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This Fortress Q Tree Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
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POTUS meme

Wheatie’s Rules:

    1. No food fights.
    2. No running with scissors.
    3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Two Steps From Hell, titled ‘Nero’:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header and First Image: Is an enormous Tree standing alone in a clearing with a giant door built into the base of the trunk. A lone figure is approaching the doorway. There are patches of moss and small leafy branches emerging up and down the gnarled trunk.

Second Image: Is an interior room with vaulted ceilings and arched throughways. There is a sturdy-looking couch with throw pillows and nearby armchairs. Behind the couch is a table and chairs…and there are additional seating groups in the adjacent spaces.

Third Image: Is President Trump walking in the rain towards the steps of Air Force One, carrying an umbrella. The text on this image reads: The Storm Is Upon Us – God We Ask That You Shelter and Protect Our President.


It’s Caturday!

Cats are cool.

But doggies are pretty wonderful, too:

350 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200229 Open Thread

        1. It’s a bit confusing to me at the moment.

          I believe the 9th put a stay on their order. IF so, the 9th may have realized they have a losing hand that will be further revealed.

          IF I misunderstood, close the border. STOP illegals and no mora Corona.,

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        2. POTUS previously spoke of Corona case in Washington hospital that wasn’t doing so well. Fox News just alerted that that person has died. Probably why POTUS is having news conference in 15 minutes.

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  1. The moment I tell Ms. Carpenter she is a #NeverConservative

    What happened to you, Ms. @amandacarpenter? You’ve traded integrity & honesty for NeverTrumperism. Not only is that not conservative, it’s downright Leftist. Lying to win political points. Makes you a #NeverConservative

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    1. She’s a Cruzlim!

      Did ANY of the Cruzlim-class professional politicos EVER get onboard the Trump Train?

      I can’t think of any.

      I clicked the link and then to her Twit account, and the self-description at the top says:

      “CNN Contributor/Author of Gaslighting America. Political Columnist… “Notorious realist”-Raw Story. Be kind ❤ ”

      CNN contributor – strike one

      Expert on Gaslighting – strike two

      Columnist for nasty Billy Kristol’s Trump-hating and hilariously named ‘Bulwark’ – strike thirty

      At least she has a sense of humor, claiming she is a ‘notorious realist’. 😁

      And the ‘be kind’ with a ‘heart’ symbol as she draws the dagger out of your back is a nice touch!

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    1. What I’m getting from all of George Webb’s videos is that the stuff that the conspiracy world has talked about for years – and I mean years – is multi-generational in a handful of families. yes, there are others ensnared, but the main players are coming from a handful of families. The next generation is born in.

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      1. It is an Aristocracy PERIOD.

        Only after the French Revolution they decided it was much ‘healthier’ for them to hide in the shadows and pull the puppet strings. That way if things go south THEY do not lose their heads.

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    1. Have the White House live news feed on now, nothing showing yet.
      Chiefio blog just announced that they’re going into Lockdown today as the 2nd case of “community-spread” Wuhan Coronavirus is near them.

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        1. Scratch that scratch, maybe? Man just said she may have been community spread – no known travel. Couldn’t tell if he answered question directly or gave definition of CS. Sorry.😵😵


      1. “Hospitals will not admit the elderly.”



        Talk about causing a panic in the population.

        Not to mention making older people feel like their lives aren’t worth anything.

        Is Morrison nuts?

        What age is ‘elderly’, and who decides?

        And it’s the elderly who vote more consistently and reliably than anybody. I’d be reconsidering my vote next election, if the PM decided he was going to come up with impromptu death panels and put me on the list.

        The fake I.D. business must be booming.

        When I was a kid, everybody was trying to get I.D.s that said you were older.

        Now you’re going to have nonagenarians trying to pass themselves off as being in their 50s.

        All because the globbalists / Leftists are trying to cause a panic, and now governments are pouring guzzeline on the fire.

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        1. Australia is one of the best prepared countries to cope with pandemic in the world. We also closed our borders/shut down planes. We don’t even have borders per say. Just maritime borders.
          ScoMo was saying if the shit hit hit fan we had plenty of everything we need and a total ability to shut out the world. As part of quarantine for the sick aged care facilities which have graduated levels of care would be provided with the meds they need not to transfer pts to acute hospitals. They would basically become hospitals as well. This is a multiplier in the clinical setting as they already have the beds, nursing staff etc. it would simply mean restrictions on certain drugs like antivirals would be waived. Normally, a resident, with something contagious would be sent to a major hospital but if the big place is full of it too there is no advantage to the patient.

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          1. Excellent! Well done!

            That’s a most sensible national plan for coronavirus. Planned infrastructure has paid off. No doubt Australia had all of this in place years ago, but now everything is ready. No panic necessary.

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              1. No ones 100%. I think it’s lot easier in totalitarian regimes tbh. Lotta aussies and yanks will say fuck that. No one tells me what to do

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  2. POTUS is getting out ahead of the storm that the MSM / DeepState / DemComs, will make over the death of this person in Washington State with this news conference.
    POTUS will meet with reps from large pharma companies on Monday at the White House re coming up with a vaccine for the virus.
    43 MILLION masks on hand in the U.S. More coming.
    VP Pence had a meeting with the Coronavirus team today, 2 1/2 hours. POTUS was there for most of it.
    POTUS asks media to NOT do anything to “incite panic”.

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    1. Travel restrictions – No more IRAN – anyone who’s been there in past 14 days will not be allowed into country
      SD Level 4 Advisories – DO NOT travel to hard hit areas in Italy and S Korea
      Risk to US is LOW
      They expected more cases to occur in US before and still expect more to come

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      1. PRESS continues to push HOAX and beat POTUS about it – he has made clear 2x (expect more🙄) that the virus is NOT a hoax. He was referring to the Democrats

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    2. Contract signed w/ 3MM for 35 million masks/month, negotiating with other vendors.
      Americans DO NOT need to wear mask. Taking care of all Healthcare workers a priority.
      Apple production in China back to normal.

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      1. ‘Social Distance’ 2 to 3 meters actually works better than a mask because fitting a mask correctly is tricky. Where a mask is required is for someone who is sick so the spread is contained.

        Limiting contact, hand washing, don’t touch face and sanitize surfaces…
        AND ABOVE ALL STAY OUT OF PUBLIC REST ROOMS! aka Virus exchange facilities.

        Flushing virus containing feces can put the virus into the air for up to 20 minutes per ChiefIO aka E.M. Smith (His family owned a restaurant and he worked in a hospital.)

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  3. Here is more information on the woman who died from Coronavirus:

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  4. Second day in a row, I’m on my phone and find a great Twitter thread from 40 Head! This one is BIG! Q is winning, cabal is losing. I am posting it from the phone because it’s important!

    I have the feeling we are about to lose a Pope. I think THIS is why he is “ill” and out of sight. Many Italian arrests, may be more coming?

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    1. I clicked on the tweet, but it’s dated 2019. Not sure how the one above has today’s date on it:

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  5. POTUS addressing John Bolton attack on Afghanistan plan. He was here a year, could’ve done something.
    Telling FED to get it together.

    Now we have a nasty POS accusing Pence of letting HIV getting out of control. POTUS defended, Pence explained.

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    1. Talking w/Erdogan about current situation, 52 dead soldiers, allowing refugees into Greece.
      Market will come back. Kudlow – numbers are very strong. Our focus is on corona, market will take care of itself.
      Safety, health, Number One.
      Russia, China, others all want to discuss arms control.
      Troops returning from Afghanistan starting TODAY.

      Will be having frequent conferences.

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    2. Also one lady accused Fauci of being muzzled. POTUS said no. Fauci came up and said NO, never happened.

      Enemy of the people definitely in the room today.

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    1. It would have been nice had Ms VANDERBUSH, self-described ‘FORMER HOSPITAL SECRETARY’, had provided more information.

      This win is in the Kentucky House of Representatives. The man’s name is

      ‘Richard White, owner of a lumber business and a former real estate developer from Morehead, won District 99 in the Feb. 25 special election, garnering 4,750 votes, or 56 percent. He will complete the unexpired term of Democrat Rocky Adkins, who resigned in December to advise the new Democratic governor, Andy Beshear.’

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    1. “PM Boris Johnson and partner Carrie Symonds are expecting a baby in early summer and are engaged, couple announce ”



      Are they cops?

      Like Cagney and Lacey?

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          1. “And broke back mountain”


            Never saw it.

            Very much on purpose.

            I’d rather watch Angela Merkel do the Snake Dance 😁

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    1. It’s time for the truth to be unveiled & the innocent to be vindicated…

      “Earlier this month, Attorney General William Barr appointed Jeff Jensen, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, to review the government’s conduct in the Flynn prosecution.”

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  6. Mini mike ad says he’d be better at this corona than trump. Sure mike sure.

    Also got another ad that says he beat the nra, coal lobby, big tobacco and. Is he’ll beat trump,

    What a jack a$$

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  7. On a much lighter note…sometimes needed! … because it was a sunny, but bone-chilling here, we got creative in the kitchen.
    Tonight we’re having our once every few years dinner of stuffed calamari….MIL’s recipe, of course. DH got up early this morning to make the stuffing and poke it into those slippery little cavities. In years past he, like his mother, used to sew them shut but now he uses toothpicks. So, they’ve been gentling simmering in marinara sauce all afternoon, along with some shrimp that needed to be used. Will be served over non-wheat pasta.
    Meanwhile, I got inspired to try some things in the air fry cooker and there are ramekins of crustless pumpkin pie cooling in the refrigerator and a pumpkin- chocolate chip bread on the counter, also made in the air fryer.
    Fire going, wonderful aromas through the house, beloved cat sleeping on the sofa, POTUS speaking on TV….a great way to end the month of February.

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      1. Kea, I held my laugh, until I read your, “I will not make a joke. I will not make a joke. I will not make a joke….”

        Thanks for lightening things up 😉

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      1. “That being said, why is she wearing heels? Soft soled flats are the way to go on slick floors.”


        Because she’s O-phra.

        Those heels will do whatever she tells them to… and that goes double for the floor.

        She hovers far above anything so pedestrian as common sense.

        Until she doesn’t 😁

        The bigger they are…

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    1. “China expert: Coronavirus could lead to a collapse of Chinese Communist Party”


      Or to the collapse of domestic CCP opposition.

      It’s a race

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        1. “Have they been able to “project” the winner in Iowa even yet?”


          Nope, they’re still waiting to see how Super Tuesday turns out first, so they can allot Iowa delegates to whoever needs them to offset Gramps Fidel.

          Which is silly, because we probably won’t know who ‘won’ Super Tuesday until the backroom bong smoke clears at the convention.

          I’m sure it’s all on the up-and-up, there’s not even a smidge of corruption in the DNC, that’s for sure… 🙄


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  8. Pelosi playing politics. Does anyone remember how they hammered Bush 2 with one of those virus issues. Constantly had it on the front page how inadequate Bush’s response was, etc. etc. Same play book going on. Trying to harm the GOP President. Anyway…

    Sadly and prayerfully, I wonder why @SpeakerPelosi isn’t concerned about the 1,700+ babies that were aborted today. Or the 61 million aborted since Roe V Wade. Or why she won’t protect babies born alive after a botched abortion. Abortion is a Public Health Crisis. #Travesty

    Sadly and prayerfully, today, we learned of the first death from the #coronavirus in the United States. The American people expect a well-coordinated, fully-funded response that appropriately addresses this public health crisis.

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      1. “Ever notice Pelosi never says to whom she is praying?”


        Or how.

        Or where.

        It would be hilarious if someone would ask her.

        But who would do it?

        It would be so easy.

        Probably shoot her teeth right out of her mouth.

        And when she gets immediately indignant, ask Madame Speaker, do you pray for good, or evil?

        When she snaps, ask her When you advocate for ripping babies out of the womb and murdering them, and selling their body parts for filthy lucre, is that good — or is that evil?

        People could have so much fun with these clowns, if there was a single straight-shooter in the press corpse.

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  9. Liked by 7 people

    1. “The devil is capable of confusing the most brilliant mind.”


      Curiously, the so-called ‘brilliant’ minds nearly always appear to be selectively confused, which would indicate that it’s not the Devil who has confused them, but their own self-interest.

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  10. unseen1
    This one quote explains why socialism always fails when attempted (it also explains why Dems plans against Trump backfire).

    “When,therefore,a man absorbed in the effect which is seen has not yet learned to discern those which are not seen, he gives way to fatal habits..”-Bastiat

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    1. More likely, socialism always fails because the whole point is for it to fail, to collapse a society, in order for those behind the socialism to take control and plunder it.

      Only the purple Kool-Aid guzzling dupes and foot-soldiers are ‘true-believers’.

      The leadership always knows the con, or they never get into a position of leadership to begin with.

      Communism and socialism are about power.

      The result of a ‘what if’ game, where the objective is power, regardless of means or consequence.

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    1. “POTUS is about to drive the Fed in Negative Interest Rates, dry up their cash flow and start assuming control of the money supply…”


      Not sure how he’s going to do that.

      Institutions are even more reluctant to commit suicide than the rich and powerful who run them.

      Nobody in this game ever quits or surrenders.

      The only way ground is ever gained is by force.

      Just as ‘power’ is never given, it is only taken.

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      1. This is a chess move – not sure which one – however – President Trump wants to drive the Fed into transparency – and responsible for its unaccountable behavior – they answer to no one – why not – it is about time they answer to us about what they have been doing with OUR money!

        Remember, the Fed is an independent entity – not part of the Federal Government – who or what gives them the right to operate without impunity?

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        1. “it is about time they answer to us about what they have been doing with OUR money! ”


          Yes, but they never will.


          They will NEVER give an answer to that question.

          Why would they?

          What could ever compel them to confess?

          Besides movies and Scooby Doo cartoons, no bad guy ever capitulated and explained his entire crime for the audience and his victims.

          I get the impression we’re all waiting for some big denouement, followed by some Cabal mea culpa that will never come.

          The game is never over until it’s over, and nobody is going to give up or quit or just walk away. It’s not over until force is used to make arrests.

          In the HISTORY of the WORLD there has never been any other way.

          And even then, the guilty will go to the gallows protesting their innocence.

          I am absolutely confounded by the apparent mass lack of recognition of this simple fact, or the apparent expectation that the bad guys will ‘come clean’.

          They won’t.

          Bad guys never do.

          There was a recent thread here with a post and link about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They went to the electric chair proclaiming their innocence.

          As much as we would like them, we don’t need ‘answers’ from these global criminals. They are liars, and perpetrators of atrocities and crimes against humanity.

          What is needed is to put them out of our misery.

          And that doesn’t happen — it will never happen — without SOMEONE in a position of authority using lawful FORCE to do so.

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          1. What could ever compel them to confess?

            Exposure through Audit

            What is needed is to put them out of our misery.

            “SOMEONE in a position of authority using lawful FORCE to do so” –

            President Trump

            Why do you think he has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the wall of his office?

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            1. “Exposure through Audit”


              Yes, but so long as the Cabal controls the MSM, that exposure will just be one more needle of truth in a haystack of MSM propaganda lies, obfuscation and disputed facts.

              Until the playing field is changed, how can anything else change?

              In war, until or unless the battlefield itself is physically taken, how can there be victory?

              At best, the ‘institution’ would be exposed. And even then, the institutional preservationists (Deep State) who infest our government could (and would) spend DECADES dragging their feet toward a ‘solution’ or ‘reform’.

              There won’t be any Perry Mason moment, no ‘face’ will be attached to the ‘crime’, no individual(s) will be held criminally accountable UNLESS force is used to arrest and prosecute.

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              1. Hey, it can happen – where there is a will – there is a way – when we can find no way – God will make a way.

                When the American people discover what they have done to rob our country blind – there will not be enough available trees to hang them – they will be exposed – with nowhere to hide – and all of that money (our money) they have stolen and lent to other countries will be returned – the IRS will no longer be available to pay the interest.

                I am an optimist like President Trump – and – whenever we think ‘Trump is finished’ – he pulls out an ‘ace’ card – and I am not talking about the one that is taped underneath the table, either.

                Dave of X22 Report explains this much better than I can, Scott.

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        2. “Remember, the Fed is an independent entity – not part of the Federal Government ”


          Absolutely. It is a private bank.

          They ‘create’ money with the stroke of a pen (with a keyboard today), and then ‘loan’ it to the U.S. government at interest.

          It’s the slickest and greatest con ever perpetrated.


          “– who or what gives them the right to operate without impunity?”


          The lawless and unconstitutional ‘Federal Reserve Act’ of 1913.

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          1. According to Dave of X22 Report – Trump is going to dismantle it – take control of it – maybe adjoin it to Treasury – not really sure – however Dave’s premise is this whole process will lead us into a ‘new’ financial system NOT based on fiat money – I agree with him – because their time is up – their control will end – I hope and pray Trump is able to do this before he leaves office at the end of his 2nd term.

            “The lawless and unconstitutional ‘Federal Reserve Act’ of 1913.” –

            Exactly – why they must be dismantled and prevented from operating in this ‘lawless and unconstitutional’ manner.

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            1. ” I agree with him – because their time is up – their control will end –”


              That would be great, but expressions like ‘because their time is up’ is just a rallying cry, a conclusion reached by the oppressed (us).

              The point I keep trying to make — never with success — is that until physical men, in physical uniforms, with physical guns, with physical indictments, physically bust into the homes of the Cabal criminals (as the Cabal did to Roger Stone and Manafort, for example), and physically arrest the criminals…

              Nothing actually happens.

              Until or unless men with guns and the lawful authority to use them make arrests, it’s just smoke and hot air and exercising our emotions.

              Nothing will actually happen until physical force is exerted by a lawful authority.

              The bad guys won’t turn themselves in, and they will never confess their crimes, no matter the result of any Audit or all the evidence in the world.

              It wouldn’t matter if the members of the Fed were caught on grainy black and white videotape smoking crack with underage hookers.

              They would deny it until their dying day, whether that day was due to old age or high current electricity.

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              1. Men with guns? No, Scott – it will not happen like that – the global supply chain will be interrupted/exposed…

                We Are Witnessing The Transition From A [CB] Global Economy To The People’s Economy – Episode 2109a

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            2. “Men with guns? No, Scott – it will not happen like that –”


              I give up… I recognize that I’m simply unable to communicate, no matter what words I use. It’s like a current day Tower of Babel.

              No matter what I say, or how I say it, there is no communication taking place.

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              1. No, no, no, Scott – I understand what you are saying perfectly – and I agree with you – because we have not experienced any ‘justice’ in the past – they appear to get away with everything the normal joe would not – however – I believe Dave has a handle on this issue – why I am hopeful – we will live to see some progress in this area – the Fed buys are illegal money managers who report and/or answer to no one – they make their own rules – and we are at their mercy – btw – I believe Putin took control of Russia’s CB (Fed) – so if he did it – I am confident President Trump can do it, too – that’s my story – and I am sticking to it – 🙂

                BTW…you make perfect sense – and offer the argument against accountability quite admirably – so there is nothing wrong with this communication – imho

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              2. Thank you for explaining duchess, I was beginning to think there might have been a rip in the space-time continuum 😁

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    1. “BREAKING: Billionaire activist Tom Steyer drops out of presidential race”


      What, is he crazy?

      He was SO close… on the cusp of an upward explosion in the polls… Steyer is a natural-born leader who gives whole new meaning to words like ‘telegenic’ and ‘charisma’ 😁

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    2. That moment when you hear that there’s actual video of @TomSteyer
      dancing to “back that a$$ up”, and it ends up being the exact level of cringe you hoped it would be…

      It always amazes me, the bubble they live in must be a hundred feet thick — so thick that nobody who would ever tell them “that’s a really bad idea — don’t do that — ever” will ever get near them.

      On the other hand, Tommy was demonstrating some pretty sweet moves.

      The first dance move he was doing looks like it might be called ‘the Constipation’.

      The last one I’m not sure if it might be called the “Look, I’m pregnant” move, or maybe it’s just something like “Hey, check out my big belly” move.

      Either way, it’s fascinating.

      In a morbid, rubber-necking as you drive by a car-crash sort of way.

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  11. This seems consistent with 16% Black turnout at Trump’s SC rally 🤸‍♂️🇺🇸💖🤸‍♂️😆💥

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  12. Here we go. THIS featured in what I honestly believe is a Q helper Twitter account is one of the most jam packed videos having to do with 9-11 in existence. I first watched it over a year ago, and so many things came together. Yes, it is an hour long. Grab a beverage and a snack and find out just what was destroyed on 9-11, and how it related to trillions of dollars that disappeared that day.

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  13. The picture in this tweet changed the mind of the photographer on abortion and the unborn. He was floored that the baby grasped the finger of the nurse. The nurse shrugged and said, “They do that all the time.”

    Live Action
    Did you know:

    Preborn children can be taken out of the womb, operated on for a variety of health issues, then placed back into their mother?

    Children in the womb are not “clumps of cells” but distinct human beings who must be protected by our nation’s laws.

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