20200225: Trump in India ~ Day 2

It’s day two of the India extravaganza. Here is the schedule:


  • 10:00AM: Reception at Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • 10:30AM: Wreath laying at Samadhi of Mahatma Gandi at Rajghat
  • 11:00AM: Meeting at Hyderabad House with PM Modi
  • 12:40pm: Exchange of agreements and press statement at Hyderabad House
  • Luncheon hosted by Modi
  • Round tables all afternoon with Industry Execs
  • State Dinner?
  • 7:30pm: Meeting with President Ram Nath Kovind at Rasshtrapati Bhawan
  • 10:00pm: Depart for the USA.

FULL 45 Minute Trump Presser in India:

English version link of CNN in India, not bad or biased:

India language Channel 9:

Kash Patel was Devin Nunes right hand man, who moved into the NSC and was specifically targeted by the jerks in Obama Deep State. Kash Patel will be Richard Grenell’s right hand man at DNI, sweeping out the dust bunnies. Interesting choice…..

Let’s see where we stand in the morning.

85 thoughts on “20200225: Trump in India ~ Day 2

  1. I am exhausted just from the cacauphony of that exuberant crowd, let alone the prep, travel, time changes and jet lag. Truly, I do not know how he keeps up this pace. God Bless him and renew him for the battles ahead ✝️

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      1. Have you ever seen the president’s limo all by itself when carrying the President? No duplicate car, no motorcade, no secondary vehicle with SS agents… If that car needed to move out quickly, it would have taken out horses and riders.

        If this made ME uncomfortable, I can only imagine how edgy the SS must have been.

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    1. PM Modi and Trump hold bilateral talks

      Donald Trump arrived at Hyderabad House for bilateral talks with PM Narendra Modi. Tuesday’s talks between Modi and Trump are likely to send across a clear message of growing congruence of interests between India and the US on major geopolitical developments in the region and beyond, particularly when China has been expanding its military and economic clout.

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      1. Delhi govt school students to greet Melania

        Excited students dressed in traditional attires waited patiently for US First Lady Melania Trump at a Delhi government school in south Moti Bagh area, even as teachers and staff members scurried around to make the day perfect for the visiting dignitary.

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  2. SPECULATION: Our Global Partnership with India will roll out “Infrastructure Financing” including “5g Technology Implementation”, “Physical Infrastructure” and “Regional Defense Pacts”.

    • Low-cost India Labor for High-Tech Services & Infrastructure Development
    … that will not loot nations like China’s OBOR does!

    • USAID’s permanent presence in India … BINGO 😆

    • WDGP Initiative for Women Empowerment!

    • OPOID Initiative!

    • TRADE Pact!
    … “Fair and Reciprocal”

    • ENERGY Supply Deal!

    • MILITARY and ARMS Partnership!
    … Quadrilateral Working Group with India, Pakistan and Kashmir [IIRC].

    EARTH-SHATTERING potential …

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  3. The remainder of the day for the President and First Lady

    India time/Eastern time
    5:00 PM / 6:30 AM Hold a press availability [Live Stream]
    7:10 PM / 8:40 AM The president and first lady depart overnight accommodations en route to Rashtrapati Bhavan, Presidential Palace – Motorcade
    7:25 PM / 8:55 AM The president and first lady arrive at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Presidential Palace – New Delhi, India
    7:30 PM / 9:00 AM The president and first lady participate in a courtesy call with the President of India
    7:45 PM / 9:15 AM The president and first lady participate in a State Banquet Welcome Ceremony
    8:00 PM / 9:30 AM The president and first lady participate in a State Banquet
    9:25 PM / 10:55 AM The president and first lady depart Rashtrapati Bhavan, Presidential Palace en route to Palam Air Force Airport – Motorcade
    9:50 PM / 11:20 AM The president and first lady arrive at Palam Air Force Airport – New Delhi, India
    10:00 PM / 11:30 AM The president and first lady depart New Delhi en route to Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Ramstein Air Base – Air Force One

    SO – just before lunch Eastern time – our President and First Lady will be aboard AF1 for the long trip home. May they be able to detox from any encounters with bacteria and viruses, the recover from the impact of all the time zone differences, and rest well!

    Look for a series of telling Trump Tweets from 30,000 feet!

    Trump Twitter followers:

    72,998,330 – 6:48 am – 2/25/20 – very soon to hit 73 MILLION!!!***

    Quite a jump the last few days during the India State Visit.
    72,834,145 – 3:18 am – 2/23/20
    72,934,994 – 7:46 am – 2/24/20

    ***Twitter usually purges Trump followers to prevent the feed hitting a new million.

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          1. I consolidated your work into a tweet here

            Thanks for the important info!

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              1. Well, you’ve been doing the work to keep track of twitter’s duplicity, so you should get the credit. I appreciate the info you’ve shared on that topic & it’s fact-based data that proves the point of twitter’s manipulations, which is why I wanted to share it too! Blessings

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    1. Oh Vol,

      you are absolutely right… that gown is gorgeous, and she wears that color sooo well. She is very meticulous… she must secure info on background colors in addition to what the spouses will be wearing. I’m sure it’s a huge undertaking… she doesn’t just say to herself, oh, I think I’ll wear coral ! I always enjoy seeing her hair in an upsweep…

      We are so blessed… not only is POTUS a VSG, but FLOTUS is elegant and intelligent.

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  4. Here’s one from yesterday I haven’t seen anywhere else

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  5. There is no room for doubt that President Trump made the trip about business, promoting, working for good of the USA and its citizens first – friendship, cooperation and ceremony came after that!!!

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      1. Isn’t it interesting that the First Lady’s gowns and outfits are never leaked ahead of time – despite how many people in the fashion houses must touch the outfits.

        The code of silence in the fashion world far exceeds that of the political world!!!

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