20200313: Dear KMAG Open Thread.

Welcome to Friday’s OPEN THREAD at the QTree! It’s the weekend and time to crack open a beer and put some steaks on the grill! Thank you for the Thursday hand-off TrumpIsMine. Thank you to Wolfie for keeping us all organized, up and running. What would we do without FLEP’s News Roundup to keep up? Thank you, Flep. Hat tip and a hearty thank you to Wheatie, Dep, BakoCarl, Michael, all contributors and the lurkers!

We don’t believe in political correctness at QTree. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. This board will remain a REFUGE for those who need civility, either some or all of the time. Important Guidelines are outlined here in the January 1st open thread, with an addendum on 20191110. In other words, please keep it SOMEWHAT civil. We have a new board – actually a new SITE – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

It’s Friday the 13th. We’re not comfortable on defense. Time to get back on offense.

It’s one day before PI day, 3.14. I’m making a peach pie. We may have to do a PI thread, an area where QTreepers excel.

It’s two days before the Ides of March. Feel like sharpening some knives, Brutus?

We need an enemy we can see, not some invisible boogeyman virus.

And we want our money back from the CCP. Their intentional secrecy cost the world 2 months, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars. Donald Trump was right along. He told us that China “girlfriend” was no good. She was a tramp, a backstabber. It’s time to break up with China. We thought we could change them, but no. Well, we have learned our deadly lesson, an 8 trillion dollar lesson. The heck with that. Party is over. Time to kick that Bi$ch to the curb.

And here’s the deal. AFTER the breakup with China and the return of the engagement ring (most favored nation), there will be no moping around, no recession/depression, no crying in our beer. The USA is still the most handsome guy in town, best economy, best workforce, best leadership. Ahhh yes, the USA is a downright sparkling fellow. The USA is irresistible.

“We’re going to approach globalization a lot differently than we did in the past”, say the pundits. Gobsmack! It’s about time they started listening to us. Here’s another one, “We’re forecasting a massive shift in manufacturing in the USA”. How long have we been screaming about this? FINALLY!! Ya’ think it might be a good idea to manufacture our own medicines, instead of our mortal enemy? The boys from Harvard and Yale were wrong. The truck drivers and the waitresses in the red state were right….. and we knew it all along. It’s why we elected Trump. Did it take a global pandemic for the chickens to come home to roost on Wall Street?

We don’t fly to Europe, South Korea, or China too often anymore, and it might be worth 8 trillion dollars if the idiots in Washington, DC, finally fix the problem. Of course, we would love to close our border while we are in mortal danger from a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, but thanks to the Dems, we can’t. Again, Donald Trump was right about the border as well.

And the 200% increase in ammunition sales this week? We’re NOT wrong. We’re right. Gee whiz, how many times has Trump been right????

Yeah, it’s over alright. Trump was right and WE were right to elect him. Politicians, their lobbyists, and the media lied. The corrupt agencies helped them all to rob the American people. The mask has slipped. Their errors and greed are now killing Americans, as if the 30K dead from opioids wasn’t bad enough. The establishment is done. It was an epic fail.

And the pandemic of Wuhan Flu is “in your face” proof.

We will get through this, and we’ll clean up the mess for the blissfully ignorant, but this time, we will insist on better leadership. In the meantime, say a little prayer for our President, his family, and their team.

Remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone – no skimping when it comes to pie.

See you all at Wheatie’s tree house in the morning.

801 thoughts on “20200313: Dear KMAG Open Thread.

    1. OMG, FNC is pulling Laura and putting on Bill Hemmer!! Damned Bastards!!!🤬🤬🤬

      On Fox News Channel, executives planned to pre-empt opinion host Laura Ingraham’s 10 p.m. hour Friday night in favor of breaking news coverage from Bill Hemmer. Fox News also plans to scuttle overnight repeats and expand anchor Shannon Bream’s 11 p.m. show to two hours, while having Los Angeles-based anchor Trace Gallagher present coverage from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. The network is also reworking parts of its weekend schedule to keep live coverage going.

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      1. Smells like faux news is going to mimick CNN endless Malaysian Airlines MH370 coverage back in 2014. Nonstop with nothing “new” to report.

        Cut the cable. 😉

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  1. This man is such a moron!

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  2. Went to local grocery store this afternoon at about 2:30. Remember how I’ve been saying there were odd stockouts?

    Now there are general stockouts. All TP, paper towels, cleaning wipes, bottled water are gone. They’re sold out of chicken. Six checkout lanes open — all with four people in line. Four self-check registers have a line of 10 people.

    KQED (pubic radio) pre-empted all programs for a special to gin up panic.

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      1. Let the Games begin Wolf, my powder is so dry I gotta find some use for all of it.
        I only have a 12 gauge Mossberg Home defender ( roflmao) but I have enough slugs and 00 buck to fight of China…
        Reckon I might have to dig up my stash sooner than later, happy hunting…

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    1. Went to local Wal-Mart, was shocked!bare shelves very isle.no eggs,bread ,soup,milk,cheese,crackers.then my daughter who works at a local grocery in Eugene sent me pics of stripped bare shelves throughout the store.and she’s working 12 hour days! Oh and no tp anywhere.it was insane.plenty of items at Safeway but no tp there either.glad I don’t need any!

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    2. Yeah its not just my area now is it? My small order online from Walmart is delayed now. That means no one in warehouse cause the trucks will ship. Now WTF is happening that nothing is being shipped either?

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  3. Kudlow said there’s up to $400 Billion direct assistance available to help right now.
    New bill – unpaid sick leave, family support $50 billion
    $50 billion available for small businesses
    Treasury tax deferral, no penalties for 3 months worth $200billion
    Waiving student loan interest
    Energy – purchasing 75million barrels

    POTUS still pushing for payroll tax holiday until end of year.

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  4. Mark R. Levin
    1. Excellent.
    I’ve never seen a more transparent, thorough, and professional presentation and discussion of a national and serious health matter by any president or administration — surrounded by experts and CEOs — as I saw today.

    Mark R. Levin
    2. Clearly, despite media reports to the contrary and Democrat demagoguery, a tremendous amount has been done and is being done to deal with the Wuhan coronavirus.

    3. In fact, it’s clear the Trump administration is creating a new protocol on how to handle such a potentially widespread pandemic. President Trump deserves a great deal of credit for his extraordinary leadership.

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  5. Anon_DecoderDolphin @Anon_decoder

    Ask yourself what business does a software engineer has w a biotech co creating vaccines?
    Gates knew ahead of time & tried to profit

    Oct 2019 Gates Biotech VIR raises $ in a public offering
    Why do companies raise $ on IPOs
    To make huge investments?
    What was he expecting?

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    1. This is huge. The Gates thing is HUGE. They’re fucking NAKED.

      These people are CON MEN.

      They planned this thing out, hoping that Trump would minimize the response to save the economy, and then when the specially designed virus would SURGE like in Italy and create hospital panic, THEY would be in control of the narrative. And THEY would make a KILLING while FLUSHING TRUMP.

      But Trump was SMART and did the RIGHT THING for PEOPLE and not money, and now they are NAKED.

      Oh, this is RICH. Those EVIL SCAMMERS.

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      1. Yes, this! I think they thought they had him figured out and he would side with the economy. But those of us that “know him” know he loves his people more than the money. They made a big error!!

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        1. Exactly. Now who is REALLY siding with the money?

          Bill Gates
          George Soros
          “Ever-GREEN” Hillary
          Clinton Foundation

          And LET ME TELL YOU – Micro$oft is SCARED SHITLESS that Gates is going to be ON THE HOOK for this epidemic, along with China and Soros and the Clinton CHAI scam op, and that THEY would owe money – so they’re cutting Gates loose.


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  6. Anon_DecoderDolphin Retweeted
    Mar 11
    Ok sooooo..

    CDC was posting jobs in multiple states for their quarantine program back in November




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    1. Could have white hat origins – could have black hat. Don’t assume YET. If it works back to Neutron Nancy, then it’s black hat. If it works back to some others preparing for THEIR SHITSHOW, then it’s white hat.

      Not important WHICH ONE, IMO, but it’s important that we demonstrate a PLOT that had to be FOUGHT by the good guys.

      Remember – we may have had intelligence on China’s crapfest back in November.

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      1. one more thing, from Martin Geddes, whom Praying Medic follows and is friends with

        Martin Geddes@martingeddes
        “Those receiving the WHO/Gates vaccine, known to be compromised, suffered ten times the rate of meningitis than those not; has increased cerebral malaria cases, and girls faced a doubling of risk of death.”
        Mongoose: WHO/Gates Violate International Ethics with Malaria Vaccine Study That Kills
        Those receiving the WHO/Gates vaccine, known to be compromised, suffered ten times the rate of meningitis than those not; has increased cerebral malaria cases, and girls faced a doubling of risk of…

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        1. Good. All this stuff is going to help paint Gates as a TOOL of the communists. A willing tool, who tried to paint a picture of himself as doing computing to serve humanitarian ends, but ultimately was abusing EVERYTHING, including his humanitarian stuff, for MONEY and for DARK POLITICAL ENDS.

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    1. A: Nothing we didn’t know already.

      I hate uninformed posts like this.

      Today wasn’t buyers sticking a toe in the water, it was short sellers covering ahead of the weekend in a very fluid situation and a very oversold market.

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      1. I think the point of the post is the amount of attention that was breathlessly reported and the ticker in the corner of the screen that showed every single change as the market “tumbled through freefall”…..but when the narrative doesn’t work to their favor, all you hear are crickets. I didn’t read it as a serious financial analysis 🤷

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        1. Ok let’s run with that.

          And this surprises you, how exactly?

          Answer: it doesn’t. Not in the slightest. In fact, we would all be shocked otherwise.

          Then again, shorts covering their positions ahead of the weekend in a very oversold market isn’t exactly news, either.

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  7. The level of stupid on display nationwide right now is just mind-numbing.

    Everyone…including in this space…almost exclusively focused on virus BS…

    ….instead of asking WTF dims are doing behind this gigantic FF.

    Really pisses me off.


    You’re focused on EXACTLY what they want you focused on…

    …even most of the most-followed MAGA and Q folks like Praying Medic.

    Shaking my damn head in disbelief.

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    1. Don’t fight the stupid – it will put itself out. Go for GATES. Right now. Make Bill Gates catch fire. Microsoft booted him for a reason. They KNOW.

      That is where the plutonium is. I am pouring ever neutron I can into that son of a bitch, and pressurizing to criticality.

      Soros and the Clintons are in on it, too. It all ties together. They will HANG for this shit.

      We have GOT to make this catch. I will post later, but it’s where they planned to monetize. Steer your financial savvy at THAT, and we bring the whole damn thing down.

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        1. True, but I’m not going to advance that stuff right now, because they can use it to cry “conspiracy theory”. Let it simmer in the background. It will come in handy LATER, after people understand what Gates did here, to TAR and FEATHER HIM.

          We have GATES playing “create a problem and profit on it” – caught DEAD TO RIGHTS – and it’s time to LIGHT THESE JOKERS ON FIRE WITH THE TRUTH.

          They know that they will ALL probably avoid jail and prison, but in doing so are SCREWED on money. Which is why Micro$haft booted Gates-Hitler pronto.

          It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

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          1. Mar. 08, 2020—Over this weekend, VIMEO began censoring Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media video interviews related to investigations into the British-American origins of the Coronavirus.

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      1. Roscoe has been deep diving into Gates. TMI for my tired brain right now, hope it helps you.

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      2. I want to look at Gate’s $$ mgr’s and their cutout’s trading positions from the beginning of last year forward to present.

        And the fact that I am the only one in this forum to state this MOST OBVIOUS thing to do PISSES ME OFF!

        Stop REACTING to the news, people!!

        Damnit to hell!!

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        1. Exactly. I’ve turned the national people off. Really, what I need to know is local. Both St. Pat’s Parades here have been cancelled. That doesn’t just happen, and it effects me directly. We’re talking about postponing the show I’m supposed to be in in two weeks. (May as well, we can never get everybody together to rehearse.) There’s a drive through testing center set up as of today in west county. I go out there maybe twice a year.

          THIS is relevant, not the bloviating by a bunch of people out of the loop with national name and face recognition.

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        1. They really blew it this time. You don’t do a pandemic to take out a president you don’t like. It’s just not EVEN anywhere close to kosher.

          It’s time to turn PANDEMIC into a REAL DEM PANIC.

          Now – once they realize what’s happening, they will try to minimize. NOPE – not allowed. They want Northern Italy to happen here? Sorry, Dems. Bad Virus that YOUR LEADERS CREATED is going DOWN and everybody who cosigned on its creation.

          NOPE. We GET GATES and tie that millstone around his neck. Then tie SOROS and CLINTONS to him. Meanwhile, it’s time to put that damn Wuhan facility on somebody’s MISSILE TARGETING MAP.

          WE DEMAND:
          CLOSE IT DOWN

          No action?


          The CCP is a THREAT TO THE WORLD.

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    2. I understand your frustration, but for personal reasons concerning my dearly beloved husband, I HAVE to be aware of the corona virus. You cannot imagine how P.O.ed I am with the health provider trying to stick him in a rehab facility, 2 stars, that I absolutely did NOT want without informing me that there was actually no choice. I am damn lucky that I was able to get him home within 24 hrs of being transferred to that place (a week ago) because I was pretty sure that Inslee was going to make a lot of stupid decisions, which he has, and basically make my hubby a virtual prisoner in a questionable facility, which is exactly what would have happened.

      I really appreciate the outside of WuFlu comments that you, Daughn and others bring in, because, even though I am focusing on WuFlu, I do know that it is a giant FF. I have been waiting for Gates to resign, and I think the only reason he did today was that Trump declared it a National Emergency.

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  8. Chad Pergram
    Pelosi on the challenge putting together the coronavirus bill:
    It was more like moles..we really had to have clarification of language..it’s hard to pass law, especially when you are dealing with the executive branch

    Chad Pergram
    Pelosi on the challenge getting the bill into form:
    It’s not an easy thing just to change a word or so
    Chad Pergram
    Pelosi on assembling coronavirus bill:
    I don’t think any of us went to sleep all week

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    1. Yeah, it’s really hard to “pass law” when you’re used to “fiat”

      “… had to have clarification… dealing with Executive branch”

      Well, the American people like CLARITY… you guys haven’t picked up on that in the 30 plus years you’ve been in office?

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  9. Relative cancelled a family dinner gathering over concerns of the virus. No comment. So I took my family instead to the local Texas Roadhouse which was quite packed. Nice to see support for the local economy here in CO.

    Have six weeks of business travel coming up. KS, NE, UT, TN, and OR. Mind you the OR trip might be cancelled as one of their products is toilet paper and they need to make a lot apparently. LOL! Anyway, lots of flying and being around peeps but no concerns. I typically fast on some trips but will for all of these. Gets the immune system fired up so the body can handle anything that comes at it. Plus losing a few more lbs can’t hurt.

    President Trump had a brilliant presser today with government and big business all together to deal with this. Will be a distant issue come the end of April. Plus if the dems are negative they just end up looking like idiots. Probably why they got their bill completed without a lot of garbage in it.

    Turns out I sold a bunch of stock in October. Was not comfortable with all the trade issues etc. Bought 100% equities today. Looks like I am temporarily a financial genius. Never had a $xx,xxx five digit gain in one day before. Sort of why we went out to dinner.

    Keep posting all the great content. I even read some of FGC’s stuff.

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  10. The pattern is holding, almost exactly. Ending the day at 2,466 known cases in the US which is slightly double the number of known cases this time on Wed. Doubling every 2 days continues.

    Of our known cases, we have had 41 recoveries and 50 deaths
    About 10% cases are considered “critical” at this time.


    I posted Wednesday night about this time:
    2/26 – 15
    2/28 – 19
    2/29 – 24 (+5)
    3/1 – 42 (+18)
    3/2 – 57 (+15)
    3/3 – 85 (+28)
    3/4 – 111 (+26)
    3/5 – 175 (+64)
    3/6 – 252 (+77)
    3/7 – 352 (+100)
    3/8 – 495 (+143)
    3/9 – 643 (+148)
    3/10 – 932 (+289)
    3/11 – 1,198 (+266)

    12 days – 15 known cases to 1,200 known cases and expecting about 400+ cases to be reported by tomorrow.
    So, by 3/14, in 2 short weeks, we will be at 4K!

    3/14 – 4K
    3/16 – 8K
    3/18 – 16K
    3/20 – 32K
    3/22 – 64K
    3/24 – 128K
    3/26 – 256K
    3/28 – 500K
    3/30 – 1 million
    We had the expected growth yesterday and now are ~2,500. We are on track to be at ~4K cases by this time tomorrow.

    Looks like #s will keep growing, have a spike as more cases are found as testing become more available to even those with mild symptoms.

    But, if all goes well, the numbers should slow within about 7-14 days as the transmission slows because public events are canceled, schools are canceled, etc., and people stay home, slowing transmissions.

    They will flatten the curve in just the nick of time, before reaching critical mass and our healthcare systems being overwhelmed.

    Just utterly fantastic press conference today. Great about the oil as that will now help the market and help the smaller US fracking companies. Great about the private sector companies helping and working with President Trump.

    Prayers for our Nation, our President and each other. And for justice for those who caused this outbreak if it was intentional.

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