20200326: Hydroxychloroquine. Mastering the Learning Curve.

Q Treepers, by nature, are curious people. We have members with broad experience in various disciplines within our group, and yet, we’re old/wise enough to defer to others in their specialty. Good thing we’re all blessed with an inordinate amount of common sense. We’re also, normally, about 4-6 weeks ahead of the MSM……. Today, we’re looking out on the horizon and what do we see as a potential problem in the next month or so? You may see beautiful mountains and rivers, the scenery of West Virginia.

Yes, we’re fortunate at Q Tree to have those members who can help us with technical medical info. For me, I’m good at counting things, medicine is not my wheelhouse….. but I sure can count money and square footage. I’m approaching the plateau of the COVID-19 Learning Curve when it comes to a virus/therapeutics/vaccines/bats and bioweapons, but when a China virus solution which costs trillions of taxpayer dollars, the hair stands up on the back of my neck and my eyebrows start to twitch. I can’t help it. We’re gonna need more information.

For the time being, let us set-aside the 2+4 trillion for the Senate bill, and let’s focus on the virus itself. The USA and world economies will not get back to normal until we have SOME kind of treatment. We need to alleviate the fear, remove a few of the unknown variables. Hydroxychloroquine + ZPack seems to be the easiest treatment for COVID-19. The drug cocktail is receiving a LOT of attention, both good and bad, depending on your politics. We know Bayer donated 3 million doses, Teva donated 6 million, and Novartis donated 130 million, but the USA will need more, and the world would need billions of doses. Okay, where are the meds coming from and who is paying for them? We need to know who we are paying, right? We certainly don’t want to send USD to China!

On my Q Tree horizon, I see 1,000,000 sq.ft. factory under roof, 23 acres, in Morgantown, WV. It’s been the home of Mylan Pharmaceuticals since 1965. Yet, we detect a strange smell, the stench of a dead fish….. or a big fat rat, maybe it’s a swamp rat. We need more information. Let’s dig deeper. Shall we?

Mylan Pharma/Labs is enormous and linked to WVU, a large university medical system in Morgantown, WV.

Mylan is/was #396 on the Fortune 500 and largely makes generics. TODAY, Mylan Labs announced, reported by FOX BUSINESS, they released the proprietary licensing on the generic for Hydroxychloroquine so any pharma can gear up and make the drugs during a National Emergency. Do you suppose the USA is expecting a Malaria outbreak? Gee whiz, wonder if it has something to do with that treatment for CCP Virus the President has been talking about….. you know the one……. where the media assumes Trump is crazy/dangerous/may kill people? Why would Mylan make such an announcement?

Crisis = Opportunity = Money

Of course, Mylan Pharma announced March 19, 2020: (That’s a week ago. Did you see MSNBC reporters interviewing any execs at Mylan?)

….. restarted production of its hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets at its West Virginia manufacturing facility as a potential treatment for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. The company plans to have product available by mid-April and thinks it can ramp up to 50 million tablets, which could treat more than 1.5 million people. (Imagine our surprise, but this is good news, right?)

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, a less toxic metabolite of chloroquine, are antiviral medications that are approved to treat malaria. Because it’s less toxic and has anti-inflammatory properties, hydroxychloroquine is also approved to treat a pair of auto-immune disorders, lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.

An article published in the journal Cell Research in February showed that chloroquine inhibited the 2019-nCoV coronavirus as well as Gilead Sciences‘ (NASDAQ:GILD) remdesivir in an experiment testing how well the virus infects cells grown in a laboratory. Gilead is running a late-stage clinical trial of remdesivir as a COVID-19 treatment, but since it hasn’t been approved for any diseases, remdesivir isn’t as widely available as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. (Hmmmm, so…… Mylan Labs knows enough about the “Trump treatment” to go into full production, asap? But the media tells us it’s a dumb idea, right?)


Mylan Labs may sound familiar to Q Treepers…….. maybe?

Gosh……….she’s cute. Wait a minute……. She looks familiar…… Oh yes, that’s Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan Labs, the daughter of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Heather went to a local high school and WVU for a degree in Poli Sci and International Relations. She started as a clerk, typing labels at Mylan and rose to CEO…. her daddy helped her get a job in 1992. Strange, in an entire Google page of hundreds of images, I can’t seem to find a picture of the two of them together. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Bresch

Heather lied about having an MBA, falsifying her resume. Mini-scandal in 2007 – WVU gave her the degree although she only finished 28/46 hrs required. But in 2008, professors on the panel who voted to grant Heather an MBA, had to retire under vote of no-confidence, and WVU rescinded her degree. Heather never lost her job. In the world of big pharma, sometimes it’s better to understand politics – rather than science and medicine. And Heather is reallllllllly good when it comes to understanding politics. From her Wikipedia page:

  • From 2002 to 2005, Bresch served as Mylan’s director of government relations.[15] She contributed to the development of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, which created Medicare Part D, a prescription-drug benefit.[16] (good idea but added to the deficit terribly)
  • Bresch persuaded several of Mylan’s competitors to support what became the Generic Drug User Fee Act, which she proposed to lawmakers in 2010.[19] Under the law the generics industry would pay the FDA fees of $300 million to get their drugs approved, and in return the FDA would inspect foreign drug manufacturing facilities at the same rate as U.S-based facilities (Single-handedly responsible for filling the coffers of the FDA)
  • Bresch was appointed president of Mylan in 2009[21] 
  • Bresch’s appointment as chief executive officer (CEO) was announced in 2011, and she officially took the position in January 2012.[21]
  • One of 18 female CEOs of a Fortune 500 company, and first female of a pharma.
  • The Obama Administration loved her: After seeing how few female candidates were available for positions that require a background in science and math, she became more interested in promoting math and science education among young girls.[29]
  • Bresch continued advocating for more regulation of the pharmaceutical industry by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).[19] 
  • She was named one of Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women In Business” in 2014.

How does one become President of a major pharma in 2009, when they lied on their resume in 2007, and caused a scandal at WVU? Gosh, I couldn’t do that, but my daddy is not Joe Manchin. Does it sound a little suspicious to you?

And then, Mylan Pharma left the USA and no longer pays taxes here. They left for the Netherlands.

Also in 2014, Bresch and Mylan announced a $5.3 billion acquisition of Abbott Laboratories[31] as part of a corporate tax inversion plan to re-organize the company in the Netherlands and move its domicile to a country with lower taxes.[32] Bresch said it was a difficult choice to make, but it had to be done to maintain competitiveness against pharmaceutical manufacturers that had already executed similar inversion strategies.[30] The company completed the complex tax inversion in February 2015.[33] The inversion—which formally resulted in the creation of a new company, Mylan N.V., with 78% of its shares held by former Mylan Inc. shareholders and 22% of its shared held by Abbott Labs shareholders—was expected to immediately drop Mylan’s U.S. corporate tax rate to 21% (from 24%) in the first year “and into the high teens over the next three to five years.”[33] The New York Times said there was something “disconcerting” about a company that benefits from large government contracts renouncing their citizenship for tax benefits.[30]


With a Maximum Corp Tax rate of 21% after Trump’s Tax cuts, one would think Heather would bring back Mylan to the USA, right? Has she? ………… not yet. Heather had other problems. In 2016, Mylan was sued by 40 states Attys General for price fixing. It was an alleged conspiracy with Teva of Israel, which was seeking to acquire Mylan. https://www.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/blog/the-pulse/2015/06/teva-mylans-morgantown-plant-stays-after.html

The price-fixing controversy was settled just in time for the EPIPEN disaster to come to the forefront. Heather didn’t resign under this PR disaster either.

Mylan acquired the 50yr old right to Epipen in years prior, but the product only had sales of $200 million. Heather came up with an idea. Read what Heather did to boost her stock price.

the company also successfully lobbied the FDA to broaden the label to include risk of anaphylaxis and in parallel, successfully lobbied Congress to generate legislation making EpiPens available in schools and in public places like defibrillators are, and hired the same people that Medtronic had worked with on defibrillator legislation to do so.[35][36] From 2007 to 2016, Mylan also increased the price of EpiPens by 461 percent, from around $100 for a package of two pens to around $600.[37] By the first half of 2015, Mylan had an 85% market share of such devices in the U.S.,[35] and in that year sales reached around $1.5B and accounted for 40% of Mylan’s profit.[38] 

Wait, let’s read that part again.…………. You mean….. We didn’t need defibrillators in schools and community centers until Medtronic lobbyists created the legislation to mandate it? Yep, that’s right.

And Heather Bresch followed the same model as Medtronic, hired the same lobbyists, and made Epi-Pens MANDATORY, then they increased the price of the Epipens from $100/two pack to $600/two-pack. Yep, that’s right. And Mylan pays taxes on the profits in Netherlands……. not the USA.

That’s what happened. Throughout the whole Epi-Pen controversy, parents screaming about the increase in price of Epi-Pens because they had to buy them to send their kids back to school, Heather never lost her job. She did agree to make a “generic” which was only $300/two-pack….. which is still much higher than original price before Mylan acquired the rights to sell the product. The controversy flooded the news:

  1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2016/08/22/two-senators-urge-scrutiny-epipen-price-boost/89129620/
  2. https://www.businessinsider.com/epipen-cost-increase-healthcare-insurance-2016-8
  3. https://uproxx.com/culture/people-furious-price-hike-epipen/
  4. https://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/wellness/news/a56071/epi-pen-allergy-medicine-price-hike/
  5. https://www.insider.com/epipen-price-hike-outrage-2016-8
  6. https://money.cnn.com/2016/08/29/investing/epipen-price-rise-history/index.html
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/2016/08/25/7f83728a-6aee-11e6-ba32-5a4bf5aad4fa_story.html
  8. https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-epipen-price-hike-20160824-story.html
  9. https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/08/25/how-parents-harnessed-the-power-of-social-media-to-challenge-epipen-prices/

Heather has done very well for herself. She’s been able to lobby the FDA to work on behalf of Mylan. She schmoozed both the Bush and Obama Administrations. She shipped an American company to the Netherlands (but she felt badly about it…..) so the USA no longer receives tax dollars……. the taxpayer just pays for the meds. And Heather? She kept her job despite lying on a resume and ripping off American parents. She’s profited handsomely. Proxy filings show that from 2007 to 2015, Bresch’s compensation rose from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, a 671% increase in pay.[34][37]

As CEO, Heather makes a lot more than Daddy does as a Senator. I’m guessing Christmas dinner is held at Heather’s house. Whaddaya think? In the swamp of Dems taking care of their kids, Heather got a much better deal than Hunter Biden. Joe Manchin’s influence as Governor and a US Senator helped his daughter handsomely……….. or was it Heather’s husband?

Jeffrey J Bresch is an attorney with Jones Day.

Wut? It’s true. Heather is one connected lady.

And now, Heather is going to make Hydroxychloroquine again……… for a global pandemic. Mylan used to make about 70% of the global supply. The USA used to give it away to Africa to prevent Malaria. Did you know Mylan’s stock price was down 27% last year, during one of the biggest bull markets in history? https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/01/25/is-mylan-stock-a-buy.aspx Guess Mylan needs to boost revenue?


Of course, it could all be a series of coincidences.

So many coincidences……. We have so many questions.

181 thoughts on “20200326: Hydroxychloroquine. Mastering the Learning Curve.

    1. I speculated as much to you the other day when I said all the septuagenarians and octogenarians in the dem caucus were conspicuously NOT worried one bit about the elderly killing covid 19. Remember when Xi, supposedly, went to Wuhan? Of COURSE the perpetrators have the antidote.

      THAT and the fact that it KILLS their weapon is the reason the left are attacking the cure and the messenger (Trump) The elite can’t have we the little deplorables have the cure for their weapon, that would END their farce weapon, their hysteria, and their ATTACK on the US economy.

      I have said it before, the virus is VERY real, but NOWHERE near the hype. The HYPE and hysteria, is 100% manufactured.

      On a related note, recall what I wrote you the other day about Ibuprophin (Motrin) and my grandson, and how it was eerily similar to what happens to patients of Covid 19?

      Well last night, I am watching Laura Ingrham’s show. She has on a Covid 19 survivor, one that was SAVED by Chloroquine + Azithromycin. The part about him being on a ventilator and the drug working did not peak my interest.

      My antenna went up when he detailed the events that LEAD him to the hospital, and eventually the cure.

      This man was feeling fatigued, and running a fever, with a SLIGHT cough. He went to the hospital, and his doctor, without a covid 19 test I suppose, prescribed him cough syrup and….MOTRIN. The man went home, and days later was MUCH worse, had to go BACK to the Hospital, and deteriorated rapidly and was in ICU on a ventilator. Then the drugs SAVED him and he was HOME after his 6 days.

      Anecdotal I know, but knowing what we have seen here about the cykoteine (sp) storm and Ibuprophin, I would give my gopher suit to see the numbers of people who were on or PERSCIBED, or DOSED with Motrin or Ibuprophin for either the fever, the body aches, or arthritis, who had covid 19, and then later had to be hospitalized, and ventilated or DIED. (cykoteine storm).

      I would BET my gopher suit that IF those numbers were compared, there WOULD be a correlation, ESPECIALLY early on.

      I wish I had not retired now, I had “friends” where I worked, who ARE working on covid 19, I bet, were I still there, I could “coax”. off the record of course, them to crosscheck the data, which I KNOW they have. Sigh.

      I WISH I could send an email or call them, but it is NOT that simple. Were I still there, I would just “happen by”

      I will on my own try to see if I can research this, any help would be appreciated. Just my .02 cents.

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      1. Yes, I think that these damned communist weaponized all aspects of this virus. THEY KNEW how to treat it, they KNOW how to treat it, they know how to NOT treat it, and they WANT THEIR WEAPON.

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        1. I already have YUGE trust issues with institutionalized medicine and vaccines. The outside influences on our doctors and hospitals could be killing some of us without the doctors and hospitals being aware of it or able to do anything about it. The red tape surrounding medical care is strangling. Those with agendas don’t care whom they harm or kill, and money is king.

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      2. P-Rex

        And HOW many of the elderly are taking OTC pain killers of one sort or another for our aches and pains???

        BOY am I glad I got off the OTCs last summer and started CBD oil and Turmeric Curcumin instead!

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    1. Well, it certainly explains Joe Manchin, doesn’t it?
      Note how the (great!) article says a few times how Heather didn’t resign during her several scandals…well, neither did Joe, did he?

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    1. To quote the late great Kenny Rogers

      “you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money, when your settin at the table, there’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealins done”

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  1. NOTICE – Mylan could not jack up production and BLUNT the pandemic too early to JINX global demand – and they didn’t. They had to LET IT RUN – and CHINA HELPED. Oh, yeah – all making sense.

    NOTICE – Mylan could not HOG production – so they jump out NOW and say “here – use our tech – anybody!” The HERO ACT. But I don’t know if LITTLE MISS GREEDY is good for the premeditation stuff. She looks like somebody who would TALK FOR A DEAL, and MOBBY DEAREST can’t have that. So she’s probably NOT “in the know” on the PLOT.

    What we really need to know is whether chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been circulating among the TOP DEMS for some time prior to the…..

    HEY, WAIT A MINUTE. Doesn’t Pelosi have to get the stuff to do all her TRAVEL when she goes to certain places???!!! 😯 She was probably sitting on a good stock of it.

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      1. ..well, it would be easy enough to lasso a congress critter and take a blood sample , check it for
        chloroquine .
        Or just relax hippa laws for them.. find out who the whole gang is..
        national security reasons of course….

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    1. I can’t find a single instance where dear Heather has done something out of pure altruism.
      She has four kids.
      What she does appears to be consistently manipulative to her own self-interest.
      Surely……. there has to be something??? She is a widely hated figure after the EpiPen disaster. Maybe the “good” info is limited when it comes to Heather.

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    2. I have remained calm since the beginning, as I have researched and understand this virus. HOWEVER, I entirely misjudged the evil driving this crap, believing that the virus could be easily managed by benevolent medical and herbal care, because it CAN BE OR COULD HAVE BEEN!

      I apologize to the hair on fire crowd for misjudging the ENEMY’S MALFEASANT USE of a rather mundane and controlable/treatable virus. This may not be much worse than a normal flu season, but to stack it on a flu season, AND NOT USE PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT is completely unacceptable. I hold the CDC and it’s misleading guidances responsible for a large role in this planned weapon. The State level Health Departments won’t budge without CDC guidance, resulting in trickle down effect.

      This entire event is planned, and they don’t care about the mass casualties. They want it.

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      1. Dems, and others in the loop, knew the virus was mundane enough to treat, the treatments are cheap and easy, so they covered themselves prophylacticly (like the dicks they are) and let the virus run.

        Treatment for me, but not for thee.

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      1. Yup.

        Check this out. NANZI and FOREIGN TRAVEL.



        “Malaria and dengue are present in Afghanistan. Bring mosquito repellent, netting and wearing protective clothing. Antimalarials may be recommended based on your itinerary.”



        “Malaria, dengue and chikungunya are all present in Ghana. Be sure to bring antimalarials, mosquito repellents and netting to stay protected while in-country.”

        “Outside of Accra, access to medical facilities is limited. Make sure to bring any prescriptions you will need.”

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        1. WHAT are the ODDS. Infinitesimal. Occoms razor. She KNEW. The Trips were COVER, to GET the chloroquine in her system.

          OMG, I JUST remembered something.

          Remember when She and Schiff went to visit (Baghdadi) in Jordan? Do you THINK that Soelemani was there TOO.

          BOT of them WERE plotting to ATTACK the US, and Solemani was threatening using chemical or BIOLOGICAL weapons.

          WAs Schiff and Nancy PLOTTING this, were they INFORMED what was coming?

          Notice that it is MORE than anecdotal that Trump or some white hat, Q?, were TRACKING Nanacy and Schiff, and used them to geolocate Baghdadi..who mores the pity (sarc) was subsequently blown to SMITHEREENS.

          Then weeks LATER, Solemani gets a similar “care” package.

          IMHO, there are NO coincidences, Trump KNOWS. He HAS a plan. We like them, will not know till EXECUTED.

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          1. All this leaves me wondering what they will try next. IMO, we (the people, the country, even the world) are in great danger leading up to the election. And Pres. Trump is always in danger.

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    3. How many times did I holler about Senator Chris Murphy and his staff needing to be quarantined after his trip to the EU to meet with the Iranian leader? Who died from CV? Nobody on Capitol Hill was worried about quarantining him or his staff. I called both of my Senators and spoke to their staff to express my concerns for their wellbeing the day after Murphy came home. They just said “ok, thanks, will pass it along to the Senator”.


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    4. Sure, easy to get anti malaria meds when traveling overseas. Speaker only has to ask. And suggest for the entire CODEL, and their staffs.

      Hell, they don’t even have to travel. Schedule it. Get the meds.


  2. Sundance is burning this candle from the other end!!! And he leaves no escape!!!

    First step is showing Dem hypocrisy on the drug. THEN comes chicanery. THEN comes mendacity, treachery, and all the rest.

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      1. Because chloroquine is cheap. HOWEVER, establishing another vaccine program, for which there is a market, creates yet another slush fund grant to throw more money into each time the vaccine fails and oh well, back to the drwing board. This is the pattern Amazing Polly pointed out. There are endless vaccine programs.
        Polly addresses one fund that received 3.5 million, and 2.7 million is unaccounted for.
        Theft. Plain old theft.

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          1. Polly needs to be careful not to lose credibility on calling Brix out as a bad. Brix is ARMY. Yeah, she’s seen organizational waste, and has learned to live with it, but to try to do the right thing anyway, which is how the Army still moves ahead despite inevitable bureaucracy.

            It’s tempting to say she’s one of the bad guys, but I think it’s a mistake to think she’s anything more than a dupe. MAXIMUM is dupe. More likely, she’s a good egg trying to work among all the grifters.

            PEPFAR is trouble, yes. Beelzebubba and Shrub both recommended Brix, yeah, that too. But I think Bush knows she’s actually competent, and Beelzebubba’s boy Eric Goosby wanted a connection in place. Doesn’t mean she’s a bad one.

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            1. Agree, not sure she is nefarious. But she is Army and knows how to navigate to get grant money. I don’t think she intentionally wants to hurt anyone, nor do I think she is onboard with depopulation.

              Another theory that is being kicked around, and daughn’s work is just another piece. This may well have been a planned black swan for HRC (they never expected him to win), part of the 16 year plan, and this is supposed to ge HER martial law, HER culling anyone too old to work, do not let the children/adrenocrome get infected, took a couple years to build the lab, design the virus, etc. That may be why we see now the parts that have been in plsce sincd O. Future proves past.

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              1. Speaking of culling, France is no longer allowing 80 and over to get ventilators 😡

                That could take out what’s left of the WWII generation, who remember what things used to be like, and just how bad things were, in order to say “may it never happen again”…

                With them gone, it could happen again, what with the globalist-washed textbooks, etc. …

                Also have to wonder why Bayer is able to send meds to the US when we’ve got a big problem here in Germany… could it be that DeepStatePwned BigPharma wants to keep us sick/get rid of our oldsters
                (“Crufties”) too???

                De-industrialization, Depopulation, and elimination of any that would be, in a sense, authoritative resistance…

                Have to call this plot, along with id2020, “BillyGate”…


        1. Globalist/WHO/big pharma 2020 flu-du-jour ??

          everyday flu with a Sars rider + Bat virus architecture for more accessories later ?
          Imho, Polly lays things out nicely using the Ukraine corruption US gubmint Aid money laundering model.
          Hard to unsee some things .

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      2. Agreed. But there is a reason SD does what he does.

        Sundance’s style is to be slow, methodical and relentless. He DRIVES THE GAME out of the thickets. Then they have to run past us – further away, but with deadly insights into their culpability.

        Going for DEMMUNIST CRIMINALS is a lot like a group hunt.

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        1. Oh, I’m positively thrilled when SD is on Daughn’s bandwagon, AGAIN!!!!!!!
          Because normally, I’m on his bandwagon. Gotta take my bow when I can.

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    1. BINGO. WHY make so MANY doses and ALL at once (though it IS suspicious that they have 50 MILLION does ALREADY on hand. Why? Is there a malaria outbreak we do not know about? There is NO WAY they produce THAT amount, and KEEP it in stock, without KNOWIING there will be a DEMAND.

      Insider KNOWLEGE perhaps, this would be no different than SELLING stocks before a market crash because of PRIOR knowledge, Would you put it past them?

      ALL the talk of a recession. ALL they talk of a pandemic. ALL the other FAILED attempts at destroying the economy and Trump, and US. Then you have the deadpanning of the CURE, the response, and the MESSAGE, let alone the politicization of the event.

      I am sorry, but this ENTIRE virus seems like a VERY real, and VERY DANGEROUS, and DEADLY, continuation of the Cabal plot, like a “Hail Mary” because of desperation. Too many coincidences!

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      1. You think that when POTUS found out that (A) the antimalarials were LONG KNOWN, and (B) they were working in TRIALS, and (C) when he trolled the media with the knowledge, and the media reacted like vampires to garlic, that (D) he had these fuckers by the BALLS? 😉

        A + B + C – D = 0

        I may think this. 😎

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      2. Progressives never stop. This was to be HRC black swan to manage. Ran the plan anyway with POTUS in charge, willing to take what ever inches they can get.

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  3. Does anyone here actually know anyone who has officially tested positive for Chinese virus?

    If so, does anyone here actually know anyone who has actually died from Chinese virus?

    I’m not saying China virus isn’t ‘real’, or that nobody has died from it.

    But if it is as contagious and deadly as MSM and the administration and state & local governments are all making it out to be, at least SOME of us should know SOMEBODY who has officially tested positive for Chinese virus.

    Everything about this entire situation smacks of the biggest false flag in history.

    Almost from the beginning.

    It appears to be far less deadly than Hussein’s H1N1 fiasco.

    H1N1 and China virus BOTH appear to be far less deadly than the common flu that happens every single year.

    And yet THIS TIME, coincidentally in the middle of (or maybe in the late stages of) the war between Trump, Inc. and Cabal, we:

    A) shut down the whole country
    B) wipe out a few trillion dollars in the U.S. stock market, not counting the rest of the world’s markets
    C) we tack on $6 TRILLION to the national debt with a new spending bill
    D) Google and/or Facebook are donating millions of N95 masks

    Why does Google and/or Facebook HAVE millions of N95 masks available to donate?

    Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Americans are taking an unplanned 2+ week vacation in their own homes, jobs and future in doubt, while dictators and tyrants governors and mayors all over the country are decreeing extra-constitutional suspension of our Rights.

    All of this, over a sickness for which *I* at least have personally seen zero evidence.

    The only evidence that I have that anything is wrong AT ALL is via MSM and the Interwebs.

    I don’t know anybody in Wuhan. I don’t know anybody in Italy. I don’t know anybody in the nursing home in Washington state, or on the cruise ship.

    I have seen several people on various social media sites worriedly exclaim that a co-worker tested positive. I don’t know any of those people either, could be media-bots for all I know.

    I’ve seen supposed satellite photos if ditches dug in Iran for tens of thousands of bodies… but I have seen no tens of thousands of bodies.

    In fact, I haven’t seen a single verifiable dead China virus corpse yet.

    I have seen some videos of dubious origin which supposedly came from China, with acting that wouldn’t pass for a 1970s vintage ‘B’ movie, where people are walking along and then collapse, while someone coincidentally happens to be recording them on a cell phone.

    I have heard about videos where Chinese government people are spraying something in the air as they walk down residential streets, with gunshots ringing out in the background, supposedly Chinese people being murdered rather than treated for China virus. I have also heard about other videos where Chinese citizens are leaning out their window and yelling “fake! fake! fake! It’s all fake!”.

    Whatever is actually going on, and even if China virus is actually killing people (though far, far fewer than annual flu kills), the reaction by the governments and the MSM of the world is OFF the CHARTS.

    And then there’s the other problem.

    If the China virus was even ONE TENTH the problem it is being made out to be, there is no way the President sets a drop-dead date of Easter for this whole exercise to be over and done with.

    No direct evidence, the claimed but unverifiable numbers of sick and deceased are far less than annual flu numbers, the reaction by government and MSM is exponentially higher than ANYTHING that has ever happened in my lifetime, and yet DJT can confidently predict that the credits will roll on this particular episode of the series in 17 days or less.

    I don’t see how any of this adds up, unless we’re using new math.

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      1. Thank you, coosmama.

        How do we know our numbers (of China virus) are increasing?

        When we weren’t testing anybody, the numbers weren’t increasing, because nobody knew they had it yet.

        When we started testing a few people, apparently a few people had positive test results (not counting the tests conveniently provided by WHO, which apparently had an 80+ percent FALSE positive rate… I’m sure that was just an unfortunate accident on their part, and not part of a much larger orchestrated scheme to panic everyone into thinking they had China virus and the world was going to end in 3… 2… 1…).

        Now we are testing a LOT of people, so naturally MORE people are showing up in test results as positive.

        More tests = more test results.

        Is anybody testing for regular seasonal flu?

        How do those numbers compare to China virus numbers (both infected and deceased)?

        Why is there no information about current ‘stress’ on the healthcare ‘system’?

        SD has raised this question too. The whole point of ‘blunting’ the ‘curve’ by keeping everyone at home is not to stop people from getting China virus, but to spread the illness out over a longer period of time so the healthcare system isn’t overwhelmed all at once.

        But we have no data on whether the healthcare ‘system’ is stressed right now AT ALL.

        Cuomo is begging FEMA for TENT CITIES, and yet as far as we know, far fewer people have died or will die from China virus than those who die EVERY YEAR from seasonal flu.

        Everything about this feels wrong.

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        1. Actually I don’t think Cuomo was aksing for tent cities, but he was asking FEMA or some government agency for some kind of massive increase in treatment capacity.

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        2. The stress on the system is the SARS part – the respirator thing. You can have a virus that’s half as deadly as the flu and puts all its deaths on RESPIRATORS and you have a MEDIA CRISIS that the FLU cannot create.

          Which, incidentally, is a very 4GW reason to look at WEAK SARS as a bioweapon.

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        3. Scott, I meant our local cases are increasing. They have let a mundane virus but prolific virus run untreated for at least 6-8 weeks (Dr. Brix gave the backward plotted timeline at a presser), while most likely treating themselves, in order to create a new vaccine-study slush fund. And if it helps with depopulation, they count it as a bonus.

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    1. I don’t know anyone who has HIV/AIDS, to this day…much less anyone who has died from it…nor have I ever actually seen anyone who has it…or has died from it…nor do I even know anyone who knows someone who had it, has it or has died from it..

      does that mean it’s a psyop ?


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      1. sorry Steve…didn’t mean to be a smart ass there…what I mean is: I don’t think the existence of this covid virus is fake…it exists…it is highly contagious and it can result in death and it spreads fast…it doesn’t spread on its own… people spread it …so precautions are necessary..

        I’m not clear exactly ab what you’re getting at when you imply that just b/c you haven’t actually seen it, it might not actually exist ?

        on the other hand, I also think something’s afoot…there are way too many coincidences that have occurred related to it’s existence, its spreading, the timing of its existence and spreading…and certain agendas that are actually more of a threat than the virus itself….

        …and the convenience of this pandemic for The Corrupt to exploit it for maximum benefit, on several fronts.

        I also happen to think it’s quite possible that this virus was created in a lab and is being used in a nefarious way for nefarious purposes…I do not think it sprang from bats in a wet market…I do think bats were used in the manufacturing of it…right there, if true, is a plot

        is a nefarious plot the same as a psy-op ?

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        1. “I’m not clear exactly ab what you’re getting at when you imply that just b/c you haven’t actually seen it, it might not actually exist ?”


          My point is that they could claim our shores have been invaded by Heffalumps with a contagious flu-like virus.

          Nobody has seen a Hefalump yet, because they’re invisible — as far as I know, only Piglet and Pooh can see them — but the entire U.S. government is spending (literally) trillions of dollars and bringing the entire nation (and much of the world) to a standstill in order to fight this invader.

          An invader whose claimed existence we only know about because the MSM and then the government said so.

          The Heffalump is invisible, and the China virus they carry infects and kills exactly like the regular seasonal flu, only in much smaller numbers, so if the MSM and government had not known about the invasion of the contagious Heffalumps, this would just be another regular flu season. The number of deaths officially confirmed and attributed to China virus wouldn’t even be a blip in the data.

          NOBODY would know or be the wiser. There may be ten different strains of flu going around every year. In a nation of 330+ million people, tens of thousands of people, most of whom are either elderly or have preexisting conditions, succumb to one of these strains of flu, every year.

          THIS year, we have decided to make ONE particular strain of flu — and apparently far from the most deadly one — a superstar. We isolated it from the pack of other equally (or even more) deadly strains of flu, put a spotlight on it, gave it a cool Hollywood name, and created a global panic over it.

          All because invisible Heffalumps showed up one day, sometime around November of last year. And it was convenient for somebody to construct a world-altering narrative around it, instead of ignoring it, like we do every other year…

          My point is that we only know what they want us to know, for the most part. We can (and do) ferret out lots of details and backstory and regularly uncover all sorts of lies and half-truths and deceptions, but our discoveries rarely reach a broad enough audience to change the narrative, because the majority of the public gets their news from MSM, and 90% of MSM is owned or controlled by six companies, which in turn are all controlled by the enemy.

          They could tell us Heffalumps invaded, and we wouldn’t know the truth of that any better than if they told us China virus invaded.

          We — don’t — know.

          We have no direct evidence.

          Everything we think we know is coming from:

          A) the MSM


          B) the government and affiliated groups

          If there are any more historically untrustworthy entities than the MSM or our own government, I don’t know who that would be.

          Normally I would trust this particular president, except I know that he is engaged in all-out war, both inside the government and out, so misinformation and deception is necessary.

          A mouse squeaked.

          Mice squeak all the time.

          This time, the mouse squeaked in such a way that a 330+ million strong herd stampeded toward a cliff, with the ranchers and the herd dogs fueling the stampede.

          Once the herd has cleared the area, I won’t be surprised to find that the mouse or mice were fake, they have wires connected to them, and if you follow the wires, they lead back to the people who caused the electronic mice to squeak, causing the herd to stampede.

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        2. “is a nefarious plot the same as a psy-op ?”


          That depends.

          A pure psy-op might not have any physical manifestation.

          But a physical operation will often use a psy-op as cover or camouflage, or to integrate the physical operation into society, creating open acceptance due to a newly perceived ‘need’.

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      2. “I don’t know anyone who has HIV/AIDS, to this day…much less anyone who has died from it…nor have I ever actually seen anyone who has it…or has died from it…nor do I even know anyone who knows someone who had it, has it or has died from it..”


        Same here. The only person I can think of who died from it is and Freddie Mercury. Or so we are told.

        The more we learn, the more it seems that what we are told and what is actually true are only the same if it suits the interests of the teller. Otherwise we are told a narrative, something plausible and most importantly, something which can generate money, income, e.g., from establishing yet another ‘foundation’ in ‘loving memory’.

        We only know what we’re told, and what we’re told quickly becomes popular mythology. There is the old expression, ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before truth puts on its boots.’ (Churchill).

        But Churchill was speaking from the perspective that people who knew the truth were combating the lies.

        What happens if nobody has any interest in correcting the lie, and to the contrary, everyone involved has a stake in the lie becoming the perceived ‘truth’, so that the lie is uncontested?

        How would we ever know?


    2. An old friend from childhood tested negative. She just has a bad cold.

      Otherwise, it’s hit my world. Young lady returning from traveling abroad. Don’t know her personally, but around here, I’m bound to know somebody who knows her.

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              1. I think they’re trying everything.
                Sure, we’ve known about Hydroychloroquine since 2005 to effectively treat SARS.
                Super computer just calculated 81 existing meds which might work.
                bet there will be a full blown study for all of them.
                Yet, Remdesivir, + the Trump cocktail + using old method of plasma from recovered patients into those afflicted ((like we did before we had anti-biotics) + the Vitamin C treatment seem to have real focus right now.
                I personally believe the Trump cocktail will work…… which is why I want the US Army stationed at the doors to Mylan Pharma right now.
                Where are they in production? Are they on track? Where are the ingredients? Where do they come from? And sure as heck, I want someone standing over the shoulder of Dear Heather……

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  4. Okay, a couple things come to mind based on past research and the way Daughn worded her piece.

    Working hand in hand with medical schools – back about the time of the Flexner Report (1910) which is, IMO, the root of medicine worship in this country, and very much the root of the callus dismissal of alternatives to “modern” medicine, this was pretty common. One of the companies bought out by Bayer, Monsanto, was affiliated with a medical school: Washington University School of Medicine. Interestingly enough, this may have been brokered by Robert Brookings who was instrumental in that school’s rise as well as the War Industries Board that gave us the Military Industrial Complex eventually. He went to the Flexner people, hat in hand, and asked what it was going to take to make a medical school at WUSTL when they got a really bad review. I worked in a place for a few years where I found out a lot about this even if it is not published.

    (University archives and full repository libraries really do need to be mined by the anons. You’d be surprised what you’ll find in papers that are squirreled away in one cubic foot storage boxes.)

    There were other chemical and pharmaceutical companies in town at the time. I’ll have to look and see who teamed up with Saint Louis University, I don’t think it was Mallinckrodt, but I know in NYC there will be connections like Memorial Sloan Kettering with energy companies. Eustace Mullins talks about it in “Death By Injection.” Modern medicine needed then and still does ways to manufacture chemicals – drugs – and things haven’t changed.

    The reality is that this cozy relationship has been in development and use for a long time. And I’ve yet to see a pharmaceutical company step up to the plate to provide help unless there is something in it for them. In this case…so few are offering help, I’m wondering if they’ve been ordered not to. Not even for goodwill PR exposure.

    Something is off all the way around.

    Not that it’s surprising.

    The whole idea, messaging wise, is to keep the people from questioning the heroic aura of the white lab coat.

    (Funny thing being stuck in the recliner recovering from the flu…the propaganda pushing modern medicine in the movies 80-85 years ago is pretty obvious if you know what to look for.)

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    1. Well, at least we have the fashion-scarf lady 👍😁

      And she was very coquettish with our president when he joked about her low-grade fever and self-treatment, in case everybody didn’t notice 😲

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    2. DP, have you read “When Healing Becomes a Crime” by Kenny Ausubel? It covers Dr. Hoxsey and his cancer clinics. He refused to play ball with the AMA when they first formed, and was shut down. Haven’t seen the documentary yet, but for answers about the AMA, here you go.

      Also a great book out about the life of Dr. John Christopher, who was practicing around the same time. Think he was jailed at some point. Will try to find you that title.


  5. Other than people I have read about in the NEWS, I do NOT know *personally* know anybody who has been TESTED and found to have the virus, or (and the test is just coming online now) been TESTED and found to HAVE HAD the virus.

    Other than people I have read about in the NEWS, I do NOT know *personally* anybody who has DIED and been determined to have died of COVID-19.

    I know a variety of other scientists, several of whom also think they may have had it, and I am the ONLY one in the bunch who experienced the definitive shortness of breath symptom.

    I’ve talked with neighbors and others, and have found a few who think they had something in the same general timeframe that I did, and none of them had the definitive shortness of breath symptom.

    If the first serological tests I have read about are correct, and roughly 1/10 of Americans have had the virus, and those people are mostly OUTSIDE the high risk groups (because of prompt and strong actions), then my thinking is that this virus is only problematic if you DON’T PAY ATTENTION.

    I’m thinking that simple societal attention early on (like if China had warned the world the moment it was found in the wild) then we could have gone DIRECTLY into what Trump is now proposing for Easter. We could have done all the things Trump said RIGHT AWAY, gotten old people and high risk groups squared away, saying “Hey – new corona virus type – particularly bad for old people – lock up the nursing homes, etc., etc.” – and we would never have shut down the economy.

    So yes – this thing is a HUGE psy-op, where the media, the DNC, the CDC, WHO, CHINA, and all the villains TRIED to get Trump to stumble on a VERY MODERATE modification of a slightly novel corona virus which has dramatic effects on the elderly, putting them on respirators.

    WHY? Because RESPIRATORS are the fucking IRON LUNG of 2020. Just like polio SCARED people with the IRON LUNG, COVID-19 so you HICKS will TAKE YOUR VACCINES was designed to scare you with RESPIRATORS.

    But weirdly, they had a BACKUP of antimalarials which seem to work on this stuff, and I don’t see how they could have not known this.

    I smell a false flag. At the very least, something is WRONG here.

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          1. You might want to consult this book 🙂

            “On Beyond Zebra”, by Dr. Suess. Wonder if he had to deal with umlauts as a child. I rather expect that the Icelanders and Finlanders see the double dots in their nightmares… On the other hand, the Welsh go sleepwalking in search of the lost vowels (that the previous group nicked…). (Yep, I know Y and W are used as vowels in Welsh, just sayin’ )…

            Just realized, Griffith(s) is probably a Welsh name….. OH YUCK… OH, DOUBLE-YUCK…

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              1. I’ve read that the Basques are somehow related to the Welsh….

                Basquing in the good weather, no doubt…

                Especially considering that their forebears were supposedly from Siberia (!?)…

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        1. I think several are…Cher, Joy Behar, Whoopi, Fallon, etc.
          Makes one wonder how much they were paid at one time….and now owe their very souls to the globalists…..as do far too many of our politicians and government employees that were “placed.”

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    1. Remember the video of the German doctor who said that since about 2003 about 15% of Influenza patients which were tested, also had some strain of COVID virus.
      This may be the reason that the numbers suddenly started to increase when more test were done.

      It could be that the primary reason patients are sick, may not be the Chinavirus, but since all patients who have tested positive must be reported, they are also included in the statistics, which in fact skews the real numbers.

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    2. “So yes – this thing is a HUGE psy-op, where the media, the DNC, the CDC, WHO, CHINA, and all the villains TRIED to get Trump to stumble on a VERY MODERATE modification of a slightly novel corona virus which has dramatic effects on the elderly, putting them on respirators.

      WHY? Because RESPIRATORS are the fucking IRON LUNG of 2020. Just like polio SCARED people with the IRON LUNG, COVID-19 so you HICKS will TAKE YOUR VACCINES was designed to scare you with RESPIRATORS.”


      If this little exercise pops the bubble of “medicine” and all the psy-op level super hero mythology built up around it for the last 100 years or more, it will be priceless. I just wish people didn’t have to get sick for that to happen.

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      1. There’s a great book out called “How Doctors Think”, by Dr. Jerome Groopman. The ISBN-13 is 978-0547053646. It describes the long and difficult journey to a correct diagnosis that Dr. Groopman encountered (himself, ironically, a specialist in difficult-to-diagnose diseases). The tendency of the medical world to almost instantly assign a group of symptoms to a syndrome, or systemic (or, lately, DNA or Mitochondrial) problem, often without even listening to the patient complete his or her list of symptoms or complaints is staggering.

        I ran across this book while dealing with the German Health System, controlled by some of the most pig-headed, NIH (Not-Invented-Here)-addled, lets-assign-it-to-a-syndrome-or-fund-a-new-study nutcakes that one would never hope for.

        Once a particular syndrome has been found (especially one which nets an uplift on doctor/hospital visits), it is all but impossible to get that changed or removed from one’s record.

        And Dr. Groopman experienced much the same thing.

        Fascinating (if sometimes frustrating, in empathy) book, well-written, and interesting. Well worth the read, especially at the prices it’s at now…

        P.S. The attitude I mentioned above is probably the reason that the RKI and the “health” kommandos are not interested in the Z-Pack solution, and want to develop their own, in particular a vaccine… geesh…
        Oh, No, Pwned by Big Pharma Again…

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        1. I worked in a medical school library for years. “How Doctors THINK” is about like their handwriting. HUH?

          It does depend on various experiences, though. My SIL is fortunate enough that several specialists pushed for tests in other specialties and they figured out a number of true diagnoses that in the end are going to extend her life.

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          1. Have you read the book, or just the reviews?

            I have it in both English and German, and it’s not an exercise in handwriting analysis.

            We have a false diagnosis of our son that we’ve been trying for more than ten years to get corrected, yet the German medical industry REFUSES to change their mind (or their gravy train). Dr. Groopman encountered much the same stolid, boneheaded thinking and resistance.

            And we’ve been pushing at all levels of the German “health” system, having both doctors and lawyers in the extended family…

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              1. Would be good to read the book then before judging it.

                I have a number of doctors in my family. I know what they go through, both here, and there. And not all doctors turn out good… (none of my family’s doctors had issues, but a classmate did… and all the circled wagons didn’t help)…


    1. The only positive to come of this could be that POTUS has taken a buzzsaw to barriers for success in the FDA, CDC etc. He will Trumpify the whole government when his 5 years come to an end.

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      1. Yeah, CDC, FDA, and NIH are going to look a WHOLE LOT different when we are done with this damn thing.
        Painful trial by fire.

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  6. Mylan Labs is getting gobbled up by Pfizer.

    Pfizer is combining Mylan with one of it’s subsidiaries, Upjohn…and calling the new company Viatris.

    “Mylan and Pfizer Finalize Appointments to Viatris Board of Directors”

    Press Release dated a month ago, February 27, 2020:


    This has been in the works for awhile…and will be finalized in Mid-2020.

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    1. Pfizer’s Upjohn subsidiary was their maker of generic ‘off patent’ drugs…something that Mylar has been doing as well.

      So combining Mylar with Upjohn creates an even bigger generic drug maker…for Pfizer to capture an even bigger share of that market.

      The merger was done solely by a stock swap.
      So Mylar’s drop in stock price was fortuitous for Pfizer, I would think.

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        1. Now if only we could get the capacitor, resistor, and other electronic component manufacturers to come back to the USA… (speaking of Mylar… 🙂 )…

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  7. I have a theory here. All those stolen antimalarials and PEPFAR. And not this.


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  8. THIS is sobering:

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    1. Wonder if he has a family member(s) with access/control/etc. to large lots (or a company) in the biz?
      (not just look at the wives, look at the fam…)…

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  9. THE FACT THAT Hydroxychloroquine + Zithromax works as both a treatment and HCQ alone works as a preventative/prophylaxis SKEWS ALL THE NUMBERS from the outset – and turns this whole thing into a big world-wide POLITICAL SCANDAL and the article above turns it into a POLITICAL SCAM!

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    1. ANOTHER THING – not only are these annual flu season viruses and pandemic coronaviruses looking like politically aimed BIOWEAPONS (against President Trump, for example) – These VIRUSES are looking like BIG PROFITS for BIG PHARMA, Big medicine, Big hospital corporations….and ways/means for politicians to get Big Pharma $$$

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      1. Trump makes China, Iran, EU, NATO nations toe the mark and be fair to our country.
        Trump attacks Big Pharma and Big Medicine and Big Hospital with price reductions and transparency.
        Trump attacks sanctuary cities, illegals working in US

        This disease is looking like all of them striking back at Trump and the USA.

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      1. A tray of soapy water would do just as well – it’s a virus, not bacteria, so bacteriacide(s) won’t “kill” it. Soap will (dissolves the structure).

        Alcohol will, on the other hand, but it’s just as hard on carpets and fabrics too…

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      2. My shoes just went thru the ‘cat box’ with bleach water and are now sitting outside in the sun drying.

        They should sit for ten minutes in the bleach. With bleach it evaporates with the water so no need to rinse.


  10. Valeant Pharmaceuticals (now known as Bausch Health Companies Inc.)

    “Our duty is to our shareholders and to maximize value”
    – Former CEO Michael Pearson

    Their business strategy was to buy up existing drug companies, laying off their workers and then raising prices by as much as 700%.


    “Valeant is an example of practices that have been around in the pharmaceutical industry for years. The United States, unlike most countries, does not control drug prices, and pharmaceutical manufacturers have relied heavily on steady and sometimes outsize price increases in this country to bolster their revenue and profits.”

    after Valeant acquired Salix Pharmaceuticals in 2015, it raised the price of one Salix drug, the diabetes pill Glumetza, about 800 percent.

    “How can they just do this?” said Gail Mayer, a retired computer systems analyst on Long Island, who said her monthly supply of Glumetza went from $519.92 in May to $4,643 in August. 😳😡😳

    Big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Merck raised list prices an average of 13 percent in 2014 and 8 percent so far in 2015, according to Deutsche Bank.

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    1. That’s what the plague of locust “IP trust” companies do for “a living”, as it were. It’s endemic in the IT world, so not surprising that they’re in the Pharma World as well.

      Shell companies, who have NEVER developed anything, nor invested as much as a penny in R&D, scooping up intellectual property everywhere they can, often for pennies on the dollar.

      Much like the Chinese. Wonder if there’s a connection there, too?

      Look at the long, costly, and useless SCO Unix vs. IBM battle. The RDIMM battles early on were also aided and abetted by ip locusts…

      This is one situation where IMHO some sort of regulation would be helpful, if only to keep the locusts in check…


  11. Daughn, in digging a little on the local chemistry scene from the Guilded Age, the name Avon came up again. I know I saw it on a pharmaceutical buy out last night. Well, they bought out Mallinckrodt in 1982, apparently. Why would a make-up and general junk merchandise company go into the chemical and pharmaceutical business?


    So, that led me here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_pharmaceutical_mergers_and_acquisitions

    Oh, my.

    That industry is consolidating internationally, and doing the Obama corporate tax inversion to Ireland thing on steroids.

    Really interesting on one level. Maddening on another since it’s yet another way Ireland was enticed into corruption.

    I’m thinking a deep dive is going to yield some really messy stuff.

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    1. You know, Dep, our experience in Big Pharma is limited. We need to know a whole lot more. Any help is greatly appreciated.
      Gosh, I can smell the dead fish from here.

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      1. The goal of the industry, I know quite well, is to get us all hooked on drugs to MANAGE chronic disease rather than work with the patient to cure it, or beat it down. Diabetes is the classic. I have a friend who is and has been a couple hundred pounds overweight for years. he went Keto, and his doctor was able to take him off of some of his diabetes meds.

        My cancer patient client’s husband was going diabetic, and the other pet sitter and I guided him on diet, and he did his due diligence at the gym and reversed it. His physician is keeping him on the drugs as a prophylactic.

        How many other conditions/diseases are in this mix?

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    2. Who owns Clinique, Revlon and Max Factor?

      Are those part of giant pharmaceutical corporations too?

      I know the Johnson & Johnson cosmetic division that makes (my favorite) Purpose facial soap was bought out by a Canadian company and their first batch was unacceptable and I returned it – and wrote them a letter. Seems they have reverted to original formula.

      I hate it when companies change fragrance and formulas.

      St Ives hand lotion was perfect – and they changed it – and now it’s awful – burns my hands and smells awful.

      Dove soap fragrance isn’t the original cold cream fragrance, but is at least tolerable.

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      1. Clinique is owned by Estee Lauder. I think that company is Belgian.

        It looks like Revlon is a stand alone.

        At the current time Coty owns Max Factor.

        I’ve switched from the P&G and Unilever products to hand made local ones. It’s more expensive for some things, but the scents are tolerable, and most of it is all natural.

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        1. I’m doing that, too. There are also some really good, but expensive lotions and shampoos, etc., from small companies. They are non GMO, no icky ingredients and they work really well.

          I adjusted my budget, and my hair and skin is thanking me.

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      2. Cosmetics, food colorings, food additives, chemicals, foodstuffs, pharma, seed, and fertilizer companies are all connected in some ways.

        With a little creative accounting, clever structures, regulatory avoidance, etc., they can control things from the cradle to the grave. And shorten that distance, should they choose (or be instructed to).

        The trickery that’s involved in the food industry is nothing short of disgusting (e.g. how McDonalds’ “Big Tasty” [at least that’s what it’s called over here] gets to be so tasty, so to speak).

        Would be nice to be able to get in to (and surreptitiously film) some of those deep state meetings where all of this is discussed/planned. Probably in the back rooms at Davos and the Bilderberg meetings. Perhaps Bohemian Grove, too. When they’re “Cremating Care”, they’re probably thinking of cremating us…

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  12. Guess we’re all thinking alike, eh?????

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  13. Ground report:
    Most of you guys know we own a B&B.
    We’ve had many rooms cancel due to biz virus, true. Some people give excuses but we all know what is going on. We were kind of worried about loss of income.

    Last Friday night, late, I got a call from a desperate woman who needed a room. Big T had already gone to bed. Her grandmother died in a town just south of us and she didn’t want to stay in Grandma’s house, but the funeral was arranged for morning….. she just found out about it, her aunts were fighting and kept the death from her.
    She was upset.
    She needed a hug.
    So, we started talking. Told her to take her time, upgraded her to best room in the house (since we were dead empty).
    She got here about 11:30pm. Big T, wide awake by then, welcomed her and got her situated. Even Bucket the dog was happy to see her. She was a high-powered exec, absolutely devastated and in tears, at her most vulnerable.
    next day, the aunts were so bad, fighting, she skipped the funeral.
    By Saturday afternoon, she called her boss and asked him to move her from her regular hotel…… to our place.
    She loved it here, felt safe.

    Boss called from NYC on Monday, to work out payment. We’re inexpensive compared to NYC room rates. He was happy, she is happy, we’re happy, and now…….. even Bucket knows the sound of her car and greets her when she “comes home”.

    Expenses paid for the next month. We’re all okay. We’re better than okay, we’re happy.

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  14. So, I have a few cousins, cousins in-law with lupus. Hydroxychloroquine is used to help control that auto-immune disease. One of them, the real housewife of Deerfield, Illinois, posted this on FB today:

    ” have a small favor to ask🙏 Please take 2 minutes click to submit the important letter to Congress I have attached below.

    Tens of thousands of people with Lupus rely on Hydroxychloroquine as well as do many others living with various autoimmune diseases.This medicine should only be available to established patients and researchers at this point. Not to prescribers who abuse their privileges and decide to try to take it prophylactically or prescribe it to friends and relatives who do not have a legitimate need. Hydroxychloroquine is an important medical resource (much like N95 face masks) and needs to be managed responsibly, not selfishly without evidence-based research.”

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    1. Congress already took her share. What does she want to do about high-risk nursing homes patients? And thier staff or providers? There are other medicines to manage lupus until an age stable patient can get back on plaquenil when the supply returns to normal. She is inconveinced, they elderly may die.


      1. Sorry for all the typos in that one, and didn’t mean it to sound so rough. Lupus, UDCTD, etc all suck, they suck hard, but there are other medications to take temporarily until plaquenil stock is replenished. Maybe they won’t work quite as perfectly, maybe need to up pain meds a bit with that, but being off plaquenil short term won’t literally kill her. For the elderly and at risk, there aren’t other temporary options at this point.

        I am all for giving the “cocktail” to nursing home patients, first responders, etc prophylacticaly. This includes any immediate family members in the home, so they don’t pass the virus to the provider or staff.

        The chloroquine shortage sucks. Congress did it. Write them about that.

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    2. Sort of like listening to MCM 4 AM talking points.

      Same story line a few Muppets on local NV gun blog ran in defense of potahtoh head NV guv Sisolak… Stop the hoarding. No evidenced based research…

      Same words invoked.


  15. Bill Gates trying to slow down the anti-malarial response, including “his own studies” (COUGH).

    New thread up (GRRRRRR).


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  17. Wonder if there’s value in figuring Bayer, Teva, Novartis, and Mylan typical on-hand monthly stock of HCQ over past twelve months. Yea, I know Mylan starting up in WV. What about Mylan sites across the globe. Likewise on monthly hand stock ingredients for HCQ. Ingrediant orders past twelve months. When were equipment upgrades or steps to bring online started. Wonder IF Mylan is planning to bring back profits to US with major tax breaks. Oh yea, stocks. Major stock purchases in Bayer, Teva, Novartis and Mylan in past six months.

    Information in Daughn’s article sure goes to Manchin’s ongoing slimy swamp nature over the years.

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