20200326: Happy 80th Birthday, Nancy Pelosi

Today is Nancy’s 80th Birthday.

Nancy has indeed given us material for memes in the past 20yrs. If you’re feeling a little cooped up, please post your favorite Nancy memes here. We can send them all to her as a birthday card.

Snark is welcomed.

44 thoughts on “20200326: Happy 80th Birthday, Nancy Pelosi

    1. Dep posted a mobster movie clip that was a little racy, brutal guns, killing stuff. She was worried about violating rules and getting the group in trouble with wordpress and asked me to delete it.
      I did.
      My fault.

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      1. Ah! That explains it! I had not gone digging through the garbage yet. No problem at all! I learn a little more about WP behavior every day! Thanks!

        And no – not your fault – it’s a feature, not a bug!

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              1. Understand. The last thing I want is QTree down. Learn so much here. And quite frankly, QTree is comforting to this old fart.

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    1. How dare you say that! She doesn’t hate anybody; she wasn’t raised that way. She said so herself. (Do I need to post the sarc indicator?)

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  1. She’s such a bitch.
    My state has a rainy day fund.
    She’s trying to bail out the blue states.

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