20200226: President Trump Addresses the Nation on Coronavirus + Bonus, Alex Azar and Other Gov’t Officials Testifying on Coronavirus.

President Trump live link here a Fox10:

GST – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd7qXKXpdnQ

CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?469747-1/president-trump-holds-news-conference-coronavirus

Alex Azar and others, testifying to Congress, live now:

Rewind if necessary.

Trump Administration timeline of action on Coronavirus:

209 thoughts on “20200226: President Trump Addresses the Nation on Coronavirus + Bonus, Alex Azar and Other Gov’t Officials Testifying on Coronavirus.

  1. Btw, here’s a link to the National BioDefense Strategy POTUS put in place in 2018!!

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  2. Just a thought….

    POTUSVSG has been known to give hints in his misspelling of words. His misspelled tweets the other day included the “caronavirus” and a repeat of misspelling “chocker”.

    So we have an “a” instead of “o” and an added “c”. “c” + “a” = CA…or California? What happened in Cal;ifornia today? SF declared state of emergency due to C-virus. Isn’t that Pelosi’s town? So, eyes on SF…is this play to get federal emergency funding? Or just make POTUSVSG look bad? Or hide the filth and hjomelessness of SF? Or…..?

    Any thoughts or comments?

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      1. Remember Nasty PIG losi just made a trip to San FranFeces China Town. Hard to say there is virus there now.

        I am sure that any moneys given towards fighting the virus WILL be watched closely in Demon-Rat Holes.

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      2. Grew up in the SF Bay Area. We’d often go to “The City”, and visit Chinatown, sometimes in the afternoon, staying until after dark.

        Chinatown changed, when the light turned to dark. The shops, always full of “cheap Chinese $#!+” would get a little noisier, and I’d hear noises and smell odd odors from half-hidden rooms obscured by curtains, which, if disturbed (by me, or others) would elicit a response of “no look there, private room”.

        Little did I know back then that those rooms were gambling and opium dens, but the smell (that I didn’t recognize, being a wee bairn) gave it all away…

        The po-leece and the Mayor’s office looked the other way. Seems the Chinese and their separate, non-integrated community controlled the city and county of SF 60 years ago, just as they do now…

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    1. It’s hard to know – nothing California Democrat leaders do makes any sense, nor is it of any benefit to the safety, stability, solvency or sanity of the people, cities and states of California or the USA!!!

      For Democrats – It’s all about power, purse, perks for politicians.

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      1. Their schemes always make sense when viewed from a perspective of …as you said… power, purse and perks. We just have to extrapolate their moves to see the desired outcomes.

        Could the Evil D’s be planning a release of the virus in the SF homeless pop to thin them out (and have the opening to remove them legally) as well as get Fed funds AND blame POTUSVSG? A 3-fer…. Then Pelosi can claim she “cleaned up SF in a time of need” for her campaign this fall.

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  3. Bakocarl mentioned a Tucker Carlson banner.

    I looked it up:

    Coronavirus uncontained: First case in U.S. from unknown source is in Northern California

    A person in Northern California has tested positive for the new coronavirus but had not recently traveled to any foreign country where the virus is spreading and had not had contact with any people with confirmed cases, public health officials said Wednesday.

    The case marks the first time that U.S. authorities have not been able to determine the source of a coronavirus infection, and suggests that the virus may be spreading in the community….



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    1. GEE, Only DemoRats are allowed to lie?

      And what is Obummer whining about? He HAS refused to endorse Bidden and he DID endorse and campaign for Hitlery.

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      1. Obama just jealous i do believe…seems Trump is breaking voting records and fixing things that Obama tried to destroy…
        Two of my favorite Obama videos

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      2. I have been reading that other blog you shared since the Wuhan flu began.

        Say you post this and agree with both statements 100%

        “Daughn is who I want to be when I grow up. :>)
        OH and we really want her to write a book on her adventures!”

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    1. I don’t have the source/links, but I read another threadreader where Q quotes Ephesians 6:10-18, and appears to identify Q and Q+. IDs are 3888 and 3889 (if that makes any sense)… (Kind of late here, so please forgive me)…

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  4. As I said in my Tweet ===Tying a relief bill to some other bill, especially a realy bad bill is really bad politics.
    I don’t care what party you are—this is just low down shitty people

    Cap-and-trade walkout leaves Umatilla County flood aid money in limbo

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  5. Conrad Black’s latest….

    I encourage a full read.


    “Never in American history has a political leader achieved so swift a transition from a side-splitting joke to his opponents, as Mr. Trump was a little over three years ago, to the subject of their cold, gripping terror, of such enormity as only the impending loss of control of a vast apparatus of government and press influence can induce.

    The Democrats now face a choice of sinking with all hands with Mr. Sanders or being badly shot up and limping home, waterlogged and well down in the water with all hands at the pumps, which is the best the brazen and clumsy Bloomberg takeover can now realistically have as its objective.”


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    1. For those who aren’t aware…

      Being “shot up, waterlogged, and well down in the water” is a naval reference….a ship that is badly damaged, full of water (ie. almost sunk but not quite) and usually under tow at a very low rate of speed.

      Such a ship offers an easy target to an enemy, and even if it DOES make it back to a friendly port it will require a massive overhaul before it can be serviceable again.


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