20200225: Dem Debate Thread, the Showdown in South C.

You guys have to see the opening Carpe Donktum created for the Dem Debate tonight.

We’ve all seen the news. We’re all up to speed. We know about the meltdown in the Dem party because Bernie is leading. You should see FLEP’s estimates on how Bernie will clean up on delegates in California. Whoa! Of course, the Dems are worried about down ticket races.

But we all know, we will vote like there is no tomorrow. No slackers. We expect problems and our only way to win is to swamp the ballot box with Trump votes. It might not be as easy as we think.

Let’s watch tonight and see how it goes. Should be plenty of fireworks.

360 thoughts on “20200225: Dem Debate Thread, the Showdown in South C.

  1. Bernie says Great genius in WH says the coronavirus will end in April
    But climate change is a real problem
    and we have to spend more money on the WHO

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  2. Steyer – biggest threat is climate change
    and coalitions
    looks like Steyer would never make a strong decision
    no leader
    can’t lead without the security of others to hold his hand

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  3. Pete – We’re not going to win critical house and senate races with a leader who si trying to explain the bright side of the Castro regime.
    Bernie responds but Pete is talking all over him to get the soundbite for morning press.

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  4. DPRK
    Amy didn’t like the way Trump did it
    but Trump has gotten further than anyone else
    she thinks we should work with allies, form consensus.
    NOT ONE of these Dems are willing to take action on their own.
    No leaders in this group.

    If we waited on the Eu, and Russia/China to make a deal, it would never happen.

    Biden thinks the sanctions are weaker on DPRK
    and suddenly Biden crashed……… hit the wall like alzheimers

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  5. Here we go, City of Idlib
    big controversy
    ONE MSM reporter is screaming about it.

    Pete says Trump has vanished from the stage
    Pete says we have to work with international partners
    No leadership from Pete.

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  6. Liz – provide humanitarian aide – throw our money at it
    and work with allies
    no leadership from Liz
    blames Trump, because TRUMP is the one who put us in a box around the world

    We kept the oil and defeated ISIS

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    1. Ah, soothing benadryl xyzal sleepy time NiNi music…..
      Gonna check in on Hannity, and just watch y’all watch them….


  7. Whoever survives the clown car is going to be shredded by President Trump on the campaign trail.

    yep, campaign trail, not “debates” moderated by MCM moth pieces for D-Rats.

    Everyone knows where President Trump stands on policies, his accomplishments… NOTHING to gain by sharing the stage with D-Rat socialists. it elevates the D-Rat.

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