20200226: President Trump Addresses the Nation on Coronavirus + Bonus, Alex Azar and Other Gov’t Officials Testifying on Coronavirus.

President Trump live link here a Fox10:

GST – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd7qXKXpdnQ

CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?469747-1/president-trump-holds-news-conference-coronavirus

Alex Azar and others, testifying to Congress, live now:

Rewind if necessary.

Trump Administration timeline of action on Coronavirus:

209 thoughts on “20200226: President Trump Addresses the Nation on Coronavirus + Bonus, Alex Azar and Other Gov’t Officials Testifying on Coronavirus.

    1. Yesterday, in this briefing Secretary Azar stressed 5 areas of their focus for preparedness:

      1 – Surveillance
      2 – Funds for state and local response to outbreaks
      3 – Therapeutics and Diagnostics
      4 – Vaccines
      5 – Funds for personal protective equipment

      They are also watching for any disruption of health supply chains.

      Dr. Faucci said it will be next year by the time a vaccine goes through Level 1 and 2 trials and is available for public.

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      1. “…Dr. Faucci said it will be next year by the time a vaccine goes through Level 1 and 2 trials….”

        Dr Faucci doesn’t know President Trump!

        Peter Navarro on Tucker said vaccine development in 1/2 the time.

        Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health
        Issued on: September 19, 2019

        February 25, 2020: COVID-19 Vaccine Shipped, and Drug Trials Start

        Moderna Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Cambridge, Mass., has shipped the first batches of its COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was created just 42 days after the genetic sequence of the COVID_19 virus, called SARS-CoV-2, was released by Chinese researchers in mid-January. The first vials were sent to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, which will ready the vaccine for human testing as early as April.

        NIH scientists also began testing an antiviral drug called remdesivir that had been developed for Ebola, on a patient infected with SARS-CoV-2. The trial is the first to test a drug for treating COVID-19, and will be led by a team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center….

        If you think there are people dying and a vaccine in testing and President Trump isn’t going to put a boot into some Bureaurat arses… I have a very nice bridge I want to sell you.

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        1. One thing that always pissed me off as a GS, having been Active Duty stationed oversea or forward deployed, many GS have zero sense of urgency. NONE.

          These days we call it, Trump speed.

          Cut regulations.

          Streamline processes.

          At the right time, it’s called right to try.

          Not jumping off the cliff.

          But, bureaucrats PISS me off.

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  1. I would love for CDC Dr. Nancy to be asked to be there and then put on the hot seat for any confusing remarks that may have cause an adverse stock market reaction.

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  2. I am going to post this here too. It is PHONE BRIEFINGS by CDC.

    This is Messonier’s latest phone briefing with reporters.


    No transcript yet.
    Quick notes:
    195 tests were for those in quarantine from returning from Wuhan.

    More than 1700 medical workers in China are infected

    In the questions it comes out:
    They are having to REFORMULATE the reagent in the test kits. WTF!

    To Chinese Daily — mitigation aka ‘disrupt spread’ close schools…tele-a-medicine.. have plans already in place may see coming up in coming weeks.

    To Reuters — blunt curve by ‘mitigation’ using mathematical models.

    Buzfeed — Serum test many weeks out

    Politico — Asks what about more surveillance? She thanks Congress, funding not problem, using the FLU system already in place she thinks most efficient.


    Friday transcript:

    ….We never expected we’d catch every traveler with novel coronavirus from China. It would be impossible. We’re not seeing spread here in the United States yet, but it is possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen. [If you are not testing how can you say that? — GC]

    Our goal continues to be slowing the introduction of the virus into the U.S. This buys us more time to prepare our communities for more cases and possibly sustained spread. This new virus represents a tremendous public health threat. We don’t yet have a vaccine for this novel virus, nor do we have a medicine to treat it specifically. We are taking and will continue to take aggressive action to reduce the impact of this virus, that it will have on the communities in the U.S….

    THIS IS THE MOAB⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

    I want to direct everyone to a document that will be very informative in terms of what people can expect in the coming weeks if the virus starts spreading in our community. This is an MMWR recommendations and report titled “community mitigation guidelines to prevent pandemic influenza, united states–2017.” we are reviewing the materials and adapting them to COVID-19. These materials will serve as a blueprint for the community interventions we will use here in the U.S. if you’re watching the news, you may be hearing about schools shutting down and businesses closing in countries in Asia to reduce the potential spread of this virus. The day may come where we need to implement such measures in the U.S. communities….

    New information on the test kit:

    There were problems identified with the test kits. That is a normal part, unfortunately, of these processes. We obviously would not want to use anything but the most perfect possible kits, since we’re making determinations about whether people have COVID-19 or not. So that is still where we are. We are working with FDA, who is the one that have oversight over us. Under this e.u.a. on redoing some of the kits. We still consider it a priority to get the kits out to patients as soon as possible. It is overridden by the priority to make sure that the test is correct….

    There is certainly more data coming out that suggests that there are people who are reportedly asymptomatic who have this virus with the swab.….

    The current case definition does say that patients that have fever, symptoms of lower respiratory infection, requiring hospitalization, and a history of travel from mainland china meet the case definition for testing…

    Balancing those things going forward, we are going to continue to look at travel history and see when and if there’s the right reasons to expand that beyond China

    So still not willing to look at anyone except people who traveled to China.

    Question from Dan Vergano with “Buzzfeed” news on Squabble on bring home ill people from the Princess.

    Dr. Walters from the State Department:
    With regard to decision making during the evacuation, it is important to remember that this was an emerging and unusual circumstance. We had 328 people on buses. We had a plan. We were executing the plan. Then we received lab results on otherwise asymptomatic, un-ill people that were on their way to an airport. I think the folks on the ground did just the right thing by, out of an abundance of caution, moving those 14 people into an isolation area where they pose no threat to themselves or anyone else. It provided room for an inter-agency discussion between not just CDC and state but the operational elements of HHS, which were from the assistant secretary of preparedness and response. At the end of the day, the state department had a decision to make, informed by our inter-agency partners. We made ahead and made that decision. The decision, i think, was the right one, in bringing those people home.

    Maybe i’ll just add that, you know, these are difficult decisions that we’re faced with every day. We’re making those decisions in real time. When you make those kind of complicated decisions, there are going to be different perspectives that are brought to the table. We are one U.S. government working together, and we will continue to operate under that stance, as we have forever, since this started and as we will into the future. Our focus is on, right now, the forward-looking health of these repatriated citizens, and to continue to manage the response seamlessly within the government…..


    I would not be surprised to find that Messonier’s briefing, or rather the Fake News reports of the briefing and the stock market crash were coordinated by the elite. Doesn’t take much and they have done it before.

    CDC says Americans could see ‘severe disruptions’ with coronavirus, now that disease spread is ‘when’ not ‘if’

    “…“It’s not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but a question of exactly when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illness,” Messonnier said….”


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    1. Glad that Trump is getting out on this now. I have a suspicion that part of the cabal PLOT here was to increase trust in bureaucracy and globalists. Thankfully, WHO already nixed that by overplaying – trying to balk on border-shutting, flight cancellation, etc. Tipped their “whoops” hand a bit too far with that one!!!

      In any case, here is what to watch for. They try to play Trump to take WRONG or lagging positions, while the bureaucrats are set up to take leading or credibility-enhancing positions (steal cred back from Q + VSG + crowd). SNEAKY. Watch for it.

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        1. Yes, good advice.

          Make the buys now for medicines, vitamins (China makes ALL the C) A Month’s supply of food. (20# of rice is less than 10 bucks.) there is canned chicken, beef, pork, tuna… available as well as canned veggies and dried beans.

          You can probably figure they will keep the electric running so frozen should not be a problem. DO NOT BUY stuff you would not ordinarily eat anyway.

          Also a garden or potted veggies is not a bad idea. fresh herbs, radishes, green onions/chives add needed vitamins and liven up dishes.

          Do not forget the cleaners….

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          1. Buy your frozen veggies carefully. Don’t buy cheap imports from China.
            A small generator can power your fridge and freezer. Get fuel for it too.
            Torches, batteries candles.
            A gun and ammo. And DONT advertise what you’ve got.
            If things go south it will be the haves and the trying to takes

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        2. Too good not to post the whole thing:

          unseen1 @unseen1_unseen
          18 hours ago, 15 tweets, 3 min read

          I have news for the left. If they think people will turn against Pres. Trump over the China virus they ate too many magic mushrooms. So far Trump has handled it perfectly and the only people making it political are the Dems. If Dems were in charge, the virus would already be here
          It’s also not going to have a long term impact on the economy. It will most likely peter out by middle of spring/early summer. The death rate while higher than the flu will not be high enough to collapse the country.

          8 out of 10 people infected will catch a cold.
          2 out of 10 will have complications that forces them to seek care most in a hospital. 0.5 out of ten will require ICU care. 2 out of 100 will die. (if the death rate stays that high)

          This will cause short term economic pain in some places but in others it will cause economic gains. Companies aren’t going to lay off 100’s of thousands of workers when they will need them in a month after virus runs it course.

          By Trump closing the borders to China travel early he bought us time. Will that be enough to escape the virus? Probably not but it has lessened the time the country will face the biggest hit if the experts are right about the weather controlling the spread.

          If the experts are wrong and it doesn’t stop in the spring then the extra time has helped jump start the vaccine program and given us longer to find a medicine that helps lessen the virus effects. It’s also given the gov time to inform the public and prepare for it.

          Worst case is that the virus is not contained and runs through the population. If that happens 80% of the population will be okay. A major strain will be placed on healthcare system and around 2% will die. Then the population will have immunity from it until it mutates or dies.
          If that point happens People and business will then adapt and treat the new virus like the flu or any cold.

          This isn’t the end times, it’s a serious problem that may effect supply chains and cause short term pain but it’s not the silver bullet the Dems are looking for.

          Of course this is all assuming the numbers we have so far is correct. Of course the higher the death rate the bigger the impact. But a 2% death rate of a viruses that can spread through the population is big enough to cause governments to freak out because we are talking a lot

          Of total deaths. The flu has infected 15 million in this country as of end of Jan and killed about 10,000. If this virus infects 15 million we are talking about 375,000 dead. So yes, the numbers given to us are enough to cause lockdowns etc. It doesn’t have to be that they are

          Lying to us or hiding a bigger threat. The numbers they are giving us are plenty to cause a serious concern short term. Are the Dems using this as a politics weapon? Yes. Does that mean you should ignore the warning to prepare for a period of short term pain? No.
          Italy had one case reported in the south of the country and they had panic buying and empty shelves. Get a couple weeks to a month of non perishable food stocked up, get whatever prescription meds you need now before a panic might mean you cant get them. Keep your gas tank full.

          Have some cash on hand, I doubt electric or water will be impacted like in a storm but it’s always better to be prepared then standing on roof waiting for the helicopter. If the food is not needed you can always eat it, if the medicine not is not needed you can still take it.

          By stocking ahead for a couple weeks to a month you aren’t Increasing your costs you are just changing the date you would have bought these things. Of you have underlying chronic health issues you should take more care of human interactions for awhile. If you smoke you are more
          …at risk from what some reports say. Basically ask yourself can you live on what you have in your home for 14-30 days. If yes. Don’t worry. If no, make the needed adjustments and then don’t worry. Peace of mind is a treasure in a time of stress.

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          1. Just to piggyback on your great advice–if you will be having family members hunkering down (I’m talking grandkids and elderly parents especially), make sure you have plenty of OTC meds for colds and flu, cough syrup, drops, vapor rub, etc.

            Also, chess, checkers, playing cards, puzzles, coloring books, Scrabble and so on. Watching the tv will get boring.

            Juices, cake mixes, all the little things that will seem very important if you are cloistered.

            Don’t forget pets! I still need a couple more 50 pound bags of dog food. Six dogs. Ugh.

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    2. “blunt curve by ‘mitigation’ using mathematical models.”…

      Yeah. Right. Just like their climastrologic models…

      Lots of backing and filling by the medibureaucrats, with not much substance to accompany it…

      Same here in Europe.

      Three cases now only 20 miles or so away. Yep. Merde-Kuh says even now, “Wir schaffen das” (we’ll do it).

      It’s only a question of what “das” (that) means… I think they mean “we’ll get rid of them all”…

      Ironic how everyone is yapping about how interconnected the world is, yet they’re totally surprised when one of those interconnections brings disease, plague, poverty, and disaster with it…

      Sometimes interconnections are not a good idea…..

      P.S. Might be stupidly obvious, but it’s probably a good idea to stock up on medicines and anything that might have a supply chain “link” in Asia. So, it you want that PC/lappie/or component from Asia, time to buy from existing stock… My son takes an ACE inhibitor (Enalapril) and a Beta-Blocker (Bisoprolol), and we’re ordering extra. It might happen (if Big Pharma has half a clue) that production gets realigned to producing meds that will help fight the virus/related illnesses… at which point the regular production will dwindle down…

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      1. My son takes Prograf (tacrolimus) as an anti-rejection drug following Liver Transplant. He needs .5mg & 1mg doses. We got the .5 OK the other day but the 1 is on back-order. The doctor said that for some reason Prograf is becoming scarce & some pharmacies can’t get it. I discussed this with the pharmacist but she didn’t seem familiar (they have other patients taking Prograf). They’ve been trying to order it daily & different suppliers indicate it should be available the first week of March. She found another location/store that still has a stock of the 1mg so we may get it from there. Strangely the .5mg that we picked up was in individual foil packets, which we’ve never seen before in the near 7 years he’s been taking this med. I wonder if that means they are using up older/less desirable stock. Filling a 2 week pill box will be more annoying if I have to unwrap each individual capsule…sigh…


  3. From the White House just now via email:

    President Trump’s aggressive coronavirus response

    Watch LIVE at 6:30 p.m. ET as President Trump and members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a news conference.

    Under President Trump’s leadership, the full weight of the U.S. Government is working to protect the health and safety of the American people.

    Tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET, the President and members of the Coronavirus Task Force will hold a news conference to update Americans on the federal response to the coronavirus.

    Decisive action from President Trump at the beginning of the outbreak—including prudent travel restrictions and an early containment strategy—has given local officials time to prepare. Last month, the President formed a Coronavirus Task Force, led by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and comprised of subject-matter experts, to organize a whole-of-government response.

    As a result, America has been able to stay ahead of the outbreak as it develops abroad.

    The Trump Administration also recently requested new funding authorities from Congress. With this action, the Administration expects to allocate at least $2.5 billion to fight the coronavirus. That funding will go toward public health preparedness, laboratory testing, quarantine costs, the development of vaccines, and other healthcare priorities.

    One principle in particular has defined President Trump’s approach: radical transparency. Rather than keep Americans in the dark, the Administration wants citizens to be able to see inside each step of the process. The President also wants all Americans to understand how their government is working hard to keep them safe.

    “We’re taking this incredibly serious here in the United States,” Secretary Azar said. “We are doing the most aggressive containment efforts in modern history to prevent further spread in the United States. We’re going to continue taking those measures.”

    More: Mike Pompeo and Alex Azar: Our coronavirus response is protecting Americans
    How we mobilize resources around the world to help other nations fight the disease is American altruism at its finest.
    Link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/02/11/pompeo-azar-coronavirus-response-cdc-who-protects-americans-column/4712857002/

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    1. AMEN!!!

      And from one of my favorite books of the Bible which sausage-squisher won’t let me name:

      5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

      6 In all thy ways acknowledge HIM, and HE shall direct thy paths.

      7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

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  4. Azar is Messonnier’s boss’s boss’s boss…..

    Azar is Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department (Cabinet level)
    CDC Director is Dr Redfield (appointed)
    Principle Deputy Director Dr Schuchat
    Deputy Director Dr Butler
    (For infectious Diseases)
    Center for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases – Dr Messonnier

    She may find she is no longer allowed to do briefings and Deputy Director Dr Butler, her boss will have to take over the job. Excuse it is too important for an ‘underling’

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    1. I suspect there a link between Dr. Messonier’s brother ROD “ROSEY”-STEIN and her coming out with this “here comes the Plague” stuff.
      So now she’s basically been caught and is in backpedal mode. Might be too late to save her gubmint career.

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  5. It’s about to begin. All the CDC, NIH folks have filed in.

    The Commander in Chief – PRESIDENT TRUMP has ordered up the full line up!

    Except Nancy Messonier is nowhere to be seen!

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  6. Sorry for not getting a News Roundup out today. I feel asleep at 6:00 PM and didn’t get up until 6:45 AM. I had an all day training at a school. I will have a longer roundup for tomorrow where I will include news from yesterday and today.

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    1. Good to hear from you! You spoil us so. We automatically get concerned if you’re MIA. On the daily they sent a search party and thankfully located you on twitter which calmed the masses! 😁 🥰🤗💞

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  7. Original 15 w/virus – 5 fully recovered, the rest in process, some in hospital, others recovering at home

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      1. Yes, BFLY! I am just thrilled VP Pence was chosen to accompany President Trump through this MAGA Movement in American History!!!

        I think we should dedicate an entire history book volume to the Trump Presidency!

        We are so blessed, BFLY!

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  8. President Trump is not and has not been messing around.

    He has put VP Pence as the executive coordinator of the US response to the coronavirus!!!

    VP Pence has been meeting daily with NIH, CDC, transportation, and other agencies.

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      1. The Dims and their Mockingbird Press think President Trump has no idea what he is doing!

        If you read the timeline Daughn provided – PT has been on top of this potential crisis long before he went to India – they keep harping on quarantine and the stock market – like that is all with which we must be concerned – now they are quoting Pelosi who said PT does not know what he is doing!

        Pelosi is trying to create a ‘panic’ – and there is no reason to panic – we should be working together – she is trying to make this political – this is not political.

        I wish he would tell them to only ask questions strictly on the topic – this is not a regular press conference.

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          1. No doubt – that was part of the 16-year plan to be implemented by O and H to bring America down to a third world country – look how much China stole from us – not to mention all of Europe – the cost of endless wars – everything they did to steal, kill, and destroy America – sound familiar? Is this not satan’s plan for God’s people? He hates us as much as they do – because God promised us eternal life – something he and they will never have.

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            1. I think that is incorrect. God promised us eternal life in heaven/paradise. There is another eternal life and it is in the lake of fire (generally thought to be eternal life cut off from God).

              I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than to be cut off from God and heaven, with no escape.

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      2. GA, I imagine the State and local lines of communication, as a result of the hurricanes we have had here in US, will be been enormously helpful.
        such lines between Feds and States/local do not have to started from scratch…already established.
        This President is demonstrating his grasp of how Nat’l situations can best be handled.
        No more Katrinas.
        I totally agree w duchess…I am to the point where it doesn’t matter that Pravda doesn’t “get” him…we do.

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    1. Sylvia, adults have ALWAYS been in charge. Adult simply means big body.

      I believe it would be more accurate to say the ‘grown-ups’ are in charge now.

      Luv ya. 🙂

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  9. LINKS to keep at hand:
    CDC – https://twitter.com/CDCgov
    CDC Coronavirus links – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
    2019CoV cases in USA – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html

    Currently there is no community spread in the USA.

    “There is currently no reported community spread of #COVID19 in the US. People should follow everyday measures to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, such as staying home when sick and washing hands with soap and water. Stay informed; visit http://cdc.gov/COVID19.”

    Still only 2 person to person cases reported in USA.

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  10. Vaccine Phase 1 trial – 45 people – compete in 2-3months. Then expanded trial to 100’s of people, another 6 months. If good won’t be available for 1.5 years.
    Anti viral drug Remdesivir being tested now to see if viable treatment.

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  11. BWAHAHAHAH!!!!

    Question was asked – What about the stock market?

    President Trump said, maybe it was the Democrat Debate and the possibility that any of those (idiots) people could be President.


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        1. (Trying hard to resist making Beavis and Butthead jokes)

          . . . Listen to Azar during the briefing . . .

          He said “well calibrated” 😂😂😂

          36:55 actions taken with the strong support of
          36:57 his scientific advisors have proven to
          37:00 be appropriate wise and well calibrated
          37:03 to the situation we’re grateful for the

          Now who was it who introduced us to this usage of the word “calibrated”? July 24th 2009?

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    1. She should go back to her district and clean it up.
      She’s trying to create a panic.

      Crying Chuck too.

      They’re trying to create a political panic.


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  12. “I think Pelosi is incompetent.” “I think she is not thinking about the country – thinking about working together.”

    President Trump is knocking Democrats response to virus.

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  13. Stupid report quotes stupid Nanshee saying PDJT doesn’t know anything about the virus. PDJT says matter of factly, “Speaker Pelosi is incompetent.”

    But now he’s getting pissed. She’s trying to create a panic. She and Schumer……trying to get a political advantage. They should be working together on the issue.

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        1. Something about

          Oh, what a tangled Webb we weave,
          When first we practise to deceive…

          Hubbell, Hubbell, boil and bubble,
          Beezle-Bubba’s still in trouble…

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    1. Russia FAILED, Impeachment FAILED…Let’s try Incompetence, Create Panic and Fear, see if that sticks?!?

      Donald Trump is a Genius and a successful Businessman. An Executive surrounds himself with the best and brightest at all times in order to get things accomplished. He brings the same practice to the WH and it shows in all the accomplishments he’s made in his first 3 years. Puts the career Pols to shame!!

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      1. Corona will not be President Trump’s downfall.

        Corona will either be a draw or a positive.

        Incredibly difficult to manage unknowns.

        I’ll take President Trump over every buffoon out there.

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        1. With our help, Democrats will RUE THE DAY they CONSPIRED WITH CHINA to release this thing.


          The Democrats chose to blame the victims here.

          The Democrats CHOSE POORLY.

          Get ready for JUDGMENT, SOCIALISTS.

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    2. CHELSEA via WIKI
      “She received an undergraduate degree at Stanford University and later earned master’s degrees from University of Oxford (having studied at University College, Oxford) and Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, and a Doctor of Philosophy in international relations from the University of Oxford in 2014….

      Clinton has authored five children’s books and co-authored a scholarly book for adults on global health policy, as well as articles and opinion pieces published in major media outlets. She has received numerous awards and honors.

      Clinton has worked for McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group, and New York University and serves on several boards, including those of the School of American Ballet, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Common Sense Media, Weill Cornell Medical College, and IAC/InterActiveCorp…..”

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              1. Hmm. Despite Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s “Chicago” echoing through my mind, the tune by John Phillips and Scott McKenzie comes to mind…

                If you’re coming from San Francisco,
                Be sure to wear twin towers in your hair…

                Methinks $50M won’t be enough to cover the beer that made Milfame Walk Us… (hence my reference to Chicago and the ’68 convention)…

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        1. ” the beer that made Milfame Walk Us… (hence my reference to Chicago and the ’68 convention)…”

          Couldn’t reply directly to your comment as no reply button. I heard a joke at science camp in junior high about a pitcher, Mil Famie, who was drinking his beer & walking the other team so one player pointed out the bottle of beer in his pocket & said “that’s the beer that made Mil Famie walk us”…

          Were you loosely referencing that joke. I don’t know anything about Chicago & the ’68 convention. Wasn’t it the ’60 election where Nixon beat Kennedy but all the Chicago-based voter fraud threw the election to JFK…& NIxon was no Al Gore so didn’t contest his “loss”…?


  14. POTUS was called Racist for banning flights. He made a BOLD decision and it’s paying off. LOVE our ALPHA POTUS!!!!💞💞

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  15. Oh hilarious! He talks about how he always washes his hands….you don’t need to touch every hand rail………..and then he talks about someone who comes up and hugs him and the President asks him if he’s well. “No, I feel terrible. I have a fever.” He is sooooo FUNNY.

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  16. Love how he’s turning the nasty questions right back on top of the gnarly press curs heads.

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  17. Well……MY takeaway was everyone who spoke seemed at ease and confident. If the purpose was to reassure the American public, it should help anyone who watched it. If they see it filtered through the eyes of the press people, who knows.

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