Dear KAG: 20200324 Open Thread

Taking a cue from Q, here’s today’s theme:

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


Psalm 46:

[2] O clap your hands, all ye nations: shout unto God with the voice of Joy, [3] For the Lord is high, terrible: a great king over all the earth. [4] He hath subdued the people under us; and the nations under our feet. [5] He hath chosen for us his inheritance the beauty of Jacob which he hath loved.

[6] God is ascended with jubilee, and the Lord with the sound of trumpet. [7] Sing praises to our God, sing ye: sing praises to our king, sing ye. [8] For God is the king of all the earth: sing ye wisely. [9] God shall reign over the nations: God sitteth on his holy throne. [10] The princes of the people are gathered together, with the God of Abraham: for the strong gods of the earth are exceedingly exalted.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

511 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200324 Open Thread

  1. Really? I’m laughing my butt off… Who on the planet wants to sit down w/ Nanzi the Porky!!!!

    Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    Durbin: I don’t know why it is so unnerving for GOP ldrs to consider sitting down at the table with the woman from CA who happens to be the Spkr of the House and the ldr of the majority who is essential if we are going to get this done in a timely way.

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      1. Right Alison… I think they were talking about TODAY… the byotch is still trying to run the Senate. She Claims that she wants to be sure when it gets back to the House, they can take a VOICE vote, since she can assure them everything is okay.

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        1. Oh PR, I wasn’t talking to you 💖; I was talking to Dick Durbin 🤓 Although I wouldn’t want to sit down with him either 🤣 They are all pond scum.

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  2. Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    From colleague Sally persons. Incoming WH CoS Meadows: I’m still a member of Congress..I’ll end up resigning as a member of Congress. That happens towards the end of the month.

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  3. Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    Pelosi on getting the coronavirus bill through the Hse: Our option is to do it by unanimous consent and that would be ideal, but we still haven’t come to terms..see what happens is you think you’re there and then something changes and that’s where we are.

    Pelosi: I think we’re going to freeze to design on the bill and then hopefully we can have unanimous consent. And also recognition that there’s some things that need to be done for worker’s protections and dangerous situations

    Schumer: We’ve been fighting..that any bailout fund, money to industries that have trouble, have real oversight and transparency. That’s vitally important. We cannot have a situation..when a company is getting money from the Treasury or Federal Reserve that we don’t know about it

    Mnuchin on timing of coronavirus bill: I would just say we’re trying to finalize all the documents. Going through a lot of complicated issues and we’re making a lot of progress.

    Mnuchin on timing of bill: We’re trying to get a deal as quick as we get a deal. So, I hope it’s tonight. Absolutely. Still think we can get there.

    Senate Dems just held a conference call. Schumer tells Dems he’s secured $150 billion for state and local stimulus fund AND $130 billion dollars for hospitals.

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    1. I note a couple of things as I go through Chad’s “reporting” via his tweets:

      #1 He made absolute NO REFERENCE TO NANZI’s 1400 page bill or her withdrawal of it…
      # 2 But he did allude to the conflict yesterday between DIMs and GOP… and suggested absence of it today indicated that BOTH sides were coming together. Horse feathers… (Chad is even lower on my list of reporters than he was before yesterday and today)
      #3 He reported his conversation with Nanzi BEFORE his conversation with Chuckie… MORE importantly, he spend most of his time talking to DIMs
      #4 He couldn’t comment enough on Meadows serving as CoS and a Congressman!

      BIAS still abounds at Fox…

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      1. If there were an honest news network out there, I’d actually WANT it to hold Trump’s (and Associates’) feet to the fire from time to time, when a case could be made he was (they were) doing something wrong.

        But this is specious crap, so it’s agenda driven.

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    2. I hope they took out the loan for Plant Parenthood? Levin on his show tonight said ” that Plant Parenthood would have access to small business loans. Pelosi is pushing for that.

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      1. I feel I’ve been correct in calling Nanzi’s family mafia… her tactics, indeed DIM tactics are mafia MO… DIMs do this to GOP ALL THE TIME… put them in the position of being the bad guy if they don’t vote for DIMs bill, cuz the $$/the bill whatever is needed in a hurry.

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  4. Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    3) Fox is told they are tracking toward a vote in the Senate sometime tonight. Fox views a vote coming no earlier than 8 or 9 pm et if not much later. They likely may vote when the bill is ready – even if it is very late.

    5) But if there is nothing worked out, the Senate is on track to hold a procedural vote on Wednesday. That requires 60 yeas. It is theoretically possible a procedural vote could come at 1:01 am et Wednesday (Tuesday night into Wednesday morning).

    6) It’s possible the Senate may not even have a roll call vote on this, potentially voting via unanimous consent or clearing the package on a voice vote.Unanimous consent is when the bill is passed, so long as no one in the chamber who is present objects.

    8) Pelosi has indicated they could also align with the Senate via unanimous consent as well. Also chatter about having Hse mbrs“pair” their votes. That’s where certain members opposed “pair” with those are are in favor in equal numbers – and then deliberately don’t vote.

    10) Unclear how fast the Hse could move if the Senate votes tonight. Hoyer told mbrs he would give them 24 hours notice before they had to come back to DC. That’s why we think it may be another day or two before the Hse would align w/the Senate

    WH’s Kudlow says the coronavirus bill will total $6 trillion. $4 trillion in liquidity from the Federal Reserve. $2 trillion in new money. Note that annual appropriations from Congress in a given fiscal year is around $1.2-4 trillion. Total expenditures are $4.3 trillion

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    1. Look what the Cabal has cost us !!!

      I hope POTUS is able to get every dime those ______s have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And as for House members not being able to get back to DC until Friday or Sat., who told them to LEAVE town!

      The Senate has been in DC all week…

      Nanzi doesn’t even run a tight ship! And she wanted to give them all a pay raise (part of the pork in her barrel)

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    2. Hse mbrs“pair” their votes.

      That’s a mechanism whereby house members, one on each side, are both absent simultaneously. Since their votes would cancel each out if they were present, the result is the same whether they are there or not. They get to be counted as present that way, because margins on votes are not altered by their absence.

      I never heard of this being used en masse, though, for a vote taken before people have a chance to get back to chambers.

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        1. Yes, as much as we despise them, they should have been deemed “essential” and forced to stay in DC. Now that they have shown how little they regard themselves as essential, we should boot the lot of them.

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  5. Sen. Barraso on Brett Baier says Senate Bill holdup is funding for Planned Parenthood. 😡
    Nasty Nan has NO sense of Urgency.

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  6. What a snarling, snapping, teeth baring example of a rabid RAT

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    1. POWERFUL! Thanks for finding and posting Vol……………

      I’ve been crying all afternoon… all of the goodness of American people…

      winnin’ winnin’ winnin’ ………………… Light over dark………………… God wins! and we have the best president ever. Thank you Lord.

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  7. The Reckoning Collision symbol
    The evening after the largest daily increase in the Dow since 1933, the Dow futures are spiking higher.

    Now up 200+ points.


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    1. PP is not a small business. It is one of those big corporations they rail against. In fact as an “elective” it should be doing no procedures right now so as not to use PPE needed in the field.

      The “abortion providers” are probably qualified to care for corona virus patients. I’d give PP money for that purpose only in this bill. (Lots of MDs are no doubt working outside their specialties right now.)


      1. Well…. Technically, and this is a technical thing – not that you’re wrong – but PP is actually a federation of non-profits. Each “chapter” in the states where services are offered has its own 501c3 determination letter. The national office has its own, and there is some sort of membership arrangement.

        When all this is over, the non-profit laws need scrutiny.

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        1. Indeed.

          They often function as if they are enterprises, and the guy running them gives himself a huge salary (so what does he need a nominal profit for? He’s still quite wealthy).

          I’d cut WAY back on it. Basically, if you have employees, you’re a company and can’t be a non-profit.

          It’s abused by bogus churches too…or looking at it the other way around, your church has to be approved by the IRS. A church can even provide the pastor/minister/priest an EXPENSIVE house for free, and get a tax break for doing so.

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          1. The funny thing is that the Churches…the ones that are not affiliated with a larger group have their own. I can’t speak to the mainline protestant groups, but the Catholic Church has a single 501c3 and the address on it is St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. What’s odd about that, is that the Catholic Church, technically, is a federation. Each sitting bishop is his own boss. Each archdiocese SHOULD have its own, but it wasn’t set up that way.

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            1. You reference bishops and archdioceses. Maybe I’m just totally ignorant (now that would be a surprise, when it comes to the Catholic Church!) but I thought bishops presided over dioceses, and archbishops over archdioceses. So now I’m wondering if archdioceses/archbishops are independent, or whether that goes down to the diocese/bishop, or I’m completely wrong about the structure.

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              1. No, you are not incorrect. Diocese vs. archdiocese is determined by population size. Archdioceses most of the time have what we call auxiliary bishops to help out with official duties. Those men usually will get their own diocese or archdiocese eventually.

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              2. Yeah, it’s slowly gotten through my thick skull.

                I guess it comes of being a military kid, lots of heirarchy; you didn’t have platoons and archplatoons, unless the bigger unit was made up of smaller ones (in which case, of course, it’s a company composed of platoons).

                Maybe the Navy is a better correspondence–you have destroyers and aircraft carriers, the carriers are commanded by admirals (I think) but the destroyers by commanders or even lieutenant commanders–and a carrier does not consist of a bunch of destroyers.


              3. You could well be right; I don’t know the Navy that well. Though sometimes it could be either; a new commander will be of the lower rank and eventually promoted–I gather.


              4. I don’t remember, to be honest. Even when we were at Pax River for F-18 testing, the commandant of the base and the head of the Naval Air Test Center were two different ranks and I don’t remember which was which.

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              5. Another quirk–“captain” is both a job and a rank. So (as I understand it, and again I could be wrong) they might sometimes informally call a mere commander (one rank below the captain) “captain” if he’s in command of a vessel.

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              6. (I guess I’m thinking that several dioceses make up an archdiocese, but based on what you wrote, that doesn’t seem to be the case, necessarily.)


              7. Oh, no. smaller dioceses in close proximity to an archdiocese make up a metropolitan, which has no official legal standing outside the Church. And then an archdiocese like mine which is a metropolitan is then spiritually (supposedly, but it usually doesn’t work this way) under a cardinalrik. We’re supposed to be under Chicago that way, but our archbishop is a much better bishop than Blaise Cupich.

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      2. Welll, I haven’t read all this conversation, but I have to say I wouldn’t let one of those abortion butchers near me or anyone I cared about. I wouldn’t let them near my dog, either. I’d sooner trust my vet or my dentist to provide my care, and I wouldnn’t trust P.P. to be in any way honest about funds.

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  9. The Reckoning Collision symbol
    Kudlow – This is a $6 trillion package.

    Between the direct assistance, Fed lending power and liquidity for individuals and families.

    Jamie Dupree@jamiedupree
    President Trump expresses confidence that the Senate will vote soon on an economic rescue package. He pegs it as a $2 trillion plan.

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  10. Totally off the subject of the chinese virus, but could this be the reason why so many leftists wear purple?

    There is a hard left feminist group called UltraViolet that uses purple as their color. I’m thinking this is the reason why Hillary wears purple from time to time. Or you see men wearing purple ties. Just a thought.

    From their About Us page:

    “UltraViolet is a powerful and rapidly growing community of people mobilized to fight sexism and create a more inclusive world that accurately represents all women, from politics and government to media and pop culture.
    UltraViolet is a community of one million people that drives feminist cultural and political change. Through people power and strategic advocacy, we work to improve the lives of women and girls of all identities and backgrounds, and all people impacted by sexism, by dismantling discrimination and creating a cost for sexism.

    We fight attacks against women and work toward a proactive vision of what equality looks like for women. We demand accountability from individuals, the media, and institutions that perpetuate sexist narratives or seek to limit the rights, safety, and economic security of women.

    We leverage culture, politics, the news, and our rapid-response model to mobilize millions of people, quickly.”

    Anyways, I was just digging around and stumbled on this. Perhaps you find it interesting.

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    1. The reason why you see a lot of purple on the Left is because they’re trying to start a color revolution. It’s why they attach it to anything that advances the cabal’s interests like politicians, social justice organizations, Lefty memes, and even the #MeToo emoji is purple.

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        1. Sorry to see this ‘ultraviolet’ thing… older women have been wearing purple for decades, the Red Hat Society they call themselves

          I’m not quite sure, but I think it sprang from the poem “I Shall Wear Purple”

          When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me. And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves and satin candles, and say we’ve no money for butter.”

          These lefties spoil everything…

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      1. Well, just like rainbows (God’s nature) co-opted by LGBT, I say we take back the color purple. I love purple, and I look good in it. Color revolutions be damned. Color belongs to God.

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    2. Could be symbolic, but truthfully I think it’s just a color that shows well on TV. I see it on a variety of political creatures, not solely associated with one particular group, is my take on it, NYGuy.
      Seasonal colors are pre-selected in the fashion industry months, even years ahead! There’s a certain logic to it…creating and manufacturing the fabrics, for example. Don’t forget what you see now was designed and made months ago to sell to store buyers, and that is all focused and coordinated around a promoted color.
      And, if you are a person that loves mint green, for example…unless it’s in the “cycle” forget about finding anything in stores. Point is…this well may be the “purple” cycle…until next season, of course.
      Just went on a house tour and I can tell you, the “color of choice” by decorators right now in wallpaper, paint, fabrics, accessories, etc, is vibrant blue! LOL
      (Just in case you are looking for projects to do during quarantine…repainting a couple of rooms)

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  12. Pelosi Suffers Massive Political Hit – Abandons House Scheme – Announces Acceptance of Senate Bill


    “After suffering a very large political hit, beyond the capability of the media to defend, Pelosi said today the House will take up the Senate coronavirus bill.

    You can tell when Speaker Pelosi recognizes a political backlash for her manipulative schemes because it’s the only time she blitzes the media. Even Pelosi’s own party started telling leadership they had gone way too far with the assembled list of nonsense legislation. The reach was so extreme, the media could not protect her.

    In an effort to save a horrid face, the speaker was forced to blitz the media ALONE (emphasis mine) while all other house members watched to see how she could recover. Whenever Pelosi stands alone, that’s the “tell” for the size of the political miscalculation.”

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    1. She lied her Arse off all day long. I’ve never seen so many ‘Liar’ replies on twitter! People are rightly piZZed off. They still have PP funding in bill, so there will be no vote tonight. Even if Senate manages to vote LATE (takes a while to get language proofed) tomorrow, it will take House another couple days to vote (that’s if they will, Pelosi promised the squad the moon and now has to take it away from them, can she?). The bill may get to POTUS on Friday? They’ve already said it could take 2-3 weeks for Treasury to actually send money after that. Every day they waste keeps pushing money 3 weeks out for people.

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    1. $40,000,000,000.00

      But they’re gonna cut the jobs of their most vulnerable workers to save themselves a few thou.

      Our “elite” overlords, ladies and gentlemen. The self-described “thought leaders”. 😒

      Nations with annual GDP’s less than Harvard’s $40B…

      89 Tunisia $39,952,095,561
      90 Paraguay $39,667,400,816
      91 Libya $38,107,728,083
      92 Turkmenistan $37,926,285,714
      93 DR Congo $37,642,482,562
      94 Bolivia $37,508,642,113
      95 Côte d’Ivoire $37,353,276,059
      96 Bahrain $35,432,686,170
      97 Cameroon $34,922,782,311
      98 Yemen $31,267,675,216
      99 Latvia $30,463,302,414
      100 Estonia $26,611,651,599
      101 Uganda $25,995,031,850
      102 Zambia $25,868,142,073 $25.87 billion 3.40% 16,853,599 $1,535 0.03%
      103 Nepal $24,880,266,905 $24.88 billion 7.91% 27,632,681 $900 0.03%
      104 El Salvador $24,805,439,600 $24.81 billion 2.32% 6,388,126 $3,883 0.03%
      105 Iceland $24,488,467,010 $24.49 billion 3.64% 334,393 $73,233 0.03%
      106 Honduras $22,978,532,897 $22.98 billion 4.79% 9,429,013 $2,437 0.03%
      107 Cambodia $22,158,209,503 $22.16 billion 7.10% 16,009,409 $1,384 0.03%
      108 Trinidad and Tobago $22,079,017,627 $22.08 billion -2.34% 1,384,059 $15,952 0.03%
      109 Cyprus $22,054,225,828 $22.05 billion 4.23% 1,179,678 $18,695 0.03%
      110 Zimbabwe $22,040,902,300 $22.04 billion 4.70% 14,236,595 $1,548 0.03%
      111 Senegal $21,070,225,735 $21.07 billion 7.15% 15,419,355 $1,366 0.03%
      112 Papua New Guinea $20,536,314,601 $20.54 billion 2.55% 8,438,036 $2,434 0.03%
      113 Afghanistan $19,543,976,895 $19.54 billion 2.67% 36,296,113 $538 0.02%
      114 Bosnia and Herzegovina $18,054,854,789 $18.05 billion 3.19% 3,351,525 $5,387 0.02%
      115 Botswana $17,406,565,823 $17.41 billion 2.36% 2,205,080 $7,894 0.02%
      116 Laos $16,853,087,485 $16.85 billion 6.89% 6,953,035 $2,424 0.02%
      117 Mali $15,334,336,144 $15.33 billion 5.40% 18,512,430 $828 0.02%
      118 Georgia $15,081,338,092 $15.08 billion 4.83% 4,008,716 $3,762 0.02%
      119 Gabon $15,013,950,984 $15.01 billion 0.50% 2,064,823 $7,271 0.02%
      120 Jamaica $14,781,107,822 $14.78 billion 0.98% 2,920,848 $5,061 0.02%
      121 State of Palestine $14,498,100,000 $14.50 billion 3.14% 4,747,227 $3,054 0.02%
      122 Nicaragua $13,814,261,536 $13.81 billion 4.86% 6,384,846 $2,164 0.02%
      123 Mauritius $13,266,427,697 $13.27 billion 3.82% 1,264,499 $10,491 0.02%
      124 Namibia $13,253,698,015 $13.25 billion -0.95% 2,402,633 $5,516 0.02%
      125 Albania $13,038,538,300 $13.04 billion 3.84% 2,884,169 $4,521 0.02%
      126 Mozambique $12,645,508,634 $12.65 billion 3.74% 28,649,018 $441 0.02%
      127 Malta $12,518,134,319 $12.52 billion 6.42% 437,933 $28,585 0.02%
      128 Burkina Faso $12,322,864,245 $12.32 billion 6.30% 19,193,234 $642 0.02%
      129 Equatorial Guinea $12,293,579,173 $12.29 billion -4.92% 1,262,002 $9,741 0.02%
      130 Bahamas $12,162,100,000 $12.16 billion 1.44% 381,755 $31,858 0.02%
      131 Brunei $12,128,089,002 $12.13 billion 1.33% 424,473 $28,572 0.01%
      132 Armenia $11,536,590,636 $11.54 billion 7.50% 2,944,791 $3,918 0.01%
      133 Madagascar $11,499,803,807 $11.50 billion 4.17% 25,570,512 $450 0.01%
      134 Mongolia $11,433,635,876 $11.43 billion 5.30% 3,113,786 $3,672 0.01%
      135 North Macedonia $11,279,509,014 $11.28 billion 0.24% 2,081,996 $5,418 0.01%
      136 Guinea $10,472,514,515 $10.47 billion 10.60% 12,067,519 $868 0.01%
      137 Chad $9,871,247,732 $9.87 billion -2.95% 15,016,753 $657 0.01%
      138 Benin $9,246,696,924 $9.25 billion 5.84% 11,175,198 $827 0.01%
      139 Rwanda $9,135,454,442 $9.14 billion 6.06% 11,980,961 $762 0.01%
      140 Congo $8,701,334,800 $8.70 billion -3.10% 5,110,695 $1,703 0.01%
      141 Haiti $8,408,150,518 $8.41 billion 1.17% 10,982,366 $766 0.01%
      142 Moldova $8,128,493,432 $8.13 billion 4.50% 4,059,684 $2,002 0.01%
      143 Niger $8,119,710,126 $8.12 billion 4.89% 21,602,382 $376 0.01%
      144 Kyrgyzstan $7,564,738,836 $7.56 billion 4.58% 6,189,733 $1,222 0.01%
      145 Tajikistan $7,146,449,583 $7.15 billion 7.62% 8,880,268 $805 0.01%
      146 Malawi $6,303,292,264 $6.30 billion 4.00% 17,670,196 $357 0.01%
      147 Guam $5,859,000,000 $5.86 billion 0.19% 164,281 $35,665 0.01%
      148 Fiji $5,061,202,767 $5.06 billion 3.80% 877,459 $5,768 0.01%
      149 Mauritania $5,024,708,656 $5.02 billion 3.50% 4,282,570 $1,173 0.01%
      150 Maldives $4,865,546,027 $4.87 billion 6.91% 496,402 $9,802 0.01%
      151 Montenegro $4,844,592,067 $4.84 billion 4.70% 627,563 $7,720 0.01%
      152 Togo $4,757,776,485 $4.76 billion 4.40% 7,698,474 $618 0.01%
      153 Barbados $4,673,500,000 $4.67 billion 1.00% 286,232 $16,328 0.01%
      154 Eswatini $4,433,664,364 $4.43 billion 1.87% 1,124,805 $3,942 0.01%
      155 Sierra Leone $3,775,047,334 $3.78 billion 4.21% 7,488,423 $504 0.00%
      156 Guyana $3,621,046,005 $3.62 billion 2.92% 775,222 $4,671 0.00%
      157 Liberia $3,285,455,000 $3.29 billion 2.47% 4,702,226 $699 0.00%
      158 Burundi $3,172,416,146 $3.17 billion 0.50% 10,827,019 $293 0.00%
      159 Andorra $3,012,914,131 $3.01 billion 1.87% 77,001 $39,128 0.00%
      160 Suriname $2,995,827,901 $3.00 billion 1.69% 570,496 $5,251 0.00%
      161 Timor-Leste $2,954,621,000 $2.95 billion -8.00% 1,243,258 $2,377 0.00%
      162 Aruba $2,700,558,659 $2.70 billion 1.33% 105,366 $25,630 0.00%
      163 Lesotho $2,578,265,358 $2.58 billion -2.29% 2,091,534 $1,233 0.00%
      164 Bhutan $2,528,007,911 $2.53 billion 4.63% 745,563 $3,391 0.00%
      165 Central African Republic $1,949,411,659 $1.95 billion 4.30% 4,596,023 $424 0.00%
      166 Belize $1,862,614,800 $1.86 billion 1.44% 375,769 $4,957 0.00%
      167 Cabo Verde $1,772,706,451 $1.77 billion 4.01% 537,498 $3,298 0.00%
      168 Saint Lucia $1,737,504,296 $1.74 billion 3.82% 180,954 $9,602 0.00%
      169 San Marino $1,632,860,041 $1.63 billion 1.50% 33,671 $48,495 0.00%
      170 Northern Mariana Islands $1,593,000,000 $1.59 billion 25.14% 56,562 $28,164 0.00%
      171 Antigua and Barbuda $1,510,084,751 $1.51 billion 3.03% 95,426 $15,825 0.00%
      172 Seychelles $1,497,959,569 $1.50 billion 5.28% 96,418 $15,536 0.00%
      173 Gambia $1,489,464,788 $1.49 billion 4.56% 2,213,889 $673 0.00%
      174 Guinea-Bissau $1,346,841,897 $1.35 billion 5.92% 1,828,145 $737 0.00%
      175 Solomon Islands $1,303,453,622 $1.30 billion 3.24% 636,039 $2,049 0.00%
      176 Grenada $1,126,882,296 $1.13 billion 5.06% 110,874 $10,164 0.00%
      177 Comoros $1,068,124,330 $1.07 billion 2.71% 813,892 $1,312 0.00%
      178 Saint Kitts & Nevis $992,007,403 $992 million 1.17% 52,045 $19,061 0.00%
      179 Vanuatu $862,879,789 $863 million 4.50% 285,510 $3,022 0.00%
      180 Samoa $840,927,997 $841 million 2.70% 195,352 $4,305 0.00%
      181 St. Vincent & Grenadines $785,222,509 $785 million 0.86% 109,827 $7,150 0.00%
      182 American Samoa $634,000,000 $634 million -5.38% 55,620 $11,399 0.00%
      183 Dominica $496,727,000 $497 million -9.53% 71,458 $6,951 0.00%
      184 Tonga $427,659,795 $428 million 2.70% 101,998 $4,193 0.00%
      185 Sao Tome & Principe $392,570,293 $393 million 3.87% 207,089 $1,896 0.00%
      186 Palau $289,823,500 $290 million -3.57% 17,808 $16,275 0.00%
      187 Marshall Islands $204,173,430 $204 million 3.60% 58,058 $3,517 0.00%
      188 Kiribati $185,572,502 $186 million 0.33% 114,158 $1,626 0.00%
      189 Tuvalu $39,731,317 $40 million 3.24% 11,370 $3,494 0.00%

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    2. Look Bernie, Look Pocahontas, Look AOC!! There’s the money to pay off student loans, Right there it is!!!

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  13. Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    Graham on the flr. Says “Mr President, if you’re watching, tell Steven Mnuchin to come back to the WH & end the negotiations.” Says Dems are asking for more money. “Every special interest group in town is trying to get a little bit more..while people are dying.”

    Graham on the flr as coronavirus talks continue: “There are too many people on the field.” Says “we are long way from beating this disease.”

    GOP SC Sen Graham on the flr, imploring Trump to recall Mnuchin back to the WH & stop negotiations on the coronavirus bill: “The store needs to close. Mr. President end negotiations..we need to vote”

    GOP MT Sen Daines on coronavirus bill: The Senate may think they are on the 1 yard line now. But Montanas are being sacked.

    Graham’s feisty speech on the flr, alongside Sen Daines, could increase the pressure to halt negotiations and wrap things up. It could also blow things up if things get too tense.

    Graham on the coronavirus bill:
    Every time I hear we’re close, that means we’re just a couple of hundred million dollars away.

    Senate now in recess until 9:30 pm et

    Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    Light on atop the Capitol Dome means the Senate is back in session after a short recess. Negotiations on the coronavirus bill continue offstage

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      1. Mnuchin’s been doing ok so far. POTUS wants to be generous, that’s obvious. If there’s too much Dem BS, Republicans won’t go for it. I think it’s gonna be ok.


        1. $6 Trillion is pretty dang generous… this afternoon right after Kudlow said $6Tril, POTUS took the podium and said “… Senate will bring a bill for $2 Trillion…”

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          1. It was $1.8B, either they’re rounding or have negotiated up.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. I understand that about the Fed Reserve Butterfly… what the Senate Bill that failed TWICE was 1.2T

              No wonder Nanzi gave up her bill… she’s merely INFLATING the Senate Bill. Mafia tactics

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  14. Gordon Chang on Hannity – CCP realizes Chinese people are white hot angry, demanding political reform. Xi knows people around him want him out, so he needs a foreign enemy which is why US Army brought virus to Wuhan story was created. Dangerous time, Chinese leaders are justifying in their own minds retaliation against the US while Tempo of military ops picking up significantly around Taiwan. Yesterday they admitted 78 new virus cases. He thinks 2nd wave of epidemic starting up and they’re trying to hide it too.

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    1. That sounds spookily like two Tom Clancy books rolled together into one!

      The Bear and the Dragon (where China feels itself boxed in and starts a war), and of course Executive Orders, with biowarfare.


  15. Ok…mind blown. I don’t know if this guys name has been mentioned here before but… that Army Colonel who made a point of standing in front of the White Rabbit holding the red and blue pills…his name is Colonel Sean Hunt Kuester.

    Kuester?!!! Seriously? As in Q-ster? He also wrote a paper on 4th Generation Warfare in 2018…

    There are no coincidences.

    Amazing Polly (amazing once again) does the deep dive…

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  16. Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    The Senate has been back in session for nearly an hour now. But there is no sign of life on the floor. Talks continue offstage. Unclear if they can get a deal tonight on the third coronavirus bill, let alone vote. Keep in mind they would still have to present finalized bill text

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  17. I love this idea!

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  18. Mark Knoller@markknoller
    Pres Trump issues Federal disaster declaration for Iowa in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Iowa is the 4th state to be so designated following NY, CA and WA. The action makes Federal assistance available for state, local and tribal actions in response to the pandemic.

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    1. He may do that, but won’t stand up in court. He can’t interfere in the relationship between a patient and their doctor. Expect emergency appeal. People will be suing the state of Arizona for wrongful death.

      Also, federal law trumps state law – U.S. has Right to Try, along with off-label use that is strictly in the hands of the physician. Neither can he tell the FDA to drop dead.

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  19. What Nasty the PIGlosi and the Schmuck are TRYING TO DO is hang the LACK OF A BILL ON THE GOP/SENATE and NOT ON THE DEM/HOUSE!

    That is why the last minute fly-in to scuttle the deal already hammered out and agreed on.


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