FIRESTARTER Bill Gates Downplays Effectiveness of Water on Fire – Says “We Need To Study All Kinds of Liquids and Promote The Best Ones”

Yeah. This fucker can PAY FOR MY RESPIRATOR.

Just read this.

The guy who funded the UNETHICAL virus research that gave me the fucking shortness of breath…..

The guy who promoted a curiously fortuitous corona virus “exer-psy-op” while his CHINESE FRIENDS let loose the ChiCom-19 virus…..

The guy who worked with DEMOCRATS to try to unseat President Trump with this SCAM to get more BUCKS for his BIOWARFARE DREAMS…..

NOW has the MENDACITY to oppose quick solutions to HIS FUCKING MESS.


President Trump Vs. Bill Gates on Treatment: Fauci Has A $100 Million Conflict of Interest

The President Is Racing To Save Lives

Patrick Howley by PATRICK HOWLEY March 25, 2020

Bill Gates Cast Doubt on Chloroquine And Said He Is Running A Study On It

Here is what Gates said regarding Chloroquine in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session:

“There are a lot of therapeutic drugs being examined. This is one of many but it is not proven. If it works we will need to make sure the finite supplies are held for the patients who need it most. We have a study going on to figure this out. We also have a screening effort to look at all the ideas for Therapeutics because the number being proposed is very large and only the most promising should be tried in patients. China was testing some things but now they have so few cases that that testing needs to move to other locations,” Gates said.

Read the article.

It is very clear that THIS WORM BILL GATES is deep in this pandemic as a frigging IPO HOAX for his vaccine research.

Just read it.

President Donald Trump is fighting to find a medical solution for Coronavirus in the short term, expressing hope that the anti-malaria drug Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can help patients suffering from the Chinese virus.

The truth is that President Donald Trump is locked in an intense power struggle with Bill Gates, who is pushing his vaccines, which will not be available to the public until after November’s election. Gates has a lot of pull in the medical world, he has a multi-million dollar relationship with Dr. Fauci, and Fauci originally took the Gates line supporting vaccines and casting doubt on Chloroquine.

The rest is HERE:



So those are the rooms for the Gates Study. And nobody is allowed in there. Interesting.

132 thoughts on “FIRESTARTER Bill Gates Downplays Effectiveness of Water on Fire – Says “We Need To Study All Kinds of Liquids and Promote The Best Ones”

  1. I would not trust Gates with a 100,000 mile pole…..

    Mean while there are too many things going around the internet scaring the literal crap out of people in order to scare them into not going out for anything. Posted else where what I remembered of one such crazy post. Post was asking how you are going to feel if your child gets the virus & then is risked away without you in an ambulance, then you are not allowed to see or visit them until they are cured or die. Come,on guys social distancing is one thing, but scaring people so bad that they might not even report that they have it, especially if their child has it. Do believe someone in the media is hitting too many panic buttons….just my two cents.

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        1. Right now, even on OAN, they are covering the lib state hospitals asking for “DNR” (do not resuccitate) permission on COVID patients. It means if you stop breathing, they don’t even try to bring you back.

          They REALLY want to get rid of us. But that FACT is very scary, and THEY KNOW IT.

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              1. Thanks. Yes, the long days, without a day off,

                Back on the carrier, 12 on. 12 off. Officers and Chiefs two – six added hours for special events.

                After two or three weeks, we were numb to it. But we were a good bit younger than Brix and Fauci. I suspect they’ll be fine. To this day, IF I needed to, I am confident I could step up again.

                All of that aside, incredibly thankful for every one working with President Trump. We are blessed.

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              2. I meant I’d seen it spelled Brix too often. Did you notice she was trying to pull a FLOTUS the other day with the wide belt? 😁

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          1. My DH and I have written out the following:

            “If I am diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, I hereby invoke the “Right to Try” law. Give me Hydroxychloroquine (or chloroquine) + azithromycin. Sincerely, (ME)

            This way even if one of us became suddenly unconscious, the other could produce a signed document.

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    1. Just have to look at what BillyGate did to Gary Kildall and others to see what sort of “man” he is… his father was in deep with Planned (un)Parenthood. That rotten apple didn’t fall far from the diseased, evil tree…

      What they’re doing with “social distancing” here in Germany (and most of Europe, now) is nothing short of criminal. Yet in NIH Germany (thanks (not) to the RKI, Robert Koch Institute, and their “sainted” virologists), they want to wait things out, and come out with a vaccine, as “no studies have been done on the …quinone formulae”)… yeah, right. NYC, France, Korea, Bahrain, et. al. would beg to differ.

      I wondered at the beginning of this, why are the MEA of EMEA region (Middle East and Africa) not reporting many, if any, Corona cases? At first I assumed it was due to their (lack of) medical systems, but, considering their usage of Anti-Malarial meds as prophylactic prevention, it appears they had the cure without (perhaps) even knowing it.

      And slimeballs like Gates, who wish to impede or prevent a simple (and it appears, relatively inexpensive) cure, deserve an eternal BBQ in Hell. I wonder if he was the mysterious donor to the Georgia “Guidestones”? I always thought it was Ted “Christians are losers” Turner, but maybe I was wrong.

      Oh, btw, Bill and Ted, you’ll find out what “loser” is all about when you come face-to-face with Jesus. Learn, Turn, or Burn…

      Hah. Bill and Ted’s malevolent adventure…..

      (Sorry, Joel, I didn’t mean to slam your movie… or put hand soap in the dishwasher)…

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  2. Yup. Like I said on another thread, the NEXT bioweapon will not be a corona-virus variety that can be stopped by existing drugs. OR the vaccine they develop for THIS virus will actually poison us.

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    1. HA! Now you’re going to see CHINA and GATES/SOROS/CABAL blamecasting back and forth until they can make it all go away.

      People are pushing the idea that the DAILY MAIL is carrying CHICOM TALKING POINTS.

      Yeah, maybe so, but the BLIND SQUIRREL sometimes FINDS A NUT!!!


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    1. What I saw at the COUP by Matt Bracken and credit to him:

      I bought his book of short stories and recommend the Bracken Collection.

      The above story could apply to many calamities and the remedy used by the commoners may be the only answer they understand:

      1 Gates and virus epidemics and vaccines

      2 Soros and his many projects

      3 Global Warming

      4 Gun Control

      5 White nationalist as depicted in this story.

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  3. So?

    Let all the LIBERALS take Bill Gates FRANKENSTEIN Vaccine. The rest of us go with OUR President’s recommendations.

    BUT if you opt for the vaccine and get ill and need a hospital bed…

    You go to the END OF THE LINE!

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    1. if you need a hospital bed…too bad…you leave the gene pool…

      and…if you don’t have one of Bill’s new vaccine impants, you won’t be allowed anywhere…you won’t be able to buy and sell ….

      clever boy.

      a foreshadowing of something very very sinister coming into this world…and his (Gates’) goal is for 2030 .

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  4. What I saw at the COUP by Matt Bracken and credit to him:

    I bought his book of short stories and recommend the Bracken Collection.

    The above story could apply to many calamities and the remedy used by the commoners may be the only answer they understand:

    1 Gates and virus epidemics and vaccines

    2 Soros and his many projects

    3 Global Warming

    4 Gun Control

    5 White nationalist as depicted in this story.

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      1. I have been saying this for weeks now to various ppl I know who engage in conversations ab it…

        there is no doubt in my little layperson’s mind that Gates and the UN eugenics crowd are behind this.

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      1. Can you believe the MI Atty Gen telling neighbors to spy on each other & call the police 😤 Actually an FAQ answer on CO Gov’s website said same thing – “turn them in” about employers who aren’t supposed to be open and are asking employees to work!!!

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  5. an interview w/ Gates from 2017…talking ab Pandemic preparedness…

    also : please research ID 2020 …see what that tells you ab Bill Gates…and his fascination with mandatory global vaccine RFID chips

    “steering the markets” with his Certification MARK .

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        1. With Satan Nutella at the helm now…

          Have to say, I’m REALLY CURIOUS about the flood of CEO/manglement departures…

          Almost as if THEY KNOW SOMETHING???

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      1. This should give one pause:

        Through our Certification Mark, we shape the technical landscape to ensure that the digital ID solutions which are developed and adopted are user-managed, privacy-protecting and interoperable.

        Almost as if they’re trolling us with “The Mark”…

        Time to give them a warm (as in HOT AS HELL) “welcome”…

        They’re all being exposed now (cf Ephesians 6:10-18). We need to put on the Armour of GOD and FIGHT THEM!!!!!!!

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  6. Concerning Gates “tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are.”
    I do not trust that man just looking at his stupid grin tells me all I need to know.
    He is playing god just like Soros they have a little god complex and seem to think they can destroy our way of life.
    They brought this epidemic to hurt us and our country.
    I hope to God POTUS does not sign the bloated bill that makes no sense.
    We will never recover and Nanzi knows that.
    My husband have supported the arts no more we are finished with that they have Nazi who can take care of them from now on.
    Why should we pay for NY or DC art institutions and the stupid NPR?
    People who have been working should not get the $1200 either people on Social security we lost nothing.

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    1. Like any other business, the Arts should fund themselves. It is NOT a government responsibility.

      Yea, probably an unpopular thought here. Simply tired of government underwriting so much stuff that is not in their lane.

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      1. The government certainly does not underwrite MY little entertainment business. Instead they do as much as they can to put me out of business!

        IF the government left MORE in my pocket instead of taking 60%-80%, Then I could fund who I darn well please!

        Who the HECK do they think they are to CHOOSE what ‘charities’ I FUND!

        (And yes I am P.O’d!)

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          1. Would be a great complement to the Yosemite Sam bumper sticker ( “BACK OFF” ) to discourage tailgaters…

            “The Arts” have been a black hole of funding ever since the DEMONicRATS found a way to control it. All manner of perversion, yet nothing pure or, indeed, artistic about them.

            Over here, we have the mandatory TV tax, some of which goes to support regional, and, in some cases, local orchestras/arts organizations. But the ever-increasing bulk of that money goes to pay the exorbitant pensions and salaries of the high managers and pretty faces of the TV/Radio/etc. organizations, and an ever-diminishing amount goes to pay the groups I mentioned.

            Guess which group disappears first…

            And, for added “enjoyment”, if I don’t pay the tax, my car gets “locked” so I can’t drive. Still don’t pay? Then I get to visit the local jail… All for a stupid TV tax to pay for perverted, often recycled (from US, UK, etc.) programming, all libturd, all useless.

            Meanwhile, the interesting stuff (e.g. Arte, imported from France), with great performances, becomes rarer and rarer…

            And those musicians will never be able to afford a €100,000 Tourte bow, or the like… the collectors/investors are just as much to blame…

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              1. Not in Germany…

                EVERY Household pays. No exceptions except for those who are blind AND deaf, i.e. have BOTH handicaps… and they want to raise it from €18.00 per month to who-knows-what…

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      2. Kal – not unpopular with me! I called my congress critter this morning and literally screamed into his answering machine – do your damn job and represent your constituents – we have no business funding refugees, the Kennedy Center, the NPR, etc….I am so angry and upset about this shiz of a bill that my ulcer has been giving me grief all day. Then, I left an email message at the White House begging the President not to sign this bill until the graft is removed. We shall see. I want to just bury my head in the sand for awhile. Spit…

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      3. Government should not fund or in any way propagate the arts

        Government should not fund or in any way propagate religion

        Government should not fund or in any way propagate entertainment

        Simple question: Does the proposed act by government serve to protect people’s rights? If not…it’s not something government should be doing.

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        1. I’m even opposed to tax exemptions for all churches and charities. Sorry if that sounds strange coming from a mackerel snapper, but I’ve said that for at least a half century.

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      4. The Met is NYC’s responsibility. The Kennedy Center, OTOH, is more of a national venue than not, and they want to clean it. IDK if you’ve been there, but there are three theaters, two HUGE halls, and just gobs of space. The seating, as is normal in the arts at that level, is plush. Pile carpets, velvet seat coverings, big chandeliers. All they want to do is clean it since it was still open when all hell broke loose. That AIN’T cheap.

        If that’s the trade for an economic rescue, I’ll take it. And it would be a good idea to do the same to the Smithsonian buildings. Those ARE federal responsibility.

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    1. This is the introduction. Sessions 1 and 2 follow at the link. I’m not completely thru Session 2. This is must see stuff.

      IMO, this scenario is how they visualized the pandemic and began to shape the narrative among stakeholders.

      Pay close attention to the moderator and how he leads the discussion toward the preferred solution…a global entity making decisions related to resource allocation.(Very Tavistock.)

      Some interesting things are said: travel restrictions are not the answer, a reference to the problem of tweeted political opinions by world leaders (orange man bad), the notion that the virus could escape from a lab is immediately labeled conspiracy, etc.

      This is eerily too close to reality. I wonder who in the room moved their investments in the lead up to the pandemic.

      Thanks for posting the link.

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            1. Bells went off when one of the stakeholders asked if supply contracts with governments would be canceled. Seemed to come from a personal stake.
              IMO, they know, and have for a long time. All it takes is a well placed foreigner actor to makes friends with a strategic role in the process, and we have it all, Mr. Gates.

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  7. Wolfie – just clicked OT and Sundance reported he (@thelastrefuge) has been suspended by Twitter. Wasn’t sure where to post this. We better be prepared for WP suppressing more as we go along. Perhaps you need another “People get on the GAB QTree chat” post ?? Depends on if you feel up to all the invites etc. that you need to administer.

    I don’t trust WP not to start censoring if they get the command to do so.

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        1. Can log into Gab Chat. CanNOT get into QTree Member or QTree Member2 private chat room.

          It is my bust as I screwed up the acceptance. THEN, Gab Chat wouldn’t let Wolf or I unscrew it.

          No big deal. The day WP screws up our QTree access, it becomes a higher priority.

          Work around can be as easy as my setting up a new account. For now, nothing for me to fret about 😉

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          1. Ah, ok. The invite/acceptance thing seems to get hung up on the encryption, which was a snafu for me/Wolfie until it wasn’t, and we don’t know how it got fixed. I think Sylvia is in same black hole you are 😫 GAB still has a lot of kinks to work out.

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              1. I can’t get into GabChat to save my life.
                Gab no problem.
                One day, I will sit down and figure out what I am doing wrong.

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              2. no way to respond to daughn, but i can get into Gab but not gabchat either—has to do with my browser apparently. (firefox)
                don’t want to change my browser, but if it becomes a necessity, I will.

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    1. Sadly, SD made the mistake of being “too short” for dramatic effect.

      FIX THE TWEET WITH MORE TRUTH and he will beat Twitter.

      Here is the tweet:

      If you just call a “real disease” a “hoax”, Twitter can basically use TRUMP and CDC to ban you. It’s wicked, it’s evil, and it’s both of those things FROM COVER.

      It’s WRONG AS HELL – but these cunning bastards used an excuse to BE LITERAL when Sundance is being figurative.

      “Oh, NOES, you can’t call a REAL DISEASE a HOAX! Especially a REAL *NEW* DISEASE!”

      Sundance – amigo – I got this shit and I’m a fucking WHEEZING GEEZER now. I get winded TALKING ON THE PHONE. All my years of quitting smoking (over 30 years ago) and exercise (A LOT) have just gone up in smoke with ONE mild flu. And I mean MILD flu.


      The mermaid lady in the sideshow is a HOAX. And yet she’s “real” in that she’s got deformed legs, no legs, one leg, or some crap like that.


      REALITY HOAX (I love that one – just like Reality Television)

      Change it to Twitter’s specs and then REPORT WHAT THEY SAY.

      But his shit is not a pure, true, real HOAX, and Twitter shat on SD for calling out the MASSIVE HOAX that the MURDEROUS DEMS are trying to pull on America, with China’s evil help.

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  8. No use for Bill Gates and whatever he may be peddling. My position since he departed on his holier than thou going to save the world BS ten of fifteen years ago.

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    1. Considering his deeds, and his family background, quite frankly, he is a murderer. Punkt. To call a spade a spade.

      He started off killing competing businesses. Now he kills unborn babies, and, in a sense, his enemies. Now, following Satan Soros’s leading, he’s preparing to kill countries…

      Hell almost isn’t hot enough for the likes of them…

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  9. “…the finite supplies…” <– said BillyGates.



    All these things to fight the ChiCom Virus can be manufactured in great quantities!

    And the manufacturing can continue…until we no longer need them in great quantities!

    Right now, it's hard to imagine when that point might be reached.
    Because…after this episode of epic fuckery…it now appears to be prudent to maintain a surplus of these supplies.

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    1. Gates is a weasel who got lucky!

      He was an arrested development nerd, working in his parents’ garage…who got lucky!

      He never got over wanting revenge on the cool kids who made fun of him in high school.
      It twisted his outlook for life.

      Having billions of dollars has made him dangerous…to normal people everywhere.
      His money has given him the power to impose his twisted outlook on the world.

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  10. I know the big Covid threads contain an overwhelming amount of info, but this is relevant here. Bill Gates is working/funding a vaccine through CEPI – working out of Norway. Already received 750 million in funding from World Bank, people like Gates, and big pharma…….. from whom they have stolen research.
    Just started in 2017 and it is a money maker.

    March 6, 2020: In a highly alarming video, Dr. Richard Hatchett, CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations was interviewed in the UK, and this video has been viewed over a million times in 36 hours. He refers to fighting the virus as a “war” in China, compares it to WW2. Reporter wonders if it’s impossible in the UK because “we” are too capitalist/globalist……. His statements of “virus fatality is over 1%”, or later on “between 1% to 3%”, goes against BOTH studies done in China, (the one for 1099 people and the 475 people, signifying a fatality rate of 4/10ths of 1% in China as opposed to American seasonal Flu of 1/10th of 1%), and the published results in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Hatchett later admits COVID fatality COULD be less than 1%, and admits Wuhan normally has a death rate of 1500 from seasonal flu, and in this case we had 2400. He is pushing confirmation bias, and is “extremely concerned about the spread” in the USA “because they (uses the word “they” even though he is an American) don’t have a unified healthcare system because of “embedded inequities and injustices in the USA” – worried about “those who don’t have health insurance” and “those who depend on the government to provide meals for their schoolchildren.” NOTE: The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations is located in Oslo, Norway, and accepts DONATIONS. They study and develop vaccines for profit. Implies we need 7 billion vaccines and the virus will be with us for years. The reporter NOTES he has a vested interest…… and Dr. Hatchett insists he has been working dispassionately, “we’re only trying to secure funds for the vaccine for (this disease)”, and states he has oversight from the World Bank for grants, and/or will happily return any funds left over……….. while at the same time insisting it is “scarier” than SARS or MERS.

    Think of it, CEPI was founded in 2017, and they already have loans from the World Bank.
    Background on the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (2017): ” The idea for CEPI was first outlined in a July 2015 paper in The New England Journal of Medicine, titled “Establishing a Global Vaccine-Development Fund”, that was co-authored by Jeremy Farrar, a Director of the UK-based Wellcome Trust.[3] The concept was further developed at the 2016 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos as a response to the problems encountered in developing and distributing a vaccine for the Western African Ebola virus epidemic.[1] Co-founder and funder, Bill Gates ……” Here is their WIKIpedia link:

    In January 2020, CEPI funded three teams working on a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, being: Moderna, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, and the University of Queensland (UQ).[18][19] By February 2020, Inovio announced that it had produced a pre-clinical DNA-based vaccination to fight COVID-19 at its lab in San Diego.[20] Inovio collaborated with a Chinese firm to speed its acceptance by regulatory authorities in China for human trialing.[21] The strategy of the UQ team is to develop a molecular clamp vaccine that genetically modifies viral proteins to make them mimic the coronavirus and stimulate an immune reaction.[19][18]

    In January 2020, CEPI announced a fourth SARS-CoV-2 project in a collaboration with their existing partner CureVac, to develop and manufacture a vaccine.[22] CEPI’s CEO, Dr Richard J. Hachett said in an interview with the FT that CEPI expected to have human trials within 16 weeks, but cautioned “All these timelines are aggressive and aspirational. As circumstances unfold there may be opportunities to reduce the timing but it is critically important that any new vaccine is safe and effective”.[8]

    In February 2020, Bloomberg News, citing virologists, identified CEPI as a “key player in the race to develop a vaccine”;[2] a status other media outlets have attributed.[23][8] In reviewing vaccine development on the virus Vox said: “CEPI is a large part of why there are already dozens of Covid-19 vaccine candidates making their way through animal and human trials, as well as platforms to develop more”.[24]

    (This is the interview linked above) In March 2020, Hachett gave an interview to Channel 4 News saying that “war is an appropriate analogy”, for the steps needed to counter the virus, and that “this is the most frightening disease that I have ever encountered in my career”, due to the virus’ unique combination of lethality and infectiousness.[25] Hatchett told The Daily Telegraph that coronaviruses are the most serious threat to public health since the Spanish flu, and that a vaccine will take up to 18 months to deliver at a cost of STG 1.5 billion.[26] Hatchett told Reuters that its funds for fighting the virus would be fully allocated by the end of March in its four existing projects, and that CEPI was launching a new funding call for USD 2 billion to support fighting the virus.[27][28][29]

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    1. Daughn, I think this somehow ties into Obama stopping his own 2014 moratorium on unethical “gain of function” virus research on January 7, 2020 – and I suspect there are White House logs that may help us figure out who talked him into allowing the research.

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        1. Good – this is all getting put together!!!

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  11. Posting this for Wolf, Mary Morse was trying to get some attn on it:

    Epstein and Gates connections.



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    1. Left to right: JP Morgan exec, Larry Summers (President Harvard, US Treasury Secretary), Epstein, Gates, Gate’s science advisor, (venture capitalist, and possibly counsel to the Gates Foundation, and named as alternate executor of Epstein’s will.)

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      1. YUP. Gates is all about TWO THINGS.

        (1) He very uncritically accepts ALL globalist propaganda.
        (2) He is all about the need for BIG BUCKS UP FRONT to enable vaccine research.

        This interview is CRITICAL to understand how UNCRITICAL Gates is of the “party line” on energy, vaccines, etc. Yet he DEEPLY HIDES his true feelings about the Trump administration, in order to get what he wants.


  12. Hey you,,,,, Bill Gates…..
    When you find out I am dead make sure when they bury me face down so you can kiss my ass, make sure you hit the right spot for your vaccinations or should I say Mark of the beast…..
    Only way your gonna get me to get a vaccine is over my dead body and be warned if you come close to my dead body Kimi is gonna kick your ass…
    Bill is an enemy of the people of this world. I dont need your grocery stores I know how to live off the land, I was taught to prepare for this day and I will survive off the land God has given mankind….

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  13. I should once again note that I attended the Expo for RSA 2018 and was disturbed to find that almost a third of all booths were devoted to “know who your customer is” — which, for a local spin is, “pierce your anonymity.”

    If Amazon always knew precisely who was looking up a widget on their systems, they’d never have to specify a fair price to anyone — you’d always see only a custom price for you. If internet providers always knew who was sitting at their screens, you could be monitored for badthink.

    In the midst of a ransomware epidemic and early indications of Spygate, one third of the vendors wanted positive ID. And what better ID could there be than one carried in your blood, in nanoparticles, updated every time you got vaccinated?

    And I’d trust Bill Gates around a vaccine program about 1/100 as much as I’d trust him around an operating system.

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