20200326: The “CARES”Act, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

Here is the CARES Act Bill from the Senate. Let’s dig in together and see what we just bought for 2 trillion dollars. Please make your comments as they come to you. Link found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/453273118/Cares-Act-Final-Text

54 thoughts on “20200326: The “CARES”Act, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

  1. All the extraneous crud in this bill should be targeted for extirpation. These are things the Democrats feel are more important than American lives and ruined finances. Burn them with fire.

    JDAM the Kennedy Center.

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    1. Have to say, I got pretty upset with our pres last night when he was touting that Kennedy Center money, how he liked it. It doesn’t belong in this bill, besides which I think the rich who like to use the K.C. can fund it, same with NPR. But my current point is it doesn’t relate to the alledged purpose of this bill.

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      1. True.
        Somewhere in my files is a pic of Donald Trump the citizen donating $50K to the Kennedy Center. He was/is a patron.
        This was the dumb stuff that went into the bill.
        Does not sit well with middle America.
        And Congress got a raise.

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        1. The stage at the Eisenhower Theater in the Kennedy Center is the first big one I ever stood on.

          I’d like to see a roll up of line items on what they plan to do since there was just a capital campaign for renovation in the nine figure range. I mean, as venues go, that sucker is pretty big with a lot more involved than you might imagine, but what sort of retro-fitting would they be doing?

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        2. Daughn it seems like them Congress critters are always giving themselves a raise at our expense…
          Seriously didn’t they just recently give themselves a raise not to long ago?
          I am so fed up with DC, after November President Trump had better burn it down and salt the earth before he rebuilds OUR house….

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  2. Forebearance without interest accrual for 180 days, renewable an additional 180 days. Starts 567. h/t tracybeanz to start digging there.

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  3. People can raid their retirement funds with some kind of forgiveness. Page 157 and 158 it begins.



    (1) IN GENERAL

    —Section 72(t) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 shall not apply to any coronavirus-related distribution.

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        1. Yeah. They have an advertising business model. They really don’t need the money.

          PBS, OTOH, EVERY program has sponsorship for production in addition to the membership drives and still they need a government check to operate. That should tell you something about the popularity of their programming.

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  4. TWIN FORCES of DEBT DESTRUCTION … sewn by Powers-before-Trump

    • Stock Buybacks

    • Foreign Labor Substitution


    POTUS was setting up to terminate those forces, and he’ll complete his mission after winning the ChiComVirus War.

    Why not …


    (1) Enrich Corporate Leaders & Boards with UNEARNED BONUSES & STOCK OPTIONS triggered by Increased-Share-Price Hurdles and

    (2) Eliminate Incentives to boost Earnings by INVESTING in PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS

    … unless and until a company has LIQUIDATED its DEBT?

    • ELIMINATE the FOREIGN INFLUX of Illegals, Migrants and Visa-Holders that

    (1) Allow Employers to LOWER the WAGES and DISPLACE the JOBS of Citizen-Workers with Lower-Cost Foreign Labor and

    (2) Eliminate Incentives to INVEST in PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS

    … unless and until we have WIPED OUT the UNEMPLOYMENT and government-DEPENDENCY of able-bodied Citizens?

    RE: The “Chicken-Little Fear-Mongering” WITHOUT SOLUTIONS from Zero Hedge.

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  5. The $2 Trillion package will have an effect on households and workers, business and banking, and personal finance and taxes, as follows:

    • $250 billion to make unemployment insurance available to more categories of workers and to extend the duration of benefits to 39 weeks from the 26 weeks typical in most states. It would also provide an extra $600 a week for four months.

    • $301 billion in direct payments to households.

    • $349 billion in loans to small businesses, with the amount spent on payroll, rent or utilities converting into grants that don’t have to be repaid.

    • $500 billion for loans, loan guarantees or other aid to businesses, states and municipalities—including the possibility that the government will take direct equity stakes in distressed companies. Of the total,
    • $29 billion is set aside for cargo and passenger airlines, and
    • $17 billion is for businesses deemed critical to national security, such as Boeing.
    • The remaining $454 billion would go to backstop losses in lending facilities established or expanded by the Federal Reserve.

    • $32 billion in grants to cover wages at
    • passenger air carriers,
    • cargo air carriers and
    • contractors.

    • $150 billion in direct aid to states, distributed according to population size. A municipality could apply to receive aid directly, reducing the amount available to the rest of the state.

    • $221 billion in a variety of tax benefits for businesses, including
    • allowing businesses to defer payroll taxes, which finance Medicare and Social Security, for the rest of the year.
    • It would also temporarily allow businesses to claim deductions using today’s losses against past profits to claim quick refunds for cash infusions.

    • $340 billion in supplemental spending, which includes
    • $117 billion for hospitals and veterans’ care. It also includes
    • $25 billion mostly for public transit to make up for revenue lost because of dwindling ridership.


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    1. Thank you for providing that. I’ve seen a lot of pork deals like the shovel ready one of Soetoro – this one is reasonably well targeted and is not over the top with pork chops.

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    2. This is helpful, thank you. I just hope people like me who work on private contracts pretty much for cash get some help as well. I’ve had a number of gigs go POOF! I’ll get a couple back eventually, but I know one isn’t coming back until September.

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      1. Yes, those of us that work gigs will NEVER EVER get those days back even if the customer repeats.

        Spring is a very busy season for us, maybe 1/2 our entire years income for our animals and it just went POOF. Luckily we are not in bad shape at this point since we are retired.

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  6. Cuomo and de Blasio blast $2 trillion coronavirus relief plan as ‘terrible’ for New York

    Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio accused federal lawmakers Wednesday of not earmarking enough cash for New York as part of a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, slamming the measure as “terrible” and “nowhere close to what we need.”


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    1. They’re using this as a bailout for their states.
      NY gets 3 billion
      NYC gets 2 billion
      Billions and billions for hospitals, etc.
      Billions for workers, biz, etc.
      Where are the rainy day funds for the Blue State Governors?

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      1. f..k Cuomo..you have no idea how upset I am. The upstate libs are licking his butt with praise and they have no idea how they just got screwed badly once again.

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      1. 39 weeks is just nuts.
        How can we get a bartender to come back to work if we’re going to pay him to stay home?
        9 months. Just past the election.

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    1. But Congress gave themselves a raise……

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        1. Correction, if it punishes the owners of the business, it also punishes the viability of the business, and therefore, it punishes the workers.

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  7. Pork sandwich (h/t comments section CTH):

    $350M for Migration and Refugee Assistance – page 820
    $13M for Howard University – page 771
    $7M for Gallaudet University – page 770
    $50M for Institute of Museum & Library Services – page 773
    $75M for NPR – page 773
    $25M for Kennedy Center – page 725
    $75M for National Endowment of Arts – page 726
    $425M for Substance Abuse – page 736

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    1. Isn’t this the one we want to call and write congress and and President about?

      Personally, I can take the Kennedy Center funding if it means passing a bill, but not this.

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      1. Frankly, arts funding had been scarce this last year or so. The production I’m involved in which is now slated for September, we couldn’t get a grant to be able to light it from our regional arts council. Money is scarce right now, and finding friends to underwrite is such a time consuming endeavor, it’s just not always done.

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  9. Harvard does not Care™

    h/t DirectorBlue

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  10. It seems like none of this applies for disaster relief when a storm or earthquake hits….government help is there.

    Why can’t the President declare the entire country a disaster and allocate money without

    Please forgive me if this is a stupid question….I am not a lawyer.

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    1. My guess is the Fed “disaster fund” has finite dollars allocated to it at any given tie. When they are depleted, President must get a funding plus up from Congress. Again, that is my guess.

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  11. People staring to pour over the bill.

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      1. I hope she wasn’t!!!!!!
        Unless Trump can block that??!?! He knows they’ll try anything to rig the election.
        I don’t understand how she could add something like this (I mean she’s evil and I know why they want this but via law?)


    1. Tangentially relevant: it’s worse than you think. Anyone (anyone, anywhere, at any time, over and over and over again) can go to the website of the US Census (https://2020census.gov/) and fill out a census online. You can use a nickname and a neighborhood or description of a building (“over the corner store,” or something like that is the example given). There is no security at all. The census is used to allocate Congressional representation and other vital matters.

      The census is open borders. I wonder how often and by whom this is being rigged.

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