Deconstructing ChiNazi / Iranian / Fake News False Narratives About CoronaVirus and Reconstructing The Truth

Something REALLY stinks in China and Iran, and it’s not just the burning bodies.

The TIMELINES simply don’t add up. They are FALLING APART. And you know it’s REAL because somebody is racing to rescue it.

Facebook is now cracking down on “unapproved” posts about the CoronaVirus.

Yeah, Chinaberg. I can do the math.

There was a point, recently, where I found that I could explain a LOT MORE about COVID-19 by abandoning China’s version of events, and coming up with my own. Part of that was explaining my own SARS-like symptoms, from a definite Corona infection that I picked up in mid-January at an “Iran-connected” meeting. Of course, at THAT time, we knew nothing about Iran.

But how could that be? It doesn’t fit the TIMELINE.

Good thing I stayed out of nursing homes for two weeks, thanks to a 5-day induction period, and having seen the DEADLY GRAPH of COVID morbidity vs. age, but it was close. My friend Suspicious Cat may have saved a few old veterans.

vigilanti semper

I’m still not breathing right, by the way. THAT bugs me. It feels very “SARS”.

My wife and neighbor did well, but my neighbor’s wife was hit pretty hard. I think that she, like me, is an ex-smoker.

But it’s more than personal. Things just don’t add up – and I’m not just talking about the NUMBERS, which are OFF. The numbers are showing too many positives too fast in the wrong countries and specific people – meaning those who generally seem too “helpful” to China and Iran if they caught it.

Bolsonaro? Oh, as soon as I saw that near-hit, I realized that I could WRITE THAT OPERATION. The VECTOR DEFLECTOR on that one – oh – that was “too smart”. Y’all know what I’m sayin’? Oh, that was SLICK. I smell Chinese intelligence ALL OVER that.

No – it’s more than just the numbers.

The Chinese communists and the Iranians – poor victims? No. This doesn’t sniff right. Mass graves in Iran that are the BAD GUYS and not the INNOCENT GOOD GUYS? No. That doesn’t sniff right. Execution-style gunfire recorded by half-hidden phones in China, then disappearing from the Fake News here? No. That doesn’t sniff right.

Young doctors dying and disappearing in China? Hmmmm. Maybe there ARE explanations. Maybe these are the SAME duplicitous ChiComs and the SAME scheming Iranians we’ve always known – SNEAKY – LYING – FAKING – HOAXING – TRICKING – and Fake News is simply helping to sell ONE MORE SOCIALIST / GLOBALIST NARRATIVE.

YES. That’s where I am now. There is a NARRATIVE coming from China, Iran, and the Fake News, and I no longer buy it.

How do we know they weren’t political prisoners from recent uprisings?
With or without death by coronavirus?

I suppose we can thank Rod Rosenstein’s sister, Neutron Nancy, for her early attitude on testing, which OH SO UNFORTUNATELY hid any cases in the United States other than NARRATIVE cases involving cruise ships. And THANK YOU GAIL for that piece of the puzzle, because THAT really helped me see things. They wanted it here. And they wanted it to STICK.

Sorry, this is all bullshit.

And now – NOW – I’m hearing that I’m not the only author here who had a NASTY, NOVEL, RESPIRATORY DISEASE in December or January, where the only reason NOT to think it was probably COVID 19, is the CHINESE / IRANIAN / FAKE NEWS narrative timeline.

SIDEBAR: I am asking all people here who think they may have gotten COVID-19 outside of the Fake News timeline, including those who previously shared information, to please re-post a description of their experience HERE for it to be available to researchers who find this post. The more non-personal details provided, the better.

Wolf Moon 1776

It took ONE OR TWO PEOPLE here to start questioning the ChiCom narrative openly, and all of a sudden – BOOM – many of us who were PRIVATELY questioning it, start questioning it BIGLY and PUBLICLY.

NOW do you see why Mark Chinaberg is having an emergency over at Facebook? They have to shut this stuff down. And they CAN.

That is the beauty of socialist media. Just like China, they can shut it down. Just like 2016, they can support THE HOAX. They have complete control.

Well, too bad, Mark. WE’RE going to discuss it here. We need SKEPTICISM to figure out what’s going on.

SO – I am inviting everybody here to BE HONEST – spill it. What are your thoughts – your speculations – your theories – your questions – your ideas – your inspirations – your absolutes – your certainties – your uncertainties – your fears – your doubts – your revelations – your own experiences – EVERYTHING you think about the CHINESE / IRANIAN / FAKE NEWS narrative surrounding this virus, and what you think is REALLY going on.

Let’s brainstorm this stuff until ChiComs and Fake News Hoaxers are wetting their undies.



John Fink and James Coburn discuss case in a scene from the film ‘The Carey Treatment’, 1972. (Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images)

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        1. Here’s to a virtual G&T for ye… [I’m Smiley/emoji-impaired… help, bfly…] just think of a G&T in a glass, some (but not too much) ice, a slice of (no-insecticide or chemicals) lime, and Tanqueray No. Ten, along with the best tonic, with Schweppervescence to complete the ensemble. Shaken, not stirred 😎

          Makes me think of someone asking the Klintoons (or their minions)
          “Whose side are you on???”

          “The Arkancide”…

          RIP Seth Rich and at least 100 others… (Ron Brown, et. al.)…

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      1. A not so strange nor unethical possibility would be this: We have been attacked by a bio weapon. There seems to be some evidence that besides just the spread, that vectors may have been directed against our forces. This may just be vectors being fired back. Not to mention just about anyone can join in who have access to medical waste and knows how best to vector their target.

        Concerning the ethics, many consider war to be an ethical pursuit when absolutely required. Laws and conventions have outlawed bio weapons. But such rules normally go out the window when one side or the other violates those laws and conventions. The American response has always been no bio under any circumstance. If it is used against us we’ll basically nuke you. Someone broke the rules and was very sneaky about it. Result may well be this.

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          1. Yep. And Mafiosi Piglosi d’Alessandro Gambio, Speaker/Squeaker/Tweaker of the Soused of Representatives (of the DEEP STATE)…..

            “Take the guns. Poison the Cannoli”…

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  1. Now it all makes sense, Kimi came home from work in early January sick as a dog it was on a Friday and I will never forget she thought she was gonna die.
    I went 26 years without going to a dr I just dont do dr’s but when I got what Kimi brought home it hit me so damn hard I wanted to go to the dr. Kimi did run a fever and we thought just a bad virus, it was a very bad virus as we found out thru friends that our whole community had been deathly ill.
    My kidney pain is still here from time to time even after 2 weeks of taking cranberry pill supplements and drinking atleast a half gallon of water a day. We have a very good source of spring water that seeps out of our mountain so we drink alot of water.
    We will never know the truth as to what the CHICOMS have done but I know that threads like this one Wolf will shed light on it.

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      1. Wolf in my running conversation with Steve in Co. I speculate that we ALL have been exposed to this for QUITE some time, the reasons why it did not induce panic then, as it does now is it was mistaken early because 80% of those infected DO NOT show symptoms, or suffer MILD symptoms. I think MOST people got this, myself, wife, and family included, and our symptoms were so SIMILAR to a cold, the regular flu, or allergy related, therefore, most self medicated, waited it out, or were misdiagnosed by their doctors, who until recently did NOT know what covid 19 was, and had no tests available for it.

        Those people, myself included, probably unwittingly spread it FAR and WIDE, without knowing. Now the PTB are PUSHING the fear and hysteria to the Nth degree using doom and gloom “exponential” projections to scare the SHIT out of everyone, induce panic and over reaction, all with but ONE agenda, and it sure as hell was not the health and welfare of we the people.

        I speculate that we have ALREADY peaked, and that is why the numbers HERE are not matching the projections, nor will they EVER. We already passed it, most recovered without incident, and moved on. Unfortunately the MOST vulnerable, the elderly and those with underlying heath problems, are the 20% that are being used to hype this fear to stage 5.

        The facts that they used SMALL, CONTROLLED, samples of cruise ships and that ONE facility in Washington state as the IMPETUS for the projections, and the FEAR, VASTLY skews the numbers. Curiously, children and adolescents have a 1% or LESS instance of contracting this virus, while it is VASTLY dis proportionate, 20% to the elderly (70 plus), NO WAY this was from mother nature’s kitchen.

        one LAST coincidence I am sure, notice that TWO of the areas disproportionally affected just happen to have been hotbeds of protests against their oppresive governments (Hong Kong and Iran), those protests had to STOP due to quarantine, and curfew…now there were VAST amounts of unreported dead in Iran, too much “coincidence”.

        Want to take THAT farther? What TWO countries were recently SMASHED by Trump tariffs, and sanctions, say it isn’t so, China and Iran. Now factor in the “convenient” oil run recently….picture come into view? Also factor in that the dem primaries, with Ol Joe, are a DISASTER, got that off the front page too, and had the added perk of tanking the economy, AND getting Trump rallies cancelled.

        IMHO Wolf, we have ALL been had again, this was a multifaceted, complex, and CO ORDINATED systematic ATTACK. An attack on the US people DIRECTLY, our medical infrastructure, our FREEDOM of movement, our LEISURE times, our ECONOMY, and our state of well being, nothing like a good old pandemic to put us deplorables in our place. TOO convenient.

        This TOO will FAIL, and we will be STRONGER after it, the economy will bounce back BIGLY, we will move back QUICKLY critical supplies, supply lines, and medical manufacturing of those supplies..ALL from China. Then we will, having LEARNED our lesson, begin to depend LESS and LESS on China for our stuff, we will make MORE and MORE things HERE again. Buy American, MADE in America. This will backfire BIGLY, in the end.

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        1. I agree with ALL of that except the timing of the peak. I believe that the peak may still be coming and was carefully planned to take out Trump. I will explain my reasoning more fully.

          I believe that the Chinese have been interested in SARS as a weapon since the first outbreak in 2002-2003. I believe that since the public bat work in 2010-2018, they have concentrated on forms which INCLUDE the one we have seen here. I suspect that they have a RANGE of them, varying in properties, just like different organophosphorus nerve agents (nerve gases).

          The agent they are using here (SARS2/COVID-19) is actually one of the weaker ones, because it is designed to have CONTROLLABLE CRITICALITY.

          The criticality means that if you react to it wrong, you get a Three Mile Island propaganda event, or a Watergate, or a Northern Italy, or whatever. It’s a cunning and evil trick. Otherwise, it’s not that bad.

          Had Trump ignored this, to save the economy, the agent WOULD have been driven to critical in blue zones, under the cover of “Trump didn’t do anything”. Instead, Trump has used the Trump doctrine to assign responsibility to those blue zones, who are now on the hook for any criticalities which they allow.

          This point about controllable criticality is very important. It is why some things are useful for atomic bombs, and some things are NOT. It is actually a more general principle – a LIGHT SWITCH is a controllable criticality.

          This is not a pure hoax where everything is fake. It’s a BLOOD HOAX – real bodies, contrived event.

          This is designed to be a very FUNCTIONAL WEAPON – and when I say that, I mean a weapon in exactly the sense YOU are talking about – FEAR, SOCIAL MANIPULATION, ECONOMIC MANIPULATION, etc. are part and parcel of the WEAK biological effects.

          HOWEVER, those “weak” biological effects are not nil (I say, BREATHING THROUGH MY MOUTH, STILL….). Yeah, a lot of people just walked away from this. Not every 55+ victim will.

          Those biological effects can be DRIVEN TO CRITICAL, just like FIRES IN CALIFORNIA AND AUSTRALIA. And they can be driven to critical in a KEY portion of Trump’s base. ON PURPOSE.

          Notice DeWine stepping up at the STATE LEVEL now? This is a key response. Part of the plot was to use the high degree of federalization of disease disaster response in the United States to PIN THIS ON TRUMP. Increasing STATE responsibility is now key for enforcing the TRUMP DOCTRINE.

          Such a weapon will always favor the side with the pre-existing vaccine. The ruthless Chinese communists know this. This is true whether it’s a weak weapon for social manipulation, or a strong weapon to wipe out an enemy.

          The long-term side-effects of the CURRENT disease favor the socialists. They are releasing a weapon which KILLS OFF OLD PEOPLE. It’s Stalin in a bottle. Ruthless and efficient. Even if it permanently enters the biosphere, it’s a “good risk” to these people.

          We are not out of the woods. I believe this weapon can still be driven critical by the socialists for propaganda events, just like FIRES IN AUSTRALIA. Trump is doing the RIGHT THING.

          Now – about where the “peak” really is. My reading is that the ChiComs and CIA were having trouble figuring exactly how to time all this. How many incendiary bombs does it take to light Dresden on fire?

          We picked the lesser of the two evils – economic slowdown. They would have RATHER Trump tried to defend the economy. In that case, higher contagion would have allowed creation of MORE critical events, and the plotters would have had propaganda everywhere. It would have given them the ability to say “at what price Trump’s economic miracle?”

          These people are EVIL. Once you see what they tried to do to him, you realize – they wanted to KILL OLD VETS and PIN IT ON TRUMP.

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          1. Wolfie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You or Mrs. Wolfie….Ever get sick again……Ya better tell us!!!! WE PRAY ya WELL!!! We cannot afford to lose you in this battle!!!!🙏💖💖💖

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              1. Love you both!!! I just put a a lil prayer…. But the real Warriors gonna come thru like da Lions that they are!!!!💖

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    1. Rodney Short I had something about 2 weeks before Christmas . Out of the blue I got the chills went to bed could not get warm between a feather comforter a wool blanket and having sweat on in bed and sox and still was freezing. I did not take the temperature I am bad about that . I woke up soaked wet had a little runny nose nothing major but a cough I call hacking.
      My kidney hurt for about 3 weeks and I was so tired. Then I noticed bruising around my ankle and my legs were hurting if I walked or sat or slept made no difference. I was walking around in a fog.
      My cough lasted almost 5 weeks. I never smoked.
      I had gone no place prior to getting sick except a person installed the dishwasher. He came late 7:30 PM and looked tired and flushed my husband said. I wonder now if I bought something from him even though I ha not personal contact with him but he was at the counter where I prepare food.

      Fir the leg pain calves and ankle I finally ordered from Tommie Cooper compression leggings and a compression shirt and that helped with the pain.
      I have no heart problem, or high blood pressure no kidney problems either and never swollen ankles .
      I only have a mild slow case of slow thyroid I take meds for. I am very healthy for my age.

      There is something else that comes to mind I had a flue shot end of October. Doctor said it was a new shot for people over 65. The shot is supposed to be stronger and more protective.
      Is it truly more protective or is there something in it that works together with the Wuvirus?
      Who made he flue shot was it produced in the US or China? Now I am in conspiracy territory as my husband would say 🙂

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      1. By the way when I spoke to my scientific son about what I experienced 2 weeks before Christmas into January he ask “was a virus or bacterial?” He said ” that makes a difference how it is traded and if medicines work.” I wondered why he ask and assumed he would just say that I had he flue.
        Is the Huvirus both a flue and bacterial?
        I have a talk tonight with him.

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        1. A virus can’t be bacterial; it’d be like having a cabbage being a monkey. (Actually it’s even more “off” than that, as a virus isn’t even truly alive.)

          That said, as ozzy pointed out sometimes a bacterium takes advantage of someone’s weakened condition after, or even while, they’re fighting a virus. The victim can’t tell he’s fighting two different things at once or in sequence, though.

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      2. Wow my heels and ankles have been hurting and swollen for a few months now and just week I noticed on my right foot in my arch it turned black like the veins busted. I just figured this was due to my surgery on my right leg recently and I have been over doing it.
        My skin is scaly and like leather and feels like I stuck my leg into a bucket of fire ants, I leave this in Gods hands it’s all I can do…

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          1. They removed 11 clots with a laser Ozzy, it took over a year from the time my 2nd doctor recommended test.
            For one year I had an open would on my calf and had it bandaged, the tape destroyed my skin.
            I am hoping to have a follow up appointment this summer but am not gonna hold my breath on it because I leave it at the cross with God.
            I do know that I WILL not have my left leg done after the experience I had, this to shall pass.

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            1. Are you on blood thinners? Prevention is better than cure with clots. Open wound for a year sounds like a candidate for vaccum dressing and skin grafting. Stents in your arteries could also be a big help. Can’t tell more as I don’t have all the specifics but are you sure you are under the care of the right doctor/s

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              1. Currently I dont have a doctor he was forced out of the clinic because his political views were different than the office manager and her snoddy daughter. So far there has been no more swelling in my right leg so I am confident God will see me thru, we all live on borrowed time it’s all in the book of life.

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              2. Try to find someone before you need to. That way they can get up to speed on your history etc before shtf. It helped if you’ve got basic info

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              3. True story
                A flood was coming and an old man said he wasn’t evacuating.
                His neighbor offered him a lift out
                A rescue boat tried to persuade him
                Eventually a chopper showed up.
                To each he replied god will save me!
                When he drowned he got to heaven and confronted god.
                God retorted I sent your neighbour a boat and a chopper you fool

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        1. Rodney that is how I felt. I never have had leg problem vain problems . Yes under my ankle it looked as if a vain bursted or a bruise.
          Wal Mart has compression socks only $12 a pair and they also lubrikate your skin you might try if it helps.

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      3. Last November I was one of those that have the chills and fever for a couple of days even though i’d had the flu shot. Mostly drove my cat crazy since when I was hot i was throwing blankets on her, and when I was cold I was grabbing all the blankets that had been tossed.
        Joked with my doctor a few weeks later when I had an appointment for something else about the flu shot not working. Was informed that flu shot didn’t work for many in 2019 because there were two types. I could get a test to that might tell me if I’d had the other flu, but t might be too late.
        Yea my flu shot probably from China, oh well. Probably my daily meds are from China too-oh well.
        I give it all to God…But remember the following please

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  2. Please retweet this question. I’d like answers.

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      1. And there is a reason ethics drained like blood out of American science.


        China-controlled Fake Science still needs that kick in the ass and to be brought to heel.

        You either rule your dog, or your dog rules you.

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      1. I’ve been known to troll Pelosi, Schif, Schumer, and a few others. Usually bring followers along too
        Oh I do troll trump too with followers, especially when I get pissed at the trolls attacking him.

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  4. I don’t put much stock into him because of his connection to oprah winfrey


    Dr. Oz also explained that the virus is likely to have been in the US for months.

    Dr. Oz on Coronavirus: “This Has been Around. A Lot of People Had This and Didn’t Realize It. 80% of People Had Very Subtle Symptoms”

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    1. Excellent. And NOW we know why CHINA needed to STAGE their BAT SOUP BULLSHIT HOAX.

      China’s biowarfare virus got away from them – probably through Iranian testing on prisoners. So what do they do? WEAPONIZE AGAINST TRUMP.

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    2. Several years ago I saw an interview might have been British with Oprah. The topic was political and discrimination and it was under Obama’s time. Her answer to a question about changes do not remember the question She said concerning old American people” then they just have to die.” I never forget her cold face her eyes. I do not know what spirit she carries but is not Love.
      Now with the China virus I keep hearing her voice ” then they just have to die.” That was so revolting I never watched anything of hers again.

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      1. Oprah is a New Age Satanist.

        There is nothing good about her. And she is a soothsayer, to boot.

        The siren song of Satanism is sung through people like her…
        Marianne Williamson is yet another, as is Isabel Allende…

        There’s a book, “Blinded by the Light” (IIRC) about the siren song of the New Age.
        And the hell that the author(ess) went through. We have a friend who had a very
        similar experience. And the Satanists were after her and her family continuously,
        which is why she basically became a “new person”. Spells they cast, etc., are real,
        and most folks don’t realize or believe that.

        A new person in Christ, and a completely new, erm, existence.

        (and that’s all I’ll say about that)…

        Ephesians 6:10-18: IS NOT JOKE. PLEASE, PLEASE, TAKE HEED AND PRAY OVER IT!!!!!

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  5. wolfmoon1776
    Per the news conference going on now with Gov. DEWINE (R) and state medical authorities in OHIO, carried on 700WLW Cincinnati:
    Gov. stated that the FIRST CASE OF a Wuhan/SARS2 coronavirus-like illness was BACK IN OCTOBER IN ST. LOUIS, and a similar FIRST CASE showed up in PHILADELPHIA IN NOVEMBER. Difference is that St. Louis began recording these cases right away and Philadelphia didn’t.

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      1. Gail,
        I posted a screed below with a link to the CDC website, and it looks to me like a normal flu season…so far. However with all the hype, hysteria, fear, and panic being ginned up by the media, etc; any reporting now will be skewed because people will be more apt to go to the hospital in fear of Corona as opposed to actually having the CV. Most people I know don’t go running to the hospital when they get flu-like symptoms; they take some aspirin, NyQuil, and wait a few days to see if the symptoms start to decrease; if not they may call their primary who will prescribe an antibiotic; if it doesn’t get any better or gets worse after a few days, then their doctor may advise them to go to the hospital. Common sense has just been thrown out the window with all the fearmongering.

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        1. Remember that medical types are used to the hypochondriacs and screen them out. They are NOT going to report anyone without a fever and other symptoms.

          Actually you may see the exact OPPOSITE!

          People are going to be very scared to go anywhere near a hospital or clinic. I for one will give them a very wide berth at this point and have already told Hubby he is NOT going in for a blood test. (He is on blood thinners.) His Doctor agreed. We also canceled our dental appointment weeks ago.

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  6. These are VERY INTERESTING graphs from CDC if the ChiComs were weaponizing the also flu.

    We are talking epidemic level the last flu season.

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    1. This fits with family history. January 2018, EVERYBODY in my brother’s house – including my parents and another brother – went down with Influenza B, which is what I suspect we have this year.

      2011-12 was the year I was REALLY sick starting at Mardi Gras clear until Easter. Although, there was contact dermatitis with that that one of the dogs gave me.

      Christmas Eve 2015 went down with what one nephew had. Had laryngitis for a week, and took six weeks to get the full range back.

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  7. Three oddities here. Have thought about posting at times over past three or four weeks. Have felt like Corona visited one, two or three in my home. At the risk of TMI.

    I remember the exact date, because we started driving from south of Houston back to NV.
    – Dec 28 6 AM, I notice a sore throat coming on. commented to wife. She handed me throat lozenges we travel with. So, constant throat lozenges usually fixes onset of sore throats for me. By 5 PM BAD dry cough. Constant coughing. No temp, weakness, phlegm… Day two the same. Day three and four at times while coughing, I literally couldn’t cough, couldn’t even breath… Half dozen times from a dead sleep having to cough, couldn’t cough, couldn’t breath. Scared the hell out of wife and I. Have never had a cough where I couldn’t cough or difficulty breathing.
    – – Day five urgent care quack gave me antibiotics, an inhaler and sent me away. OK after that.
    – – Mid sixties, walk two to five miles daily. BP and cholesterol well under control. No health issues.

    Twelve year old Grandson. Tuesday after MLK holiday. High fever, dry cough, felt weak, said his body hurt, didn’t want to do anything. Weathered it a couple days. Day three fever broke. Day four fairly normal.
    ^^^ Has had typical coughs, colds, flu over the years. NOTHING like this. Has been in my home most of his life.

    A few days later…
    42 YO son, Dad to 12 YO above. Generally healthy. No daily meds or health issues. Rarely catches coughs, colds, flu…
    – Woke up fever, weak, body hurt all over. Day two and three the same. Day four vomiting blood. Had been past 24 hours. Had not told me. ER quacks checked him, CT lungs, blood work. Bronchial tube infection. Antibiotics and some other med. OK fine now.

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      1. It is. We did travel in separate cars. They departed Texas 27 Dec. I departed 28 Dec. There is a solid two weeks between my figuring I was better and grandson catching whatever he had. Don’t recall if he had symptoms earlier. Just the morning after MLK Day, he was hard down.

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  8. Seeing all this speculation about CV being with us for some time, some say back to the start of the flu season:
    If CV is sooo deadly……
    Why are we not seeing people dropping like dead flies all over the country if CV is so much worse.
    How do we know the difference between flu or CV symptoms.
    How do we know that those who died from the flu (since 10/5/2019) weren’t all or partially due to CV.
    Does it really matter if the cause of death was due to flu or CV; dead is dead.

    The point is, according to the CDC; “The number of flu hospitalizations estimated so far this season (2019-2020) is lower than end-of-season total hospitalization estimates for any season since CDC began making these estimates.” Check out this link.

    So to me it appears to be like a normal flu season; except for the over-the-top hysteria, panic, hoarding TP, hand sanitizers, and get rid of POTUS at any and all costs; including our livelihoods. Fuck them! I’m doing what I normally do; I’m not going to cower in fear like some little liberal, pussy, snowflake. Screw hibernating for the next month or two….it’s springtime and I’m gonna enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and warming weather. Now is the time to cheer on Global Warming, climate change, whatever those dumb fucks are calling it now.

    I think I’ll go have a beer, or two, or six, sitting on my deck watching the ducks and geese while the wife prepares dinner; then she’ll come out and join me with a fine margarita.

    You all come down now, ya hear! We’ll have some cold ones waiting for you…if you dare face the wrath of CV.

    Hell, I might even have me a few Coronas while I’m at it…I’ll stare down that MF’ing CV.

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    1. From the CDC

      P&I Mortality [Pneumonia & Influenza deaths]
      The percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza is 7.1%, below the epidemic threshold of 7.3%.

      Key Points

      Clinical laboratory data remain elevated but decreased for the fourth week in a row while ILI activity increased slightly. The largest increases in ILI activity occurred in areas of the country where COVID-19 is most prevalent. More people may be seeking care for respiratory illness than usual at this time.
      Nationally, influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses are now the most commonly reported influenza viruses this season. Previously, influenza B/Victoria viruses predominated nationally.

      Laboratory confirmed influenza associated hospitalization rates for the overall U.S. population remain moderate compared to recent seasons, but rates for children 0-4 years and adults 18-49 years are now the highest CDC has on record for these age groups, surpassing rates reported during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Hospitalization rates for school-aged children (5-17 years) are higher than any recent regular season but remain lower than rates experienced by this age group during the pandemic.

      Pneumonia and influenza mortality has been low, but 144 influenza-associated deaths in children have been reported so far this season. This number is higher for the same time period than in every season since reporting began in 2004-05, except for the 2009 pandemic.

      CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 36 million flu illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths from flu.

      Antiviral medications are an important adjunct to flu vaccine in the control of influenza. Almost all (>99%) of the influenza viruses tested this season are susceptible to the four FDA-approved influenza antiviral medications recommended for use in the U.S. this season…

      ▶️ Almost all (>99%) of the influenza viruses tested this season are susceptible to the four FDA-approved influenza antiviral medications recommended for use in the U.S. this season.◀️

      So WHY the elevated mortality rate given the antivirals are working??

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      1. I’m inclined to think, “WTF is that spike, if it’s the week between Christmas and New Years’ “…

        We (my family) had (I’m pretty much sure now) CV in that period, as have a number of posters here.

        If this is indeed bio-warfare, I hope and pray (and am certain) that measures are being taken to prevent, counter, and punish such things…

        I knew Chyyyynnnaaaa would be very upset at being squeezed; now, what I see is the Dragon eating the Panda (and Winnie), and the real monster that is China exposed for all to see.

        Let’s hope and pray that EVERYONE SEES THIS, and gets a clue, and responds with an appropriate, full, correct, and powerful response.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. That spike was around the 2018 mid term elections…. HMMMMmmmm

          I wonder if it could be why the conservatives, who tend to be older and more susceptible to flu, did not turn out to vote?

          Liked by 1 person

    2. I’ve looked at and posted that CDC flu chart multiple times. Am I supposed to believe the 370,000+ hospitalizations and 22,000+ estimated flu deaths are just “nothing to see here”? My husband keeps trying to tell me that it’s because CV is more contagious, or it lives longer on surfaces, or we’re in the over-65 high risk group. So we should just do the house arrest thing like NJ is prescribing, and wait it out. I keep bringing up 2009-10, with all those deaths and no crazy measures taken at all. I can’t shake the twilight zone feeling, something just isn’t right. It’s all just too convenient – crash the economy, bankrupt small businesses. Bewilder and break the spirit of the people – while seeing how quickly we will give up our personal freedom and fall in line. The left is out of ammo, and this is how far they’re willing to go. And they booted Trish Regan off Fox Business for saying it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup. This is 4GW attack by Chinese communism.

        “We can make you have a bad choice. You can’t ignore us. You have to deal with us. We are in control.”

        The way out of the room is straight through the Chinese soldier in the doorway. TRUTH is our weapon, and it will DESTROY THEM.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. THIS explains the lame brained Sham-Peach-Mint.

    It was never about impeaching President Trump, it was all about the magician diverting everyone’s attention!
    ESPECIALLY PRESIDENT TRUMP, while the Commies went stealth mode against the USA.

    Liked by 14 people

    1. I agree. These creeps were working with China. Nasty business. They must be desperate.

      The fact that Neutron Nancy worked to support the Chinese / Fake News “bat soup and cruise ship” narrative is pretty much the key to breaking this, IMO.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. It explains Why NastyNan sat on the Shampeachment for awhile…after rushing to get it voted on.

        Remember that?

        It’s like she was following a Timeline.

        There was a push-push-push to get the Shampeachment passed.
        Then…she sat on it for 30 days!

        Liked by 3 people

    2. Yes, Gail. They knew impeachment was going nowhere from the get go. THIS is the only scenario that makes sense.


    1. I think ^^this^^ is why Apple and Nike closed their stores so quickly.

      Had nothing to do with ‘public safety’.
      Their corporate legal departments are worried that they will get sued, if people get sick after buying their Chinese-made products.

      Products packaged in China could be contaminated with the virus.
      Or not.
      But it would be impossible to prove that they weren’t.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Epstein, Summers (Harvard), Gates, Nikolik (Gates+Biomatic Capital), and JPMorgan exec.

        George Church (Harvard), funded by Boris Nikolik’s Biomatic Capital, partners with Eric Schmidt to genetically modify pig organs for human transplant.

        What if Epstein’s “philanthropy ” and compromising beautiful minds retreats were a shake down for the transfer of technology? Does anyone believe that a child trafficer would be above espionage and treason?

        Only other question is whom was he working for? The highest bidder?

        Liked by 2 people

  10. Interesting stats from Washington on testing, cases and deaths. From what I can figure out 7764 people have been tested in Washington State with around 8% coming back positive. Trying to figure out what the criteria for the testing is but to it seems like they are maybe over testing a bit. Not sure how much the tests cost, but I bet its not cheap.
    Washington coronavirus death toll hits 42 among over 642 cases
    “Two new deaths were reported in King County Sunday, bringing the state total to 42 deaths and over 642 cases, health officials said…….Out of everyone who tested so far statewide, 7,122 came back with negative results.”

    As I asked in my post–Am I the only one seeing the correlation between the coronavirus map, homeless map and illegal population map?

    Liked by 6 people

          1. TY—It is really strange when you see a map and you think I’ve see that one before.
            Yea I’d see it, but not labeled as Coronavirus.

            Liked by 2 people

    1. What’s interesting there to me is that 8% infection rate. It means that there are a LOT of people who already had the disease, and they had the disease COUNTER to the Chinese / Fake News narrative of bat soup and cruise ships. This thing got here earlier, but it NEVER FLASHED.

      I repeat. What this tells me is that this virus will NOT “flash in the pan”. It burns like old-style black powder, not super-fast like modern smokeless powder. It allows control – putting it out, or driving it to explode.

      This is a MODERN BIOLOGICAL WEAPON which can be INTEGRATED into 4GW.

      I repeat.

      COVID-19 is a 4GW Biological Weapon

      Liked by 6 people

        1. The term is from William S. Lind, who the communists discredited precisely because he understood how they operate.

          We are experiencing a 4GW attack. USING our media, our TDS Dems, etc., etc., etc.

          But WE are 4GW, too, so WE are going to redirect this right back at Xi.

          Liked by 6 people

      1. OK I live less than 100 miles from Hanford and really not that far from one of the Chemical Depot Army Base that used to destroy the WWII chemical weapons. Did pretty well, and now….hmmmm

        Liked by 4 people

  11. Ground report from here in Montana.

    Went to coffee with a savvy friend this morning. SHE believes her FIL had the coronavirus late in December. She was seeing Facebook friends reporting the same this morning, and was amazed that we were all coming to the same conclusions at the same point in time.

    THEN, I saw my friend who was very sick in the same time frame I was, who is much older than me (she’s 68), and SHE now believes she had coronavirus! I had to bring it up, because she is liberal and didn’t want to say anything. BUT once I did, oh boy! She had a lot to say. She needed paper towels, the store was out, so I took her a roll of mine. She needed hand sanitizer for her car, so I helped her figure out how to make some with aloe and 91% alcohol.

    Let’s all keep spreading the word. Many older and liberal people are THINKING what we are thinking, but can’t or won’t say it out loud. Bring it up anywhere you can. The Great Awakening is now!

    The local school system sent out a notice today that they are closing. The panic has begun here, grocery shelves are empty. It’s nuts. I am all set, but I am not staying home. I went out for lunch, and I may do so again tomorrow! The other discussion this morning over coffee was our fear that they will crash our economy with this craziness. People are getting MAD about what is happening.

    We ARE winning, the Chi-Coms are going to be exposed! I just know it.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. A good time to support local businesses.

      Having almost certainly already had this virus, I’m not really bothered by going out, BUT my wife and I have also CLEARED OUR LIVES of all viruses by quarantining, and it’s pretty grand. I sleep with absolutely clear sinuses and nostrils. It feels amazing. No nothing. We’re utterly virus free. My wind isn’t back completely, but my lungs and passages are clear and feel great. Like Scott Adams says, it’s a great chance to get healthy.

      However, the EMPTY STORES are really beckoning. Think I may go on a shopping trip and ENJOY THE PEACE.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Well I went searching for something (ACE2 and Asians) based on something I saw early on and found this instead:

      Same point but from a different source. It looks like the Chinese shot themselves in the foot.

      What this guy is saying goes along with two of the studies I have read

      The Complexity of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Dengue Virus Infection (The second time around the disease kills.)

      Evaluation of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of SARS-CoV Infection in Rhesus Macaques Immunized with an Inactivated SARS-CoV Vaccine
      “Vaccine-induced enhancement of susceptibility to SARS-CoV has been documented.”
      TRANSLATED: The vaccine instead of protecting helps the virus kill you.

      More on the ACE2-Related Asian COVID-19 Susceptibility Hypothesis
      James Lyons-Weiler, PhD – 2/16/2020

      Why Is the Mortality Rate So Low Outside of China?

      The current mortality rate outside of China is very low, I estimate around 0.005%, compared to the 2.3% rate in China. Most if not all of the deaths outside of China have involved Chinese citizens who have traveled abroad.

      Current hypotheses include that a covert SARS vaccination program was included in the national mandatory vaccination program started on Dec 1, 2019 that happened to involve a secondary true outbreak of Coronavirus with secondary exposure. Under such conditions, the animal models clearly show that vaccination against SARS spike proteins lead to high rates of morbidity and mortality, especially in older mice. No children seem to be dying in China, consistent with them being excluded from a large-scale initial Phase II or Phase III trial. Mortality appears highest in Hubei and Wuhan as well. We know a Phase I trial against SARS was conducted with 120 people by Sinovac around 2007.

      Another possibility is that a vaccine used by the Chinese has weakened their response to an otherwise mild coronavirus infection. SARS 2 binding to ACE2 is weaker. Thimerosal inhibits ERAP1. Vaccination with aluminum hydroxide containing vaccines might induce autoimmunity in the lungs. All of these factors could play a role in making vaccinated individuals more susceptible.

      A third possibility is that people in that geographic region who had prior SARS infections might be less able to fight off SARS 2 simply due to original antigenic sin from infection. Toronto, Canada, take note.

      Either way, as SARS 2 spreads around the world, the medical community should begin to collect past medical exposure information while they collect information on contact w/people who recently traveled to China….

      The Iranians could very well have been vaccinated with the same vaccine the Chinese were using.

      Liked by 7 people

        1. Well, I am certainly NOT going to get any flu vaccines. I think I will stick with my just my decadal tetanus shots.

          Somewhere I read that once you start with the flu vaccines you are advised to continue because they do not provide the better immunity you get naturally.

          With the number of different kids we see all year long, we probably have very good immunity. 🙃

          Liked by 4 people

  12. Not sure where to put this, but why would anyone of any notoriety make this kind of statement
    WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin: There Will Be ‘Less Democrat’ Coronavirus Deaths

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Stupid idiot. She doesn’t even know the difference between “less” and “fewer”…

      Let alone the difference between truth and lies…

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Stupid idiot. She doesn’t even know the difference between “less” and “fewer”…

        Much fewer the difference between truth and lies…

        Fixed it to insert minimum levels of irony.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Remember the vaping hysteria last year? Vaping deaths were dominating the newscycle for months, and then it suddenly got memory-holed.

    Does that story connect to the coronavirus? Did the Trump Administration suddenly crack down on vaping because vaping was intended as a delivery device for the WuFlu?

    >Dank Vapes was the brand used by 56% of the hospitalized patients nationwide. Dank is not a licensed product coming from one business, it is empty packaging that can be ordered from Chinese internet sites. Illicit vaping cartridge makers can buy the empty packages and then fill them with whatever they choose.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I always thought it was odd that the Trump Administration’s biggest concern was vaping. Really? Out of everything that needs to be fixed, that’s what you’re cracking down on? Seemed Nanny State-ish.

        Well, future proves past. It was probably a National Security concern. And I can see how the Fake News would want headlines about lung infections in the news for weeks as psychological preparation for an incoming pandemic.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Interesting, though, that the white hats didn’t tip their hand in any way on China being connected to the problem. Did they know that China was elsewise making a move (corona) that would be the downfall of ALL their bullshit?

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Vitamin E acetate is an oil. Anyone who has vaped for any length of time knows you can’t vape oil. Very deadly. These were illegal THC cartridges sold to kids. Nothing to do with nicotine vaping.

            Liked by 2 people

    1. “Some of the brands cited by the CDC are sold in states with legalized marijuana. But counterfeits of those legitimate brands have flooded the market around the country, forcing some to redesign their packaging.”

      And we know where the counterfeits are made.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. GET READY: Ten new predictions covering what will happen in America over the next 12 weeks due to the coronavirus

    March 15, 2020
    by Mike Adams, Natural News

    Two days ago, Alex Jones called me, “The Oracle” on his show and the name sort of stuck. It turns out that when you run good mathematical projection models, you really can sort of “see the future” to the astonishment of many. In truth, I’m just running the numbers and reporting what the math tells me. There’s really no voodoo involved.

    That math, by the way, leads me to some rather sobering predictions and warnings that I will share with you here. I probably should have shared these two weeks ago, but nobody would have believed me then.

    I confess I’ve been holding back on reporting what I know will happen. We have a joke around here that I’ll share. We talk about the “Alex Jones model,” which is sort of the best case scenario as Alex is hoping this won’t be a disaster. Then there’s the “Mike Adams model” which is far more pessimistic, followed by the “Steve Quayle model” which is apocalyptic, and finally there’s the “Hal Turner” model which is basically the end of civilization. We call this the “spectrum of collapse,” and we always wonder where exactly we are on that spectrum.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


    Liked by 7 people

    1. Yeah, I think he’s WAY over-blowing it. I see a loss of credibility coming. He’s not giving Trump credit for what is happening right now. He’s not looking to larger data from Japan, Italy, and Korea to correct his mental models at a high level.

      He was right on Vegas 2-shooter, but he’s wrong here, IMO.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Yes, I think he missed the TRUMP EFFECT.

        Also as I said above, unlike the Chinese and ?Iranians? WE:
        1. Have much better sanitation
        2. Much cleaner air
        3. LESS crowding
        4. Less Smokers.

        I can certainly see this disease running through the homeless/drug addict population in some of the nasty DemonRats cities. However I think Scott Pressler singlehandedly has made a big difference.

        Liked by 8 people

  15. About that “dry cough”…and shortness of breath.

    I have learned that lung secretions can be sticky and globular, and are nearly impossible to cough up without help.

    The symptom of ‘shortness of breath’ often means that you have some secretion buildup in your lungs…and that is what is keeping you from being able to take deep breaths.
    That gluppy stuff is clogging up passages and taking up space.

    I am allergic to Mold Spores.
    Whenever I breathe them in, my lungs secrete fluids as a response.
    So I am very familiar with that ‘shortness of breath’ symptom, as a result of a buildup of those secretions.

    Guaifenesin thins those sticky, globular secretions and allows you to cough them up.

    Mucinex is a good source of Guaifenesin…but it is time-release, and sometimes you may want more immediate relief.
    The generic versions of Guaifenesin are not time-release, usually.
    They dissolve quickly and will go right to work.
    I use both.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. It’s good to have some on hand.

        You can be free of congestion in your nose, etc…but still have lingering glup in your lungs, causing shortness of breath.

        A ‘dry cough’ often means your body is trying to cough up that stuff, but it’s too sticky cough up.

        The Guaifenesin liquifies it, loosens it, breaks it loose so it can be coughed up.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. My take on mucinex is — I liked it before it got all fancy. It was a pure maxi-hit of the guaf. It took hours and hours and hours of a tickle/nuisance cough, and turned it into about two minutes of serious coughing and then hocking up a wad of crud. Now there’s mucinex overnight and DM and too many flavors and options. The original was like a hammer — it wasn’t great about shaping things into curves, but it did really well at giving something a whack.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Use the generic Tussin… And think of me, I did the pilot studies on the stuff. 😋

          Sometimes you have to do a bit of a search to find the Guaifenesin without the Dextromethorphan (DM) cough suppressant.

          Liked by 5 people

        1. Thanks! Don’t worry – everything medical is under control! The quarantine is REALLY helping me a lot, because I’m now getting NO VIRUSES whatsoever. My breathing hasn’t been this clear in YEARS. I don’t want to catch this stuff again – a second bout might actually be worse. My lungs are not back to 100% for sure, but they’re good enough I’m not worried. Nevertheless, ALL PRAYERS are always appreciated!!! ❤

          Liked by 2 people

          1. We need you, Wolfie. Serious. So take care. Really glad to hear you’re doing well. Prayers will continue.

            I’m pretty sure I have the WuFlu. I’ve had it about a week. I was worried because I have one of the risk factors, but I did some research and one doctor said if it was well controlled it wasn’t so much of a risk, so that was good news.

            But it is a very odd “sickness.” It’s not like a cold, or flu, or a sinus infection, or seasonal allergies, or pneumonia. I’ve had all those, and this ain’t it.

            My symptoms are minor. Sore throat. Dry cough. Tight chest. Really tired. Falling asleep sitting up tired. Some chills and headache but by the time I checked my temperature, nothing. Started doubling up on the Vitamin C as soon as I realized I had symptoms. It doesn’t get worse… just hasn’t gone away.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Yes – that sounds like it. Very much like what both my wife and I had. Keep taking the C – you don’t need much – but it REALLY helps – at least 500 mg twice daily. Don’t skip it – every day & especially at night. It helps with the shortness of breath.

              Get plenty of bed rest.

              I was not back to where I felt I was really DONE with it and non-infective for 2 weeks after symptoms began. The total course was almost 3 weeks.

              this is off the top of my head

              0-5 days asymptomatic
              6 faint-headed – began
              7-9 in bed mostly
              10-14 bed, sitting
              15-19 some time outside, quarantined
              20-28 limited possible exposure to others

              I noticed more shortness of breath in the second week of it, but never enough that I felt I needed to see a doctor or go to the hospital, but I kept an eye on it.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Thanks for sharing your story. It helps put my own symptoms in perspective.

                I am reluctant to get tested. I don’t go anywhere now. I particularly don’t want to go and be around sick people. And I actually don’t see the point. I don’t need a test. And at this point I don’t think I need medical treatment. I’ve got all the usual OTC medical preparations if needed.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. Exactly. Don’t trust a test anyway. Stay away from the doc unless you have to get help. Quarantine, take care of yourself, and get better. Act as if you have it – that is very important to stop the spread. I am so glad that I assumed I had it. SO GLAD. It kept me out of that nursing home.

                Liked by 2 people

    1. Wheatie, a doctor I consult with says that this stickiness is the build up of biofilms that can protect the pathogens from your immune system’s actions.

      You can take an enzyme blend call MucoStop to get IMMEDIATE dissolving of these sticky secretions. Serrapeptase also works well. I like another blend call Enzyme Defense for this.

      Some years ago I took fast acting guaifenisen around the clock daily. It was great but it also seemed to weaken the body’s ability to develop the matrix for connective tissue. In my case this lead to a hernia. I looked into the research and yes, that has happened, but only when taken over a long period. So now I stick to the enzymes.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Thanks, T*3, that’s good to know.
        Whatever works best for you.
        I will check into those as an alternative.

        My doctor has cautioned me about letting the glup build up…because it leads to an infection, if not cleared out.

        Liked by 5 people

    2. Guaifenesin is my go to for the exact same reason.
      I am VERY Allergic to mold. Darn stuff flipped me into being an asthmatic a few years ago. I had to rip out the carpet to finally get rid of the problem.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Mold is a killer. Thyme EO product used commercially for mitigation:

        You can also use ozone machines but you have to clear out the entire house of all breathing things including plants. Ozone is great for getting into walls and hard to reach places though.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Everything living except us is OUTSIDE. I used to have over 100 house plants when I lived in an apartment. Now I have 100+ acres of plants and animals. 😍

          Thanks for the tip, I will take it!

          Liked by 5 people

  16. kinthenorthwest just posted this:


    Guess what Obama and the CDC have been letting into this country DESPITE IMMIGRATION LAWS?


    July 2, 2014Government to Doctors: Mention Illegal Aliens’ Diseases, Go to Jail

    Obama’s illegals bring disease to America’s children
    Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera said that diseased illegals were being dumped at various areas around the country…..

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Very scary—back when the train kids first started Border Patrol was saying a lot of them were sick, and not just common colds and such.

      Liked by 4 people

  17. I hesitate to even leave this here, but……we are the few, the proud, the qtreepers….

    Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend rumor — US armed forces to be deployed in next few days to lock down the country for two weeks. Source is in Liberal Delusionland, San Francisco Bay Area.

    Possible grain of truth — sanctuary cities? Especially considering that Gov Gruesome is planning on housing the homeless in hotels left vacant by tourism crash?

    My reaction was, “oh, how interesting…..”

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Could be targeting Sanctuary Cities with a high homeless problem.

      This could be the ideal excuse for cleaning out the problem.
      Round them up.
      If illegal DEPORT.
      If on Drugs go to rehabilitation.
      If mentally ill go for evaluation and treatment.
      If they are ill treat them.

      The liberals will be in a major catch 22 after hyping this virus to the hilt. Any screaming about ‘rights’ will sound idiotic.

      Also the illegals are going to make a mad dash for the border BEFORE ELECTION. 😋

      Liked by 5 people

      1. That’s sort of what I was thinking. Maybe nip a few officials for “quarantine” in “approved Federal facilities” — like the witch that alerted all the illegals about imminent raids.

        Liked by 3 people

      1. Each pull of a slot machine handle is two dates with Lady Luck — one for the monetary wager, and the other for the coronavirus on the handle…..

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Can we TRUST the CDC to give us ACCURATE DATA????

    After the crap they pulled with the food borne illnesses to cover-up the increase caused by moving to HACCP (Industry instead of USDA inspection) I am not so sure…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Not so sure.

      Neutron Nancy misled them on testing – misled the nation on WHO to test – so as to hide the fact that the illness was already spreading well ahead of the cruise line refugees and “foreign travel” crowd.

      Not sure everybody there can be trusted.

      Frankly, I trust several state agencies not to have DS spuds gunking up the works.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. That’s easy — NO.

      They keep wanting to do epidemiological studies of handguns. They continue to employ Neutron Nancy, Rod’s sister. They have less understanding of disease control than a Roman Centurion @ 60 BC. They’re infested with SES. They always want more money and produce fewer and fewer useful results. They’ve become too politicized, less competent, more entitled, and increasingly disconnected from reality.

      That works in most of government — these guys are supposed to be our guardians against Plague — one of the Four Horsemen of the Apolcalypse. These guys should be the Special Forces of our Medical Cadre…..and they keep trying to be the Keystone of our Kops.

      Liked by 6 people

    1. Good. This is blowing up big-time.

      If the MILITARY or somebody other than CDC can develop a really reliable detection of who has had the disease and a system of determining when they had it, then these results will automatically create a framework within which we can ask WHY CDC did or didn’t do WHAT WHEN. We can also ask how the disease really got here and moved around.

      It will demolish the entire corona coup.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. “We can also ask how the disease really got here and moved around.”


        This is important…lest the ChiComs will use anything they can, to blame this on the US.

        I think this was a sneak attack.
        The ChiComs released it here in 2019 and then made a point of releasing it on their own people to provide cover for themselves…and cause a panic.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Genetic markers could be used to determine which variation of mutations each person s carrying. Real scientists would know how to work back from those data points.

        BUT who s going to trust their samples to the DS?

        Liked by 6 people

  19. As I said in Tweet it has only just begun
    Gov. Inslee to shut down restaurants and bars
    “Given the explosion of COVID-19 in our state and globally, I will sign a statewide emergency proclamation tomorrow to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.

    “Restaurants will be allowed to provide take-out and delivery services but no in-person dining will be permitted.

    “The ban will not apply to grocery stores and pharmacies. Other retail outlets will have reduced occupancy.

    “Additionally, all gatherings with over 50 participants are prohibited and all gatherings under 50 participants are prohibited unless previously announced criteria for public health and social distancing are met.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Governor Nuisance has decreed that all bars, nightclubs, brewpubs, and wineries are “non-essential” and recommends they be closed.

      He morphed into Carrie Nation so rapidly we scarcely noticed.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Oh California and Oregon are following suit. Ore is considering a curfew. DAMN
        Oregon Gov. Brown weighs curfew, shutting bars/restaurants in fight against coronavirus

        California governor calls for closure of all bars, wineries amid coronavirus crisis

        Liked by 3 people

    1. I wonder how many of that 16.6% over 80 are “deaths-deaths” and how many are deaths from triage.

      And how many 30- to 40-year-old doctors are globalists.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I understand that they are only taking care of the younger ones due to lack of medicines and space.
      On top of that it seems that belonging to the European Union was not much help, for other European nations did not respond to Italy’s call for help.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Ok another give me a break!!! do know NY has

    National Guard activated to combat coronavirus spread in six states, more to follow
    The governors of Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, New York, Rhode Island and Washington have all activated components of their Army and Air National Guard. Guardsmen in California and Maryland are also expected to join their states’ efforts today.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Now that I am home, I’d like to research the college loan payoffs that he wrote about. There are like Billions, maybe a Trillion or more of college loans out there.
        If there were paid off, what about the people that worked their way through college not using loans or the ones that just finally paid their loads.

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