20200226: ABC Expose, Project Veritas ~ James O’Keefe, III

Here is the video, released today:

David Wright, Senior Correspondent, magna cum laude at Harvard, additional degree from Oxford, has been suspended by ABC. In video, Wright freely admits he’s a socialist, does not hold Trump to account, nor does he give Trump credit when due. He agrees, his network is only interested in three main things, 1) The outrage of the day, 2) the “investigation”, and 3) the palace intrigue of who is stabbing someone else in the back.

Andy Fies, long time ABC News Producer, is also on video, admitting New Yorkers don’t understand how anyone could like Trump……. and they probably need to cross the fu&&ing Hudson and figure out why.

Quite an interesting 7 minute video.

The Washington Post reported on the “sting” done by Project Veritas, and the Post article was picked up by MSN, found here. Watch this……

The choppy, poorly shot video, released Wednesday morning by Project Veritas, captured Wright on what appeared to be a hidden camera, seeming to complain in general terms about political coverage.

“I don’t think we’re terribly interested in voters,” he said, echoing gripes about the superficiality of some aspects of White House and campaign coverage that have been raised by journalists for decades. Also: “Commercial imperative is incompatible with news.”


Okay, from the same article, now look at this part:

Although O’Keefe has defended the organization’s methods as journalistically sound, mainstream news organizations have largely abandoned the practice of infiltrating businesses or organizations to record video without a subject’s knowledge or consent. News organizations generally consider the practice deceptive, and doing so can subject them to criminal trespass penalties.


What? I’m old enough to remember 60 minutes doing undercover videos and trespassing all over businesses and bureaucrats. When did it become “untoward”?

28 thoughts on “20200226: ABC Expose, Project Veritas ~ James O’Keefe, III

              1. Thank you, Zorro. I admit that I had no idea what a “dangling participle” was. But, I couldn’t let Cuppa and Michael have all the fun. And, since they took all the low hanging reporters, I was forced to learn about this type of poor grammar. So,

                Digging deep, the funny post was made.

                Ok, I’ll stop now.


  1. James O’Keeffe bagged another MSM liar. Betcha the brass at ABC are making decisions right now about more suspensions.
    And I wouldn’t be surprised that ABC likely also is huddling with their legal team about suing Mr. O’Keeffe and his people for “criminal trespass” in order to try to shut him up.

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    1. And considering the various CEO resignations today, and IGOER, the swamp is probably starting to boil…

      Maybe that will help to disinfect it… lotta disease and perversion there…

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        1. Upwind?

          I’d be worried if I were downwind…. 🙂

          But then again, as Erma Bombeck (RIP) always used to say,
          “The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank”…

          (Someone, somewhere, has the handle or blog “skeptic tank”)…

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          1. My dad said that in his youth his grandpa had him help empty the old outhouse contents into a derelict rowboat that had been “buried” in his grandma’s flower bed then covering this up with dirt. Apparently she grew the best flowers inside that rowboat but no one had the heart or the nerve to tell her why!

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  2. Its only untoward bc THEY are on the receiving end. A well known news org has a high profile socialist reporter who admits all their faults. To suspend him doesnt matter. Its the organization not the lone individual which is the problem.

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  3. My thinking on your last question, Daughn, is that the political bias of their investigations, which would now be anti-MAGA and anti-Trump, now would absolutely enrage the voters and both feed and spread “Trumpism”.

    In fact, I believe that these socialist scum are not revealing everything here. They MAY EVEN have known or suspected they were being filmed, to some extent. The answers seem too pat – not “next level deception”. They’re “careful openness”. Moderate transparency. Throw a bone of tasty, non-poisoned, but misleading meat to O’Keefe.

    People like this deceive on multiple levels. Only low-level deception is revealed here, in which lamentation of own position is a key give-away.

    Journalists do a LOT of snooping for the Cabal. I think much of it NEVER SEES THE TUBE for reasons of not revealing “sources and methods”.

    Nevertheless, FASCINATING and a rarely seen play on the chessboard.

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  4. “What? I’m old enough to remember 60 minutes doing undercover videos and trespassing all over businesses and bureaucrats. When did it become “untoward”? ”



    Mealy-mouthed Chrissy Wallace wouldn’t even have a job today if his Dad hadn’t made a career at 60 Minutes doing undercover hit-jobs on anyone the Left hated.

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  5. Hmm…”suspected they were being filmed”?

    I doubt it.
    Mainly because they lamented about how ‘Good Morning America’…one of ABC’s premier shows…has turned into an infomercial for the parent company, Disney.

    That’s a Big no-no.

    That is probably the main reason why they suspended Wright.
    Thou shalt not speak the truth about Disney!

    That’s the whole reason why Disney bought ABC — to use it to promote Disney.

    But they don’t want the general public to start realizing that they’re watching one long endless Disney promotion…because people would stop watching.
    Then, they would lose advertisers.

    The corporate overlords also can’t be happy with Wright saying the things he did about how “fake news abounds” and how their “commercial imperative is incompatible with news”.
    Again…too much truth.

    I doubt that Wright will be coming back.

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