Scott Adams Plus Nine – Ten People to Watch To Get Ahead of Media-Promoted Corona Insanity

Scott Adams was RIGHT about Trump. And he will be proven RIGHT about Corona. Follow him, if you don’t want to get lost in the hype and the madness.

1 – Scott Adams

Right now, many people are suffering grave confusion about the corona virus. They are NOT exhibiting what I now believe would be calm, constructive, aware, and SURVIVAL-BOUND [for everybody] patterns of thinking. They are in fact headed for trouble of their own making.

If not trouble for themselves, then trouble for others.

Many of you should prepare to be pissed off by what I say next.

At the one end, of what I regard as “wrong on corona”, are people who say “it’s all a hoax” – typically from the comfort of an age group that is unlikely or less likely to die. Yeah, they’re right – there IS a lot of bullshit here – TOTALLY ADMITTING THAT – and the enemies of Trump are pushing that bullshit hard. But remember – the SNEAKIER weapon than a purely disinformative pimping of a normal virus, is an ACTUAL BAD VIRUS, because then it can be weaponized for ALL KINDS OF ERROR.

Too much response. Too little response. Or just WRONG RESPONSE.

But yes, there are still some who believe corona is a COMPLETE hoax – that the whole world has turned a 100% nothingburger into a 100% fake “impossibleburger”. For them it is ALL a hoax. They will believe nothing else. They will FIGHT YOU over even the strongest and most scientific indication that there is a real virus that kills people of some age – of ANY age – more strongly than a normal bad flu. They are RELIGIOUSLY opposed to believing this thing has ANY reality. They are reactive to any argument, almost to the extent that shills are reactive to any argument.

My advice? Walk away – stay away – don’t invite them anywhere near you or those you love. Such people are not going to give a shit when they accidentally kill you or your parents in assisted living. They may be nice people, but they are dangerously myopic, and you cannot afford to be around such people right now. The accidentally infective are bad enough. The willfully infective are an unnecessary risk.

At the other end, are the people who think we’re all gonna die. These people are simply wrong. They – like the “no danger” crowd – are a RISK.

Watch this entire clip for maximum benefit.

Notice how only TWO PEOPLE are thinking AHEAD here – (1) the woman who understands the math and science of momentum, and (2) the child who understands animal behavior from experience.

Others are acting SMART, for the most part, but only two are THINKING AHEAD in a CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER when CRISIS HITS.

Yeah, it’s just a movie, but we relate to it because we see this stuff all the time. The reason I am here with you right now, is because I directed people how to apply first aid to ME when I could not. COOL HEADS SURVIVE.

So where are MOST OF US on the coronavirus?

Most of us are in the middle, where we are over-reacting in some ways, under-reacting in others, and generally located somewhere on the first 4 stages of THIS CURVE:

So how did I survive that crisis where I, the victim, was the only person who knew first aid?

One of the FIRST THINGS that I do in (1) a crisis, or (2) betting on horses, is to FIGURE OUT QUICKLY WHO KNOWS THEIR SHIT.

Who is calling the shots beforehand and getting it right?

Scott Adams was one of the first and best “Trump Whisperers” and “Trumpsplainers”. He demonstrated a powerful ability to help us make sense of Trump’s weird election magic, during 2015 and 2016. As Adams explained, Trump is one of the greatest “persuaders” of all time.

If you followed Scott on Trump, which generally meant following Scott on Twitter or his own website, then you know what I’m talking about.

Let me tell you right now – following Scott Adams on the coronavirus will be one of the BEST moves you ever made in your life.

Turns out I was almost following Scott’s plan, but not quite. I had the [physical world] social isolation stuff down, but not all of the other stuff as good as it could be.

Calming, isn’t it?

This guy knows his shit. He’s very persuasive, just like Trump, because he knows how AWESOME a weapon TRUTH is.

Do yourself a favor and follow him.

NOW – time to show you nine other people who are very good follows on Twitter, to stay ahead of things. One or two tweets from each.


2 – John Carlos Baez – physicist

John Baez is a very no-nonsense guy. He doesn’t suffer crackpots, and he’s even brusque and unfriendly toward “woo woo” physics types when they pull out the antimatter drive. Much of the time, his lack of diplomacy about saying what needs to be said annoys me, being that I am more of an eye-roll comforter and interpreter of crackpots. However, right now, we need a BITCHSLAP, and Baez is the guy to deliver it.


This tweet is simply IMPORTANT.

Even his retweets are important.

Yeah, take a look at that graph…..

Or how about THIS RETWEET?

‘Nuff said. You *MIGHT* want to follow this guy.

3 – President Donald Trump (uncensored)

This account goes without saying, but let me clue people in on some things.

Remember THIS most of all…..


The Progzis hate this, but it’s true. So bear it in mind like a weapon – like a cheater pipe that gives you MOAR from every Trump tweet.

Trump is the ZEN CENTER. Watch and learn.


Follow POTUS – on his “unofficial” account, realDonaldTrump. It’s one of his best avenues of communication outside of rallies.

4 – (Andrew Torba)

Yeah, don’t think for a moment that I’m not capable of CYNICALLY SYMPATHIZING with the two extremes I just dissed. I just do so from the position of STARK REALISM that both are right on some mutually exclusive things, so they can’t both be right on all things.

Andrew Torba and Gab have been kicked to the curb by so many dupes, foils, useful idiots, and controlled opposition groups – to say nothing of the very ENEMIES of those groups – that they have vision through complexities that most people don’t even begin to see as PRESENT.

So yeah – Torba sees right into the UNSPEAKABLE REALITIES of CORONAVIRUS.

I only suggest following him if you can HANDLE him, and – quite frankly – most cannot. However, viewpoints like Torba’s are actually a form of vaccination against many mental pathologies such as PC, so I really recommend following him if you can even BARELY STAND him.

My prediction? You will eventually admire him – even if at a distance.

5 – The Last Refuge (Sundance)

If you’re HERE, then you know why you probably need to be following SD on Twitter.


Part of being a survivor is TRULY getting over lingering animosities. This allows you to THINK CLEARLY.

LOGICAL THINKING. You should be paying attention to Sundance right now. It’s LOGICAL.

At the very least, you can watch Sundance educate people on all the things they need educating on.

6 – Sharyl Attkisson – real journalist

You can really tell a lot about a journalist by whether the FAKE NEWS turns against them. This kind of brutal honesty is why the Fake News will do it.

Sharyl, in my opinion, has been one of the BRAVEST and most independent voices in medical reporting EVER. In my opinion you cannot be getting the complete picture without getting her take on things.

Sharyl is BRAVE enough to take positions that not only take heat, but are enough to get her into trouble.

Very few people do this. Sharyl is one of them.

I strongly suggest following her, because if something comes out of left field, she will spot it.

7 – Jack Posobiec – journalist / operative

Yeah, you may be wise to the fact that Jack Posobiec is some kind of mystery shill, behind his journalism gig, but I DON’T CARE – you will get the good stuff from him, even when he’s in “DISINFO MODE”, and in that event you just reinterpret him.

Right now, you will get a lot of good stuff. Stick with him.

And besides – I just have to love the way this guy trolls the PC buttheads. Enjoy some Posobiec!

8 – Rich Higgins – intelligence analyst

This is the guy who spotted how the Democrats and Deep State were weaponizing the red-green axis to try to get rid of President Donald Trump. He warned Trump, was discovered by globalist dupe General McMaster, and was fired. This says it all, right there.

Rich isn’t afraid to take on the shills and carnival barkers of the left, and he does so with absolute glee.

You NEED this guy, to watch KARMA descend on the politicizing, corrupt, incompetent Soviet Democrats, and their FAKE NEWS machine.

9 – Bill Mitchell – MAGA anti-HYPE WARRIOR

Nobody is doing a better job of fighting the weaponized, anti-Trump, anti-MAGA, Fake News CHEERLEADERS OF DOOM, than our Trump “braggist” Bill Mitchell.

This guy is a wonderful man and he is CALMING PEOPLE DOWN. Yeah, he’s technically over-calming on the elderly, but that is a small-potatoes sin in my book. There are so many who are hyping it up big, and so few who are 95% right like this guy, so I have to support the 95% right.

You can feel free to talk back gently and respectfully to Bill – he WILL NOT BAN YOU! So GET IN THE CONVERSATION! Follow Bill Mitchell.

10 – OUR DAUGHN!!!

You’ve been following Daughn’s articles here, but THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. Before those articles happen, she is out on Twitter interacting with all the big names and FIGURING OUT WHAT’S NEXT…..


Fighting with liberals and defenders of Deep State and THE HOAX…..

Not afraid to take on WAKE UP MAGGIE and a whole assortment of VILLAINS….

Come on, people! Get out there with Daughn and FIGHT!!!

SO – there you have it.

TEN people on Twitter who can get you seeing WHAT’S HYPE and WHAT’S NOT.

People who can get you worried about OTHERS and not YOURSELVES.




290 thoughts on “Scott Adams Plus Nine – Ten People to Watch To Get Ahead of Media-Promoted Corona Insanity

  1. I hope this is ok to post this in this thread.

    “George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!
    – Shawn Paul Melville
    February 11, 2020

    As drug manufacturers speed up their efforts to find a new treatment drug for the coronavirus outbreak that has devastated China and has caused a world-wide panic, a Chinese drug company just announced that it has started mass-producing an experimental drug from Gilead Sciences that has the potential to fight the novel coronavirus (1).

    BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology, a Suzhou based company (2), just announced that it has developed the technology to synthesize the active pharmaceutical ingredients of Remdesivir, the drug developed by Gilead Biosciences. Its stock price surged 20% in Tuesday morning trading in Shanghai (1).

    “While BrightGene said that it intends to license the drug from Gilead, its move to start manufacturing at this early stage is highly unusual and a potential infringement of the American company’s intellectual property.“(1) This comes a week after Chinese researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology filed an application to patent Gilead’s drug Remdesivir to treat the new coronavirus, a bid that would give China leverage over the global use of the therapy to fight the outbreak (1)(3)(4).


    “UNITAID is the UN and this is bio-warfare, where they control the drugs. China did not steal Gilead’s patent; Gilead was a willing participant, they are even working with the Chinese government on clinical trials. The question remains, how will this impact western nations that are excluded from the acquisition of lower-priced treatment drugs? Will our economies be held hostage to Chinese imperialism? And has the coronavirus outbreak been the vehicle for George Soros, Bill Gates, and the United Nations to implement the New World Order? It sure look’s like it! Checkmate!”

    Liked by 5 people

            1. Does our VSGPDJT know this? I imagine he does, and there hopefully will be a huge sting on the perps.

              This actually seems to go hand in hand with a previous article I posted, I think yesterday or day before, re Soros’ and Gates’ involvement and the need to classify this as a pandemic.
              Am wondering, perhaps wrongly, about the CDC guy and test kits being unavailable.

              A relative treats heart patients and was complaining about no test kits. CDC knew about this for quite some time.

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              1. Our VSG is way ahead on all this stuff, and he was aware of the Gates stuff long ago, I’m sure. Now the specific connections of Gates to this whole incident in Wuhan started crystallizing IN THE PUBLIC over the last month, maybe just a bit earlier, but starting mostly with that article, dated Feb 11. I’ve been hearing Gates’ name a LOT in the last few weeks, so I think that article really stirred things up.

                Gail’s theory that Radium Rod’s sister, Neutron Nancy of SES fame, is part of the plot, gets a lot of traction with me. I seriously believe they were trying to give POTUS every opportunity to “save the economy for the election”, so that he could then be blamed for everything about Corona – waited too long, incompetent, etc., and of course the economy tanks ANYWAY when we FINALLY get a Northern Italy situation, with the virus taking a strong toll of TRUMP VOTERS.

                It’s like Nixon. Another set-up of a Republican. The Soviet Dems just do this stuff.

                So it was ALL about setting up Trump, but they all have to make money on it – right? Just like 9/11. In 9/11, it LOOKS like a gift to Bush, but it’s really a gift of DEEP STATE to ITSELF. Only this time, Deep State is more obviously in bed with China, who is also desperate to take out Trump.

                You see, they didn’t want to test here, because I think we were already getting stoked with SARS variants. So they kept a NARRATIVE up – a misleading narrative – that needed an actual outbreak IN CHINA, as a form of MISDIRECTION.

                Oh, Gail is right. The LACK OF TESTING was designed to keep us BLIND to the set-up.

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              2. Yup. I’m sure there were plausible reasons not to test quickly – lots of plausible reasons – that’s how these set-ups work.

                Don’t distrust all of CDC. I think that Fauci guy sounds like a straight arrow. Even the coupists will sound plausibly professional, but they will try to give Trump enough SLACK in the rope to HANG HIMSELF.

                Interesting times!

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              3. Gotta pray harder than ever for PT. He’s surrounded, and he sounds a bit tired. The man goes at superhuman speed.

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            2. yes we do No church on Sunday for most…damn too many freedoms gone…but church to many even me is my solitude . so they take it away plus many other things
              Theater sports and etc fine, but church is staple for so many..

              Liked by 1 person

              1. That would be fantastic…I would go for that.
                Still it is nothing like being with the people that you consider your family. Some of the churches wanted to have some small home group meetings but realized that still might create other issues.
                Church did send out memo for all of us to email if there were things we needed, and they were send out a daily need list.


              2. That would be fantastic…I would go for that.
                Still it is nothing like being with the people that you consider your family. Some of the churches wanted to have some small home group meetings but realized that still might create other issues.
                Church did send out memo for all of us to email if there were things we needed, and they were send out a daily need list.
                Do you know the time, station or is it youtube or ??


        1. There was a news item that disappeared quickly this week. Seattle area flu testing LAST YEAR for a scientific study had swabs from approx 4,000 patients. Tests were done early in flu season and then later. Participants only gave permission for flu testing.

          BUT … the scientists running the study decided after CV became an issue to run CV tests on swabs–because, ethical thing to do– AND found positives … BUT someone SHUT that DOWN –because, UH OH…

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      1. Here is an ARCHIVE of that article:

        OK. It’s time to force these bastards against the WALL.

        I think it’s time to DEMAND that CHINA destroy the WUHAN facility under international observation. And before it is destroyed, international investigators need to remove all data and evidence.


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      2. Oh, if there was ANY doubt why Bill Gates had to step down, it’s GONE.

        That BASTARD.

        This article came out Feb. 11. One month later, Microsoft knows that VIRUS KING is TOXIC AS HELL.

        Hilarious. China threw both Gates and Soros into the FIRE to try to bring down Trump.

        Good grief, may that trio ROT.

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    1. OMG – the CLINTONS are involved in this crap, too!!!

      “One billionaire investor behind UNITAID is George Soros himself (29). But why stop there? UNITAID is also financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and also involves a partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) (30)(31). And interestingly enough both UNITAID and Gilead Biosciences supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 (32)(33).”

      Oh, these evil people need to BURN IN HELL.

      We should have KNOWN that in ANY ATTEMPT to TAKE OUT TRUMP, they would PROFIT just like all these other plans of theirs.


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        1. Was there ever a doubt that this was a Virus was not a planned epidemic?
          I still feel they wanted to take out POTUS. Why was the virus conditioned to kill older people?
          We will win and have our own flu shot. Bring the meds back home and companies who do not abide put them out of business. We have creative people here.
          One thing for sure we see the criminals who were in our government and admirers business people. Soro’s and his gang will pay.
          Where does Pelosy fit in and Biden? This criminal gang is a bigger web. This is only the iceberg.
          Did they try to give POTUS the flu?

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Hey at first I was like come on guys….it is not the Democrats
            Within a day or two of looking at stats, especially in China with the screwiest medical care. I was like damn.
            Then just take a look at the states screaming the most.
            Stats just don’t add up at all and most states screaming the most for monies are the ones that were losing Federal funds due to having too many sanctuary cities or being sanctuary states.

            It is now middle of March, Virus has pretty much subsided in China.
            Virus has been around 5 months, so far over 3 Million cases of the flu have been confirmed just in America, along with over 7,000 people dying from the flue
            However, in that same 5-month period “Worldwide, roughly 133,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed to date, according to the WHO. Of those cases, 80,981 are in China, where 3,173 people have died from the illness. Outside of China, COVID-19 has been confirmed in 122 other countries, territories, and areas affecting nearly 52,000 people—1,774 of whom have died?
            Oh damn did you realize that your chances of dying in a car wreck on your way to stock up on your TP is like 100 times higher than you getting corona virus
            Here’s How Many Cases of Coronavirus There Are Worldwide Right Now

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            1. In my opinion, what we are seeing is a virus that – if society reacts to it properly – becomes a threat mostly to old people, smokers, etc., and is entirely manageable. However, if you are unprepared for it, it can scare the hell out of a country and cause a huge panic.

              It’s now a TOOL – a social tool of the Chinese socialists. And a tool of the DEMS.

              We have to RIP IT from their hands.

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              1. I don’t think the media realizes that:

                (a) they are actually driving a STAKE through the heart of their masters, and

                (b) there is no walking this back

                They’re cancelling church services, ball games – everything. And it WILL WORK – this virus will go down. But ALL THIS STUFF will be on THEIR HEADS.

                Oh, and the best part. They don’t make the money on the drugs like they planned, because basic quarantine nukes the virus, and they don’t get the MASSIVE epidemic they wanted to treat with the drugs.

                KARMA, BITCHEZ. KARMA.

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              2. What I found strange is the number of people that did not realize how much of our medical supplies and medicines come from China

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              3. we are screwed I do believe….Hey I may be wrong…but do believe the actions taken are way overboard. H3LL the disease has pretty much subsided in China…

                Liked by 1 person

              4. It subsided in China – as it did in Japan and South Korea – because of DRASTIC ACTIONS TAKEN SOON.

                It will subside here for the same reason. Trump did the ABSOLUTE RIGHT THING.

                LOGICAL THINKING.

                It was worse in China because – well – the plausible reason is because the ChiComs waited to try to cover it up.

                That is COVER.

                The real reason they waited was to give the global epidemic a head start so that they could GENERATE COVER FOR OVERSEAS ACTIONS.

                Also, to cover for the Iranians.

                The Iranians, who provided PRISONERS FOR EXPERIMENTATION, which also needed cover.

                Why did the Iranians need that cover?

                Because the experiments needed R0 values – not just individual death values. They needed HERDS of prisoners to test CONTAGION.

                Dissidents from the last uprisings.

                And then they covered THAT up with the general prison release, so “nobody knows where anybody is”.

                It’s all becoming quite clear to me what has been going on.

                Communists and radical Islamists are acting like they ALWAYS DID. This is maximum self-hoaxing. They made themselves victims to escape blame.

                This is JUSSIE WITH BODIES.


              5. yuck—well if you look at China though–it really was not that bad…We need to keep reminding ourselve that they have more than 4 times as many people as we do.
                Number of cases was like .0000001%
                Right now I just don’t like the way the left and media are using it…
                So pissed at people in washington/oregon who can’t put their Trump hate away for just a few minutes.
                KEPR posted that “Trump declares Sunday, March 15 a National Day of Prayer amid coronavirus outbreak” Wow the hate is just spilling out of the woodwork..
                Yesterday some idiot conservative said they wished that Inslee would get the virus with complications. My post was that “I don’t like Inslee, but I would never wish that on anyone, even the murderer of my son”

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              6. Ignore them. Seriously. Their ChiCom-diseased minds are going to go through everything we did during red-pilling. It will take a long time for them to get better. Meanwhile, we have to keep the FIGHT going.

                FG&C is right – don’t concentrate on the panic, or blaming the Dems.

                HIT CHINA HARD.

                HIT IRAN HARD.

                This is where the blame goes – the people who did this, and orchestrated the cover of some kind of accident – then had the EVIL GLEE to blame us.

                FUCK CHINA. They take the blame 10X now.


              7. “However, if you are unprepared for it, it can scare the hell out of a country and cause a huge panic.”


                Weaponized MSM can cause a panic whenever their masters instruct them to.

                They found that out when Orson Wells read ‘War of the Worlds’ on the radio in 1938.

                When they want to ignore dangerous outbreaks to protect Democrats (like they did to protect Hussein), there’s no panic at all, because the narrative engineers are making excuses for the Democrats — when the subject comes up at all.

                When they want to create a panic, they just “turn the dial” the other way, and crank it up to ’11’.

                War of the Worlds.

                Bringing America this same technique since 1938, refined over the decades and amplified by exponential media conduits broadcasting 24/7/365 👍

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  2. Liked by 3 people

  3. “Watch this entire clip for maximum benefit.”


    I know it by heart, one of my favorites 😁

    The first time I saw that movie was my freshman year of college, in a cramped dorm room, VHS tape, on a 19″ color TV. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    These were two-person dorm rooms, but cramped. Dressers/closets and chest-high shelf with a mirror set into the left wall like a room-length entertainment center as you walk in, bunk bed immediately to the right, and you could put your arms out and have one hand on the bunk bed and the other on a dresser drawer. Two desks at the foot of the bunk bed, and an ancient heater attached to the back wall where the one window was located.

    The TV was on the shelf with the mirror between the two closets, and there must have been at least 10 or 12 people stuffed into that room, sitting on the bunk beds (top and bottom) across from the TV, and sitting on the floor, and standing at the end of the bunk beds.

    In the dark.

    At least half the people smoking Marlboros or Camels, and everybody drinking cheap beer (Busch or Milwaukee’s Best, a.k.a. Beast).

    The movie kept going on and on (it’s a long movie, 2 hours and 34 minutes), and the longer it went, the better it got.

    Vasquez was my favorite character, the woman in the red bandana. Smart gun operator. Shoots first, asks questions later. 😁


  4. “Let me tell you right now – following Scott Adams on the coronavirus will be one of the BEST moves you ever made in your life.”


    I just clicked on the link to go to his Twiiter account.

    This post was comforting:


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    1. LOL!

      Seriously, if an INFLECTION in thinking is required, Scott will be a good one to follow.

      There is much uncertainty about the Chinese Communist Social Information Bioweapon. Flexibility will be required as we figure out WHAT THEY DID.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This is getting weird. This is from a FB group I belong to for just the area I live in.
    So now everything is censored. wonder if they will censor KEPR.
    “Sorry to do this, but with encouragement from Facebook exec’s, we’ve been asked to temporarily change group settings to post approval! Facebook is asking that any posts regarding info about coronavirus be limited to approved agencies (ie WHO, CDC, even local health dept’s). Please bear with us as we try to approve posts as quickly as possible, but keep in mind the admin have lives (families, jobs, etc) and this isn’t a paid position! Thank you all so much for your understanding!”

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