ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Tsunami

I’ll say this much – the people who actually BELIEVED the Chinese Communist LULLPROP disinformation that “Chinese can’t invent anything” are going to be busy hiding the evidence for the rest of this fourth-generation war, and probably LONG AFTER THAT.

Teaching Americans not to respect our enemy was smart. Teaching Americans to teach that to each other was – dare I say – inventive.

But far more inventive was the new Chinese Virus, a.k.a. Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19, a.k.a. ChiCom-19. I shall be using the latter designation, despite the fact that someday we will likely use some captured Chinese military codename for the virus.

I have already talked about this virus as a 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare) bioweapon HERE:

ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Bioweapon

This is a Twitter thread I just did, which Twitter is WILDLY SUPPRESSING for the ChiComs. Enjoy. W This person’s tweet was in reply to one of mine (see addendum), where I had stated to somebody else that I feared an Italy scenario would have happened in America if Trump had not THWARTED his opponents …

Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) has many definitions, and I will defer to originator William S. Lind and his followers for the official one. But for me, it can best be described as “radar war”. It is more about direction than magnitude. More about broadcast than visitation. More about “over there” than “right here”. More about “them” than “us”. More about “information” than “mass and energy”.

Here is Wikipedia’s entry for 4GW under “Modern Warfare”. You will see that it’s nothing like mine, but that’s OK. Pick whatever you want.

Fourth generation

Main article: Fourth generation warfare

Fourth generation warfare (4GW) is a concept defined by William S. Lind and expanded by Thomas X. Hammes, used to describe the decentralized nature of modern warfare. The simplest definition includes any war in which one of the major participants is not a state but rather a violent ideological network. Fourth Generation wars are characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians, conflicts and peace, battlefields and safety.

While this term is similar to terrorism and asymmetric warfare, it is much narrower. Classical insurgencies and the Indian Wars are examples of pre-modern wars, not 4GW. Fourth generation warfare usually has the insurgency group or non-state side trying to implement their own government or reestablish an old government over the one currently running the territory. The blurring of lines between state and non-state is further complicated in a democracy by the power of the media.

One good way to look at 4GW is this way:

4GW is what the ChiComs do by nature, which Trump and Flynn understood, and which is why China had to try to stop them, using China’s 4GW assets all over the planet.

4GW is all about ASYMMETRY, or rather what everybody on this planet calls asymmetry, which is, to some extent, WRONG. What they really mean is a KIND of symmetry which involves small things balancing large things.

O_O and o_o have a certain symmetry that most people call symmetry.

o _ O and O _ o also have a certain symmetry, but everybody calls this “asymmetry”. WHATEVER.

I mean more like the second case, where there are “more apparent and more significant structurally balancing inequalities”.

A 4GW bioweapon isn’t going to be stupid like a nuke. The reason we HAVE 4GW is because of the stupidity of nukes. No – a 4GW bioweapon is likely to be rather unexpected. It may have MINIMAL biological effects, to HIDE its threat, and to allow plausible deniability, but at the same time, it may have devastating ORTHOGONAL EFFECTS.

You see what I’m sayin’? It might be VERY smart – even INVENTIVE.

Now, let me get straight to the point.

Tonight, watching a PBS special presentation of NOVA – actually a very old one – I suddenly realized that the ChiCom-19 virus isn’t just any old 4GW bioweapon – smart and inventive as that may be.

No – it’s designed to be the CENTERPIECE of a very cunning type of radiative warfare that we have never seen before.

I then realized that the ChiComs KNEW that the first historically significant use of a bioweapon could not be some crude bullshit like a terrorist attack. It had to be something completely new and unseen – JUST LIKE THE WEAPON ITSELF.

The PBS special was about the 2011 Japan tsunami that took out a significant part of Japan’s northeastern shoreline. And as I watched the program – both the graphics of the tsunami waves racing across the Pacific, and the very peculiarly non-obvious and victim-surprising dangers of the tsunami – I realized that the ChiCom-19 battle plan was build on the principle of a tsunami.

I even watched the wave race out and strike Hawaii – where there were NO DEATHS due to “over-reaction” by local officials, and realized what in the heck Mike DeWine was doing.


Which is why old-school thinkers like Bill Mitchell – who try to linearize everything – are the SUPPORTERS, and guys like Trump and DeWine are the LEADERS. They see the idea of “balancing asymmetries”. And they see it pretty damn fast. Before I did.

FACE IT. Whoever came up with this Rommel-level attack is INVENTIVE AS HELL. I think we’ll be reading about him or her in MILITARY HISTORY BOOKS.

So now, let me explain – in much greater detail – exactly HOW this thing is modeled after a tsunami.

Let’s start off with something called THE TRUMP DOCTRINE.

Here is the SUNDANCE VERSION, which I think is a GREAT defintion:

Here is my version, which is pretty much the same thing, but coming at it from more of an enforcement standpoint.

And here, I’m being very specific to the case at hand.

The Chinese communists bitterly reject the Trump doctrine. It’s not hard to see why. Their FAKE, non-popular, elitist, broken version of feudalist socialism is built on dishonor, deception, and evasion of responsibility.

Generally speaking, the Chinese prefer to commit their crimes utterly unseen, but if not that, than at least unrecognized as a crime.

SO – how do you attack America with a biological weapon without being seen? Well, that’s actually pretty dangerous. In the end, an attack WILL be surmised, and it will be recognized as an act of war. So in this case, UNRECOGNIZED beats UNSEEN.

THIS is where the interesting symmetry of the tsunami comes in.

Tsunamis aren’t really tsunamis where they START – they’re EARTHQUAKES under the SEA.

Where the tsunami STARTS, it’s just a change in the level of the seawater, suddenly rising or falling a small height over a vast area.

From roughly the point of origin, a VERY interesting wave takes off in all directions. Now it may not look like what is shown above, but that’s the basic idea – a WAVE STARTS and TRAVELS OUTWARD at a very high rate of speed.

The thing is, that wave doesn’t cause a lot of damage. NOT AT FIRST.

In fact, until such a wave approaches land, it’s entirely survivable by boats. Here is the 2011 tsunami when it was actually very close to the Japanese shoreline.

These people unaffected by the tsunami are a lot like the asymptomatic carriers and “normal, young, healthy people” who experience ChiCom-19 either not at all, or like a mild case of the flu. For them, a tsunami simply “isn’t that bad”. Same with people farther inland. THEY THEMSELVES do not actually experience the devastating effects of the tsunami ON THEIR OWN BODIES.

In other words, they live. They may experience SOCIETAL EFFECTS, but they themselves survive.

Tsunamis only cause a lot of damage in specific places. To be honest, they don’t even LOOK as dangerous as a hurricane or a tornado. Not until the last minute. But the thing is, in the places where tsunamis DO cause a lot of damage – spread out widely from the point of origin – they cause a LOT of damage.

In the places where the tsunami hits, any people who can’t get away by SOME act of getting to higher ground, are basically screwed.

All of this – ALL of this – is perfectly analogous to what ChiCom-19 does.

Tsunamis don’t strike with the same intensity everywhere, and they strike at very odd times. None of it is linear. Because the waves change speeds, heights, and directions – following streets, rivers, lowlands, breachable obstructions, and other features they encounter, they can CHANGE dramatically.

Tsunami waves, when they finally reach their target, can be dangerously deep and murderous in some places, and defensible in others very closeby.

What is basically DAMAGELESS in one community can DESTROY another next to it.

In many ways, NURSING HOMES are the “seashore communities” of ChiCom-19. And it only takes ONE OR TWO SPREADERS to DEVASTATE THEM – just like a too-low seawall, or a bay feature, or a RIVER, was all that was necessary for the Sendai tsunami to destroy a village.

10,000 people died in one village in Japan – over a third of the total victims. How do we know that we would not have a city like that – somehow utterly unprepared for ChiCom-19?

What a beautifully sinister way to wreak destruction upon a foe. A CRIME with no apparent PERPETRATOR – just the FIRST VICTIMS in the country with the CRIMINAL government.

In Germany, those first victims – good German citizens betrayed by their criminal Nazi government – were killed just as cruelly as the first victims of ChiCom-19.

Just as a tsunami eventually impacts many things besides seashore communities, including the national economy, so the ChiCom-19 tsunami battle plan was designed as a form of economic warfare.

Just as the Japan earthquake created a tsunami that caused a reactor meltdown, almost destroying the Japanese nuclear industry, so the Chinese “rebellion-stopping internal virus release” created a viral pandemic designed to strike hospital intensive care units around the world – but particularly in the United States, where it threatened to destroy our healthcare industry, just recovering from the Stalinist and Maoist inefficiencies of Obamacare, so it might be forced BACK into socialized medical FAILURE.

The whole point is that China KNEW what it was doing. It KNEW what the virus was. It LIED about the virus to give it TIME to get to its destinations BEFORE people could react properly.

I could go on, but there’s no need. I’m going to let you readers have some fun spotting more shocking analogies.

Just read some articles and watch some videos about tsunamis.

Maybe look at some OTHER tsunamis.

You will see – this virus was given the characteristics, the circumstances, AND the ASSISTANCE needed for it to STRIKE America just like a tsunami.

So what’s happening now?

As far as I’m concerned, whatever our Commander In Chief wants to tell us.




Am I concerned?


I’m determined.

Be Ready.


199 thoughts on “ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Tsunami

  1. IF TRUE….


    Lachlan Markay –
    A Wuhan lab that identified COVID-19 as a highly contagious pathogen in late December was ordered by local officials to stop tests and destroy samples. Beijing is now scrambling to censor the story

    Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December
    Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese

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    1. Yes – I believe they were BUYING TIME. And then in January they bought time again with “bat soup” and LIES to WHO about it not being transmissible between humans.

      They were buying time for it to SPREAD.

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      1. Or…. to send their infected agents out with the virus.

        CBP caught 300 Chinese at the border a few weeks ago. This was a regular occurrence. A while back, we would also catch Cubans by the thousands at the border.
        And Islamists too.

        All are far left Commies.

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          1. Wolfie what we need is a TIME LINE!!!

            Scientific papers,
            moves by the Chinese
            moves by the DemonRats
            moves by WHO
            moves by the CDC
            moves by President Trump.


            Take it that Dr Boyle was correct and the Wuhan Lab ENGINEERED the virus.

            Then take it that they DEVELOPED a VACCINE… BUT there are TWO vaccines, one protects and the the other makes the ChiCom-virus LETHAL.

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            1. Gail – I have about ONE THIRD of the timeline right here:


              Just came out today. Their timeline runs from Jan 27 to Feb 22, BUT there are a TON of dates in the article outside that window which really tell a story. Remember that on January 14, the CCP *LIED* to WHO about human-to-human transmission and their puppet WHO-BOT parroted the lie. This article also has actions on January 12 and 13 which show how China was pretending to help but not giving up what they knew about the virus, which is given away by ACTIONS back in December and November which the CCP tried to hide.

              Not all CCP scientists were completely under control at the beginning. CCP was trying to deceive their own scientists into the Bat Soup narrative, while at the same time hiding what they really knew about their agent and their BATTLE PLAN.

              CCP is up shit creek without a BOAT.

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              1. GOOD!

                I hope President Trump GRABS ALL THE US treasuries OWNED by China as a penalty and other nations do the same. Think of ALL the nations who owe China money and would LOVE to tell China to go to hell!

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          1. I have a HUGE HUNCH that Nancy is in the middle of this. Trump’s original presser he wore a pink tie for breast cancer awareness but IMO it was a signal “she did it”.

            Granted that this theory is out on a limb right now, but it’s a hunch. A strong hunch.

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            1. Wolfie, do you think once you have had the virus, you can get it again? My daughter had it in Dec and was very sick. I am wondering if she is immune now or has it morphed so it is a different version. She caught it in New York but is in Seattle area now. Are you worried for yourself?

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              1. I don’t think anybody knows at this point what the immunity story is on this stuff. I am personally calling it a break-even on myself, so I still watch out and try not to get it.

                There is some possibility that I’ve gained immunity, but there is also some possibility that I’m weakened by the first bout, and a second bout would really give me severe shortness of breath. So I just call it even and keep protecting myself and my wife.

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      2. Research animals of these life sciences labs are typically transgenic, yes? They are GMO’s. They have lab manipulated genes, unlike animals in nature. Find the source animal and examine its genome to determine if it’s lab created?

        Next question, how are the Chicoms disposing of their lab animals? Are they emulsified and flushed thru the urban sewer treatment system as is (perhaps was) state of the art, green best practice, at US research labs?

        Anyone know?

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        1. Yes – that’s a pretty smart insight into their battle plan, because it explains the Democrats’ bizarre attitude during shampeachment. I think that the plan was originally designed with some hope that they would avert a virus release by a strong case from the house, but when Trump held strong in the HOUSE, they realized the SENATE bid was doomed. McConnell wasn’t going to let the damn thing tarnish the Senate, so the Dems were likely pulling their hair out TRYING to figure out if they could stretch it to Christmas.

          THAT is why Nancy held onto it – she HAD to cover for CHINA through the end of the year.


          DNA – double helix – run a TIMELINE of both SHAMPEACHMENT and CHIVIRUS and I will bet there is STRONG CORRELATION. We will be able to READ CHUCK, NANCY & ADAM’S minds from the output. They needed shampeachment to keep Trump occupied while the VIRUS COOKED UP.

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  2. So many questions about that Washington State nursing home.

    Did they employ illegals?

    If so, were the illegals Asian/Chinese?

    Was it as some have said – a respiratory care specialty facility?

    What kind of contagion training did the care facility have/practice on good days?

    What kind of contagion containment was implemented after the first case was known?

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    1. We await orders. POTUS is meeting with FEMA today in a big way. Big discussion with governors. I think they want us to hunker down big-time for two weeks, and then we hear more.

      The way I see it, we have to Trust The Plan, but not let that deter us from working hard at 4GW defenses.

      Blunt the virus attack.
      Keep working to bring down the ChiComs.
      Improve the economy here without compromising our defenses.

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        As POTUS intimated when he seized on THERAPIES early on …

        It’s the THERAPIES that provide the fastest and most effective escape hatch from ChinaVirus HELL.
        • Therapies to rapidly RECOVER and ELIMINATE prolonged ICU CARE.
        • Therapies to immediately PROTECT those exposed to TEST-IDENTIFIED SPREADERS.
        • Therapies to END PUBLIC PANIC and confidently RETURN to WORK.

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          1. Yes. The bloody murderous ChiComs were sitting on a vaccine, of course, and – surprise, surprise, surprise – it will be ready in April. I’d rather get their wicked disease than take their wicked vaccine. Easily said, since I almost certainly already got their POS disease in January through – well, we’ll see what happens there.

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              1. Sylvia Avery likely has it now – she lives in a hotspot – toilet paper Mad Max – Washington State – just a few miles from the nursing homes and the biggest outbreak. She needs our prayers. She’s doing well so far.

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      2. We await orders. POTUS is meeting with FEMA today in a big way. Big discussion with governors. I think they want us to hunker down big-time for two weeks, and then we hear more.

        ^^^ President Trump IS patient. Strategic. Stealth. Sun Tzu, ““Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

        Good or bad, we know, President trump knows what the ChiComs have done. And he’ll act, with America First. ChiComs WILL pay dearly.

        ChiComs WILL be exposed. The world will know. America will prevail.

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    2. Stay calm, and watch the show. Already, with the flag thing at the press conferences, and the presidential seal disappearing, and a few other subtle indicators that get missed if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it looks like this is being used as cover to restore the basic legal stuff that’s been floating around the conspiracy world for decades. NESARA Law, specifically. It’s a bit thick to just dive into, but my guess is that there’s a lot more than we know going on behind the scenes that has to do with shedding the corporate structure of the government and returning to an actual Republic. When the 16th and 17th Amendments are declared what they are – illegal, since neither was in fact ratified – then we’re getting somewhere.

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        • POTUS refraining from National Mandates.

        • POTUS empowering State Governors along multiple dimensions.

        • POTUS explaining What-to-Do and Why-Do-It to BOTH multi-level LEADERS and CITIZENS

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        1. Part of the left’s strategy has been to compromise and infiltrate the governors to push them into the WRONG response or the LEFTIST POLITICAL response.

          POTUS shut that down. Mike Pence was his secret weapon in this fight.

          DO NOT FORGET that Mike Pompeo recently spoke at the national governors association (not correct name, if someone has the video pls attach) and specifically addressed the issue of Chinese political targeting of governors.

          This was well known in advance.

          A trap was set for Trump to put him and states in opposition to each other.

          Trump FLIPPED THE SCRIPT. He made the governors his allies – BIGLY.

          Go BIG or go home.

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  3. As warfare, it would be a brilliant battle plan, and perfectly executed.
    Timing was exceptional, right around Chinese New Year, when massive movement of people was expected.
    And done, AFTER a full surveillance state was already implemented.
    Also, between university semesters, when young college students (super-spreaders) would be traveling internationally.
    Clearly, we know, historically, the Chinese have no problem sacrificing their own people for greater power.
    And the Trump Administration is their greatest threat to “China 2025”, their “Belt and Road” strategy, their 100 year plan to dominate the world. Donald Trump is in their way….. as are we, the Deplorables.
    And Trump just rearranged the WTO, remember?
    Which would annihilate China’s export economy.

    Whew, yeah. I can see it.
    Timed for the re-election…….. perfectly.

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    1. Daughn,

      You wrote a post about China’s FALSE economy with false factories and such. Remember that California and Washington put their state employee and teachers pensions in Chinese Stock. I wonder just how much of that stock was in ‘paper companies’ that had no real factories or output?

      That would certainly be a MAJOR LEASH on the Democrat governors to get them to side with China because if the Chinese economy does a crash and burn all those pension funds crash too. —OOOPS!

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  4. Posted this in the open thread earlier before you put this up Wolf. Seems to fit in better here.
    Brave and Free
    March 19, 2020 at 06:34
    Scott 467,
    I have been thinking along those lines too. Wolf’s theory on a biological weapon released in my opinion is spot on. The chicoms have been after the US for decades and PDJT knew that coming in. His arrival on the world stage presented a problem for them. PDJT trying to reason with them didn’t work, and I am sure he knew it wouldn’t. So we hit them up on trade and call out there BS totally expose them and everyone their in bed with.
    Their response Chinese virus. What better way to take over a country, collapse them economically with a pandemic. So what if this is a war being fought behind the curtain? How would the general public reacted if PDJT had just came out and said China released a bi-weapon on us? Look at what is happening with the government response to a virus that by all accounts isn’t worse than the flu. Or is it really worse and were trying to keep a lid on it because we’d have mass panic in the street’s if were told were at war. Which PDJT has just said,
    Donald J. Trump

    · 15h
    I want all Americans to understand: we are at war with an invisible enemy, but that enemy is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people…
    So much going on behind the curtain we’re not aware of. Look at the last Q drops #3891 Nothing can stop what’s coming.
    Truly believe PDJT has this, can you imagine anyone else in the WH and their response?
    Hope I kind of made sense.

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      1. Crystal. Clear. Said it twice today.

        And, the fact that ChiCom-19 was released, and NOT announced two months earlier to the global community.

        Only thing missing are whatever details President Trump determines we need to know.

        AND, K A B O O M on ChiComs!

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  5. Before I got sick, and even now, I’ve been tossing around the idea of the Chinese and how they got us used to free crap.

    See, back…a while, I was the prize queen for the local chapter of a national disease related 501c3. You know, the places that do walks, runs, bike rides and all that and get the participants to fundraise for them. (Please, DO NOT participate in these events. The 501c3s are covers for funding questionable research, and the majority of the money goes into national coffers.)

    Anyway, raise $500 and you get [fill in the blank]. I was FLOORED at how people would complain about what they got that was free. In one community, I switched out the sort of fleece jacket/pullover we were giving out, and the people were like, “The other design works better for us.” They wanted me to order them new fleeces. yeah, no.


    Where did this come from?

    And then there’s the tchotcke crap you get in SWAG bags. It’s JUNK that clutters up closets, etc. But it’s free, and when it comes from China and is cheap, so we used to order a lot of it with the logo on some part of the item.

    At the same time, China has been skewing the actual value of product for the consumer.

    And this is how they repay us.

    Gee, thanks. /s with a few choice American hand signals thrown in.

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    1. At Christmas our city does a little Santa parade and gets vendors to have a few booths. One ofvthem was the gas company. We went over to it and they had a ton of stuff they were giving away. The guy said it was all paid for by our “environmental” surcharge on our monthly bill. So, I took what I could bc I paid for it. Christmas lights, a mooing foam cow, pens, etc. And it makes me mad that we are forced to pay this tax/fee and they use it to buy junk made in China which does nothing to “help” anyone.

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  6. Inspired and Inventive, Wolf!

    Still unrecognized objectives among the public at large …

    Tactical Objective: 2020 Election Surprise to replace President Trump.

    Strategic Objective: Crush the USA’s ECONOMIC ENGINE that funds our defense and thwarts OBOR.

    Geopolitical Goal: Virally overwhelm the USA’s ability to counter China’s Worldwide Domination.
    • Buy off Industry Leaders.
    • Buy off National Leaders.
    • Buy off NGO Leaders.
    • Buy host-organization SPIES to compromise IP and Secrets.
    • Rapidly INFILTRATE the above with Chinese-heritage Operatives.
    • Progressively REPLACE the above Leaders with Chinese Leaders.
    • Sucker Foreign Industries into INDUSTRIALIZING China as a ticket to the Chinese Markets.
    • Sucker Foreign Investment Sectors into FUNDING Chinese INDUSTRIALIZATION.
    • Sucker Foreign Nations into BORROWING Chinese Workers & Loans to build OBOR Infrastructure.
    • Foreclose on Foreign-Nation Loans to OWN INFRASTRUCTURE & MINERALS.
    • Control Foreign-Nation COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE & MEDIA to control their PEOPLE.

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    1. I guarantee you that Trump already knows all the compromised Chinese political agents, including the up and comers that are planned.

      I pray that each and every one of them learns the meaning of the phrase “Title I FISA.”

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  7. one of yr BEST threads yet, Wolf…I like how you think regarding this assault…

    CHI-COM-19…is no match for….

    TRUMP 2020 !

    they had to launch a freaking pandemic to try to stop President Donald J. Trump.

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    1. Good morning, Smiley – hope you are well and dodging all those pesky viruses down your way.

      PS – they keep making our FL virus website better and better. And Gov DeSantis is doing a great job!

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  8. hi…thanks..

    I’m like…

    …also half expecting Orson Welles to be resurrected by the MSM…be like…

    here in SWFL the crud is spreading fast…nursing homes in dire straits…zero traffic at night (silver lining !)….the local supermarkets are awful….ppl greedy, grabbing, pushing…more frantic than H-Season…many of them waited too long to get it together…empty shelves like Venezuela….I’m doing the social distancing…practicing various Quarantine Victory Recipes….have lost a mural commission due to this…hoping to salvage another one for summer just ab the same time La Nina is sposed to kick in and ramp up in the Atlantic for the you-know-whats…yes…I checked H Season 2020 early predictions the other day just to add some more fun to the mix…you don’t wanna know, either…

    take care wash yr hands…

    stay away from strange men…

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    1. Got a link to Quarantine Victory Recipes?

      I made chicken and broth with two fryers, veg soup and bought too much food and filled up my one small freezer/refrigerator. Maybe one of your recipes will work for my excess stock.

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      1. GA/FL
        Wow, great idea. Seriously.
        Quarantine Recipes. You betcha. From ingredients that can assist in helping the body make/maintain its own anti-virals:

        Blackberry Pie
        Ginger Tea
        Herb Mix:
        1 teaspoon dried Oregano
        1 teaspoon dried Basil
        1/2 teaspoon ground Turmeric
        1/4 teaspoon ground Cayenne Pepper
        1/4 teaspoon salt or NoSalt
        Combine and store in a covered glass container. Use in chicken or egg dishes, in soup, etc.
        Raspberry Cookies

        For starters.

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  9. One of the key objectives of originating the outbreak in China . . .

    It blurs the lines between “perpetrators” and “victims”.

    China is both the perpetrator and the victim in this case. A quietly self-inflicted wound.

    The U.S. media is fighting hard to resist assignment of responsibility to China. This includes what Wolf described yesterday as the weaponization of conceptual racism to deflect the truth from being spoken, by using the machinations of “political correctness” to shame people into self-censoring.

    If people forget the origin, then the next phase can begin – a flood of highly controlled but emotionally gripping ground reports out of China designed to garner sympathy for China and ultimately for the regime.

    This will include many heroic stories of the Chinese making sacrifices in the face of danger to save individuals, people, and the public.

    Tear-jerker stories of students in America who finally come home to China to find their parents have passed.

    Stories of how much the Chinese officials did to try to protect Wuhan and the world from the full force of the epidemic.

    How the Chinese are martyrs to the world who should be esteemed as heroes for keeping “the worst” from happening.

    If successful, it completely blunts the force of the truth in the public’s mind:

    If they forget, the reality of a Chinese bioweapon will be lost.

    China will have won the propaganda domain of the war.

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      1. This morning, OAN did a fantastic job shining the spotlight on the complicit MCM carrying ChiCom BS.

        POTUS got a kick out of it, me thinks.

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  10. DECLARATION OF WAR -> WAR POWERS ACT -> execution for Treason.

    We are just short of that due to the DemonRAT Chinese Communist traitorous majority in the House.

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    1. Yes. I had not said it publicly but we are extremely close.

      Trump had to delay larger measures b/c early on they would have seemed disproportionate. The strength of countermeasures has been ramping up daily.

      The media feeds a panic. Trump uses their own panic against them to achieve NATSEC ends. These ppl are stupid.

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  11. POTUS refers to his invoking the Defense Production Act
    … to be used IF NEEDED

    Translation: Industries will REPATRIATE PRODUCTION to the USA

    Have it your way, Globalists:
    Forfeit the USA Market!
    China will NATIONALIZE the factories you BUILT for THEM!

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      1. Oh, this is GREAT STUFF!!! Firing back at China’s BELT AROUND THE NECK and ROAD TO RUIN toxic offering! A great alternative! No more CHINESE SLUMLORDS.

        Daughn needs to be all over this one!!! This is a big deal.

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        1. Been posting links to this guy for a while . Recommend everything he’s written. The geopolitics And military implications are so well explained.

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      2. SPECULATION: POTUS is setting up for OBOR victim-nations to “FILE for BANKRUPTCY” … with the USA bringing a WORK-OUT PLAN that

        (1) REPLACES CHINA in completing/running both their Infrastructure and their Export Operations for Metals/Minerals/Resources

        (2) Restores OWNERSHIP of anything China confiscated over Loan Defaults and

        (3) Repays China for any Loaned Funds that were used to fund LOCAL BUSINESS GROWTH, excluding anything that funded Globalist or Chinese enterprises, organizations or government graft.

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  12. Thanks, Wolf. You are riding the crest of this tsunami of information. Right on!

    On the ground update: our city next door announced a state of emergency in last few days. We wondered why…no cases.

    Welp, day after they called a press conference and announced first case. Few details, older man doing well in self-quarantine.


    Why? The guy and a relative had been traveling. Rumor is it was Italy. Not confirmed.

    Both the guy and his relative (who works for the county) kept working, even while waiting for test results!

    As far as we know, the county has not sanitized or self-quarantined anyone.

    But we live in a small town and you can’t keep stuff secret.

    Liked by 10 people

  13. POTUS: “get to the rest of your question. We already know about this (the unemployment situation).”
    POTUS: “The American public for the most past has been incredible. We’re in the 15-day period. We’ll know a lot more soon.”
    DR. BIRX: “Decisions about going back to school are made on the LOCAL level. Out guidelines are for what will work for the next 2 weeks. More modeling is being done. What pieces can be removed and STILL slow the spread oft he virus. But if 15% percent of the population decides today that what they’re doing is more important, then they could spread the virus widely.”
    POTUS — regarding “message to Latin American leaders”:
    “Bolsanaro is doing a very good job.”
    Americans caught in other countries — potentially will be gotten out via the military. Example: 300 in Peru.
    2020 Olympics — whether to postpone. POTUS: “We’re talking to Prime Minister Abe. We’ll abide with what they decide. Abe hasn’t decided yet.
    OIL / SAUDI ARABIA: POTUS: “We’re now self-sufficient. Our consumers are paying a lot less for gasoline. We’re talking about finding a medium ground with the oil industry. Very devastating for Russia. AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME, I’LL GET INVOLVED.”
    Carnival Cruise ships as hospitals? Maybe as “places to stay.. We’ll see how it works out.”

    God Almighty, how I wish these “reporters” would grow up!
    GET THIS: “Do you consider CHINESE FOOD to be a racist name?”
    POTUS: “It amazes me how the media is trying to spin this. I know the truth. They use different slogans or concepts about me every week, trying to “catch me”. They write a story about me without ever asking me. Even Gavin Newsom and Andres Cuomo are saying we’re doing a great job. Washington Post is a very dishonest media source. THE FAKE MEDIA IS SIDING WITH CHINA. YOU’LL HAVE TO ASK THEM WHY.”


    Liked by 10 people

  14. Just some thoughts

    If Chinazi released this, I’d bet they already have a cure. I’d bet that they are not announcing that yet, but put out the ‘race to find a cure’ BS, that they will ‘win’ because they already have the cure available to the elite. I’d doubt they would have released without a cure as that might endanger the elite.

    I’d also guess that since the start in China and their news blackout, they were cordoning off entire cities. Remember when Wuhan had 50 incinerators imported? I’d guess they have untold numbers of corpses that have been cremated already. They were also forcing people into ‘quarantine”. That would be a great way to round up dissidents and undesireables as well as put a dent into china’s overpopulation problem, especially their old-age overpop problem. Indescribably new level of evil.

    Liked by 7 people

      1. Agreed,

        Why would 68 year old HW be OK with 23 yrs? Gets out when he’s 91?!?!

        Now, if he ‘hangs himself’ in the next year with the cameras broken and guards asleep, then body wheeled out and immediately cremated, I might suspect something….

        Liked by 2 people

  15. Isn’t it “interesting” that NOW, all of a sudden, there are NO NEW cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus in Communist China?
    How can that be true in the real world?
    Smells to me like “if it sounds too good to be true, that’s probably right”.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. How can that be true in the real world?

      ^^^ Sort of like North Korea having zero ChiCom-19. Yea, I know the shot one guy. Wondering did NoKo also shoot the rest?

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Also China claims a recovery rate like 80 some percent while the rest of the world is under 10 percent. Perhaps (assuming their reported recovery rate is “real”) this is reflective of widespread vaccination in China or other treatment they haven’t informed the world about…

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Message to M$M: Rinse & Repeat daily, cause they’ve got Beijing Joe Biden Syndrome.

    1 – Local Government EXECUTES

    2 – State Government MANAGES

    3 – Federal Government SUPPORTS

    Critical Support Roles:
    • Alleviating National Treatment Shortages (Supplies & Capacity)
    • Testing Capabilities & Capacity Ramp-up
    • Therapy Capabilities & Approvals
    • Vaccine Development Acceleration

    Liked by 9 people

    1. ^^^ Critical message President Trump and his team support, and vocally so at pressers.

      A few days ago, told Cuomo to do moar. Tells States to buy stuff they need, which they normally buy anyway. IF they can’t get it, ask Feds. Same for State restrictions, do what is right in their States. Each of the 50 states has differing requirements.

      State and local officials squirm.
      – Now they have to lead.
      – Must make decisions.
      – Kick their bureaucracy in the ass and make them perform.
      – Be accountable.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. Transforming States into BEST PRACTICE INCUBATORS
        … or Governor-owned FAILURES.

        • Trump will anoint the LEADERS.

        • Trump will force the rest to become FAST FOLLOWERS.

        • Message to Governors: SWIM or SINK.

        Upshot: MULTIPLYING the TEAM to M🇺🇸A🇺🇸G🇺🇸A!

        Liked by 8 people

  17. The CCP signed their death warrant with this one, wolf. A slow, public, strangulating, painful death. Great illustration with the Tsunami. Linear thinking is very old school.

    Surprised many did not understand this was bio-warfare from the git-go. They had to kneel to PDT/us on the trade deal after having their cabal operatives fail at taking PDT out politically and in other ways since before he became POTUS. They knew he was a formidable opponent if he every became POTUS. Did people think they would just smile and say, “Thank you, sir, can I have another?” after all of their losing. This is war fought on multiple levels. They will lose – again.

    Liked by 8 people

  18. Decided for time being I will start just posting Love–God’s Love

    Time to step back people-Unite In Love!
    CANNOT believe the HATE In America Now.
    People need to give it up!! NOW
    Fighting over TP and water in the stores.
    Come on guys, the neighbors you are all calling names might be the neighbor you need in a few days, a week or ??
    And Love Will Hold Us Together
    Make Us A Shelter To Weather The Storm
    And I’ll Be My Brother’s Keeper
    So The Whole World Would Know That We’re Not Alone

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Please be aware that BOTH Chloroquine AND Hydroxychloroquine have side effects and interactions with other drugs. Both require a prescription from a doctor or other qualified medical professional. and have the lists of side effects and interactions for these drugs.

      People already on multiple prescription medications need to be especially careful. One of the side effects is irregular heartbeat.
      I’m NOT saying to stay away from these drugs: God knows they may save lives.
      But people just can’t pop them into their mouths like vitamin C supplements. The doctor will have make the decision whether or not a person can safely take these drugs.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

        Do not take this stuff like vitamin C if you have some old stuff laying around!!!

        The EVIL FAKE NEWS would love nothing more than some old prepper to down these tabs prophylactically and end up dead or at an emergency room. They would POUNCE on the story.

        Then they would dump CRAP all over chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

        Anything to go after TRUMP. The FAKE NEWS would rather see millions DIE so they could GET TRUMP.

        They’re evil. EXPECT THEIR EVIL.


        Thanks for this point, CV! VERY IMPORTANT!!!

        Liked by 7 people

      2. did you read the article ?

        it was simply ab a possible breakthrough…no need to get all alarmed over it…nobody’s telling ppl to go out and start chugging high doses of quinine..

        …and tonic water, BTW, has only ab 80 mg of quinine per liter…hardly enuff to hurt anyone…certainly a LOT lower than therapeutic levels of quinine..

        and…I would assume…anyone on any medications is already aware of possible complications related to any type of other medications/drugs/substances.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yeah, he typically overreacts (I mean, look at his nic! 😀 ), but this is actually good advice. I know a lot of BAD PREPPERS out there – panic types – COUGH, COUGH – LOL – and I can easily predict they’ll try to start taking this crap as fast as the supplement crowd jumps on some new extract. There will be clamor – people getting it from the ChiCom internet – just bad stuff. Then the fake news will jump on some prepper dying of fentanyl labeled as chloroquine from China.

          We really need to make people NOT try to take this stuff prophylactically.

          NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

          Doctors will make available to those who need it – and FAST.

          Liked by 3 people

      3. If it is the same as what they gave the WWII guys stationed in Panama, my father survived it.
        Worse side effect that he told me about was that It didn’t help with those that wanted to drink..


    2. AND about Quinine:

      Personally, I like tonic water. From what I’ve read, the concentration of Quinine in tonic water shouldn’t interact with prescription drugs or with herbs / supplements. However, moderation is probably key here.
      Quinine, as in tablet form, is a completely different animal, and something that needs to be prescribed by a medical doctor or other qualified professional. The list of side effects is long. The list of medications a person needs to tell the doctor about BEFORE getting a prescription for Quinine is HUGE.

      Again, as with Chloroquine AND Hydroxychloroquine, IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT is only one of the serious side effects of Quinine in tablet form.
      Again, NOT saying to stay away from Quinine in tablet form — but this is a decision that a doctor needs to make for the prescription.
      Again — do NOT buy Quinine tablets OR Quinine powder online UNLESS you have a prescription.

      Liked by 6 people

        1. From the video I posted yesterday by Dr. K. He has patients the did respond poorly to the anti-malarial Chloroquine phosphate, but reports that Nitazoxanide has been well-tolerated.

          None of his patients have required hospitalization after 3 days of administration of the therapies used in his office.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. thinkthinkthink
            So good to see you around here!
            Is there some way that the info about Nitazoxanide can get over to VP Pence’s team?
            Another gut-punch to the ChiComs’ plan to destroy POTUS (and America into the bargain).

            Liked by 3 people

  19. President Trump confirmed during a press conference Thursday that the FDA has approved Chloroquine, a drug commonly used today to treat malaria, to be prescribed to help treat Coronavirus. Gregory Rigano, the project lead on clinical trials for Chloroquine says 100% of patients treated were “virologically cured”
    Praise the Lord..

    Liked by 8 people

    Social distancing is buying us TIME.

    Referencing back to the video I posted yesterday by Dr. K. He has patients the did respond poorly to the anti-malarial Chloroquine phosphate, but reports that Nitazoxanide has been well-tolerated.

    None of his patients have required hospitalization after 3 days of administration of the therapies used in his office.

    Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD has posted a Youtube video that outlines his personal protocol for dealing with the Corona Virus. The protocol is based on his personal experience with previous Coronas and is science based (references provided).

    Vit C is at the top of the list and then specific herbs.

    Personal hygiene is important and social isolation is recommended.

    Presentation slides…

    Click to access Dr-Klinghardt-Corona-2020-slides-9-march-2020.pdf

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  21. Think about this for a moment

    Every action has a reaction

    Liked by 7 people

  22. per 700WLW news report, 7:30PM Eastern Time:
    California Gov. GAVIN NEWSOM just stated that FIFTY PERCENT of the total population of his state is carrying the Wuhan Coronavirus AND WILL BE INFECTED WITH IT by July of this year.
    Newsom is calling on President Trump to send more hospital ships to lie offshore of the California coast to be ready for the overwhelming onslaught of people who will be infected.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Newsom is a conniving snake.

      I’ll bet he wants those hospital ships there…so that he can round up all the homeless people and dump them onto the ships.

      That would make the homeless people the Federal Govt’s problem — and not his!
      He would then take credit for “taking care of the homeless”.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. SO check to see if they are illegal and DUMP them back on the country they came from.

        That is one way to get rid of the illegal problem.

        (If it was China they would just dump them 50 miles off shore.)

        Liked by 3 people

  23. CDC is in it up to their necks.

    CDC sent out DEFECTIVE KITS to all but THREE STATES!

    — CDC rules were overly restrictive and CDC refused to even do a small sentinel sample of general public screening on people that do not meet their presumptive risk category.

    CDC has run just 426 tests from Jan 21 to Feb 24

    — BUT 746 people in Washington state were under supervision for coronavirus and now released as ‘cleared’ Using defective test kits?

    A Seattle infectious-disease expert named Dr. Helen Y. Chu tried to test people as soon as the first case was reported in her area, but the CDC prevented it.

    Dr. Chu finally went ahead and tested anyway.

    Washington state ordered her to stop. 
    Rigidity of thought, bureaucratic red tape, and the pigheadedness of government employees prevented Dr. Chu from getting out in front of the epidemic.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Good stuff.

      Well, look on the bright side. Once this monster is fully recognized as a CHICOM BIOLOGICAL ATTACK ….. SMALLPOX BLANKETS times ONE MILLION ….. then it’s a MILITARY MATTER, and individual members of CDC can answer to MILITARY JUSTICE. 😎

      Liked by 6 people

    1. While there is a lot of great information here, she’s naive on a lot of what she’s reporting as “shocking.”

      And…a lot of us wear scarves and pashminas and the like. That is not a disqualifier, IMO.

      There’s more going on here than we know with these people on the task force.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. DepplePat, our singing is suspended until Sunday to begin Holy Week, and maybe not even then. No basses, no descants to fire it up. You take good care of yourself, Hallelujahs are coming soon.

        I liked Amazing Polly description of Deborah Birx, she acts like she’s America’s mother. I have a deep distrust come up inside when she takes her turn on the news, without any evidence or info at all. Few federales are natural allies and helpers to our VSG Trump. I’d rather that you have Birx’s job, eh?

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I dunno why…but I keep flashing back to those ‘envelopes’ that were delivered at GHWBush’s funeral.

        Pence got one too, didn’t he?

        I want to believe that Pence is a good guy.
        And that he has left his swampy ways behind and turned over a new leaf and is totally loyal to our VSG.

        Then I watch something like this Amazing Polly video…and I just don’t know what to make of it all.

        And Ivanka.
        Is she just an airheaded dupe in all this?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think Pence is good, but you have to view both Trump and Pence like informants who have been sent into the most rotten and corrupt scam in 20 years. Pence is more of a Bible-belt straight arrow who has to feign different types of innocence badly, while Trump is more of a player who evades all the people trying to play him while making them think he’s not evading. He’s trying to do good in a game rigged for BAD. It’s not easy.


          You know, I think this corona scam or something like it was planned a long time ago. Should have happened under Cankles, and then they get their big population reduction – either on this virus or the NEXT ONE, using the BAD VACCINE (see Gail – she tipped me off to that phenomenon). Second Chinese virus would be the one that really mows down Americans, after they get vaccinated.

          Nasty business. We can no longer just let them stick us. We have to understand vaccination like baseball.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That also fits with the Big Push to get Obamacare in place.

            Make people dependent upon govt controlled healthcare…then release a pandemic to further control people with Fear.

            Liked by 1 person


    ADE = Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.
    WIKI: “Antibody-dependent enhancement occurs when non-neutralizing antiviral proteins facilitate virus entry into host cells, leading to increased infectivity in the cells.”

    This paper explains the problem:
    The Complexity of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Dengue Virus Infection

    Or in layman’s terms:
    “After a person is infected with dengue, they develop an immune response to that dengue subtype. The immune response produced specific antibodies to that subtype specific surface proteins that prevents the virus from binding to macrophage cells (the target cell that dengue viruses infect) and gaining entry. However, if another subtype of dengue virus infects the individual, the virus will activate the immune system to attack it as if it was the first subtype. The immune system is tricked because the four subtypes have very similar surface antigens. The antibodies bind to the surface proteins but do not inactivate the virus. The immune response attracts numerous macrophages, which the virus proceeds to infect because it has not been inactivated. This situation is referred to as Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) of a viral infection. This makes the viral infection much more acute. The body releases cytokines that cause the endothelial tissue to become permeable which results in Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and fluid loss from the blood vessels….”

    That is the cytokine storm that plays a direct role in the morbidity and mortality from viral infections. Your immune system attacks your own body.


    This paper from 2014 showed SARS-CoV had the similar characteristic as the Dengue Virus making a normal vaccine worse than useless.

    May 6 2014
    Antibody-dependent infection of human macrophages by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
    AUTHORS: Yip MS, Leung NH, Cheung CY, Li PH, Lee HH, Daëron M, Peiris JS, Bruzzone R1, Jaume M.

    ….We have previously reported that antibodies elicited by a SARS-CoV vaccine candidate based on recombinant, full-length SARS-CoV Spike-protein trimers, trigger infection of immune cell lines….

    We show here that anti-Spike immune serum increased infection of human monocyte-derived macrophages by replication-competent SARS-CoV…

    These results demonstrate that human macrophages can be infected by SARS-CoV as a result of IgG-mediated ADE….

    By March 14, 2018 they had a good grasp on a solution. (If the paper was published in 2018 it was probably started at least a year earlier)

    Evaluation of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of SARS-CoV Infection in Rhesus Macaques Immunized with an Inactivated SARS-CoV Vaccine

    ….Generally, virus-specific antibodies play important roles in the control of viral infections. However, the presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial for infection in case of some viruses including flaviviruses, CoVs, and retroviruses (de Alwis et al. 2014; Jolly and Weiss 2000; Takano et al. 2008). Vaccine-induced enhancement of susceptibility to SARS-CoV has been documented. One study showed that the antibody against SARS-CoV spikes protein potentiated infection of both monocytic and lymphoid cell lines, which do not express the virus receptor, and reported antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)-mediated vaccine-induced infection aggravation (Yip et al. 2014)….

    It has been demonstrated that higher concentrations of anti-sera against SARS-CoV neutralized the SARS-CoV infection, while highly diluted anti-sera significantly increased the SARS-CoV infection and triggered ADE effects (Wang et al. 2014). Moreover, the low levels of neutralizing antibodies are more consistent in the context of vaccination of the general population. <=== The OH! SCHIFF!
    The results suggested that the inactivated vaccine was safe and the immunized rhesus macaques could be used as the model for testing ADE of the candidate vaccine. <==== The SOLUTION!


    And guess what?

    China claims the first coronavirus vaccines could be in ‘clinical use’ next month
    • Officials expected some vaccines to be in ‘clinical or emergency use’ from April 


    We have been told over and over it takes AT LEAST A YEAR to have a vaccine ready for human use….

    Liked by 4 people



      Yeah, so it looks like China already had a vaccine for this stuff. But if it makes Americans MORE susceptible to a NEW variant that China has in its biological warfare arsenal, then NO THANKS.

      Oh – and this explains why SCHIFFTY wants no questioning on vaccines – because if CHINA gives us a BILL AYERS VACCINE, they want to FORCE US to take it. Then China releases a new CoV variant and it decimates Americans but not Chinese. They use a vaccine without the effect.


      Liked by 3 people


        How Vaccines Can Damage Your Brain:
        Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50: Another Reason to Avoid the Recommended Vaccines

        By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

        (Includes 32 references)

        Vaccination and Brain Inflammation

        A great number of studies have shown that when you vaccinate an animal, the body’s inflammatory cytokines not only increase dramatically, but so do the brain’s inflammatory chemicals. The brain has its own immune system that is intimately connected to the body’s immune system. The main immune cell in the brain is called a microglia. Normally, these brain cells are lying throughout the brain in a resting state (called ramified). Once activated, they can move around, traveling between brain cells like amoeba (called amoeboid microglia).

        In the resting state, they release chemicals that support the growth and protection of brain cells and their connections (dendrites and synapses). But when activated, they secrete a number of very harmful chemicals, including inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, complement, free radicals, lipid peroxidation products, and two excitotoxins — glutamate and quinolinic acid.

        In essence, these brain immune cells are out to kill invaders, since the body’s immune system sent an emergency message that an invasion had occurred. With most infections, this phase of activation last no more than a few days to two weeks, during which time the immune system successfully kills off the invaders. Once that is accomplished, the immune system shuts down to allow things to cool off and the brain to repair what damage was done by its own immune system.

        What researchers knew was that during this period of activation, people generally feel bad and that what they experience closely resembles depression — a condition called “sickness behavior”. Most of us have experience this when suffering from a viral illness — such things as restlessness, irritability, a need to get away from people, trouble sleeping, fatigue and difficulty thinking.

        Studies have shown that there are two phases to this “sickness behavior”; one in which we have the flu-like symptoms and a later onset of depression-like symptoms that can last awhile. They have also shown that all of these symptoms are due to high levels of inflammatory cytokines in the brain, which come from activated microglia.

        A number of studies have also shown that after age 50, people have exaggerated and prolonged “sickness behavior”, much more so than younger people. This is one of the reasons why many elderly hang onto flu symptoms for months after exposure.

        There is also another immune phenomenon that plays a major role in vaccine-related brain injury. Researchers discovered that when you vaccinate an animal, the brain microglia immune cells turn on partially (called priming), that is, they are in a state of high readiness. If the immune system is activated again soon after (days, weeks to months), these microglia explode into action secreting levels of their destructive chemicals far higher than normal. This overreaction can be very destructive and make you feel very depressed.

        Stimulating the immune system with a vaccine is far different than contracting an infectious illness naturally. Vaccines are made of two components — the agent you wish to vaccinate against — for example, the measles virus; and an immune system booster called an immune adjuvant. These adjuvants are composed of such things as aluminum compounds, MSG, lipid compounds and even mercury. Their job is to make the immune system react as intensely as possible and for as long as possible.

        Studies have shown that these adjuvants, from a single vaccine, can cause immune overactivation for as long as two years. This means that the brain microglia remain active as well, continuously pouring out destructive chemicals. In fact, one study found that a single injection of an immune activating substance could cause brain immune overactivation for over a year. This is very destructive…..

        Thanks but no thanks!

        We are in our seventies and interact with a new bunch of strange kids practically every week and do not get sick. HOWEVER we eat correctly.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Wolfie,

        Also think how this works.

        Chinese who are ‘useless eaters’ or have low ‘social scores’ get one vaccine while the ‘Good Communists’ get a different vaccine. Dissidents get taken out WITHOUT the rest of the world even knowing so there is no repercussions.

        It is really really NASTY. Slick but NASTY.

        Now think of Iran. Were ‘dangerous’ high ranking people taken out?

        Liked by 5 people

    1. I sure hope Burr goes to PRISON. I can not STAND that Piece of Shiff. By LYING about his co-sponsoring of the Food Safety Modernization Act, he not only betrayed US farmers, he ALSO betrayed all the people who have since been afflicted by food poisoning.

      I got into a screaming match about that SOB at the Trump campaign office in 2016. There was some old dude telling everyone how ‘great’ Burr was and to vote for him in the primaries. When I tried to speak he told me to shut-up. At that point I screamed BURR LIED! And backed the SOB into a corner while I laid some facts on him. He never showed up again.

      Liked by 4 people

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