3.8.20 News Roundup! There Will NOT Be A Recession Under PDJT & I Will Explain Why, PDJT Is NOT Hoover, Carter or G.H. Bush, PDJT’s Remarks & Press Conference From the CDC Headquarters, PDJT Hosted President Bolsonaro Of Brazil At Mar-a-Lago, Mike Pence’s Sit Down Interview With Judge Jeanine, Another Incredible Ad, Americans Continue To Show Their Love For PDJT, SleepyCreepy Joe Is Absolutely Right, Don’t Believe A Single Poll About the State Of Pennsylvania…..

I was really surprised today to see many folks from our side talking about a recession and what it will mean for our President’s re-election. I have said and will continue to say that there will NEVER be a recession under PDJT.

In order to be in a recession, you need two quarters of negative real GDP growth. They can absolutely kiss the 1st Quarter goodbye. We are 23 days away from the end of the 1st Quarter. As I shared in yesterday’s news roundup, the Atlanta Federal Reserve is currently forecasting a 3.1% real GDP rate.

Recent export versus import data that has come out of China for the months of January and February shows a steep decline in exports versus a much smaller decline in imports.

Guess which country is benefiting BIGLY from that.

According to Reuters, total exports from China dropped 17.2% in January and February.

From the article linked above:

China’s exports contracted sharply in the first two months of the year, and imports slowed, as the health crisis triggered by the coronavirus outbreak caused massive disruptions to business operations, global supply chains and economic activity.

The gloomy trade report is likely to reinforce fears that China’s economic growth halved in the first quarter to the weakest since 1990 as the epidemic and strict government containment measures crippled factory production and led to a sharp slump in demand.

Overseas shipments fell 17.2% in January-February from the same period a year earlier, customs data showed on Saturday, marking the steepest fall since February 2019.

[…] Imports sank 4% from a year earlier, but were better than market expectations of a 15% drop. They had jumped 16.5% in December, buoyed in part by a preliminary Sino-U.S. trade deal.

[…] Soybean imports in the first two months of 2020 rose by 14.2% year-on-year as cargoes from the U.S. booked during a trade truce at the end of 2019 cleared customs.

Meanwhile look what is happening in our country.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. trade deficit for goods and services narrowed to $45.3 billion in January, down another $3.3 billion from a downwardly revised $48.6 billion in December. The first trade balance report for 2020 beat the forecast after 2019 posted the first annual decline since 2013.

Forecasts ranged from a low of $-53.6 billion to a high of $-45.5 billion. The consensus forecast was $-46.1 billion.

We haven’t seen February’s trade deficit numbers yet but based on the reporting from China, the gap will be decreasing BIGLY. When you read the article below, you will see that the 2nd and 3rd quarters are going to be good for our country and our farmers.

From the article linked above:

China’s soybean imports in the first two months of 2020 jumped 14.2% year-on-year, official data showed on Saturday, as cargoes from the United States booked during a trade truce at the end of 2019 cleared customs.

China, the world’s top market for soybeans, brought in 13.51 million tonnes of the oilseed in January and February, up from 11.83 million tonnes a year earlier, according to data from the General Administration of Customs released on Saturday.

[…] U.S. soybeans usually dominate the market in the fourth quarter and the early months of each year, when exports from the U.S. autumn harvest kick in.

[…] U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Wednesday predicted China will come to the U.S. market for soybeans in late spring and summer.

Remember the positive ramifications in the 2nd Quarter real GDP rate in 2018 because of the shrinking of the trade deficit.

From the link above:

Growth in U.S. exported goods was 13.3% [Table 1, line 17].
Growth in U.S. imported goods was at 1.0% [Table 1, Line 20]

That combination of massive increases in exports and minimal growth in imports, led to a net increase in overall GDP from exports of 1.06%. [Table 2, line 45]

WE DID NOT DEDUCT from GDP growth due to the net result of imports/exports. We actually exported more goods than we imported.

Let that sink in with what we are now seeing with China versus our country. 

We have one man and one man only to thank for where our country is and the direction it is going in.


Within this article below, you will see why the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. will do everything in their power to talk our country into a recession. Problem for them is that PDJT is NOT Hoover, Carter our G.H. Bush.

From the article linked above:

America’s mood on the economy argues that Mr. Trump’s polling rise may go higher still. By 7-1 (63 percent to 9 percent), Gallup found Americans saying the economy is good, versus those declaring it bad. By 2-1 (61 percent to 31 percent), they said it was getting better, versus getting worse.  

The economy has been a key variable for incumbents’ re-election success. Since 1916, elected incumbents are 11-3 when seeking second terms. Of the three losers (Hoover, Carter and Bush I), each saw annual real GDP contract within a year of their election. That is unlikely for Mr. Trump now, and just as importantly: Americans feel it is unlikely.

On Friday, our President toured the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.  At the conclusion of the tour and briefing he delivered remarks to the media and held a press conference.

[Video and Transcript Below]

With very little fanfare, our President hosted the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, at Mar-a-Lago last night. They had a working dinner.


From the link above:

President Donald J. Trump will meet President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, March 7, 2020. President Trump and President Bolsonaro will discuss opportunities to build a more prosperous, secure, and democratic world.

As leaders of the Hemisphere’s two largest economies, they will also discuss opportunities for restoring democracy in Venezuela, bringing peace to the Middle East, implementing pro-growth trade policies, and investing in infrastructure. The President will use this meeting as an opportunity to thank Brazil for its strong alliance with the United States.

The White House provided some background material (link below) on the purposes of the working dinner last night between our President and President Bolsonaro of Brazil.


Judge Jeanine had an exclusive sit down interview with VP Pence.

Another incredible ad that is now playing in North Carolina!

Floridians show their love for our President.

They can’t stop Americans from showing their LOVE for PDJT!

This man is who they want to try and beat our LION.

This article below tells you NOT to believe a single BS poll that they report on about Pennsylvania.

Democrats CAN’T win the White House without Pennsylvania. Republicans CAN win the White House without Pennsylvania.

They have to gaslight Americans from the truth.

From the article linked above:

[…] “Natural gas and manufacturing have been demonized and ridiculed on a consistent and regular basis by a cabal of misguided, insulated elites,” DeIuliis stated in his speech in front of 80 of the region’s top business and professional leaders.

[…] Pennsylvania is now the second-biggest state producer of natural gas (after Texas), having gone from producing almost no shale gas at all in 2007 to more than 6 trillion cubic feet in 2016. Oil and gas supported an estimated 323,000 jobs in Pennsylvania in 2015, according to a PriceWaterhouseCoopers study commissioned by an industry trade group.

Democrats running for president this past year have vacillated between a number of candidates who plan to destroy or cripple the shale oil and gas industry, and it hasn’t escaped DeIuliis’s notice. That includes Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who both promised to ban fracking on day one of their administrations. Joe Biden has done a dance on the issue, calling the Green New Deal “a crucial framework,” saying he would be willing to sacrifice jobs in the oil and gas industries to transition to a green economy, and supporting “aggressive methane pollution limits” and tight regulations on the sector.

[…] No Democrat has won the White House without Pennsylvania since John Kennedy in 1960; Republicans don’t need it to win, but they did succeed in winning the state for the first time since 1988 when President Trump, a vocal supporter of the industry, won it in 2016 by 40,000 votes.

Places such as Western Pennsylvania, which helped carry Trump over the finishing line, will be closely monitoring how Biden, who appears at the moment likely to win the nomination, is able to satisfy the climate change elite of his party while holding the support of labor and suburban voters who benefit from the industry.

185 thoughts on “3.8.20 News Roundup! There Will NOT Be A Recession Under PDJT & I Will Explain Why, PDJT Is NOT Hoover, Carter or G.H. Bush, PDJT’s Remarks & Press Conference From the CDC Headquarters, PDJT Hosted President Bolsonaro Of Brazil At Mar-a-Lago, Mike Pence’s Sit Down Interview With Judge Jeanine, Another Incredible Ad, Americans Continue To Show Their Love For PDJT, SleepyCreepy Joe Is Absolutely Right, Don’t Believe A Single Poll About the State Of Pennsylvania…..

    1. “Trump Campaign Could Save the Free Press… By Suing Them”


      A) there is no ‘free press’

      B) the current ‘press’ is nothing more than a tool used by subversives

      C) in order to restore a ‘free press’, the ideological rot and corruption must be eliminated

      D) that never happens unless the MSM MONOPOLY is destroyed

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It is possible (some would say improbable) the Free Press figures out the only way to survive would be to separate themselves from their political counterparts and become propaganda free – hey, it could happen, Scott.

        Who would have thought President Trump could accomplish so much without the support of half the Congress and the Monopoly Press?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. “It is possible (some would say improbable) the Free Press figures out the only way to survive would be to separate themselves from their political counterparts and become propaganda free – hey, it could happen, Scott.”


          But this relies on the magic of movies and fairy tale endings.

          One man recognizing the error of his ways and making legitimate change is a miracle.

          An entire industry doing the same?

          Pure fantasy (unfortunately).

          Besides, the entire financial construct of the MSM isn’t based on a free market anyway, just like all the other ‘globalist’ product.

          That’s why NYT and CNN and MSLSD and all the others never actually go out of business, no matter how bad low their readership or viewership goes.

          The cable TV channels are subsidized by the cable package deals (so you’re paying for CNN even if you never watch it), the NYT is subsidized by Carlos Slim, they all have multiple income streams that have little to do with anyone actually BUYING their product.

          Because if they relied on an actual ‘free market’, as you said, they would have to change in order to survive.

          But they won’t because they don’t. The MSM has a monopoly for starters, and since they are THE propaganda arm of the Deep State / Globalists / Leftists, they would never stop or change, even if viewership and readership went to ZERO.

          It has practically nothing to do with ‘profit’, and everything to do with CONTROL.

          If they happen to make a profit, that would be gravy.

          But if they lose money year in and year out, that’s just the cost of doing business, the cost of CONTROL, and no matter how much that costs, it’s money well spent.

          Because without CONTROL, they are (and have) nothing.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. BINGO!!! Take the CONTROL from them and they will fold – nothing makes one change his/her business plan than when your suppliers dry up –

            I never really liked fantasy – because there was no truth in it – however – if the entire financial system (fiat) falls – they will have no choice – but – to change.

            PT said – when he leaves office – the MSM will go out of business – because their narrative will fail – I say – if the CB is dissolved – their financial system will fail – break up their supply chain – and it will fold.

            I am an optimist – and I believe in God – while we do not live in a perfect world – I look at what Putin did when he took control of the CB – so I think if PT does the same – many things will change – breaking up monopolies could bring about change as well – so I am looking forward to a Free Press – but hey, that is just me –

            You are a realist – and what you say is true – however – I do not look to the Left to change – I look forward to them being irrelevant.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. “I never really liked fantasy – because there was no truth in it – however – if the entire financial system (fiat) falls – they will have no choice – but – to change.”


              I sure hope he has a really good plan to make EVERYBODY whole when the fiat system fails.

              Something along the lines of the U.S. government giving everyone the equivalent value of whatever they had (checking, savings, stocks, bonds, pension, IRAs, etc.) in GOLD.

              And then giving everyone (including those who had no savings or pension, etc.) another $50+ million in GOLD as compensation for a lifetime of damages and suffering and stolen potential at the hands of the Cabal.

              And all that money (gold) can come straight from confiscation from the CB and the Cabal.

              His plan better include something like that, or the people who are too old to start over again are going to show the young people how to riot proper.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I hear you, Scott – loud and clear – not sure how this is going to work – but, I do know the CB owes America a ton of money – debt relief might be part of the plan – perhaps, it will totally dissolved – the adjustment might be rocky for a period of time – until it is all sorted out – not sure what we can expect in the way of compensation – imagine just the debt disappears – that means more of what you earn is yours to do whatever you want with it – all of those projects that were left on the back burner – that new car you wanted to buy – but could not afford – the possibilities are endless.

                From what I understand – there are two systems running concurrently – the transition from the CB system will be a huge blessing – it could mean we no longer have to pay income tax – Dunno.

                Liked by 1 person

            2. “You are a realist – and what you say is true – ”


              I didn’t ask to be a realist!

              It’s the result of extensive ‘A / B’ testing.

              Every time I tested ‘reality’ vs. ‘optimism’, ‘reality’ turned out to be true and ‘optimism’ hung me out to dry.

              I don’t know what to make of that, or why.

              I didn’t sign up for any of this, and I’m pretty sure nobody else did, either.

              It is true that we have to make the best of it, but we’re not here by choice.

              And the worse things get — or the longer they just stay terrible — the more that recognition (i.e., we’re not here by our own choice, and we didn’t create this horror show) pushes to the forefront.

              Evil people — wicked, horrible, soulless, monsters — have put us on a hamster wheel with electrodes hooked up to our genitals, fed us just enough to keep us alive, pumped us full of poison, and forced us to run until we die.

              While they live a life of crime and luxury.

              Remember, this — and all of the suffering that goes with it, including broken marriages, broken families, families never even started — all of it is by design:

              Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4b313a No.8113583 📁
              Feb 12 2020 12:04:32 (EST)
              Post 3858

              Excerpt: “How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction? ”

              Every single one of us has a lawful right to full restitution. It’s truly the least they can do.

              And not just for us, but for everyone (of EVERY race) who came before us.

              And that means every last penny they have, or ever will have.

              And that’s just the beginning.

              That’s the easy part (for them).

              Then they must answer for the human trafficking, the mass-murder, the atrocities, the crimes against humanity.

              They must take their rightful place, as the most repulsive and reviled creatures to ever live, because of what they have done with full knowledge and premeditation — malice aforethought.

              Now, everybody knows, there’s no way they do this without a fight to the death.

              Not a chance.

              They know it — it is our side which has so much difficulty coming to grips with it.

              They will never willfully allow their slave race — the human race — to become their masters while they rot in the prisons they built for us, waiting for their prosecution and execution.

              They have known their whole lives that if it ever came to it, that was how they were going to play it, to the death.

              We should accept their decision.

              And fulfill it.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Everyday, we hear of those who have been caught – with the most heinous charges against them – MSM does not report it – however – just as the CEO’s of corporations are resigning (the list is long) – others are being arrested – our border wall doesn’t just stop illegals from entering our country – it stifles the trafficking rings, drug lords, and criminals from operating in the USA –

                No – there is not enough time to take all of them out – but, we can make a dent – disrupt their operations – and maybe, save many children in the process.

                This is the proverbial good vs evil battle – and we know how it ends – in the interim – we must fight the good fight – and hope for the best.

                Liked by 1 person

            3. “– debt relief might be part of the plan – perhaps, it will totally dissolved –”


              If you mean the ‘national debt’, I don’t care about that, that’s THEIR debt, THEIR scheme, and they can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

              It’s not my debt, I didn’t incur it, I didn’t benefit from it, I didn’t contribute to it.

              They created the entire concept of ‘Money as Debt’ and Debt as Slavery.

              Their creation, their problem, not ours.

              It’s a closed loop, a ponzi scheme, where the CB creates fiat currency out of thin air, loans to the criminal political-class at interest, who use it to stay in power, pay off cronies, take kickbacks, live a life of luxury and power, and then force the American People to pay it all back with interest.

              The ‘national debt’ is theirs, not ours. It is the result of their own wholly corrupt fraud. To think that we should have to pay it back is like saying the victims of Charles Ponzi (or any other con-man) should have to make restitution to him, instead of the other way around.

              Are you kidding me?

              As far as I’m concerned, Trump can draw a line through the so-called ‘national debt’ and write “Paid for in full by the blood and sweat of Americans for the last 107 years — and now YOUR bill is due.”

              Liked by 1 person

              1. The national debt and individual debt, Scott – the national debt is a digital, fiat fiasco – we do not owe them a dime – they owe us – yes – and we are putting them on notice to PAY IN FULL!

                Liked by 1 person

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