Our Gab Group – An Easier (and More Public) Alternative to Gab Chat – and Why Twitter’s Suspension of Sundance Is a Timely Reminder To Join Us There

You may or may not be aware that in addition to chatrooms on Gab, we now have a GAB GROUP…..

You will notice that T3, who is a big Gabber, is already posting a lot of things there which may be of interest.

I invite you to GO THERE RIGHT NOW, JOIN, AND MAKE A POST. Takes about a minute, if you’re already on Gab. If not, then join Gab (see instructions below).

Gab Groups are a bit like a GROUP TIMELINE – analogous to your FEED on Twitter or Gab, but the timeline is SHARED with other members of the group, so that it’s a bit like a Facebook group, only MORE PUBLIC.

Anybody here can join this group – AND – very important – if we are ever shut down here, THAT is where we will now meet.

MEET UP BY THE OLD MILL or whatever. Gab Groups.

It’s not the same as “Gab Blogs” – a mythical entity that might someday exist – but it’s very close. Neon Revolt has a HUGE group on Gab, and it allows an enormous amount of Q research to go on. Likewise, if we are ever NOT researching here, we can go there and continue without missing even a DAY.

To go to the group and JOIN, just click this link, and then JOIN!!!


That’s our group number. 4178. DAGH. As in DAuGHn minus UN. Easy to remember, but you can also just search on the group name if you ever forget it….

The Q Tree

Just like here.

So MAKE A BOOKMARK!!! That is where we meet if this place is ever GONE. See you there!

Now – a word about JOINING GAB.

If you are NOT already on Gab, check out this old article:

Q-Treepers on Gab

WARNING – read this warning first If you type your REAL NAME into any field in social media (such as “Gab” or “WordPress) that says “Name”, you risk people seeing that name. In fact, if you use your REAL NAME in ANY WAY in connection to a social media account, you risk being “doxxed”. There …


That will get you going. This is from when we all got on Gab, as a protection against this site being closed down.

Once you are on Gab, then go to our Gab Group and join. VERY EASY.

Now – the issue of GAB CHAT.

Gab Chat is very beta (meaning BUGGY TO SIGN UP), but it is HIGHLY SECURE. That’s why we use it. It does NOT leak to the DNC and their CHICOM and UN GLOBONAZI allies, like Twitter DMs do. Personally, I don’t say anything on Gab Chat that couldn’t stand to leak, and I assume that the NSA sees everything I write anyway. HOWEVER, sometimes it lets us get ahead of the TRICKIEST TRICKS that the other side pulls, like trying to send RINGERS into the blog. If I talk about that on Twitter DMs, I might as well tell Hillary Clinton and the CIA. Nope. Not happening.

You MAY not be able to get onto Gab Chat, but here is an article talking about it. My advice is to not waste your time unless you want the challenge.

Gab Chat and Private Messaging Are BACK!

This is just to let you know that Gab Chat and Private Messaging are BACK and in BETA TEST – but the beta product is REALLY GOOD (although it does NOT work on Firefox yet – BECAUSE FIREFOX). REPEAT – GAB CHAT AND PRIVATE MESSAGING DOES NOT WORK ON FIREFOX YET! PLEASE USE ANOTHER BROWSER …


You don’t need this if you just want to meet up on Gab now, in an emergency. WE HAVE OUR GROUP.

The Q Tree (on Gab)

Please be sure to join THERE, if you are on Gab.

NOW – about Sundance….

Thought Violation – Twitter Suspends Treehouse Account…

Comrades, the Twitter Directorate of Narrative Approval has found The Conservative Treehouse in violation of state interests for challenging acceptable thought around the coronavirus pandemic.  Dissent cannot be tolerated:

We have been notified our continued participation in the national conversation is contingent upon our agreement that panic and fear is the only opinion in the interests of the state. Unless and until we accept the terms of state interest we must remain silent.

Fight on comrades; while we still have a nation worth fighting for. Do not allow yourselves to be overcome with dark imaginings. Keep a smile in your heart and a kindness toward your neighbor. We will forever support you… Remember, “rally to the standard”.

Continue HERE: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/03/26/thought-violation-twitter-suspends-treehouse-account/

I am absolutely not going to tell Sundance what I think he should do, because HE is the best person to judge how to fight these scumbags. Whatever he chooses to do, I will support 1000%.

That said, I will remind him that he is profoundly influential on Twitter, and that if he runs the FIGHT NUMBERS, he may (or may not) judge that it’s worth “not standing firm on the figurative / literary definition of a hoax”.

Yeah, the WHOLE THING – the TOTALITY – is a hoax. One of the most MASSIVE, CYNICAL, and EVIL hoaxes ever pulled on this species.

BUT – and this is where they NAILED Sundance by Trump playing along with the hoax – it’s a real disease, scary as hell to old people, and it fucked me up. Not terribly, but bad enough that it will change my life. I feel WINDED many times every day now. Not super-badly, to where I need an oxygen tank, but I might be interested in getting one for sleeping, when this is over, and I can actually get in to see my doctor, not just on Skype.

I spent over 30 years of my life NOT SMOKING so that I would have the lungs I had at Christmas. I absolutely LOVED smoking – and I gave it up so that I’d have a healthy retirement. My frigging WIFE is desperate for me to outlive her – she doesn’t want to die alone – she’s in GREAT health – and now it looks like this is not gonna be easy to pull off.

THAT PART ain’t a hoax.

But what these fucking VACCINE OLIGARCHS and CHINESE CCP VIRUS SCUMBAGS and DNC HOAXERS and MEDIA CLOWNS have all done IS an ORCHESTRATED, STAGED, BULLSHIT virus release PLOT – or call it one more damn HOAX – to force THEIR form of government on us.

And they can GO TO HELL if they think I’m going along with that.

So whatever Sundance chooses to do is good by me.



82 thoughts on “Our Gab Group – An Easier (and More Public) Alternative to Gab Chat – and Why Twitter’s Suspension of Sundance Is a Timely Reminder To Join Us There

    1. help, please.
      ab a yr or so I “joined” gab.
      My first visit, not knowing a thing, I was hit with porn…never have gone back.
      I do get notices and news from them in email.

      NOW, I cannot access bc I no longer have my password, and see no location to change password.
      gab rejects me, as whatever I try does not match my email address.
      I really cannot change my email address.
      PLEASE help me out here.
      thanks in advance.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. wolf, figured out the issue.
          I can now go back and follow your instructions.
          thanks so much for this extra nudge.
          As soon as I saw ab sd, I thought oh, man, here they come!
          don’t quite know how I’d do w losing this incomparable site and all these wonderful folks.
          I am pretty dull ab tech, bit I’ll keep asking Qs until I figure it out on gab.
          Thanks s much for being willing to help.

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  1. Years ago, I had a loved one go through a severe respiratory illness. Fluid in lungs, blue body parts, severe fever–the works. Took about a year to recover, and cooler weather was particularly troublesome. Please give yourself time to heal. I know we’re dealing with unknowns here and I’m not a doctor, but don’t assume it’s permanent just because you haven’t bounced back in a few weeks, okay? Give it some time.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I tried guaifenesin last night, and I feel like it really did a good job clearing my “up-side” lung (sleeping on side now).

      My mother was a tough old bird. I will try to follow in her footsteps!

      If I can hold the line at my current condition, I can still manage this place indefinitely. And be assured that I have plenty of plans to keep things running.

      Liked by 12 people

      1. One method for head of bed elevation (easing breathing) is a old phone books (of course, some similar substitute will do) between the mattress and boxspring is the best way, vs pile of pillows.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Wolfie,
        I am very happy to hear the guaifenesin worked. I have found breathing the steam from my cooling down tea kettle every morning for 3 to 5 minutes while my tea is brewing plus the cup of hot green or black tea goes a LONG way to relieving the tightness in my chest and helping me breath. (Asthma)

        I did not do it this morning since Hubby insisted we HAD to go to the store for some milk, fresh fruit and livestock feed. BOY do I regret not having my morning Cuppa with a side of steam!

        Walmart @7 AM was pretty empty of people. No paper products. The livestock feed opens @ 9 AM so we were sitting in the parking lot when the owner drove up at 8 AM . He was a real sweetie and got the grain for us and loaded it in the truck by 8:15. I really do love small businesses. He said he has been very busy. He has a lady who is making hand sanitizer for him and he is selling it. Lowes hardware is also jam packed.

        Glad you reminded us of Gab. I have the info saved in an office document as well as bookmarking the site.

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        1. Kimi is done with work, they figured now she has the school deep cleaned they dont need her until further notice lol. She’s on her way to our local store to grab us a bottle of Jesse James honey bourbon and grab me some beer.
          I am gonna smoke what cigarettes I have left and quit, she dont know it yet its gonna shock her lol. Every once in a while she will smoke a cigar but that’s like 2-3 times a year.
          I told her NOT to buy me any smokes from the store……

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  2. THANKS Wolf & Crew ! y’all are wonderful ppl…and I’m so grateful you let a misfit like me join in here. 🙂

    things are unraveling fast down here in south Florida…as they are in other states, too…

    ppl starting to get angry at the Dem tactics now, too…..tempers will start to flare as tensions mount…this intentional and malicious sabotage of PDJT and our economy is going to push some ppl to the breaking point, I’m afraid…

    what a total cluster-eff….

    this site and the esprit de corps here certainly help to keep aa more level head.

    thnx for the GAB Group.

    Liked by 15 people

        1. what’s really starting to get to me is what the globalists are doing to our economy…and what’s in this stimulus package of pork…and of course the ever-expanding cases starting to escalate here in south Florida are def a downer…on so many levels…the “no end in sight” hype I saw first thing this morning before I even had a cuppa caffeine really made me ill….not just the covid health aspect but also the trashed economy that Trump has so successfully turned around…this is a gut kick…below the belt to that, imo…ppl aren’t going to take it much longer either…while more & more counties are shutting down….something’s gotta give…

          I’m starting to think they will actually try to drag this out thru November…to disrupt the election and to use this as fodder against PDJT…to prevent an economic rebound…even if that were possible…

          Liked by 6 people

          1. Yeah, the dark side of all of it is hard to swallow. I think the key is quick anti-viral treatment – and whether the cabal can stall that. But it was really encouraging to know Dr. Birx is talking about rating counties based on risk, and determining back-to-work accordingly.

            They will try to sabotage the elections. With trillions at stake, we are all counting on one man to carry the mantle.

            We will go through it together, Smiley. We have no choice.

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  3. Wolfie – Respiratory illness is slow to recover from. Try to get a Respiratory Therapy program and stick with it.

    My mother was on the medicated inhaler you mentioned – as well as oxygen – for her advanced COPD – but never quit smoking until the day she died.

    I spent many an hour and day with her in the ER, hospital, smuggling in her 5pm drink of Crown Royal and diet coke. She was an army wife, lived through the great depression, WWII, Korea, etc. and had many tragedies/wounds in childhood. She was a hard worker, divorced and single income working mother for many years. But because of my parents’ addictions, I HATE *&^%$$##@! CIGARETTES in every way possible and am reluctant to drink more than the very occasional wine or beer.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Always research all medications (side effects, interactions, etc) and do the drudge work of RT faithfully – it will be rewarded.

      I have a hunch that nutrient rich foods, antioxidants, RT and medication – power of GOD and prayer – will do wonders for your breathing!!!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. I’ve got lots of Daughn-level stories about her – could write a book! She loved to shoot skeet back in the day – and fishing was another lifelong love!

        Liked by 7 people

          1. My mama looked a whole lot like PDJT – except tiny and freckled – she was just as feisty. Her hair, like his and Phyllis Schlafley’s never turned gray – it turned golden. His expressions are often hers. Like the one on the airplane when he was angry during the first part of the 2016 campaign when the media was fomenting a very aggregious lie.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Oh, how wonderful!

              My mom looked like a brown-eyed Liz Taylor when she was young.

              She stayed married to one man, though. Of course she threatened to divorce him nearly every day for 35 years, but the moment he died he became a saint in her eyes. 😂

              Liked by 5 people

      2. This is Kimi and her mom the picture was taken a week before her mom passed. Her best friend was Captain Morgan and your right Wolf that generation was built Ford tough.

        This lil woman used to clean out the bars on second street, she would kick your ass and then set at the bar and have a drink with ya…

        Liked by 9 people

  4. Thank you, Wolfie and QTreepers on GAB ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you all so much 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    I dreamed last night I met President Trump and shook his hand. As expected, I was awestruck and humbled and barely able to get a “Thank you Mr. President” out of my mouth. He was HUGE, as in Larger Than Life, and he was quivering with electrical energy. Good times ahead 💖💖💖💖

    Liked by 7 people

      1. Wolf my husband has had the Holy Spirit fall on him in the middle of the night, often around 2am & he’ll wake up in the presence of the Lord. It’s very powerful & is helping to sustain him in these challenging times.


  5. Wolfmoon,
    I am a member of gab but I don’t know how to navigate gab. I’ve never used twitter either. I would appreciate any help on how to navigate gab and how to find the gab group.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Can’t do it right now, but if you click on the group link, it should prompt you to JOIN GAB. Don’t use your real name.

      Maybe others can chime in. I have to get a post out after chores, so I can’t address this for a while!


          1. anyone, is the “search”, where it actually says, “compose new gab”, actually where I put group #?
            sorry I am so very dull.
            please answer in notifications?


    2. deplorablebcootz.

      First login to your Gab account.
      Then open a new tab and go to this post.
      Click on the link in wolfs post above, or here:


      In the lower right hand corner of the “header picture’, click on “Join Group”.

      You should be in now.

      Hope this helps:

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  6. Oh shit Woods was screwed and now Sundance…WIll say that I think it does have to do with wordpress. For some reason anything posted citing wordpress is considered fake

    Liked by 1 person

  7. OK Grannie don’t like Gab..Grannie not navigating Gab well Found the group, but can find new posts which pop on my puter’s side bar but can’t find them in Gab.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gab is more like Twitter than WordPress. It has “Notifications” a lot like Twitter’s, meaning it tells you about new likes, replies and quotes. But yeah – the only way to see new posts is to hit the “Home” icon and took at the top of your feed.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Dang there are sickos on Gab too Just blocked Tahoe Tangerine @tangarine_drone
    His language is not the greatest he posted in the Qtree. Is he a member of the group.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry I was like ??? shit with his reply…. you probably saw it unless he deleted it I did photo shop it through, old habit from Twitter

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Dear der Voolfsmooon, you are such a feller!
    Ideas you communicate, brightness emitted by your prose is energetic AND exciting.
    Online persona is enjoyable and trustworthy. I thought you could be no older than 55, max.
    But how could you know so much stuff??

    The avatars-become-friends here are so deeply appreciated.
    All of us spent long decades thinking there must be someone else who sees.
    Nothing like being a Boomer, hey? Forever young, and how long until death parts us?
    New considerations.

    My new prayer habits include blessings on Donald Trump’s people like you and Sundance.
    I hope Mr Trump calls you someday with plans to do more than voting one ballot.
    Untapped MAGA talents here and all over the place.

    It’s gonna be great to Gab. It’s like Daughn, without the UN. Sweet!

    (What a special secret agent she would be!)

    Liked by 1 person

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