had proved effective in treating the COVID-19.
      This has since been confirmed by a more recent open-label non-randomised clinical trial in France by Didier Raoult​ M.D/Ph.D et al, completed just days ago. The sample was small but the results were convincing…

      But the story gets more extraordinary still. It turns out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has known since at least 2005 that chloroquine is effective against coronaviruses.
      In 2005, Martin J Vincent et al published a study in Virology Journal titled ‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.’…
      As at least one person has noticed, the implications of this are enormous. If the medical establishment – including CDC – has been aware of the efficacy of chloroquine in treating coronavirus for at least 14 years, why has it not been mass produced and made available sooner?….

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    1. It’s not going to help the sick if it’s being used by the non sick. There needs to be an extreme limit put on use for health care workers or the limit of who qualifies for pre use is going to expand well into the hoarding range. RFID the packages!

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      1. Counter point – it’s not going to help the sick if the people caring for the sick go down with the same bugs.

        Ramp up production, increasing supply to meet demand, is the solution, but that doesn’t seem to get much play.

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        1. Still RFID the packs no matter which course of action because we know the game. Make Trump look bad by supporting the spread. How do they do that? They steel, divert, or buy out all the drugs via black market and union / mob activity.

          We already see how damaging hoarding can be via TP. If packs are RFID’d they can be tracked via a GIS program. Too much of the drug not at a blue circled location (hospital, Dr’s office, pharmacy or with a patient or allowed person and yes they could track to that level. ) then you send people in to investigate why. Then you shame and prosecute in that order.

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          1. I believe that GATES, DEMS, SEIU (already outed as hoarding masks by Bill Barr announcement) and others (Soros, WHO, ChiComs, etc.) already cornered the market on these things, but very stealthily.

            Amazing Polly had links to PEPFAR-funded antimalarials being STOLEN in Africa. Figure that into this scam, because they would be worth TONS MORE with the…..

            Gates Epidemic


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            1. Africa. Got it. Likely being done in SA and CA as well. All the better to start moving the populations north.

              Note Fauci’s declaration that he’s seeing CV cases increasing in the southern climes as their winter begins. Code for march north.

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        2. Quietly, they ALREADY have. You really do not believe that Norvartis had 130 MILLION does ON HAND do you? For Malaria? NO WAY. That is what this two week pause was about. TIME. Time for Trump to get the RELA numbers and NOT projections, TIME to know what he was dealing with, who was FRIEND (Brix) and who was foe (Fauchi). Time to GATHER and PRODUCE the antidote AND supplies needed to get AHEAD of and END this Farcedemic.

          How many companies just HAPPENED to be ready, willing, and ABLE to QUICKLY aid in ALL aspects. Norvartis and Mylin and Bayer in the antidote, Ford, GE and others on the ventilators, and 3m , and my pillow and others on the masks. Boeing is making the face shields.

          This DID NOT happen overnight, it took TWO WEEKS, but NOW we are READY, and INFORMED. The critical cure, and the supplies are in place, infrastructure like temp hospitals and hospital ships are at the READY. We are PREPARED to NOW respond. We were NOT beforehand. Hence, the 15 days to MAKE READY.

          Trump WILL begin reopening the country, my bet MONDAY, and he will roll it. He is AHEAD of them now.

          They WILL try to reseed the virus, hoping to say it is Trump’s fault, he “reopened too early”. But THAT is what the two weeks AND the DPA were for, being PREPARED to mobilize SHOULD the virus “reappear” in a NEW hotspot.

          Trump KNOWS this and NEW it, THAT is why he FORCED GM into playing ball, one as an EXAMPLE to team Cabal, it was a MESSAGE, you cannot slow jack me. TWO he wants, and that stupid ass reporter “cutey pie” damn well KNEW IT, to be OVER prepared, so he can MOBILZE quickly IF (when) they try and reseed it.

          GM, was trying to drag its feet, to STALL the preparedness, using MONEY as the sticking point. Trump CRUSHED THEM.

          We will be OVER prepared there will be infrastructure, MASSIVE supplies in masks, gloves, face shields, ventilators, AND the CURE HCQ and AZM. MASSIVE amounts, WAY more than we would EVER need.

          QUICKLY too, like NOW or in the next WEEK. IF they cabal do not reseed, we will have MORE than enough to stockpile HERE, then we will EXPORT the over supply to the WORLD. WHY? Because ONLY we CAN. Trump is not only going to save the US, he is going to save the WORLD.

          Trump factor 10 mr Crusher…ENGAGE!

          ONLY Trump could have done this. THAT is how the economy will bounce back, we will be making covid 19 supplies by the MILLIONS and exporting them, JOBS JOBS J O B S!.

          By Easter, we WILL be out of the “danger zone” and Trump and team Cabal KNOW IT. THAT is why team Cabal is FIGHTING everything Trump is doing. He will REBUILD the economy a SECOND time, bring ALL our critical manufacturing HOME from CHINA, AND save the WORLD. We will be READY.

          The Cabal have NEVER seen his like, they CANNOT beat him, not even using a virus. The economy will bounce back BIGGER and QUICKER than they could EVER imagine, and BEFORE summer. The NEW manufacturing will be a BOON. The stimulus is nothing more than a make up for the LOST month.

          Trump: “make it so!”

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          1. Knowing there are a huge number of vents also discourages the cabal from releasing another bio weapon that fries lungs. They will choose a different one if black hats are not quickly rounded up.

            Normally I’m against releasing info about strategic reserves, but dangling this bit of info is good prevention.

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    1. AHH, the KNOT begins to UNRAVEL, and the curtain is being pulled back by Toto. EACH day, more and more of the Farcedemic plot and plotters are REVEALED, as SOON the game will be.

      People were FOOLED, and they will be PISSED. This was more than the regular Cabal op, this REALLY cost people lives, money, and their sense of SECURITY. There WILL be accountability, and firing with a golden parachute will NOT suffice.

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  5. Random data point — there is now a plexiglas screen between people in line and supermarket cashiers. And, there’s a sign that says if you bring reusable bags, you get to pack them — supermarket personnel will no longer touch them.

    Seems like all those radical environmentalism ideas — everyone ride buses, use plastic bags multiple times, cram together, live in cities — carry health risks. Who knew?

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    1. “… — carry health risks. Who knew?”

      Anyone who raises animal. It is THE PROBLEM with the factory farming method —

      Overcrowding ===> Stress & Disease.

      Factory farming would NOT be viable commercially if WE the TAXPAYER were not PAYING the people growing the GRAIN!

      The farm bill is not about $$ to grow fruits and veggies.
      It is ALL ABOUT $$$ ===> Corn, wheat, oats, barley…

      Then TOO MUCH grain is fed to our factory farmed livestock.

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    2. It doesn’t matter where you live. It’s the hygiene habits and common sense of the people, or lack of them, that is the difference. I’ve been a member of crammed in choruses and choirs for decades. We have STRICT rules about not being on the stage or in the loft when you’re sick. Amazingly enough, when people use their heads, regardless of zero personal space available, it works.

      And frankly, I don’t mind packing my own bags. The baggers seem to think it’s a challenge to cram everything they can in as few bags as possible. When I put five on the belt with the food, I expect five to be used. Frequently, I end up with two, and stand there and rearrange the crap job in front of the people who don’t realize I am not a weightlifter.

      And, honestly, the only thing that really needs single use bags is meat. The checkers at the stores where I go always ask if I would like that. Yes, if I didn’t grab a smaller plastic bag in the meat section.


      1. DP, while I am sure you wash your bags frequently, and only use plastic for meat, I am equally certain that a whole bunch of hippie-granolas I know don’t. It’s un-sanitary. I reuse every plastic bag that comes into my house for some other purpose. It’s not wasteful if people are smart about it.


        1. I HATE those plastic bags. We’ve always got another bag stuffed with them and take them back to the store to be recycled. For us, they serve no other purpose.

          And the hippie-granola people don’t generally eat meat. Plus, around here they tend to go to Trader Joe’s.

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      2. I have the opposite complaint…cashiers who must think i’m ninety and one foot in the grave, so they give me a bunch of bags with one item apiece. (What is the point of a bag that has one item in it?) And double bag at the drop of a hat. (Hey, if you’re going to double bag everything–how about making the damn bags twice as thick?)

        I go through the self checkout–I bag all the smaller items, and things like 2 liter bottles and so on do not get bagged. At least then I don’t have to give specific directions to the cashier to NOT do stupid things they were taught to do.

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  6. One of the things you might have missed this week is that the USA put out a hit on Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.
    25 Million dollars.
    Normally, this would be front page news. Left would be screaming about the USA taking out a leader of a foreign country.
    I found the timing odd……….
    But then……
    Remember, everything is connected.

    Price of oil is in the toilet, leaving Venezuela even more vulnerable to Chinese intervention. We don’t want the Chinese with control over their own oil supply.

    Now, overlay the virus epidemic.
    And guess what.
    Cinchona trees and their bark, are the natural source for quinine.
    Which is an ingredient in Chloroquine.
    And guess where these trees grow???????????
    Eastern Andes tropical forest all the way to………… VENEZUELA.

    Start at about 14:50 minutes with Scott Adams, here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1dRKZQXPrezxB

    Yes, we can synthesize the tree ingredient, but it is more expensive.

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    1. And of course, now there is information that says that the “active ingredient” in the chloroquine drug that fights the virus is NOT found in the natural substitutes, which I doubt, but who knows?

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    1. Daughn, can you look in the bin and see if my death rate and statistics comment is there?

      (May have too many links.)


      1. It’s a tough contest, but I suspect the CCP is more evil than our cabal.

        But as we’re talking the difference between 99.99999% evil and 99.999999% evil, I’m not all that concerned.

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          1. Yeah, in that case we’re both wrong. My original comment was in reply to a suggestion on your part that the local branch was worse than the CCP (unless I misread you); I said no it was the other way round. If they’re two branches of the same thing…well…

            On the other hand, some plants are poisonous to different degrees depending on what part of the plant you consume!

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  8. OK, I’m taking a risk posting this comment before reading others’ comments…so sorry if this idea is already out there. While trying to reassure my son tonight & “prognosticate” (TM!) about where things might be going soon, this thought popped out.

    First of all I believe the 15 days to stop the spread are up on Sunday, which means likely on Monday Trump will announce his new recommendations for the nation, & they are crunching data down to the county level to be as targeted as possible to conditions on the ground.

    Living in MI & looking at the home state data, I shared some of it yesterday from these links:
    daily: https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus
    Cumulative: https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98163-520743–,00.html

    Only 17 counties have more than 10 cases in them, from the state totals of 3657 cases & 92 deaths cumulative.

    Well the main michigan.gov/coronavirus splash page has changed so that I cannot now easily find the daily data like I posted yesterday that broke down cases & deaths by county (& Detroit City separated) for easier comparison.

    There is a US map that has clickable data for the nation & cursorily looking it appears that mostly CV is spreading via “community transmission” over defined areas…

    Here is a link to an explanation of MI’s reporting changes:

    “MDHHS will no longer provide a daily breakdown by county of confirmed cases. In an effort to simplify reporting, MDHHS will include those numbers in the cumulative table” So this means it will be more difficult to track trends than it was just the day before sadly…

    Well, back to my idea, I believe the President is still going to aim for opening up as much of the country for business as is reasonably possible by his Easter deadline.


    Hopefully this 2016 county level election results map posts OK. It is My Opinion, that if Trump recommends opening the nation economically at the county level that this 2016 county level election map can give us a good approximation of which parts of the country will be more free & more open. This is based on many of the Democrat enclaves being areas of very dense population so are likely places where the virus transmission has been more widely spread.

    This election map that puts the population density in a 3-D format perhaps even better illustrates where the potentially problematic counties lie, typically those with greater populations.


    This bing.com search also has individual state maps broken down by county level election results in case someone wants to get a potentially better prognosticating view on what might happen economically soon in a given state.

    Here’s Michigan as an example:

    Well I hoped to find a US map showing the party of the governors, but am running out of steam, so this one projecting where the 2020 voting Might Go (huge grain of salt given their Hillary blowout 2016 blowing of smoke) to inform which states might be more freedom minded & more easily returned to economic viability.

    Is it possible that Team Trump is going to do some major moves in the Heartland, like “Wall Street of the West” or moving all that medical production to existing idled plants across the country in depressed communities w/ smaller populations which are more conducive to Trump philosophically & a better bet “pandemically”? Oh & conservative &/or Republican leaning areas might not be being so draconian & unconstitutional in their CV actions so they are already more open to having the Trump Train pick up speed. Oh & him moving was it the Department of Agriculture to Kansas (?) could be a foretaste of segmenting aspects of the federal government to protect “essential” government services & not keep them so clustered in DC & NYC in case of extreme emergency…

    So hopefully this inspires some of you to run with these maps & ideas & get ahead of the coming economic re-start storm. Blessings to all Q-Treepers!

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    1. Trump has already slipped things to Easter Sunday.

      Though that doesn’t exclude the possibility of reopening some things sooner.

      And today I saw a Trump tweet that said he was considering quarantining New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

      (I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up just being limited to the NYC area plus suburbs, many of which, of course, are in NJ and CT.)

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    2. Great post and thoughts, Valerie. You’re very much on track with what Dr. Birx said they planned to do. In briad terms, Counties must submit their data & they will Be rated low, medium or high risk in terms of which counties can open for business.

      Offtopic – I did not know you lived in MI. I was born and raised their & even though I’ve been on CO for more than half my life, MI is still “home” 🥰 I lived along the I-94 corridor midway between Chicago & Detroit. What part of the Mitten (or UP) are you in?

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      1. Thanks! I haven’t seen Dr. Brix presentations for more than a week so it’s rather exciting that I’m even along the lines she (& others) have presented. It just makes sense to take a county by county approach, at least for areas well outside of major metropolitan centers, & I think POTUS must have said things (or Q-Treepers) along those lines to get me in that frame of mind.

        Funny, my husband was born in CO, Denver area, & spent his early years there. We both were in Tulsa (he grew up there, me for higher ed) when we met & came “back” to MI so our then theoretical kids might know their grandparents–my husband had lost both his parents before we met…

        We live in Metro Detroit w/ easy access to both I-94 & I-75. I traverse I-94 regularly between home & Ann Arbor for my special needs son’s medical adventures at U of M Hospitals.

        For the decade I lived in OK I regularly traveled between Tulsa & Detroit so that the 94 to 69 to 70 (via 475? around Indianapolis) to 44 to Tulsa was a route it seemed I could practically do in my sleep.

        We lived in the Gaylord (Northern MI) area for a few years before settling nearer to U of M for our son’s medical needs. Ironically, my parents still live in the home I grew up in & it’s only a few communities away.

        Where in MI were you? We used to attend a church camp out in Somerset & have hunting connections in Oscoda Co & music experiences ranging pretty widely within a 3 hour drive of Detroit based on the many bands my husband has played in over the years.

        I got really interested in genealogy (family history) some years back. My husband has deep roots in CO for several generations. One of his great grandfathers was actually the governor, Oliver H. Shoup, sometime in the 1800’s. OHS’s kid married a descendant of a “robber baron” of the era, James John Hagerman, who was a big deal back in the day. After digging into some of that history, it turns out that JJH was a U of M grad & started making his fortune in the mines in MI’s UP. Small (& interesting) world!

        By the way, my husband has now spent more than half his life in MI & married to me…I’m pushing half my life with him but am behind since I’m a bit older so lived a tad longer single…

        Sorry for going on so long here but I thought of another CO connection, my mom’s birth cousin (or possibly half sister, long story) & her husband lived there for many years (she’s recently deceased). He was the Mayor of Ft. Collins for a while fairly recently. One of the few out of state trips we took w/ our kids took us to Broomfield to visit w/ friends & we also saw the Ft. Collins birth family & got lots of family history exposure. It turns out that my husband’s grandfather remarried & had a second family that his mom never spoke (or knew?) of & they were actually living in the surrounding communities we were visiting on our trip. Per online searches, one of them used to live in Belleville, MI (I believe) so they were so close but none of us knew about each other’s existence (they probably still don’t know about us!) then…

        I love how people in the Q-Tree, & formerly at CTH, could give such a broad overview of things happening in our nation & the world because it seems we’ve got Q-Treepers practically everywhere. We’re all embedded now! Blessings (& sorry for writing so much) 🙂

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        1. That is all very interesting !!! Whenever we went up to Traverse City or Macinac Island, Gaylord was our ‘marker’ for feeling like we were ‘up north’. Altho we spent lots of time in northern MI and on Macinac, it wasn’t until I lived in CO that we finally drove across the UP along Lake Superior and into the copper mining region. I’m really tickled by your husband’s family history here that ends up in the UP mines.

          Your next story about some family connections that were nearby but unknown for so long …. well I think about how social media and cell phone tracking, etc. have made it almost impossible for those “longlost” or obscure relationships to remain undiscovered.

          We lived in a small town near Battle Creek, and I still have relatives on both the east and west sides of the state. Michigan is such a uniquely beautiful state surrounded by the Great Lakes.

          Sweet dreams !

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          1. Funny on perspectives of being “Up North”. I always felt like once 75 went down to 2 lanes each way, a bit past the Zilwaukee Bridge that we were entering Northern Michigan. But since we usually ended our travels at Gaylord really the perfect point for the middle of Northern MI, practically equidistant from the tip of the mitt & from Lake Michigan & Lake Huron. It also usually got the most snow in the the Lower Peninsula, I believe. The last Winter I lived there we had more than 220 inches of snow, probably not much for someone in CO.

            Our family has a saying that grew out of hunting camp “Whatever happens North of Bay City is no one’s business South of Bay City”. Of course I’m good at coaxing stories out of my hunting crew, & the telling of tales upon return from hunting camp is an integral part of that family cultural experience.

            How wonderful that you got to travel along Lake Superior!!! I haven’t seen that Lake for more than 3 decades. I have been blessed to swim in Lake Michigan most Summers in the last decade as we like to visit a glorious beach on the edge of Wilderness State Park (along the Sturgeon Bay I believe) that is still mostly wild & free (& unfortunately without facilities). The waters are cold & crystal clear & the sunsets can be amazing though clouds of gnats in July at dusk can dampen the spirits a bit.

            My mom’s birth parents both hale from the UP, Grandpa from Newberry & Grandma from Ishpemming. There is some connection to Negaunee but I don’t recall now. Mom used to spend Summers in the UP at a small cottage on Pike Lake & they used to have to take a ferry across the Straits (she grew up in Detroit) before the days of The Mighty Mack!

            I’ve never been to Battle Creek so don’t know much about the south western part of MI (nor Kelloggs for that matter). We did visit the State Park Warren Dunes on Lake Michigan, near the border, & encountered near surfable waves & glorious sand dunes that could rival beaches virtually anywhere…plus the bonus of fresh water!!! If you grow up around the Great Lakes it’s hard to take the salt/grit/sting/stickiness of ocean water–we’re so spoiled & blessed here.

            We took our honeymoon in Estes Park & showed our kids partially where we’d hiked 2 decades before in Rocky Mountain National Park (Emerald Lake, Nymph Lake, & Dream Lake)…truly glorious & majestic beauty of God’s creation surrounds you there!!!

            A bit more family history, my husband’s ancestor Percy Hagerman was a member of the 14,000 club, a group of mountaineers that initially summited some mountains of 14,000 feet or higher. There is a Hagerman Pass somewhere in CO named for him or his father JJ, I believe…

            Hopefully this image of Hagerman Pass, Leadville, CO shows up. My husband’s ancestor JJ Hagerman was a partial owner of a successful silver mine, Mollie Gibson, in the Cripple Creek area, I believe. Don’t know how those two locations might be to each other…

            Here’s a picture of Hagerman Lake, MI (I hope) that I’m pretty sure was named after my husband’s ancestor JJ Hagerman…

            Here’s a bit from the Hagerman Lake History site:
            “Our lake has a fascinating and colorful history.

            Sally Engebretson, curious about the history of the area, did some research. It turns out that Hagerman Lake is named after J. J. Hagerman, a very colorful miner and industrialist from the 1800’s. This is confirmed by Jack Hill on page 39 of his history of Iron County, in which he says that
            “on the earliest maps Hagerman Lake bears the name of Lac Brule. The origin of the name Hagerman is of more recent date and in all probability came from J. J. Hagerman, a mineral and timber investor who secured large land holdings surrounding the lake during the early development of the County.”

            Sally found two very interesting accounts of J. J. Hagerman. The first is his autobiography, written in 1908, with 67 typewritten pages in a
            large file of over 13 megs. (Don’t try it on dial-up!)

            The second reference is shorter, a biography written by JJ’s son, Percy.”


            I really need to get copies of both of those historical accounts on one of my blogs before they disappear, since they are both written by my husband’s & kids’ direct ancestors.

            God Bless you Alison & thanks for chatting! 🙂

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            1. OMGosh, you are just a wealth of personal history. Such fun to hear 😃 My parents honeymooned in Newberry, and my grandfather founded a small town (barely a spot) named Irons, MI.

              Warren Dunes was our summer playground!!!! My mom, all our aunts and two dozen cousins would go almost once a week; sometimes the Dads joined us. We’d get sunburned beet red, but dutifully wait that hour after eating before swimming 🤓 climbing the dunes and running down them was a real rush.

              I hear the Lake water is up almost a foot and wiping out many of the beaches and threatening some homes. I’m not sure if that’s a cyclical thing.

              Leadville and Cripple Creek are favorite areas of ours, and we’ve also spent plenty of time in Estes Park because it’s the gateway to Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park.

              Wow, you’re jogging many memories.

              Apologies to others for hogging thread for off-topic yakking 🤓

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              1. No apologies needed from my perspective…we’re just having a grand time in spite of the “unconstitutional” lock-down hysteria going on as the storm swirls around us!

                Amazing how many connections we’ve got. I only encountered Warren Dunes that one time but it was such a memorable place that I’ve longed to go back on & off over the years! How amazing that you have so many precious memories there!

                We’ve traversed Detroit to Chicago a number of times over the years (my Aunt lives in Naperville) & one Christmas in the late 70’s or early 80’s we drove during Very Bad weather conditions & there were dozens of cars in the ditches & huge trucks jack-knifed periodically along 94. It was a bitter cold Christmas (memory says -60 & -100 wind chill in Chigaco) & we brought like a 15 foot Christmas Tree for my Aunt’s new 2 story living room. We were practically the living representation of the Griswold Family Christmas Tree Trip (from Christmas Vacation) with that bad boy strapped down on the “wood” paneled Ford station wagon forging our way through roadside mayhem! Fun & exciting when you’re an adolescent & not yet driving…

                Now if you ended up being my husband’s adopted out sister that he only learned of at his mom’s funeral this would elevate to a miraculous God-ordained conversation!


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              1. My aunt taught adjunct at College of Du Page for a long time & did work at Morton Arboretum in Lisle (I think) she’s a Master’s level botanist, world traveler, & mountaineer. Now she’s into wild plants & natural landscaping. She was into Green thinking way before it was PC. Family gatherings were always interesting, she was usually driving some type of hybrid & my dad was high up in Ford Motor Company. Their dad had less than a High School education & used to run his own gas station…salt of the earth types who’ve always loved the outdoors & enjoyed it in various ways.

                Aunt is Way out of step with the norms in the Naperville area. They built their passive solar home in the late 70’s, my uncle was a genius level carpenter, & then filled their lot with native prairie plants that required a yearly burn off & fire department supervision. She even put in a natural roof in recent years (definitely puts her limited money where her mouth is, but is also a very strong Christian!) I think her neighbors used to hate them!

                She can still fit into a bathing suit from her college days & walk faster & further than anyone else in the family & she’s almost 83 & has had a hip replacement & deals with chronic pain issues. She kicked All of our butts (3 generations, mostly under age 25) on the Mackinac Bridge walk last Labor Day in honor of my dad’s 80th birthday!

                Here’s a description of my amazing & unique aunt:

                “Pat Armstrong Pat Armstrong Founder, Prairie Sun Consultants Patricia Armstrong has a Master of Science degree from the University of Chicago in Ecology (Biology-Botany). She previously taught multitudes of nature classes at the Morton Arboretum for 16 years, plus Botany, Ecology, and Geology at the University of Wisconsin Extension , and Michigan State University’s Juneau Icefield Research Program in Alaska. Pat’s knowledge and understanding of all things wild and free comes from a life-long personal and intimate relationship with Nature that is passionate as well as scientific. She lives in a home she and her husband designed and built to fit into the natural ecosystems of northern Illinois. It is active and passive solar, energy-efficient, and landscaped with over 300 species of native trees, shrubs, prairie grasses and wildflowers approximately 40% of which are edible. Pat is actively involved in living joyfully with Nature. She runs a consulting firm, PRAIRIE SUN CONSULTANTS , to educate and assist others in appreciating and using native plants and wild edible plants in home landscaping.”


                I guess if the crap Really hits the fan she’s gonna survive by faith, foraging, & woodcraft skills!

                It’s pretty wild that we have such a close geographic connection! Blessings, Daughn, & thanks for All that you share & do around the Q-Tree. You are a Truth Storm of Epic Proportions!


    3. Here’s a map someone shared so I wanted to see how close it lined up with the maps I was considering…

      Hope this shows OK…


  9. On Death rates and Statistics…
    (These are from the guys @ ChiefIO blog)

    J Martin says:
    8 February 2020 at 9:16 pm
    “….Also the oft quoted 2% death rate is misleading, deaths today should be compared to infections 3 weeks previously, so death rate would several times higher than 2%.

    Another death rate is to compare deaths against recovered, which at 30% is more concerning….”

    TRANSLATION: In the middle of the exponential curve the numbers are FUBAR.

    Larry Ledwick says:
    7 February 2020 at 6:50 pm

    Very good summary of the problems with calculating death rate etc. from rapidly changing early pandemic data.

    (cliff’s notes – current estimates of 2% case fatality rate are meaningless they are calculated in an inherently flawed manner due to how the daily stats do not reflect actual long term outcomes.It is entirely possible the real CFR {case fatality rate} is several times larger than 2%)


    Larry Ledwick says:
    4 February 2020 at 12:59 am

    Interesting read on the limitations of statistics for things like pandemic death totals as the disease spreads. By the very nature of these numbers and where they come from they will always be low ball values of the true values. You cannot even call them estimates.


    Larry Ledwick says:
    4 February 2020 at 6:42 am

    “…Except we are way too early in the American curve to say anything useful. You need about 30 samples to get the statistical fluctuations to a reasonable level….”

    We also need a string of data that is several times longer than the longest incubation time plus the typical time to death once symptoms appear so maybe 4 – 6 weeks for that to happen.

    Mean incubation duration is 6.4 days but it can range from 2 – 14 days
    time in hospital prior to death 10+ days I think for most of them.

    Larry Ledwick says:
    4 February 2020 at 12:48 pm
    Reposting the charts of symptomatic development from lancet
    [This is the first case in Washington State]

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    1. Stats are my wheelhouse. Please, throw the whole damn thing out the window.
      Unless the ENTIRE population, those without disease, those with disease but DID NOT GET TESTED, and those who were tested but recovered, + those tested and died…… are ALL included, then we do not have an accurate number.
      The incessant need for media and others to play with numbers to drive a narrative is annoying, misleading, and incorrect. Make me crazy and only proves their ignorance.

      The one thing we DO KNOW, is that anyone who is using current numbers as a numerator and denominator is missing a VAST number of those who are infected but never presented for testing.
      THAT MEANS every single estimate is too high.
      Real number (of morbidity is obviously LOWER than anyone is calculating.
      See what I mean?


    1. The 60-70% includes the non symptomatic cases, the mild cases and the sick but no complications/hospitalizations cases – all of which are at greater proportions than the tested cases (which are usually the most symptomatic and worst cases). Every self reported case we have discussed here is part of the 60-70%. All of the non symptomatic carriers are part of the 60-70%. They are not saying that 60-70% will all become infect and have worst case of complications/hospitalizations.

      Just like the seasonal/regular flu, the majority of cases in the final stats will not be cases tested/confirmed by tests but will include the estimated non symptomatic cases, mild cases and the many cases who have a “bad” flu but didn’t actually have a flu test much less experience complications &/or require hospitalization.

      Will 60-70% become infected? Maybe, and maybe only 40-50% – but Neither number is predicting that we will have this large of a number ill and in the hospital. So, yes, the 60-70% is on the high side but realistic…and Not predicting 60-70% in the hospital on breathing machines. That is a misinterpretation … that the MSM probably doesn’t mind as that misinterpretation drives “clicks” and viewers.

      However, the truth is not the opposite. We can not just reflexively say, “The media says this is a crisis but media is fake news so there is no crisis.” To be opposite of fake news can still be fake news but much of fake news is fake because of spin – a misuse of truth. Opposite of fake news is often not the trust. We have to extrapolate truth from fake news wisely v. knee jerk reactions to opposite.

      And, Yes, we will easily see diagnosed cases at 32x current number. 1% infection rate, 1% infected confirmed through diagnosed tests and presenting symptoms, often with complications and hospitalizations – very realistic based on current numbers.

      1% is 3.3 million – we are on track at only a 20% growth rate (a low growth rate in comparison to what the daily growth rate has been) to be at a million confirmed cases next week (not this week we are going into but the first full week of April). And that is at a conservative 20% growth rate (not growth rate of total # of cases but rate of growth of new cases)

      32x worse when the numbers are still low (relative to population) is not outlandish or outrageous. We are 1000x more cases than several weeks ago.

      The truth is not always the exact opposite of the MSM narrative. Not true doesn’t mean the opposite is true.

      President Trump knows this is serious and know the cases are growing to a crisis level … which is why he and his team have advocated for radical solutions like the voluntary (in much of the US) quarantine and is working at Trump speed to build hospitals, increase hospital bed capacity, using war time style powers to make companies produce a specific item (that is a drastic action in a free market, capitalist society!) and insisting that the fed gov facilitate new treatment options.

      Trust Trump that it is serious and that we need to follow his recommendations. And help demand that the fed gov agencies and health care providers work toward the medical solution he is promoting as a possible successful treatment option. Game changer if it can be produced and works!

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      1. Just for Info.

        Most of us have some immunity to the normal flu we see each winter either naturally are via vaccination.

        CDC on the Vaccine Effectiveness:

        Even with some ‘Herd Immunity’ we saw a LOT of flu this season.

        Remember not ALL PEOPLE ARE TESTED:
        We stay home and suffer knowing antibiotics are of no use. Only those that have to have a written doctor’s excuse are going to head for the health clinic. (And we wonder why our health costs are so high…)

        “Nationwide during week 12,
        6.4% of patient visits reported through the U.S. Outpatient Influenza-like Illness Surveillance Network (ILINet) were due to influenza-like illness (ILI). This percentage is above the national baseline of 2.4%.”

        public health laboratories ..WK 12 …TOTAL
        No. of specimens tested … 2,139 … 78,778
        No. of positive specimens …. 219 … 42,510

        (2017-2018 season was the worst in a decade)

        ALL INFO FROM:

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        1. I spent some time early this week learning about yearly flu #s and how they are calculated as well as how many actual flu cases are tested/confirmed. I used VA as example of tested/confirmed cases v. estimated total of cases.

          one thing I noticed but did not have time to explore is the total number of tested v. positive cases. just like WuFlu, many came back negative for flu…so something else presenting similarly to the flu symptoms. I am curious if the 2019-20 flu season had more negatives than usual from Sept – Feb and even March would might indicated hidden #s of something else presenting similarly to the flu and flu related pneumonia.

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    2. Thanks DP, as I have been saying, for over a week, the projections were GARBAGE. IMHO intentional garbage. It took EFFORT to be THAT wrong and overinflated, then we have the HYPE. I TRULY believe the REASON we are not going to make the projection, and not even CLOSE, has NOTHING to do with “social distancing” crap and MORE to do with the fact that we were ALL seeded MUCH earlier than reported, and that we are NOW seeing herd immunity and the virus EXPLODES not because it is so bad, but BECAUSE of the sequestration.

      When you take an OPEN environment, and then RESTRICT it, MASSIVELY, that only COMPOUNDS the spread, NOT lessen it. Enclosed houses had to be WORSE, at least at FIRST, than if we did nothing.

      Sick people were PUT IN sequester with HEALTHY people. Gee, GUESS what happened, an EXPLOSION of cases. the PERFECT little petri dishes, MILLIONS of them.

      Now the GOOD news. By FORCING the petri dish, and the subsequent explosion, the GOOD news is they ALSO FORCED the herd immunity explosion that WILL be coming. In essence, the sequester will FORCE the virus to not not spread, but to BURN out QUICKER. More and more people will get it, and RECOVER, making them then IMMUNE. Unintended “consequences” Making it MUCH worse at the beginning of sequestration, which is EXACTLY what happened. The numbers got FAR worse when people were locked in together, than they were in the beginning.

      I believe, that THAT was the plan, to make it APPEAR to match the projections by FORCING sick people WITH healthy people in CLOSED environments, MILLIONS of them.’ The plan, worked, the numbers spiked, even the deaths.

      The PROBLEM for those that planned this, which is GOOD NEWS for us, is that in essence, they are FORCING the virus to BURN through it’s cycle at an accelerated pace. That means this will ALL be over MUCH sooner than they thought, and it WILL have to do with the “social distancing sequesters, just NOT in they way that we were told.

      We will NOT end the virus by staying away until it does not have new hosts, we will end it BECAUSE we were ALL forced indoors into petri dishes that FORCED the healthy with those who had it, yet did NOT show it or feel it, meaning MANY MORE people got it, got it QUICKLY, but ALSO got OVER it and IMMUNE more QUICKLY.

      Watch and see.

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      1. If this is true, then antibody testing that catches ALL VARIANTS of SARS-type coronaviruses (including S type COVID-19, L-type COVID-19, and all mutations thereof, plus any other sneaker ChiCom variants with similar HIV-based gain-of-function) would show something like 80-90% prior infections, once such testing comes online.

        Surely we have some preliminary results, even on not-so-wide antibody testing, in which case we should see over 50% prior infection, IMO.

        I’m VERY CURIOUS what we see, and I’m very curious about MY case, because whatever I got does real damage.

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        1. We, if we get to SEE the results, will be STUNNED. Wolf, did you see my post to DP? It was a GIANT measles party. I bet MOST here do not remember them. Should I post a post explaining what and when they were common, coincidentally, just WHO was a child around the time that these were widespread, that’s right Donald Trump WOULD have been a child in the 1959’s BEFORE vaccines like MMR were common.

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          1. Well, I need DATA to make that jump. And most people who are telling me they think they had it, think they had it back in December or January. So being cooped up NOW is doing NOTHING in my neighborhood. Nobody is getting anything now.

            In my household, I believe 100% infection – in jan/feb. In my house plus one neighbor, 100%, same time-frame. But in my house plus another neighbor, 50%. And in my neighborhood, my GUESS is under 20% MAX, based on anecdotals.

            I want to see somebody put it to Birx right now:

            Do we have ANY CURRENT serological data on WHAT PERCENTAGE of people in SOME PLACE IN AMERICA like New York, Ohio, Washington, or California have been infected, and have antibodies?

            Fresh data from the tests that are coming online. If the number is under 10%, then it means that the measles party theory only means LOCAL BURNOUT – basically burn it out on a per-family basis for the SMALL percentage who had it – and that is smart -that is how flattening the curve works – but it does not mean most people have had it. We still have a LOT of kindling that could catch.

            I suspect that the number WILL shock at around 10%, NOT at around 90%.

            So let’s see some data!!! What does Birx have from the antibody testing companies?

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            1. Agreed, she is prepping the masses like Trump for the TRUTH and the release, the MSM did NOT like that. Told me ALL I needed to know, absent the true facts.

              Sometimes the ACTIONS or INACTIONS of known cabal like the MSM speak VOLUMES. Like Hillary and Obama coming out against Chloroquine within HOURS. there are NO coincidences.

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  10. Authors Note: I know some don’t like stats and others do not want to know what to expect in the next several weeks and the type of info President Trump is using (although prepared by experts v. country housewife! ha) and why our gov leaders are making the decisions they are making….so just scroll and tune it out. I used only publicly available information and linked to the sites from which I gained my data.

    Unfortunately, the 11 days behind Italy prediction has come true but only in part.

    On March 13, 2020 this article was published stating that we were on the same track as Italy and were 11 days behind their numbers.

    14 short days ago when this article was originally published…
    As of March 13 WuFlu stats:
    US: 2,163 diagnosed cases, 49 deaths
    Italy: 17,660 diagnosed cases, 1,266 deaths

    As of March 24 – 11 days later
    US: 52,685 diagnosed cases…but “only” 681 deaths

    And now, 3 short days later and only 4 weeks after our numbers first began to climb (2/29) we have passed the 100K mark and closing in on 2K deaths.

    The Good News is, as I said above, it came true only in part … we had less deaths at the 11 day mark than Italy had at that same time frame.

    Why didn’t we have the same death totals when we had the same #s? Because Italy’s story is Much more than their pure numbers. Our US #s have rapidly surpassed Italy’s diagnosed cases but we are a much larger nation covering a much larger area so after WuFlu began to grow and spread via community v. just incoming sick, of course we will have more cases.

    Italy’s tragedy not just their #s – it is seen in their % of population with diagnosed cases.
    They went from 0 to 1,431 per million from Feb 20 – now.
    They have hospital capacity of 3.18 per 1,000 (as of 2018, downward trend) which equals 3,180 per million. 1,431 people per million sick, 3,180 hospital beds per million, right? Seems ok…

    However, the those hospital beds are not all just sitting there empty. They have a 78% filled rate or 2,480 average filled beds leaving 700 empty (on average) or “spare” beds per million of their population to deal with 1,431 newly WuFlu infected people per million.

    There #s grew but the numbers were not just #s but a huge percentage of their population that overwhelmed their medical system. Also, their #s were concentrated in hot spots … as was there hospital bed usage. The country’s total number of hospital beds are not equally accessible to all citizens (An empty hospital bed in Denver does not help a critically ill patient in NY, for example) Local hospitals were completely overwhelmed which resulted in greater death rates.

    As the first (outside of China and, to me, All data coming for the CCP is 100% suspect), Italy was unprepared.

    The US is headed toward the same level of infections per capita/# per million but the US has a few weeks lead time and President Trump + his admin + private industry (including health care) are using this time very Wisely and working at Trump speed to:

    1) slow the grow of cases/slow the infection spread to buy time for all of the rest of the prep + have incoming cases at level the medical system can handle

    2) find medical solutions from existing drugs

    and 3) Prep!! we have several weeks lead time to prepare field hospitals, distribute supplies, manufacture equipment, inventory equipment and repurpose it, cancel elective surgeries, roll back regulations to empty hospital beds and to repurpose many other hospital beds.

    Trust Trump – we must slow the spread, we must prepare and our red tape gov overreach Must allow existing medicines to be widely used to treat. The latter is the Game Changer and the greatest hope we have.

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    1. Above, I discussed Italy’s available hospital beds and we all know that their hospital system was (and is) overwhelmed, esp. in hot spot locations. Our hospital #s….

      Right now, the US is at 310 diagnosed per million (that is a snap shot of a Growing Number – not a comfort that it is only 310 per million v. Italy’s 1431 per million – growing daily).

      We have fewer beds per capita than Italy. 2.77 per 1,000 as of 2017 and downward trend so fewer now than list in the open source #s I have found. Per this site, we have a 64% occupancy. That would be average 1,772 occupied per million leaving ~1,000 “spare” hospital beds per million US citizens. (Remember this is with #s as of 2017 …fewer hospital beds now 3 yrs later than then when this stat was listed as downward trend.)


      The ~1K per million of “spare” beds is based on typical usage. But here in the US hospitals have had time to change typical usage by canceling elective surgeries, for instance. The Trump Admin has been Very proactive on the available hospital beds issue.

      15 days ago, 3/13: “Trump announced that laws and rules also will be waived to allow more telemedicine, to allow hospitals to bring more physicians on board or obtain additional office space, and to increase the number of hospital beds that can be used. He also mentioned waiving some rules on hospital stays, admissions to nursing homes, and what hospitals can do to allow more space.”

      This was a big deal because it changed the through put of the hospitals, shifting care to lower levels of care for many patients – those who would normally stay longer in a hospital are being released to skilled care and skilled care patients are being released to home care w/daily nursing visits and those who would receive in person daily nursing visits are to receive phone calls…pushing patients to a lower level of skilled care all down the line and moving patients more quickly out of hospitals to make room for the oncoming cases of WuFlu.

      This is more than just processing through – the staff at all levels must change and one bottle neck was the sudden surge in need for nurses for in home visits. (See my comments re using army for in home checks as well as other comments about hospital through put)

      Other prep – recalling medical staff back to armed services and from civilian retirement to meet the high demand created by onslaught of patients + to replace ill medical staff as the contract the WuFlu from constant work exposure.
      (medical staff are an increase % of the “close contact with ill person”, person-to-person transmission cases)

      Trust Trump – this is a serious situation and it is real. But we are in a better position that Italy because of the Strong actions President Trump, his admin + private industry are taking to prep and that we all are taking to slow the spread.

      Game Changer would be meds that lessen hospital stays, sped recovery, lessen complications/need for ventilators, etc. Pray these meds work and the resisters blocking them are overcome quickly!

      Trust Trump, know that the WuFlu and its spread are both real and not a fake news hoax. The Dem/media spin re: Trump admin’s handling this and much of what they say President Trump has said/done – hoax. WuFlu and its spread – Not a hoax. Trust Trump.

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      1. ALSO, Italy the last I check refused to use the Trump Protocol of Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

        If nothing else this pandemic SHOWS how bureaucratic RED TAPE and REFUSAL to consider anything new KILLS!

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        1. Of special notice are Japan, SK (just says Korea but I promise you those are Not NK #s!), Germany, Spain and Italy’s #s and note the difference in outcomes.

          There are additional factors such as testing rates and medicines used….but the patient needs to be in the hospital in the first place to be in front of the doctor for the various medicines to be used. Hospital beds/capacity – Huge factor.

          But game changer is the meds. That is where the sun is shining and there is Hope of reversing all trends! All else is slowing the trends and preparing for the trends.

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            1. Exactly! We have to slow the spread of the virus so it grows at a rate that we can handle – so as not to overwhelm the medical system. Exactly!!!!

              It is real, it sucks to have it for many, it is HIGHLY contagious, they are working VERY hard to prevent disaster as it spreads and the Hope is in slower infection rate growth and Very Promising Treatments that will Change the Everything.

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              1. The system was NOT overwhelmed in 2009 OR 2015. BOTH were longer, more widespread, and DEADLIER than this. There was ZERO concern then, and we were FAR less prepared with FAR more red tape and obfuscation by Obama than we are NOW.

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              2. On what do you base your Swine flu comparisons? 2nd time you have said/posted swine flu was worse…why? link to stats/article?

                Not true from what I can find….


  11. In a NY minute is Trump Time. So bureaucrats do not stand a chance in his world. Reform or quit.

    I want to see a show of hands that actually believe PDT had not already received all he needed to promote the cocktail med therapy before he openly spoke about it. I want to see the hands raised of people who do not believe the country will open up safely with a laser focused approach at various points in April. How about the social distancing that he promoted – raise your hand if you doubted it.

    If you raised your hand to any of those you believe PDT just flies by the seat of his pants on decisions that impact life or death of American citizens. You are stating you do not believe in the people on his task force or any of the people serving in his admin. You choose to ignore the obvious successes of him overcoming hoaxes and coups to take down his presidency since Day One, while at the same time protecting and improving the lives of every American, even those of the leftists that hate him. Yep, those slime politicians that hate him, yet, voted for the bill and are forced to thank him for providing incredible support to their constituents that they were unprepared to protect in the current “crisis” of the moment.

    He’s just lucky to be correct nearly all of the time – right?

    I could go on, but if you believe the premise that he does not know what he is doing with this leftist cabal manufactured crisis of the moment from China, it is pointless to continue.

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    1. All that has been accomplished, all that the Trump Admin as done in just the last 4 weeks (and he was taking action in Jan & Feb despite what one hears in the fake news/twisted truth media) is incredibly impressive! At some point, someone needs to make a full list

      Full Mobilization to fight this invisible enemy and I am so grateful he is our POTUS or this would be a true disaster v. a tough time.

      And yet we are seeing actual restoration of states right and responsibilities and the reduction of fed gov. – less overreach, rolling back of red tape and regulations, in this time of emergency than the other way around. This realignment is astonishing in these circumstances. Brilliant handling of this emergency by President Trump as he is not letting this epidemic in our country change his underlying principles.

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    2. The SILENCE during January and February, (except for closing the borders to china and quarantine) was DATA GATHERING TIME.

      President Trump has the ARMED FORCES MEDICAL CORPS to do in-depth data searches on Corona Viruses. He had his Legal Teams to RESEARCH methods to cut thru the Red Tape at the FDA and CDC. So yes, the different options were all looked at and the best course of action was laid out like a precise military operation.

      Once Nancy Messonnier, the Obama Plant in the CDC who REFUSED to do testing and THEN went on record with her doom and gloom, President Trump unleashed his plan.

      February 26, 2020
      Dr. Messonnier dropped a bomb on President Trump while he was in India yesterday.

      Yesterday, the CDC unexpectedly announced startling news about the coronavirus in the US. This rattled the markets and led to another downturn of hundreds of points in the DOW for the second straight day:

      As we’ve seen from recent countries with community spread, when it has hit those countries, it has moved quite rapidly. We want to make sure the American public is prepared,” said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s national center for immunization and respiratory diseases. “As more and more countries experience community spread, successful containment at our borders becomes harder and harder.”


      The SHAM-Peach-Mint was SUPPOSED to divert President Trump’s attention and prevent this research. It didn’t.

      REMEMBER President Trump hits back MUCH HARDER. Expect to see these traitors exposed and the various departments broken up and shipped to various parts of the heartland. AND the Cabal just handed him the tools he needed to do it.

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  12. In looking at the numbers from yesterday here in the Lou, the combined confirmed cases in the city and county yields about .026% infection.

    The county to our west, the spread out suburbs sprinkled among farm country with a population of 900,000 less people, is the hot spot in the state with .06% infected.

    Can we follow directions or what.

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  13. Personal Report, just in case it helps someone else.

    President Trump has called the WuFlu the invisible enemy and many have called it the silent killer. From reports in Jan & Feb from China, from reports here in the US and from personal testimonies here at the Qtree we know that too frequently the first symptoms are shortness of breath, light headedness etc. – indicators that the WuFlu virus is already deep at work in one’s lungs.

    Usually we get sick with milder symptoms and then our illness may or may not progress to the lungs. This seems to be just the opposite in many cases. Lung infection and damage early with some of the first symptoms being the results of the deep lung infection &/or damage.

    So, we are using home remedies against the virus prophylactic since we wouldn’t know we were sick until damage was already being done and the virus had progressed.

    All that means is that we are using essential oils, tinctures and herbal teas throughout our day that are geared for this specific illness – immune building, lung support, expectorants and anti viral while avoid the things cause the “storms”.

    No, this does not mean we are in constant stress or worry. this does mean we are taking tinctures and supplements several times a day (takes less than 3 min), applying essential oils a couple times a day (esp. in am and at bedtime, Always at bedtime, but takes less than 3-4 minutes) and being very intentional with our daily herbal teas + plus drinking more of them. I make them in the morning when I cook breakfast as per usual and we enjoy through the day & making infusions for the next day. this is usual for us anyway – just specific in choices and more jars of tea than usual.

    Without changing our lifestyle or putting us in a “fear” mode or even taking up much time & thought, these things are taking a few extra minutes throughout the day, are not harmful if we don’t have the virus and if/when we do will hopefully give our body a head start of help before we even realize we are sick.

    (the time and thought were invested in figuring out what to have on hand and to use…doing it is the easy part!)

    Our biggest lifestyle change is just not going anywhere – husband full time telecommuting & working Much longer hours due to WuFlu (healthcare industry), no extra curricular actives for son, no errands for me and very little shopping by any of us. But family life is actually pretty normal esp. now that it is spring and so much time outside in the garden!

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    1. LOL
      Mistyped my “name” by hitting enter accidentally early, but obviously not the first time as it went right through! so many typos, so little time. Had to laugh at myself that it went right through. Such gracious admins to have cleaned up my typos in my own “name” so many times! 🙂

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      1. This is actually a bit of a danger, b/c we’ve had to deal with spoofers who get in via wrong names and/or bogus “close” email addresses. I generally advise that authors ALWAYS correct names and THEN approve the post, so that it is caught the next time, too, or simply don’t approve and wait for the do-over. Also we have to watch out for “uncharacteristic” or “fishy characteristic” posts by “looks like a regular poster but spidey senses say something is off” that are caught in moderation.

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        1. Thank you and I was surprised when it went through – want to block for next time or do whatever you think best. I was expecting to get that message and then copy it and past it, type my name correctly and do it again. I just had to laugh that I had obviously made the same ‘ol mistakes before – silly me!

          (but wouldn’t the rest email give it away even if at the name was wrong…or do I mess up the email too?! I usually see that I have messed up the email because the picture is different…at least I think I catch those typos…maybe not…maybe I rely to much on spell check which I don’t have down in those lines. will work harder to do better)

          Evidently, my MO over the last week as been irritating and cranky, or short tempered and impatient, so I guess you can tell by that pattern if its me or not! haha 😉

          Will try to be sweet. Usually, I don’t care about pure opinions … but wrong facts and misinformation can result in people taking chances, catching the virus &/or probably being spreaders, or being confused or mentally unprepared, undermining President Trump’s leadership and actions …IDK…. equally frustrating when misinfo is posted/spread, misinfo on one end of the spectrum as the other equally harmful


  14. As we are waiting for NY reults from using HCQ, what about other states? I simply don’t trust Cuomo.

    What is going on in FL, LA, GA, PA, Il, MA,CA, WA… Why are we not hearing moar? Guessing we’ll here moar Monday and it’ll dove tail into new guidelines.

    Certainly there are many docs prescribing HCQ and ZPaks off label. IF I had ChiCom-19 and needed treatment to save my life, lungs…I’d be demanding HCQ and ZPaks.

    I’m probably missing something very fundamental.

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    1. I imagine that there are also test being run on the Q/T in Florida to double check the NYC numbers. NO WAY does President Trump trust the NYC corrupt political climate in that city

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        1. Better to use some of these Reserve forces officers being called up to stand behind check up on and verify data coming from some of these people both on the state and CDC level.

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        1. Hopefully Team Trump, & perhaps Dr. Brix in particular, will present such data in their current updates when they share their evaluations of where we stand after “15 days to stop the spread”. Blessings!

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  15. WuFlu decision in our home: Two 80 degree days and immediately son is Begging to open the pool. Happens every year as we get early warm spring days and his spring fever hits. But it is too early as the water is Ice Cold – has not had time to heat up and loose its winter chill. (And I Refuse to turn on the pool heater as that is just burning money – let the sun do it!)

    This year, may do it as a memory maker v. waiting for late May and having our “Opening the Pool” Party.

    We can open and let him do a polar bear plunge…but I hesitate as that is a little hard on the system, no? I guess the real danger is letting him stay cold and wet and his body actually getting a chill. Fun but too hard on the body when WuFlu is floating around? Maybe good for him as get circulation going! Don’t they do the sauna/snow thing in Nordic countries? Hmmmm….

    May just go for it and let him plunge and make some memories…with camera ready for that shocked expression his face. Wonder if that will cure the 2 months of begging to open the pool next spring? ha

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    1. Didn’t ask, but, one vote here for pool plunge. Great change of “routine”. Doesn’t have to be hours shivering in the air. After whatever is enough, a worm ten minute shower will dispel whatever concern there is. Yea, this is the kid at heart vote.

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      1. Yep – think we will do it. Husband been working Long hours and son aware of what is going on (NO network TV blaring but he is still well aware). Think it will be fine as long as I don’t let him linger. Will be a fun memory maker! 🙂

        Open today and chemicals should be right by next weekend. Will give him something to think about! ha

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    2. ” Don’t they do the sauna/snow thing in Nordic countries?”

      We encountered plenty of that at my Finnish grandparents’ place in Michigan. In fact one year I most impressed Grandpa by bringing home some international college friends & getting them to do the sauna & through the ice lake dunking! One was from Jamaica & one was from Aruba & Venezuela so this was definitely out of their range of experience. Grandpa continued to do this into his 80’s & may have survived a stroke that would have taken out a lesser man/constitution because of his system being used to such events!

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    1. We are starving for data from NYC. No idea which patients contracted the virus, were treated and released, quarantined, died etc. Age, sex, location, outcome. Basic stuff. It’s because Cuomo and deBlasio can’t wrap their head around a total solution.

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    2. Now, think, WHY would they NOT report hospitalizations? IF the numbers were DIRE, they would be HEADLINE news. IF, however, the numbers were NOT as bad as forecasted? Would the PTP be in ANY hurry to post them? The ANSWER to that question REVEALS the game we were ALL sold.

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    3. Thanks for the link. Good info. I have been going to the state sites for VA, NY, FL, GA, TN, CA & WA + Worldometers. This will be a great addition!

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  16. If this is true, they better ramp up production like crazy. There are no masks to be found here.

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    1. Uh, dull tool here, CDC can’t recommend the impossible…advise wearing masks in everyday life.

      Now, channel that to specific localities and MAYBE, IF they make masks available. Moar likely I would guess moar strict quarantine in high risk localities.

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    2. LEARN TO SEW!

      ”There is a minimum effective infectious dose. Greater doses increases the likelihood of infection. This also affects the incubation period. The lower the exposure, the longer the time needed for the infection to get going internally; and with that, the longer it will be before that person becomes infections and/or shows symptoms. Recall that most symptoms are due to activation of the immune system, and not from the infection itself.” — cdquarles 

      How to properly wear a mask- short video in link 



      Larry Ledwick  has a HOW TO for homemade mask:


      MORE from Larry.
      Larry Ledwick says:
      7 February 2020 at 9:37 pm

      That is sort of like the disposable diaper vs washable cotton pad diaper, the washable diaper is actually the more sustainable option but most people are willing to pay extra not to have to wash poopy diapers.

      As we mentioned the other day some single use items can be sterilized and re-used if you must, and you can make expedient face masks out of other common materials like cotton T shirts.

      since 90% of the function of face masks is actually to control incidental small dropplet contact with the face, you probably really don’t “need” n-95 masks unless you are a health care provider in constant close contact with highly infectious patients.

      It is a case of different horses for different courses. For casual go to the grocery store type usage, a washable cotton pad face mask is probably more than sufficient. When you get home dip it in alcohol, squeeze it dry and let it air dry, then maybe toss it in a small pressure cooker and run it through a sterilization cycle and you could probably re-use it.

      At the nuclear test site in Nevada we dressed up in double layers of cotton overalls not fancy tyvek bunny suits. A bit of masking tape to seal the openings and we were good to go in areas highly contaminated with plutonium. The washed and reused them until the fixed contamination exceeded allowable limits then they tossed them as low level waste.

      Same sort of strategy could be used for long term provision of basic face mask protection and save the high end n-95 and above for the folks that really need them.

      People also forget the eyes are a pathway for protection if you are wearing a mask for droplet control you also need some sort of face shield or wrap around glasses to limit the ability of a sneeze droplet getting to your eyes.

      There are lots of reasonably fashionable wrap around glasses available ranging from water clear safety glasses, amber shooting glasses to the various fashionable colored glasses.

      If you don’t need glasses for eye sight issues, might want to poke around and find a wrap around glass design you are comfortable wearing in public, even aviator style sun glasses would provide significant eye protection against droplets.

      I have a couple pairs of these for working on cars, grinding and sanding and such where you need some eye protection. Really cheap and crystal clear lenses.


      Larry Ledwick says:
      15 February 2020 at 9:57 pm
      We were talking the other day about how to make expedient masks here is a short video Hong Kong University on how to make home made masks with commonly available materials.

      Looks like 3 layers of common paper towel with an internal layer of Kleenex type face tissue.
      Add a bendable metal strip at the top to allow it to be conformed to the bridge of the nose.

      Also shows how to make low tech face shield.


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      1. Hmmm…do you think China had information about this before the rest of the world? Naaahhhh. Why would anyone think that?

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    3. Good call Wolf! (said they’d might do this at the end of this period prior to putting America back to work)
      Should of been done right from the very beginning.
      It’s not about saving yourself by using a good mask. It’s about squashing spread by asymptomatic spreaders taking the 6 foot danger zone down to a more manageable 2 ft. with something as simple as a bandanna.
      You don’t know who is asymptomatic so you have to assume everyone is.
      You don’t have to do it everywhere, just for commerce. For the most part just when you shop in areas where spread is likely or imminent!
      The World Health Organization specifically said no it won’t help the general population. They would not even make it recommended.
      CDC left it completely out of their guidance concerning the general public. But recommends it for the sick and people taking care of the sick.
      Asian countries are all masked up because it was already a 50% norm before the virus to accept masks be worn, not that they all would back then, but they are in 99% compliance in all hot areas now.
      Did I mention Fuaci is evil?

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      1. Dems are evil too. Closing all the business but a few so they can channel every one into a few locations greatly raising the chances of catching CV.


  17. Unseen has good insight and perspective, backed up by data.
    Total cases in USA 104,256. Total population of USA 330,503,241 or 0.03% of the population infected, in other words, 99.97% is not. This will have to get 32 times worse to even begin to infect 1% of the population. Yet, the media is telling us that 60-70%


    will be infected. To get to 60-70% this will have to get about 2,000 times worse then it is currently. Just not going to happen folks. In fact, if you look at the Italy, China and South Korea numbers the 0.03% is tracking perfectly with those numbers.

    and while the numbers have grown in the USA from a smaller number much of that is due to better testing. We have tested more than 685,000 people and are picking up more cases than those other 3 clusters. For instance Italy now has 86,498 cases with a population of 60.48m or 0.14%

    The point is that the worst case isn’t happening in any cluster. It could be because of human actions to slow the spread, it could be because the virus burns itself out. That’s a topic for another time. The point here is that the worst case hasn’t happened anywhere in the world.

    and it won’t happen here. The models are wrong. We can discuss why they are wrong but they are wrong and should no longer be used. What they predicted hasn’t happened anywhere in the world. The fear and panic is not being supported by the data. So stop being afraid

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    1. Strongly agree.

      Compare latest data – just a few minutes old:

      USA Cases

      USA Deaths

      Global Cases

      Global Deaths


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        503 – Hospitalizations – 15.72% of 3,198 confirmed cases
        46 – Deaths – 1.43% of confirmed cases – much smaller % of total positives not tested.
        38,822 tests – 3,054 positives – 9.455%

        526 – Hospitalizations – 13.978 % of 3763 confirmed cases
        54 Deaths – 1.435 % of confirmed cases
        40,250 tests – 3763 Positives – 9.349%

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        1. Georgia has worse stats. Every state has its own profile.

          716 – Hospitalizations – 30.262% of 2366 confirmed cases
          69 – Deaths – 2.916% of 2366 confirmed cases
          11,051- Tests – 2,366 Positives – 21.409%

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          1. Yep – many (not majority) of the FL “travel” cases were travel within the US

            FL’s web site is great because it shows hospitalizations by county as well as how many cases in each county are from community spread.


            1. Replying in relation to your language comment below (there was no reply button). If you’ve ever seen Mel Gibson’s The Passion movie in the Aramaic, I believe, & some Hebrew, they pronounce Jesus like ee-esh-u-ah, or at least that’s how I hear it. Your son might appreciate the various languages on display, including some Latin by the Romans, I believe.

              Another movie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, speaks in Chinese (we have to watch it w/ subtitles because I cannot bear the dubbing into English aspects) & it is almost musical at times.

              We used to occasionally get subtitled foreign films from the local library for a treat & now you can see some stuff via Netflix of foreign origin so you could have them speak in the native tongue & read along in English etc. There could be some interesting learning tools accessed this way if the material would be appropriate for someone of your son’s age &/or temperament. Blessings!


      2. Thanks, GA. While there are numbers people look at in detail, the big picture is how my mind works – and there will be a leveling off and decrease. Some of that will come from treatments, special precautions, but there’s also a degradation that happens with these viruses. Spring is in the air – viruses don’t like warm weather!

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          1. Yes, we knew that would happen. I believe in some areas, they’re beginning to test only the at risk, or symptomatic folks.

            It’s not just the availability of tests – but the manpower and resources involved in someone taking a test. Not every one needs or should have a test.

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      3. These are just numbers on a page and we have to consider all the non-critical, no doctor, no hospital cases that have passed through our population.

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          1. I will extend that to saying that VARIANTS of the virus have been in the country for months.

            If the anon leaks are right that the ChiComs released TWO STRAINS – first the lethal (L) and then the safe (S) – for WHATEVER REASONS OR THEORIES – then it is possible they were doing the same here, in combination with anticipated (plot, e.g. Wuhan games) and/or unanticipated travel spread.

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            1. I do think whatever you had before–isn’t what’s circulating now. Different strain, or something TOTALLY different. You got the Nasty strain, we’re dealing now with the SometimesQuiteDeadly strain.

              Or we’d have seen this ramp up in hospitalizations long ago.

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              1. I went over to wikipoo to look up ol’ Xerc. I did this because I remember talking to an Iranian once who was surprised I knew who Darius was…but she pronounced it “Dar-YOOSH” so I was curious to see how the Persians pronounced Xerxes. It certainly wouldn’t be ZERKzees, which is our own mangling of the Greek (Xs in a Greek loanword are invariably pronounced “ks” in the original Greek, from the letter Xi, which should be pronounced “ksee” not “zigh”).

                It turns out to be Khshayarsha–yes, that is pronouncable–so it’s no wonder the Iranian lady had no idea who I was talking about when I mentioned Xerxes (and pronounced it ZERKzees).

                Here;s the wikipedia .ogg file of someone pronouncing Khshayarsha:

                [audio src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/64/Khashayarsha.ogg" /]

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              2. Steve – I am sure we have our differences as all people do but, boy, do you post things up our family’s “ally”.

                Will share this with son. He Loves languages. We are doing 2nd yr Latin, a family program for emersion Spanish and then learns other languages such as French, Russian (he it was Hilarious to learn Russian since Russian hoax and we spend so much time working for and supporting President Trump & wonders if he is on watch lists for messing around with the Russian language…him wondering that is kind of a sad commentary on our state of affairs regarding privacy but he just finds it funny) and whatever else enters his mind. He just listened to youtube videos and plays free online programs.

                He will get a kick out of this. The harder the language the more “fun” it is to him. I think he sees it as kind of a game or a puzzle, like programing and piano. (the child has only been taking lessons since Sept and told me yesterday that he asked permission to “edit” his assigned pieces this week…smh)

                Yes, we are nerds! ha I don’t have the same gifting musically or with languages but I enjoy watching him enjoy both.

                Anyway, will share this with him in the morning. And check out other Biblical/ancient historical figure’s names in their own languages as well. Should be fun!

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              3. The wikipedia article on Xerxes does give the version of his name that shows up in the Old Testament–it is totally different from the Greek, closer to the Persian. But not all that close.

                If you are customers of the Teaching Company (the Great Courses) I can recommend John McWhorter’s stuff.

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            2. Wolfie, You or P-Rex were talking about RESEEDING

              Did you see the map of the cell phone data for the college spring break in Florida?


              And you know those kids were NOT concerned about ‘social distancing’ They were more concerned about getting ‘laid’

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              1. There will be “natural” reseeding. There will be “artificial” and “intentional” reseeding. And there will be “artificial” reseeding pretending to be otherwise.

                Welcome to the post-ChiCom world. Until the CCP and its contagion are gone, the world will be subjected to a thousand other contagions.

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      4. Numbers are trickling in at this point for the day. Missouri has 6 million people, roughly, and 838 CASES. 12 deaths.

        Either we hit the social distance thing just right, or the infection rate is not as widespread as feared. Probably a combination.

        I’m still watching, though, as the metro numbers are climbing, but have slowed. I expect more fatalities as time goes on, though. The people infected at the front end should be getting toward the end of the virus running its course.

        Kansas City is in the same boat.

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  18. Text:
    I am giving consideration to a QUARANTINE of developing “hot spots”, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A decision will be made, one way or another, shortly.

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    1. This particularly significant because until this time he has let the state’s handle the actual quarantine decisions and has only issued guidance and recommendations. This is a sign that the states are failing to handle their responsibilities & perhaps a reflection of their lack of authority over interstate travel.

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  19. Ground report, yesterday.

    I had not had any direct contact since the prior Saturday. Was working from home. However, I had to mail two items (and had one stamp) and had to go to work to upload software I had fixed.

    Post Office: Sign on the lobby door (separating it from the PO Box area) saying 3 at a time. One lady was in there, I was number two. She was taking this very seriously (as am I).

    A couple walked up to the door, read the notice and opened the door anyway. I told them two people were in here already; they decided to wait outside. Then another couple walked up behind them. They did NOT social distance. As soon as the lady in front of me left, the first couple came in then stood just inside the door, blocking my exit. The couple still outside ALSO stood right next to the door.

    At least the couple inside did move away from the door as I walked out (I walked around the big displays in the lobby, obviously keeping my distance from people). The knuckleheads outside, however, I practically had to walk over them to get them to quit crowding the door.

    Work was OK, only one other person there. Others are going in at carefully separated times to get onto the data feed we have there (it’s hard to work on software that’s supposed to process a data feed, when you don’t have the data feed at home) and/or upload fixes.

    I then stopped at WalMart, bought a few groceries. Canned goods looked like they were coming back, there was SOME meat. Some of the produce is now at the back of the store in the big bins that used to contain various dairy. Paper goods (like TP) was dead flat empty.

    Back home, I discovered a 56 oz bottle of hand sanitizer. I’m rich! Send date requests to…

    As people realize they will still be allowed to go get groceries, I think that panic is subsiding. However, if something nasty is going around, I’m happy to stay by myself for days on end.

    And now for something more editorial in nature:

    It looks pretty darned certain that HCQ is the ticket, now. And it certainly does look as if anti-Trumpers (dems and more than likely a few RINOS) are definitely looking to exploit this crisis (and make no mistake, it’s a genuine “situation”) to try to exploit this. I don’t think we can say this was a deliberate release–probably just negligence and face saving (to a pathological degree) in China. (I can’t say this ISN’T one either.)

    I stand by my warnings of what happens if you ignore an exponential growth situation. However, I’m pleased to note that Trump didn’t ignore this. He took it as a genuine “situation” too, and took action. Urging someone to take action is not “fear mongering.”

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    1. WOW!!!! insisted that Taiwan is China…???
      How does the saying go? Must pretend to not know many things that you do know…or something like that.

      FYI: two things (and more) can be true at the same time:
      1) this is a Real virus that is growing and has the #s potential to overwhelm medical system, etc, etc, etc.
      2) this was released on purpose or with foreknowledge that it may “leak”
      3) cures/preventatives are already known
      4) this is being used for political purposes

      But saying the later 3 does not negate the reality of dealing with the hideous virus itself and its rapidity of spread, etc. I see too many think that the message of “its a planned event” think that the event itself is fake. Nope – real virus. (no, I am not saying anyone in particular..just a dangerous pattern)

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  20. I have seen innumerable references to the stats from the 2009 swine flu (which was highest in April and May of ’09, later than usual the typical high point of flu as warm weather usually helps abate the spread &/or susceptibility … but doesn’t always.)

    All of these memes and articles and statements have elements of truth but are actually misinformation/fake news and are harmful to the understanding of what is actually happening right now.

    How many documented cases of H1N1/Swine Flu did we have from that pandemic?
    As of 2010 we had 6,724,179 total confirmed cases and 19,654 deaths … TOTAL – World Wide!
    In the US, 113,690 confirmed cases and 3,433 deaths of confirmed cases* (whether confirmed alive or post mortem)

    As of Right now (and it is still climbing) the US has 119,685 confirmed cases and 1,988 confirmed deaths.

    That is correct – we, as of this second, Already have more confirmed cases of WuFlu than we had of Swine Flu in 2009!!

    Even if we had 0 new cases the # of deaths will continue to climb as we have 114,465 active cases that have yet to be resolved in death/recovery.

    If the current death rate of confirmed cases that have resolved (and it won’t for the reasons I have listed before – it will go down) were to carry through to that would be 60K+ more deaths … but that is actually a worse case scenario that Will not happen for the reasons I have listed before. Point is that, sadly, More deaths are coming.

    What am I saying? That WuFlu has Already surpassed H1N1 Swine Flu from 2009 here in the US.

    how is that true when you have heard Much bigger numbers for Swine Flu? because the bigger numbers are the assumed cases that include MANY more cases than the actual confirmed cases through testing. This is the same for the regular/seasonal flu Every year.

    From what I have learned over the last week, this is how cases are counted in total:
    the confirmed cases through tested
    + an estimation/informed guess of All other cases including non symptomatic
    + mild cases
    + “normal” cases that are sick but don’t go to the doctor due to no complications and its a virus so they can’t do anything anyway

    The Vast majority of the flu totals are always all of the non tested, assumed cases. Same with Swine Flu. Tested cases were high so all other cases were assumed to be high and added into the grand total.

    If you see comparison to the Grand totals of flu or the Grand totals of swine flu being compared to the confirmed cases of WuFlu and using that to minimize Wuflu you are seeing misinformation/disinformation/fake news.

    Take WuFlu #s as they are right now and add all other assumed cases into the confirmed cases … now that is apples to apples.

    Or compare Confirmed Swine Flu or “seasonal flu” to Confirmed WuFlu & that is apples to apples.

    The other aspect is to compare Confirmed totals of Any year’s seasonal flu or swine flu of ’09 to current WuFlu #s is Fake News and Misinformation if one is not adding qualifying terms such as WuFlu confirmed cases “as of now” or “to date” or “as far as we know today” because previous year’s flu #s or Swine Flu from ’09 are Complete and Final, their totals for that year. WuFlu is Ongoing, Increasing.

    To have said 2 weeks ago, on 3/14 that WuFlu #s/confirmed cases are “only” 2,820 (which was our total 2 short weeks ago) and compared 2,820 cases to the totals for Swine Flu or seasonal flu would have been 100% fake news and Dangerous Misinformation that Undermined President Trump’s leadership to take this Seriously and Urgently.

    Why? The 2,820 was only those known at the time and only the #s for the very beginning of our outbreak v. the total of the flu to which it was being compared.

    the reason for action has Never been about current #s. Today’s actions are in anticipation of where our #s are going.

    timeline of swine flu, written by Obama admin and CDC so self reporting response..https://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/cdcresponse.htm)

    *Note: swine flu is unusual in that numbers of the pandemic have grown over 10 yrs as it is still in circulation but the core #s were from the initial outbreak in ’09. There are variations even on the CDC’s various reports.

    I have been fascinated to learn about the reporting methods and the methodology behind flu stats. Anyone with more info or correcting the above info?

    If interesting, here is a post about using VA as an example re “seasonal”/”regular” flu:

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  21. Malaria drug being used to treat some Northeast Ohio COVID-19 patients

    FTA – GENEVA, Ohio — A Geneva mother of four who tested positive for COVID-19 is in a medically induced coma at University Hospitals in Cleveland.

    Her father tells 3News Investigates that a medicine used to prevent and treat malaria is helping her to get better.

    “Within 24 hours, there was improvement and it’s been a steady improvement since,” said Babich.


    Brazilian hospital started using hydroxychloroquine to treat it’s patients, more than 50 already recovered and are off ventilators.


    San Diego telehealth company prescribes combination drug therapy for COVID-19 patients

    “This is the only medication we have any indication of hope for. Politics aside, it’s all anyone can do right now,” said Julie Wright, CEO of DocTalkGo.


    Oregon doctor at veterans home treats coronavirus patients with drug used for malaria

    PORTLAND, Ore. — Medical staff have managed to control an outbreak of the new coronavirus at a veterans home in Lebanon, Oregon.

    A doctor used hydroxychloroquine, brand name Plaquenil, and the antibiotic known as Z-Pak to treat 13 patients.


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      1. It’s definitely great news!

        Re: stats. Since we have been deficient in testing and undoubtedly reporting . . . and adding in that many cases of the WuFlu are either asymptomatic or extremely mild and don’t get reported, projections of exponential growth may be really whacked and almost meaningless.

        However, we need to err on the cautious side and plan and act on worst case growth. If that growth doesn’t happen, we’ve lost $$$ and GNP. If we don’t plan worst case and the growth happens, a bunch of people may die as a result and the Dimms will arrest PTrump on capital murder 1 charges!


  22. TN’s #s jump, only partially due to large increase in county with skilled care facility infected.

    Our little country county – zero cases known at this time.

    Why the metro #s matter to us…many of us work in the larger counties and most hospitals and hospital beds are in the larger counties. Our little country county has no overnight hospital. Hospital beds concentrated in Counties with most cases – but they have a higher hospital bed per capita and small and rural counties have fewer. We interact directly or with people who directly interact with the bigger counties and we depend on their hospital bed capacity.

    Schools closed quickly in TN – esp. in infected areas. took early actions esp. in comparison to NYC and New Orleans. That helped slow the spread. Davidson County had residents continue to flaunt CDC and TN recommendations … and it has spread because of it … we all pay the price for their selfish actions. 😦



  23. Well one piece of good news.

    I went on a trip to a malaria prone area a while back, and I took an antimalarial starting a few days before and ending about three weeks afterwards (apparently the plasmodium can sit dormant for a while, unaffected by the antimalarial).

    I don’t know WHICH antimalarial I took (it was a drab green capsule), so I went to look it up by doing an image search…and half the images were clearly CCC (ChiCom Crud) related! So the word is getting out.

    I still have no idea which antimalarial it was. Another person on the same trip took a red cylindrical pill, totally different stuff whatever it was.

    (And yes, I wouldn’t expect an antimalarial taken ages ago to confer immunity. You pretty much have to take it constantly for that, since the drug itself washes out of your system.)

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    1. True – Quinine doesn’t give immunity. Only 2-3 ways to get that – a vaccine or get the disease and develop antibodies – or maybe the plasma antibody treatment.


    1. I loved reading how Cheyenne Mountain was near Colorado Springs yet Peterson AFB is in El Paso County.

      The Northern Command is indeed normally based at Peterson AFB, which uses the same runways as the Colorado Springs airport (I don’t know if it’s officially in city limits; if not it is surrounded by Colorado Springs). It’s a fairly short drive from there to Cheyenne mountain (take Milton Proby parkway to Academy Blvd, then go south. Then hop onto highway 105 southbound; you’ll get to the road to Cheyenne Mountain (formerly NORAD) in short order). [If you miss the turn you will eventually drive past SuperMax.] Or alternatively if leaving Peterson Field rather than the Colorado Springs, follow US 24 to Academy and turn south.

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    1. NYGuy, did you see this clip. There is another one from a reliable conservative regarding Kings County Hospital – it passed through my social media, but can’t find it right now. Someone you’d know. The ER was quiet and calm. Anyway, here is this one from Starnes.


  24. 680WPTF, Raleigh
    March 28, 2020
    Gov. ROY COOPER of NORTH CAROLINA issued an order for statewide “Stay in Place” to begin at 5PM on Monday, March 30, to last for at least 30 days.

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      1. He is a DemonRat. He got elected because 20 of the 100 counties had MORE VOTES than adult residents. A whole bunch of ballets had ONLY Hitlary and him marked. (The Lt. Gov is a Republican.)

        He was the state attny general before that… CAN YOU SAY SOROS?

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  25. Ground report:

    Rural TN Kroger: produce semi stocked, beans and canned products picked over, meat very low, paper products completely out; milk low – limit 2; Had eggs (finally!), limit 2
    limited hours
    a few masks – mostly homemade

    interesting to see the supply chain at work, esp. after discussions here and reading SD’s articles
    Bananas – high demand item with children all at home, especially!
    however, now have a different kind of bananas – the kind usually sold b2b & to schools which prefer a smaller kind of banana than groceries. b2b/sales to school are down and the normal supply chain is squeezed so these other banana sellers are selling to groceries and that is what kind of bananas we had in our kroger. companies are figuring it out and keeping the US fed! 🙂

    Tractor Supply: closing 2 hours early to allow for end of the day deep cleaning.
    seemed normally stocked but we didn’t shop widely.
    they reported that they are having record sales

    “traffic” light – rural town so never actual “traffic” but less people out and less trucks on the road in our area.

    Deliveries slower as shipping much busier. We use “Misfits” as part of our weekly grocery buying. Always comes on Thurs but came a day late due to fed ex buying so busy

    Mail slower than normal too. Mail from inlaws took unusually long by several days 2x.

    Order from Azure Standard last weekend for immediate shipping (they do bulk and regional deliveries for less shipping cost but we didn’t want to wait). we received an email that their orders were up 10x than normal for the last several weeks and they are behind in getting things out and its taking longer than usual to get their own stock to ship out.

    Same with several seeds companies – orders Way up, sock running low, taking extra time to ship out and taking extra time to arrive.

    Lots of gardening and bulk buying and lots more product going through the USPS/FedEx/UPS pipelines.

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  26. Lupus patients unable to get drug due to COVID-19
    Multiple stories on this. Scattered locations.
    Seems some states are holding back the drug. Not clear why. In anticipation of using it or are using it.


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