Dear KAG: 20200225 Open Thread

Welcome to the 15 minute, standing meeting Tuesday Daily thread. Time for some battle music:

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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


From the Book of St. James, Chapter 4:

Where do the wars and where do the conflicts among you come from?
Is it not from your passions that make war within your members?
You covet but do not possess.
You kill and envy but you cannot obtain;
you fight and wage war.
You do not possess because you do not ask.
You ask but do not receive, because you ask wrongly,
to spend it on your passions.
Do you not know that to be a lover of the world means enmity with God?
Therefore, whoever wants to be a lover of the world   
makes himself an enemy of God.
Or do you suppose that the Scripture speaks without meaning when it says,
The spirit that he has made to dwell in us tends toward jealousy?
But he bestows a greater grace; therefore, it says:
God resists the proud,
but gives grace to the humble.

So submit yourselves to God.
Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.
Cleanse your hands, you sinners,
and purify your hearts, you of two minds.
Begin to lament, to mourn, to weep.
Let your laughter be turned into mourning
and your joy into dejection.
Humble yourselves before the Lord
and he will exalt you.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

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      1. I would check any browser based on Chrome/Chromium in the next couple days for updates just to be safe. So yes, that would include Brave. I’m not sure if it is just the Chrome for Desktops or if the vulnerability is more widespread than that.

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    1. This will apply to Brave and Dissenter, too, and explains why the bad guys have been screwing with my browser big league tonight.

      Check for updates in Chrome, Brave, and Dissenter. The Nightly version of Brave will have them out to test immediately.

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      1. Yeah I’ve been feeling a bit . . . uncomfortable the last couple days.

        I’m still highly confident that I’m having HARDWARE problems. But running an exploit on an already unstable system can cause unexpected behavior. (cf. “eternalbluescreen”)

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        1. I should note that I nearly canned Firefox when they broke NoScript. It is basic internet hygiene to be able to determine what programs run on your system. Giorgio Maone is a total mensch and got a new version up that would continue to protect Firefox users — but there was about a week where I didn’t know what I was going to do.

          If Firefox permanently disables NoScript, I’ll s***can it. It is the most important add-on to Firefox.

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              1. I had emailed him when NoScript went dark during Firefox’s clusterfark “upgrade” and he told me that he was working on it, could see a way, and figured he was about a week out. If he’d have said, “I give up on these idiots”, I’d be running a different browser. He was obviously under extreme performance pressure, but I think that occasionally getting (and responding to) emails that showed he was valued helped him keep up the pace.


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              2. I’ve never reached out to him. Kind of a shame I guess since I’ve been using NoScript for a VERY long time. That plugin was always a special labor of love. Notice how Chromium refuses to allow JS to be managed with a plugin? Chrome is the definition of limiting user control.


  1. – Phil Haney murdered over the weekend while POTUS is en route to India.

    – POTUS visits city on Pakistani border.

    – Q is back to posting about Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Yesterday, I theorized that this India trip was probably about dealing with Pakistan. Q’s latest crumbs hint toward that theory.

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        1. It gets worse. Just came across this clip. Besides creepy, it’s scary. Same voice actor, same acting school. Where are they cloning these people? Folks should do some more digging on this guy. Very strange – but his body language and hand motions mimic Barack Obama down to the littlest details.

          Pete Buttigieg to ‘anyone’ who voted for Trump:

          “This President does not respect you. This President thinks you are a sucker.”

          More than creepy… Butti is a clone. Who does this kind of thing? Plagiarism, body language, hand motions, speech inflection – the same as @BarackObam #BizzareButti

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            1. Had no idea. I’ve always been natural in speech and manner. Never needed any tactics. 🙂

              Interesting. Butti really is copying Obama, and Obama grated on every last nerve I had. Made my skin crawl.

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      1. I can’t even listen to Cheat because his hypnotic method of speaking reminds me too much of Obama. It’s like they were raised in the same CIA facility.

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      2. Volgarian, here’s another take on the creepy guy. Well, both creepy guys.

        More than creepy, Penguin. “Cruisers” were the principal agent of spreading AIDs in the 80s’; blood exchanges. (I won’t draw a picture). New medicines have kept that practice alive.

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          1. Yes, Vassar tends to focus on homosexuality as the cause of what happened in the 80’s with AIDS. I think the sharing needle is true too, but see that as happening after the initial spread of AIDS… Once the warnings were out, behavior adjusted, but then AIDS had spread into the underclass community at large – significantly to the substance abuse folks.


            1. ‘Behavior’ did not adjust enough to prevent mutation/spread and defeat many attempts at a vaccine, treatment, cure for HIV. Non-compliance and addictive/compulsive sexual behavior has prolonged the problem and prevented the cures.

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        1. Yep. Different bat time, different bat channel…

          Though E.M.Smith (Chiefio) had a rather interesting comment on Chinese food production/fertilization/harvesting and virus assembly/propagation:

          (The comment is a reply in a subthread, as it were, about RNA replication being a tad sloppy, etc. Seems Chinese “farming” is horridly unsafe).

          THE big problem with attributing source, ANY source, is that RNA Virus replication is sloppy (thus the frequent recombinations requiring a new flu vaccine each year) and can often cross species.
          So you find it looks just like a bit in Pangolin. Did they get it from snuffling bat droppings? Did bats get it from eating fruit where a pangolin shat? Or sneezed? Some bit matches some other bit from a lab: was a lab worker sloppy so “caught it” but didn’t notice, then sneezed while shopping for live food, and it went home with the unsold stock that evening (then to the farm population then into the wild, where it recombined into a new coronavirus).

          Parts just do not stay put in RNA viruses. They do not replicate perfectly either, so mutate fast. Especially in mixed species populations. Part of why new flu tends to come from Asia is that they farm pigs in pens over water so their waste fertilizes the water, then ducks are raised on the pond. Rapid virus cycling from birds to pigs to people and back, gives rapid recombination with other virus types in the various hosts. Then the successful one can hitch a ride on migratory birds to the rest of the world.

          Similarly, an exotic food animal dealer can have live stock of pangolin and bats housed near each other, sharing… (Chinese have an obsession with “fresh” that verges on the absurd. One fish dish has the chef grasp the head in a towel and deep fry the body, delivering it to the diner with the head still alive and gill plates moving…)

          In that context, with mixed live populations of exotic animals all over the place, trying to ascribe the path through the populations via one viral segment is a bit silly, and even 90-something % just hints at the first link, not the path.

          Virus populations are more like a stew of mystery parts than a steak of one thing. Then the Chinese animal practices give that stew lots of opportunities to jump species.

          So did the lab worker who was bat bit have “fresh” pangolin for dinner the night before and gave something new to the bats? Did the guy who slaughtered that bat later get the new mix in bat blood on his clothes? Or did they just go buy some live bats from the “fresh” food market that had them caged next to the pangolin?

          Messy? Yup. That’s the context for trying to sort out the path.

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          1. And then someone in the comments to that mentioned that it’s not just ducks in the “fertilized” water… there’s “farmed” fish, too, and who knows what else… An entire tainted viral “supply chain”…


    1. All meats procured from a wet market in close proximity to a bioweapons lab should be cooked to “extremely well done”, or an internal temperature of at least 200 degrees.

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      1. I do not know how anyone can eat lab animals and also eat animals raw. Not just China that eat strange stuff. In Africa rats are a delicacy.

        On Friday I am seeing my son and am going to ask him about the virus and what I need to do. I will share what he tells me because I trust him %100. He is the one in AnnArbor in research before he was at Emory.
        He knows much about viruses and worked with them I believe still does.
        Personally staying positive is important for me not careless but positive mindset.

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    1. I fully expect Chief Justice Roberts to rebuke Sotomayer for this comment.

      Right? Right?

      “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them.”
      – CJSCOTUS John Roberts, in what was widely regarded as a rebuke to PDJT, Nov 2018

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      1. I hope so ambitious civilian journalist will look into Ms. Sotomayer’s voting record when it came to any of the Obama’s administration rulings. I’m willing to bet a 3-berry cobbler she voted WITH the Obama White House EVERY time!
        And, then I want her reaction when pointed out to her.

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  2. Rush: Coronavirus Being Used by Media To Tank Trump’s Economy
    By Carmine Sabia
    Published February 24, 2020 at 3:39pm

    The media wants a recession and they want it to happen before the 2020 presidential election takes place in November.

    They want a recession so much that they are doing their best to make it happen by reporting every time the stock market dips as if it is the crash of 1929, and by reporting stories designed to do damage to the market.

    They did that again on Monday when the market began to fall over fears of the spread of the novel coronavirus and, as conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh pointed out, the media seized on the panic.

    “It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump. Now, I want to tell you the truth about the coronavirus,” Limbaugh said on his radio show, according to a transcript on his website.

    “Yeah, I’m dead right on this. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks,” the nationally syndicated conservative radio host said.

    “The Drive-By Media hype of this thing as a pandemic, as the Andromeda strain, as, ‘Oh, my God. If you get it, you’re dead,’ do you know what the — I think the survival rate is 98 percent.

    “Ninety-eight percent of people get the coronavirus survive. It’s a respiratory system virus. It probably is a ChiCom laboratory experiment that is in the process of being weaponized,” Limbaugh said.

    He went on to talk about how nations weaponize diseases to create biological weapons as, he said, Russia did with fentanyl.

    But another kind of weaponization is happening, Limbaugh said — a weaponization of the virus to damage the economy with the goal of hurting Trump’s chances at victory in November.

    “The stock market’s down like 900 points right now. The survival rate of this is 98 percent! You have to read very deeply to find that number, that 2 percent of the people get the coronavirus die.

    “That’s less than the flu, folks. That is a far lower death statistic than any form of influenza, which is an annual thing that everybody gets shots for.

    “There’s nothing unusual about the coronavirus. In fact, coronavirus is not something new. There are all kinds of viruses that have that name. Now, do not misunderstand. I’m not trying to get you to let your guard down,” he assured his audience before veering off into Russia and fentanyl again.

    But he quickly came back to the topic at hand: how the media is using fear to take aim at Trump.

    “I believe the way it’s being weaponized is by virtue of the media, and I think that it is an effort to bring down Trump, and one of the ways it’s being used to do this is to scare the investors, to scare people in business,” Rush said.

    “It’s to scare people into not buying Treasury bills at auctions. It’s to scare people into leaving, cashing out of the stock market — and sure enough, as the show began today, the stock market — the Dow Jones Industrial Average — was down about 900 points, supposedly because of the latest news about the spread of the coronavirus.

    “And if you go deeper into China, you will see that all of the high-tech Silicon Valley firms are said to be terribly exposed. ‘They could be suffering a disastrous year. Why, you may not be able to buy a new iPhone of any model this whole year! Do you know that? Because the coronavirus is so bad that the factories may never open — and if they do, they may not be anywhere near full capacity.’

    “So Apple may not be able to release any new product. You think that’s not gonna panic investors? It most certainly is.

    “So Apple is trying to do what they can to suggest that these rumors are not true. They got new products coming this year. But the tech media hates Apple. They love anti-Apple stories. They love anything that will let them report that Apple’s on its last legs. Of course, that’s not true.

    I think the coronavirus is an effort to get Trump. It’s not gonna work. It’s one of the latest in a long line of efforts that the Drive-By Media’s making to somehow say that Trump and capitalism are destroying America and destroying the world. Just keep in mind where the coronavirus came from.

    “It came from a country that Bernie Sanders wants to turn the United States into a mirror image of: communist China. That’s where it came from. It didn’t come from an American lab. It didn’t escape from an American research lab. It hasn’t been spread by Americans. It starts out in a communist country. Its tentacles spread all across the world in numbers that are not big and not huge, but they’re being reported as just the opposite.

    “Just trying to keep it all in perspective.”

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    1. Yep.

      Panicked people ALWAYS want everyone else to be panicked too. And the one-world-govt globalists are surely willing (if not able?) to crash the global economy to retain their power. I think they may have just proved they are willing to cause a pandemic to do so.

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    1. He clearly has dementia – unaware of what he is saying. In his lucid moments he knows he doesn’t want to be prosecuted for his corruption – but even a trial will find him with some degree of mental incompetence.

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      1. I’m not so sure it is dementia. Q did say there are people who are willing to fake dementia and other illnesses just to escape prosecution. Biden may well be one of them taking advantage of his reputation for being a gaffe machine.

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        1. As an RN I see many people like this. It’s spontaneous, he isn’t acting. Definitely has trouble with recent memory and thought retrieval. Has declined quite a bit since he announced his campaign last April.

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          1. This is just an uninformed guess, but since he has had some incidents of stuttering lately, I wonder if he’s trying so hard to prevent stuttering that it has reduced his ability to concentrate on what he is saying.

            Plus, he sees himself as a grand orator (oh the soaring tones) but, no!

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  3. Just to be sure they are seen, Q from after I zonked out last night.

    Nate Cain, Clinton Foundation Whistle-blower, Tells His Story like Never Before
    24 Feb 2020 – 8:36:43 PM

    Listen carefully.
    Think: re: why [no] arrests (justice) yet?
    What if (almost) every critical position [sr] within the US GOV apparatus was infiltrated?
    Backgrounds are important.
    Muslim Brotherhood
    List of ‘in the news now [names]’ w/ known ties to Islam?
    [assumptions correct – package well rec [known]]

    Was Obama Leading an Insurgency Against the United States?
    24 Feb 2020 – 8:52:03 PM

    Click to access 119629.pdf

    “Insurgency is the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify or challenge political control of a region.”
    The presidency of Barack Hussein Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States.
    What Country was the true intended target?

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  4. Watching Hannity from earlier. John Solomon is on talking about Devin Nunes and “recently declassified documents” that expands the naughty list from the DOJ FBI Crossfire Hurricane peeps we’ve been looking at for so long……… include Mueller’s team. False statements/lying on court documents………serious charges, bombshell stuff in the next few months, says Solomon.

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  5. This is apropos of nothing here, but I’m seeing a bunch of articles about noncoding DNA again, and it just makes me want to scream.

    Biochemists say that DNA encodes proteins and enzymes that make cells work. In between the codes for proteins and enzymes, there are long stretches of DNA that do not synthesize proteins. — and there’s all this headscratching about it.

    It was obvious to me, at least a dozen years ago, that this was hereditary microcode and/or hereditary data. How does a herding dog know how to herd from birth, and raised apart from other dogs? Is it in a protein? So there must be a hereditary transfer of DATA that is not DNA encoding a protein. At the same time, DNA sequencers are detecting large sections of DNA that don’t encode proteins… difficult is this?

    DNA is data. A bunch of it encodes proteins to build a cell……and a bunch of it runs the cell after it is built. As organisms get more complex, building them and running them wax and wane in importance.

    But it seems to be still a thing…..

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    1. You maybe correct.
      I had a Foundation Quarter Horse with very solid breeding. I ride English not Western but after just a month under saddle I could get on that mare with no tack, no saddle, no bridle, no halter, NOTHING and get her to do a spin and a sliding stop just thru weight and leg aids. Heck I took her trail riding the first day I got on her!

      She would also herd anything that moved.

      I had trained that mare so it was all instinct. It certainly did not come from me and no one else had ever ridden her. She was the easiest horse I had ever trained.

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    2. How is it one of my brothers, and a cousin raised in another city have the same mannerisms? It’s true, they do.

      My 10 year old nephew, without seeing the people of my mother’s mother’s family more than two hours at time, maybe five times in his life, IS one of them. Same speech patterns, same mannerisms, same work ethic. He used to ask “Do you know why?” exactly the same way my grandmother did, and she passed away four years before he was born.

      Our dogs are a toy breed – Havanese. They are brother and sister from two different litters. One runs herding circles (or used to) and the other used to go after city wildlife in the back yard before the cataracts. Really, they were bred to be companion dogs, but these traits remain from the breeds that were used to develop them hundreds of years ago.

      I would imagine the same sort of things pop up in all mammal species. The instincts and mannerisms are in the DNA.


      1. Funny you should ask….

        DNA has four bases — A, T, C, and G. You can randomly match those to the bit patterns 00, 01, 10, and 11. Then you can take any form of digital data and store it as a piece of DNA — pictures, pop songs, blog posts, or comments….

        If you slap a header and a conclusion on it that says, “keep this stuff”, you can insert it into a living being and it will be replicated across all of that being’s cells.


  6. Nolte: Fox News More than Triples CNN’s Collapsing Viewership

    Here’s the primetime breakdown of average viewers during the week of February 10:

    Fox: 3.2 million

    MSNBC: 1.677 million

    CNNLOL: 969,000

    As you can see, during the first presidential primary in four years (Iowa is a caucus), CNNLOL belly-flopped into ninth place, losing to HGTV, TLC, the History Channel, and only barely beating the Hallmark Channel.

    How is that even possible?

    Wait, it gets worse…

    Here’s the total day viewership average for that same week:

    Fox: 1.743 million

    MSNBC: 920,000

    CNNLOL: 630,000

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    1. That tells me 2 things…
      1. The need for a competing conservative network
      2. Constant pressure on FOX to keep honest, report the real news and stop pandering to Lefties (which is what their audiences do not want.)

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  7. Since there seems to be confusion over WHY we should pay attention to the Wuhan Virus, I thought I would put some random facts out there.

    Start with this very short video (11 min.) on how the Wuhan virus kills and the treatment:

    That video tells you why the CDC being such political idiots is so dangerous to people in our country.

    The first victim here in the USA required a long hospital stay of at least 2 weeks. We have since found that even after recovery the person is contagious and therefore needs to be quarantined. Also it can take as long as 14 to 27 days for the symptoms to show and the virus can be passed on during that time.


    #1. 60,000 flights left Wuhan prior to lock down or about 8 million people world wide. There are over 50 non-stop flights a month to San Francisco and over 50 non-stop flights to NYC or AT LEAST 14,000 people arrived in the USA from Wuhan before any type of screening was in place.


    H.R. says:
    7 February 2020 at 12:50 pm
    Well, my daughter-in-law hit a Trifecta of cities that have the highest numbers. She was in Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. She made it out of China one day ahead of the flight ban and is now at home.

    She was not impressed with the passenger screening upon arrival in New York. She filled out a rather longish form before landing, which was gone over as passengers went through customs. By all rights, she should have been yanked aside for closer scrutiny given the cities she visited. Nope. Didn’t happen….

    Confirmed means confirmed by lab test and not ‘clinically diagnosed’
    — Up until at least January 24, 2020, CDC was doing all testing.
    — Cheek and throat swabs give negative results.
    — Blood serum tests give negative results.
    — Material coughed up from deep in the lungs gives most reliable results

    “Even patients who definitely have the disease only come back positive 30 per cent to 50 per cent of the time,” Prof Wang said.

    CDC sent out DEFECTIVE KITS to all but THREE STATES!
    — CDC current rules are overly restrictive and CDC refuses to even do a small sentinel sample of general public screening on people that do not meet their presumptive risk category.
    CDC has run just 426 tests from Jan 21 to Feb 24
    — BUT 746 people in Washington state were under supervision for coronavirus and now released as ‘cleared’
    Using the defective test kits?

    February 19, 2020 – Last week, the CDC said it will begin testing individuals with influenza-like-illness (ILI) for COVID-19 at public health labs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City.
    (The CDC is STILL attributing possible COVID-19 illness and deaths to ‘increased’ flu activity for the fourth consecutive week. )

    ”We don’t know if there is an outbreak without lab testing and screening. The entirety of US had had minimal testing compared to China or even South Korea. Delayed testing makes an epidemic potentially worse.” – DrEricDing
    (Public health scientist / Epidemiologist / Harvard ‘07 (Epidemiology & Nutrition), JohnsHopkins ‘04 / 15yrs HSPH&HMS / Pharma whistleblower)

    DR. NANCY MESSONIER of the CDC, who is the sister of Rod Rosenstein, (H/T churchmouse) has just stated that, due to the “SUDDEN” INCREASE of Wuhan Coronavirus cases in the United States, that “schools and businesses may have to be closed” if the situation gets more serious.

    ”Inundated With Flu Patients, U.S. Hospitals Brace for Coronavirus
    Resources are already stretched during flu season.
    With so much medical equipment and drugs made in China, public health experts are anxiously watching the global supply chain.
    With an intense flu season in full swing, hundreds of thousands of coughing and feverish patients have already overwhelmed emergency rooms around the United States.Now, hospitals are bracing for the potential spread of coronavirus that could bring another surge of patients…”


    February 17 2019 

    The current flu season has been milder than last year’s, with the vaccine protecting about half the people who were inoculated and a less severe strain of the virus causing most of the illnesses that do occur.
    However, there have been more deaths than usual from that milder strain, and there is evidence a more severe strain of the influenza virus is causing a growing percentage of illnesses….
    There have been 11,600 to 19,100 deaths so far.

    “The number of deaths we’re seeing is a little bit surprising,” CDC epidemiologist Brendan Flannery told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s a reminder that flu can be severe.”

    PETER NARVARRO: ”Maria my job at the White House during this crisis is to review the supply chains we need to treat corona. There’s over 30 different elements just for that alone. And what I’ve learned so far and not surprisingly is that we’ve offshored far too much of our supply chain not just for corona but also for the essential medicines we need… In terms of the immediate issue face masks, the N95 face masks. China put export restrictions on those masks and then nationalized an American factory that produces them there. So we’re dealing with that in Trump time.”

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  8. Flu & Pneumonia deaths
    Outbreak in Wuhan started in late November.

    October 2019 = week 40
    week virus Pneumonia

    5…….342…..2951 (98.1% complete)


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    1. IF I am reading the data correctly, markedly increasing pneumonia deaths last four weeks of December. Then as you point out double in January. A, Warning Will Robinson event occurring, for anyone looking. Yea, slow guy sees it.

      Bureaucrats collecting data that is automatically collected, collated… They may not have even “looked” or gave it superficial analysis. Just another power point slide…

      Asleep at the wheel, incompetent, or both.

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      1. Look again both pneumonia and flu deaths increase markedly in January.

        You had a gradual rise and then flu doubled in deaths while pneumonia jumped by 487 deaths.

        The other jump was 316 for pneumonia and 28 for flu during the other peak at the beginning of December/end of November aka the holiday shopping season.

        Then you add in this statement:

        February 17 2019 
        The current flu season has been milder than last year’s, with the vaccine protecting about half the people who were inoculated and a less severe strain of the virus causing most of the illnesses that do occur.
        However, there have been more deaths than usual from that milder strain, and there is evidence a more severe strain of the influenza virus is causing a growing percentage of illnesses….

        “The number of deaths we’re seeing is a little bit surprising,” CDC epidemiologist Brendan Flannery told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s a reminder that flu can be severe.”

        So why is the ‘mild strain’ causing an unusual amount of deaths. Maybe because the person has another UNDETECTED FLU ALSO?

        And why does CDC epidemiologist Brendan Flannery say ” there is evidence a more severe strain of the influenza virus is causing a growing percentage of illnesses…. The number of deaths we’re seeing is a little bit surprising….”

        Is she saying she is detecting an UNKNOWN ‘more severe strain of the influenza virus’ from the information available to her?

        “Even patients who definitely have the disease only come back positive 30 per cent to 50 per cent of the time,” Prof Wang said.

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        1. Yes.

          Very telling the “mild” statement then they roll into moar deaths, moar severe strain…

          AND no alarm bells ringing?

          Its as if, their intuition says something not good is occurring, yet they ignore it? Wonder if they knew about China? Me thinks there were indicators from China.



    January 30, 2020 Italy confirmed its first cases who were passengers off a cruise ship

    FEB 21 2020 – Just hours after revealing that six people had come down with the virus in the first known cases of local transmission in Italy, officials said a further eight had tested positive for the disease, including five health workers.

    February 24, 2020 Sixth Coronavirus Patient Dies in Italy as Cases Rise to 220

    CONCLUSION: If you bother to actually TEST you find the cases…

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    1. The global health community is closely monitoring 2019-nCoV because of the severity of symptoms (including death) among those infected, and the speed of its spread worldwide.

      the R0 value is likely to be between 4.7 and 6.6.

      Here is what we know of mortality by age as of early February mainly from China. (Who lies)

      80+ years old – 14.8%
      70-79 years old – 8.0%
      60-69 years old – 3.6%
      50-59 years old – 1.3%
      40-49 years old – 0.4%
      30-39 years old – 0.2%
      20-29 years old – 0.2%
      10-19 years old – 0.2%
      0-9 years old – no fatalities

      COVID-19 Fatality Rate by COMORBIDITY:
      Cardiovascular disease – 10.5%
      Diabetes – 7.3%
      Chronic respiratory disease – 6.3%
      Hypertension – 6.0%
      Cancer –5.6%
      no pre-existing conditions –0.9%

      From Dr Eric Ding, Public health scientist / Epidemiologist / Harvard ‘07 (Epidemiology & Nutrition), JohnsHopkins ‘04 / 15yrs HSPH & HMS

      Eric Feigl-Ding
      AGE of #COVID19 patients: compared to old SARS, the new #SARSCoV2 patients seem to skew much younger.
      Lots of people under age 50 are being hospitalized. This is clearly not a virus that afflicts the old/infirm.
      This can bring down anyone young or old.

      That’s not good –DrEricDing


      If the true R0 value for 2019-nCoV is between 4.7 and 6.6 that puts it in the same category as polio, rubella and small pox for comparison.

      Diphtheria maybe the closest in comparison with a similar Ro and death rate.

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      1. This virus spreads very easily and unlike SARS it spreads from people with no symptoms.

      2. It affects both lungs and the entirety of the lung causing inflammation and killing via asphyxiation.

      3. Survival of some patients requires intubation, oxygen, drugs and good hospital care.

      4. Much of our hospital supplies and drugs or drug raw materials are made in China who is not not shipping.

      5. Hospitals do not have bed space for a surge of patients.

      6. The disease is so infectious it is killing doctors and nurses in Wuhan despite personal protective gear.

      No, not everyone requires hospitalization and not everyone dies. HOWEVER the survival rate is DIRECTLY related to good hospital care so limiting and slowing the spread is the target. Reaching that is up to all of us.

      This is why the response of the CDC is so frustrating. They do not care if they kill off 10 to 15% of the retirees or even older workers.

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      1. they ready to start the testing/ trials of the vaccine…

        An experimental coronavirus vaccine is on its way to top health officials.

        Massachusetts-based biotech firm Moderna said Monday that it created its first batch of mRNA-1273 to treat humans for the virus, and released it to officials at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health.

        “I want to thank the entire Moderna team for their extraordinary effort in responding to this global health emergency with record speed,” Juan Andres, the company’s chief technical operations and quality officer, said in a statement. “The collaboration with NIAID and with CEPI has allowed us to deliver a clinical batch in 42 days from sequence identification.”

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        1. And then we will see the push to vaccinate everyone…

          But first the CDC will ramp up testing showing a ‘dramatic spread’ scaring people into getting the vaccination.

          Yea, I am very cynical.

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          1. Agreed. But it doesn’t have to be universal, IMHO. 90% get the shot, this thing is dead.

            I just had a “mild” coronavirus, and the shortness-of-breath issues were noticeable. I’ll take the vaccine without complaint. My track record on vaccine response is excellent over a long period of time. They could use snake venom as an adjuvant and I’d walk away. 😉


    3. CONCLUSION: If you bother to actually TEST you find the cases…

      ^^^ CDC incompetence aside for a moment. Generally I consider many, if not most, Feds somewhere between lazy and incompetent.

      I do wonder why CDC is not testing moar. CDC NOT testing IS illogical, assuming test kits are available.

      Interesting to this fool, other countries apparently have good kits AND are able to test, with results relatively quickly.
      – Is it a lack of “good” kits?
      – CDC “buying time” to massively impact 2020 election when Corona cases in US exponentially explode…
      – Something obvious I am not seeing.

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      1. You can add in EVERY SINGLE DEPARTMENT HEAD in the CDC is SES — Senior Executive Service.

        Nancy Messonnier was appointed to her slot in May 2016 by OBAMA.

        As of 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had 10,796 employees. 29 are Senior Executive Service.

        And GEE what do you know there are 29 department heads…

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      2. Kalbo – I have a theory.

        I think that this may be a giant psy-op from the globaloids – a “blood hoax” – human world psychological manipulation.

        See if you can follow this reasoning.

        The virus is ACTUALLY only moderately bad – NOT as bad as the Spanish flu – IF you know all the people who got it. As I called it before, this is the “bad denominator problem”.

        (1) Many get it, and a HUGE percentage are ASYMPTOMATIC.

        (2) Many get it, and a HUGE percentage are NOT DETECTABLE.

        If you KNOW those two facts, but HIDE THEM, you can make the disease look FAR WORSE than it is.

        Now – why would you not want wider testing? BAD DENOMINATOR.

        By waiting for the cases to show up, and not getting true numbers, they can get scarier numbers. They can CREATE A CRISIS and then DON’T LET IT GO TO WASTE.

        Something is very weird here. Who controls the information? TRUMP’S ENEMIES.

        China and Iran. Something is WEIRD here.

        What if the ChiComs and Globos created “slightly hotter than normal” coronavirus and then played “War of the Worlds” games with it?

        I think we’re dealing with communist propagandization almost for SURE, but the extent and level are still uncertain.

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        1. Not down playing Corona. Any flu IS bad.

          Agree, you are onto something. The Chinese have made Corona far worse than it is. Iran is suspicious.

          The only part I diverge from above it, I am still holding onto Corona got out by accident. My very well be, tin foil hat is applicable. Gonna noodle on that angle moar.

          Along with China, Iran, toss in the deep state right here…CDC. WHO, UN…

          We are being played…for all the wrong reasons. President Trump knows this.

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  10. She must be desperate for votes.

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      1. And all the people they interacted with had no illness…

        Given all the direct flights from Wuhan to San Fran-Feces, the CDCs mis-management of the virus, it would be ironic if Nasty Nance comes down with the disease and infects all the DemonRats.

        And ONLY the DemonRats…

        I hope after that stunt all the Republican Congressmen keep a good 9 feet away from ALL DemonRats and wash their hands frequently.

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    1. I wonder if Nasty Nance is aware of this?

      More than 8000 Californians under “self-quarantine” for coronavirus, almost none of them tested… zero enforcement of “voluntary” quarantine measures…

      “…a grand total of “185 persons have been tested to date,” but all that testing has been conducted by the CDC in Atlanta…..”

      And remember at least 50% of those tests will return a false negative.

      “….Oh, and as a bonus, California “self-quarantine” protocols are essentially nothing more than giving people suggestions on their behavior, with zero enforcement or monitoring…..”

      Feb 3 2020 from theLA Times:
      California has six confirmed cases of the new strain of coronavirus.

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      1. cleaning my bathroom this morning, I looked at all the germs Lysol Disinfecting Wipes would “kill” and one of them was the human coronavirus. so obviously it’s not new-but would these lysol wipes kill the new strain as well? I mean it doesn’t clarify on the container that it only kills the old virus.

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  11. A small peek through the keyhole into the bureaucracy. *sigh* I don’t know how anything ever gets done. It is maddening. It makes me want to tear my hair, hit bureaucrats with my shovel, go to the White House and make someone talk to me and tell them I volunteer to thump heads and unsnarl one agency. Just give me one and I’ll start there……….

    “Since the days of George Washington, presidents have wished they could make government employees do what they are told. Actually, that frustration is much older than America. Peter the Great once said, “People think I rule Russia, but a thousand bureaucrats rule Russia……”

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    1. BOY isn’t that the TRUTH.

      Let’s team up. You hit them in the tummy with your shovel and when they bend over I will stab them in the fanny with my pitchfork! 😋

      Think that might get the idiocracy working a bit better? 🤣

      Actually we are probably better off without all the government we pay for.

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        1. If there is such a thing, I would imagine POTUS and those around him have all gotten preventive measures as well as frequent scans. Just makes sense.


    2. Umm, I hate to say this, but most people don’t do what they’re told, or what others want them to do if the choice to act is voluntary. I used to work outdoor events. You always had people doing their own thing. For almost 50 years now, there’s been a campaign to get Catholics to sing at Mass. Yeah, no, not happening even with the bishops and priests trying to impose their will on the matter. One of the tree inhabitants here talks about not being able to get a captive audience of passengers to pay attention to a mandatory safety spiel, which, having flown a bit in the last 25 years. is true.

      Why would it be any different with government workers?

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      1. From that angle, for the most part it is not different, I suppose.

        BUT, Feds, State, County, City workers are on “our dime”, so it matters to each of us. Well, it matters to me. AND, they are a protected class in it is very difficult to fire them. Finally, theory is the government workers are doing something important, so they ought to do it.

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      2. So how many of the 8,000 ‘self quarantined’ in California, 4,000 in Washington state, 200 in Georgia , the 100 Princeton University Students…. didn’t nip out to the grocery store or the local takeout for ‘just a minute’


        1. Yes. Essentially.

          I tend to be a homebody, but I live in close proximity to two universities where there are a lot of international students. They shop at the same grocery stores, etc. I don’t go during peak hours and always wipe down the cart, but still….


  12. got our car insurance bill in the mail yesterday and there was a small insert that has me unsettled. (we get our insurance thru Hartford…) here’s the opening line…

    “The AARP Auto & Homeowner’s Insurance Program from The Hartford would like to do everything we can to assist our policyholders who may have been affected by the disaster.”

    WHAT DISASTER? did I miss something HUGE???

    it goes on to say if we were affected by the disaster and can’t pay our bill…yada, yada, yada…they’re here for us in this difficult time…


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    1. Id heard about the paczki donuts over a year ago. We dont have that out here but I just so happened to find them at walmart. 6 for $4. If you think thats a lot, ny closest donut shop charges $1.25 per regular donut. The walmart ones were pretty good but still tasted like a slightly richer regular donut.

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      1. I’ve never had them either. I grew up with faschnauts…(sp?) which didn’t have any filling that I know of…just square donuts. my mom made her own yeast round ones we had at our house…
        I just got done rolling out homemade cinnamon buns–my tradition for Fat Tuesday…

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            1. Add a pot of hot water for us tea drinkers!

              And remember cinnamon is really good for you! So NO Guilt!
              Cinnamon and Diabetes (Type II)

              (H/T E.M. Smith)

              A link to:

              Which says:

              “A preliminary study out of Touro College in New York suggests that household cinnamon may possess antiviral effects and help prevent infection in humans.

              According to a news release, Dr. Milton Schiffenbauer, of the New York School of Career and Applied Studies, a division of Touro College & University System, and his team compared Saign and Ceylon cinnamons to other botanic extracts including onion, cloves, peppermint, cocoa and Spanish saffron.

              While cinnamon appeared to deactivate viruses in some organisms, the other extracts did not.

              Researchers evaluated the extracts against Phi X, a virus that infects bacteria and shares various similarities to viruses that infect animals and humans. After 24 hours of incubation, an extract with 10 percent cinnamon deactivated 99.9 percent to 100 percent of the virus following only 10 minutes of intermittent mixing, according to the news release.

              Schiffenbauer said in the news release that his colleagues’ findings suggest that cinnamon extract has the power to damage the structure of the PhiX virus.

              “The results validates (sic) our belief that a diet that includes a tablespoon of cinnamon once or twice a day can be effective in eliminating or preventing viruses from infecting humans and causing sickness, such as colds, flu, and even herpes,” he said.”

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      2. Growing up in the rural PNW, Marci Gras had about as much relevance as the Carnival in Rio…literally none. Same with the lovely-sounding paczki donuts, King’s cake, etc. Still catching up with regional food traditions at this stage in life.
        Today I went to Publix, my second home, and right in front was a display of paczki donuts. I would have walked right by them had I not read about the earlier here! As it was, I slowly walked by.

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        1. We have them all of a sudden, too.

          They don’t have quite the same panache as Kosher Hot Cross Buns, though. They’ll be in the stores here in about five weeks in the grocery stores, one of which usually has Passover decorations rather than Easter in the front of the store.


  13. Those e-mails are still popping up every once in a while.

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    1. AND, above information classified. Blumenthol had ZERO clearance.

      BUT, not worry, hildabeast and her gang didn’t care about protecting classified information. As omey said, “no intent” and no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute.

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    1. Once again, Acosta’s goal was to make the US President and America look bad on a world stage.
      Acosta asked Pres about Russian meddling and purging the admin of those disloyal.
      Pres brings up the overstatement by Pierson reported by his own network. Pres suggests Acosta check with CNN.
      Acosta shoots back, basically claiming that CNN has a better reputation about lying than he does.
      On a world stage
      Acosta did it
      He’s trending on twitter
      did it for personal fame
      his mission was accomplished.
      He should never be allowed to travel with Potus again

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      1. Why in Hades wasn’t Accost-her booted for good when he hit that White House intern?

        Since when does the Press determine these things and NOT the White House?

        Is there an actual law?

        CNN sued to have Jim Acosta’s press pass given back to him and the liberal judge said yes. Funny how Conservatives have NO RIGHT to speak on liberal campuses but a hostile journalist has the right to enter the building where the President of the USA lives.

        So NO press conferences in the White House.

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        1. Actually Jim Acosta’s disrespect for President Trump is NOT going to play well in India. People on the fence will see it for what it is, a nasty ill mannered boy tossing a tantrum.

          From the point of view of India, president Trump has kept his promises. he did not lie so therefore CNN is the liar… OOPs TRUMP BOOMERANG!

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      2. I’m not sure the WH has any say, other than being in the plane. CNN could send Acosta there on his own…getting into the media room might be a different story.
        POTUS , or anyone from the WH, just needs to not call upon him and freeze him out.

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      1. The reasons for the closed doors are…

        – Too many legislators have economic ties to China….

        – And too many state/corporation pensions are invested (unwisely) in China.

        – And probably China has embarrassing evidence on too many legislators.

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        1. As I recall reading – the 2019 Coronavirus (2019CoV) has tell-tale unnaturally occuring features of HIV and even Ebola…which show it was tailor-made and intended to be deadly and contagious than other coronaviruses.

          In other words, it was intended to be a BIOWEAPON.

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            1. AND Obama’s Admin.
              WHO PAID FOR IT?
              biological weapons work involving the Wuhan virology, was approved and funded by
              1. Cells were originally obtained from Fort Detrick.
              2. The National Institutes of Health
              3. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease.
              4. National Natural Science Foundation of China

              WHO WORKED ON IT?
              1. Scientists from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
              2. Someone from the Food and Drug Administration
              3. Professor Zhengli Shi of the Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Wuhan , People’s Republic of China.

              WHERE WAS THE WORK DONE?
              The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a level THREE not level FOUR lab.

              WHEN WAS IT DONE?
              2015 the paper came out with the details on the bioengineering.

              Dr Boyle is the Creator Of US BioWeapons Act. This is what he has to say:

              DR BOYLE: …… it says at the end, “the current manuscript has been reviewed by the funding agency, the National Institutes of Health. Continuation of these studies have been requested and approved by the National Institutes of Health.” Notice the National Institutes of Health under Fauci is funding this Nazi biological warfare work and they have approved and requested further development of it, which obviously, this study was 2015 and the NIH wanted it to become even a more deadly pathogenetic virus…..

              And finally, I originally condemned this North Carolina lab because doing gain function work on MERS as I said. Today in USA Today, Tony Fauci admits that the lethality rate of MERS is about 36%, whereas SARS is 10%. This Wuhan is 15% to 17%. So, notice Tony Fauci and the National Institute of Health….

              they know full well that they were paying this North Carolina lab in cooperation with the Wuhan BSL-4 lab and program to develop biological warfare weapons….

              I look at the study to verify what Dr Boyle said HERE

              Zerohedge got permanently banned from twitter for drawing attention to Professor Zhengli Shi and Adrian Bond had his article taken down for mentioning the good professor.

              IF the virus has a lethality rate of 15% to 17% or more — Remember that was five years ago, who knows what Professor Shi was up to since then — It would certainly explain the panic in China.

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        1. Yup, that would be one of the Feds rational. IMO, does not hold water.

          The information can be presented factually and in a manner to preclude panic. Americans have a right to know.

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            1. Especially if the virus was originally bio-engineered in North Carolina and funded by the US and Chinese governments.

              Ever wonder why the vaccine is being developed so much faster than usual?


  14. Brian has a thread

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            1. Bride & Prejudice. It’s cute. It really is. My favorite of the “based on” Jane Austen movies is Prada to Nada which is based on Sense and Sensibility and set in Los Angeles among a Hispanic family.

              Otherwise, I have the BBC productions of Persuasion, P&P, and Emma on DVD.


              1. That’s one movie I liked.

                No here is the book:


                This modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice follows a Muslim Canadian woman named Ayesha as she discovers herself and falls in love. Ayesha is nearing the end of her 20s and, as she is still unmarried, her mother is always on the lookout for a man worthy of marrying her daughter. But Ayesha isn’t as interested in her marriage prospects. She has a fulfilling job, good friends, and sisters who she cares about. What more could she possibly want? Until, of course, she meets Khalid.


          1. his younger brother will now be gay and his partner will now be a woman…how this differs I’m not sure I never watched the original…but they can’t think of anything new–and what they do think of fails…


            1. Oh, noes, Texas Rump Ranger… starring Mayor Pete…

              More stranger than ranger…

              Wonder how much money Chyyyna has tied up in Hollyweird now, and how the Coronavirus/economic collapse will play into it… no money to make films anymore???

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              1. you know that’s funny you said that…we were discussing how China can’t really innovate and now all Hollywood can do is REMAKE stuff—makes sense doesn’t it?
                they gotta steal from what’s already been done…bwahahaha…

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              1. Silent Movie, where the only dialogue is Marcel Marceau saying “Non! “…
                or Young Frankenstein and the “unforgettable” Frau Blücher (neeiiiiggggghhhh) 😉


              2. I am not a movie buff…too many years of inaccessibility so just never developed an interest. However, I do remember how hilarious Blazing Saddles was at the time and it’s one I would definitely go out of my way to see again to see if my sense of what was hilarious has changed .


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    1. TEXT

      Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      · 1h
      Replying to @drawandstrike
      The DNC Media already HAD the dossier, they needed a ‘hook’ to publish, and the strategic leak that Trump had been briefed about it was what they needed.

      This time they don’t even HAVE A FAKE DOSSIER.

      Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      And then right after the leak about Russia supposedly wanting to help Trump in this upcoming election…SURPRISE!

      ANOTHER leak of another classified briefing occurs, and this time the Russians are trying to help BERNIE.

      They really do think you’re all morons.

      8:22 AM – Feb 25, 2020

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    2. Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      · 1h
      Replying to @drawandstrike
      The leakers didn’t have any evidence Russia is trying to help Trump or Bernie in this next election. These leaks are being done to HELP certain people in the race. Certain Democrats.

      They didn’t have any evidence last time either, & Durham is digging into that, the fraud done.

      Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      Losers who’ve already lost twice – RussiaGate didn’t take Trump out, Ukraine didn’t take Trump out, impeachment didn’t take Trump out, now here comes RussiaGate 2.0 – are watching in horror as Trump not only defeats their sabotage attempts, he’s GROWING STRONGER.

      8:26 AM – Feb 25, 2020

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    1. Øbominable will forever be known for his abuses of power – particularly politicizing and weaponizing every agency of government against his enemies…against conservatives.

      Obama abused the powers and privilege of his office from day one – as many have documented!

      One of his favorite ways of doing this was WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE.

      Ø surveilled/spied on anyone and everyone he wanted!

      The Press –

      Congress –

      Ø also spied on foreign leaders – even heads of state. Remember, he spied on Merkel?

      Obama spied on Trump campaign –

      There may have been some means of spying on President Trump in the Oval Office – by SIGINT (signal electronic intelligence) and/or HUMINT (human intelligence, leaks).

      Remember the phone conversation with the foreign leader that leaked?

      Remember when the Secret Service advised Trump to have renovations made to the Oval Office for security purposes?

      That was when Øbama’s wallpaper was removed and new wallpaper was put up. Bet they took the walls back down to the wooden plaster lathes.

      Obama’s Illegal warrantless surveillance was not limited to the Trump campaign, or the press, or congress.

      There was a dramatic rise in warrantless surveillance during the O years – so much that it alarmed even the leftist ACLU:

      Obama changed the law twice (2013 & 2017) to make it easier to conduct warrantless data gathering:


      85% of Obama’s warrantless surveillance searches were illegal: P 82 –

      Regarding spying on Trump – The FISA warrants were merely window-dressing! Øbama was likely surveilling Trump and his family, team, et al, without a warrant for a year at least, probably longer.

      When Nunes busted them – it all came out! We are just beginning to learn about the crimes committed by this lawless and unqualified traitor in the White House from 2008-2016.

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          1. Just give a hat tip to everyone. We understand. I do the same when taking notes and I think others do too.

            What is most important is getting the information OUT THERE not who first dug it up.

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    2. Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      · 1h
      Replying to @drawandstrike
      If the polls put Trump at 49% approval, you KNOW he’s at least 10 pts higher.

      They keep launching these fake scandals, while using their fake polls to attempt to shape the national perception…meanwhile the REAL scandal starts when Durham goes public with his results.

      Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

      RussiaGate, whether 1.0 or the more recent 2.0, was always a fraud. Partisans inside the federal agencies used a Clinton fabulist as a source to get surveillance warrants on the Trump campaign.

      8:30 AM – Feb 25, 2020

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    1. Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      · 1h
      Replying to @drawandstrike
      Look at the RESULTS of the strategy.

      They more they talk, the more they leak, the more they desperately, frantically launch one fake scandal after another, the worse THEY look, and the stronger HE gets.

      Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      Trump isn’t out to just throw a couple of easily replaceable people in prison.

      You’re thinking too small.

      He wants to destroy the ENTIRE CORRUPT SYSTEM.

      By the time he’s done, he’ll have done this.

      These people won’t even be able to win an election for DOG CATCHER.

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    1. Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      · 1h
      Replying to @drawandstrike
      Trump isn’t out to just throw a couple of easily replaceable people in prison.

      You’re thinking too small.

      He wants to destroy the ENTIRE CORRUPT SYSTEM.

      By the time he’s done, he’ll have done this.

      These people won’t even be able to win an election for DOG CATCHER.
      Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
      Two huge supposedly **POSITIVE** things that happened to the Democratic party in the past 2 years actually led the Democrats to the precipice, upon which they now hang by their fingernails.

      1) they won the House in 2018


      2) they impeached Trump

      and now they’re DOOMED.

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      1. The Left is in an echo chamber.

        They spent the last decade BASHING AND SCREAMING AND BEATING UP Conservatives so they have zero idea of what many people really think.

        BUT all those people they have abused and cowed VOTE and now they have something to VOTE FOR!


      1. What this photo doesn’t show I caught a glimpse of in other photos…a floating panel in back.
        Fashion maven here….I would have embellished the scarf in some manner.

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    1. Red and Yellow in India

      QUESTION: What is the tradition of wearing a red dress for an Indian bride?

      Raghu Veer, Fashion Designer

      “Red and Yellow are considered the most auspicious colors in Hindu tradition. No Hindu celebrations are complete without these colors.

      Besides being a symbolic color of Shakti Maata, who’s the mother of this entire universe, red is also seen as the color of energy and ambition.

      In weddings, red denotes fertility and prosperity. Hence it’s a custom for brides to wear red color garments. Even grooms too, have red color somewhere on their body or garments during the ceremony.”

      Tarun Sharma (तरुण शर्मा), Indian New Delhi

      Observe the light red color of the soil. In Hinduism, Earth is a mother and she has the power to produce and sustain life. Similarly, only a lady has the power to sustain life. Also, red is the colour of good and sensuality. So, it is used as a symbolism in most of the Hindu weddings.

      Notice that Melania echoes the same shade of red…

      Several other answers:

      In all the answers the color Red is associated with Good, Prosperity and Life.


      1. You cant unsee this stuff. When youve seen it, much like the talking heads news anchor side by sides, and realize the level of deception theyve done for so many years, its infuriating.

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  20. New danger from the Corona virus outbreak:

    ALERT: Coronavirus merges with Trump Derangement Syndrome
    Posted by William A. Jacobson
    Monday, February 24, 2020 at 9:00pm

    The way things have been going, the economy was on target to remain powerful through Election Day 2020, giving Trump a strong likelihood of reelection. Reflecting that reality, a record percentage of Americans are satisfied with their lives.

    Enter coronavirus and the potential for a pandemic that causes worldwide suffering and economic damage tanking the stock market and the U.S. economy. The Trump administration has been very proactive, even though China has rebuffed help, including just requesting $2.5 billion specifically targeted at coronavirus response.

    Enter Trump Derangement Syndrome, where the number one priority is defeating Trump. And if devastation to the stock market due to coronavirus is needed, well, Democrats and media supporters are practically giddy at placing the blame on Trump.

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    1. “Ted Lieu tried to blame Trump for cuts to the Centers for Disease Control that have not taken place and would not have affected coronavirus response anyway:”

      “Nancy Pelosi pushed the same theme — what we really need to worry about it unrelated proposed budget cuts to CDC:”

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      1. 19%?
        I looked it up.
        It was an Ebola program scheduled for 5 years which automatically ended.
        Completely misleading to suggest Trump was cutting CDC.

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    2. “Chuck Schumer blamed Trump for not having enough of a plan:”

      “Joe Scarborough mocked claims that coronavirus was being weaponized politically, by weaponizing it against Trump:”

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    3. “Bette Midler flat out blamed Trump:”

      “And this MSNBC legal contributor blamed Trump’s spending on the wall — as if not spending money on the wall would have prevented a virus that spread in China:”

      “Never let a crisis go to waste, right?”

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        1. How about ALL the Obama’s hacks in charge at the CDC.

          29 Senior Executive Service (SES) members in the CDC

          And 29 department heads reporting to President Trumps appointee.

          Notice we peons are not ALLOWED to know who the SES people are. Nancy Messonnier’s salary class is hidden under ”RF-00 under the code for use by hhs only.”


          1. Hmmm. Paging Tom Fitton (biceps and all)…

            If “We The People” are paying them (Senior Execrable Slimes), then we should know what they’re being paid, and what they’re doing with OUR MONEY!!!

            Since when is the CDC a black ops program, or on a black ops budget??? Weaponized against us???


  21. Smart young man!!

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  22. THIS is going to be a disaster. As a person who has mastered U-Scan (it’s still the fastest line in the store), there are so many people who just don’t get it. I mean, they try, but they don’t get it. And every store that has the service is different. No way is this going to work out. You always need help with one or two things where the barcode is a mess, or needing to show an ID, etc.

    Amazon is expanding its cashierless Go model into a full-blown grocery store

    Amazon is getting more serious about its brick-and-mortar retail ambitions with its first-ever Amazon-branded grocery store. The store opens today in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district, confirming reports from last year that Amazon was developing a more ambitious version of its cashier-less Go model. The new store, which The Verge toured late last week, is indeed modeled after a standard Amazon Go location, but it has been expanded to include a wide array of grocery items you’d find at, say, Amazon-owned Whole Foods.

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    1. I absolutely refuse to use the scan and go. I notice most of the people in the Walmart Hubby wants to shop at do too. Lines in front of the cashiers while the scanners are empty.

      At one point, since I shop at off hours, I asked a cashier about the scan and go. She hates it. She said she spends a lot of time doing care & feeding. This was at one of the Upscale Elite areas so it was not because people were not ‘sophisticated’ and ‘educated.’

      FWIW, since we do birthdays all over 1/2 of NC, I often stop and shop on the way home. I found that Wally Mart and Food Lion have MUCH BETTER FOOD in the areas with the 1/2 million and up homes. The beef especially is at least a grade higher than we get in the boonies. Also the selection is better and there are different brands and varieties available.

      So they do discriminate against the Po’ folks.

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      1. Almost every chain store, especially noticeable in department-type stores, buys and stocks their merchandise according to all the demographic data. Occasionally they get fooled…several years ago a Macy’s went into the Atlantic City area and, based on the above average income data, they stocked it with high-end merchandise. They didn’t realized the women with money had always shopped in Philadelphia or NYC, and we’re never going to patronize the local Macy’s. The quality switch was quick and dramatic within the first year.


    1. They lost their token ‘blacks’ – Booker and Kamala.

      They ain’t got no policies except for the ever-failed socialist garbage that has ruined all its cities, states and nations since its inception.

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  23. here’s a coincidence, right???

    A forensic pathologist who gave critical testimony during the criminal case of Hollywood sex pervert Harvey Weinstein was hit by a car in recent days, has discovered.

    Dr. Barbara Ziv is currently in the hospital following the attack with no other details about the situation currently known. She talked about “rape myths” during her testimony at the trial on behalf of the prosecution, blowing many holes through Weinstein’s defense.


    There is no evidence that Dr. Ziv, who also gave testimony during the Bill Cosby trial, was struck in retaliation for giving testimony damning to Weinstein. However, there is a long history of Weinstein exerting intimidation, including levying alleged threats and having individuals followed in order to keep those who may expose his illicit behavior from talking.

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  24. Hmm….

    FBI, NYPD raid New York office of company run by fashion executive Peter Nygard
    A number of women accused him of sexually assaulting them at his Bahamas estate.

    The FBI and the NYPD raided the Times Square headquarters of Peter Nygard’s fashion company as part of a sex trafficking investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan said.

    The searches were conducted Tuesday morning, Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, confirmed to ABC News. He declined to elaborate.

    Nygard, 78, has been under investigation after a number of women accused him of sexually assaulting them at his Bahamas estate when they were young teens. Nygard’s Bahamas estate has been featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

    A spokesman for the FBI’s New York field office declined to comment.

    Searches usually indicate the investigation is in the early stages and not an immediate precursor to criminal charges.

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  25. more food stamp and wic fraud …this time in Ohio
    Some Somali Market owners in Ohio have allegedly defrauded the government and, more importantly, taxpayers out of $10 Million dollars due to food stamp and WIC fraud.

    Here’s more from The Columbus

    Investigators say two brothers sold ineligible items or paid cash for federal food assistance benefits through their Sullivant Avenue market. Fraudulent purchases totaled about $10 million over nearly a decade, according to court documents.

    The owners of a Somali market on the West Side were charged Friday in federal court in Columbus with defrauding food-assistance programs of more than $10 million over nine years.

    Prosecutors say that Abdurahim Nuriso of the Southwest Side and his brother, Hassan Nuriso of Grove City, converted food stamps and other benefits into cash or accepted them for ineligible purchases at their Towfiq Market, 3655 Sullivant Ave.


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