3.16.20 News Roundup! Two NY Times Articles Written About PDJT’s Judicial Armada That Drove the Democrats, Leftists, MSM, etc. Crazy This Past Weekend, PDJT Joins VP Pence & the COVID-19 Task Force’s Press Briefing, Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates To Zero & Launches $700 Billion Dollars Of Quantitative Easing, Thank You For the Democrat Debate, Eric Trump Is Absolutely Right…..

It absolutely must have killed The NY Times to write this article about PDJT’s Judicial Armada.

From the article linked above:

[…] As Mr. Trump seeks re-election, his rightward overhaul of the federal judiciary — in particular, the highly influential appeals courts — has been invoked as one of his most enduring accomplishments. While individual nominees have drawn scrutiny, The New York Times conducted a deep examination of all 51 new appellate judges to obtain a collective portrait of the Trump-populated bench.

[…] The lifetime appointees — who make up more than a quarter of the entire appellate bench — were more openly engaged in causes important to Republicans, such as opposition to gay marriage and to government funding for abortion.

[…] Once on the bench, the Trump appointees have stood out from their fellow judges, according to an analysis by The Times of more than 10,000 published decisions and dissents through December.

[…] When ruling on cases, they have been notably more likely than other Republican appointees to disagree with peers selected by Democratic presidents, and more likely to agree with those Republican appointees, suggesting they are more consistently conservative. Among the dozen or so judges that most fit the pattern, The Times found, are three Mr. Trump has signaled were on his Supreme Court shortlist.

While the appellate courts favor consensus and disagreement remains relatively rare — there were 125 instances when a Trump appointee wrote the majority opinion or dissent in a split decision — the new judges have ruled on disputed cases across a range of contentious issues, including abortion, immigration, L.G.B.T. rights and lobbying requirements, the examination shows.

[…] And he did so with great political flourish. More than one-third of the Trump appointees have filled seats previously occupied by judges appointed by Democrats, tipping the balance toward conservatives in some circuits that include largely Democratic states like New York and Connecticut. Even in the San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit, a reliably liberal appeals court, Mr. Trump has significantly narrowed the gap between judges appointed by Democratic and Republican presidents.

[…] Mr. Trump is betting that the judges will back Republican priorities for a long time: The median age of the appointees is five-and-a-half years younger than it was under Mr. Obama, and three-and-a-half years younger than under Mr. Bush. Thirty-three percent were under 45 when appointed, compared with just five percent under Mr. Obama and 19 percent under Mr. Bush.

[…] Perhaps most telling, all but eight of the new judges have had ties to the Federalist Society, a legal group that has been central to the White House’s appointment process and ascendant in Republican circles in recent years for its advocacy of strictly interpreting the Constitution.

The NY Times decided this past weekend to have many of their readers hospitalized writing a second article about our President’s Judicial Armada.

From the article linked above:

Five takeaways from an examination by The New York Times reveal how President Trump has reshaped the federal judiciary.

President Trump made overhauling the federal judiciary one of his top priorities, moving with particular speed to infuse the highly influential appeals courts with reliably conservative judges.

Working with his Republican allies in the Senate, he installed 51 judges in just three years — appointing more than a quarter of the appellate bench at a record pace.

Yesterday our President and Vice-President Pence held a teleconference with executives within the U.S. grocery supply chain.


From the link above:

Today, President Donald J. Trump held a telephone call with more than two dozen grocery store and supply chain executives from across the country. The President thanked them for the work they have already done to meet the needs of the public and for their continued commitment to the communities they serve.”

“All of the executives are working hand-in-hand with the Federal Government, as well as State and local leaders, to ensure food and essentials are constantly available. The President reminded the participants that this is an all-of-America approach and each of their stores and the stores they support can help Americans feel calm and safe when shelves are stocked with the items they need.”

“Supply chains in the United States are strong, and it is unnecessary for the American public to hoard daily essentials. The President thanked the executives for their close partnership and pledged to stay in close communication.”

Yesterday our President joined Vice-President Mike Pence and the COVID-19 Task Force members for their press briefing.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

The Federal Reserve decided yesterday to cut rates to zero and they are also launching a massive $700 billion dollars quantitative easing program.

From the article linked above:

  • In an emergency move Sunday, the Federal Reserve announced it is dropping its benchmark interest rate to zero and launching a new round of quantitative easing.
  • The QE program will entail $700 billion worth of asset purchases entailing Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities.

The Federal Reserve, saying “the coronavirus outbreak has harmed communities and disrupted economic activity in many countries, including the United States,” cut interest rates to essentially zero on Sunday and launched a massive $700 billion quantitative easing program to shelter the economy from the effects of the virus.

The new fed funds rate, used as a benchmark both for short-term lending for financial institutions and as a peg to many consumer rates, will now be targeted at 0% to 0.25% down from a previous target range of 1% to 1.25%.

Facing highly disrupted financial markets, the Fed also slashed the rate of emergency lending at the discount window for banks by 125 basis points to 0.25%, and lengthened the term of loans to 90 days.

If you are now considering refinancing or buying a home, wait another 60 to 90 days for the banks to make their adjustments. There is a really good chance you can get a 30 year fixed mortgage for 2.5%.

I am so grateful that SleepyCreepy Joe and Crazy Bernie had their debate last night! Americans got to see the contrast between them and our President.

Eric Trump is absolutely right!

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    1. Yes, casinos are a disaster waiting to happen right now! Believe it or not, I have friends leaving this morning to drive across the gulf states into Texas and planning to stop at several casinos along the way! May not be open…best thing that could happen to these people, who are going to visit family members in their 90’s! SMH

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  1. Nunes triggers the libs…

    Posted by Kane on March 16, 2020 12:22 am


    Nunes triggered progressives this morning by daring to suggest that Americans continue eating out to support local restaurants. The unspeakable horror. Liberals want a recession, at all costs.

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      1. Good idea, Al! Hope everyone considers that – maybe, these establishments will stay open – provide what people are missing from their groceries – I love how people are thinking positively and not just reacting like some people we know – 😉

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  2. 15 MARCH 2020



    Governor Newsom Orders All Bars and Nightclubs in CA to Close, Restaurants Can Operate at 50 Percent Capacity


    In an unprecedented statewide move, Governor Gavin Newsom announced in a press conference Sunday that he’s ordering all bars, breweries, and wineries in California to close, regardless of their size, in order to create “deep social distancing.” He did not dictate a specific period of time for these closures.

    Newsom further called for all people aged 65 and over and those with underlying health conditions to remain at home in self-isolation for the time being in order to avoid situations where they could be susceptible to the coronavirus. Obviously no one is barred from doing necessary shopping, but Newsom said of self-isolation that “we need to meet this moment head-on and lean in.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. He’s right. We cannot go “Italy”. Very possible for us to increase the death rate 30-fold like Italy if we’re not careful.

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          1. Wolf – I’m not complaining about the measures – but something about this whole thing is screwy, fishy, 10K suspicious cats worthy.

            On the + side
            – PDJT is completely reworking the health system and preparing for any future outbreak/attacks.
            – PDJT is getting a good visible picture of where/how some illegals are coming into the country and working. Hint – it ain’t all at the southern border or aboard panga boats.

            – PDJT is also reworking the economy as well as winning votes in a very irregular campaign.

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            1. Agreed, GA/FL. Also:

              – PDJT’s priority push to redirect supply chains from China back to the US will most certainly have FAR MORE voter support going forward. The President has successfully moved automotive and metals industries back to the US, now he can easily add pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and other key industries with far less resistance.

              – PDJT’s priority push to secure our borders will most certainly gain FAR MORE voter support now that people are more educated on the adverse impact that open borders can have on a Country (e.g. Italy, EU versus Japan or South Korea). We’ve focused thus far only on gangs, drugs and human trafficking (as if this wasn’t enough), but now we can add “Infectious Diseases” to the list…

              – PDJT finally got his Fed rate down to where it should have been years ago.

              – Our private health care industry is thus far doing great in modifying their capabilities to accommodate the needs of the market at light speed… something that ONLY a market-driven capitalistic industry can do. Change this to a government driven industry and you end up with Italy’s level of incompetence and sluggish response time. Hopefully, more Americans will realize this now.

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            1. The flu has always killed a lot of people. Not as many as when I was a kid, and there was no vaccine back then. Now we’ve gotten used to the idea that there is a vaccine. The coronavirus WITHOUT a vaccine is what is scaring people. And I think it is inherently more of a killer of the old than flu. Flu never DRAINS a whole nursing home like corona just did.

              People know that we can’t really do something about flu. But we can do even less about corona, and that scared people.

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              1. The nursing home had problems with their process/procedures and I read they were a specialty facility for breathing problems.

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              2. “The coronavirus WITHOUT a vaccine is what is scaring people.”

                ^^^ Logic concern is absolutely warranted. OR, I missed something fundamental.

                ^^^ Perhaps implied above, as I understand it, we, people, have no natural immunity to ChiCom-19.

                Bottom line, ChiCom-19, allowed to spread unchecked WILL:
                1) Kill on a massive scale. Most likely through pneumonia. Overwhelm healthcare system. ICU, ventilators, infect healthcare workers, available beds, shortage of meds (ChiCom strangle hold)…
                2) Evidence ChiCom-19 long term damage to organs such as lungs.

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              3. “Not as many as when I was a kid, and there was no vaccine back then. Now we’ve gotten used to the idea that there is a vaccine.”


                Except as I understand it, the vaccine is a ‘guess’ each year, and they never ‘guess’ the right strain, and nobody knows what is in these vaccines.

                Everything is corrupt. China is making our medical supplies for globalist pharmaceutical companies, there is no long-term testing for side effects, the deafening silence about the autism issue speaks volumes, and the number ONE problem is that NOBODY in Authority can be trusted.


                Because EVERYTHING is corrupt. Not all the people, your local doctor probably isn’t, but he’s just a cog in the machine.

                There is NO WAY for regular people to get TRUTHFUL answers about anything, so all we have is to flip a coin, ‘heads I trust and get the poison shot, tails I don’t trust and go without’.

                That’s not a healthcare system, that’s a horror movie.

                I haven’t had a vaccine in at least 20 years, probably longer. I used to skip them because it was never convenient to go to the doctor to get a flu shot (back when you had to go to your doctor to get it). Now I don’t get them because I cannot TRUST the medical profession OR their pharmaceutical suppliers.

                Neither one seems to think that ‘trust’ is an issue, just like our government could care less whether we have any confidence or trust in them. They don’t care, and they’re not going to.

                So it’s either “shut up and take your poison” or go without.

                That’s the choice.

                And that’s not much of choice.

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              4. “The coronavirus WITHOUT a vaccine is what is scaring people. ”


                That is called ‘successful human conditioning’.

                It’s the vaccine that should be scaring people.

                People have no idea what’s being pumped into their bloodstream, it’s a pure act of blind faith.

                In the pharmaceutical industry.

                Not that they haven’t earned it… 🙄

                It amazes me that people will flock to doctors offices to get their arm jammed with a needle full of God only knows what kind of crap, and then “feel better” because they THINK they’re “protected” from something they probably weren’t going to get anyway.

                And they do it every year.


                Because people are creatures of habit and easily conditioned/manipulated/scared into all kinds of behavior.

                Take T.P.I.P. for a recent example.

                Toilet paper induced psychosis.

                Symptoms present as an irrational compulsive need to acquire large quantities of toilet paper, often resulting in violent confrontations with other similarly affected TPIP victims.

                Doctors are unsure of the cause, or what the *&^% is wrong with everybody generally.

                Toilet paper has only existed for a tiny fraction of human history, and somehow the human race persisted.

                TPIP sufferers typically exhibit a loss of thinking capacity, failing to realize that if necessary, Kleenex can be substituted for toilet paper. Paper towels can be substituted for toilet paper. Shop towels from the garage can be substituted for toilet paper. Even tissue ‘wrapping paper’ could be substituted for toilet paper.

                LOTS of things could be substituted for toilet paper.

                Lack of toilet paper is NOT a world-ending event.

                Most people who have a toilet also have a tub or shower nearby.

                If you’re out of toilet paper, and all other possibilities have been exhausted, hold a lightbulb over your head, think real hard to see if you can make it go on, and then GET IN THE TUB and WASH YOURSELF OFF.

                Then give yourself a rocket-scientist award — you cracked the code! 😁

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              5. Did we ever find out how to got to the nursing home?

                It seems like someone wanted a high kill count to splash across the headlines!

                placebo effect?

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              6. If you do find the answer let us know. I just find it so odd. Because that really cause the #’s to jump. Could it have been a cleaning person or visitor sure. But I’m side eyeing that one….

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              1. The entire system is designed to provoke obvious questions, the answers to which you will never get.

                If the system wasn’t actually designed that way, then it’s a heckuva coincidence 😁

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      2. Apparently Italy has a radically high Chinese immigrant population, I read somewhere that Italy has the highest number (or percentage?) of Chinese anywhere outside China.

        Which ties in with an article from SGTreport, pointing out that nearly all the deaths (as of February 18th) were to people of Asian descent, which the American MSM would absolutely NOT report:


        STILL No White Deaths from Coronavirus – Why Won’t the Media Talk About This?
        February 18, 2020

        If the virus is far more deadly to people of Asian descent (I much prefer Oriental… not that there’s anything wrong with that!), that’s important news. Bad news for Asians, but good news for everybody else. It would mean something close to 98% of America could stop freaking out.

        Is there any reliable information on this subject since February 18th?

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    2. I think restaurants are an issue. Food in storez is gone until hearding stops. Restaurants are bridging the gap. Ordered to work at 50% means longer waits and hungrier people.

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      1. I saw canned meat and veggies stripped from the nearby Walmart on Saturday–but there was plenty of produce and other things that need refrigeration.

        I had actually bought a lot of canned stuff about two weeks before, figuring I could end up having to stay holed up for two weeks (self quarantine, actual lockdown, whatever). I bought stuff I will eat if I need to but not favorites–I don’t want to dig into the stash if I don’t have to.

        Of course if I do end up holing up for two weeks, by the time it’s over I will more than likely be willing to kill to eat something different…

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            1. Oh, I here you. I can’t cook Chinese like my local Chinese shop. Ans fresh fruit and veg beats canned or frozen


              1. I have a really good cookbook from China:
                The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook
                And a wok.

                We have been eating a lot of stir fries because I wanted to get as much fresh veggies as I could into us.

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    3. This (surprisingly) is a reasonable request from Newsome – restaurants can make choices about staying open, etc. and healthy 65-year-olds can make decisions for themselves. We are going for daily walks and staying away from the rest of our families and friends (waaaaaa), as well as keeping our dental and regular doctor appts. Keeping normal schedule as much as possible, with added health prevention protocols.

      I will say again, a dab of neosporin in edge of nose before going out has worked for us for years to avoid flu & viruses. I also will wear gloves to grocery store, wipe items at home before shelving etc.

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        1. Ahh… well that leaves Denmark, Czechia and Poland still open…but PL and CZ closed the borders on their side so as near as I can tell the only way into Germany is from Denmark, or by ferry across the North or Baltic seas.

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          1. As of this morning, Germany has closed her borders with:
            Switzerland, France, Austria, Denmark, and Luxembourg.

            The idjiot politicos are taking great pains to say “the borders are not closed, merely strictly controlled” (don’t wanna offend our “guests”, eh?), and go on to say (from the head of the border police) “We close no borders. North Korea does that. We put controls on the borders; that is somewhat completely different” (talk about gobbledegook). Original is

            “Wir schließen keine Grenzen. Nordkorea tut das. Wir kontrollieren an den Grenzen, das ist etwas ganz anderes.”

            Newspeak, auf Deutsch.

            For commuters who work across the borders, there are exceptions, as there are for travellers with extenuating circumstances. Austria (MAGA v2.0) is basically shutting things down for a month, Italy pretty much the same.

            Schools, daycare, kindergartens, and Unis, etc., are shut down at least until the middle of April. Students are happy, parents are, well, non-plussed at best. And, of course, gotta keep the kids away from the natural babysitters, read: grandparents. Sigh. Large assemblies (the definition thereof becomes smaller by the hour) are forbidden; churches are cancelling services, and other gatherings are all but forbidden. Just waiting for the jackboots to come out.

            Beverage markets, drugstores/pharmacies, medical supply stores, gas stations, banks, savings and loans and credit unions shall remain open, as well as the post office, garden supply stores (nurseries, etc.), pet stores, and wholesalers. The general prohibition for opening hours on Sundays is temporarily lifted.

            Bars, Clubs, Discos, Theatres, Opera, Concert Halls, and Museums will be closed. Also Conventions, Sales shows, Movie Theatres, Amusement parks and Zoos, as well as Game halls, Casinos, Betting agencies/facilities, and Bordellos. All public and private sports facilities, Swimming pools, Fitness Studios and the like will be closed. Playgrounds will be closed as well.

            Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Chechnia (sp) and Austria have pretty much closed their borders, and France is beginning to clamp down too.

            update: Macaroon has said that as of Tuesday noon, the EU will close its outer borders. Wonder if that includes the refauxgees? He is likening it to a war. Could be he (or they) are looking for draconian emergency powers (Patriot Act, anyone?). We’ll know more tomorrow, in any case.

            In the stores here, thanks to some idiotic utterances by the politicos (are there any other kinds?), “Hamsterkäufe” (panic buying) is going on, I think pretty much driven by the “helpless generation”, i.e. people who don’t know how to cook or fend for themselves at all, and would not make it through a survival hike. These would be the folks still living with their parents despite being over (often well over) 30…

            TP, Kleenex, disinfectants, soaps of all types, incuding dishwasher soap (DRAT!!! I need some)(but the high-priced “green” tablets are there…go figure) are completely sold out (I’ll check again EARLY tomorrow morning). Processed foods, e,g, frozen dinners, tetra-pak-wonder-meals, some canned foods, pasta, flour, and the like are also missing in action. Even yeast, so at least some folks (flour power?) are still able to roll their own (or own their rolls).

            The CEOs of the various retail chains have promised to keep the shelves full, but so far they’ve not been able to. My wife and son went to five different stores today, and still didn’t get everything they were looking for. We have a district manager for ALDI who lives nearby, so maybe we can find out more from him (though I imagine he’s getting pounded from every direction).

            Looks like our supply chain(s) here, like many places, have an infinitely heavy ball on the end, labeled JIT or, in some cases, CHINA…

            To quote James Thurber, “Damn the Potatoes, full speed ahead”… (almost sounds like something Biden would say, come to think of it)…

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            1. OK so Denmark WAS included.

              I wrote “Czechia” instead of the more usual “Czech Republic” because those poor folks do not have, in English, a single word name for their country, but should. France, Germany, Italy are all republics, but only the “Czech Republic” has to be called “the Czech Republic.”

              The Czechs themselves suggested “Czechia” for a name but it didn’t catch on, and I think they just gave up.

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              1. I was attempting to Anglicize ” Tschechien”, which is the German name for them. It’s funny (not) looking at maps, only to see that every country here has a different spelling for some places…

                So much for globalization (thank God that globalization appears to be failing, finally)…
                There will probably be more border (and business) closings. Sad to say, some of those businesses might not reopen… was just reading an article on how hard the arts (e.g. classical musicians) are going to be hit. They’re already running very thin margins, and this won’t help in the least…

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              2. I took some German, and though I understand how “Tsch” came to mean the English ch sound (which is the affricate formed from t and sh), it’s grotesquely inefficient; German should drop the “c” in “sch” which as near as I can tell adds nothing except ink. (They could be even more economical by using kh for what’s now spelled ch, and ch for what’s now spelled tsch, but that would require changing the meaning of something already in use; and let’s face it, tsch shows up in loan words only anyway.)

                Of course, I’m in an eggshell house (as an English speaker) casting stones at a house made out of bulletproof glass, if I’m going to complain about someone else’s spelling.


        1. With PL and CZ closing ALL of their borders, those German borders are effectively sealed as well, with the Germans not having to take action.

          That leaves Denmark. And ferries from the UK, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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            1. Denmark have also shut their borders, and Germany is shutting her border with Denmark as well (I posted more info above). In addition, according to Macaroon, at Tuesday noon, the EU will close it’s outer borders, basically making the ENTIRE EU a quarantine zone.

              Wonder if the refauxgees know that…

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              1. I was just surprised at the opportunity to use that quote.

                It could be YEARS before Denmark comes up in a conversation. I mean, why would it?

                And to have it happen in such a way, that you could actually respond with that quote, it was just…

                It was beautiful 😁

                It might never happen again 😂

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        1. Macaraoon say tomorrow noon, the entire EU will close its borders.

          If you want to see some real TDS, look at Spiegel… at least the commenters on Welt are mostly pro-Trump. Also, be sure to look at http://www.jungefreiheit.de . They’re more balanced, pretty conservative, and the comments are great.

          The “heads of state” of the EU are followers, which explains the lack of action until now (excepting Italy, Austria, and Poland, of course, with Italy reacting a bit too litte, too late).

          Only VSGPDJT is a true leader, and that’s partly because he’s not a politician. All these other folks are sold out to the globalists, the Chinese, the Mozzies, or all three…

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    1. Live Long and Prosper has my vote for a replacement! 🖖 🖖 🖖 😀

      It derives from both Churchill’s V and Jewish blessings!

      The Vulcan “salute” was devised by Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed the half-Vulcan character Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek television series. A 1968 New York Times interview described the gesture as a “double-fingered version of Churchill’s victory sign”. Nimoy said in that interview that he “decided that the Vulcans were a ‘hand-oriented’ people”.[1]

      The greeting first appeared in 1967 on the Star Trek second-season opening episode, “Amok Time”. Among other things, the gesture is known for being difficult for certain people to do properly without practice or the covert pre-positioning of the fingers, and actors on the original show reportedly had to position their fingers off-screen with the other hand before raising their hand into frame. This difficulty may stem from variations in individuals’ manual dexterity. It is parodied in the motion picture Star Trek: First Contact when Zefram Cochrane, upon meeting a Vulcan for the first time in human history, is unable to return the gesture and instead shakes the Vulcan’s hand.

      In his autobiography I Am Not Spock, Nimoy wrote that he based it on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, thumb to thumb in this same position, representing the Hebrew letter Shin (ש), which has three upward strokes similar to the position of the thumb and fingers in the gesture. The letter Shin here stands for El Shaddai, meaning “Almighty (God)”, as well as for Shekinah and Shalom. Nimoy wrote that when he was a child, his grandfather took him to an Orthodox synagogue, where he saw the blessing performed and was impressed by it.[2]

      Others often greeted Nimoy with the Vulcan sign,[3] which became so well known that in June 2014 it was added to version 7 of the Unicode standard as U+1F596 🖖 RAISED HAND WITH PART BETWEEN MIDDLE AND RING FINGERS.[4][5]

      The White House referenced the Vulcan salutation in its statement on Leonard Nimoy’s death, calling it “the universal sign for ‘Live long and prosper'”.[6] The following day, NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts posted a photo on his Twitter feed from the International Space Station showing the salutation (with the Earth in the background) as the ISS passed over Nimoy’s birthplace of Boston, Massachusetts, United States.[7]

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      1. I understand that T’Pau, in Amok Time, could not make the gesture, and it turns out that was the episode where it was invented. She had to resort to the pre-positioning trick mentioned.

        I actually saw Nimoy explain where he got the gesture from; this was probably in the early 90s. First, he briefly demonstrated it; a few flashbulbs popped. Then he told the story of how you were supposed to face away from the rabbi when he gave that blessing, and NOT LOOK. As a kid, of course, he looked and saw the Rabbi giving the gesture with both hands, held out in front of them as if to cover the congregation. He briefly demonstrated, more scattered flashbulbs from quick members of the audience.

        Finally, he made a face, gave up, did the gesture, and dozens of flashbulbs went off. “They were right, you CAN go blind from looking!”

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            1. I’m not much of a “Con” person myself, but everybody around me is, so I’ve done a lot of driving and “hey, you wanna go?” trips. Galaxy Quest is just one of my favorite movies ever! 😀

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        1. “I understand that T’Pau, in Amok Time, could not make the gesture, and it turns out that was the episode where it was invented. She had to resort to the pre-positioning trick mentioned.”


          It takes a little practice, probably because most people aren’t accustomed to moving their fingers that way, in opposite directions. It didn’t take long to learn how to do it as a child when the TV show was on re-runs regularly — and there were only 3 or 4 channels to choose from, so it wasn’t hard to find 😁

          And once you learn how, apparently the muscle-memory lasts a lifetime 👍 (or should I say \\// )

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          1. edit / correction: probably because most people aren’t accustomed to moving their fingers TOGETHER in opposite directions, i.e., two together leaning to the left and two together leaning to the right.


          2. I could not do it as a kid. Then one day, just tagging along while my family was shopping somewhere, I raised my hand, did what I COULD do…index finger separated from the other three, then moved the second finger (the “the finger” finger) to join the first and voila! I’ve had no trouble doing it.

            Next time you see Amok Time, you will note T’pau has trouble with the sign.

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              1. “Nimoy said — audiotape — that women can do that better than men. No one knows why.”


                Because ‘women good, men bad’ 😁

                There are so many of these old clips I could use in posts, but SNL makes them HARD to find.

                They could never do a skit like this today, the feminazis would never allow it — or anything else funny, for that matter!


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            1. Sounds almost like the successful result of a visualization exercise.

              You ‘see’ yourself doing it, and then you are able to do it.

              Assuming you used your other hand to move the second finger into position, once your mind saw what it looked like to use the combination of muscles of your hand in that way, and you could hold your fingers in that position, then after that, it was relatively easy to repeat.

              It’s just the first time that it would be difficult, because your mind has no ‘pattern’ or muscle memory (or reason) to have ever used the muscles in that sequence to achieve that end result before.

              It’s a weird thing. It almost requires tension, it’s hard to make that hand sign ‘relaxed’, without your fingers pressing against each other (2 and 2), but at the same time forcing the two sets of two aligned fingers away from each other. Like the muscles/tendons are trying to move in two directions at once, in order to keep the fingers side by side but also apart from each other.

              It’s not natural.

              Sort of like patting your head with one hand and rubbing your stomach in a circular motion with the other.

              I’m sure a doctor could explain it 😁

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    2. “The Corona Virus pandemic will be remembered as the end of the stupidest custom in human history: shaking hands.”


      I couldn’t disagree more.

      Human contact is part of being human, and shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye conveys useful information.

      Do they shake with a limp wrist and no grip, like you’re grabbing an empty glove?

      Or do they grab your hand with confidence?

      Iron-grip, or mash-potato grip?

      Not to mention shaking hands to conclude an agreement or verbal contract.


      “More colds, influenzas, and viral pandemics have started from a habit born in the Middle Ages than any other way.”


      Is that your opinion as a doctor, or as an actor who might have played a doctor?

      Wiki: “Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that handshaking – also known as dexiosis – was practiced in ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC; a depiction of two soldiers shaking hands can be found on part of a 5th-century BC funerary stele on display in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin (stele SK1708) and other funerary steles like the one of the 4th century BC which depicts Thraseas and his wife Euandria handshaking.

      The handshake is believed by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. Meanwhile, Muslim scholars tell that custom of handshaking was introduced by the people of Yemen.”

      Shaking hands is likely to be almost as old as mankind.

      It’s a HUMAN thing.

      You’re not just going to switch that off.

      It’s amazing how easy it is to think we know better than all of humanity who came before us. And we never learn. Just look at all the great anti-historical / anti-natural ‘progressive’ ideas implemented by ‘social engineers’ (liberals with degrees in social studies) over the last 50+ years.

      They’re batting 0.000

      The damage to society?



      “No one is hiding a broadsword behind his back, folks!”



      Guns are far more common than broadswords, and conceal much more easily.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Excellent rebuttal, Scott! You put so much thought into your posts – they are quite enjoyable – and – your arguments rarely leave me wondering what you think –

        Thanks so much for your great contributions to this venue! God Bless You!!!

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Thank you duchess 🙂

          If you are rarely left wondering what I think (or hopefully, why, which is at least as important), then I must be doing it right. The ‘why’ has always seemed particularly important to convey. If we can understand why someone thinks what they do, it is easier to understand the rest of what they are saying, which is (usually) the whole point of communicating in the first place.

          And if we understand the ‘WHY’ behind what someone thinks, then if they are in error, it is easier to address the underlying error (and therefore persuade or change their mind) than if we only have their conclusion to go by, without the context of the ‘why’.

          If I am wrong about something (which I often am), I want to know and understand why. It’s (hopefully) a lot easier for someone to correct me, if they understand ‘why’ I think what I do 🙂

          Liked by 3 people

      2. And knives.
        But yeah handshaking is the next step on trust wise from the open handed gesture. To shake hands you have to get in each other’s space and it requires significant trust or at least mutual respect

        Liked by 1 person

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  5. Liked by 8 people

    1. “Footage shows police in New Orleans attempting to clear Bourbon Street after Louisiana’s governor signed a proclamation banning gatherings of more than 250 people amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

      Law by decree or proclamation?

      That doesn’t sound very American…

      So whenever a gathering reaches 251 people, how do the police decide which person to arrest?

      And if the police start counting a group that appears to be getting close to 250, the group could just instantly split into two groups of approximately 125 people each, allowing 125 more people to join each group.

      The proclamation is unenforceable.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It isn’t very American.

        My first question always is “what is your authority for the action you are taking?” The response usually tells you whether the person is confident in his authority (meaning he knows how he has it and how to use it) or unsure and merely obeying an order (exhibits belligerence and intense emotional overtones).

        In any event, if I disagree with what I’m being forced to do then I will research whether the constitution and the statutes provide authority for it. If not, I make a stink to the person’s superiors. If it costs me money and freedom (like a false jailing) then I file a claim for damages with the govt followed by a lawsuit.

        Wait until these idiots try to collect taxes from those closed businesses. That should be fun, in a sick sort of way.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. “My first question always is “what is your authority for the action you are taking?”


          That happens to be the exact same question we ask for any and every thing taught at church.

          Where is the Authority for this doctrine, practice or belief?

          There is only one acceptable answer.

          And it’s either in there, or it ain’t. 👍

          Liked by 2 people

  6. Re – WALL – BORDER Monday Update.

    I’m not sure if Border Wall construction will be or is being affected by the virus situation. I will post the total miles if the BP Chief posts them today.

    HOWEVER – our CBP and all Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military/National Guard and Health Care Workers NEED OUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!

    Look what crap is going on at the border – and how our CBP is stopping cruel hoaxes!!!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. “BREAKING: Federal government to control and oversee grocery distribution…”


      I just started laughing out loud, before I could read any further… 😂

      What could possibly go wrong?

      Now we’ll find out! 👍

      Liked by 3 people

  7. I know this post will not be sociably, culturally, or politically correct – even on here. Going to do it anyway.

    I believe this COVID thing is “moves and countermoves”. Just my opinion of course. You do you and figure it out on your own – which is what Q challenges us all to do. Who freaks out over this, yet, expresses next to no fear over the far more serious flu outbreaks that occur worldwide annually infecting and killing exponentially higher numbers of people worldwide? I’m a numbers guy from my past business career. Numbers matter. But so do the fixed and variable considerations that produce the numbers – that is what the numbers reflect.

    With flu – no radical shut downs, no self quarantines, no social distancing, and open encouragement from leaders to live normally – just use precautions. Take time to think all of this through instead of allowing anxiety created by breathless, hyperventilating types to dominate your minds and ears. Critical thinking is in order. As an example, social distancing really can help to avoid transmission. What else can it do when there is no observable disease present between people who are socially distancing, or in age groups who are not as susceptible? Do really you want that to be the established, culturally acceptable method of contact going forward when COVID will be nothing but a fart in the wind in a month or two? Do you want leftists to continue their march toward a culture that has no love or emotion or mercy? Do want touching or hugging to be illegal or socially unacceptable such that one could be sued for doing so? You know, like the women are always right and tell the truth deal recently? Do you want children and elderly to be kept at a distance – to be “safe” of course? All of this is one of those slippery slope moments that come quietly and without fanfare – to be or err on the “safe side. Like the current TV ad for the implanted chip to tell your doctor when your blood needs thinner adjustments to “help” you not have a stroke. Better to be “safe” and not sorry. We can take care of that for you.

    666. Peace and security. Safety.

    The mockingbird is in full effect every single day. The multinationals elites are doing their thing every single day. The scamming politicians are doing their things every single day. Yet, the resignations, arrests, deportations, etc. are happening every single day as well.

    Moves and countermoves. The Silent War continues. As for me and my house we will use our God-given common sense and love on our neighbors as the Lord expects – since He rules all. We continue to pray that our VSGPOTUS and American patriots will prevail with their efforts as we do our parts within our communities and at the ballot box. But sorry, not playing the game others devise to steal our joy. If I die, I die. Death in this world is eternal life in my Lord’s world, which is better by far.

    Liked by 13 people

    1. THANK YOU! I’ve been telling others that this constant promotion of “social distancing” is scarier than the virus.

      And Joe M agrees with you.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. “I believe this COVID thing is “moves and countermoves”. Just my opinion of course.”


      I have been thinking the same thing more and more, the last several days.

      I saw a twitter account of someone with over 100,000 Twitter followers saying not a single one reports having coronavirus or KNOWING anyone who has it. And since just about everyone is “six degrees of separation” (or less) from knowing just about everyone, that seems to suggest that NOBODY has it.

      And apparently only THREE degrees are needed within the U.S.:

      “The simulations, carried out on the relatively limited computers of 1973, were nonetheless able to predict that a more realistic three degrees of separation existed across the U.S. population, foreshadowing the findings of American psychologist Stanley Milgram”

      The whole coronavirus phenomenon seems like a wild, extreme, bordering on insane overreaction to something that appears to be far less deadly than regular annual flu.

      The confusing part is that both sides (black hats and white hats) are both playing it up, as if the black hats started it with a major disruptive purpose in mind, and the white hats have co-opted it for their own purposes, and the rest of us are watching and wondering WTH?


      “You know, like the women are always right and tell the truth deal recently?”


      They must know different women… 😂🤣😂🤣😂


      “The mockingbird is in full effect every single day.”


      I miss about 99.9% of that, ever since cutting the cable.

      Now that my tolerance to their daily propaganda (tolerance built up from daily Fox News watching) is gone, I’m much more sensitive to it when I see Fox News at a family member’s home. I can’t watch it for more than a few minutes, because I know the ‘narrative’ they’re promoting, and I know much of what they’re saying is factually not true, and to listen to them pump the lies out with a smile is infuriating after a few minutes.

      The only MSM I usually see anymore is references posted here or at CTH for the most part.

      Always makes me wonder what would happen if EVERYBODY stopped paying ANY attention to them AT ALL.

      Liked by 3 people

  8. 700WLW, commercial from the BIDEN campaign:
    The commercial has a person (sounded like an African-American to my ears) urging Ohioans to go and vote in the presidential primary. Voting is today and tomorrow in Ohio. Person said that JOE BIDEN and BARACK OBAMA “worked very closely” for the 8 years of the Obama presidency. Person said that JOE BIDEN AS PRESDIENT WILL MAKE SURE TO CONTINUE THE WORK OF BARACK OBAMA. “So, vote for Joe Biden!” Then Biden himself says that he approved the message.
    Point is: Joe Biden and the DNC are starting to use JOE BIDEN as the “continuation” of BARACK OBAMA — in other words, the Third Term of Barack Obama.
    Which tells me a couple of things:
    First, that Joe Biden is being used as a pawn. I don’t think he knows it.
    Second, that IF (God Forbid) Biden wins the 2020 election, his administration would be “taking orders” from Barack Obama (in other words, from ValJar and her handlers).
    Third, that since Biden said in the “debate” last night he would name a female VP, that person will HAVE to be somebody who will ALSO be “taking orders” (think Amy Klobuchar / Kamala Harris here); OR, be somebody who has a “direct connection” to Barack Obama / ValJar / her handlers. Think Hillary Clinton / Michelle Obama here.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. GA/FL
        AND NOW, the Almighty God has intervened —
        Per 700WLW, 3PM Eastern Time, news conference with Gov. DEWINE (R):
        Emergency Declaration: There will be NO IN-PERSON voting in the Ohio primary either today or tomorrow. In-person voting is put of UNTIL JUNE 2. Absentee Ballots are still good to send in regardless.
        Notice that the Ohio primary is NOT CANCELLED, and that VOTING RIGHTS ARE NOT BEING SUPPRESSED. The decision is being made so that people DO NOT have to choose between “their Constitutional rights and their health”.
        Atty General of Ohio: There will likely be lawsuits about this charging “voter suppression”. These lawsuits will be submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court.

        Liked by 5 people

    1. Obama bin hidin ol biden

      sleepy won’t win,
      but everyone will hang their yrs of dirty laundry on him as he goes out the door
      In joe’s condition he won’t know any better , even smiles along the way
      who knows what kind of drug cocktail he’s on now,… bet nanzi’s is similar
      At this point dims look immoral , dishonest and desperate enough to try anything
      .. even if it openly looks like human elder abuse to some


      Liked by 4 people


    139 MILES of complete Wall System! – Top Grade US Steel bollards, roadway, lights and electronic surveillance.

    PLUS – our cool Border Patrol have Drones and Satellite Surveillance and OTHER top tech invasion stopping tricks up their muscle filled sleeves!

    254 MILES of steel in place – estimated by contract start/completion dates.

    614 MILES under contract planning stage!

    Maps, graph, data – https://www.trumpwall.construction/
    Twitter – https://twitter.com/trumpwallconstr
    Wall Construction videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtneCAHRWbDszcY19hIr4A

    Liked by 7 people

        1. You don’t have to do that, Flep – especially now when there is so much to report! I’m trying to save you time! You also find great wall news from sources I don’t know about.

          Liked by 3 people

        2. Pay no attention to her, F Le’Pore – I love the wall updates wherever they land! Besides, working together – we get the best ‘wall’ update on the planet! No offense, GA/FL! Love you both! God Bless You!!!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Off Duty BP officer saves family from knife wielding attacker in store.

      I can’t help wondering if that store was a Walmart.

      Liked by 7 people

  10. President Trump’s latest tweet:

    His WMD Twitter account has increased by 100K over the last few days – due to the coronavirus outbreak – despite Twitter removing about a thousand followers at 4pm yesterday.

    73,663,668 – 5:54 am – 3/12/20
    73,746,610 – 6:52 am – 3/13/20
    73,854,816 – 8:20 am – 3/14/20
    73,952,506 – 6:58 am – 3/15/20
    74,000,113 – 5:00 pm – 3/15/20
    74,045,498 – 7:25 am – 3/16/20
    74,080,561 – 2:12 pm
    74,83,469 – 2:40 pm

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  14. Somebody actually had a much better take on this which was, if you love a restaurant, you should call it up and order a gift certificate for a meal for after this passes. You get a meal and to keep your restaurant open, and the restaurant gets some income now to keep it afloat and help cover bills.

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  15. Germany. It appears they want to go another round
    Article has Chinese propaganda about how only China is stepping in (though in reality China is selling them medical supplies, and profiting, not acting altruistically, even though they created this mess). But the article is real, and shows that this event will condition people to expect K-selection, where you are in competition, and you do whatever you have to in order to survive. Italy ordered millions of Euros in medical equipment for its healthcare workers, and as it is being shipped through other nations, their customs agents are grabbing it under national security laws, and taking it for themselves. Germany essentially just stole a massive shipment of masks and personal protective equipment Italy had already paid for, having their customs seize the shipment, and now Germany, which hadn’t planned ahead or bought anything, has all the equipment, and Italy, which had been responsible and paid for equipment will have to go without, as all its people are dying in record numbers. Try having a Kumbaya moment across all of Europe after that. This will fundamentally change how people view the world, and it will not foster rabbitism.
    And now they are screwing the Swiss as well!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Try again ozzy,

        That was beyond the pale.

        My extended family are FAR from Soy Boys and Girls.

        If you want to place blame/responsibility on someone, put it on the Globalists. The Kanzler/in is NOT an elected office; it is a negotiated (in smoke-filled back rooms) office, tainted by the various deals used to assemble a coalition. Merde-Kuh looks like a doddery old potato, but behind closed doors, she is a vicious NAZI witch, controlled and paid-for by Satan Soros and his Demonic masters.

        And there’s almost nothing we can do about it, except vote for the AfD, who are growing faster than any new party ever has, but this cannot happen overnight. The same as with Øbunghole, it’s going to take quite a while to undo all the damage…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes.
          Germany is awakening and like other western nations had to stoop to the pits- obumma, blair, Merkel, micron.
          The Germans were ferocious fighters in ww1and 2. Also smart and innovative. – see Thomas wictor on German flamethrowers and the ww1 line “collapse” that engulfed allied soldiers in a killing field. They perfected it.
          Germany’s problem was and remains it’s not truely a dominant maritime nation and cannot resupply from o/s if they don’t rule the waves. The u- boats nearly closed the Atlantic and the med but the brits and Maltese hung on and then there was sonar and the tides turned.
          If you’ve got thread reader huntsmans the COLOR of the seas Is Avery sobering read on the us losing naval dominance. Plus his thread on the chain of pearls- chinas dual purpose ports across the globe and how they have leveraged Mauritius, who own Diego Garcia . When the lease runs out the us may lose that vital base

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I’ve expressed myself very badly and I’m sorry I’ve upset you.
          All western nations have been whiteanted by progressive indoctrination. What started as don’t imprison or kill homosexuals and give women choices has slowly descended into the madness of gender fluidity, due date abortion, feminazism. The traditional role models have been denigrated by the progressive agenda.
          Men and boys have been viciously attacked for being masculine. No toy guns, any boy who’s rowdy gets labelled as ADD, men’s parental rights stripped away. Women , it’s been more subtle. They don’t have to be “just a wife and mother”, in fact are sneered at if they choose to stay home and rear kids. They have been fed the lie that they can have it all but end up trying for kids too late when their fertility has declined. At the same time western nations have been flooded by incompatible immigrants who breed like rabbits. The lie of multiculturalism has been buttressed by cry’s of racism.
          So, today, we have a decreased, older native population.
          In ww2 German soldiers knew who they were and what sex they were. They fought on home soil for their families and their country and they fought valiantly against superior numbers and with decreasing supplies because they fought heart and soul. The allies fought for their countries too and patriotism wasn’t denigrated.
          Now German Hillary has, like obumma, hobbled the army with political correctness and gender equality. People (like that fat fuck vindeman)are promoted for having the “right”politics. But can they fight? What would they fight for? And there is the enemy within.
          We conservatives have been sidelined and silenced. The millennial generation is a bunch of morons obsessed with feelings.
          But the tide is turning. Some millennials are waking up to the fact they’ve been made fools of. And the coming generation is hard conservative. They have been fed the koolaid from birth and reject it with contempt.
          Will they fight for Merkel or obumma etc agenda? Shit no.
          Once again I’m sorry I insulted you and by extension your family.
          Merkel couldnt field an army of the caliber of the Germans in ww2 to save her ideology. And the rest of the world won’t fight for political correctness either. They are on the losing side of history

          Liked by 1 person

        1. I know what you mean. its driving me nuts as well.

          My financial advisor told me at the start of 2020 that the dow was going to swing because its an election year. He’s pulling his hair out yelling about how stupid people are.

          Liked by 2 people

      1. A lot of it has to do with the oil price crash. Many oil companies are going to likely go bankrupt if this Saudi-Russia price war and over production go on for more than a month. This will cause a lot of hurt on the banks that have outstanding loans to them that will never be repaid.

        The oil and gas industry is very capital intensive and requires massive funding to exist. It’s no small potatoes.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. With the increase in cases around the country – the hesitancy of the Fed to step up to the plate – the fact that what the Fed did will take time to materialize – the futures market declining – and the fear mongering of the Press – Investors are unsure what to do at present – so when in doubt – sell – cut your losses…

      IMHO – it is only temporary, gil! If President Trump says the market will recover – it will!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it will. Mr gils job is….a necessity that wont change. In the meantime, we all have to deal with the numbskulls out there. And with everything closed we cant escape….and bills still come in. And I have to go out and deal with the nuts(of which there are plenty.)

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I hear you, gil! It is disheartening for sure! However, I think ‘God’s Got This’ – out of every trial comes blessings – be prepared to be ‘Blessed Big Time’!

          So many good things have happened as well – people reaching out to each other – caring for the elderly – getting to know their children outside of school – colleges partnering with public schools to keep the learning going – just to name a few – you will see some real miracles happen – I think – and I am excited to see what God does to turn this around!!! Keep the Faith! God Bless You!!!

          Liked by 2 people

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