2.26.20 & 2.27.20 News Roundup! Day 2 In India, Democrats Work For the a Devil, Court Screws Sanctuary Cities & States, Great AD For Colorado, The Judicial Armada Will Be Growing, PDJT Beats Crazy Bernie By 7%, PDJT’s Approval Rating Above 50% For 2 Consecutive Days, PDJT Will Win Minnesota, PDJT’s Campaign Opening 15 Community Centers For Black Outreach, Black Voters Continue To Awaken, Big Win In Kentucky, Citizenship Will Be Revoked For Those That Lied About Their Criminality, Home Sales Skyrocketed, PDJT’s Coronavirus Presser, They Will Regret Their TDS When It Comes To the Coronavirus, Peter Navarro Interview, Democrat Debate Was A Disaster…..

Our President and Prime Minister Modi delivered joint remarks to the media at the conclusion of their first bilateral discussion.

[Video and Transcript Below]


During a mid-afternoon session, our President met with U.S. and India business leaders. Our President cancelled his prepared remarks to the business investors and instead he took questions from roundtable participants.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Our President held a press conference with the international media prior to attending a state dinner with leaders, dignitaries and diplomats from around India.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President and FLOTUS attended a state dinner at India’s Presidential Palace with President Ram Nath Kovind and his wife Savita Kovind concluding an event filled two day state visit.

[Video and Pictures Below]

More evidence that the Democrat Party is working for the Devil! These people are rabid animals that need to be destroyed.

From the article linked above:

Senate Democrats blocked two abortion-related bills on Tuesday as Republicans look to weaponize the issue ahead of the 2020 elections.

Democrats blocked two measures — one from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and the other from Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) — from getting the 60 votes needed to overcome an initial procedural hurdle. 

The legislation from Graham would ban abortions after 20 weeks with exceptions for the life of the mother and victims of rape or incest. Doctors who violate the bill could face up to five years in prison.

The second bill, from Sasse, would penalize doctors who fail to “exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.”

Our President and his administration got a BIG victory at the 2nd Circuit Appellate Court yesterday. The Department of Justice (DOJ) can now withhold funding from sanctuary cities and states refusing to cooperate with administration’s immigration enforcement.

A group of seven states including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington, Massachusetts and Virginia, along with New York City, sued the DOJ in 2017 after then-AG Jeff Sessions announced the DOJ would start withholding funding from local governments that refused to share information about undocumented immigrants or provide jail access to federal authorities investigating inmates’ immigration status.

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court held Wednesday that the Trump administration can withhold millions of dollars in grants to states that set up Sanctuary Cities and refuse to work with federal immigration authorities.

The Associated Press reported that the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan made the ruling Wednesday morning, overturning a lower court decision that said the federal government had to release law enforcement grants to states that refused to cooperate with the federal government when it came to criminal illegal immigrants.

“In the past two years, federal appeals courts in Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco have ruled against the federal government by upholding lower-court injunctions placed on the enforcement of some or all of the challenged conditions,” the AP reported.

The 2nd Circuit, however, stated that relevant laws give the U.S. Attorney General authority to impose conditions on those receiving federal grants. Further, the court stated the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled favorably for the federal government to exercise its powers over states regarding immigration enforcement.

[Ruling Here]

What an incredible ad that will start airing tomorrow in local TV markets in Denver and Colorado Springs:

I love the fact that our President’s campaign is suing the New York Times for publishing FAKE NEWS.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign said on Wednesday it filed a libel suit against the New York Times accusing the newspaper of intentionally publishing a false opinion article related to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

In an escalation of the Republican president’s long-running battle with the news media, campaign officials said the lawsuit was being filed in New York State Supreme Court, the state’s trial-level court.

A statement from the campaign said the aim of the litigation was to “hold the news organization accountable for intentionally publishing false statements against President Trump’s campaign.”

The Judicial Armada is going to continue to grow in the very near future!

More evidence that our President will absolutely destroy Crazy Bernie in November! He will win the popular vote.

From the article linked above:

A major pollster offers a reality check for a certain Vermont senator who has his eye on the White House.

“Trump thumps Sanders in a head-to-head matchup. President Trump would KO Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders if the 2020 presidential election were held today,” said a new Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters released Wednesday.

The survey found Mr. Trump receiving 50% support among all likely U.S. voters compared to 43% who backed for Mr. Sanders.

In addition, the president wins 84% of the Republican vote. Mr. Sanders captures 75% of Democratic support — but the poll also found that nearly one-in-four Democratic voters  — 22% — sided with Mr. Trump instead.

Mr. Trump has a double-digit lead over Mr. Sanders among men, but the two are tied among women voters, Rasmussen said. The president leads among voters in all age groups.

“Sanders picks up 60% of blacks. Trump leads among whites 54% to 39% and edges Sanders 48% to 44% among other minority voters,” the poll noted.

Tuesday our President’s approval rating according to Rasmussen Poll was 52%.

Yesterday it was at 51%.

Richard Baris took a closer look at a poll out from Minnesota and thinks our President will carry the State on November 3rd.

Our President is showing Black Americans that he is a man of action that wants to see them succeed as much as any other American.

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s reelection campaign will open 15 community centers in major cities across the country over the next few weeks as it ramps up outreach to black voters, who have long been the bedrock of the Democratic Party.

The community centers will be manned by volunteers passing out literature that describes how Trump’s policies have benefited African Americans. There will be hats and T-shirts that say “Woke” and “Black Voices for Trump.” Big screen televisions will roll footage of testimonials from Trump’s black supporters.

The first wave of offices will open in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami, Fla.; Atlanta; Detroit; Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro, N.C.; and Milwaukee.

The campaign hopes that doing basic retail politics and having a presence in those communities will provoke a sea change in the way black voters view Trump and the Republican Party.

I promise the next time I am in Jacksonville, Florida to visit the location and that pictures and video from inside community center.

You know that it is bad for Democrats when Fake News has to report this.

From the article linked above:

A new survey of registered African American voters found that a significant number are disillusioned with the Democratic Party.

The survey, conducted by the political action committee BlackPAC, found that while black voters are largely supportive of the Democratic Party and align most with its values, more than half feel that the party is not paying close enough attention to the black community. Democrats, they argue, grew too distracted by impeachment to focus on the issues that matter to black voters, putting them out of touch with the key bloc whose support they’ve relied on for decades.

[…] the poll results reveal that black Democratic support may be softening ahead of November, as black voters grow more anxious about the country’s direction and the sentiment continues to grow that the party — and its leadership — have not prioritized black voters’ issues.

We had another big win on Tuesday in Kentucky! District 99 has been held by a Democrat for the past 33 years. Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 2:1 ratio.

I love the fact that our President is going to strip citizenship from those that lied about their criminal history.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration is establishing a new section within the Justice Department to deal with the process of removing citizenship from foreign-born individuals who fraudulently obtained citizenship by failing to disclose past convictions for serious crimes — including terrorism and war crimes.

The section, which will be within the DOJ’s Office of Immigration Litigation, will be dedicated to denaturalizing those who had failed to disclose they had been involved in criminal activity on their N-400 form for naturalization. It requires the government to show that citizenship was obtained illegally or “procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation.”

“When a terrorist or sex offender becomes a U.S. citizen under false pretenses, it is an affront to our system — and it is especially offensive to those who fall victim to these criminals,” Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt said. “The new Denaturalization Section will further the Department’s efforts to pursue those who unlawfully obtained citizenship status and ensure that they are held accountable for their fraudulent conduct.”


The Economic Train isn’t slowing down! She is continuing to crisscross our country picking up new passengers and running over her enemies.

From the article linked above:

  • The Commerce Department said on Wednesday new home sales jumped 7.9% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 764,000 units last month, the highest level since July 2007.
  • Housing market strength could help keep the economic expansion, now in its 11th year, on track.

Sales of new U.S. single-family homes raced to a 12.5-year high in January, pointing to housing market strength that could help to blunt any hit on the economy from the coronavirus and keep the longest economic expansion in history on track.

December’s sales pace was revised up to 708,000 units from the previously reported 694,000 units. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast new home sales, which account for about 12.3% of housing market sales, would advance 3.5% to a pace of 710,000 units in January.

Our President and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force held a press conference yesterday evening. The COVID-19 taskforce was established on January 29th.  A quarantine and travel entry ban was announced January 30th and ongoing proactive efforts to mitigate U.S. risk from the coronavirus outbreak are ongoing.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are going to live to regret their TDS when it comes to the Coronavirus. Our President and his Killers will once again destroy China by making sure that essential medicines are made in our country.

From the article linked above:

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro says the global coronavirus outbreak is exposing how the United States has been offshoring “far too many” products, including “essential medicines,” to China for too long.

During interviews with Fox News and Fox Business Channel, Navarro said President Trump’s administration is focused on moving supply chains to the U.S. from China, India, and Europe in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Here is an good article about Tuesday night’s Democrat debate.

From the article linked above:

The Democratic debate hosted by CBS News in Charleston, South Carolina, devolved into chaos and confusion. The debate was the tenth for the presidential primary on the Democratic side, but it’s only one in many in which the winner arguably was Donald Trump.

CBS anchors Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King quickly lost control after candidates began piling on front-runner and socialist, Bernie Sanders. South Carolina is make or break for former Vice President Joe Biden, who has long touted his strength among black Democrats.

Our President’s assessment is spot on!

Barry doesn’t like that his words speak the truth about how Democrats treat Black voters!

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  1. The courts are really paying off bigley and that is really an understatement because I cant think of a better word.
    Oh how I hope Omar is caught up and citizenship revoked and her sorry ass is deported. Damn Flep you tore the house down with tonight’s News Roundup I mean you really ripped the roof off to full sunshine —–> Dark to Light.
    God bless you Flep as well as everyone here.

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      1. When I came in 1964 it was very clear about the law that if I broke the law that i would be deported.
        When I became a citizen there was a law that if I broke the law the citizenship would be revoked.
        I only became a citizen 5 years ago but the law was on the book and apparently not enforced .
        It seems to me that all we have to do is enforce existing laws the laws all immigrants in the past understood. Society understood the laws and accepted them.
        Funny today there are people calling it unfair and one wonders since when?

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      1. I would love to see a whole bunch of them ungrateful imposter deported.
        To bad we can go back and deport everyone from the middle east that the previous administrations let slip right on in.
        Time is up for Omar, she just to dumb to know it.

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    1. Now we are really seeing how important it was to get Judges in place BEFORE big Swamp indictments are unsealed.

      I still cannot believe that we have flipped the 9th Circuit. I will have to get used to not calling it the 9th Circus.

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      1. I agree, James. Recent decisions are proving how vital the new appointments have been.

        I don’t know whether Obama’s masters were stupidly blind to the number of vacancies they could have filled, or whether McConnell was patriotic enough to stall Obama nominations (we do know about the Merrick freeze). Either way, we need to figure out how to stop the attempts to bkackmail and bribe judges. We need these new appointees to remain strong Constitutionalists.

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      2. Sealing the 9th was the deal maker and it is only gonna get better as more Judges see that the resistance is not working and step down.
        I want to see the Judges like Berman Jackson gone real quick and then let’s get the party started.
        The leftist will find Trump reQuires a professional grade in his people that make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed.
        I really dont see anyone walking away from this because of a technicality.

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    1. If enough people follow your lead of fawning all over fleporeblog, a demand for better pay won’t be far behind. And if wolfie can’t (or won’t) pay it, fleporeblog might very well cut a deal with breitbart. Then what?

      We’ll have to get our news off the open thread, which will not be of the same quality. Will that make you happy?

      Avoid trouble! Avoid drooling over fleporeblog!


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      1. Pgroup I love it! Wolf made my dreams come true. He gave me a real purpose that I am proud of. I come from the old school mentality that you don’t ever screw over someone that has made your life a little more important than it was. You don’t ever have to worry about me. I LOVE what I do for folks at the Q Tree. There is no amount of money that can ever change that. 😉

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  2. Hey Flep!!! I heard you slept in … or slept over … or overslept …. Maybe you need one of these ⬇️⬇️


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    1. Same here! Flep, you are the best part of my day! Have been for a few years now! Thank you for your time and energy, Sir!❤️


  3. Ok, help me out here. Are the CEOs resigning in order to prevent the corporate assets from being at risk or “merely” to save the companies’ reputations in case the CEOs get indicted? None of these CEOs have been indicted or arrested, or their companies under investigation … that we know of, right?

    I’m not sure I understand the significance of the resignations, assuming a future conviction of individual or corporate crime would still ‘look back’ to seize relevant assets.

    Also, has the rate or number of CEO resignations increased from some kind of annual norm, or are resignations just being highlighted now because of the EO?

    I don’t have enough info to decide if this is empty ‘tick tocks’ or there is something specific and unusual to these resignations. Hoping it’s the latter and we’re gonna catch some sleazeballs.

    #CluelessInColorado 🤷‍♀️😎

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    1. With Iger, I suspect it’s kiddy-diddling on Epstein Island, and personal actions to enable Epstein and Weinstein. This would be especially poisonous to the Disney brand, which is supposed to be wholesome. With Epstein dead and Weinstein convicted, his firewall is gone, so the Board probably found some value in him being distant.

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    2. It seems to me that there is a high rate of allegations for sexual misconduct of several varieties including minors in many cases.

      I think we likely have a lot of company brass involved in pay for play schemes, kick backs, election manipulation, etc…..that could explain the resignations/retirements.

      I think a lot of CEOs are filling their drawers. Google exec stepping down within hours of the December 2017 EO…combined with the testimony of Dr. Epstein before Congress about Big Tech election manipulatio…the subsequent death of Dr. Epstein’s wife by “car accident” after he had been threatened he would have a terrible accident.

      Like you…I would like more details…but, I have a hunch that we are on the right track.

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    1. NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – President Donald Trump is expected to hold a rally in North Charleston next week. He’s expected to speak at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts on Friday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m.

      “The North Charleston Coliseum is a 14,000-seat multi-purpose arena in North Charleston, South Carolina.” (wikipedia)

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  4. So —
    It would appear that Dr. Rupp confirmed my earlier comments about the 14 American passengers infected by the Wuhan Coronavirus on the Diamond Princess being taken to the Tower Hospital in Omaha; AND to either the BSL-4 Biocontainment Unit there; OR to other reconverted beds in the Isolation Unit at that facility.
    I suspect that the beds in the Tower “Isolation Unit” were quickly reconverted into minimum BSL-3 beds.

    Where did Patient #15 come from?
    If there are a total now of 59 persons in the U.S. who tested positive for the virus — AND that the 15 persons at Tower were put immediately into high-level isolation beds — Are the other 44 persons ALSO in high-level isolation beds? And if so — where? And if not — Why?

    I would assume that a large hospital (especially a teaching / state hospital, or a large private hospital like the one at Duke University), could quickly reconvert regular Isolation Unit beds into high-level (BSL-3 or BSL-4) beds.

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    1. CV I read someplace that some patients also went to Emery I recall.
      I have a feeling that more Hospitals are going to convert some Units. I hope he moneys for treading the patient for the virus will be spent wisely and benefit many hospitals to implement isolation units.

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      1. singingsoul1
        I agree that more hospitals will need to create BSL-3 or BSL-4 units.
        My earlier comments posited that some of the 14 Diamond Princess patients could be routed down to the BSL-4 units at Emory and/or the NIH facility on Maryland, because the Omaha Tower BSL-4 unit only has 10 beds. However, it appears that Tower wanted to keep all 14 patients (plus the additional #15) there — I would suspect for reasons of coordinated approach to observation and treatment being consolidated at one facility.

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    1. Gail Combs
      I would also suspect that Nancy Pelosi also got a “message” from GEORGE SOROS about whom HE wants in the White House in January 2021.
      And since Pelosi just gave her approval for COMMUNIST Sanders winning the 2020 election, I can morally guaran-d@mn-tee you that she, ALONG WITH ALL of the DemCom swamp who are OK with Sanders winning (except they’re too cowardly to say it) — are locking down THEIR financial holdings so that THEY come out smelling like roses, while WE, THE PEOPLE, get financially decimated by Sanders’ Communist policies.

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      1. Sanders is toast, of his own making.

        There aren’t enough wacko DEMONIcRATS to make him win in 2020. Or ever.

        They may be evil, they may be morons, they may even lean in a Communist direction. But they will not vote for their own destruction. Hence the “Walk Away” movement…



    Cooperation between India & U.S. at the Global Level founded on Common Democratic Values & Objectives

    Defense and Security
    • Indo-Pacific Region and other global commons.
    ○ Quad Initiative with the United States, India, Australia, and Japan.
    ○ Expanded cooperation on counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and maritime security to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.
    • Ultra-modern defense equipment and platforms
    ○ India to purchase more than $3 billion of advanced American military equipment, including Apache and MH-60 Romeo helicopters
    ○ Defense manufacturers part of each other’s supply chains
    • Indian forces doing the maximum training exercises with U.S. forces
    ○ Militaries continue to train and operate side-by-side
    • Interoperability between our armies
    ○ Joint Defense Capabilities
    • Fighting international crime
    ○ New mechanism to fight drug trafficking, narco-terrorism & organized crime
    ○ Counter-narcotics working group to confront the growing threat of illicit fentanyl and opioid production.
    ○ We must rid our societies of these lethal, horrible poisons.
    ○ We will rid our societies of these bad drugs that are pouring in.
    • Holding supporters of terrorism responsible
    ○ Protecting our citizens from radical Islamic terrorism.
    ○ United States is also working productively with Pakistan to confront terrorists who operate on its soil.

    Strategic Energy Partnership
    • U.S. has indeed become a very important oil and gas source for India
    ○ Total energy trade volume @ $20 billion
    ○ Renewable energy
    ○ Nuclear energy
    • Exports of high-quality American energy have grown by 500 percent
    ○ ExxonMobil signed a deal to improve India’s natural gas distribution network so that the U.S. can export even more LNG to India
    ○ Chairman of ExxonMobil LNG Market Development, Alex Volkov.
    ○ CEO of Chart Energy and Chemicals Jillian Evanko

    Technology Cooperation
    • Talent of Indian professionals
    • U.S.’s companies’ technological leadership
    • Industry 4.0
    • New technologies of the 21st century

    Global Connectivity
    • Shared traditions of democracy and constitutions that protect freedom, individual rights, and the rule of law
    • Secure 5G wireless network
    ○ Need for this emerging technology to be a tool for freedom, progress, prosperity — not to do anything where it could be even conceived as a conduit for suppression and censorship.
    ○ Guarantee that the infrastructure of the future is built in a safe, transparent, and accountable manner
    ○ United States is working with a range of partners, including Australia and Japan, to create the Blue Dot Network, a major initiative to ensure countries around the world to have access to private sector-led, sustainable, and trustworthy options for high-quality infrastructure development, and that’s what’s happening.
    • Sustainable & Transparent Financing to develop Connectivity Infrastructure
    ○ U.S. International Development Finance Corporation to establish permanent presence in India.
    • Across the world

    Trade Relations
    • Openness and Fair and Balanced [RECIPROCAL] Trade
    • $70 Billion from Energy, Civil Aircraft, Defense & Higher Education sectors (past 4-5 years)
    • Agreed to initiate Negotiations for a Bigger Deal
    • U.S. exports to India are up nearly 60 percent

    People-to-People Ties
    • Professionals or Students
    ○ Contribution of our professionals, in terms of social security, should be discussed further within the framework of a totalization agreement
    ○ [PREFERENCES for Work Visas & Outsourcing]
    • W-GDP initiative spearheading projects supporting women entrepreneurs in the economy from New Delhi to Kolkata.

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    1. BKR – Akismet is trying to spam-block you off our site. You will need to complain, and possibly multiple times, once for EACH AUTHOR – maybe more.

      Go to https://akismet.com/contact – pick the 4th option – state that this post is NOT spam – that you are NEVER spam on this site per the owner – you need to be WHITELISTED on wqth.wordpress.com – give them these two URLs:



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  6. flep ! where the heck were ya ? what the heck happened ?

    a day without you is a long dull day without the news

    …had the Blues….

    so Glad You’re Back ! 😀 ❤

    b/c one more day of no flep =

    crisis mode

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    1. Thank God we got the 9th flipped. In the old days of progressive domination, they could easily have ruled the other way.

      Why would that be a tragedy? Because they would use the decision as authority to take private property rights away in other contexts.

      What do we do now? We remember the old saying (which I love): The beatings will continue until morale improves. Morale in this instance is to collectively be fed up to the eyebrows with the FascistBook bullshit AND to apply a capitalist treatment — WE CREATE AN ALTERNATIVE.

      It’s better to suffer until awareness than to take the short term relief.

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    1. Maybe the people thought he was running against Harlan Sanders???
      (Col. Sanders)…

      Thinking of H. Salt Esq., something’s fishy about those numbers…

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  7. CLOUT

    Trump is looking stronger in Pennsylvania, a new poll shows — but a double-whammy looms large

    by Chris Brennan, Updated: February 27, 2020- 2:14 PM


    President Donald Trump has closed the gap in swing-state Pennsylvania with most of the Democrats seeking to defeat his bid for a second term, according to a new poll.

    But there’s a double-whammy hiding in plain sight among the good news for Trump.

    Voters give Trump his best marks — 58% approval — on the economy. But some of his worst numbers — 36% approval — are on healthcare.

    The Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll landed Thursday. That was just a day after Trump addressed the nation from the White House, seeking to downplay distress about COVID-19, the coronavirus spreading around the world from China — even as Trump’s own health advisers warn of the disease’s dangerous potential in the U.S.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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      1. Search CPAC 2020 at Vimeo.com for more videos including Louis Gohmert, Betsy DeVos with KellyAnne Conway and more. Sorting by “Recently uploaded” once you get results helps as well.

        Here’s the Sara Carter + Doug Collins segment.

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  8. whoa…

    The Bernie Sanders RADICALS : Socialist 2020 Campaign Leaders Helped Lead ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street…..Glenn Beck’s latest…

    Sanders has extreme Radicals including not just Antifa and the Occupy crowd but also trainers within the European Communist Parties as part of his campaign to win the Dem nomination 2020.

    seriously toxic anti American crap.

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  9. EDITORS’ PICK | 3,491 views | Feb 27, 2020, 11:55am

    IRS Names New National Taxpayer Advocate

    Kelly Phillips Erb Senior Contributor


    The U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have announced the appointment of Erin M. Collins to serve as the National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA).

    Collins previously served for twenty years as a Managing Director of KPMG’s Tax Controversy Services practice for the Western Area. Before that, she served an attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel in the Los Angeles and Laguna Niguel offices. In 1995 and 1997, she received Chief Counsel’s highest award, the National Litigation Award, and in 1993 received the Western Region’s highest Litigation Award for her outstanding achievements.

    “Erin Collins will be an outstanding voice for American taxpayers,” said Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “She has a wealth of experience representing a broad range of taxpayers before the IRS. She also developed valuable expertise during her years with the Office of Chief Counsel. Erin is the ideal candidate to help the IRS modernize and improve service for American families and businesses.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  10. February 27, 2020 – 01:31 PM EST

    Rand Paul says Trump backs broader FISA reforms, throwing curveball at intelligence bill


    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Thursday that President Trump backs his proposal to include reforms to the surveillance court as part of a bill reauthorizing expiring intelligence programs, complicating the path forward for the legislation.

    “The [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] FISA reforms that I think are very necessary is that FISA warrants shouldn’t be issued on Americans and any information gathered by the FISA court shouldn’t used against Americans. It’s for foreign intelligence. This is a big reform. … I think it will get bipartisan support. I’ve talked to the president about it,” Paul said.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  11. Out running errands today, I caught snatches of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

    It was like Night and Day.

    Beck was spreading panick – NEXT YEAR WILL BE HORRIBLE. He was also casting sly innuendos against Trump and said he could live with Warren and the other Democrats except Bernie.

    Rush explained the numbers – the exact death rate with the new Coronavirus was not nearly as bad as SARS and MERS – and not any worse than the regular Flu which kills tens of thousands of people in the USA every year.

    Beck would probably love to have Romney in office….IYKWIM.

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    1. And the greatest tradegy is that the baby doesn’t have a vote or a voice in the choice…

      Makes me think of this, Summertime… (the comments are poignant…):

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  12. Just a matter of time….

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  13. Well it’s official the subredd*t “THE_DONALD” has now had it’s moderators removed and replaced with redd*t approved moderators as of today/yesterday. Also new rules are in place there, that anyone upvoting content that meets the criteria of ‘violent, or promoting violence’ is banned. If you haven’t been following the subredd*t’s issues, the sub was quarantined June 2019 and told to monitor/comply by removing posts that were deemed offensive that didn’t meet Redd*t’s criteria, they had to remind all users of the rules constantly. The moderators tried multiple times to get the quarantine lifted,unsuccessfully, and were met with more ‘violations’, but in the end the moderators were removed for ‘not complying in good faith’ and have been replaced with Redd*t issued moderators. Sad for first amendment rights to free speach, but Redd*t, Inc wanted them gone and what is there now us a shell. The users have relocated though and the new site for The_Donald is at https://www.thedonald.win

    See this tweet below that also speaks to this overall issue and the need to have a back up. (please everyone set up your Gab accounts and Gab chat accounts …would love to see you there!)

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  14. Also, regarding the Corona Virus – Over here while the countries may not be issuing travel bans…..companies are starting to set corporate policies/announcements in place in the last few days. My husband’s company has shut a plant in Italy (only absolute essential peoples to run the manufacturing can go in, no contractors, and everyone else WFH), and tomorrow in the Switzerland offices, anyone who HAS traveled elsewhere in the last week are mandated to WFH.

    From my notes, the northern area of Italy (on the Swiss/Italian border was in lockdown last/this week (encompasses Milan) and the one case that is in Switzerland is in the Canton of Tincino (go figure where the patient came from Milan). There are direct high speed IC trains that go from Milan through Switzerland and near where I live.

    Just thought the notes would be interesting….It seems the businesses are determining the protocol. My two cents of observations. (no change back, please 🙂 )


    1. There are quite a few people from Germany who are expected to be returning from vacations in Milano in the next week or two, and it will be interesting to see how Germany deals with them. The fellow from Göppingen (not even 20 miles away from us) has infected a number of people, including some in Stuttgart, and the daughter of a Professor of Medicine at Uni Tübingen (also near us), and she and her father are now in quarantine at the Uniklinik Tübingen.

      The head of the infectious diseases unit there feels that other than taking normal “flu-season” precautions, nothing more is necessary. We’ll see… My wife and son were there Tuesday for a checkup for him; they were in a different area (HNO [ENT]) so they probably didn’t cross paths with the professor and the attendees of the conference he was hosting… Major teaching hospital, MAJOR University town…

      People are “Hamster-Kauf”-ing like mad, with water and shelf-stable foods being snapped up. My wife said it was a madhouse at ALDI this morning… There’s a small auto parts company, famous for their “Standheizung”, Webasto, that’s been hit quite hard by this. I hope they (and naturally their employees) survive this crisis, which has been mismanaged (as usual) by Merde-Kuh and her (shock[ed]) troops…

      A fellow up in NRW, 47, who had been recovering from pneumonia is in an ICU, and his wife is ill as well. Not too helpful is the fact that he went to some Karneval events up there, so he may have exposed others. The YSM/MCM are sending mixed messages here: one says “Null Problemo” (to quote Alf), the other says “We’re All Gonna Die”… The truth probably rests in the middle, with age, general health, and access to healthcare being the deciding factors…

      Never let a crisis go to waste…

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