Three Cheers for Alex Jones!

Until WordPress figures out how to make this video not work, enjoy this inspirational montage of Alex Jones versus the censorious lying criminals who are about to go to prison.

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Three cheers for Alex!!!



25 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Alex Jones!

  1. People can say what they will about Alex Jones…

    But I will always be grateful to him for his tireless efforts to get Pres Trump elected.
    He did a lot!

    His “Hillary for Prison” and “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” slogans were brilliant.
    Posters, yard signs, memes and repetition over and over, were very helpful in defeating the Hilldebeast.

    He even paid for planes to tow signs over events.
    At his own cost.

    That’s why the Left is trying to shut him down…so he cannot do it again in This election.

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    Full transcript of “smoking gun” bombshell interview: Prof. Francis Boyle exposes the bioweapons origins of the CoVid-19 coronavirus

    Fauci, head of the National Institutes of Health is in on the development up to his eyeballs.

    And yeah that is the SAME Fauci who is part of President Trump’s Task force. No wonder VP Pence got information on the number of tests that made him look like a fool.

    For example:

    M Simon says:

    “Pence skrewed the pooch. The admin has done a despicable job on testing. They knew testing was in trouble by 14 Feb. Nearly a month has passed. They couldn’t buy open market tests kits? Europe is using them.

    Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus

    The CDC announced on Feb. 14 that surveillance testing would begin in five key cities, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. That effort has not yet begun. *[When the article was written.] “

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    1. He blew under .08 which is the limit in Texas, so they had to let him go. HAHA, Liberal Austin FOOLS!!
      I guess saki just ain’t that potent!

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  3. I can’t say that I follow Alex Jones much or know much about him, but his enemies are frothing at the mouth to exterminate him…..and, coincidentally, they’re not exactly my bosom buddies.

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  4. I always liked him. He was probably one of the first people I “heard” on the net, way back then, that actually made sense about what I was “seeing” in our gov, society, and geo politics.

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