Dear KMAG: 20200315 Open Thread

God spoke . . . and there was creation
God spoke . . . and so appeared the light
God spoke . . . and then still became life
God spoke . . . and from dirt arose man

We speak “Trust God in our nation”
We speak “Shun the dark, seek His Light”
We speak “Seek the Truth and the Life”
We speak “Praise our God and His Plan”

God Speaks

In Eden, God spoke to Adam and Eve
And then to Cain, for a curse to receive
God spoke to Noah to build Him an ark
Then scolds Job – he made God’s counsel dark

God spoke to Abraham to leave his land
And for Isaac to settle, all His plan
God told Jacob to return in His care
And Moses, in Egypt, to leave from there

After Moses, God spoke to His prophets
To pass on His Word, just as He saw fit
Then, as a voice from heaven or a cloud
Heard by disciples and even a crowd

Some say “God never speaks now. Not today.”
Though we all know that He speaks every day
God speaks through other things, all by His choice
Through people, events, music – not His voice

God speaks through His Word; there for us to read
And then through His Son, by both words and deeds
God speaks by His Spirit, our Teacher and Guide
To us through prayer, our small voice inside

God’s creation and nature speak, clearly seen
And the learning from music, visions and dreams
Other believers speak with wisdom in words
And events teach lessons not audibly heard

God is not silent, He speaks to us all
For sinners to believe, God makes the call
For believers to grow, give thanks and sing
All for God’s glory and the joy it brings

Do we need to be listening for God’s voice to speak to us outside the Bible?

I am going to say something positive here and not just negative. In fact, most of what I have to say is positive and the first and main thing is to say: God really has spoken. And this word is living and active. It is not a dead word. He really speaks today through the inspired Scriptures. He really, really does. He really does. Not just with information, but with himself by his Spirit.

The Word Speaks

 “The Lord appeared again at Shiloh, for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel at Shiloh by the word of the Lord” (1 Samuel 3:21). That really happens. God stands forth from his inspired word as we read it prayerfully and dependently. And, I would add this: the word in the Bible is more sure than anything you can hear outside the Bible. I base that on 1 Corinthians 14:37–38: “If anyone thinks that he is a prophet, or spiritual, he should acknowledge that the things I am writing to you are a command of the Lord. If anyone does not recognize this, he is not recognized.”

That is amazing. Paul is saying you can call yourself a prophet and get messages from God. You can call yourself spiritual and be tuned in to God, but if anything you say doesn’t accord with what I say, you are not recognized, which means that outside the Bible we have fallible, uncertain impressions and messages. Inside the Bible we have rock-solid, dependable messages. So there are treasures and wonders and glories and dimensions of God to be seen in the Bible that we have scarcely seen.

It seems to me to be folly to crave the lesser authority and the lesser riches outside the Bible than the riches and the greater authority that we have barely tasted, let alone digested, inside the Bible.

Now having said that positive thing about the Bible that I love — I just love the Bible so much and I know that after, what, sixty years of reading my Bible I have barely scratched the surface of its glories — I kind of get ticked, frankly, at myself and others who are craving stuff outside the Bible as though there is something better to be had out there.

Having said all that, I don’t see anything in the Bible that would say God can’t communicate with us in extraordinary ways outside the Bible. He can. And if he does, we should test it by his infinitely authoritative risen word and we should commend it to those whose lives show a deep, long wisdom in Christ. There is this community dimension to testing all things like Paul said. Don’t despise prophecies. Test all things. Hold fast to what is good. That is just not a private thing. That is something we do with others as well.

Don’t Seek Signs

But I will close with this. Beware of craving the sensations of a voice. Jesus warned against those who seek a sign (Matthew 12:38–39). So here he is. He is standing there in front of the Pharisees and scribes speaking and they say: Give us a sign. What does that mean? It means that the voice of Jesus Christ the Son of God wasn’t adequate. They needed something more. They needed to feel more, touch more, see more. They wanted more. And Jesus wouldn’t give it to them.

And I think we are in a situation today not unlike that. We hear more of the Son of God than anybody in Jesus’s day ever heard, because we have all four gospels and those people got it in snatches. Therefore we have the wholeness of the revelation that Jesus meant to communicate, and it is speaking to us every time we read the Bible. And if we turn away from that and say: But I need a sign. I need a voice. I need a tree to fall down in the woods when I am talking. I need something. We are putting ourselves in the position of those who demanded a sign.


Watch and Pray                      

As Christians, we know the greatest commands,
“Love our God with all our heart, mind and soul”
And then “Love your neighbor as yourself”
These fulfill the Law and Prophets of old.

To fully love is impossible to do,
Our innate nature is not in this way.
We understand what is right in God’s sight,
But that’s not what we do, day after day.

Those who Christ loves, He’s sure to rebuke,
And those He rebukes, He counsels and calms.
Once he has shown us that we were wrong,
He holds us close in His loving arms.

How can we live with this weakness of ours?
Our spirit is ready, but our flesh is weak.
To avoid temptation, watch and pray,
For God has all the strength that we seek.

When our souls are weary with failures,
To renew our strength, we hope in the Lord.
He’ll stand by us, no matter our troubles,
And see us home safe to our final reward.

565 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200315 Open Thread

    1. Why on Earth would there be a law to prohibit a beer truck from delivering something else once in a while? What would the rationale be?

      One of millions of utterly stupid pointless laws that should be repealed.

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              1. I suspect the founders couldn’t anticipate the advent of aculturized amorality which is spreading amongst us like a cancer.

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              2. I have a different take on it…this particular sort of thing is a state law–and they deliberately did very little to constrain the states. In fact, there were states with established churches well into the 1800s, so even the First Amendment did not apply to the states, originally.

                However, the fedgov passes plenty of bullshit laws like this too. I wish the commerce clause had simply prohibited states from erecting trade barriers against each other rather than letting the fedgov “regulate” commerce.

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      1. That was my first thought! I get some regs like how many hours driving at time – safety. And I get letting that go in an emergency. But the red tape and bureaucracy that this silly law examples … frustrating!

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        1. Cross country truckers used to refer to LA, AR, MO, and IL as the “iron curtain” because weight limits were less in these states than anywhere else–and it’s nearly impossible to cross the country without going through those states. (Through the UP and down Lower Michigan is generally impractical, especially if you’re taking a load from Los Angeles to Miami.)

          For all I know, this is still true.

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  1. Cross posted in Corona thread. Link below from Steve Bannon’s War Room. Seems to be excellent infection data. Roll up numbers with break down in various geographic areas. Worth considering.


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      1. It appears to be a mix of psychological projection and accusing others of what she and the Leftist MSM does all day long.

        I’m no defender of Faux News, but to read the things she said about Faux News and to pretend like it doesn’t apply a million times over to herself and Leftist MSM is indicative of a detachment from reality.

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    1. Rubin has really jumped off the cliff….I continue to be amazed at public figures I once thought were intelligent, reasonable professionals go into this mental derangement mode.
      You would like people like her, AB Stoddard, Bill Krystol, George Conway, etc. would have the ability to look at the facts and accept them. But, it just keep doubling down and making total fools of themselves for all to see.
      If I were in their shoes, I might not change my intense dislike for POTUS but I hope I would have the good sense to keep it to myself professionally.

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  2. 8 weeks from today puts us at May 10th.

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    1. That means no school. Im going to fn pay for school but have him at home.
      I can do it but the cost…. No family can just indefinitely keep kids at home. This isnt going to work. People will just…go out.

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      1. Gil – that CDC announcement specifically said it didn’t apply to schools, universities and businesses. Whatever that means 🤷‍♀️

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    2. “!!NEW CDC guidance: No gatherings over 50 people for 8 weeks.!!”


      Who will be the people-counters?

      Volunteers or public officials?

      If we see a gathering of 51 people, should we make a citizen’s arrest, or maintain social distance and virtue-signal against them from afar?


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  3. Chicago Mayor is unhappy with President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force response:

    Lightfoot is getting slammed for her own city management.

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    1. If that’s a photo of the Mayor, it looks as though she’s gone “all male”. I would ask “her” how she would improve on what’s being done…and not just pie in the sky wishes….actual plan.
      Suggest she might consider cleaning up her own mess, first.

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        1. Even “Family Feud”, hosted by the ghost of Richard Dawson, with the casts of “Married With Children” and “The Addams Family” facing off with each other would be more interesting.

          Bonus points for the cast of “Dark Shadows” as a third contender…
          (WV Holderby for the win…)…

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            1. Probably this could explain why 😆

              (I wonder if the Bachs and their contemporaries had something like “Family Fugue” to keep them busy 🙂 ).

              Buxtehude couldn’t Handel it, I suppose…

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      1. If a washed-up husk of a non-talented actrice babbling incoherently about politics and other subjects she does not and cannot comprehend makes you cry tears of laughter…

        You should know you’re on the RIGHT and WINNING TEAM making America GREAT AGAIN!!!

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        1. Yeah. Well I throw that particular Anglo Saxon monosyllable out enough (I did so in the text of my exponential essay for instance) that every once in a while, just for comedic variety, I like to “hide” it in silly ways. Some people think I’m a prude doing this, but they’re ignoring the other fucking 99 percent of the time.

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          1. Yep. I was gonna say, Photoshop covers a multitude of sins, and combustion byproducts 🙂

            (Every time I see a dumpster like that I feel a brief (nanosecond) of guilt for when I used to, erm, deposit the gallon+1 quart of the results of my 280zx oil changes into a (similar, albeit unlighted) dumpster behind a 7-11 a ways away from where I lived… Goodness knows what became of that oil/etc. (and the “Z”, for that matter)…

            Then again, YEARS earlier, we used to dump the oil into the CA storm drains…

            And, wonder of wonder, there were bacteria that “ate” it, and made something useful of it (goodness knows what, but those deep sea vents have similar bacteria as well)…

            And, oh, for the joy of topping up my R12 refrigerant… “watch out for the high side”…

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    1. I think I can count on no hands the number of previous SOS’s who would quote the Bible, let alone this verse.

      GOD BLESS, Guide, Strenghten and Protect SOS Pompeo, VSG President Trump, his family, VP Pence, his family, the Administration, and the White Hats (and treepers) everywhere.

      And may GOD vanquish and turn the Deep State, Black Hats, Antifa(s), and all malcontents, miscreants, and Satan’s tools both in the USA and the rest of the world.

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  4. C3 (@C_3C_3) Tweeted:
    The Media won’t report it so I will…

    Out of the 320,000,000 Americans only 61 have died.

    Out of the 61 who died almost 1/2 came from the same nursing home.

    Out of the 61 who died almost all are 65-90 years old and had pre-existing health problems.

    The Media is the virus.

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            1. Just because we’re bored…implants are not always possible…have to have the right bone structure (often insufficient in older people). I strongly suspect that is the case with a Pelosi and mostly likely with Joe, as well.

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              1. If your teeth were taken out years ago the bone that cradled them erodes as it’s no longer needed. This is why we have iliac crests on our hips. (Not really but they are so convenient and accessible) Bone transplant then implant. Two ops but good outcomes.

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  6. @RexChapman
    For the second night in a row, Italian tenor Maurizio Marchini went out to his balcony in Florence – a town under complete lockdown – and serenaded the entire town.

    As he put it: “Same stage, different song.”

    Not all heroes wear capes…Red heartEarth globe americas

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      1. ummm, 9 policemen, only one survives…

        now it’s likely at least one FBI agent saw the contents, otherwise the laptop would not have been confiscated by the FBI… and then Lisa Page told Strzok (from phone messages) that McCabe had told her to pick up same and deliver to him… and we know McCabe sat on it for 3/4 weeks if I recall correctly…

        So, we have no idea how many people have seen it. Oh, and there’s a rumor that NYPD made a tape of the video on it, and someone has it…

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    1. Thats insane. Except the “desr lesders” are exempted from everything. Betcha around the country THEY will go out in limos and escalades and be the only ones in restaurants or in social engagements. They will be happy to act like those in charge in soylent green. Eating the best food, etc. but telling US to eat people crackers.

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      1. I don’t see anything about local tax relief in these mandates. They’re still going to send a tax bill to business owners at the same time they’re banning them from conducting business. I hope the local businesses here tell them to get bent, but that’s probably expecting too much.

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  9. Looks like NV is getting serious about shutting down to stem Corona spread, hopefully stop it.

    UNR – University of Nevada, Reno. All classes online for remainder of semester.

    NV schools K-12 shut down for three weeks. local schools that links with spring break. Effectively four weeks shut down.


    All Las Vegas MGM casinos, hotels to temporarily close

    MGM Resorts International announced Sunday it is temporarily suspending operations at all Las Vegas properties “until further notice” effective Tuesday.

    Casino operations are set to close Monday, followed by hotel operations. The company will not be taking reservations prior to May 1.


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    1. Schools closing as well until April where I’m at. My mom joked and said back in the day one always wanted the school to close but they expected a fire to do that not a virus.

      If they want less then groups of 50 doesn’t that mean stores have to limit the amount of people inside?

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      1. And idiots are stocking up on tp.
        Do they not realise that they will be under virtual house arrest with their spouses and kids.
        Ffs. I’d be buying alcohol and not the hand sanitizer. Though after a couple of weeks I’d seriously consider drinking that

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    1. Yep, that came up on here last week or the week before. Always worth a reminder, though.

      I feel sorry for Italy’s Patient Zero, a Pakistani man who was a delivery driver for a ***Chinese takeaway*** (carry out) somewhere in northern Italy.

      People were incandescent, but, he really isn’t Patient Zero, because someone — a colleague? — must have transmitted the coronavirus to him. Poor man.

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        1. I’m fine. Thank you for asking, kea — much appreciated.

          As my late grandmother would have said, I’m ‘mad at the world’ at all these freedom of movement restrictions.

          This has now become effing ridiculous.

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              1. I have no worries about Trump. Its it MSM that is pushing this to the extremes. Even my Mom said to me if this was under Zero no one would bat an eye at it.

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              2. Your mother is absolutely correct.

                I am concerned about lefty state governors — in at least five states — who are effectively CLOSING RESTAURANTS in their states. For pity’s sake! Takeaway only?

                That’s more important than PDJT, because that affects people right now.

                PDJT can’t do a lot about that unless he convenes a meeting of all 50 governors.

                I do hope Prex (prognosticatasaurex) is right about the three-week threshold, not only in the US but also in England.

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        1. Dr. McGregor really stretches your brain! Q “You are watching a movie.” If he’s got more than a theory that only 2 strands are on the virus, not 4, it fits with Wolf’s earlier timeline and high percentage recovering. This is worth digging on.

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      1. Hmm.

        A doctor who is bankrupt and has had his medical licence revoked might not be the best authority. His description on Twitter:

        ‘Bankrupted/Right to practice medicine removed by MedicalCouncilofNSW purely for blogging a “paranoid conspiracy” supporting Trump/Q.’

        I pray that we do not see mass suicides at Easter weekend. And, it’s Good Friday, not Easter Friday, which is the Friday after Easter:

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        1. At this point, the only authority I’m trusting is the Good Lord and PDJT….but I have seen similar versions of this all evening…some with less farfetched theories than this. Still for the big picture….

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    1. All those businesses can’t afford to pay their employees if they are closed.

      This is turning into ‘Operation Kill the Economy’…rather than kill the virus.

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      1. I don’t see Americans sitting still for very long. (I was bored, then angry, first thing yesterday morning with all my freedoms still intact). They might be able to scare people for a little while but that’s gonna wear off fast. When People don’t work, they don’t get paid, they get hungry. Let’s see if and how quick big government can feed them. People will either be late or can’t pay their bills. Utilities shut off, evictions, credit ruined. Maybe we need this little exercise in socialism to teach the idiots it’s not a good idea?
        How far is Dems 2wks paid leave gonna get people in a 30day quarantine? A lot of these small restaurants, auto repair shops, lawn crews, others, have workers that get paid in cash, usually under the table. If they don’t account for their work to begin with, how do they file for benefits? Dems in a bubble are only thinking about white collar workers. What a cluster!! Silver lining – will the illegals will go home?
        America’s gonna get angry and rebel, especially if they see virus deaths staying low.
        We’ll be seeing Abundance of caution vs big lie arguments. And of course they’ll say Trump overreacted, caused the panic, and crashed the economy. 🙄

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        1. If they continue in their current trajectory, I’m talking establishing limits not virus, then deaths by riot and home invasion will far exceed anything this virus is capable of doing but of course CDC’s hands will be clean. I fully expect the President will provide a common sense talk to Governors as how to approach and use CDC guide lines. The onus will be on them. Governors should in turn pass that message down unfiltered to mayors if they are smart.

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  11. Personally, I think the CDC’s new guidelines are an attempt to damage the economy and here’s why.

    No where in CDC’s guide lines does it recommend wearing a mask to protect others. It does mention the 6 foot danger zone, but never recommends how that zone might be narrowed to a lesser distance to decrease spread. Here’s what they say when you click the link to social distancing

    “The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.
    The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.
    Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
    Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
    These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.”

    CDC guide lines only talk about wearing a mask to protect oneself, not others. Wrong way to think if they want to minimize spread. All their minimize spread recommendations deal with canceling events, sending people home, not gathering. Right now they allow for up to 50 people gathering. No mention of masks. When the reported numbers go up as we know they will, numbers that well could be exaggerated, will they next lower the number to say 10 and recommend stores and business’s to be closed next?

    Why not recommend a mask, or any face covering to protect others when the mask has the potential to narrow the 6 foot zone to a safe 2 feet or closer as long as it is blocking the major respiratory droplets from spreading into the air. You can watch any video in any hot zone and see masks are mandatory. Yet we can see many of the people are wearing cheap masks that would not be considered safe from letting the virus in. So why are masks mandatory. Simple answer is it protects others.

    Another thing the CDC does not mention is building up and maintaining a healthy constitution through a balanced diet or vitamin regimen. Not a whiff of it. Why not?

    Personally I’m looking at the CDC right now as wanting the virus to enjoy its life while its around why they appear to be doing the right thing, economics be damned and you can well guess the reason.

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